An Ideal Saturday

An%20Ideal%20Saturday.jpgAn Ideal Saturday
written by TGTrinity

Commissioned by Deiser
Rated M: Sexual Content; Language
Content: TG; M2F; Multiple Transformations; Identity Loss

Mason had been looking forward to Saturday all week, and it was off to a soul crushing start. The knocking had started sometime around six in the morning, and Mason's roommate simply refused to be the one to answer. After a good ten minutes of someone's nonstop assault on the door, Mason finally relented and was not at all surprised by what he found waiting for him. Mrs. Rance was standing in the dimly lit hallway with a large smile on her face. She was well past the point of being considered old, and was always ready to remind her young neighbors of that fact.

"...and with the water running, I'm worried that it will get some of my departed husbands things wet..." She was also always ready to remind them that she was a widow, most likely because Mason typically relented at the mention of the poorly departed Mr. Rance, and did whatever she asked. This morning he would be moving some old boxes from the guest room into the living room so Mrs. Rance could ensure there was no water damage.

"It's so nice of you to do this, young man," Mason had lived next door to Mrs. Rance for the better part of the last five years, and she still did not remember his name, "but I have nothing to pay you with."

"It's okay, Mrs. R," Mason said as he lowered the last box into the living room, "I don't need anything. Now is that all?"

"Yes, thank you," she replied as she ushered him to the door. Mrs. Rance was always looking for help, but never liked people to stay in her apartment too long. Of course Mason didn't mind at all, and was happy to return back to his bed to try and get some more sleep. He looked at his phone as he walked into his room and saw that it was still just quarter past seven. There was a solid chance that he could get a few good hours of sleep in, and then maybe his Saturday would turn around. 

As Mason went to pull off the jeans he had thrown on in a hurry, he noticed something as he instinctively patted all his pockets to ensure he not leave anything valuable on the floor. A small wooded figure was in his front pocket, but he had no idea as to how it got in his jeans. There was a chance that it had slipped out of one of the boxes and into his jeans, but what were the odds of that happening. 

It was impossible, Mason thought to himself as he jumped back on his bed. As he lay there silently he thought about how this was the same time that he would typically be arriving to work if it were a weekday, and the thought made him let out a long sigh. Mason was employed at a local advertising firm, and for the last three years he had been the owners go to guy for negotiating new contracts. Mason loved his job, mostly because he loved a good negotiation. He loved getting people to fold to his demands, to leverage the prestige of his firm to ensure they always got the better end of the deal. But while his professional career was skyrocketing, his personal life seemed to be sputtering. At twenty nine years old Mason was still single and living with a roommate, a friend he had known since he was in first grade. And while Mason was very attractive and spent long hours at the gym to stay that way, most women found him a little cocky and mean spirited to hang around for too long.

"Fuck," Mason whispered as he realized he was letting his mind run free again. It didn't take long for his mind to start pulling up everything that's wrong with his life, and it made getting to sleep a little tricky. He typically needed something to distract him, and that's when he realized he was holding on the little wooden figure that was in his pocket. He held it up to his face, and with a smirk he realized that it was a wooden carving of a rather well endowed woman. It was almost two inches tall, and looked like it was very old... 

And for some reason it was in one of Mr. Rance's old boxes...

Mason laughed at the strangeness of it all, gave the little wooden figure and squeeze and slipped off to sleep...

Nikki was pissed. She thought that she would surprise her boyfriend by showing up early with some donuts and coffee, but instead it was she who got the surprise that morning. Apparently her boyfriend did go out to the clubs last night without her, and apparently he brought home some skinny little skank who liked morning sex. 

She didn't know that was exactly what happened, but the fact that she walked into her boyfriend's bedroom to find a skinny little bitch bouncing up and down on his cock painted a pretty good picture.

"That dick!" Nikki screamed as she walked up and down the long hallway. How could he fuck that skinny little ho, when Nikki was anything but skinny. She had curves in all the right places, but maybe she didn't put out enough in the morning to keep her man interested. "I'll show him," she whispered as she pushed some of her red hair from her eyes. The anger she was feeling was so intense, but there was something else there as well. She wanted to make her boyfriend pay, even if he would never know what she did...

"Whoa, excuse me," a guy said in a huff as she marched passed him. Nikki turned to get a better look at him, and a smile came to her lips. He was a little shorter than most guys, a little rounder too, but he had on those thick black framed glasses that really got her motor running.

"Hey, you live nearby?" Nikki yelled down the hall.

"Who... Me?" The young man asked as he pulled the keys out of his pocket. "Um, yeah... this is me," he said as he motioned to the door. 

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Nikki asked as she strutted down the hallway back towards the very confused man.

"Me? No, I just got out of a..." He didn't have time to finish the thought because the moment she got close enough Nikki placed her mouth over his and pushed her tongue down his throat. She pushed him inside the apartment, he mouth still firmly over his, and began to undo her skirt.

"What... What's happening?" He asked as she finally released him from the kiss.

"What's your name?" She inquired as she slipped one strap of her white tank top off her shoulder. 

"C-Craig," he stuttered as he took in what was in front of him. The woman was absolutely gorgeous, with long red hair and olive colored skin. She had that bad girl vibe that he loved, and when he noticed the small tattoo on her hip he was done asking questions.

"Is there anyone else here?" Her tank top was now completely off, and Craig couldn't find words for a moment as he stared at her exposed breasts. "Is there?"

"Um, my roommate is sleeping in..."

"I'll have to keep the screaming down then," she said with a grin as she pushed Craig down on the couch. Before dropping to her knees, she did a little turn and slowly pulled down her skirt and gave him a little show of her ass. With a quick motion she had his jeans pulled down, and was soon staring at Craigs cock. It wasn't as big as her boyfriends, but it would certainly do. As she went to put her mouth around it she felt herself pause. Nikki wouldn't consider herself a slut, but she had certainly gone down on her fair share of guys...

So why was she hesitating now?

She pushed the strange feeling aside, and soon she had her mouth completely wrapped around his shaft. 

"Oh my God!?" Craig moaned as she continued to do her thing. Nikki actually enjoyed going down on guys with smaller dicks, as it allowed her to be a little more playful. Her boyfriend would just try and slam it all the way down her throat, which is why she didn't offer as much anymore...

Maybe a morning BJ yesterday would have stopped her boyfriend from banging that skinny bitch, but what's done is done. She was getting hers, or was about to, and the image of her boyfriend hooking up... Well, that just drove her on.

"This is amazing," Craig moaned again as he leaned back on the couch. She was doing incredible things with her tongue, things that no woman had ever done before. He wondered at how he could be so lucky, and was so lost in thought that he didn't feel his first orgasm coming to a head...

Nikki could feel his dick convulsing, and instinctively knew what was coming. For the second time a part of her felt like removing her mouth from the shaft, sparing her what was surely about to come, but she had never had a problem with swallowing before. That little moment of indecision passed quickly as Craig let out a stifled moan and began to unload down her throat. She took it all in, what little there was, and prepared herself for the main course.

"I'm so sorry! It was so good, and I didn't..."

"I don't mind," Nikki said with a smile as she stood up and wiped off her lips, "and I'm sure that you can think of some way to make it up to me." She was stroking his cock with her right hand, and was happy to see it already coming back to life.

"You mean, you want to..."

"I didn't just come in here to give you head, if that's what your asking," she said as she lowered her silky black panties to the floor. Craig knew now that this woman was easily the hottest woman to have sex with him, and part of him knew that no other woman would ever equal her.

"Fuck, you are so beautiful," he said with some exasperation as he watched her sway her body back and forth. 

"I know," she said as she moved closer to the couch, "and I'm only here because my asshole boyfriend doesn't appreciate how special I am."

"You have a boyfriend?" Craig asked as he braced himself against the couch. She was slowly lowering herself onto him, and the whole production had brought his once flaccid cock back to life. 

"I caught him cheating on me this morning, so I decided I'd get back at him by fucking the first guy that I saw... and here we are," Nikki cooed as she began to rub her slit against the tip of his cock.

"Your boyfriend is an idiot to cheat on someone as perfect as you," he said as he cautiously raised his hands to her chest. She smiled at his hesitance, and grabbed his hands and forcefully placed them on her tits.

"There's no reason to be shy, I want you to enjoy this as much as I do... Now tell me again how much of an asshole my boyfriend is." With that sentiment conveyed she pressed herself down on his shaft and took him in all at once.

"Oh... Fuck... Your boyfriend is a moron," Craig said excitedly as she began to bounce up and down on his lap. Her breasts were perfectly round, and much larger than he first thought. Her nipples were a dark pink, and were perfectly centered on her breasts. She gave a little squeal as he pinched those nipples, so he went at them a little harder. "Any man who cheats on you is fucking insane!"

"Yes! Tell me more!" Her body was now covered in a small sheen of sweat, and it only made her more attractive to Craig.

"You have the best body I've ever seen... Oh, fuck...With the best tits I've ever put my hands on!"

His exuberant compliments were making up for the fact that he wasn't hitting as deep as other men, and Nikki could feel an orgasm coming on. She bucked faster on his lap, and began to press down hard on him as she circled her hips. Craig certainly seemed to respond well to the move, as she could feel he was on the edge of cumming again.

"Baby, I'm so close..."

"Me too," he moaned as he pushed up into her as far as he could.

"Yes... Get as deep as you can! I want you so deep in me when you cum!" There was a feeling growing deep inside, and soon she began to feel an orgasm shake her very core. "Yes! You're making me cum!"

"I'm cumming!" Craig shouted at the top of his lungs as he felt her squeeze his shaft with all her might. It continued on longer than it had ever gone on before, and when it was over he thought that he might never be able to move again.

"Oh, that... That was nice," Nikki said as she leaned down and pressed her breasts against his body. She kissed his neck while he struggled to find his breath.

"That was... That was better than nice," Craig said with what he imagined to be the biggest smile he had ever sported. 

"I hope you don't mind me taking advantage of you like this," she said as she continued to kiss and nibble on his neck. 

"I've never been so happy to be taken advantage of," he replied with a sigh. She smiled at his response and rewarded him with a large kiss on the lips. He then watched as she silently gathered her things together and began to get dressed. There was a moment when he wanted to break the silence and ask for her number, but he knew what this was. It was a one-time thing, and he would have to be happy knowing that she picked him in this moment. 

"I hope I didn't wake your roommate," Nikki said with a laugh as she moved to the door.

"After that, I don't give a fuck if we woke up the entire building," Craig said as he finally got up from the couch.

"Well," Nikki said as she looked out the front door, "thanks for helping a girl out."

"It was my pleasure." He again fought the urge to ask for some kind of information and watched as she gave him a sheepish grin before walking out into the hallway. For a moment he just stood there in the hope that she might enter again for some strange reason, but the moment passed and he was still alone.

"Fuck," he whispered as he walked over to the bathroom. He couldn't wait to tell Mason all about what happened, but who would believe such a story...

The sun was hitting Mason's eyes, and he had to blink a couple of times to try and get his eyesight back. After a moment of light blindness he was able to look up at the clock on the wall and see that it was half past ten. 

"Son of a bitch," he shouted as he jumped out of bed. He was hoping to get some extra sleep in, but now he was missing out on his Saturday altogether. After gathering up a few things, he bolted from his room and tried to enter the bathroom, but found that it was locked. "Hey, I need to take a shower," Mason shouted as he banged on the door. 

He waited for a moment, then heard a muffled response through the door. "Too bad, I'm already taking one!" 

"Dammit," Mason sighed as he walked back into his room. He was hoping to get a shower in before he hit the gym, but he would just have to take a shower after his workout. It wasn't an ideal situation, but he didn't want to waste any more of his day. So he threw on his gym clothes and went about making his pre-workout shake.

It was about this time that his roommate finally came out of the bathroom, and Mason had never seen him so happy in all the years he had known him. "What are you so happy about?"

"Are you serious?" Craig asked with a grin as he toweled off his hair. "You really didn't hear any of that?"

"Any of what?" Mason asked as he cut up a banana.

"I just fucked the sexiest redhead I have ever seen right on that couch, and I didn't even know her name! She had just caught her boyfriend cheating on her, so she used me to get back at him... It was insane!"

"You're bullshitting me," Mason replied with a laugh. His roommate wasn't an ugly guy by any means, but he also wasn't the kind of guy to have spontaneous morning sex with a stranger.

"Dude, I'm totally serious," he replied in a way that actually made Mason question the validity of what he was saying. Could his friend really be telling the truth? He looked over at the couch, and for a moment he felt like he could picture an incredibly sexy woman bouncing up and down...

"Just now?" Mason asked incredulously.

"Yeah, man... It was the best sex of my life, and it was revenge sex! Fuck, that's the dream, man!" He said with a laugh as he threw his towel on the floor.

"You've always wanted to be used," Mason said with a chuckle.

"Well, this chick used me and abused me... God, nothing will ever top that..." Suddenly Craig looked a little down, and then Mason suddenly believed all of it. 

"You're not fucking with me... This... You really just fucked a girl in here." It was the sense of loss he saw in his friend's eyes, it told him everything he needed to know. It was the same look that he had seen many times at the negotiating table when clients knew that they were giving up more than they should.

"I did, and I'll never see her again."

"Dude," Mason said as he tried to pick up his friend's spirits, "never say never. If she's anywhere near as hot as you're making her out to be, then she's probably out of most guys leagues. But you got some sweet revenge sex out of it, so you'll always have that..."

"Yeah," Craig said as he thought of how good her breasts felt in his hands, "I'll always have the memories, but... fuck, man, I'd give anything to be with her again."

This was also something Mason had seen at the negotiating table. He knew when clients were on the hook and willing to give anything, and it was one of the times that he felt most powerful. "I'm gonna head to the gym," he said after finishing off his shake, "but I want to hear all the dirty details about this hook up when I get back."

"You got it, man."

Mason then made his way to the gym and thought about what his friend had told him. What were the odds that a girl that fine would walk by their apartment at just the same moment Craig was walking in? And what are the odds that girl would be looking to fuck the first guy she saw, thus fulfilling that mans deepest fantasy?

"Good for him," Mason shrugged as he pushed the thought from his mind. As fun as it would be to try and wrap his head around the strangeness of that event, it was time for him to get his pump on. If winning over people sitting across the table from him at work was his favorite place to be, then the gym was an easy second. 

In fact, his time spent at the gym was one of the reasons he was so successful at his job. When most men entered the room they saw a man that was younger, more successful and stronger than they would ever be.

Most women walked in and saw someone they wished they could fuck. 

Both situations gave him a leg up with negotiations, so it was just another reason to keep at it. He checked in at the front desk, flashed a smile to the young blonde working the desk and made his way to the back. Seeing as how it was Saturday, the gym was pretty packed. As he walked in he was relieved to see that the free weights were mostly free, because he knew that's where he'd get his best return on investment so to speak.

While putting his stuff away in his locker, Mason noticed something very peculiar. That little wooden carving was in his gym bag, but he was certain that he didn't put it there. He picked it up with a grin and laughed a little.

"Are you following me, Miss?" He said with a deep laugh as he tossed the figure up in the air, caught it and gave it a little squeeze...

June was annoyed, but there was very little that she could do about the situation. She had been coming to this gym since she was in High School, and it was so close to her apartment that she didn't want to make a move. Of course, her friends said that there were some obvious things she could do to feel more comfortable at the gym, but June didn't believe that she should have to change anything about her routine...

She would just have to learn to accept that every guy at the gym would have their eyes all over her well-sculpted body, even if she had zero interest in any of them.

She only had eyes for her husband.

But he was a very busy man and no longer had the time to work out with her, so instead she had to work out alone and suffer through a barrage of crummy pick up lines and unwanted advances from men of every shape and size.

Her friends insisted that this could all be fixed if she just wore some sweats to the gym, but if June was spending the time to make her body look as good as it did, then she was going to wear whatever the fuck she wanted to the gym. That meant that today she was wearing a pair of tight black shorts, a yellow sports bra that strained to contain her ample breasts in place, while her long brown hair was up in a ponytail.

She knew that how she presented herself drove all the men in the gym crazy, but she didn't care. There was nothing any of these men could do to make her stray from her man. 

At least there never was before...

For the last few minutes, June had her eyes on something peculiar. A young man was working out on one of the leg machines, and there was something about him that piqued her interest. He wasn't nearly as big as the other guys at the gym, but instead, he had the long lean muscles of a runner or a dancer. He also had very soft features... They were almost feminine...

Suddenly June realized that she was staring at the young man, and found that she was... She was actually getting turned on. For a moment she felt terrible as if she had just cheated on her husband, but then she realized that she was just looking.

There was nothing wrong with looking at another human being and recognizing beauty, was there? She was on the other side of the gym for crying out loud, and it was just a little flirtation... and even that word was too strong for what it was. Still, there was something about that guy that kept her glancing his way. Was she attracted to this guy because he was so lean and graceful? Was it his long legs and toned ass that got her all twisted up inside?

June was getting flustered, and when she looked back at the young man she was horrified to see him looking right back at her. She quickly looked away, but there was no questioning the fact that she was looking right at him. Moments passed and she tried to play it off like nothing happened, but then she saw him coming over to her. 

Typically she would consider herself a woman that wasn't easily rattled, but this situation was too much for her. In a moment of panic she saw an open massage room and ran inside. A few seconds passed by, and soon June was thinking that the young man had given up his little quest to find her...


June jumped and turned to see the young man standing in the doorway. If he was enticing from far away, then he certainly had her full attention now when he was so close and she could see all of his youthful good looks.

"Oh, hi... I was just..."

"You were just checking me out." He said off handily as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. "It's okay, I was checking you out too."

June stood there in stunned silence. This guy spoke in an almost melodic way, and he seemed so sure of himself. "I was looking over at you, but I was just admiring your form. That's all."

"Well, you can admire it more up close if you'd like?" He stepped closer to her, and she could feel the heat coming off of his body.

"I meant the way in which you moved, not the form of your body..."

He smiled for a moment before pausing. "I'm sorry, but maybe I was misreading this situation. I was under the impression that you snuck in here so I would come find you..."

"...and what, fuck?" June was stunned, but when she thought for a moment it's exactly what it looked like she was doing. "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested."

"In me, or not interested in men at all."

The question was a surprising one, and again she found herself taken off guard. "What? Not that it's any of your business, but I'm not a lesbian."

"So what's the problem?" He was keeping his distance, but it felt like he was getting closer only because the room seemed to be closing in on her.

"I'm married."

"I don't see a ring."

"I take it off when I'm working out."

"So men won't think you're married."

"Because my hands swell up sometimes."

"And there's no other reason?"

"No, of course not."

"Because this situation would never have happened if I saw a ring."

"This isn't a situation. Nothing's happening."

"Isn't it?"

Their back and forth was happening so quickly that she didn't realize how close he had moved to her. She could feel his breath on her skin, and it was making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. "I can't... I'm married..."

"We're just talking here," he said as he brushed a strand of hair from her face that had come free of the ponytail.

A moment later the two were on the massage table with their hands all over each other. He had his hand all over her body and was pulling him closer to her will all her might. She pulled his shirt over his head and saw the lean muscular body that she imagined she would find. Her hand slowly moved over his rock hard abs, past his navel and down to something that was almost as hard as his stomach.

"Holy shit," she whispered as she felt the outline of his cock. 

"I wanted you from the moment I saw you," he whispered as he began to kiss her neck.

"Then take me," she whispered back, but not before she moved her head aside as he tried to kiss her lips. She was giving into the moment, but even as she placed her hands and knees on the table and allowed the stranger to pull down her shorts, there were some lines she was unwilling to cross.

For a moment she thought that it was silly to not allow some stranger to kiss her lips, yet here she was whimpering with pleasure as he teased the opening of her pussy with his cock. "Please... Please don't tease me..." She looked back over his shoulder and laid eyes on the biggest dick she had ever seen, and she wanted it. "Do it! Fuck me!"

"As you wish...."

He eased into her nice and slow, and June loved every moment of it. She could feel every feature of his wonderful cock, and in a moment she was shocked to find that he was now deeper than her husband could go...

"Oh, you feel so fucking good," the young man said as he began to slide in and out of her.

"Yes! Oh, fuck me with that amazing cock!" June typically didn't speak in such a way, but there was something about this moment that felt so liberating. She felt free, and with each thrust, she felt better and better.

"Fuck! Yes!!! Yes!!!" It didn't take long for her to feel her first orgasm, and a second followed quickly after. "No! Don't stop! Deeper!" She was getting lost in the moment, screaming things that would have made her husband blush. "Oh, my pussy wants it so bad! It wants your big fat dick!" The moment her body shook from its third orgasm was the same moment that she could feel his cock freeing itself deep inside of her. 

"I'm cumming!"

"Yes! Yes!!! Cum with me!"

The feeling was so intense that she dropped down onto the massage table and everything faded to black...

The hot water of the shower hit Mason's face and snapped him out of his thoughts. He's not quite sure what he was thinking about, and the more he tried to think about it the further away the thought became. When that strange thought had passed, another soon took it's place.

Did he already work out?

Of course, he had, he thought to himself. His body was definitely felt like it had just gone a few rounds, and he was already back in the showers, wasn't he? He laughed at how absurd the thought was, then went about his shower as if nothing strange had happened. After he was done in the stall, he walked back to the lockers and went about getting dressed. He brought some street clothes with him, as he planned to stop by his sister's place before heading back to his apartment.

"...and then you fucked right there in the massage room?"

Mason could here to younger guys talking from around the corner, and the mention of "fucking" caught his attention. 

"Yeah, right there on the table."

"You fucked that brunette? Fuck, man, she was so fine."

"She's married too, and she still got all up on my cock. Fuck, you should have seen her naked. He body was so fucking dope, and her tits were world class."

"And that ass?"

"Please? I worked that fine ass hard!"

Mason laughed and then cringed when he remembered that he often got a massage in that room.

"Man, you've always wanted to hook up with a married chick."

"I know, right? She left so fast that I didn't even have a chance to hook her up with the Gold Package."

"You can do that?"

"My dad owns the gym, I can do whatever the fuck I want..."

Mason laughed again and thought of how brash this young man was. Then he thought about how much the Gold Package was, and that the woman was insane for not sticking around and getting something for her time. He could picture her getting fucked from behind, and see the smile on her face as...

Wait, the kid never said anything about the position they fucked in, so why was that image so vivid in his head?

Mason tried to listen in again to see if the guys were still talking, but it looked as if they had already left. As he himself left the gym Mason tried to shake the thought from his head that he was missing something very important, but how could he try and not think about some nebulous thought that wasn't all there, to begin with?

He tried to think about anything odd that stood out to him about the day, and then he thought about the sex talk. His roommate had just got laid, and then this kid got some at the gym... That was it. Mason was out of whack because he was in the middle of a little dry spell with the ladies, and there was the talk of sex all around him.

It wasn't like women were turning him away, or anything like that. He was just putting in a lot of time at work and knew that the ladies would always be there if he really wanted a hookup. If there was one thing Mason was sure of most, it was his ability to seal a deal. And with all of this talk about getting laid, maybe it was time to end this little dry spell of his. 

Mason had told his sister that he would spend the afternoon wither her family, but he was sure she would understand. He would just stop in at a little dive bar he frequented and maybe find a... 

Something was vibrating in his pocket, and for a moment he thought it was his phone going off, but that was in the other pocket. Mason slowly reached into his pocket and found that little figurine again. "You are stalking me, aren't you?" He said to himself as he turned the corner onto Main and found him surrounded by people walking every which way. He held the tiny wooden woman in his hand as he navigated the busy sidewalk when something caught his eye.

Well, someone.

A man, to be more specific, stood out to Mason like a beacon in the night. It might be the fact that he was the only one wearing a cowboy hat in the middle of the town, but there was something more than that. Soon Mason found himself following the mysterious man, and he didn't think it was too odd until he realized he was walking away from the little dive bar he was planning to go to.

For a second he thought about heading back towards the bar, but then he thought that there was a good chance that the gentlemen he happened to be following were going to an even nicer bar. Hell, this guy could lead him to a nice western bar, and Mason could hook up with a hot southern girl.

Now that sounded like a plan, and as luck would have it that's exactly what happened. Mason was now standing outside a bar called Dukes, and he was about to enter when he suddenly remembered that he was still holding that little figurine. "I'm going to have to put you away, or people might think I'm crazy," he chuckled as he gripped the little figure before placing it back in his pocket...

Dixie was a little nervous, but the drinks certainly helped take the edge off. She had been waiting at the bar for thirty minutes now, and her potential suitor had still not joined her. A part of her felt betrayed but wasn't this what happened with most online dating services. Maybe the guy had walked in and took one look at her blonde bangs and cowboy boots and decided to walk right back out the door?

"Still not here, sweetie?" The bartender, who introduced herself as Helen, asked as she opened another beer and placed it in front of her.

"Nothing yet, ma'am," she whispered as she took the beer and took sip.

"Well, any young man who stands up a pretty girl like you is a damn idiot."

"Thanks," she replied before taking another drink. Dixie knew that most guys found her attractive, but she seemed to be attracting the wrong kind of men. When she was in eighth grade her breasts seemingly grew overnight, and soon she was sporting a D cup while still in Junior High. Of course, this got her a lot of attention, but for all the wrong reasons. All the guys she dated ended up being jerks, and she was ready to date a proper gentleman for once. 

"Whoa, hey there beautiful," another patron said as he sidled up beside her.

"I'm sorry, but I'm waiting for someone."

"A woman as sexy as you should not be sitting at the bar alone," he said as he raised his hand and motioned for the bartender to bring her a drink.

Dixie didn't want to be rude, but she also didn't want another slob drooling all over her while she waited for her date to arrive. "Sorry, but I've already got a drink, so..."

"Well, everyone could use another drink," the man said as he placed his hand on her thigh. Now typically Dixie wouldn't mind such behavior from strangers, as she grew up in places like this, but she was wearing a particularly short pair of jeans shorts and this guy was well aware. On top of that was the fact that she was wearing a very tiny white t-shirt which more closely resembled a bra at this point as she had twisted it up with a little knot in the middle.

Her curvy body was on display for all, and she didn't like this asshole being so close to her when she felt so exposed. "I said, enough," Dixie said with a raised voice as she forcefully removed his hand. 

"Hey, I..."

"I think the lady said that was enough," a new voice said from behind her. She couldn't see the man who said it, but it was clear that the drunk next to her was done with the entire ordeal since he got up and left without a word. 

"Why, thank you so-" Dixie started to say, but the words got caught in her throat as she laid eyes on the man who had just defended her. He was a massive man, with muscles for days and a jaw that looked like it was cut out of a piece of marble. His blonde hair was cut short, as was the hair of his neatly trimmed beard. To make the whole package even better was the fact that he was wearing nothing more than blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of boots.

Dixie as smitten.

"I'm sorry to jump in like that, but it's clear that you weren't interested." He spoke with a southern accent, and she practically melted. 

"No, I wasn't, and I do thank you for stepping in." She followed that up with a little giggle and covered her mouth in shame. She then realized that after waiting so long she had more than her share of drinks, and was fairly drunk.

"Anyway, it's surprising that he'd be so drunk this early in the day."

Dixie tried to play it cool, as if she too wasn't a little past tipsy, and got up. "Right? Some people just have no-" The thought wasn't finished as Dixie tripped over herself and fell forward... Right into the stranger's arms.

"Whoa, Miss, are you alright?"

Dixie felt that she couldn't say anything out of sheer embarrassment, and then something worse happened: She started to cry.

"I'm so sorry, but a man was supposed to meet me here for a date, and he never showed up. So I just sat at the bar, and I think that I may have had a few too many beers as I waited, and I just feel so... It's not even supper, and here I am... I'm so... God, this is..." The rest of the words were hard to understand, but it didn't matter. After a moment, Dixie realized that she was in the restroom with the stranger handing her a tissue. 

"I figured you want a little privacy," he said as he grabbed a few more tissues.

"Oh my God, this is so embarrassing," Dixie said in between tears as she accepted another tissue.

"Don't worry about it. My mom would be so proud of me up here in the big city taking care of a good southern girl. The name's Keith, by the way."

"Dixie," she said with a shy smile.

"Of course it is," Keith said with a grin, and then he started outright laughing. 

"Hey, what's so funny about this?" Dixie asked as her tears finally subsided. 

"I just... You're not going to believe this, but I was just talking to my friends about this. I was a bouncer back in Georgia, and I was telling them that I missed being able to step in a defend a woman's honor." He laughed again as he handed her another tissue. "They say I miss it because the girls would want to thank me in a very particular way..."

"What way?" Dixie asked as her heart started to beat faster.

"Well, I mean, it wouldn't be very gentlemanly of me to say more Miss, but it's not all about that. I guess I'm just trying to say that it felt good to step in again and do my part."

Dixie could tell that he was blushing a bit, and in turn, her skin began to feel warm. "I want you to tell me how the girls back in Georgia would thank you." She was sitting on the counter right next to him, so she reached out her hand and placed it on his. "Tell me," she asked again as she brought her other hand up and undid the tiny knot keeping her white shirt wrapped around her breasts.

Keith took a big breath of air, then pounced on her so fast that she didn't have time to respond. His big strong hands were all over her body, and he spent an awfully long time kissing her exposed breasts. Dixie loved it when men licked her nipples, so she was in heaven already. 

"God, you're something else," he said as he kissed her neck and caressed her breasts. 

"Well, you're certainly a fine specimen yourself," she purred as she felt what had to be the largest cock in recorded history straining to get free of his blue jeans. "Show me," she whispered in his ear, and Keith didn't hesitate at all. He stood up and opened his fly, and Dixie hopped off the counter and got on her knees.

"Oh my," she said as she took his cock in her hands, and then quickly into her mouth. She began to swirl her tongue around his shaft while opening up her throat to take him as deep as she could.

"Good Lord!" Keith yelled out as he knees began to buckle from the pleasure being administered by the lovely blonde in front of him. "Oh, baby I'm about to cum!"

Dixie thought about taking his load in her mouth, but she wanted it somewhere else. "Baby," she said as she stood up and walked to the wall, "I want you inside of me."

Keith watched as slipped her cutoffs down her long tanned legs, and then almost came then and there when she dropped her white panties. "Look, you're gorgeous and I want to real bad, but someone could walk in at any minute..."

"Are you going to fuck me, or what?" Dixie asked as she placed her hands on the wall and bent over, making her already luscious ass look all the more inviting. 

"I'm not one to disappoint a lady," he said with a smile as he walked up to her. With one hand placed firmly on her ass, he nuzzled the head of his cock against her moist slit and began to enter her. 

"Oh, fuck me that feels so good," Dixie moaned.

"Baby, you feel like Christmas morning," Keith said before pulling out and slamming back into her. Soon the two found a matching rhythm of him thrusting in and her thrusting out that just sent them both over the moon. Her tits were bouncing like crazy as he thrust into her, and he began to give her ass a gentle slap as he worked her over. 

"Yes, baby! That's so good!"

She felt an amazing orgasm building up, but then they were interrupted. 

"Jesus Christ! Are you two fucking in here!?" It was a middle aged woman walking in on them, and it took both of them a few seconds to stop fucking and acknowledge she was there. "I'm getting the owner!" She said in a huff as she stormed out.

"Oh shit," Keith said with a laugh as he pulled up his pants, "let's get out of here!" Dixie as laughing too as she pulled up her shorts and panties, then went about trying to cover her breasts as Keith led her by the hand and out the back door. The two of them ran for a little while down the alley, both still laughing, before Keith stopped in his tracks. "Shit, I forgot my hat back there!"

"You think you can get it without getting caught?" Dixie asked with a grin.

"Absolutely," Keith said as he turned, but then he looked back at her, "and then maybe we go back to my place and do this right?"

"I thought you'd never ask." She said with a large smile on her face as she watched him run back to the bar...

Mason was confused as to how he ended up in the alley, but then he understood all at once: He was drunk. It had been a while since he had gotten so loaded before dinner time, but he had never drunk so much that he ended up somewhere with no idea of how he got there.

"Hey, have you seen a blonde girl around here?"

Mason turned and saw a man approaching him with a large cowboy hat on. He didn't really know how to respond to the man, so he just shrugged. 

"Shit," the man said as he looked up and down the alley. "I just left her here a second ago. She was wearing a pair of cutoffs with a tiny white... Shit, you wouldn't forget seeing this girl. Damn!" He began walking back up the alley with a look of disappointment all over his face, and that's when it hit Mason. 

This was the guy that he had followed into the bar, but there was something else. Suddenly Mason remembered him talking to this super sexy blonde, and the two must have hit it off because he took her in the restroom and the two fucked like rabbits... Only, how did he know that? He tried to picture looking at the woman, someone this guy said no one would forget seeing, but he couldn't see her face or her ass and breasts for that matter.

That feeling he had been fighting with all day returned, this time stronger than ever. He tried to think back and pinpoint exactly when this weird feeling, almost like deja vu, began to fill his mind, and he thought of his morning excursion over to Mrs. Rance's apartment...

And then he thought about the figurine.

The little wooden figurine that had miraculously found its way into his pocket. The same figurine that made its way into his gym bag, and then back into his pocket... Then came another more disturbing thought: Each time he had examined the figurine, someone close to him had encountered...

He couldn't finish the thought, it was just that insane. Instead, he thought that he would seek out the most level headed person he knew, and that would be his older sister, Karen.

The walk over to her place didn't take to long, but something continually bothered him. Even though he knew it was impossible, the figurine in his pocket seemed to be vibrating as he walked past strangers on the street. It also felt as if the figurine grew hotter the longer he
ignored it.

However much he wanted to deny it, something was happening.

After a short, anxiety filled walk, Mason was standing outside his sister's door. He began banging on the door the moment that he arrived, and for a moment he thought that no one was home...

And then the door opened to reveal his brother in law Jerry standing there with a very confused look on his face. "Mason? Sorry, I thought that the girl from the Agency was early." Mason tried to speak, but as soon as he laid eyes on Jerry the figurine began to burn so hot that he thought his leg was on fire."Are you okay? Get in here, I'll get you something," Jerry said as he showed Mason into their living room.

"Karen?" Mason asked as he did his best to ignore the pain emanating from his leg.

"She just stepped out with Kevin to grab some Ice Cream," Jerry shouted from the kitchen before entering the living room with a glass of water. "A local childcare agency is sending over a girl who's interested in being Kevin's Nanny, so we're getting ready for that." Mason listened to what Jerry was saying, but the pain was making it hard to follow. He tried to maintain eye contact as well, but that only seemed to make the pain worse. "Oh, that's my phone," Jerry said as he got up, "I'll just be a second."

Mason watched him get up to leave and looked him over. Jerry was in his late twenties, owned his own computer business and got married to Karen about five years ago. They welcomed their little boy Kevin into the family two years after that, and they were as happy as any family Mason had seen.

Yet, for some reason, Mason could tell that Jerry wasn't as happy as he had been. Maybe it was the fact that Karen hadn't lost a lot of the weight she gained from Kevin, or that things had grown a little stale in the bedroom. It must have been hard for a guy as successful and handsome as Jerry to be with someone who had let themselves go so much. Mason could feel that Jerry loved his wife, but yearned for a little excitement. It was then that Mason saw that he was holding the little figurine between his fingers, and for a second he was relieved to find the pain was gone.

But that relief was short lived as a panic soon set in. As he held the tiny figurine he began to have thoughts, perhaps memories, of his Saturday. He knew what was happening, what he had done, and he knew what would happen if he grasped the figurine again.

"No... he's my sister's husband," he said to the tiny figurine. There was no response, but Mason could feel the tiny figure pulling at his thoughts. "I don't want to," he said again, almost sobbing this time. "I don't want to..." The figure began to burn again, and this time it felt like his entire body was on fire. "I don't want to hurt anymore..." Mason said with one final whimper as he placed the tiny wooden figure in his fist and clenched it as hard as he could.

The pain ended immediately and was replaced with a feeling of well being that surged through his body. All thoughts of worry and fear were wiped from his mind, while a peaceful melody filled his thoughts and distracted him from what was happening to his body. 

Without thinking Mason stood up and began to walk around the room. With each step, his hair lengthened, while the muscles he spent hours and hours at the gym maintaining seemed to melt away. He could feel his legs lengthen ever so slightly, as the hair from his arms seemed to flutter away in the afternoon breeze. He began to dance and move about the room as if he were a ballerina, his now long blonde hair moving through the air like a ribbon. As she got up on her tiptoes and stretched her arms behind her, she saw to large breasts begin to swell up on her chest. They soon became wrapped in a lovely blue sweater that gave her the exact right mix of innocent and provocative that men simply died for. As she dropped back down to her feet, she heard the click of her heels on the hard wood floors, and one final spin was enhanced by the feeling of her finely toned tushy swelling up into a most enticing shape.

"Finally," Madison whispered as she struck a final pose and looked into a nearby mirror. She saw a beautiful young woman looking back at her, with a body most women would kill to have... And most men would kill to touch.

"Sorry, I didn't... Oh, I'm..." Jerry said as he walked in the room.

"Hello, my name is Madison." She said with a big smile as she walked over with her hand extended. 

"Hello... Did the Agency send you over?" Jerry asked with a confused look as he took her hand.

"Yes." She said as she let go of her hand and began to look at some family pictures on the wall.

"Um, and Mason let you in?"

Madison looked over the photos on the wall and saw a picture of a very handsome man standing next to Jerry and a woman holding a baby. "Is this Mason?" She asked with an inquisitive look.

"Yeah, he's Karen's brother."

"Yes, Mason let me in," she said with a knowing smile. 

Jerry was still a little confused, and Madison knew that it was due to Mason's absence, her unexpected arrival and the fact that her sweater was revealing two inches of her abs that he could not stop admiring. "And where is Mason now?"

"Mason is gone now, and I'm here," she said as she continued to look through the family photos.

"Okay, well my wife's not here right now, so maybe you should..."

"Oh, that means we can get to know each other a little better," she said as she turned her attention from the photos to him. "I think it's in our best interest that you know everything about me and that we get to have a real intimate relationship."

"Intimate?" Jerry asked as she walked closer to him.

"Yes... Isn't that what you want?" Madison said as she stepped close enough for her breasts to touch his chest...

A few hours later Madison found herself walking through the quiet streets of the city. The sun had been down for a for a few hours, but she didn't regret leaving her coat behind as a warm breeze filled the air around her. The stars were out in force, and small groups of people mingled up and down the sidewalk on their way to enjoy the final hours of their Saturday. As she made her way down to the waterfront, Madison noticed a fair amount of couples were out as well. She grinned as she thought how lucky the women were that she had other plans for the evening...

And that her plans didn't involve the man in their lives.

She didn't know exactly where she was going, but she had a general idea. As she approached the river she saw a lovely little Italian style cafe, with small tables set up with only candles lighting them. This was where she was supposed to be, and then she saw who she was supposed to meet. 

"Is this seat taken?" Madison asked as she sat down.

"It is now," a beautiful woman replied as she looked up from the menu. "So, you're new here, aren't you?"

"Just a few hours old," Madison said with a smirk as she picked up a menu.

The woman sitting across from her put her menu down and looked her over. "So this is the form you've chosen? The buxom, blonde girl next door?"

"My new employer certainly seemed to enjoy it," she said as she looked over the entrees. Madison then looked over at her companion at the table and admired her choice. She had long red hair that fell in curls around a strikingly angular face, with deep brown eyes that were as big as the moon above her. "Just as I'm sure men appreciate your form."

"Yes, many men," she said with a laugh. "So what do I call you?" 

"Madison... Madison Saturday," she said as she thought of it on the spot. 

"What a lovely name. You may call me Gwen Ferra," her companion added before picking up her menu again. "Do you have a place to sleep tonight?"

"Of course. I returned back to his apartment and convinced his roommate to lend me the extra room... For free, of course."

"Free?" Gwen asked, knowing that nothing is ever free.

"Well, I find that I'm a natural at negotiating, so a quick blow job served as the down payment." Madison rolled her eyes as she thought about what she had to do to Craig to get that room. He certainly seemed happy to see his redheaded lover from earlier, but Madison was no longer so naturally enamored as the first time.

"And you had no issue changing?" Gwen asked as she flagged down a waiter.

"None at all," she replied as she thought about how easy it was to take the form of the revenge minded redhead from the morning. "I even gave her a little more of a revealing tank top, which he certainly enjoyed."

"Good... Yes, I'll have the pasta with a bit of butter and some Parmigiano-Reggiano, please," Gwen said with a smile to the waiter. "So," she continued after the waiter had left, "you'll be staying-"

"Next to his old apartment? Yes," Madison finished Gwen's sentence because she knew exactly what she was going to ask, "but only until I find a man with a much better living arrangement. I feel like the southern beau I mingled with this afternoon has a bit more money that he appears to. We also have some unfinished business, and I think Dixie is looking to get fully satisfied..."

"So, you know... About him?" Gwen said as she locked eyes with Madison.

"What? Oh, you mean my old neighbor? Yes, it wasn't too hard to put together," Madison replied again without taking her eyes off the menu. "Once I recalled that Mrs. Rance's husband's body was never found and that the figurine was among his things, I figured he too had found the artifact and had become..."

"Me, I know," Gwen said with an air of annoyance, "but that's not who I am. I'm just like you, sweetie... I'm something entirely new."

"And what exactly is that, hm? What exactly are we?"

"Well," Gwen paused for a moment as she pondered what to say next, "Tell me about this new employer you mentioned."

Madison knew what she was getting at, but she still relished in telling exactly what happened. "Well, I told him that I was there to interview to be his Nanny, but that was all a lie. I was there to fuck him, and that's what I did. I fucked him on the same bed that he shares with his wife, and I let him do things to me that his stuck up little wife would have never allowed him to do to her. And when that wife of his returned home with their child, I let him ass fuck me in the shower as he spoke to her through the door."

"And he hired you on the spot?" She said with a laugh.

Madison joined in with the laughter, "Like I said, I'm a wonderful negotiator."

"And you don't care at all that it was his sister's husband who you were fucking?"

Madison thought about it for a moment and quickly came to the same realization she had while Jerry came deep inside of her. "He's no longer here, so why should I care? Anyhow, I wouldn't have fucked Jerry unless it was something he desired."

"Good... So you became his ideal lover, fulfilled all his wants and desires... Yet you still got something out of it for yourself?' Gwen asked after another drink.

"Yes... I'd say that's exactly what happened."

"Well," she said with a large smile as she raised her glass, "nothing sums up who we are more than that, Sister." 

Madison picked up her glass and thought about what her companion had just said, and thought that this new life was certainly going to be a good one. 

"To Sisters." 


Author's Note: Thank you for giving this story a chance, and I wanted to thank Deiser again for commissioning me to write it. If you enjoyed this story and would like to check out my other stories, comics and captions then please visit to see more.

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