Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 10

“Behind you sis.”

Theia was blocking a sword swing from a zombie warrior some dumbass wannabe wizard summoned from an ancient battlefield.


Titanis looks over to where her wife was and making sure she was doing okay. Her and Theia could afford to be bitten and cut by these swords and be immune by the virus. Her wife on the other hand needed to be a little more careful than normal. She wasn’t immune like her. Leonidas was nearby to protect Shayla if he had to.

For the next hour and a half, the four of them manage to destroy all the zombie warriors that had been summoned by the wannabe wizard. Titanis walks over to the young man dressed in robes and holding an ancient book in his hands. She snatches the book out of his hands.

“If I ever catch you or hear of any of your dumbass friends here using ancient death magic again. I will come back and kill you myself and bring
you back so I kill you again. Do you understand me?”

Titanis was looking at all four of them.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good, now get your dumb asses home before I turn you over my knee.”

All four-wannabe’s run back towards the mini-van that they had arrived in and take off.

“Where did they get that book from?”

Theia had some blood on her chest armor plate that Titanis had given her to wear before they arrived at the battlefield. It was of ancient
Roman design and had her mother’s symbol on it.

“Who knows. These books or scrolls show up occasionally, in thrift stores or antique stores. Dumbasses like that wannabe wizard buys them
and think using them will prove they are powerful and tough. Sometimes, they do it to impress a girl or a group of people.”

“So, what are you going to do with that book now?”

“I’m going to show you where books like this are to be stored.”

Titanis summons here magic and use her sword to cut a doorway in the air. A glowing portal opens. Shayla walks through first, followed by
Leonidas and then by Theia. Titanis comes through last and closes the doorway behind her.

“This is the great library on Olympus. You have to have special permission to be here and since we are the children and Shayla is the wife of a demi-god we can be here.”

“What happens if someone isn’t a child of the gods or wasn’t permitted to be here?”

“Then they become my problem.”

Theia looks towards the sound of the voice she just heard and see a tall dark tanned, black hair man with Eagle style wings poking up from behind his back standing in front of them. He was dress like an ancient Roman Centurion standing there. She notices he had a sword on his side.

“Hello, Gnaeus what brings you up here?”

“I felt a disturbance and wanted to see who opened a portal into the library.”

“As you can see, I did. You already know my wife. This young lady who you managed to answer her question is my younger sister, Theia.”

“Theia, this is Centurion Gnaeus Magnus Drusus. He oversees the security force that protects the great library. As you can see he has Eagle
style wings on his back. Most of the security force have wings. The other half are normal humans that have proven themselves in combat and have been loyal to their leader.”

Theia holds her hand out to Gnaeus “nice to meet you sir.”

A smile appears on his face and takes her hand and kiss the top of it “it seems you have manners, unlike your older sister.”

Titanis sticks her tongue out at Gnaeus.

Theia smiles at the comment.

“Thank you, sir.”

Theia looks over towards her older sister as she sticks her tongue out at Gnaeus.

“Such a waste of intelligence.” A smirk appears on his face.

“At least I can count past twenty. Here, you can have this book. Please put it somewhere safe.”

Gnaeus accepts the book from Titanis.

“Can I look around Gnaeus?”

“Yes, you may look around. If you want to check a book or scroll out. Let me know and I’ll show you the proper procedure. If you need pictures
instead of words like someone I know. I can help you with that.”

“Ha, ha, very funny. At least I know the difference between Irish and Greek.”

“Did you two used to date one another?” Shayla was looking at her wife.

“Nope, when Titanis was little. She was a hellion up here. She used to do whatever she wanted and didn’t care that much about rules.”

“That’s because you rubbed me the wrong way. You walked around like someone shoved a pitch fork up your ass.”

Gnaeus just looks at Titanis before saying what he had been thinking.

“True, sometimes this job does test people and at the time I was going through a few problems. However, you never did like obeying the rules
either. You caused your mother some serious problems and I am surprised she didn’t strip you of your god abilities and send you to Earth to
learn some manners.”

“I did think about doing that.”

Theia turns around and notice Athena herself standing only a few feet from them.


“Yes, my dear.” She holds her hand out for Theia to take.

Theia runs by her sister and into her mother’s arms. She feels Athena wrap her loving arms around her and hold her as the tears start. She
buries her face against Athena’s body and let everything she has been holding back come to the surface. Every hurt and pain she felt in her old body comes to the surface. She doesn’t even feel when they teleported from the Great Library to Athena’s home.

Athena just sits down in her favorite chair and lets Theia sit on her lap and cradle her as she cries. Titanis takes Shayla’s hand and leads her outside to her mother’s garden. Leonidas follows them outside and then heads off to take care of some business while he is here.

Theia let’s all the loneliness she felt and affection she never got come out. She knew she told Athena this, but now her she was in her mother’s arms. She felt Athena stroke her hair and just let her cry. She finally stops after twenty minutes. Her eyes were red and her nose was runny.

“Here, blow your nose sweetie.” Athena holds a handkerchief to Theia’s nose.

Theia blows her nose like her mother instructed her to do.

“Do you feel better now?”

Athena just holds Theia close to her.

Theia nods her head yes.

Athena just holds her “I did listen every time you prayed to me and told me how things were in your life. I even peeked in to see how you
were treated. I know your birth mother would had been very proud of your accomplishments and treated you like the little girl she always wanted. The reason I know this, because I value your accomplishments. Why else would I accept a beautiful smart girl like you as a daughter.”

“But you have Titanis. She’s smart and talented.”

“Yes, she is and I am very proud of her, but Titanis is more of a warrior. You are more of a scholar, than your older sister. You will be a fine warrior as well, but in the end, you are something your sister isn’t and doesn’t want to be. I love both of you for being who you two are. That is something your parents should had realized instead of pushing you away. Now, they have lost you and I have gained another daughter.”

Athena kisses Theia’s forehead and just holds her. Theia slowly falls asleep in her mother’s arms. Athena stands up and carries Theia to her room in Olympus and tucks her in. She tucks a white teddy bear next to her.

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