O/our favourite position

my Master has fixed me up. i am lying on my back, legs raised up and spread wide, ankles fixed to the corners of the bed. i am so supple that my knees rested on the bed, either side of my head. Knees are also tied to the sides of the bed, and my wrists and elbows are tied together behind my back, and my wrists tied off to the opposite head of the bed.

This is one of O/our favourite positions for sex. i am looking at my hairless crotch area, fancy black stocking tops framing the lily white skin and the short custom made Jailbird chastity cage. A painfully tight waist corset frames my white skin from above and gives me the hourglass figure Master desires. i can also see a glimpse of my artificially enlarged boobs and nipple rings and even feel the boobs against my cheeks in this position. Master has had me on hormones for 4 years now, and a few operations done: buttock augmentation and facial feminization. W/we both like me to be His fully feminized sissy, kept in chastity but fucked a lot, put in high heels and long sheer gloves for sex.

This time He has taken off my cb, and tied a thread tightly behind my clit head, and the other end of the thread was hanging above my face now. He has not told me about the thread, but as i wait for Him to return, I guess He is going to tie my genitals somehow before he fucks me.

He likes to keep me waiting, in position to be fucked. He will decide how long. It can be two minutes or two hours. i get hornier all the time and keep my mouth open to catch the falling precum. Normally i was only made to cum through electro. That way He can master also my insides that way, and milk my sissy cum in a rough way without the usual feelings of orgasm.

W/we are also into S/M. He likes to remove my cb only for whacking my sissy clit and tiny, shrunken balls repeatedly with His riding crop during lengthy sessions while I am tied up tightly with no possibility to close my knees, not even to move them.

Finally Master arrives! He is an awesome guy, a large and heavy man with beard and short dark hair, likes to wear biker clothes and a leather cap. He’s a no-nonsense Master with natural authority.

He takes the cord tied to the cb and ties it to my tongue ring! He draws them closer together and ties them off. Next He fixes a ball weight to my balls and uses it to draw them back towards my ass, and ties them off to the sides of my corset with two straps. Now He’s created the final tension between my tongue ring, cb and balls, my balls and cb being drawn in opposite directions. There’s just maybe 5 cm separating my tongue and the tip of the cb where the cord is tied.

Finally He ties the other cord to my nose ring, which gets now directly connected to my sissy clit! “When I start to fuck you, you may start to bob your head to tug on your clit. And remember: no cumming unless you get a permission. And afterwards you will be made to cum with electro did you cum before it or not. And after this you will be in chastity for 2 months without chance to cum.”

He climbs on top of me, kneels on either side of my head. he is fully clothed, but I see Him open His fly and take out His thick and long Dick. He spits on my hairless hole and I feel Him shove it in and stretch my ass once again around His Dick. As long shoves start i begin to shake my head because in this stretched position I cannot nod my head enough to create tugs on my clit. i have been chaste for 6 weeks so i don’t need much to cum. Master’s heavy fucking and the little sensations i can create using the cord around my clit are bringing me closer. Finally i ask ‘Master, please may i cum, Sir’
-’’No you cannot’ He keeps pounding my ass so hard my ballsac starts to get squashed between Him and my perineum, causing acute pain. Soon He shoots His load up my ass.
i wait if He let’s me cum naturally, through exciting my clit after he has cum, but no such luck. He just plugs my cb to the electro and the shoves another electrode in my ass, and quickly raises the “pleasurable” electro on such grazy levels that i feel like my guts are twisted and screwed, and as the next large wave of electro takes me, i feel it squeeze the cum from my balls and it gushes to my waiting mouth.
‘Wasn’t it fun to be allowed to wank with your nose?’
‘Yes, Master!’

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