Taking things a little too far

Typical me, always getting into arguments.

My name is Kaleb. I'm a senior in high school. This is the story about the time I took things too far.

I am on the basketball team at my high school. Recently, we had lost a game because of miscommunication. This was largely because of the cheerleaders. They were at fault because we couldn't hear over them. I chose to bring this up to Courtney, the head cheerleader.

"It wasn't our fault." She claimed.

"Yes it was. We couldn't hear each other over your stupid cheers," I rebutted.

"They're not stupid! We spend a long time on our routines. It's a lot of work."

"Oh please, cheerleaders don't do anything. All you have to do is stand there and look cute."

"Are you saying cheerleading isn't a sport?!" she questioned.

"Well, when your older, you may start a pick up game of basketball, volleyball, football,soccer, but no one starts a cheer practice."

"Ugh, I've had enough of you." Suddenly, she kicked my in the balls. In pain, I bent over only to be knocked out.

When I awoke, I was in the girls locker room. Then I realised that no one in here. I looked around and looked in a mirror to realise that I was wearing our schools cheerleading uniform.

A red and white cheer skirt lay on my hips and legs. A cheer top that cropped right above my stomach was on my torso. I was very confused until Courtney and a few other girls walked in.

"Oh no he's still himself," one jeered.

"Patience," Courtney reminded, "it will begin soon. So, do you like your uniform?"

"What the heck is going on? What are you trying to do to me?" I questioned.

"I'm trying to teach you a lesson. To do that, I'm going to show you how hard cheerleading can be. You are going to turn into a freshman cheerleader."

"That's impossible."

"Look," one cheerleader yelled, "it's beginning in his legs."

I stood up and went over to a mirror. I noticed my muscular legs had no hair. Then I noticed that I was losing height. I was now about 5'1". "What have you done to me?" I screamed.

"I told you. You are turning into a freshman cheerleader," she laughed.

My legs lost a lot of muscle. They soon gained a whole lot of fat on them. They became skinny and hairless, and when I went to touch them, they squished about because of lack of muscle and a lot of feminine fat.

"Stop this now!" I demanded.

"Stop focusing on me, and focus on yourself."

My brown hair grew and went past my shoulders. They then grabbed it, and put it into a high ponytail. My eyebrows thinned and my lips plumped. My nose grew petite. At my beck, I felt my Adam's apple disappear.

"No," I said in a high ultra girlish voice.

"Yes," they all taunted.

My arms became skinny and fatter much like my legs. My hands shrank and my finger and toe nails became very well manicured with pink and white stripes. My abs disappears and a very small layer of fat covered them. The girls poked my abs and laughed as the region grew softer and softer. All of my body hair disappeared.

"Look at his chest!" A girl yelled.

I hadn't realized that I was wearing a bra. My chest began to tingle. Soon, fat gathered on my chest. Breasts swelled out. Soon, my A cups were filled with two breasts.

"They aren't super big boobs," Rachel exclaimed, "but they are small and very cute ."

"Girl your stomach is by far your best feature. It's super cute." Rachel stated, slapping my big butt. "From now on, your name of Kaitlyn, Kaitie for short."

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