Here Come the Brides Chapter 4

Steve and Emily had over a week before they had to deal with Terri Jo and the girls. Each day which passed by their second thoughts on if going on the way through with this was good idea grew. Those people were already out of their lives and they felt enough pain and humiliation for the prank gone bad.

It was settled those two were going to end this after the makeover session the girls were having. They could not end their revenge before the finish of the next stage for the special consultant, Maryann Fox, they hired already scheduled the appointment. Cancelling this close to the date would make it hard for Maryann to find work to replace those five appointments. Plus, they were enjoying picturing how much Terri Jo and the girls would hate it.

Even with Beth not getting the wedding she deserved in their eyes, Steve and E knew it was the right decision as soon as they made it. They both felt more relax and like their old selves. Steve was relieved that he did not have to plot ahead anymore for actions out of characters from their victims. It was simple to do but time consuming and he had so many more better things to do with life than deal with getting revenge and being around those people. Emily was happy that she only had to talk with Beth one more time. How Beth made everything a competition drove her crazy. If she had to hear about how something in Beth’s life was the best E was going to scream.


As each day went by Terry was getting more irritated and it was showing. It was the clam which was getting to him. Right now Steve and Emily were not revealing anymore of their plan and Terry needed to know more. He knew the next move that Steve was doing but that was not this Saturday, five days away. The caged foxed could not come up with anything to counterattack the makeup session.

His partners in crime and this predicament are not much help. They had been shunning him, not one of them went out with him this weekend. Mel was at wit’s end.Kim was blaming him for whatever special treatment Steve had planned for him. Kelly was still in denial that Steve was going to go through with it. Jessie was just a yes man so no good idea would come of him. Lastly Max was losing spirit and started to try to convince himself to just enjoy it.

Beth was not helping Terry to get in a good mood. She was acting smug and being extra nice to him. Her smugness meant his fiancee thought she knew something important, which Terry did not know. Oh how Terry hated to be out of the loop. All he could think of when he saw that smirk on her face was why wouldn’t she already tell him what she knew. Then the extra nice meant she believed that Terry was doing something extra nice for her.

The pressure of his social network turning its back on him, the upcoming wedding, how Terry could not stop the wedding from being a disaster, and the high probability he was going to lose Beth finally got Terry to a breaking point. He knew it was the wrong course of action, but he was going to call Steve.

Steve has to somehow be involved with how Beth was acting. Terry did not know it as a fact, he just knew it was true. There was no way he could prove Steve somehow was the cause of Beth acting how she was. The only way he could get any information was by talking with Steve.


Steve’s phone rang “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and he smiled. That was for he knew Terri Jo was calling. That song was Terri Jo’s special ring tone. Steve did not want to talk with his victim but knew he had to. The biggest reason he did not want to talk with him was Steve already decided that Terri Jo has suffered enough and might let his former friend know. He knew he had to talk with him just to make sure that Terri Jo was still toeing the line Steve made.

“Hello Steven”

“Hiya Terri Jo.”

“I am going to get to the point and you better answer this question. What did you tell Beth?”

Hearing Terri Jo’s attitude really irked Steve. How could someone who had no power in the relationship come off as being so demanding. Steve was not having in it “Bye.” click

As soon as Terry heard dead air he knew he made a mistake. He forgot that he was not dealing with one of his lackeys. Even when Steve and him were on great terms, Terry knew better than to try to order Steve around. That was the main reason he wanted to pull that prank on Steve. It was to show Steve who was in charge. His friend did not show Terry the reverence he believed he deserved from those all around him.

After calming down Terry call Steve back and left a nice apologetic message for Steve. The man brewing in his irritation knew that his tormentor was able to answer it and made him leave a message. Steve not answering when Terry knew he could just added more irritation for the man to brew in. Terry hated that he was under Steve’s thumb. It was not right to have the role of having to follow someone else’s orders.

Terry’s phone rang and he was going to play the same game as Steve. Then after the third ring Terry broke down and answered it. He hated that he did but he knew that there was nothing in it for Steve to call back.

“Hello Steve sorry about how my request came out. We can still work this out and be friends.”

Steve was unresponsive to what Terri Jo just said and gave the message “From now on you will answer the phone ‘Hiya Terri Jo speaking’ when I call.” click

Terry thought.“Son of a bitch, I just made it worse.” If the man who was mad at himself did not see the tattoo Steve made Mel get, he would had laughed at the suggestion. He was powerless to not obey that edict. Now if it was a tattoo Terry would just end this now and take his chances with being able to convince Beth, that contrary to popular belief, a picture is not worth 1,000 words.

Having to give a demeaning salutation to Steve was not worth the chance of losing Beth. That was another thing which was driving Terry crazy. Steve knew what actions people would do at the moment. Steve also knew that with the wedding so far away Terry and his friends would try to outsmart him to get out of it instead of taking the chance of losing what they held dear. Their antagonist had them on a slippery slope and if they did not get off of it soon, him and his friends would be in gowns on his wedding day.

Terry looked at his phone and was about to call Steve back. He knew it was useless to do so. Steve was in charge and those two adversaries would speak when the man with the upper hand deemed it was time.


Terry was on his Friday night date with Beth and still no contact from Steve. Terry knew his rival was just playing with his head. Why didn’t Steve just call him back by now. The antagonized man knew human nature enough that Steve had to be inquisitive about what the question was. No, knowing what the question was would be necessary for the puppet master. The question would show insight to what Steve’s advisory was thinking and that man who was making Terry’s life miserable would want it to be able to react to Terry new plan.

There was the fault in Terry’s logic. Steve was not going to react. He was going to stay the course. Every time Steve announced a new “punishment”, it was not new. He just said that so that Terry and his cronies thought that they already knew everything Steve had in store.

With Terry in his own little world, Beth was not having a good time on the date for she had to keep on getting Terry’s attention. She hated when he would drift off. It was there time together and he should be there and not thinking about whatever he was thinking.

Then Terry’s phone rang and he came back from wherever his mind was.He looked down and saw it was Steve. “Shit, I cannot say Terri Jo in front of Beth” the panic man thought. As he got up from the table Terry urgently said “Sorry dear I have to take this.”

Beth could not believe how that phone called snapped Terry back to life and reality. Before she could say a snide remark he was out of the dining area. Beth was sitting there feeling slighted by her soon to be husband when her phone rang. It was Emily.

“Hey there Beth what are you doing?”

“Here on my date with Terry.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Come on E, you know every Friday is date night with me and my man.”

“Oh it is just that Terry told Steve he had to cancel hanging out Saturday for date night got moved back.”

“Us going on a date tomorrow is not the reason why. I am going to over my parents to start doing the sitting arrangement for the wedding tomorrow night. Don’t worry we are giving you and Steve a great table.”

“While whatever the reason was for Terry bailing on Steve it did save us from going out tonight and Steve is happy. He is dozing off and on right next to me as we speak. While sorry to bother your special time with Terry, I just called to see if you wanted to do something tonight. Talk to you later.”

“See ya Emily.”

As Emily was making Beth believe that Steve was sleeping, Terry was Gritting his teeth as he said “Hiya Terri Jo speaking.”

Just saying those words made the man who now knew his dress size loathe the person on the line. How their relationship was at the moment was not the natural order in Terry’s eyes. He should be the one in charge and messing with Steve if he felt so. He should not feel antsy when he thought about what Steve had planned next. No it should be Steve should worried about what Terry was going to do next.

“Oh I am so happy you remembered the greeting I wanted. So Terri Jo, I am returning your call what did you want?”

“What did you tell Beth?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You are going to make me say it?”

“Yes for I have no idea what you are talking about, and I do not want to waste my time talking with you.”

“Fine. I do not know how or when, I do know you told Beth I am going to do something nice for her. What did you tell her so I can do it. I want to stay on her good side so she is only pissed at me for ruining her wedding day showing up in a gown..”

The fox was lying to the hound by trying to make it sound like he accepted defeat. The prey thought he threw the predator, who was after revenge, off his scent. Sadly for the quarry his confidence in his ability to outsmart anyone was just about to make the trap he was running into even better. He was not going to see the big fight which was coming when Aunt Susie sent in her decline to the RSVP.

“I told her nothing.”

“Come on at least give me a chance to save my upcoming marriage.”

“Trust me I did not tell her you would going to do anything. I do not like you and I know you do not like me, but I am being honest with you. Just like I was being honest with you and the girls when I told you all that I was going to get you all back good for the stitches I got.”

“Get over that dude and just end this. You won, you got us good. Come on Mel has a girly tattoo now on his ankle for how blinded you are about a harmless prank.”

Calling that prank harmless almost made Steve forgot that the conversation was over in his eyes. He got the information he wanted about the question and knew where his opposition was mentally. Steve remembered his goals were met and also knew Terry would never change his mind about what happened. With that being the case, Steve said bye and hung up without giving Terry the courtesy to do the same.

Terry came to the table and and in anticipated move to Beth’s upcoming disapproval of leaving the table to take a phone called said “Sorry dear.That was Steve, and he is so looking forward to tomorrow. He wants to make sure that he makes up for not being in the wedding.”

Hearing what she believed was a lie disappointed Beth. She knew it probably nothing and her man was just trying to keep his surprise a secret from her. Still something was just not right about him using Steve again. As she started to drift off into into trying to figure out what Terry was really hiding from her she said “Really, that is nice. I hope you all have a good time doing whatever you have planned.”

Terry was grateful that Beth did not start in on him for leaving the table. The man who needed to think about how to get himself out of the mess he was in was even more grateful that his date became withdrawn into her own little world also. He would had been extremely troubled if he knew the reason for her being quite.


Maryann Fox did her best to gain her composure before she rang her client’s doorbell. She knew it would be unprofessional to laugh, but so wanted to. It was not for there was six men in there who were going to get a group make over. She was fine with that fact. It was that she knew the ringleader and most of those men deserved to feel humiliated and she was about to do so.

The reason why Maryann Fox knew these guys needed to be taken down a couple of pegs was for her main job. She was a stripper with the stage name, Foxy Moxy. Maryann was transitioning out of stripping for she has done it for 15 years and knew her best days were behind her. Plus, she was sick of working late nights and dealing with drunken lewd men.

The lady who wanted to work banker’s hours would not have given up having that as her first profession. She had a great house in the suburbs, made some great friends and got so many interesting stories from her taking off her clothes so men could have a good time. She also knew it was time to move on from that live and enjoy the peace and quiet of suburbia.

Maryann was more than happy to play her roles in helping Steve and Emily to get revenge against Terry. Out of all the jerks she had dealt with in her first real job, Terry was one of the worse. He was too handsy during a lapdance, decided that whore was an acceptable term to call the ladies while in earshot, and was a loud blowhard. Those actions would had made him average on the jerk scale. Then add in he was a lousy tipper that made him above average, but nothing special.

There two reasons which put Terry on the extraordinary part of the jerk scale and made Maryann and the other girls who helped with putting his groomsmen in a dress. He encouraged his friends to do the same lewd behavior. They were not as bad as him, but it was never fun to see him walk into a strip club with his crew. It was bad enough to deal with a major jerk on his own, but when his entire entourage acted the same it became almost unbearable. Also how he abandoned one of his friends after a prank gone wrong made them happy to be part of Terry getting his upcomings.

It was close to the night of Steve’s bachelor party and they were all in the private champagne and guest of honor passed out. Terry asked for the girls to leave so he could get the groom home. After about 10 minutes they saw Terry and most of his crew sneak out. If the groom was like the rest of them, they would not had even of noticed he was left behind

They went up to the private room to check on the groom to be. They saw him on the couches with a couple of nicks were his eyebrows used to be and some blood coming from a bald area on the side of his head. They were relieved when they saw one of them had the sense to stay behind.
The nameless man asked them for help to get his friend to the hospital and all the girls were more than happy to. The unconscious man was unlike his friends and a good tipper who showed respect to the ladies who he knew were only performing a job. The girls also felt a little bad for the groom to be for it was his first time there and he was adorable. They laughed when he was serious about never wanting a divorce now for two reasons, one he wanted to share the rest of his life with his E and two he never wanted to have another bachelor party.

Foxy as she was known to them went along to the ER. Once Steve came to in car, he freaked out when he found out where they were going and why. He swore he was going to get every single one of them back for they betrayed his trust. His friend laughed it off as drunk talk, but Foxy knew better, this man was serious.

When his friend went to get the admittance forms she told Steve she would help in any way she could. She understood that the prank was going to mess up his and his brides big day. Instead of the day being remembered about a family forming, the guest’s first thought would be how funny the groom looked. Then having to show up to work with a shaved head and stitches would look bad on Steve and would make his boss look pass him for promotions for a while.

While making as little direct eye contact with his guest, Terry opened the door and invited her in. She knew how embarrassed Terry was it would help her to pull off the con. It they could not look at her directly then how could they see who she really was.

Even before her knowledge that the guy’s insecurities about their manhood was going to make this easier, Maryann was not worried about being recognized by the marks. She had the perfect disguise on, clothes. It was a nice conservative outfit, Maryann did not want to take the chance any of those guys would realize she was a stripper by seeing her breasts. Her disguised was helped that she did not have her hair extensions in, glitter all over her cleavage, her hair pulled up in a bun and glasses on.

As soon as Maryann got to the living room she said “hey there girls, I am Maryann Fox the newest sales associate for Lola's Cosmetics. Don’t worry I am going to make this fun and I will also make sure you all know how to make yourself the prettiest you can be.

Now before we get started, I brought nametags for all of you to wear. Oh, I am so bad with names, please write your names on them. I do not want to mess up by calling you by your the name.”

She gave Terry a nametag first and he wrote his name. She giggled at seeing it. “No silly, I meant for you to write your girly name. This is a makeover and you need to embrace the woman inside you to look your best.”

Terry did not like this stranger talking to him in a patronizing manner. Her comment added to his already overfilled emotional pressure cooker and some of the steam had to be released. His mouth worked as a valve to release some some as his pent up frustration as he said “Listen here my name is Terry, I am not silly and I do not want to do this. So just shut up and get to work.”

Maryann knew people well enough to read the room and knew a couple of the guys were mad at Terry. She was going to act a little upset so one of them could do the chivalrous thing and defend her. “I am sorry, it is just I am new at this. I was told when giving makeup lesson to men to help them be at ease expressing their feminine side. I thought that you going by your feminine name should help.

Maybe this would help. If any of you guys like ladies, I do find a guy all dolled up irresistable. I am sorry I just want this to go good for you.”

Kim was mad at Steve for whatever special treatment he had planned for him, but he was more pissed at Terry for getting him into this mess. Terry treating someone who was innocent was the perfect chance for some of that anger to come out on the leader of the group. Plus, he could get under Terry’s skin by goading him into going along with the program. For once Terry should be pressured into doing something for the group. “Come on Terri Jo, be a sport. Maryann had nothing to do with this and do not take it out on her. You know she is trying to make us comfortable so just play along.

Sorry about my friend, Please do my nametag. I am Kimmie, spelled with an ie”

Terry was about to tell Kim to man up when Kelly stopped him. He was also going to give that lady support and did so by saying “Do mine next, I am Kellie, spelled with an ie.”

Terry then looked at the wildcard, Mel. Terry thought “Yeah get him going and he would chase this timid lady out of here.” Mel saw the look at Terry and nodded to give the indication that he knew what their honcho wanted. With a confidence in his voice Mel said “Maryann please do my nametag next.My name Melody, just like what is on my tattoo.”

When Mel lifted his pants to show off his rose tattoo, Terry became furious and talked down to his friend. He could not believe that his friend nodded to show he was on Terry’s side and then help to push all of them further and then went along going down that slippery slope . “Melody, come with me into the kitchen, I need to speak with you.”

Melody said “ta-ta” to Maryann as he joined Terry in the kitchen. As soon as they were alone Terry tore into Mel “Dude, what is wrong with you? One minute you want to fight this with every ounce of strength you have and the next you are all in on doing what that freak wants us to do. You need help”

Mel said “Chill the fuck out. I thought that look you gave me was a sign for me to put the move on Maryann. She said that she found men all dolled up irresistible. While I thought you came to same conclusion as I did, have that fucking tattoo which I had to get come to some good.

I do want to make sure that Steve gets what he deserves. Now we are going to go out there, you are going to play along to help me score with her, and do not talk like that to me ever again. I was only nice out there for I did not want to ruin any chance I had with Maryann. I find the conservative look she’s rocking sexy.“

“Sorry Mel, I was not thinking.”

Mel walk past Terry and bumped his shoulder in his friend as he said“Yeah that is your problem, you do not think.”

Terry went back out and did go along with the name. The man, who was losing another round to his foe, was too worn out to take the chance of turning more of his friends against him. He had to regroup them as quickly as possible. The man who was fighting a losing battle wanted to make sure he had no more damage control to do. He knew that two of his underlings were not of use to him anymore for now. Mel was just too unpredictable and unstable. Terry felt a little bad for how easy his friend cracked under pressure. Then Kim was being childish taking his anger out on the biggest victim of the revenge plot instead of the architect who planned it.

Before they started Maryann took pictures of all the guys. She told them it was part of the process, so they could see the before and after. With how sweet and kind she was made none of them objected. Terry was going to but knew it would had been a losing fight. Them going along with this like cattle made him mad. His friends could not and would not stand up for themselves. All he could think about was how pathetic they were.

Then each passing minute of the makeup lesson was rebuilding all that pressure which Terry just released. He hated that the other guys were taking it serious. Oh they were so weak to just follow what Steve wanted them to do. If that was not bad enough he had to watch Mel and Maryann flirt. Oh then he got a little sick when he picture Mel all dolled up for that woman.

The makeup lesson was over and Maryann got all the guys to get their pictures taken again. Then she gave quick pointed using the picture to show the features they needed to put emphases on. Then also what features to downplay to get the perfect look.

Other than Mel, he could not believe that they paid attention to her explanation to it. He understood listening to get some, for he was an old pro at it. It might be sick what Mel would have to do to land that lady, but Mel getting lucky might get his head back on straight. This could turn out to be a good thing.

The man who was watching his foot soldiers in the battle against Steve almost lost it on Max. Being a jokester, Max went up to Terry’s ear and in his best Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb voice whispered “Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.”

Everyone other than Terry laughed. He was so disappointed. Maryann congratulated the guys on being so at ease with who they were and told Terry he should just accept it and join in the fun.

Her saying just accept it struck Terry as odd. Steve used that multiple times. Was she in on it also? Terry shook his head no, for hated that now his friend had him paranoid. He was now going to see zebras where he should see horses. He needed to get his head on straight and not be so insecure.

The man who felt like the world has turned on him knew he could think that everyone was out to get him or if they were he could not easily spot them. This was personal and between him and Steve and Emily. This lady had no vested interest in his life. That lady was not smarter than him and he would had seen her for what she was, if she was one of Steve’s accomplice

Maryann helped the guys take off their makeup and then took the orders for each of the guys. They all ended spending over $200. Then when she added an extra $200, which needed to be cash, onto Terry’s bill he flipped out. He took the money and threw it at her and said “Pick up your money bitch. I did not want this and I should not have to pay for your time. Hell you overcharged me for the makeup. That should be good enough

Now pick up your money you money hungry whore and leave my house”

Maryann with pride and dignity went to pick up the money and Mel helped her. That made her change her mind about giving that guy a wrong number. Mel has grown so much since the last time she saw him

After helping Maryann get her money Mel looked at Terry and coldly said “Let me guess you were not thinking again. Not cool dude, not cool.

Steve might be wrong in what he is doing,but I will give him one thing. He is treating us like dirt for we deserve it. We made a mistake and exasperated it by just trying to downplay what we did. See you the next time Steve has us do something”

Acting confused Maryann asked what Mel was talking about. Mel said “Nothing of your concern, a person we know is making us to this for penitence for a sin we committed. Let me help you take your gear out to your car.”

After Mel left with the lady he was winning over by being nice, all the other guys left also. They just shook their heads at Terry as they walked past him. The man who believed he could do no wrong did not care. He knew they were weak and he did not need them. Plus he would just charm them back on his side after a couple of days. They would not stand up to him and do anything to get back in his good graces.


Steve’s goodwill towards Terry quickly went away after the phone call with Maryann. He could not believe that person could be so insensitive to someone else. Even with him harboring ill will to Terry he was still going to end it tomorrow.

Them ending at their quest to get revenge was cancelled when the man, who was about to turn the other cheek, told Emily about the night Terri Jo and the girls had. Emily was furious at how Maryann was treated. This made the revenge more about those two, it was going to be for their partner in crime also.

Even with not wanting to go back to feeling stressful from acting so out of character Steve agreed with his wife. This was not about them anymore. Plus, Terry needed to pay for how he treated someone he did not know was plotting against him. No one has the right to treat someone who they thought was doing them no harm in the manner Terry did.

Steve resigned himself in doing the dirty deed which needed to be done and said “The girls have a dance lesson next and a corset for Terry.”


Terry went over Beth’s house right after work on Monday. He wanted to spend more time with the love of his life and also make up for being so distant with her on Friday and then again Sunday. He just could not be there while trying to figure out how to get out of Steve’s iron grasp. It seemed like the more Terry struggle to get free the tighter it got.

As those two were talking, Beth was opening the mail. She got excited when she saw Aunt Susie return her RSVP. With a smile on her face she opened it. The little note in was odd. People did not put a note in returning an invite card unless they were declining.

When the disappointed bride read the note, she found it was not odd anymore. Her favorite aunt was not able to come to the wedding.

This made no sense, Terry was going to surprise her with getting Aunt Susie there. Beth sounding a little confuse said “Terry this is odd my Aunt Susie RSVPed no to attending our wedding and sent a nice little handwritten note explaining she did not have the funds.”

Terry was still in a bad mood from Saturday’s makeup session and sniped back “It is not odd that someone who is poor cannot afford to fly across country to come to a wedding.”

Little did Terry know that foolhardy put down on Aunt Susie was about to lead to a major fight between those two.

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