the drifter

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The drifter

I’m homeless for longer then I could remember
I roam the town when all others are sleeping
I manage to find food in various places
and borrow clothes where I can find them.

A few months ago I entered a backyard where several items hung on the clothes line
as it was dark I picked some stuff from there and returned home
home is where I could find some place to sleep.

Once I returned to my sleeping place I noticed that what I had taken were all women clothes
a short leather look skirt and a sheer blouse as well as a pair of silky panties
I knew I couldn't be picky so I removed my old (also borrowed) clothes
I stepped into the panties, they felt electrifying against my body
next the skirt and blouse followed.

As I walked in the clothes it definitely felt different
the cool air under the skirt was something new to me
but in a strange way I liked it
then I remembered something I borrowed some time ago.

They were a pair of high heels, I removed them where I stashed them and placed them on my feet
it felt great walking in them together with the rest of the outfit
my hair was longer then the average woman as It had grown for so many years
but it was dirty, not that I mind, I live on the streets after all.

Since then I borrowed clothes from that location
but there never hung a pair of pants, so since then I ventured the streets
as a make shift woman, since no-one bothered to notice a bum like me
I didn't either.

It was some days ago I went to borrow some other clothes
as I entered the place I noticed nothing was there
not even a pair of panties.

As I thought 'another night perhaps' I turned to leave
as I turned I froze in my tracks, for a beautiful woman was standing in front of me blocking the exit
I should have tried to run, but the image before me had me transfixed
the woman was wearing a gorgeous floor length nightgown
but what really got my attention was the gown was almost see-through.

I got a clear view of her huge breasts, as I looked further down
I saw a 7 inch cock hanging between her legs
I thought my jaw hit the floor
the gown appeared to be made of shiny PVC
the weirdest part was she made no attempt to cover herself
as if she wanted me to view her in all her glory.

So your the one who's stealing my clothes she said
I should have remained quiet but answered her 'borrowed'.

She told, no ordered me in the house
once inside she asked me, why women clothes
I simply answered 'I wear what I can find and', and I added
strange enough I like the coolness the skirt provides.

The woman simply replied with 'I see'
since I was to dirty to handle she ordered me upstairs
she told me to undress, as I did so she filled the bath
she then told me to get in the bath and clean myself.

As I washed myself the woman entered the room
she had changed clothes as she was wearing what appeared to be
a clear plastic coat
she started to wash my hair, she did this three or four times until my hair
was sufficiently cleaned, she then blow dried my hair and combed it in a feminine style.

As I got out of the bath she helped me dry my skin
she then helped me in a PVC baby doll with matching panties
and escorted me to another room and told me to lay on the bed
as I did that she pulled my arms behind my back and tied them
if that wasn't enough she tied my legs as well.
There's no need for that I argued.

I can't take the risk of waking up to find everything gone she said to me
I’m no thief I told her, what about the clothes you stole from me she answered
I borrowed them, every thing was returned.

Whatever, she said, now be quite and go to sleep I don't want to hear a peep
but, as I continued to argue
that's it she said, if you wont keep quiet I’ll have to help you
and with that she placed a ball gag in my mouth
the gag had holes for me to be able to breath
now sleep she said and left the room.

I didn't got much sleep that night partly because of my situation
and that I was sweating bullets because of the PVC baby doll
and the fact I was covered with a PVC sheet

the next morning the woman entered the room I slept in
she removed the PVC sheet and freed my legs from the rope
I stood up from the bed I was on
it was not easy with your arms bound behind your back but I managed.

As I looked at the woman i got an instant erection
for there she stood, dressed in a semi transparent PVC skirt
and a burgundy red blouse showing of her huge breasts
she noticed my erection and said 'we can't have this can we?'.

She left the room only to return with a large ice pack
which she pressed against my erected penis
the cold ice shrunk my penis quickly and then she placed
a device, which I later was told was a cock cage
over my shrunken penis and locked it in place.

It prevented me from playing with it or get an erection
I got a painful reminder as an erection started to happen
just looking at the woman's beautiful body
I knew technically she wasn't a woman but I didn't care.

She freed my arms and told me to take a shower
which I eagerly accepted as for the first time in so many years
I felt dirty and sticky and needed to be clean for what
I imagined would happen.

After the shower I dried myself and walked back in the room
there was the woman searching through some clothes
until she was satisfied

she showed me some items, a pair of panties, a bra, a dress and stockings
as I feared all made of PVC
but I wasn't afraid of dressing in them.
it satisfied me to wear clean clothes
as I placed the panties on me I had to take great care to position
the chastity cage between my legs which only strained even more
as my penis reacted to the situation
I never imagined this reaction to the PVC, but I did.

Not long after that I was completely dressed in the PVC outfit
she placed some belt around my waist
I had no idea what the belt was for until my wrists were
secured to the belt by short chains.

For a moment I was clueless as to what she wanted me to do
but when she tied a PVC apron around my waist I kind of guessed
her intentions.

She commanded me to get her some coffee and as I got no choice
I picked up a tray and fetched her some
as I offered her the coffee I couldn't help looking at her magnificent body
I never saw such a beautiful woman having a cock between her legs.

For some reason I knelt to my knees reached under her dress and
started to stroke her member
as It came to life she lifted her dress and as on cue
I lowered my head and accepted her member into my mouth.

As I moved my head up and down it grew even larger to the point
I thought it would rip my jaw
then without any warning she came, flooding my mouth with her juice
she placed her hands at the back of her neck forcing her member even further in my mouth
so it was necessary for me to swallow all of it.

But I didn't care, at this point I was hooked and would do anything this woman
would ask of me
it appeared she wasn't ready, she turned me around lowered my panties to my knees and started to enter me from behind
at first slowly to ease the pain but in no time my ass was completely filled with her member pushing it in and out.

Even though I wore the chastity device, the feelings were so strong
I managed to come myself.

She was surprised to see that, as no one has been able to do so
locked up like that
she forced a large butt plug in my ass to secure her juice and
she made a mental note to her self I was a keeper.

When we both were cooled down she made me practice applying my make up
as I sat down the butt plug forged it self deeper in my ass
which in turn awakened my own member again
for the next hour or two I applied and removed the make up
until I was satisfied I done a good job
when I got down again I got an approving nod from the woman
for the first time in a long long time I was proud of myself.

She asked me to sit down, which I did
all of this can go away she said holding the restraints
if your willing to remain with me as my daughter
you will have plenty of clothes like this, a steady life
food healthcare and, with that she pauzed for a moment
I looked at her and said 'what!'.

I really would like it if you would call me mother
I can't bare children, I made all of these clothes
for the opportunity to adopt a child but allways was refused
since well you know i'm not a genetic woman
with that she went silent.

I thought back to the life I had and what it could become
it acctually was a no brainer, I loved this woman with all my heart
I looked at her and softly said 'don't cry mother I never leave you'
I do, i added have one concern, with that she looked up
looking at me holding my breasts or lack of them
she started smiling and said we'll fix that soon.

Two months later we are walking in town allmost looking
like siamese twins, dressed in matching outfits
and more important I had breasts to match my looks
I can't hardly remember my old life as my new life
gets better and better because we're not only mother and daughter
but became lovers as well
she enjoys entering me as much as I enjoy to serve her.


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