Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 12

August looks at her reflection in the mirror as she holds up several different dresses in front of her. She was trying to decide which dress would be appropriate for her date tonight with Butch. He had arrived back from his trip to England. A day after they had come back from Reno. She got a chance to look at the pixie they brought back with them. She was a cute little thing. She was playful, friendly and stood about three inches tall. When she was flying she left a blue light streak trailing behind her. She had left with the agency team.

“The first one you held up would be your best little sister.”

Rebecca had been standing at August doorway watching her switch between several dresses. She remembers doing the same thing on her first date. Her father had helped her pick the right dress for her to wear.

August jumps when she hears Becca’s voice.

“Don’t do that! You spook me.”

“Sorry, the first dress you held up brings the color of your eyes out. Remember, your curfew is midnight. If you’re not home by then, I’m going to come looking for you. Butch, told me what he has planned for you two tonight. That’s why I am giving you till midnight.”

“You know, you’re worse than my mom when I told her you agreed to let me go on the date.”

“I’m supposed to be. I’m your older sister and I told your mother I would look after you.”

Rebecca walks over to August and hands her a necklace and a small blue box.

“I bought these for you.”

“Thank you.”

August puts the necklace on and opens the box revealing a set of diamond earrings. She looks up at Rebecca and hugs her.

“Thank you, sis.”

“You’re welcome. I thought you might like your own pair of earrings. They are real, so don’t lose them.”

“I won’t sis.”

August hugs Rebecca again and had tears leaking from her eyes. She was fortunate the day she met Rebecca. Rebecca has been nothing but nice to her and treated her like a little sister.

Rebecca returns the hug and just holds August for a little while. She had always been an only child, but the day August came into her life. She knew she wished that August should had been her little sister. When she spoke to her father to get his approval on adopting her as her little sister. He agreed and supported her decision even in his weakened state. She continues to hold August for a while and finally releases her.

Some tears had leaked form her eyes when she thought about her father. She wipes the tears away.

“Now, why don’t you go and take your bath. Butch will be here at six o’clock.”

August looks at her sister “are you going to be okay sis?”

“I’m fine. Lev should be home in a few hours and I want to have dinner waiting for him.”

August looks at her and knew whenever Rebecca thought about her father, tears would leak from her eyes. She knew Rebecca and her father
were close. She wishes she had that type of relationship with her own father, but he has pushed her away. He said he didn’t want to have anything to do with her and cut her out of his will. She didn’t care, she had her mother and now Rebecca that cared for her.

“Okay, if you say so sis.”

August give her a hug and then head towards the bathroom to take her bath and do all the other stuff she needed to do. She made sure to always shave her legs and with the estrogen she was taking and the Nair she has been using to get rid of her leg hair has pretty much been helping. Her legs only sprouted hair in a few places now on her legs.

After she takes her bath and remove all the unwanted hair, she works on her hair and make-up. She wanted it to be perfect for Butch. She still felt uneasy going to places dressed as a girl, but she enjoyed it. She makes sure her make-up is perfect. She finally gets dressed and checks herself in the mirror again to see how she looked. As she stands in front of her mirror, she realizes she could be a model for some of the teen magazines she reads.

She takes a deep breath and head towards the living room where she knew Rebecca would be.

“So, how do I look?”

August stands before Rebecca and watches as she walks around her examining her.

Once Rebecca was done with her inspection of August. She stands in front of her little sister.

“You look beautiful August.”

“Thanks sis.”

A few minute later they hear the bell letting them know someone was at the garage door.

“Go wait in your room till I call you.”

August heads towards her bedroom, while Rebecca headed towards the garage.

Rebecca opens the customer door at the garage entrance. She notice Butch was standing there with a single white rose surrounded with baby breath and a fern leaf.

“Hello, Butch. Come on in. August is still getting ready.”

“Thanks Becca.”

Butch follows Rebecca back towards the living area of the garage. He always liked how Rebecca’s father had turned half of the old hangar into an automotive garage and the half into living quarters. He walks into the living room and notice all the decorations and display cases of trophies Rebecca and her father had won for the different contest they had enter.

“If you’ll wait here, I’ll go and get August for you.”


Butch watches as Rebecca walks down the hallway and stop at a door.

Rebecca knocks on the door.

“August, your date is here.”

August was nervous as she stood up from her chair and walked towards the door. She opens it and follows Rebecca back towards the living room. As she got closer to the living room, she notices Butch had cleaned up good and was holding a rose.

Butch was surprised when he saw August. She looked marvelous. He thought he was looking at a model with the way she was dressed and doll all up.

“I bought this for you.” He hands her the rose he had in his hand.

“Thank you.” August takes a smell of it and loved the way it smelled.

“Here I think you’re going to need this.”

Rebecca hands August a scarf that matched her dress.

August gives Rebecca a puzzled look.

“Trust me, you’re going to need it tonight.”

Butch holds his arm out for her as the two walks out to his car. August had to stop herself. Sitting right in front of the garage entrance was a nice and shiny blue1965 Ford Mustang Convertible with white leather seats. August noticed that the top was down.

Butch was startled when August stopped as they stepped out of the garage. He was worried he did something wrong. He looks at her expression and then he understood why she stopped.

“It’s been in the family since my father bought it. It’s the fifth one built.”

“She’s beautiful, Butch.”

“Not as beautiful as you, August.”

He kisses her hand.

August almost melted at those words. She kisses his cheek.

“I come in second place compare to her and I don’t care. I think she’s beautiful and that you are a wonderful person.”

They walk to the car. Butch opens the car door for August. Once august sat down on the seat. He closes the car door and walks around to the driver side. He notices August putting the scarf on to cover her hair so it doesn’t get messed up.

Butch waits till August is ready before starting the car and driving off. Once she was done covering her hair. He starts the car and they drive off and head towards a nice restaurant he made reservations at and afterwards they go to an old fashion drive-in and gets them popcorn and drinks.

August snuggles close to Butch as they watched the movie from the car. She was enjoying the movie and being with Butch. There were
several old cars at the drive-in and several young couples as well. It was the perfect night for this type of entertainment.

Butch had his arm around August’s shoulder and kisses her. When they break for some air.

“So, how are you enjoying the date so far?”

“I think you know how I am enjoying it.” as she kisses him.

She snuggles closer to him as they enjoy the movie. She couldn’t ask for a more perfect date. After the movie, they take a ride before Butch takes her home. They sit outside the garage and notice Lev’s rig was parked in it’s unusual spot.

Butch kisses August for a while as they sit there. August was on cloud nine as she melted into the kiss. Butch stops kissing her.

“I better get you inside, before your sister comes out here and skin me alive. Are you free tomorrow evening?”


“Do you think Rebecca mind if we go to the propeller club?”

“I don’t think she’ll mind. Why don’t you come over after three tomorrow? We should be done with whatever work we have tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

He kisses her one more time before getting out of the car and walking around to open her door for her. He escorts her up to the door and gives her one more kiss before she heads inside.

When she gets closer to the living room, she hears some moaning coming from Rebecca on the sofa. She notices Lev pumping into her sister. She raises her hand to block her view as she walks by the living room and down towards her bedroom.

It seems her sister was enjoying her night as well. August starts undressing and was still on a high as she slips her night gown on and slide under the covers on her bed. She couldn’t wait to see Butch tomorrow and to tease her sister as well. She has a hard time falling asleep, but

she finally drifts off thinking about Butch.

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