A New Home Chapter 5

Jackie looks up at the night sky and couldn’t believe how many stars there were. She had fun at the gathering and meeting the other wolves in the pack. Asoese had brought her home, so she didn’t have to ride her bicycle in the dark. Not that night time bother her. She could see in the dark without any light. Her eyesight was just like a cat’s eyesight. She had enjoyed meeting everyone at the gathering. It was nice to know there were others like her, but she wasn’t one hundred percent like them. She was completely different.

Jackie gets up and heads upstairs to her room for the night. She makes sure the windows are opened to allow the cool mountain air to come in and cool her tower down. As she starts getting ready for bed, she spots a star get brighter for a second and then go back to normal. She wonders what caused that. Jackie curls up on her bed and falls into a deep sleep.

She feels a light warm breeze as she slept. She feels someone stroking her hair and a purring sound. Jackie opens her eyes and there was bright light all around her. She turns her head to the figure stroking her hair and notice it was her mother.

“Mom!” Jackie sits up and wrap her arms around her mother.

She holds onto her as she feels her mother wrap her arms around her and hold her tight.

“I’m sorry I had to leave you sweetie. I made the mistake of marrying your father. I thought he would turn out to be a good man, but I was wrong.”

Jackie didn’t care, she had her mother back.

“I don’t care mom. I’m just happy your back.”

“Actually, I’m not back sweetie. You’re in my realm right now.”

Jackie stops crying and leans back to look at her and notices her mother’s eyes. They weren’t human looking eyes, but cat eyes.

“What do you mean I’m in your realm right now mom?”

“I mean my dear kitten, that you are with me right now in my realm. Look around and tell me what you see.”

Jackie releases her mother and starts to look around her surroundings. Her mother was wearing a gown of pure white linen and a wide gold
necklace around her neck. She had a coil gold bracelet on both wrist and long black hair. On top of her head was a gold tiara with a cat head in the middle of it. She notices her mother also had Egyptian features. The whole room looked like something out of pictures she had seen in Egyptian movies.

“Are we in Egypt mom?”

“Yes and no. We are in a realm that resembles Egypt of old. We aren’t in your realm any more. This realm is where all the Egyptian gods

Jackie looks back towards her mother and couldn’t believe it.

“Are you an Egyptian goddess?”

“Yes, and you’re my daughter.”

She holds her hand out for Jackie to take.

Jackie takes her mother’s hand and the two of them leave her mother’s chamber. Jackie looks at herself and notice she was dress like her mother. She didn’t have a tiara on her head holding her hair back, but a gold hair band. Jackie is escorted out to a balcony so she could see everything better. The place looked like something out of ancient Egypt.


“Yes wow. The reason I brought you here now. Is you wanted to know more about yourself and you will be needed soon. To help protect the pack you have become part of. The one thing I must ask you not to do, is to reveal who you truly are. You need to keep that quiet for now. The necklace I have placed around your neck can heal yourself. I would active the rest of your demi-god abilities you have, but your friends already know you can’t do that.”

“So, I’m a demi-goddess?”

Jackie looks toward her mother.

“Yes, you are a demi-goddess. I am the Egyptian Goddess Mafdet. That is why you can assume all sorts of different cat forms and why you have the grace and eyes of a cat in your human form.”

“Why didn’t you take me with you when you left daddy?”

“Because I couldn’t sweetie. Your father found out who I really was and got extremely mad at me for lying to him. He threatened to kill you
because he knew I cared a lot for you. He even learned how to protect the house so I couldn’t appear inside. That was why he took you out of school and kept you at home. That was the reason why you were abused so much. Some of my traits started showing up in you and it made him even madder.”

“Mom, what happened to dad’s body?”

“Your cat buried it. It was under my influence when you attacked your father and killed him. I put your consciousnesses asleep and put your cat in charge of your body”

“I’m glad I didn’t eat daddy.”

“No, you buried him like I instructed your cat to do.”

Jackie seemed relieved at what her father told her. She thought she ate her father in her cat form.

“So, why reveal who you are now to me mom? Not that I’m complaining.”

Jackie hugs her mother. She had missed her dearly.

“Because, sooner or later your pack Alpha would had come across someone who would know instantly who you are. The person I’m talking
about is the wife of an alpha and is a Grim Reaper.”

“There’s a pack who has an alpha mate who is a grim reaper?”

“Yes, she’s a really nice person. You’ll like her. Now, why don’t you tell me everything you have been up to recently.”

Jackie and her mother sit in chairs on the balcony and Jackie tells her mother everything she has been doing since she left and all the things her father did to her. There were times she saw her mother’s eyes flash in anger. They only did it when she mentioned things her father did to her. Jackie tells her mother about the pack and her fire tower home.

Mafdet just smiles when she hears about her fire tower home. That was one of the traits her daughter was feeling because of her cat nature.
The love of high places. Jackie continues and she starts to feel extremely tired.

“It’s time I sent you back to your bed sweetie.”

“But I don’t want to go mom. I want to stay here with you.”

“You’ll be okay and you will see me again.”

Mafdet kisses her forehead and sends her back to her bed still dress like she was. That way she won’t think it was just a dream. Jackie
reappears back in her bed still dressed like she was when she was with her mother. There was an old cat statue sitting on a shelf Jackie had put up to store her nick-knacks on.

Six hours later, Jackie wakes up and finds herself still dress like she was when she was visiting her mother. She had an old style Egyptian gown, necklace, arm bands and wristlets on her arms. Even her feet were covered by royal style sandals. She notices the old style gold Egyptian cat statue sitting on her shelf with her other nick-knacks.

“Okay, it wasn’t a dream after all.”

She takes the gown and the sandals off, but leave the hair band and the wristlets on. She gets dress in a pair of black tights and an oversized long t-shirt. She puts her tennis shoes on and head down from her tower and head towards town. She was meeting up with a few members from the pack to have breakfast with them.

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