Do You Believe In Magic? Chapter 14

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“LEXI! Get your little firefly butt back here right now and turn my hair back!”

Alex was chasing after their smallest team member and Sophia’s daughter. The pixie had turned his hair a bright neon pink color. Even in his wolf form, his fur was the same color. It wasn’t just a strip of fur that was pink, but his whole body.

Lexi giggles as she dodges between people avoiding Alex. He shouldn’t have made the sexist remark he did when she was changing her dress.

Yasmine was walking behind her mother to the outside amphitheater where the meeting was being held at. When out of nowhere something comes flying between her and her mother. It passed inches in front of her face.

She turns her head when she hears a male voice yelling at whatever it was that flew in front of her face. She notices a young man with bright neon pink hair chasing after the thing that flew pass her. She steps back so he didn’t run into her. She had to laugh as he ran pass her. His hair was pink all the way down to his roots.

“That’s Alex who is chasing Lexi. He’s one of the troubleshooters that work for the council.”

Lily watched Alex trying to catch Lexi. She was giving him a run for his money.

“I wonder what he did to Lexi to piss her off enough to turn his hair pink.”

“Knowing Alex, it had to be a sexist remark. Alex considers himself to be the answer to ever woman’s dream. You know that song, I’m too sexy?”

“I’ve never heard it before.”

Yasmine had no idea of the song Lily was talking about.

“Remind me when we get home to expend your knowledge of music. Anyway, Alex doesn’t know when to watch what he says around women.
I’ve seen him get his face slap several times.”

“Isn’t Lexi, Sophia’s daughter and on the same team with him?”

“Yep, that’s what makes matters worse. Sophia is protective of her daughter.”

“I can see why. She’s so small.”

“Don’t let Lexi’s size fool you. Pixies are powerful little things and it’s hard to undo their magic. It might be easier for you, because your abilities
were given to you by a goddess.”

“If you say so Lily. Remember, I’m still inexperience compare to you and mom.”

Yasmine knew she still had a lot to learn about magic and how to use it.

“You’re doing fine. Just remember what Carmen and what we taught you so far and you’ll be okay.”

Lily and Yasmine sit down near Lydia and Ryder. They watch as everyone else starts to come out to sit down as well.

“Excuse me, is this space taken?”

Yasmine looks up at the person who just spoke to her and notice the voice belonged to a girl that looked like anime cat girl. She had Long
flowing black hair and was wearing a thick leather collar with three silver bells in the front of it and small silver spikes going around the collar itself. She also had on a thin platinum choke collar that looked to be a solid ring. There was a necklace dangling from her neck that had a medallion with some sort of crest design on it that had a slight glow to it. She had white tuffs of hair coming out of her cat ears and a white fur on her belly and chest area. The rest of her body was covered in black fur.

Her eyes were the brightest blue she has ever seen before.

“No one is sitting here. Please sit down.”

The cat girl sits down next to Yasmine.

“Thanks, I’m Karen Shakrana by the way.”

Karen holds her hand out for Yasmine to shake.

Yasmine shakes her hand.

“I’m Yasmine Quinn.”

Yasmine could feel something different about this girl. It was like she wasn’t human or cat either.

A playful smile appears on her face.


“Yes, what are you?”

“I’m complicated. Let’s just say I started off like you and over time I was changed by people trying to either kill me or trying to save me.”

“So, this isn’t your normal form?”

“Yes and no. Like I said, I use to be a normal human girl just like you until certain circumstances force me to decide what I wanted. I asked my
wife to turn me into this form. I like being like this so much, I asked her to make it permanent. You must have liked your current form so much to make it permanent.”

“You can tell I’ve been changed?”

“Yep, but your change was done by something very powerful.”

“How can you tell?”

“Like I said, I’m complicated. I’m part human, part dragon, and part Fae.”

“Your part Dragon?”

“Just a little bit. I was changed by a Dragon before she left. I was dying because someone did something to me and unless what they did was
removed from me. I would had exploded and killed hundreds of innocent people. So, she put a little bit of herself in my body and made it so I could survive what had been done to me. Later, I found out I had the essences of a powerful Fae in me. That was the reason I would had exploded.”

“How did the essence of a powerful Fae end up inside of you?”

“It was placed there by the Fae who it belonged to. I used to be a sex slave that got passed around and sold to different people. I was sold to
the Fae that placed his essence inside of me, because he wanted to experience the full effect of cocaine. He was sadistic and enjoyed inflicting pain on me. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on the purity of the cocaine he injected into himself and me and it ended up killing both of us. The only reason I didn’t die completely is because of his power being in me.”

“Wow! You are complicated.”

“Yep, the thing is, I’m happy now and I like what I have become.”

“Where’s your wife?”

“She’s down there with the council. If there are any Fae, other than the Vreeland family here in this realm. They have to inform my wife.”

“So, she’s a council member?”

“Yep, she didn’t want the position, but I talked her into it. The last Fae rep went back to the other realm.”

The two of them look down at the council members as they sat and waited for everyone to show up. Yasmine spotted another cat girl being lead on a leash by a young woman with pale skin.

“Do you know who that is down there being lead?”

“Yep, that Mistress Velvet and her pet Kitten. She’s the Vampire Queen of the East coast.”

“How can she be out during the day? I thought daylight was dangerous to vampires.”

“It is dangerous, but since this meeting involves everyone, a special design magical dome has been constructed by some of the most powerful
people here. They talked about having it at night for the vampires and a few other races, but it wasn’t practical. Because some of the races here don’t like the night.”

“So, they came up with a new spell that could protect vampires during the day.”

“Yep, but only certain council members and powerful witches know the spell.”

“Ah, well that’s good I guess.”

Yasmine spots a group of bikers walk up to the council members.

“Who are they, Karen?”

“They are the Dark Fangs. They answer to Velvet and the council. They are like Sophia, George, and Alex over there.”

Karen points to the three people who she just named. Alex still had neon pink hair. They could see Lexi’s head sticking out from Sophia’s cleavage and George was standing near a young teenage girl. She was standing near a gentleman looking at a video on a laptop.

“That guy looking at the laptop. That’s Cain, right?”

“Yep, and the young teenage girl standing near him is his niece and personal assistant. He’s very protective of her. The brown hair woman holding the baby sitting next to the black hair military looking guy is Vicky and her husband.”

“Ava didn’t say her aunt was on the council.”

Yasmine spotted Ms. Vreeland with Tabitha standing behind her. She notices Tabitha didn’t look to happy.

“Tabitha doesn’t look to happy.”

“Oh, she isn’t. My wife said that she wants to kill Riker. I heard her student almost killed him by accident.”

“You mean Ava or Courtney?”

“Ava. I don’t know the story, but I do know he is careful when he is around her. He tries not to get to close to her.”

The military haircut guy stands up and comes center stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to begin in ten minutes. If there is anything you need to ask during the meeting, please wait till the end to ask your questions.”

He walks back to his spot and sits back down next to Vicky.

Cain stands up and approaches the podium. His niece stands next to him with several folders in her hands.

“Ladies, Gentlemen and other gather genders. Lately, all of us have been having problems with the HSL and The Hunter Organization. They have been performing experiments on some of our people and creating special soldiers and weapons to fight against us. I have in my
possession the names and location of all their members and their special operation centers. Included is where they take our people they find or capture to be kept. For us to combat this. Six special teams are going to be created to send against these locations. Each team will be led by a respected member from our community. The person selected is to be obeyed as if you are addressing your own leader.”

Cain looks out at everyone to see how they were accepting this. Since there weren’t any objections so far. He continues.

“Alright, will the following people come to the stage. Tabitha Lin, Ryder Quinn, myself, Carmen Rogers, Council Member Tom Brown, Council Member Lady Betty Shakrana. These are the team leaders.”

“Way to go dad.”

Yasmine was proud of her father. She turns to look at Karen.

“It looks like your wife was chosen as well.”

“Ya, but I feel sorry for whoever she chooses to be on her team. She’s very demanding and will train them hard.”

“Won’t she select you?”

“Nope, I told her as much as I love her. I don’t want her to select me. I’m to much of a distraction to her.”

“Do I want to know?”

“Not unless you like hot steamy sex. I’m like a succubus in a sense. I need sex to recharge my magical energies. I don’t drain you like a real succubus does, but I do take what I need to refuel my magical energy levels. I do enjoy a lot of different sexual things.”


Karen just smiles at Yasmine’s reaction. They listen to questions being asked and how many people will be on each team. Where they will be
operating out of.

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