Abandoned Child Chapter 14

Jessie screams out in his sleep and tries to move in his hospital bed to protect Maggie, but she is unable to move. She fights against the restraints preventing her from reaching her sister. A nurse comes running in and Mary is woken-up from Jessie screaming and fighting against her restraints. They had to put them on because the first time she had a flashback to the day she got shot protecting her sister. She fell out of bed and tangle herself up in all the cords and hoses attached to her. On top of that she was unable to climb back in and she reopened some of her wounds.

Her doctor had to come in and re-closed the wounds she opened.

“JESSIE! Wake-up sweet heart. Maggie is home safe and sound.”

Nurse Lyall comes running in when her monitors detected Jessie having a nightmare.

Jessie wakes up when she hears her Aunt’s voice. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She thought she failed her little sister, that she didn’t protect her in time.

Nurse Lyall checks Jessie over carefully to make sure she didn’t reopen her wounds again like last time. She could see how frighten and scared Jessie was being bound like she was, but if they didn’t keep her like that while she slept. She would fall out of bed again and reopen her wounds on her back and legs.

The doctors discovered that she has some feeling below her waist. The damage they thought she sustain wasn’t too bad to her nerve endings. She may regain full use of her legs, but it was going to be a long path to recovery.

Nurse Lyall manages to give Jessie a sedative to put her back to sleep, but knew the poor child was going to have to talk to a doctor about her trauma.

“How is she Lyall?”

“She going to be alright, Mary. I gave her a sedative that should keep her out long enough for the two of you to get some sleep. Why don’t you
go back to sleep?”

Lyall comes over and checks Mary’s readings, before leaving Mary in the darken room.

Charles Room:
A young woman enters the room disguise as a nurse and walks over to the IV going into Charles right arm. She removes a needle from her pocket and sticks it into one of the nipples and inject the contents of the syringe into the saline drip.

“I hope you rot in hell you animal. You gang raped my sister and left me to die. You and your friends are going to pay for what you guys did to her and me.”

She makes her way out of the room without the police spotting her or anyone else. The next thing she hears as she opens the door to the stairs is a code blue and screams. She manages to make her way down the stairs and out the hospital door without being stopped. She ducks between some cars and takes off the scrubs and wig she had been wearing. She removes the make-up and tosses everything into a trash bag and dump the trash bag in the back of a pick-up truck.

She makes her way to a motorcycle she had hidden nearby and mounts it. Her short black hair tickles the back of her neck when she put her helmet on. She starts the motorcycle up and speeds off. Charles Harthworth could be marked off her list. She still needs to get to the president and vice president since they were the ones responsible for leading the gang rape and turning her from a him to a her. They were also the ones responsible for giving her the scar she has going down her right eye and the ones going across her belly. Charles had been the one to stick knives through her hand and twisted them. She was raped by him and a few others while her hands were held down by the knives to the wooden bench they had bent her over and took her in her ass forcefully.

She drives off as a smile appears on her face. She had five more to go, before her vengeance would be served.

Jessie’s and Mary’s hospital room:
Mary couldn’t sleep because she was to concern for Jessie right now. She wishes Joe was here, but he had to head back to the ranch to take care of a problem. Since he stayed the past few days all day long. Joe needed to go home and check on Maggie. She watches as Jessie slept.
Her poor niece has been through more than any pre-teen should ever have to go through. Sometimes she forgets how young Jessie really is because of how mature and responsible she acts.

Mary closes her eyes and say a little pray for her niece and for Charlie who she misses very much. She came really close to marrying Charlie, instead of Joe. However, Charlie was her best friend and will miss him dearly. She says a prayer for her little sister and mention how proud she should be of her daughter.

Mary finally manages to drift off to sleep.

The next time Mary opens her eyes she notices she has visitors. It was her sister-in-law and Maggie.

“It’s about time you woke-up, Mary. This little lady has been wanting to see her aunt.”

Debbie hands Maggie over to Mary.

“Well, good morning Maggie.”

Mary places a kiss on Maggie’s forehead.

Debbie looks over towards Jessie and notices she was still out.

“How is Jessie doing Mary?”

“Physically, her body is healing fine. Mentally, she’s not doing so good. I can’t say I blame her either. She is having nightmares of what
happened and not protecting Maggie.”

“Is the hospital going to get a doctor to help her with her PTSD?”

“I know someone that would be good for Jessie. She’s an old high school friend of mine that is good with children. I was going to have Joe call
her and see if she wouldn’t mind seeing Jessie.”

“I’ll tell the big lug of a brother of mine to do that. How are you holding up Mary?”

“To be honest with you. I’m worried that the son of bitch brother-in-law of mine is going to find some weasel of a lawyer to get a lighter

“Unless the lawyer wants to go to hell, someone made sure he wasn’t getting off. It’s been in the news all morning. Someone broke into the hospital last night and put an acid solution into his IV. The stuff ate him up from the inside out.”

“Oh my god. I wonder who would do such a thing.”

Mary couldn’t believe it. She wonders who did it and why, not that he didn’t deserve it, but that must have been a horrific way to die.

“I don’t know who did it, but you have to admit he had it coming for trying to kill you and the children. Plus, for killing Charlie.”

“I don’t deny that Debbie, but it’s just a horrific way to die. To be eaten from the inside out.”

“Well, I hope he rots in hell Mary. Here let me take Maggie over to her big sister so she can see that her guardian angel is still alive.”

Mary releases Maggie and watches as Debbie lays Maggie down next to Jessie.

Jessie wakes up when she feels someone put something near her. She turns her head and see her sweet little sister. Tears leak from her eyes
as she smiles at her sister. She thought she didn’t protect her in time.

Debbie frees Jessie's hands so she could hold her little sister.

Jessie wipes the tears away as she holds her sister in her arms.

“Hi Maggie.”

She holds her finger out to Maggie and watch as she holds onto it.

A smile appears on Maggie’s face as she giggles while holding her sisters finger.

More family members show up to check on Jessie and Mary. During the whole time they leave Maggie with her big sister.

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