The End

Hello everyone,

I'm new as an author on here. This is a rather personal story/ poem, but it fits into the TG context.

I'm working on an actual series, but as a slow writer it will take some time for that.

I still hope you can enjoy reading this here.

Best wishes,


The End

We have been friends for ten years
So many experiences we made, bringing us closer
Heavy Metal, Whisky, becoming adults
And we thought, we had grown together
And therefore we’d be inseparable forever

Together, we finished school
Together, we suffered from many, many hangovers
Together, we had amazing meetups
Together, we were content
Together, we were at the most magical concerts

Green Day, Die Toten Hosen, Sabaton, Van Canto…
And, as finishing point, Iron Maiden

What a magic night that was,
Seeing people in action
Whose friendship has lasted for forty years
And we thought we’d be the same,
Side by side, singing “Blood Brothers” for the rest of our lives
But it was you who made that gender exclusive
And from then on, it was all going down

When I look at you now,
I don’t feel anything
But sadness and emptiness
When you look at me,
I see your alienation
And although we are together physically,
I’m feeling alone
Our years have faded to nothing

And I need to wonder:
What did I do wrong?
Was there any way I could have explained it better?
Any way to make you see what I see,
To make clear to you what is clear as nothing before to me?
And why are there others who do understand,
Who don’t question me
But who do fully support me,
Although they don’t know me as long as you do?

I don’t have an answer
I don’t understand you anymore,
Not more than you understand me
All the words we exchanged,
How we’d be friends for eternity
How nothing could ever come between us
Are worthless now
Because only one of us took them seriously

You say you don’t see it
You say you feel I’m in disguise
You say our friendship wasn’t about emotions anyway

I am happier than ever, regardless
I am finally feeling like myself
I was ready to make our friendship go deeper

Now, we’ve reached our final destination
Now, I can only hope that
One day, you will see
How good I am feeling now,
And that one day,
We can be friends together again

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