Becoming Annabelle Lee Chapter 10

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“Well, the paperwork has been submitted to adopt Gina as our own child.” Dawn comes out of the back office.

“What did Mrs. Holmes say when you told her we wanted to adopt Gina?”

Annabelle was removing some cash from the register, because they didn’t like keeping a large amount in it. She puts it in an envelope and
write how much it is and drops it into the safe they have under the counter.

“She asked why we took so long to fill the paperwork out.”

Annabelle’s chest was hurting her more today, then it had yesterday when they went horseback riding.

“Because we hadn’t really talked about it till yesterday.”

Annabelle had turned around to look at Dawn.

“I also applied for our marriage license as well. Are you sure you want to take my last name?”

Dawn was looking at Annabelle to see if she was serious.

Annabelle walks over to Dawn and wrap her arms around her waist and lean in and kiss her.

“Yes, I’m sure I want to marry you and take your last name as my own.”

Dawn just smiles and return the kiss.

“Mmmm, I so do love the taste of you.” Annabelle squeezes Dawns butt cheeks.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. My aunts and female cousins want to kidnap you and Gina next weekend. They have something planned for the two of

“Aren’t you coming?”

“Nope, I disappear with them this weekend. So, it’s going to be just you and Gina at the house this weekend when we close on Friday night.”

“I wonder what they have plan?”

“Who knows. It’s being organized by my great aunt.”

“Do you think Gina is going to be okay in school?”

“She better be. My cousins are looking out for her and I told the principle if she comes home with one bruise on her that wasn’t from normal
teenage activates, I am going to sue the school and him personally.”

“I hope so.”

Annabelle and Dawn go about running the store during the day. Annabelle had ridden her motorcycle to work today, because she had some
errands to run during her lunch break.

“I’m taking lunch Dawn. Is there anything you want me to pick-up on the way back?”

Dawn stands and thinks about Annabelle’s question.

“Ya, can you stop at the shoes store and pick-up two pairs of shoes for Gina? I notice her tennis shoes were looking worn.”

“Sure, what size is she?”

“She’s a size five. I checked her feet the other day when I bought her the boots.”

“Okay, any particular color or just plain white?”

“Get her a baby blue pair and a normal white pair for gym class.”


Annabelle heads to the shoe store and finds two nice pair of tennis shoes for Gina and a pair of cowgirl boots for Dawn. Dawn’s boots were
looking a little scruffy. After she leaves the shoe store, she heads to the jewelry store to pick-up the special design engagement rings she had made for her and Dawn. She stops at the lingerie store and pick out a few pieces of lingerie for her and Dawn as well. She buys a couple of baby doll nighties for Gina to wear to bed or around the house. She finally makes it to her and Dawn’s favorite diner to get lunch. She grabs a lunch plate for herself and one for Dawn. She heads back to the hardware store.

“I’m back and I brought you lunch as well.”

“You didn’t need to sweetie.”

Dawn places a kiss on Annabelle’s lips.

“I know, but I figure since I was getting mine, I would grab a lunch plate for you as well. Go ahead and open your plate.”

Annabelle had the cook place the engagement ring in the lunch plate so Dawn would see it when she opened it.

Dawn opens her lunch plate and notice the engagement ring sitting inside. She looks at Annabelle with tears in her eyes.

“I know you already said yes to marrying me, but I thought I would do it proper and ask you to marry me.”


Dawn wraps her arms around Annabelle, after removing the ring and slipping it on her finger. She gives her a passionate kiss.

Annabelle returns the kiss. She slips the other engagement ring into Dawn’s hand.

“I thought you might want to slip my ring onto my hand.”

Dawn slips the ring onto Annabelle’s hand.

“Annabelle Lee, will you become my wife and partner?”


Annabelle kisses Dawn back and a loud cheer and clapping could be heard from inside the store.

Both women turn their heads to look. They thought the store was empty.

“It’s about time you two asked each other.”

Jerry and few others that had figured out that Dawn and Annabelle were lovers were smiling at them.

Annabelle buries her head against Dawn’s shoulder from embarrassment.

“Ah, ain’t that cute. Annabelle is blushing.”

Dawn just laughs and hold Annabelle to her. After a few minutes Annabelle steps, back away from Dawn’s shoulder and face everyone in the

“What? You didn’t think we wouldn't figure it out, Annabelle? We have never seen Dawn so happy before. We saw it the first day you came to
work with her.”

Annabelle glances over towards Dawn and smiles.

The store stays busy until three thirty and they wait for Gina to come walking to the store. Gina comes walking in looking happy and cheerful.

“How was school today?”

“It was good mom’s. A few people try to bully me, but Jumping Elk and Dark Moon put an end to that right away. They walked me to all my
classes. Their sisters were in my gym class and they had me change next to them in the locker room. I never knew how vicious and cruel some girls could be to one another. They were picking on this one girl who isn’t popular and wore second hand clothes and such. Her name is Cyra and she is a nice person. I asked her if she would like to have lunch with me tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you see if she would like to come by the store as well. We can take her home.”

“Okay, I’ll ask her if she would like to come by.”

Gina heads into the office to do her school work. She sticks her head out a few seconds later.

“Mom, can I get a soda please?”

“Go ahead and grab yourself a snack as well.”

“Thanks mom.”

Gina grabs a juice from the soda cooler and a bag of trail mix. She takes it to the counter for Annabelle to ring up.

“Okay, go do your homework.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Gina heads back into the office to start on her homework.

The rest of the afternoon goes by slowly as Annabelle and Dawn leave to go home for the day. The evening staff and manager stay to close
the store up.

When they get home, Annabelle heads to the bedroom.

“Gina, could you come in here for a second please?”

Gina heads into her parents’ bedroom and notices two bags on the bed.

“We’ve bought you two new pairs of tennis shoes to wear to school and you keep the ones you have on to work in the barn with Dawn and me. Also, I thought you might like something to wear to bed that was a little bit more girly.”

Annabelle shows the baby doll nightie she bought for Gina to wear.

A big smile appears on Gina’s face. It was in her favorite color and was something she always wanted.

“Thank you, mommy.”

Gina hugs Annabelle.

“You’re welcome. I bought you three different ones, so you’ll have your choice to wear at night. Why don’t you surprise mommy Dawn tonight?”


Gina takes both bags and runs to her bedroom.

Annabelle walks into the kitchen to help with dinner.

“Did Gina like her new shoes?”

“Yep, I told her she could keep her old ones and wear them to help you and me out in the barn.”

“We might want to think about giving her an allowance so she can have some spending money.”

“That’s not a bad idea. She could do chores around the house and at the store.”

Between the two of them, they get dinner finish and set the table. Gina couldn’t wait for dinner to be over so she could go and take her bath and slip on her new night clothes.

Once dinner is done. Gina helps clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen up. She heads towards the bathroom and takes her bath

Annabelle and Dawn sit in the living room and listen to some music from Annabelle’s Iphone. Dawn was reading a book she started and
Annabelle was cleaning her guns. She had fired them last weekend when they went to Skipping Wolf’s house. He wanted to see her guns.

“Moms are you two in the living room?”

Dawn looks up “yes, we are sweetie. Do you need help?”

“No ma’am.” Gina comes walking out in the light blue baby doll nightie.

“Ta Da.” Gina twirls for her mothers to see.

Dawn looks over to Annabelle “you bought that for her?”

“Yep, she looks cute in it.”

Annabelle had a smile on her face as she looked at Gina.

“She does look cute in it.”

“What do you think of it Gina?”

“I like it mom. Thank you.”

Gina hugs Dawn and then Annabelle.

“You’re welcome sweetie. Did you try the others on to make sure they fit you?”

“Others?” Dawn looks towards Annabelle.

“I bought her three different ones in different colors. I figure she might like these. I also bought one for you and me as well.”

“Not yet mommy.” Gina saw the baby blue one and wanted to put it on right away.

“I can’t wait to see what you got for me to wear.”

Dawn closes her book and head into the bedroom and look at the one Annabelle left lying on the bed for her. It was skimpy and lacey, but
wouldn’t show to much around Gina. Dawn takes a shower and comes back out in her baby doll nightie.

Gina looks at her mom “wow! mom, you look cute.”

“Why thank you, Gina.”

“Now your turn Annabelle.”

Annabelle locks her guns up in the gun safe and puts away her cleaning kit. She heads into the bathroom and takes a shower and comes out
later wearing the other pink one she had chosen for herself.

She had bought a slinky one for herself, but not to slinky and sexy that it would bother Gina.

Annabelle comes walking into the living like a model showing off her baby doll nightie. She wiggles her ass in front of Dawn.

Gina just laugh at her mother’s antics.

Dawn just laughs as well.

All three of them cuddled on the sofa. When they notice Gina falling asleep. Annabelle picks her up and carry her to her bedroom and tuck her
in and puts Dawn’s bunny rabbit next to her.

“Sweet dreams little fox.”

She places a kiss on her cheek and back out of her bedroom, leaving the door open a crack for her. Annabelle heads to her and Dawns
bedroom and the two of them end up making passionate love most of the night.

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