The Assistant

The Assistant

By Ryan Rose

Chapter 1
A young assistant that is having a bad day working at a clothing store has an odd encounter with a strange boy that doesnt end well.

This day kept getting better and better, thought the twenty four year old sales assistant as she watched the store. Many of the customers that day had tried her patience to the very limit of frustration. They either didnt like the price or she couldn't find the right style for the girls, or some other trivial matter. The store had everything, she knew that so that wasn't a good excuse at all. She made sure the store carried all styles of womens clothing, all of the best dresses and gowns from all of the big names. So by this time she was fuming and waiting for this day to end so she could go out and have some fun. The store was empty and she was counting down the minutes so she could leave. She wanted to get out of there and go to her friends place.

And then the day got even better. Just as she was counting the final twenty minutes of this shift. Another customer just had to walk in and start looking around. She sighed in frustration. The customer was a small petite boy around eighteen or ninteen. He could be twenty. She had no idea. All she knew was that he was very weird and she didnt like this boy at all. She cringed as he headed to the lingerie and began looking though the panties.

Why did he have to choose this time to come and bother her. She didnt want to help him, but she had to offer him some help. Slowly, she approached this very weird boy. The small boy looked up shyly.

His blonde hair was styled rather curious for a boy. His soft pail complexion looked nice if thats what a girl wanted. She saw a hint of something around his brown eyes. His lashes were extended. She just didnt know what to think about him but he creeped her out. She asked him trying to remain as civil as possible, “May I help you?”

He backed away. “No Thank you. My girlfriend asked me to come and pick out something for her for this weekend, thank you anyway.”

She almost burst out laughing. That was ridiculousness. At least he didnt want her to help him and she left him. But she had to keep an eye on him anyway so she watched him choose a number of panties. He put a pair of thongs in the basket and a very sexy pair of bikinis.

Then he headed toward the bra aisle and put a few pairs of bras in the basket. He chose some stockings and a garter. He finalized his choices with a pair of heels, a skirt and a blouse.

Then he approached her to pay for it all when she lost it. She glared at him, “You have to be kidding with this?”

“What,” He said fearfully.

“well, no girl ever asks her boyfriend go to a clothing store to buy her clothes. I did not believe that the first time you came her and I dont believe it now. You are one of those sickos arent you?”

He didnt reply. “But if you are going to dress up like a sick sissy you could at least try to do it better. A red pushup padded bra with white panties? And that white top with that purple skirt and pink heels? That looks stupid” She nearly shouted at him. “Mellony,” She sneered at him, and he looked up knowingly. “Yes I knew it was you last time trying to pass yourself off as a girl. It didnt work at all and it was all I could do not to laugh in your face. Lets get this over with!”

“CAROL!” They heard a very angry older womans voice behind them and she jumped. She turned to look at the glowering older woman. “That will be all for you. You go to the back and we will discuss this later. Including your future employment here. That is all.”

She walked away and the woman looked down at the boy. “I can help you with your purchases if you want. Crossdresssers have never come to this store before. But they are more than welcome to shop here if you want. I am Cynthia by the way. I can help you make better choices. We have many matching pairs of bra and panties. Then we can work on the Skirt and Top.”

“Thank you,” He said softly. “I hope I wasnt causing any trouble.”

“You arent sweety.” She replied with a smile. “Can you tell me what you want? Or how you want to look?”

They headed back to the lingerie and she showed him the matching pairs. “Many girls make sure their bra and panty match and there are many matching pairs to choose from.”

She showed him some of them and he put three pairs in the basket. They matched much better than the one he chose. They talked about sizes but she was surprised that he knew his size.

He was satisfied by the time she helped him choose a skirt a top combo that looked much better. He learned a few things about how the colors go together to create a style he wanted.

Then when they were going to the checkout, he looked up, “Cynthia, Please, can you bring Carol here.”

The older woman looked startled but she called out for her assistant. Carol came over looking afraid.

The boy looked at the younger woman and said,”I am sorry for bothering Maam. I didnt mean to be disrespectful. I didn't know you had a hard day and I thought it was alright. I am sorry for trying to trick you that day. It isn't for my girlfriend at all. I don't have a girlfriend. I thought I did well but I guess I just looked stupid!”

“No you didn't,” Cynthia spoke up. “That was your first try. You will get better.”

“Cynthia, please don't fire Carol over this. Carol, I enjoy doing this and I would love your help next time. Can you help me make better choices next time, Would you mind helping me?”

“Well, Okay but please be honest.” Carol said.

“Thank you. And, The clothes are for me. I have a date with my boyfriend tomorrow. I want to look sexy for him.”

Carol totaled the items and it was over three hundred dollars. He payed and said, “I will call next time. I hope you have a better day.”

This is one of my first attempts at a story and I hope that I can find something more to add to this in the future. Such as the date and other adventures. I hope these two can become friends and write about it. I am not sure how so if anyone has any good ideas or helpful advice I would love to hear it. And please tell me what you think

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