The Life Of An Angel Chapter 16 Final Chapter

Angel couldn’t believe that they were finally getting married today. All the Sirens were waiting for her and Carol to walk down the aisle together. Sammy and Tammy were dress in their flower girl dresses. Angel was wearing D.A.’s old wedding dress that had been fitted to fit her. Carol’s wedding dress was brand new. They had gone out and picked out her wedding dress together. Lisa wanted to wear their mother’s Angie’s wedding dress when she got married.

“Nervous, sweetie?”

D.A. was standing behind Angel and brushing her blonde hair.

“Yes ma’am. I have never been so nervous in my life.”

D.A. leans in and place a kiss on Angel’s cheek.

“I can’t believe our baby girl is finally all grown up and have a family of her own.”

Angie had come walking in and stopped to look at Angel. She still remembers the batter, abused little girl they found on the side of the road.

She had watched her grow into a fine young lady who loved motorcycles as much as her mothers. Who had never given up on any task she had set out to accomplished. She had watched as her little girl suffer through the operation to finally become a woman. The day her daughter joined the Air Force had been the proudest moment in her life. Now, she was getting married and would have to two adorable little girls to raise to become women just like her.

“How is Carol’s parents doing mom’s?”

“They are dealing with their daughter getting married to another woman.”

Angel looks at the clock on her wall.

“Well, I think it’s time for the fun to start.”

D.A. and Angie leaves the bedroom and escort the twins down to wait for their mothers. Angel walks out and over to the room Carol was using
to get ready. She knocks on the door.


Angel walks in and stood motionless. She couldn’t believe how beautiful Carol looked in her wedding dress.

Carol turns around to look at Angel.

“God, you so beautiful in your mother’s dress.”

“You’re beautiful in the dress you are wearing as well.”

Angel walks over and lightly kiss Carol’s cheek.

“You ready to seal the deal and become wife and wife?”


Carol and Angel walks down the aisle behind the twins. The twins threw white rose flower petals in front of them as they get to the front. The
girls step to the side where Lisa and friends of Angels stood to one side and friends and family of Carol stood to the other side. They had asked a Wiccan Priestess to marry them.

The Priestess starts the ceremony and continues till she gets to the point where Angel and Carol give their personal vows.

Angel turns to face Carol and with ring in hand.

“This ring I give to you as a token of my love and devotion. I pledge to you all that I am and all that I will ever be as your wife. With this ring, I gladly marry you and join my life to yours."

Angel slips the ring onto Carol’s ring finger.

Carol tries to keep from crying as she takes the ring from her friend and look at Angel.

"I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful partner to you."

Carol places her ring on Angel’s ring finger.

“I now pronounce you life partners. You may kiss each other.”

Carol and Angel kiss like they have never kissed before. Cheers go up as they separate and look out at everyone gathered. They move to start mingling with their friends and family. Tables had been set-up outside as the wedding couple took their place with a twin on each side of them.

A buffet style catering had been setup along with barbeque cooked by Angel’s uncles. The celebration last long into the night with the twins falling asleep against Angel and Carol.

“Let’s put them to bed Mrs. Wallace.”

Carol leans over and kisses Angel. Angel returns the kiss. Afterwards she picks Sammy up as Carol picks Tammy up and carry them inside to the bedroom Angel had gotten ready in. They undress the girls and slip them into their nightshirts and tuck them in. Both ladies kiss the twin’s forehead and back out of the bedroom leaving the door crack for them.

Carol wraps her arms around Angel and pull her close to her body. She leans down some and start kissing Angel. Angel jumps up and wrap her legs around Carol waist as she carries Angel to the bedroom Carol had used to get ready. The two of them make love to each other all night long. Both carried each other to sexual heights they hadn’t experienced before.

Angel laid snuggled close to Carol’s body. Both were sore and tired from their all-night love making. Angel could hear movement outside their bedroom door. Angel could hear that the girls wanted to see how their mothers were.

“Mmmm” Angel gets up carefully and grabs a robe and slip it on. She glances at Carol’s sleeping form and step out into the hallway.

“It’s okay, mom.”

Angel walks downstairs into her Uncle’s kitchen and fixes breakfast for the twins. She grabs a piece of toast and put some apple butter on it for herself. She holds her hand out to admire her wedding ring. A smile appears on her face as she takes a bite of her toast.

Angel just stands there watching as more family members come into the kitchen and sit down. This is what she has always wanted and now she has it. Angels walks over and gives both her mothers a hug and a kiss.

“What is that for, sweetie?”

“For giving me a life I would had never had if my birth father had succeeded at what he did to me.”

She kisses them one more time and walks out of the kitchen and out into the yard.

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