The Cat In The Cradle Chapter 18

Kat comes out of the bathroom wiping her mouth after she had used mouthwash to kill the taste of throw up out of her mouth. She hated morning sickness. She’s been following her Doctor’s advice on her pregnancy.

Her and Paul had hired two more bounty hunters to work with them. One was a retired special force solider and the other one had been an MP in the Army. The MP was a tough lady and left the service before they could kick her out for having a lesbian relationship with a female officer. This way she could still get her benefits and an honorable discharge. Kat had checked each one out, including their military training and clearance. She had a few friends in high places that had access to their military records.

Paul didn’t want her out in the field rough housing with the bounties any more. He got even more protective when they found out she was pregnant with twins. Her sister was having twins as well. They have been keeping in touch with one another to track how their pregnancies matched or didn’t match because of their unique features and background.

Because of their reputation they had to get an office of their own to work out of, instead of working out of their home like they used to. The girls were happy as clams that Kat was having twins and have been very helpful around the house. Kat had hired a part-time person to come in and help run the office. Sometimes, she managed to sneak by Paul and go out in the field, but she didn’t get in any hand-to-hand combat like she used to.

If a bounty was coming towards her, she used her pepper balls instead. They were strong enough to put the person down. She checks their agenda today and notice they had three half million-dollar bounties to collect on.

“All right everyone listen up. We have three bounties we need to locate and arrest today. They are all for half million dollars. The judge rescinded their bonds and the issuer of these bonds what us to bring these people in. The first one is for Joseph Juncite, he’s wanted for a list of charges. His charges are for the corruption of a minor and sexual contact with a minor. The next one is for Harry Williams, he’s out on bail for stealing money from his company and for laundering money. The last one ladies and gentlemen is going to be your favorite. It is George Cursi. He was arrested for the transportation of a controlled substance and the sale of said substance to minors.”

Kat spends the next thirty minutes giving all the details they had so far. While her crew were out chasing these three men, she would do a little more digging. She knew a few people that owed her favors and could ask them about these three men. She waits till Paul and his new crew take off to go after the first one. She grabs her purse and paintball Gun and heads out to her SUV. They had managed to buy another SUV and had it armored like their first one.

Kat heads towards where her contact normally worked. She spots his cab and parks her SUV nearby. She gets out and walks over towards his cab, while drinking a ginger ale. It was the only thing that she managed to keep down.

“Are you working?”

“Get in Kat. I was wondering when you were going to come and see me. It looks like you’re putting on some weight.”

“If I can keep anything down. Morning sickness sucks big time.”

“Being pregnant can do that to you Kat. Now, what can I do for you?”

“How about information, Kevin?”

“Who do you want information on Kat and you know it doesn’t come cheap either.”

“I know, but don’t I always make it worth your while?”

“Yes, you do Kat. Alright, who’s first on your list that you need help with.”

Kat and Kevin start talking about the three men and Kevin tells her he saw one of them at the airport. She texts Paul the information letting him know it came from a reliable source. Kat tells him about the other two. One he tells her they need to hurry and apprehend right away because another party is interested in him and they were going to make him disappear permanently. He tells her where she can go to arrest him. The last one he doesn’t have any information, but what he knows of the guy. They might want to check the boat dock. He thinks he has a boat down there.

Kevin drops Kat off where they started and Kat gives him a little extra for all his help. She watches him drive off as she gets into her SUV. She was going to check the boat dock out on the last one. As she drives to the marina. She was stopped at the gate.

“What can I do for you ma’am?”

“I was told by my boyfriend that he would be here. I have some good news for him.”

“What’s your boyfriends name ma’am?”

“It’s George Cursi. I have some good news for him.”

The gate guard looks at Kat.

“If you don’t mind me asking ma’am, but what is this good news?”

“Oh, well I guess I can tell you. I’m pregnant and we're going to have twins. Isn’t that exciting?”

Kat was laying it on thick. She was giving the gate guard her most cheerful excitement.

The guard peeks in and notice her slight bump of a belly. A smile appears on his face.

“Well congratulations. You might want to hurry. He was talking about leaving.”

He raises the gate for Kat as she drives down and spots the boat. She tucks her taser gun behind her back under her blouse and walk down the pier towards George. She notices several bags waiting on the pier.

“Hi George, I have good news for you.”

George stops and looks at a cat girl walking towards him. She had a slight bulge to her belly.

“Do I know you?”

“Yep, you do George. We meet at a party and I went home with you afterwards. Well, one thing lead to another and I’m having your baby.”

“No way, I would remember someone like you.”

“You were rather drunk. I had to help you to your house. By the time we got inside, we were both naked.”

Kat was getting closer as she talked.

George stops and thinks about it. Could he had gotten that drunk and got her pregnant?

George didn’t see it coming, before it was too late. Kat had pulled her taser gun and shot him with it. He was doing the twenty-thousand-volt boogie.

“God, this has to be an embarrassment to you. Taken down by a pregnant woman.”

Kat handcuffs him and drag his sorry ass back to her SUV. She stuffs him in and secures him. She was winded from doing all that work.

She walks back down to retrieve his bags and notices they were filled with cash.


Kat takes the bags up to the SUV and put them in the back. She heads towards the police station. While she is driving she gets a text from
Paul saying they got the first guy and are working on the second guy. A smile appears on her face and will wait to tell him she has George. She already knows what he is going to say to her for going out in her condition, but she used her pregnancy to her advantage to grab him.
Kat drops George off at the police station and get the paperwork she needs to collect the bounty on him. She heads back to the office and wait to hear from her co-workers.

“Hi Kat, so did you get the information you were looking for?”

June had seen Kat leave earlier after she told her where she was going.

“Yep, and I caught one of our bounties as well.”

“No way. Did he give you a hard time?”

“Nope, I used my pregnancy to throw him off guard and taser his ass. He dropped like a sack of potatoes.”

“You know Paul is going to be mad at you.”

“I know he will be, but I got us a bonus as well. He was skipping town with bags of money.”

Kat didn’t care as she sat at her desk and filed away some paperwork she needed to get done. She saw the girl’s permission slips that needed filled out. The forms were asking for two chaperones to go with them. She figures her and Paul could go. The other two could collect on some bounties while they were gone.

By eight o’clock at night the team shows up at the office.

“We managed to grab two of our bounties today. The third got away.” Paul looked disappointed.

“No, he didn’t. He got taken down by a pregnant woman.”

She had a smile on her face. All three just look at her like she was some sort of bug.

“You caught him?”

“Yep, I caught him. Plus, we got a bonus as well. He had several bags of money he was skipping out with.”

They couldn’t believe it. Kat had managed to tag a guy while pregnant.

“We’ll talk about this later.”

Paul was both proud and mad at her.

“Yes dear.”

Kat munches on a ginger bread cookie.

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