Abandoned Child Chapter 15 Final Chapter

Jessie was still recovering from her wounds. However, the doctor wasn’t ready to release her yet. She was still sharing the same room with her aunt. Her Aunt Mary was making progress with her recovery. Her doctor was thinking about releasing her in a few days. She was watching the news with her Aunt Mary yesterday afternoon, when the news caster spoke about the death of the President and Vice President of an MC under investigation in West Virginia were found dead.

Mary did more research and found the pictures that had been posted on the web by the killer with a warning. Saying if others wish to follow these people, then be prepared to die like them.

The story came with each pictured, explained how they died. The President of the MC that her father belonged to was beheaded traveling down the street near their club house. Pictures had been taken and posted on the web. The Vice President of the MC was founded hanging outside their club house. All their motorcycles had been crushed into itty bitty little squares. A small smile comes to Mary’s face. She couldn’t think of a better punishment for them.

Mary hobbles over towards her niece.

“How are you feeling, Jessie?”

Jessie looks up at her Aunt.

“I don’t know Aunt Mary. I’m worried that my father will come and try to kill us again.”

“You don’t have to worry about that happening Jessie. He’s dead and he won’t be coming back to hurt you or Maggie.”

“I hope so Aunt Mary, I really hope so.”

Jessie wipes the tears that had been leaking from his eyes.

Two Weeks Later:
A few weeks go by and Mary and Jessie are released to go home. Jessie is required to come in twice a week for physical therapy to help rebuild the strength in her legs. Her doctor wants her to use the crutches as much as she can to relearn how to walk. When it gets to be too much for her, she can use her wheel chair.

Jessie stands by the fence watching her Aunt Mary get back up in the saddle. Her Aunt has been wanting to ride her horse for the past few weeks. Charlie had wanted to be cremated and have his ashes placed in his daughters grave site. Charlie’s family handle all the details and All of them had attended the burial they had for him.

School was going to be starting in a few weeks and depending how she felt. Her aunt and uncle might delay enrolling her. She wanted to go, so she pleaded with them to let her go when school started. She got a chance to meet the other half of her family. She never had so many aunts, uncles or even cousins. Her little sister was spoiled a lot by everyone, just as she was. One of her older aunts was staying with them, till her Aunt Mary was doing better.

The child psychiatrist she was seeing for her nightmares and her Gender dysphoria. She was helping with the nightmares and allowing Jessie to find herself. The Doctor she had was good and was a friend of her Aunt Mary. The private school she was going to, didn’t mind her dressing and acting as a girl and expect it from her. Arrangements had been made for her to be able to use the girl’s locker room and bathroom.

Jessie waves as her Aunt Mary rides pass her. She could tell her Aunt was happy to be back in the saddle again. She couldn’t wait till she could use her legs completely, so she could go horseback riding with her aunt and uncle.

Betty saw her niece leaning against the fence watching her sister-in-law and her brother. She was happy that they had brought her and her little sister back here to the ranch. She felt sorry for what Jessie had to endure, she knows with time and with strong support from her family.

That Jessie will recover from what has happened to her.

“Your Aunt was born in the saddle.”

Betty walks up and stands next to Jessie.

“I wonder if I’ll have her talent in riding horses.”

Betty wraps her arm around Jessie.

“I think that whatever you decide to do, you’ll be very good at.”

She gives Jessie a gentle squeeze.

The two of them just stand there at the fence and watch as Joe and Mary ride around in the pasture. After an hour and a half. Mary dismounts
from her horse and had to readjust walking again.

Mary was feeling sore after she got down off her horse. She knew she was going to have to spend more time in the saddle again to get used to it. She spotted Jessie and her sister-in-law standing over at the fence watching her. It was nice seeing Jessie interact with other family members. When they came home from the hospital. Jessie was a little withdrawn from everyone, except her sister, her and Joe. Now, she was interacting more and not as jumpy she had been when she came home.

Mary walks over towards Betty and Jessie.

“So, how did I do?”

“I think you did good, Aunt Mary.”

Jessie was smiling at her Aunt.

“You still need some work. Your posture wasn’t right and you were riding kind of stiffly.”

“I think I like Jessie’s comment better.” Mary smiles at her niece.

“You asked. I think she’s going to follow in your footsteps.” Betty looks at Jessie and smile.

“Well, I’ll teach her everything she needs to know if she does.”

A Year Later:
Jessie couldn’t believe she had come in first place in all the events she had entered. She couldn’t believe it as she sat on top of her horse and looked at the crowd that had gather to watch the youths compete. Jessie and her partner had entered the calf wrangling competition and had the lowest time.

It had taken her almost half the year to get full use out of her legs again, but she had managed. Her Aunt had started teaching her how to ride. Once she had the basics down, her uncles took her out on horseback every day when she wasn’t in school. They taught her how to rope and ride even better. Her aunt taught her how to barrel race and how to ride a bucking horse.

Jessie had found she had a talent for riding. She wipes the tears out of her eyes as she rides over towards her Aunt, Uncle and little sister. For the first time in her life she was very happy with her life.

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