Magalie and me

I had been invited by one of my great friends, Magalie, to her birthday party. We had always been neighbours, except that in that year we were not going to the same school. Her parents had enrolled her in a private school for girls as I entered high school at a public high school.

I had not foreseen that I would be the only boy at the party. It bothered me at first but it was more because I did not know any of her friends.

It was a surprise when they decided to dress as princesses to eat the birthday cake. I remained in the back of the room as the girls approached the bed where the dresses of princesses were spread out. Undoubtedly, excited by the activity, they forgot me and I found myself with a dozen girls almost naked (they had kept their pants nevertheless).

One of them had to notice me. She seemed more developed than the others and had, from my arrival, looked at me. She cried out to attract the attention of the other girls: ‘And you, in what way are you going to disguise yourself, as a
Prince Charming?’ I did not know where to put myself because I had noticed that on the bed, there were only dresses. Magalie was also embarrassed because her mother had only rented outfits for girls. She had forgotten me. But Magalie, without thinking badly, reminded me that when we were younger (in fact less than a year ago) we had laughingly exchanged our clothes and I had put one of her dresses. It was true, but I did not see myself doing it a year later (I started to have odd reactions on the level of sex) and especially surrounded by a dozen girls, all more excited than the others. But Magalie insisted. It would spoil her party if I did not disguise myself. I loved Magalie and I did not want to disappoint her. So I agreed to put on one of the dresses.

I think I was wrong, but I told myself that apart from Magalie (and I had confidence in her), I did not know the girls invited and since there were no other boys, I do not feel too humiliated. Tomorrow everything would be forgotten.

So I undressed. The girls all looked at me. When I was in underpants, it was obvious that I had an erection. You could see my penis stretching the fabric of my underpants like a tent pole. I was red from head to foot. I rushed to put on the dress chosen by Magalie. At that time I had shoulder-length hair and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked like a girl. As if to thank me for having accepted, Magalie came to kiss me and then turning towards the others, she declared: ‘Well, now girls, we will wear makeup.’

That was too much. By saying ‘the girls’ I felt like I was included in that. By putting on the dress, Magalie changed my sex but the worst part was that I could see that I would have to play the game to the end and so have make up myself.

The girls were super excited and seeing that I had not started yet, they decided to make up my face. I had become a doll for them. I must admit that the result was extraordinary. There was no one who could have believed that this princess could be a boy. It is true that I had just begun my puberty and that I still had a childish face, without any hair.

We went into the dining room where Magalie’s mother was waiting for us to serve the cake. She pointed out our places to us, then, after she had gone for a moment, she arrived with the cake surmounted by eleven lighted candles. As Magalie blew out the candles, we squeezed beside her to help her blow. Her mother took a few pictures and then suddenly stopped abruptly, exclaiming, ‘But where is Jacques?’ (It was me.) It seemed to me that I had seen him enter a moment ago. Didn't you invite Jacques to your party? ‘

I did not know where to hide. Her mother had not recognised me. I had to be as red as a tomato under the make-up. The other girls drew back, and Magalie introduced me to her mother. “Here he is, Mamma, he is a Cinderella princess.” I walked timidly, letting out a little “It’s me” that was hardly heard. Her mother looked at me amazed by the transformation and then moved, she surrounded me with her arms, announcing: “My god, how pretty you are! You are the most beautiful of princesses today: I will call you Jacqueline from now.” She burst out laughing. I was mortified and I felt like dying.
I no longer saw the friends of Magalie. In fact, because of the excessive price of the private college, she re-entered the public high school the following year. Her mother was discreet and she did not bring back the “Jacqueline” or sometimes “Here is the prettiest girl in town.” except when the three of us were alone.
Today I am married to Magalie and the photos of this memorable birthday are enthroned in our album. After fifty years we play a game inviting our relatives and friends to guess where the intruder is. When someone identifies me, I blush but I no longer feel ashamed.

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