Aaron -Chapter 14 Both Sides Now

The rest of the summer was probably the best time of my life (up to that point). We met a girl next door also named “Amie”, and a girl across the street name “Jamie”. Amie’s dad was a doctor and Jamie’s mom was an attorney. Her mom was engaged and, even though her parents were divorced, Jamie’s dad also lived there in a separate part of the house. The girls were a few years older than us, and both were headed for Rice University at the end of the summer. Still, they accepted our invitations to come to the pool with us. They were both very mature and extremely intelligent, but still a lot of fun.

Once, my mom came out to the pool and asked me to come inside a minute to see something. She gave me an envelope to open. In it, was my birth certificate. The name on it was “Amie Abigale Brooks, and for “sex” it said “Female”. I hugged my mom and said, “Now it’s totally official and legal, thanks, mom.”

“You’re welcome, honey.” Now, go have fun with your friends.”

Back at the pool, no one asked me what it was about. They had too much class to pry.
Fast forward to the morning of the first day of school. Lisa is still with us, and her mom is arranging to move also. What to wear for the first day of school? Let’s see…oh!, the school uniform! Nothing exciting about the uniform, but I still thought I looked really good. Everything had to be perfect; first impressions can’t be re-done. I had begun my life traveling the opposite side of the gender line than the one on which I started. I was happy with the way things turned out, and was looking forward to the challenges to come. I wondered how different private school was going to be, but I was ready to handle whatever came my way. I would enjoy the positive and endure the negative.

I thought about how the choices I had for my future. Would I marry? If so, would my spouse be male or female? Would I ever be attracted to any male? Would I bear children? For now, I was glad I could just think about these choices. Decisions would not be required for a long time. I thought about a song I had heard. Whoever wrote the line “I’ve looked at life from both sides now” had nothing on me. I had insight into the male psyche that few, if any, other females could match. I was examining the female perspective now. Exploring both “sides” was a rare opportunity, and I was ready for it.

Yes, there will be more changes, challenges, trials and tribulations; hopefully, not as drastic as those in the past. I guess I will end this narrative for now because I expect my life to be pretty routine from here. If things become exciting, suspenseful, or in any way interesting, I’ll be back.

Love, Amie Abigale Brooks

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