On The Run Part 9

Darit was watching the dolphins as they headed towards South Carolina. They were out on the ocean now, instead of taking the canal route like she had orginally had done. She was spending more time wearing a bathing suit now, then what she normally wore. Even the two FBI agents that were protecting her were wearing swim suits now. Emma had found several sexy bikinis for her that she was wearing daily. Lucas was switching between standard swimming trunks and speedo’s. He sometimes wore a muscle shirt and a baseball hat.

They had bought some fishing poles and crabbing pots so they could do some fishing. Emma had to show them how to use them, since Lucas had never done either before. They looked like a normal mix couple family enjoying time together. Emma had been teaching her how to act like a normal teenage girl and helping her with her English as well. She still had a slight accent to her speech, but she was getting better.

The FBI had set-up an online school program for her so she could continue learning. She spent a few hours each day learning and the rest relaxing and enjoying the ocean air. Emma had shown what drag queens were and who RuPaul was. She had grown to like several of the different drag queens.

Darit’s fishing rod starts to bop up and down.

“I got one Lucas.”

Darit starts reeling it in like Emma had showed her. She brings the fish in and up out of the water.

“Emma look, I caught a fish.”

Emma walks over to see what type and how big.

“That’s a Red Drum fish and looks to be legal size.”

Emma helps Darit bring the fish in and unhooks it. They dump it into the bucket they were using to store the fish they caught. Lucas catches a
fish as well and manages to bring it aboard.

“If you two keep this up, we’re going to have a nice seafood dinner tonight.”

Emma ruffles Darit’s hair and helps her reload her fishing hook and toss it back into the ocean. Lucas catches a few more after Darit’s first one.
By the time four o’clock rolls around, they had caught seven fish and three of them had been caught by Darit. They had caught about a dozen crabs as well. Lucas helps Emma clean and gut the fish, while Darit puts their fishing gear away and restock the crab pots they used.

A nice cool breeze was coming in off the ocean. It felt nice against Darit’s sunburned skin. She has been using suntan lotion like Emma told her too. Darit was enjoying the life she was having aboard the new boat. She wonders what happened to the old boat. She helps Emma with dinner, so she could learn how to cook. Emma didn’t mind teaching her.

By the time the fish and crab was done, any mess they had made was cleaned up. Emma had instructed Darit in how to make hushpuppies to go with dinner. She also taught Darit how to boil and steam the vegetables they were having with dinner.

“Mmmm, good fish.” Lucas loved the fish and how Emma had prepared it.

“Thanks, my father taught me how to cook fish. He learned from the cook on the tug boat he served on when he was younger.”

“Well, I would like to meet the man. This could be served in a restaurant.”

Darit nods her head. She liked the fish and the crab. She never had them before, but now that she has, she was hooked.

The three of them eat their dinner and when everyone is done. Darit helps cleans the dirty dishes that were left and put away the left overs.
They could have it for lunch or dinner tomorrow. Darit walks out of the cabin area and up to the third deck and stare up at the night sky. She couldn’t believe how many stars there were. There were no city lights nearby to throw off any lights, so there were more stars to see then normal.

Darit heard someone climbing up the ladder to the third deck. She turns around and notice it was Emma climbing up. Darit has come to think of
Emma as the mother she should had been born too.

“It’s a beautiful night.” She was looking up at the Stars.

“I’ve never seen so many stars before.”

“The haze from the city lights block out a lot of these. You have to go to places like where we are to see them.”

Emma puts her arm around Darit and pulls her close.

Darit wraps her arm around Emma’s waist, and leans her head against her body. They stand like that for a while just staring at the stars and
acting like mother and daughter.

“Emma, have you ever thought about being a mother?”

“There were times I thought about, but my job kept convincing me that the world is to fuck up to bring a child into it. Also, I have never been
able to find the right person to settle down with either. Now, after spending time with you and seeing how you enjoyed things have changed my mind.”

“You could adopt me as your child.” She hugs Emma.

Emma was a little startled by that statement, but she hadn’t even thought about that. Was she ready to be a full-time mother and would the
agency allow it? It was something she’ll have to look into more.

“That is something to think about Darit. Is that something you want?”

“Yes, you and Lucas have been better parents to me then my birth ones have.”

“Well, I can’t speak for Lucas. I think my partner has a girlfriend already. As for myself, let me think about it and look into it. You deserve a decent family and parents who will love you. I know it would be hard finding a family that would accept you being transgender, but there are a few. However, I think it might be best if I did become your mother. We have already established a mother daughter relationship.”

The two of them stand outside for a while before heading back down. Darit takes a shower and Emma comes in and tucks her into bed. She places a kiss on Darit’s forehead.

“Sweet dreams Darit.”

Emma walks out of the room leaving the door slightly open for her.

Emma walks back towards her and Lucas’s room.

“How’s Darit doing?”

He had notices that the two of them had come back in with a look only a mother and daughter would share.

“She’s doing alright. She’s just concern about what is going to happen to her after all this mess is over with.”

“That is a question we need to ask our superiors. She’s going to need someone to look after her and made an American citizen as well. Right now, she is in the country illegally.”

“True and I hope ICE doesn’t get a hair up their ass about trying to arrest her while she is under our protection. That lying sack of shit in the White House right now needs to be removed from office. I can’t believe people bought his BS.”

“I agree with you. However, if ICE decides to do anything, they will be put under arrest for interfering in an investigation and jeopardizing the life of a witness.”

“So, how is your girlfriend handling your current assignment?”

“She’s alright with it. I didn’t tell her exactly what we were doing or how much longer the assignment will be. I think this type of life style
wouldn’t be something she could get used to. She’s more a traditional type of person. House, yard, and neighbors. This is too open for her and there would be no one for her to socialize with.”

“It does take some getting used to, but you have to admit. The night view is wonderful and being able to fish whenever you want to is a plus as well. All the fresh seafood you could want and at a cheap price as well.”

“True, you would save money just catching your food.”

Emma slips on a short night shirt and crawls in bed. Lucas just wears a pair of boxers and crawl in next to her.


Emma turns her light off.


Lucas turns his light off and listen to Emma as she falls asleep.

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