A New Home Chapter 4

Jackie was going to ride her mountain bike over to Joe’s house. If she had to, she could turn into her Saber cat if she needed to escape. She figures her Saber Cat form would be powerful enough to overcome any Were-wolf. Jackie follows the directions she copied from the map book at the store. The road she was traveling on lead to the expensive built log cabins that were higher up on the mountain. The fire tower she had brought was on a high point, but further up the road were expensive log cabins that sat down near the lake shore. She had stolen from a few places up there, but didn’t really smell around for anything unusual.

She finds the address Joe had given her on the other side of the lake. The property was at least a hundred acres or more. The lake was called Moon Lake and the private road that lead up to the Main house, was wide enough for an Rv or a semi-truck to drive up. She pedals her bicycle all the way up to the huge house. The house itself was constructed of stones and preserved logs and blend in with the environment.

She could tell it was old and must have been built sometime in the 30’s or 40’s. The place was beautiful and rustic looking. She notices a bunch of cars parked near the house. There were a few pick-ups, SUV’s, jeeps and motorcycles. Some of them she recognizes or have seen around in town. The rest were normal cars and vans. She figures there must be a large crowd here.

Jackie parks her bicycle under the terrace and knocks on the massive oak door to the house. As she stands there and listens to the birds and squirrels, her nose starts to twitch from the scents of the Were-wolves present inside or have walked by where she was standing.

Joe opens the front door “come on in, Jackie.”

He steps aside to let her in.

Jackie walks inside and she could immediately smell that there were a lot of wolves in here. The cat presence inside of her immediately came
to the surface, but didn’t force her to change. It was curious as why they were around so many wolves. The cat spirit inside her was on alert and ready to spring force if it had too.

Joe shuts the door behind Jackie and could tell right away her scent had changed. He could smell that her cat was simmering below the surface. It wasn’t just any cat scent he smelled, it was extremely old and powerful. His wolf could feel the power the cat was holding back inside its human host.

“I hope you’re not tired. The rest of the pack would like to meet you.” Joe stands next to Jackie.

“No, I’m not tired, just thirsty.” Jackie could feel her cat below her skin.

“You might want to control the cat inside of you, Jackie.” Joe lays his hand gently on Jackie’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry Joe, she’s just interested in what is going on. I promise I’m not going to change or anything.” Jackie’s eyes had already bled to
their normal cat appearance.

“Okay.” Joe takes his hand away from Jackie’s shoulder.

“Let’s head to the kitchen and get you something to drink. Is there anything you would like to drink?” Joe had the rest of the pack in the main
living room.

“Juice would be nice, if you have any.” Jackie loved juice to drink or even sweet tea.

She follows Joe as they walk into a huge kitchen.

She could tell the other wolves were watching her. She notices that there weren’t many female wolves among Joe’s pack. At most she spotted four and they were surrounded by a group of male wolves that were keeping a discreet distance away from them to give the women some room to socialize.

“Joe, are female wolves rare among your kind?” Jackie stops next to the counter with Joe and watches as he pours her a glass of Mango juice.

“Yes, not many women can survive the change the virus put us through. Women have a harder time with the virus, because of their nature. It takes a really strong-willed woman to survive what the virus does to them.”

Joe hands the glass to her.


Jackie accepts the class of juice and takes a taste of it. As soon as the juice hits her tongue and starts going down her throat, a slight purring sound rumbles from deep inside of her.

Joe just looks down at Jackie as he hears her purring and watches as she devours the juice in one swing. A playful smile appears on his face.
Jackie sets the glass down on the counter and couldn’t believe how thirsty she had been and how wonderful it tasted. It made her taste buds come alive.

Joe looks at Jackie “it seems you enjoyed the drink.”

“Yep, it was extremely good.” Jackie licks her lips and looks towards around the kitchen.

She turns back around and look out at all the other wolves that were still watching her. She notices some were curious and others were trying to figure her out. It was like they couldn’t make out what she was. They could smell the scent of cat coming from her and watched as she moved. There was a grace to the way she moved. Like she had years of training like that of a classic ballerina or model.

“Here let me introduce you to my second.”

Joe escorts Jackie over towards a huge Samoan guy with culture tattoos running up and down his right arm. She spotted a tattoo design on his chest with his shirt somewhat opened.

“Jackie, this is my second Asoese Saifaasolo. We serviced together in the same unit while in the Army.”

Asoese had notice Jackie when she walked in and could feel the presence beneath her skin. He had met Were-cats before and she wasn’t a Were-cat. She was something else entirely. He extends his hand to her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He gives her hand a gentle shake.

“Thank you, it’s nice to meet you as well. I’ve never met a Samoan before.”

“Well, I hope you’ll be around so you can learn more about me and I can of you.”

“We’ll see. I’m still learning about myself.”

A smile appears on Jackie’s face. She could come to like Asoese. He was different than most people she interacted with daily.

Joe notice that Jackie was interested in Asoese, not in a sexual way, but as someone she wanted to make friends with. So, far no one
seemed to have a problem with Jackie. That could change over the course of time if he made her a member of their pack.

“Attention everyone. I want you to know that Jackie here is under our pack’s protection. She really doesn’t know what she is and to be honest, neither do I. However, if you see any one messing with her or giving her a hard time. You’re to step in and put an end to it. She is an honorary pack member.”

“Does that mean we have to fight for her if she starts something with another Were or Supernatural?”

“It means, Candy that if she is in trouble and she didn’t start it. You’re to come to her aide. You will treat her like any other pack member. Also, if any of you think you’re capable of challenging her, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“What do you mean by that Joe?”

“It means Asoese. That she has a very powerful form that a person would regret meeting.”

“Yay, right. I bet I could beat it.” Candy was looking right at Jackie when she spoke.

Jackie just smiles “is that a challenge?”

“Ya, it’s a challenge.”

“Very well, where are challenges held at, Joe?”

“Right this way.”

Joe escorts everyone outside to the challenge arena.

“You might want to take your clothes off before you change, Jackie.”

Asoese wanted to make sure Jackie understood.

Jackie looks around and slowly undress. She has never undress before a group of strange people before. She watches as Candy takes her
skimpy clothes off and change into her wolf form. She had a pretty vanilla color coat in her wolf form. Jackie finishes taking her clothes off and step a distance from Joe and Asoese. She felt for her most powerful form and felt her body responding to her request.

There was a loud popping sound as her body twisted and reshaped itself. It grew as its skin was being covered in tawny color fur. It sprouted from her skin as her teeth started to extend up and down from her enlarged mouth. Once she was done changing into her Saber form, she gives a loud roar and looks over towards Candy. She was twice the size of Candy’s wolf form and had more muscles than Candy or any wolf, except Joe and Asoese had.

She starts to groom herself, while the other pack members walk around her body.

“Dam, she’s huge.” Asoese and Joe couldn’t believe how big she looks.

“This is her most powerful form?” Asoese was looking at Jackie and knew his wolf found this creature powerful.

“Yep, that’s her most powerful form. Who knew that something so big could be in such a small package.” Joe scratches Jackie underneath her chin.

A loud purring sound could be heard coming from her.

“Is this the only form she can assume?”

“Nope, she can assume any type of cat, can’t you Jackie?”

Jackie boobs her head up and down in a yes fashion.

“You mean she can become any type of cat?” Fred couldn’t believe it.

“Yep, Jackie do you have enough energy to change into a small cat?”

Jackie nods her head yes and begins to reshape her body again till she changes into her go to form. Which was her cougar form. Her fur in that form was a standard coat color. She gets up and walks over to Joe and rub her body against his legs and then does the same thing to Asoese. She walks around letting the different pack members touch her. When she is in front of Candy, she smiles exposing her very sharp teeth.

“I think she is telling you, Candy. That if you persist to try and attack her, you’ll be meeting her bigger form and it won’t be so nice to you.” Fred had a silly smile on his face.

Jackie changes back to her human form and was exhausted from going from big to small in a short time.

“It takes a lot out of you, doesn’t it?”

“Only when I go from my most powerful form to my standby form. If I start off in that form and change into another form like it in size and weight
it doesn’t bother me. It’s going from big mommy to my smaller form that it drains me.” Jackie carefully walks over to a chair.

Asoese puts a fruit plate in front of Jackie.

“Eat some fruit. You’ll feel better.”

Asoese hands a plate of fruit to Jackie.

“Thanks, so does this mean that I’m to report to you guys now?”

As she picks up a pineapple ring and eat it.

“No, it means we’ll be coming by your fire tower to check on you. Also, if you need something done at your tower, you can call on us to help
you. Fred’s a handy man, Asoese is a real estate agent and I own a construction business. Everyone else in the pack does various jobs for a living. A pack looks out for each member. So, what I told the pack to do for you, I expect the same from you as well.”

Jackie just smiles as she continues to eat the fruit. She was still in the nude and the three men could see scars she received from the beatings her father use to give her.

“Jackie, how old are some of your scars and where did you get them?”

“This one.”

Jackie points to the one on her left shoulder.

“I got when I was little. I don’t recall where I got it or how it happened, but the rest of my scars are from my father when he used to beat me. I don’t know what happened to his body after my first changed. All I do remember from that night was him coming home drunk as a skunk and beating me. I don’t know why he was beating me or what I did to deserve it. My second memory I remember is waking up in a clearing not too far from my tower in the rain. Everything in between I can’t recall or why I heal like a normal person, instead of like you guys do.”

“What do you mean by heal like a normal person?”

“I mean, I don’t have you guys healing ability. Not even in my most powerful form. I’m harder to hurt in my Saber form, but I don’t heal like you guys do.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. How can you change into almost any cat there is or was and have feline features and grace in your human form, but not be able to heal like us?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know who my mother is. All I know is she died when I was very young because of my father’s actions. As for the rest, I’m just as puzzled as you guys are.”

Jackie finishes the fruit off and felt better. She gets up and gets redress. She brushes her hair and notice it has gotten longer since she changed.

“Dam! I hate it when this happens.”

“When what happens?” All three guys look at her.

“My hair gets longer each time I change forms. It grows additional six inches each time.”

“I know some guys that would love to have that curse.” Fred was smirking.

Joe and Asoese just smile at his statement.

“Well they can have it if they want it.”

Jackie slips her feet back into her shoes.

“Come on outside, Jackie. The other pack members probably have questions for you.”

Jackie follows the three men outside to the huge deck and accepts a plate someone handed her. It had a huge burger on it. She sits next to
Asoese and start getting to know him.

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