Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 11

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“Becca, you have to check this out.”

August was excited because Butch had contacted her and he said they might be back a day early, but had sent a video of something she might find interesting. He said that this was why Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency had come over to England.

“What’s got you so excited?”

Becca comes walking out of the bathroom drying her hair.

“Butch, just sent me a text saying he might be home early and a video you have to check out.”

Rebecca walks over and sits next to August. She watches the video that August had received from Butch. They watched as a small blue glowing insect flies around the people that had went and then hovers in place in front of the cellphone. It was a small human looking figure with wings.

“I don’t believe it. It’s a pixie. A real live pixie.” Both women were stunned from looking at the video.

“Butch ask us not to share this video with anyone. If that is a pixie, the Blackwell Agency wants to keep it secret.”

“Well, they are our client, so we are honor bound to honor their request.”

Rebecca just shakes her head. She had always thought pixie’s and fairies were myths. There was no way anything like them could exist, but here it was right in front of her on video. Not only that it was a person she knew who wouldn’t lie to her about it either.

“I can’t believe it sis. I always thought they were myths or children tales. That pixie looks like something from Disney’s pixie hallow.”

“I know, August. People didn’t think I existed either, till they got a look at me. A group of lawyers from Disney came to see if I had plastic surgery to look like I am. Dad showed them the pictures of me when I was little and asked if they could have a copy of a few of them to use in a new Disney cartoon featuring Gadget. They paid dad for the pictures and gave me a lifetime pass to Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
They said if I ever decide to show up, to dress like Gadget and I could stay for free.”

“Have you ever done it?”

“Yes, I’ve been four times. I went to the one in California and the one in Florida. Whenever I go, I dress like Gadget and interact with the actor’s dress like the characters from the Rescue Rangers cartoon. It’s fun and they pay me for doing that or pay for my stay there. Whichever I want to do.”

“I would love to see you do that.”

“Maybe one day I will, but not today. We have three transmissions we need to go and pick-up.”

“You’re no fun.”

August heads into the bathroom to take her shower and get ready as well.

“God, its hot out here sis.”

August was sweating her ass off. They had driven out to the junkyard after she had gotten done getting dressed. It took them almost an hour to find the place. The GPS unit wasn’t that helpful, but it got them close. It still took them ten minutes to find the place.

“Welcome to Rio’s Desert Rat Junkyard. How can I help you?”

Rebecca looks towards the homely looking teenage girl sitting behind the counter in front of her. The girl had long straight black hair tied into a ponytail. Rebecca could tell she had some eastern European ancestry from her facial looks and build. She looked younger then she sounded.

Ginny had been asked by Mike if she could come in and work the counter at the junkyard today. She had to check with Barney to make sure it was alright, since she worked for him at his junkyard full time. She was surprised to see a woman who looked just like Gadget from the Disney cartoon. She was tempted to ask where Chip and Dale were. There was a young teenage girl with her. She looked pretty and could be a model when she got older.

“We’re here to pick-up three transmissions for a 1955 Ford Thunderbird. It should be under the name of Trenner.”

Ginny checks the list of parts to be picked up today. She saw the name, the parts they were picking up and how much to charge them.

“If you could bring your vehicle to the back. I’ll get the guys to load the transmissions up for you.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Ginny picks the walkie talkie up “Roger, the Trenner Customers are here to pick-up the transmissions. Could you get someone to help load
them into their vehicle, please?”

“Sure, thing Ginny.”

“That will be six thousand dollars, Ms. Trenner.”

Rebecca reaches into her purse and pull out the cash for the transmissions.

“I hope you take cash.”

“Yes, we do Ms. Trenner. The owner of the junkyard doesn’t like credit cards or personal checks.”

“That makes things hard on people.”

“Not out here Ms. Trenner. We’re out in the middle of nowhere and have limited access to cellphone signals and bad telephone lines.”

“That makes since. We had the same problem at the airfield where my garage is located ten years ago. Now, we have no problems.”

Ginny writes the receipt for the purchase of the transmissions.

“There’s a thirty-day warranty on them. So, if you have a problem just let us know and we’ll try to get you a replacement or refund your money.”

“Does that include shipping?”

August had a smile on her face.

“I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

“Because, these transmissions are going to Kentucky.”

“No, I think you’ll have to come back in person.”

“Well, it gives us an excuse to come back on vocation again. Right sis?”

August looks towards Rebecca.

“We’ll see.” Rebecca just shakes her head.

Ginny looks towards the mouse looking lady.

“You two are sisters?”

“She’s my adopted sister. I found her in a box and brought her home.” Rebecca had a mischievous smile on her face.

Ginny just giggles.

“Here’s your receipt. It’s been nice doing business with you.” Ginny was still giggling when she handed the receipt to Rebecca.

“Thank you. You have a nice day ma’am.”

“You too.”

Ginny watches as the mouse lady and her sister walk out the door. She counts the money and drop it into the safe under the counter. She didn’t like to keep a large amount in the register. She notices as a nice pick-up truck backs up into the yard. She watches as Roger and another guy she didn’t know the name of. They load the transmissions into the back of the truck.

Rebecca and August head back towards their Uncles house to load the transmissions into the airplane they came in. Once they were all loaded up, Rebecca and August gave their Uncle a hug and take off to head back to Kentucky.

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