Smoke And Pantyhose

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Two girls were sitting at the lake, near the shore. Both had a green dress and green hair. Their pantyhosed feet were touching the water. With one hand, they were hanging each other, while with the other, they were holding their cigarettes. One of the girls is me. The other was not a girl at all. He is my husband.

Smoke and Pantyhose

By Anaimfinity

This is inspired from a real life story. People and places have different names and the story is partially changed. The story is seen through the eyes of a girl who discovers a hidden cross-dresser and helps him be happy. You will find two fetish themes:



Also, the story is focused on a rare sexual minority, called the sfenists.

The story is divided in two parts, each one with several chapters.

Part one contains the words sex and masturbation, but no such scenes are described. It can easily fill under general public audience.

Part two contains some explicit scenes, that are sexy, not erotic, referred to sfenist love. Still, in many regards, it is suitable for general public audience.

It will take time for me to write all chapters, so please wait.

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This story is 199 words long.