Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 26

Sunday Morning Pantyhose XXVI
Tracy Davis

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them, and then it was all downhill from there. -- Tracy

A few other vignettes that I had forgotten about……..

One day when my Mom and I were clothes shopping, she said, “It’s so hard to find jeans that fit you because you’re so slender, how would you like to try a pair of girl’s jeans? You couldn’t wear them to school, but you could wear them on weekends, like on Sundays after church.”

“Mmmm, sure,” I said. We walked over into the teen girl’s section and got a pair of girl’s size 14 Tall jeans off the rack. She looked into the fitting rooms to make sure they were empty, and had me go in and put them on. They fit perfectly! I couldn’t believe how tight and sleek they felt. They had flowers embroidered on the back pockets and they were so cute! I kept turning around and admiring them in the mirrors. “They are so pretty!” I said. “Can we get them?”

Finally Mom said, “Okay, I guess these are keepers. Put your other pants back on and we’ll take them.”

The next Sunday, after we got home from church, I went straight into my room and took off my dress slacks and put on my new jeans, seeing the frilly “Girls Size 14 Tall” tag on the inside, loving the smooth feel as I slid them up over my pantyhosed legs and bottom, admiring my girly bottom in the mirror and my nyloned feet sticking out of the legs.


One morning when Mom was getting ready for work, she came out of her room wearing the prettiest dress I had ever seen her in, asking, “Can you zip me up?”

“Wow!” I said, as I went behind her and zipped her up. “You look beautiful. Why are you so dressed up?”

“I have a lunch party to go to,” she laughed. “One of the other realtors is retiring.”

All day long at school I couldn’t stop thinking about how pretty she looked, and how I wished I could dress up like that. When I was sitting in one of my classes, daydreaming about it, I got an idea.

When I got home, I went in my room, closed the door, and got totally undressed. My weewee was stirring in anticipation. I reached in my underwear drawer and got out a pair of nylons and slid them up my legs. Now my weewee was standing at attention! I put on a white shirt and my best navy blue slacks, then got out “my” white high heeled sandals and put them on.

I went out in the kitchen and did my homework, then picked up the kitchen and set the table, enjoying the feel of walking in heels. I heard my Mom drive up, and when she came in the back door in her pretty dress and saw me, she said, “Oh wow! Why are you so dressed up?”

I blushed and said, “You were so pretty this morning in your dress, I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day, and I wanted to be dressed up and pretty too. Um, I want to ask you something. I thought maybe we could have a dress-up dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen and set the table.”

Mom said, “Well, actually, I was looking forward to getting home so I could get OUT of this dress.” When she saw the disappointed look on my face, she touched my hair and said, “Well, since I’ve had it on all day, I guess I can leave it on a little while longer. Since you’re all dressed up,” she smiled. “Since I need you to unzip me, you’ll probably hold me hostage in my own dress,” she laughed.

I smiled and bobbed in a curtsy. “Thank you, Mommy.”

She went on, “Oh, it’s going to cost you. You’re going to have to help me make dinner.”

“Of course,” I said. “I’d love that.”

We had a wonderful girly time together, making dinner, and she telling me all the compliments she had gotten on her dress. After dinner, we washed the dishes, and when we were done, she said, “Okay, dress-up time’s over. Unzip me so I can get out of this thing.”

She turned around and I unzipped her. Turning back to me, she opened her arms and put them around me and we had a long hug. “This was really nice, to have some dress-up time together. I like doing this too,” she said.

She went in her room and took off her dress and put on a robe over her pantyhose, but I left my good clothes and high heels on till bedtime, then took them off, went straight to bed, and had the most wonderful time pleasuring myself!

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