The Blessing Or Curse Of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

The Cruse Or Blessing Of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Ronny James learns the futility of worrying about the future and how ignorant he was concerning the reality of the world. When he gets caught up in his girlfriend's very old family's curse.

I was born Ronald James Jr., Ronny to the family the youngest of three children on April First of 1996 the only boy to Ron and Hanna James. I wasn't planned but the result of a romantic Twentieth Anniversary Cruise.

That explains the large age difference between me and my two sisters. My oldest sister Beth was already a Junior in college when I was born and my other sister Brook was Twelve. My only other close relative still living was my mother's mother.

She died when I was Two but before she died she purchased for me, as she did for my sisters, a well sized life insurance policy that could only be used for continued education and support during that time. She felt that was the best way to look after me after was gone. Grandmother was a smart old cookie and understood a good education was never a waste.

I took after my mother's side where my sisters resemble my father's. My father was a tall well-built man well over six foot tall. Where my mother was very petite just over five foot with a willowy body. My sisters told me they were taller than mom by the time they were in the sixth grade. I never grew past 5'4".

My parents worked at a banking group's corporate office in Charlotte, NC. Not as high paid executives but as cubical rats. When I was Five their corporation changed hands and they had to fly to New York to attend training classes. Beth was starting her Third year at Duke Law School. Beth's first class wasn't till September 15th and my parent's training would end on the 12th. Beth told my parents she enjoyed watching my sister and me and she would be happy doing it till they returned.

Beth had no idea how long that promise would last because September 11th hit changing everyone's world. Our parents were at Ground Zero when the planes hit. I wish I could remember them better but even their faces slowly faded in my memories. They had "Survivor Benefits" from their job because they were killed at work. There was also a huge amount of debt that had to be paid.

My birth wrecked the family's budget. When I got old enough to realize this it made me love my sisters even more. I knew if I wasn't born my parents would not have put the house under water and accumulate a huge credit card debt. Both my sisters never resented me for it but always showed me nothing but love.

After our parent's estate paid off all the debts the Probate Judge name Beth as Executrix of the rest. Beth was smart and paid off the house and got us out from under the high-interest rate we were paying. There was enough left to support us till Beth finished Law School and pass the NC Bar. Beth almost immediately found a job for a large law firm.

When Brook was Seventeen and 5'11" and solidly built not like Beth. Beth was just as tall but very curvy and feminine and that and her good grades may be why she found a good job so quickly. Brook would pick me up at school even before my parent's death. I was always happy to see her and if Beth or was going to be late Brook would take me for ice cream.

One day early in my second school year on an ice cream outing I heard one of Brook's classmates shout,

"It's Bi Brook and her pet Gnome!"

I asked her, " Why was he calling us that and what did it mean?"

Brook answered, " It is because he wants his ass kicked and it means he's stupid."

When Brook went to the rest room I googled nome. it auto-corrected to Gnome the definition hurt me deeply but Bye was defined as a farewell greeting only. I was always shy but that was the day I started trying to be invisible. Over the years I developed it into a finely honed skill of never being noticed.

I'm sure this skill protected me from a lot bullying and teasing. I never dated in high school and college or had any friends. In grade school being held prisoner on campus, I took a bag lunch and would sneak off to some private spot and spent lunch there by myself.

Beth met David at her firm, David was a senior associate and they were soon married. They had to leave their firm but there was little chance of advancement there for David due to the nepotism of the name partners. Brook by then had left for college and Beth and David's former firm had a clause in their contract that they could not practice law in the county if they quit.

Beth sold our house and divided the money equally between the three of us. Mine was held in trust till I was Eighteen. We moved to another county to Belmont, NC. Beth and David bought a large new home using her share of the old house to make a large down payment. They cashed in their vested shares of their old firm and started their own firm Caldwell &Caldwell Family Law.

David treated me like a kid brother and like Beth never seemed to have any regret I was with them. when I was Thirteen I was overjoyed when they told me they were expecting. They had waited because of the practice but now they were getting very comfortable financially. They both wanted children and I was excited about having a new niece or nephew.

When Davy was born I fell right into the task of taking care of him just as Brook did for me. Brook was a Social Worker in Ashville, NC by then and was living with her life partner Samantha or Sammie who was a Physician's Assistant.

By the time I was Sixteen Beth had little Hanna named for our mother she was a little sweetheart and it was the Summer before my junior year. I was happy picking the two up from day care and changing diapers and feeding them. By the time I was finishing my senior year I was as good a housekeeper and cook as any woman.

To be honest about it I wanted a social life but to be more exact I wanted a girl. I would shyly peek at good looking girls but never long for fear of being seen. My tastes in girls ran to the ridiculous for me. I liked very tall women that were beautiful but only 5'4" 122 pounds so very thin and my equipment was even smaller than my proportions. I knew I was stuck with romantic soft core internet porn and a towel.

I graduated with a Masters Of Education and took a teaching job in Hendersonville, NC in the mountains. It was only 2 hours from Beth, David and the kids and only 30 minutes from Brook and Sammie when ever I needed encouragement.

I rented a small 1930's Renovated Craftsman house and decorated it with local antiques. Most of my co-workers at Jonas Elementary thought I was gay but deeply closeted. The women teachers talked to me like another woman about the men in their lives, decorating, cooking, and parenting.

in my third year of teaching I was Twenty-Five years old and looked Sixteen and that created a problem. One of my student's mother was late in picking her up and she started crying. So I and another teacher comforted her but when the other teacher went in to call the tardy mother she arrived.

The drunk mother saw me squatting with the crying child and mistook me for some perverted teenager. She reached into her purse and pulled a 25 Magnum pistol and shot me chest missing my heart but shattering my collar bone lodging in my shoulder.

I woke up in the hospital with my whole family there. After Beth and Brook left me after some time to get my doctor. My principal came in and I immediately asked about the girl. "She said The school's Resource Officer saw the whole horrible thing. He pulled his gun and ordered the woman to drop hers and she shot him in the leg. He was forced to return fire and killing her with one shot."

When I heard the girl saw her mother killed I started crying for her. Then Beth, Brook, and the doctor came in I found out my condition at this point was life threatening because of the bone fragments and there was a high danger of infection. The doctor explained with Beth and Brook standing behind him with stern watchful stares,

"You will have to be in here for some time. You may need several surgeries to remove the bone fragments and we need to leave the wound open and pack it so it will heal from the inside out. I will make sure you'll get the best of care."

I had three surgeries and it was six weeks before it was safe for me to go home. I had a CNA for two weeks until I healed enough to be on my own. I still had a sling but I could drive one handed on short trips.

a couple of weeks later I was at a near by grocery store and I was having a great amount of trouble getting a box of crackers off the top shelf. someone came up behind me and took it down for me. I turned to thank the "Good Samaritan" and my mouth fell open. Before I was this raving beauty over 6' tall in her 3-inch heels.

She said non-condescendingly with a sincere caring tone, "I saw you were injured and you needed a little help. I hope you're not offended?"

Surprisingly I was able to close my open mouth and say, "No, not at all thanks for your help."

My ideal looked me in the face and woman asked "Do I know you? You look very familiar."

As soon as those lines left her lips she blinked and laughed a full real laugh like Brook's laugh. She said, "My God that just sounded like an old cliché pick up line if I ever heard one and I have."

I couldn't help my self I started laughing too. We must have looked like a real oddity if anyone saw us standing there together laughing like fools. The beautiful Amazon and a Pygmy. When we stop laughing she asked,

"Would you mind some company as we finish our shopping?"

I knew she asked out of kindness since I was impaired. We made small talk as we finished our shopping. I told her my name and that I was a teacher on sick leave. Before we checked out I found out she was Erin Mahoney and she worked at the regional offices in Hendersonville of the large worldwide investment firm MFI.

After we checked out I thought I wouldn't see this beautiful woman again but she asked,

"Are you well enough to go to dinner with me Saturday night?"

Being dumb struck I finally answered "YES!"

Erin said, "Great! Let me key in your address and phone number I will pick you up around Eight. Dress casual." Erin help me put my groceries in my back seat and opened my door for me to get in my car. I rolled down the window and she gave me a peck on the cheek saying,

"I'm will be looking forward to Saturday night."

That was on a Thursday and I spent all day Friday and all of Saturday Morning and Afternoon worrying that it was a cruel joke. That's why she took my address and phone number and didn't give me hers.

I got ready for the date just on the amazing chance it was for real and not a joke. My fears disappeared and my heart jumped to my throat when at 7:35 my door bell rang. I opened the door to see Erin standing on my porch with a bouquet of flowers.

She said, "Please accept the flowers as the way of an apology for getting here so early. To be honest I have been thinking about tonight since Thursday and I couldn't wait any longer."

I checked that I had my keys and wallet and locked the door. Erin was waiting on me holding my door for me. I thought "She is really a very considerate person to help me since I'm impaired." We went to a very good family own Italian restaurant. I was a little surprised when Erin ordered for me.

I guess some men would be upset but I hated ordering and I didn't have enough male pride to really care enough to take a chance of upsetting Erin. I thought,

"This is my first date ever and it is my fantasy woman. What the Hell, I looked up to women most of my life both emotionally and physically. I'm lucky she would even give me air. I'm actually relieved at her taking the dominant role it takes all the worries off me not knowing what to do."

We laughed and talked and I sadly found out that Erin's fiancé died two years ago and this was her first date since then. I stretched the truth by telling her it was even longer than that since my last date. We closed down the restaurant we had talked for three hours and I was in heaven.

The server brought the bill and apologetically said, "Ms. Mahoney we are closing shall I place the bill on your tab?"

Erin answered, "Yes Angelo and add 30% for yourself."

Angelo said, " Thank you, Ms. Mahoney, very much. I hope we will be seeing you and your young man a lot and soon."

Erin replied, "Yes most defiantly and you are welcomed. You earned it."

I thought, "Erin has a tab here and they seem to know her very well. That is truly impressive."

At her car in the empty parking lot, she opened the door for me and as I started to get in but she grabbed me around my waist and pulled me close like I was a doll. Holding me close looking down in my eyes being careful of my injuries.

I was frozen by her tender stare and she whispered, "I have dying to do this for over two hours."

She slid one of her arms under my good arm putting that hand on my lower back. She then her other hand on my the back of my head and leaned me back and deeply kissed me. my lips parted when her tongue pressed hard against them and her tongue attacked mine in a seductive dance. With out thinking my good arm naturally went around her neck as her lower hand went to my butt.

I discovered that that according to every movie I saw and every book I read she had me in the typically female position in this wonderful kiss and I didn't give a shit. She was giving me a slice of heaven I thought that I would never have. I knew at that point she owned me and I would love being putty in her hands.

Erin took me home and walked me to my door and took my keys and opened my door and gave me a kiss good night on my porch for the records books. We dated three nights that week than five the next then every night there after. When I got better I went back to work at the same school. All the bad in my life disappeared because I had Erin.

Our nightly dates evolved into me rushing home from school and cooking supper for us. Erin would arrive around Six and she would take off her makeup and change into something very comfortable like loose sweats.

I would serve our meal and she would try to help me clean up. She was very awkward in the kitchen so I excused her quickly from finding us something on TV. Eventually, she got the idea and went to the TV as soon as we finished the meal. We would watch TV very little we mainly made out but we never had sex.

I never tried to force the issue actually I had no control at all in our long make-out sessions. Erin was always the aggressor, at some point soon after supper she would pull me on her lap and I usually ended up with her on my back with her devouring me. She would strip off my shirt and kissing me on the chest, neck, and mouth.

On the weekend she would come over at 10 am and we would spend the day out. I would wash my clothes and clean house before she got there so my house was always clean and neat for her. She started taking me clothes shopping on Sundays and would tell me what she liked on me and buy it for me. I stop trying to protest because she would say,

"I do this only because you're special to me and I want you to look good." Or she would say, "You do so much for me let me repay you in a way that I can."

Erin before long had me in specially tailored clothes with extremely tight waists, tight but a little looser on my hips, and just a slight bit looser in the legs. Soon all my pants were tailored this way even my jeans.

They all had very thin belt loops so only the thinnest belts would fit. My new shirts were very tailored, brightly colored both the casual and dress shirts. All this plus my size from the back I looked like young women with very short hair. My new style supported the rumor at school I was a closeted gay.

On our Saturdays Erin like me to wear jeans they made small package all but disappear. With tight polos or long sleeve henley shirts that highlighted how small my arms were. One Saturday a very cool mountain early Spring day showed up in Erin no make up her hair up under a ball cap and wearing loose sweats.

She had me wear jeans, a pink oxford shirt, my light pink hoodie, and my matching my matching pink cross trainers. She looked at me and shook her head and pulled my hood up. Then she said,

"I would like to see your hair, not in that cheap ten dollar hair cut could you let it grow out and when it's long enough I will take you to a good stylist"

I looked at her and said, My hair grows really fast so I will be very shaggy in two weeks but if you want me to do it I will. I'm glad to please you in any way."

What I said about my hair growing out I really meant. Making Erin happy was the most important thing in my life. I never told how desperately in love I was with her. I needed her like I needed air. Without her, I would die I knew she loves me too because she proved it every day with her actions.

She was with me when she was not working or sleeping. She kept calling me when I wasn't in class and was with me the rest of the time. All that day store clerks called me Miss and it bothered me a little at first but it pleased Erin so I was happy.

By the time the summer break rolled around Erin had asked me to invite my family to spend our regular Fourth of July whole family vacation with her and her parents at the Hamptons as their guests I said I would.

By the 29th of June, my hair was to my shoulders. It was long enough to pull back in a pony tail. I told Erin I was uncomfortable meeting her parents with my hair like it was. Erin wanted it longer but she knew her stylist could do something acceptable with it.

So Erin made a 9 am appointment and the next morning and took me to her personal stylist. I saw a rate card and a simple cut was $150.00. Erin with out showing me started looking thru a men's style book and she found what she looking for.

Saying while pointing, "Like this one color and all."

The stylist said, " Good choice Ms. Mahoney it suits his high cheekbones so it's the Androgyne."

First, she put a cape and a rubber cap and pulled most of my light brown hair through it. I knew then the style required coloring most my hair. I sat a long time till a bell rang and she took off my cap and washed and styled my hair using a razor and scissors Erin kept the mirror blocked so I could not see what she was doing.

Marie the stylist then waxed my eyebrows which hurt and gave me a very close shave and took all my sideburns. After that, she put a soothing covering all over my face. Five hours later she was done and she showed me the results.

It made my baby face look much more feminine and with the light pink polo I had on under the fogged plastic cape it looked like a girl sitting in her chair. my mostly golden blonde hair was still long but layered and my eyebrows arched. I found out later Androgyne was French for androgynous but Erin love it and that was what was important to me.

When we left the salon Erin said, "Let's go to the park we need to have a serious talk about our relationship."


We walked across the street to the park there and we sat on a bench and Erin started, " We have been dating some time and I need to know some things. Please, Please Ronny don't lie because it could be very bad for you if you do. First of all, I love you more than any man I have ever known. Do you love me in the same way?"

Relieved I almost shouted, "YES!"

Erin continued, "I know you have wondered why I have not made love to you. The truth is I have really wanted to but you see my family had a curse on it since the 9th Century that our line of Mahoney's can only have one female child so our lineage would die out. I know Magic is hard to believe in but it is real so humor me.

I have some questions and you must answer completely truthfully to each. If you lie you will face dreadful consequences. Are you willing to answer truthfully?"

I with complete honesty said, "YES"

"My ancestors came up a solution. It's a counter spell but it only works if we are virgins when we get betroth and the man must be willing to change his name to Mahoney when we marry and be the homemaker. The man that I will betroth must be completely willing to fill the traditional role that the wife normally fills. Are you a virgin and do you agree to all this freely and willingly?"

I happily answered "YES"

"If you lied about any of that when we do the Betrothal Ritual you will die like my first fiancé. did. Are You willing to do the ritual knowing what will happen if you lied about any of it."

I believed now that I would die if I lied but I knew I didn't so I confidently answered, "YES!"

"After we are officially betrothed then we can fuck like rabbits until we are married and after. So Ronny the love of my life are you ready to do the ritual?"

Smiling at what she said I said "YES! Definitely yes!"

Then Erin went on one knee and asked, "Ronny my darling will you marry me."

I said crying tears of joy, "Yes."

She took me in her arms and kissed me with so much heat and passion that I almost fainted. She got me in her car and she broke the speed limit all the way to her home which I had never seen. We got there and she let me out of the car and at her open front door she picked me up like I was a feather and carried me across the threshold.

Erin set me down and took my hand and led me up stairs to her room. The windows were tightly shuttered the light switch was boxed off and locked. She lit a candle with the one match on the table and shut and locked the door with a key. She then opened a wooden box on the table the candlestick was sitting on. Inside the box was an old dagger, sheath, and a long thin needle.

Erin said, "During this ritual, my first fiancé died. If you're sure strip off all your clothes and hold out your thumb"

I did as she said and she did likewise and I saw her breathtaking naked body before me. I held out my thumb and after pricking hers she then pricked mine and commanded, " Pick up the sheath pressing you blood onto it as you hold it for me to put the dagger in."

Smiling widely when I held the sheath out for Erin to forcefully shove the dagger into the sheathing. Erin was also smiling joyfully when she blew out the candle and she quickly said,

"Your body will feel uncomfortable for a short time. After that, you will be in a hazy state of euphoria and burn with passion. That will last till I we both have climaxed at which time we will fall asleep and sleep for around two hours. When you wake up you will understand better what happened.

This is how the curse works and we both will not be able to speak till after we wake up no longer virgins. I wish that our first time would be more romantic but it is what it is. I have made plans for us after we wake up. I promise you our second time will be just like you want. It is close to 4 pm now so around 8 pm I will wine and dine you and our second time will be better"

I thought, "I bet words won't be important anyhow I can't believe how fast all this is happening. It's the best day of my life."

Naked in the darkness I did start to feel strange and Erin came to me in the complete darkness and held me tight. I felt my body moving inside and became dizzy but her tight hug gave me amazing comfort. I felt very strange like my whole body had a mind of its own and it was moving my internal organs to some unknown design.

Then it stopped Erin felt changed too, she was harder, more muscular, and a little hairier. I was in a dream like state of total bliss and her new changes excited me like hell. I felt white hot butterflies in the pit of my stomach. She picked me up again like I weighed no more than air. In the deep darkness she carried me to the bed and she like normal pinned me on my back.

Although this time she felt heavier and even taller. Erin started kissing me on the mouth her tongue hungrily seeking mine. I didn't feel my little penis get hard like usual but I felt a lot of brand new sensations. I felt myself getting very hot and damp.

In a thick mental haze, I thought, "NO! I must have prematurely climaxed. Please, not that I could not stand the embarrassment."

To my relief that wasn't what happened. I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew that wasn't it. I felt Erin kissing me down my neck to my chest like she had done many times before but this time her new larger hand started massaging one of my breast she had never done that before.

In her strong yet tender grip, my breast seemed softer and larger so she was able to knead it like dough. Her kneading was sending shocks of burning pleasure through me to my penis. It certainly felt much different than normal it felt further down below where my balls should be. like Erin said I couldn't speak to ask any questions so I just laid back and enjoyed it.

Erin starts kissing my chest and for the first time, she took one of my nipples in her mouth. I wondered how she could wrap her lips around my small nipples but not for long the effect of that sent my body into sensory over load. I grabbed her back and felt how wide and hard it was.

Somewhere in my pleasure clouded mind, I thought this was not normal. I could feel myself feeling as hot and wet as if I shot off a huge wad of cum. Although there was no relief I started feeling more and more empty and I desperately needed something to fill the yearning emptiness. Erin like she could read my mind she moves her hand down between my legs.

I felt her start pressing a finger over where the emptiness was and as it went in slowly I felt a small pinch.

I thought with the pinch clouded state, OH SHIT! She just pushed her finger into my asshole that is the only place it could go in but it is in the wrong place too."

Erin started taking her finger in circles stretching the opening that I thought was my ass hole until she hit a spot that made me dig my nails into her back. I may not be able to talk but I started moaning and I sounded just like a woman. I didn't care Erin was creating in me tidal waves of pleasure. She pushed her finger deeper and around in bigger circles slowly and tenderly till all the slight pinching stopped.

I knew Erin was excited too because I smelled something similar but stale on my Beth's panties when I washed them after she had been fooling around with David. Now I smelled it strong and fresh in the room. Now to my despair her finger was no longer satisfying me. I was desperate for something larger than Erin's finger in me.

Once again like on cue Erin picked up my legs spreading them and positioned herself between my legs tilting my butt slightly up. Kneeling between my legs spreading them wider than they been spread before. She pushes her hips forward and something huge smoothly slid into my yielding emptiness.

I thought in a haze of a mixture of desire and pleasure, " She must have at some point put on one of those strap-ons I have seen in porn films that I did not like but hers is heaven."

Erin started pumping slowly at first then faster and deeper and I went into orgasmic spasms like I never had to jerk off but the building pleasure didn't stop and neither did Erin. She started pumping me very hard sending me over the top I stopped moaning and was screaming in ecstasy.

I don't know how long it was or if I passed out from the pleasure but I then felt Erin pumping slow and she moaned in a deep voice and I discovered Magic was real. my foggy mind realizes instantly that Erin was not fucking my asshole with a dildo. I felt hot fluid pump deep in me and that huge shaft jerk and grow soft.

Erin got off of me and laid beside me turning me so she could spoon with me from the back. I fell instantly asleep and slept dreamlessly till I awoke in the total darkness feeling Aaron's muscular arm move off of me.

I sat straight up feeling my breasts move and said in a female but eerily familiar voice, "Aaron please turn on a light"

I felt him get out of bed and open two shutters and the sunlight blinding me at first. My eyes adjusted I saw his perfect naked male body standing there that I knew was Aaron. His soft yet still huge penis still wet from sex with me. I looked down already knowing what I would see.

I saw two breasts just big enough to form two perfect ski slopes that pointed to the sides just past my small chest. My hands were small and tapered and could see past my flat stomach a slit between my legs that was covered with thin brown patch pubic hair. The hair was covered in thick fluid that a little was still leaking out. I knew it was a combination of my vaginal juices and Aaron's cum.

Aaron was looking at me smiling and I saw his cock start to harden again. I was proud that seeing me naked was having that kind of effect on Aaron and was a little aroused by it but then my other set of memories came in like a flood. I knew all this was completely different than it was supposed to be. I came in this room as a man named Ronny James and Aaron Mahoney was Erin Mahoney the beautiful Amazon love of my life and we did a ritual.

Now I'm a woman named Rhonda James but called Ronnie by my family and Aaron. I got up to look at myself in the three sided mirror to check if all of my new memories were accurate they were My hair style was the same but just a little longer maybe because my head was smaller. In the mirror, I saw very thin but curvy young women. Aaron inquired, " What are your sizes now?"

I knew then without measuring so I immediately answered, "I'm 5'2", 101Lbs., 30-20-30, I wear a 30-B bra, size 3 panties, size 2 petite dress, and 4 B shoes."

Aaron nodded and grabbed his phone and said, I need to use the bathroom and make a quick call."

After the bathroom door shut I tested my memory I had all Ronny's old male memories but I also had all Ronnie's memories too. I was Ronnie now and I just got engaged to Aaron Mahoney who I love more than life and we just made love for the first time in our lives.

Ronnie is really excited about being a bride and having Aaron's child afterward. Ronny loved Erin which we once were but that is in the past. The new me will be better at fulfilling my promise to fill the role of the traditional wife.

I thought of my sisters and I realized they never knew Ronny to them we were always three sisters. The same at my school I always have been Miss Ronda James. I had no scares because Ronnie was never shot. The drunk mother was not shot in front of her daughter.

I thought, "How did I meet Aaron then?"

I just knew I met him in the grocery store but my memories were the same of Ronny meeting Erin when she offered to help. Except for the shooting, everybody that has known me thinks it was Ronnie doing the exact same things that Ronny did but in a female way. I thought about it and realized that Ronny being raised by two sisters I grew up doing mostly girl things were normal. I thought,

"Adapting their minds to think I was born a female changed their memories of me very little."

While I was thinking as I put my legs together and they touched all the way down. I saw light coming through a gap at the top of my thighs. that light got blocked by Aaron coming up behind me and putting his hands on my small very fair shoulders. He said, "You see how beautiful you are?"

I turned around lovingly looking up into his eyes. He leaned down and gently kiss my soft lips. I was feeling my body quickly preparing itself for him to take me again. He wanted to I could tell by how hard his huge cock was getting.

Yes, it was a cock it was too large to be called just a penis. I realized then how I willingly became his property that he could take when ever he wanted. With him owning me completely I felt the happiest, most loved, and the freest of my entire life.

Aaron wanted to continue but he stopped and I looked at him with questioning eyes and he confessed something to me.

He started, "I have lied to you but I led you in a false assumption. This is actually my house but it is just a private guest house away from the estate in which I live. This house was the hideaway for many highly important and famous friends of my family. This room we're in now once had JFK and his flavor of the month in it."

I giggled and asked, "I hope they have washed sheets since then?"

He playfully spanked my butt and said, "I can see Ronnie turned out a lot more wicked than Ronny was but I like you being a little wicked it's more fun. Let me continue with what I was saying. The entrance to my estate is about a mile up the private road in front of this house.

I have a staff of over 80 there to care for it and me. I have a chef and a full kitchen staff because business requires me to hold large parties regularly. You will see it all real soon because you have just moved in with me."

I started to say something and he put his hand over my mouth and asked, " Please don't say anything till I finish." I nodded and he removed his hand.

He continued, "As soon as we left your house I told my staff to pack up your things furniture, clothes, and all and give it to Good Will Saving only your degrees, your personal care products, and your family pictures. They all changed to Ronnie's things when you did.

I have picked out all new clothes for you but since you never owned them they would not change with you. I didn't know what sizes you wear now till I asked you. I had an idea you would be petite and thin so I bought one of everything in sizes 00 to 5 and likewise with the shoes.

I called my staff at the estate while I was in the bathroom and they are presently putting the properly sized clothes in their proper place in our room and returning the rest.
They will drop off what we need to wear tonight for my plans for us tonight and Marie is waiting outside in her car to style my hair. The only excuse I have for doing this is I knew once we made love I would miserable if you ever wasn't in my home and bed."

I after absorbing all what I just heard I jumped his arms wrapping my legs around his washboard abs and my arms around his neck and said,

"You don't need forgiveness I need to thank you for saving time because I feel the same way. You are wrong about one thing because I know that I have a very regular cycle and there will be three days a month you can't make me a screaming puddle of pleasure with Big Little Aaron."

Aaron corrected me, "You don't understand how the curse works let me explain. You'll ovulate only one more time in your life now That will be in six months and I promise you'll miss that period. After that, your tubes will be Magically tied so I can't make you pregnant again. Your last egg can't be entered by a male sperm only a female one.

It affects me too. Like you I love you desperately and we can never love another. Even thinking have sex with other women or men grosses us out. I could never get hard for any one but you. We both are destined to live a life of deep passionate love and undying friendship. I don't look at that part as a curse but a true blessing."

I understood now and I felt the same way that we blessed with a great gift. Nodded that I understood and started kissing him all over his handsome face but he put me down and said I have another confession. Holding me gently at arm's length he told me how we truly first met.

He started, "When we met in the store I had planned it and I knew exactly who you were. When Ronny was shot I read about him in on the news service. I saw several pictures they published of you with your class and your co-workers described you as an unassuming, very good, truly caring, first-grade teacher. It dawned on me you might be the man I was waiting for.

While Ronny was in the hospital I had my investigative staff thoroughly check Ronny out. I didn't want repeat what happened to my first fiancé. He just ceased being during the dagger ceremony for hiding who he was in truth.

At first, they thought Ronny was hiding from something because you had no social media but soon they discovered your sister's social media and you were all over theirs for years.
I saw videos of Ronny caring for his nephew and niece in a tenderly loving fashion at birthdays and other family functions like Christmas and Thanks Giving.

I watched the one of your little Hanna jumping in Ronny's arms and knocking him down. When he arrived at his surprise party for your high school graduation. I watched the part over and over of her kissing him on the forehead while he was still on the floor saying "We Love Uncle Ronny. I had him followed after he got out of the hospital and arranged to be at the store to meet him.

When I started dating Ronny I started testing how strong his male ego and hard you would resist being treated like a woman. To be sure Ronny's male persona and memories would not make Ronnie miserable in her new life because of Ronny's male ego would not I tested you over the months.

I gradually moved towards acting, dressing, looking like a woman. Your hair was the final test. As I saw Ronny willing out of love for me let his male ego die bit by bit my love grew more and more when the last bit die so easily I was burningly in love with you forever.

You know the rest and that is my last secret I have kept from you."

I told him I was happy he found me how ever he did it. Ready make love now I lunged at him again.

He held me back and said, "I'm sure the things for tonight are now down stairs I will go get them"

He came back with three pricey boutique bags and my pink over night case. He said,
"My stuff came too. I will get ready in adjoining room and I'll get Marie to cut my hair. If I try to get ready here you will seduce me in the shower. It'll take a lot longer for you so just knock on the wall when you're ready."

I laughed and agreed with him then he left to get ready for our mystery date. I opened up what he brought and I found, simple but stunning black cocktail dress, black Prada pumps with a 4" spike heels, a black sheer lace garter belt with matching panties, and black sheer hose.

There was a bag from an exclusive jeweler with a real pearl necklace with matching dangling earrings. I noticed the dress had a built in bra and a short zipper in a very low back so I could put it on after I had my makeup and hair done.

While I was blow drying my hair a little raw under my arms from shaving there. I decided to let my hair grow out to below my shoulders. Hopefully, it is that length by the wedding and I will go all golden blonde as soon as I can get an appointment with Mar. I quickly applied my makeup for evening and I did it well.

I pick up the panties and I my wicked streak came out and I hid them in my over night case and just wore my garter belt and hose. I stepped into the dress and pulled up the short zipper. I discovered adjusting the bra on my breasts that it forced my breast up and that it was a push-up bra.

I looked at myself in the three sided full-length mirror and I was shocked. I looked like a movie star or a very short model. I turned slowly in the heels and I saw the V went to the small of my back. The dress scooped neck just covered my nipples showing a huge amount of cleavage.

I packed the small black clutch I got with the dress and knocked on the wall. Aaron rushed in and stop short looking at me and his mouth dropped opened like Ronny's did when Erin first talked to him. I slowly turned and asked, "You like what you see?" he just nodded and opened the door for me. I left the room and walked behind me watching how the heels made my butt sway back and forth.

At the stairs, he came up beside me and offered me his arm and I took it and he escorted to the waiting limo. I entered it like a lady and we drove a mile up the private road through a guarded gate and large formal beautiful gardens. to a huge four story late 19th Century mansion.

I ask sheepishly, "How rich are you?"

He answered it is the family's which is my parents and me but they live in the larger place in up state New York but one day it will be all yours but I hope that day is long time coming. I dearly love my parents and they will love you. On paper, we have a hundred but liquid about ten."

Shocked I asked "MILLIONS?!"
He shook his head and nonchalantly said, "Billions."

My eyes went wide and said, "You could have anyone why did you choose Ronny who would become me?"

He looked at me with loving eyes and corrected me, "That is just money what is inside of you is the true treasure."

I had to blot my eyes carefully to keep my makeup intact and I took the mirror out of my purse and touched it up. I took his hand and held it as tight as I could till we got in the mansion and went up the elevator to the top floor which was Aarons private residents. He told me there was an Olympic size inside pool on this floor so we could take a dip anytime we wanted.

He did not show me around anymore but we entered a different elevator that only between just one level. It was a private elevator to the roof. We exited at a helicopter pad the passed through a high, double solid door gate in a high rock wall.

I was amazed at what I saw inside. I romantically lighted beautiful garden that had a small table with two chairs and a white tablecloth in the center. There was a man in a chefs uniform and a formal butler standing there waiting. There was a bottle in a silver table high ice bucket by the table.

Aaron pulled my chair out and the butler pulled his. After we were seated the butler looking and sounding like Downingtown Abbey said,

"Chef has prepared the meal that is Mr. Mahoney's favorite Fillet of Beef Steak and Green Salad and Twice Baked Potato's. Fruit Sherbet for dessert."

Aaron said, "Try as they might I like simple meals. Rogers, you may serve the wine."

We dined and talked about the future. I found out that whole family was to fly up for the week of the Fourth with us in OUR private jet.

He knew they all took off that week and we would normally rent a five bedroom house at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I shared they jump at the chance to meet Aaron my husband to be alone but throw free week at the Hamptons and now a private jet WOW!

He told me we of all the things that were happening till our October wedding. There were parties I needed to play hostess to his host. Wedding arrangements and my selection of a Ladies Maid. He smiled and took a small box out of his pocket and slid it to me and said, "This is one thing off the list."

I opened it and found at least a three carrot princess cut perfect blue white diamond engagement ring in it. I put it on and started to rush into Aarons' arms but he said forcibly, " Please stay there you can show me how much you love it later and the rest of your life. I could have gotten you much larger but any bigger they look fake and gaudy."

Smiling I agreed and he continued talking about our future I learned that as far back as it is recorded the children are all home schooled to college. I would be responsible for finding the nanny and tutors to teach our child because of my job. My job will put me out of the home a lot and she must learn the facts about the course as soon as she can understand.

Aaron is the one to teach her how to behave as a man. That way she will be equipped to find herself a suitable spouse and remain a virgin till then. When I heard all this I started thinking and I came to a big decision. I told Aaron I would send my letter of resignation to the school system in the morning.

Aaron looked at me and gravely whispered, "I would never ask you to do that. You love teaching."

I smilingly answered, "I will love our child much more and besides I still will be teaching. I always wanted a smaller class size to give special treatment to the ones that need it and our child needs a lot of special treatment.

I will handle the teaching myself through the third grade but I will hire tutors for the higher grades and sit in on the classes making sure they are doing their jobs well enough."

Aaron said, "I need to show you my thanks later also."

I thought of the only misleading statement I told him and it bothered me so I decided to tell him.

I confessed, "Since we're confessing I have only misled you only one time and I need to tell you. When told me you had not dated anyone for two years I told you it had been a long time since I was on my last date too. Well, that would only true if you believe in reincarnation. The truth is our first date at Toni's was my very first date ever."

He laughed and said, "You're certainly more wicked than Ronny was. I have been meaning to ask you how you're dealing with the changes. It is different for me because I have been prepared for this my whole life.

I am and have always been exclusively heterosexual but it felt natural for me to take the man's role in a relationship. Most of the men... no all the men I dated except for you, would not stand for it long. Unless they had some grand scheme to get to my money. Please tell me how you're coping?"

I was silent for a minute collecting my thoughts wanting to be completely honest about how I feel. Realizing that things were happening so fast since it happened this is the first time I really thought about it.

I answered slowly still analyzing my feelings as I shared them, "I can tell curse is acting on me and it's not solely me but it has never been a bad thing. Actually, I'm very glad I don't have to force myself to act differently to be the woman want to be for you. I know my love for you is absolutely not the curse.

If you could have convinced me that Magic was real and we would have to have a Magical sex change to be married. It may have taken a couple weeks for me to see the truth. If there such a thing as fate this was mine. I was raised to be a woman and a wife. Not as formally or as completely you were trained to be a man but still I was trained for this.

I actually like not having watched how I act, which I know it is the Magic doing it. If the situation requires me to be a cultured lady that is how I act with out thinking and automatically having the skill and knowledge to carry it out.

I'm not a slave to it though at anytime I can act differently if I decide to. My great happiness and joy pleasing as a woman are not the Magic it's truly from my very soul and being. My male ego was so stunted and sick I killed it as a mercy killing and know all my male memories will fade to just a distant unpleasant experience in time.

All the new sensations are a little strange though. I have the knowledge but none of the memories of connected sensations. Like having breasts and how sensitive my nipples are or how it feels to put your legs together and still have open space at the top."

Aaron answered, "Yeah tell about the sensations they take some getting use to but it pleases me greatly to know you like being a woman."

Like on queue, Rogers had the dishes cleared. Aaron dismissed all the staff on the roof for the night. As soon as we were alone my wicked streak hit me. I thought of an old movie I saw on Netflix. I didn't remember much about it except it was a poor pretty girl dancer that worked as a welder. Her rich boss and she fell in love and there was a very sexy part at a restaurant.

I started reenacting it as Aaron said, "Now let's go over the order of up coming events."

He stopped and refilled our wine glasses and I slid forward in the chair to make sure I was close enough. While he was taking a sip of wine before he started my bare stocking foot found his cock and started rubbing it under the table.

He said in a surprised tone "Time enough for that later I need to go over this."

I whiningly answered like a little girl, "My foot is cold and I was just warming it."

He smiled at me and said, "You're really a wicked girl"

In the same fake whiney little girl style I teased, "I know I'm a real wicked little girl. I'm so wicked I did not wear any panties."

I felt his cock under grow so big that I thought it would bust out of his pants. That was perfect for me because rubbing his cock and feeling it get hard made me dripping wet and needing to be filled. I didn't have to wait long because came charging around the table like a bull.

With one sweep of his big arm and he picked me up out of the chair careful not to hurt me but not giving me any choice. I thought he was going carry me down to our room but that was not his plan. He laid me on my stomach right there on the table.

Laying there pinned by one of his hands I heard his zipper open and his pants hit the floor. I felt the night air on my bare butt as with his free hand he yanked up my short dress. His finger found my very wet opening as he checks if I was ready and I was very, very ready.

He moved his hands to my hips and picked my feet up off the floor. he used his knees to spread my legs a little to make completely open to him He shoved his huge cock deep in me sending me on a rocket ship to Paradise. He made feel very loved but he didn't make love to me. He fucked me hard like the slut I was acting like and I enjoyed it like one.

Eventually, we made it to our bed and made love like the night before and we fell asleep. I woke up first with the sun coming through the window and I looked at my dear husband.
I really had the desire to do something very special for him. First I thought of serving him breakfast in bed. I then thought with a chef and maids and butlers he could have that anytime.

I noticed he had a morning woody like I use to have and another idea hit me. I thought, " That is a big step can I do it, of course, I can why the hell not he will love it so I will."

I slowly gently pulled down the light covers we slept under not to wake him. With his huge cock showing, I carefully positioned my self and started softly kissing the helmet of his cock. He stirred staying asleep then I started licking his helmet and he stirred and still heavy with sleep but awake enough to know he was having some strange unknown pleasure.

I opened my mouth and took him in and he was fully awake but he was locked in place by the sensation. Holding my lips tight as I rocked my head working his shaft with my tongue. I found out it wasn't gross at all I actually liked being in control for a change and giving him pleasure.

I discovered I could control my gag reflex and take him deeper and deeper. Holding my lips tight I could take most of his huge cock to his moans. I was surprised when I heard him almost scream and start pumping a huge quantity of cum in my mouth I drank the salty thick soup with relish. his cock went soft and I licked it clean I got up to brush my teeth and came back he was still lying motionless in after glow.

We didn't wait to October to get married we did it on the Third of July the morning after my Aaron, me, and my family got there. It was a beautiful small wedding there in the Hamptons. Beth stood in for my mother, David gave me away, Brook was my Matron of Honor, Sammie and Hanna were my bride's maids.

We left the next morning to go to the ancient ancestry estate of the Mahoney's in Ireland. That was the family tradition that went back to The Ninth Century. We got there near midnight their time. What I could see it was very much like a castle that had been remodeled over and over through the ages but it was still beautiful, old, and mysterious.

Aaron and I stood alone on the balcony of a bed suit looking at the stars at midnight while the servants unpacked.

Aaron looked at me and said, "Not too shabby is it and there are 6 other estates that you haven't seen yet and it is all ours"

I looked up at Aaron and said a little hurt, " I know you said that to please me and make me happy but all it takes is you. I would be happy with you if we had to live under a bridge and I truly mean that so no need to talk about how much we own I will find out what I need to know. Just never stop loving me that is what is important to me."

He looked at me a tenderly smiled and said, "I feel the same in all honesty."

We stood there in each other's arms and we saw a tiny green light appear in the distance and quickly move towards us.

Aaron said, "It is a Will Of The Wisp I have seen them here when I was a child."

This was not a Will Of The Wisp because it landed on the rail and turn into the perfect image of a Leprechaun.

The tiny green man smilingly said in a heavy Irish brogue "Now I been waiting for a Mahoney to feel that way for 1,400 years. You two don't even think the curse is a curse so I remove the part about children but I think I will leave the rest and the counter curse on you so the only difference there be will be you my lass can bear as many babies as you want. and I will bless you with a male baby tonight."

That was a year ago and Aaron junior has a huge apatite so I have to go take care of him now. I hope you find the same happiness I have.

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