The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 7

“Ow, Ow,” Ginny looks at her image in the mirror. The parts of her body that weren’t covered up by her swimsuit were as red as a lobster. She should have listened to Stephen when he told her to put more suntan lotion on. Ginny carefully raises her arms above her head, squinting from the pain from her sunburn. She lets the sundress she had slip over her head and down her body. Bryan and some of the guys were taking her out for lunch today. She grabs her purse, after checking her hair she heads down stairs to see if the others were ready.

“Here she comes, our little red puppy.” Stephen had grabbed a can of Solarcaine to spray Ginny’s body with. He had seen how red Ginny had gotten yesterday.

Ginny sticks her tongue out at Stephen.

“Alright you two, play nice.” Joe had come home last night from a long business trip and learned that their newest pup had moved in.

Ginny looks over towards the new wolf she hadn’t met before and wonders who he was. She hadn’t picked up his scent coming downstairs.

“Come over here Ginny so I can spray this on your skin, sweetie.” Stephen held up the can to show her.

Ginny looks at the can and walks over towards Stephen so he could spray her body with the Solarcaine.

“Lift the back of the sundress up, sweet heart. I need to get to your back as well.” Stephan starts on Ginny’s legs first, since they were the worse.

Ginny lifts the back of her sun dress up, as goose pimples form on her skin from the solarcaine being sprayed on it. She knew Stephen wasn’t interested in her so she didn’t mind doing what he requested of her. She was watching the man she didn’t know to see how he felt about her.

Joe watched with an amused look that appeared on his face. He watches as Stephen sprays their newest puppy with the solarcaine. He had been told she was fifteen years old, but looking at her you wouldn’t see it. She looked more to be around six or seven years old wearing panties you would find on a little girl, instead a fifteen years old. He notices her figure had changed some since her transformation as most of her baby fat was converted to muscles. Other than those changes, she still looked like a little girl who should be in elementary school. He tries not to breathe too deeply because of the fumes from the solarcaine drifting his way.

Ginny sneezes from the spray when Stephen gets near her neck and shoulder. Her chest and stomach area had been covered up by her swimsuit.

“Bless you.” Joe says as Ginny sneezes.

“Thank you.” Ginny was feeling better after the spray hit her sunburned body. The straps that rested on her sun burned shoulders weren’t hurting any more.

Stephen stands up and looks at Ginny’s relieved face “feel better now?”

“Yes, thank you.” Ginny gives Stephen a hug for the relief he had given her.

She leans in close to his ear “who’s the other guy over there?”

Stephen whispers back to Ginny “that’s Joe and he’s third in the pack after Leonard.”

“I can hear you two whispering.” Joe was amused at their newest pup.

“Sorry Joe, but Ginny wanted to know who you were.” Stephen hands Ginny the spray.

“I didn’t know who you were, so I was asking Stephen. I guess whispering doesn’t do any good around wolves.” Ginny puts the can in her purse.

“It does if you’re not in the same room. You’re only ten feet from me, so I can still hear everything you say Ginny.” He walks over towards her.

“Sorry.” Ginny blushes as she adjusts her purse strap.

“Now, if the two of you are finish, can we go and met up with the rest of the pack at the restaurant.” Joe grabs his keys and heads towards the
front door.

Ginny follows behind him with Stephen behind her. The two of them follow Joe out to a fully restored1967 Black Pontiac GTO.

“Wow!” Ginny couldn’t believe how well the car looked. She had seen pictures of some of them hanging at work and a few rusted out ones at
Marshall’s junkyard, but she had never seen a fully restored one.

“You like it?” Stephen had stopped next to her, while Joe walked around to the driver side.

“Yes, do you think Joe will let me drive it when I get my license?” Ginny could feel Stephen as he stood by her side.

“I doubt it, pup. You’re too short to touch the gas and brake pedals.” Joe had heard Ginny talking to Stephen about his car.

“I’m not that short.” Ginny walks over and opens the passenger car door and climbs in back.

“Yes, you are.” Stephen sits up front with Joe.

“We would have to get you a booster seat for you to sit in.”

Stephen turns to look at her “oh, I love your Hello Kitty panties you’re wearing today.”

Ginny just blushes. She tried wearing panties meant for grown women, but because of how her body was built and how small her waist was.
They kept falling down her legs. Only the little girl panties fit her frame.

The ride into town was quiet. Joe had his car radio set for the local station that Barney had set at work. Stephen would sing along with a few of the songs and Joe didn’t mind his sing, even if he was off key sometimes. Ginny was watching the highway and the other cars they pasted. It was different from riding her scooter to work. It was humid out, but Joe and Stephen had their windows down, instead of running the A/C.

Ginny looks towards Joe “so which restaurant are we going to?”

“Puerto Diablo, Restaurant. One of our pack members and his wife owns it and the food is top of the line there. There’s a section that is
completely private and set aside just for the pack.” Joe loved how Cesare prepared and cooked the food at the restaurant. His partner and wife Maria was just as good as he was. Between the two of them, the restaurant was always packed.

“I plan on ordering the Alambre dish that Cesare does so well. What are you going to order Joe?” Stephen looks at Joe.

“My usual dish the barbacoa. I love the way Maria prepares it. What types of Mexican food do you like pup?” Joe looks in the mirror back towards Ginny.

“I don’t know. I normally get tacos or burrito’s when I go to Taco Bell for lunch sometimes.” Ginny had never eaten in a famous restaurant before. She knew Puerto Diablo was famous for their Mexican dishes and were rated one of the best restaurants around Kingman, Az.

“We’re going to have to expand your taste buds, pup.” Stephen was thinking of a spicy taco dish for Ginny called Al Pastor Tacos.

“You have to remember Stephen by the time I got paid and paid off my bills. I couldn’t afford to go to any fancy restaurant. I could barely afford
Taco Bell or McDonalds.” Ginny didn’t feel sorry for herself. She had been doing alright, before she got bitten.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that any more, pup. Today’s lunch is on the pack master and all your other needs are taken care of either by me, Leonard, Charley, Daniel, Joe or Bryan. Since you’re the only female in our pack, it’s our responsibility to look after you. You can squirrel away your paychecks from work for something you really want or give it to Bryan and he’ll invest it for you into different businesses the pack owns.” Stephen figures he might as well let her know now that she will be taken care of.

“You guys don’t have to do that. I can pay for myself.” Ginny was getting a little overwhelm about all this pack stuff.

“Just think of it as being a perk Ginny of being the only female among a lot of men. A lot of us come from different time periods where it was the gentleman’s job to take care of the woman. Since its Bryan’s job to make sure all his wolves are taken care of and you are the only female we have in the pack. It’s our job to make sure you have everything you need, if it’s not to outrageous. We’re not going to buy fancy cars or designer dresses, unless it’s for a special occasion. It’s just our job to make sure you’re kept safe and cared for.” Joe was trying to make Ginny understand how wolves work.

Ginny just sighs and rest against the backseat. She didn’t want to be treated like a child.

“So, is there like a head honcho I can complain to about how women are treated in the pack?” Ginny figures there had to be a head guy to keep all the packs in line or orderly.

“There’s Councilman O'Breen. He’s the representatives for all the packs on the supernatural council, but I don’t think you’ll get far with him.
He’s older than most wolves around and thinks women should be kept barefoot and pregnant.” Stephen remembers some of his comments when he heard that he was gay.

“That’s barbaric. Doesn’t he know women have rights and should be treated equally?” Ginny couldn’t believe it.

“He does now. After the wife of the Immortals representatives cut him down and read him the riot act. She pulled no punches with him.”
Stephen remembers meeting Victoria and her husband afterwards. She was a were-wolf married to an Immortal councilman and they had an Immortal were-wolf child, thanks to her cousin Ava in Kentucky.

“Who is she and how did she manage that?” Ginny wanted to meet this woman.

“Her name is Victoria Brown and she is a private investigator that lives in Chesapeak,Va. She is also a were-wolf married to an Immortal
Legionnaire commander from ancient Romanian times. She comes from a very mixed and powerful family that has relatives that are Fae, Vampire, Were-cat and Were-wolf in it. Normally, when one of her family members speaks, you better listen. They are very powerful and very seep in the supernatural world and the magical world.” Stephen had laughed his ass off when he heard what Victoria did.

“So, your saying that a female Were-wolf married to an Immortal legionnaire gets to run around by herself? Why does she get to do that and
the other women can’t?” Ginny wanted that type of freedom.

“She doesn’t. She has two guards that run with her and help her with her cases. She had to agree to this by her Alpha and her husband couldn’t interfere.” Stephen watches Ginny’s expression in the rear-view mirror.

“Dang it” Ginny was perturbed. She thought she finally got a way around the rules.

Stephen and Joe just smirk when they see her reaction.

Ginny figures she might as well give-up, since there wasn’t any way she was going to win.

“Don’t feel bad, Ginny. A lot of women feel the same way you do. Right now, Ava and her mate are trying to get things change. The council is
considering her proposal because one, she is the daughter of two clans and the niece of the most powerful witch around. Second, her mate is the daughter of the second most powerful Were-wolf pack in North American. Our pack is the first, because we enforce the neutral state of here. Third, Ava herself is consider one of the most powerful people around, because she possesses the spirit of the Black Dog inside of her and has two different forms. Her mate is as powerful as she is, because she shares her power with her. Even if she didn’t, her mate and her Aunt are the only ones that can control her. She is also very protective of her adopted sister/cousin. One Fae lord found out that you don’t hurt anyone she considers hers. So, when she speaks the council listens to her or pay the price for not listening to her.” Stephen met her twice when she traveled here to Kinsman, Az. with her mate to negotiate a peace treaty between a half- Fae group and a Were-Cat clan. Since Ava was part fae and part were-cat.

“So, if she’s that powerful, why does she listen to the rules then?” Ginny figure she could tell them to F off.

“Because Ava, claims the Were-cat side of her nature. The Were-cats have different rules and don’t fear their women getting hurt. Women who get bitten by a Were-cat tend to survive better than those bitten by a wolf. Ava herself is a very rare type of Were-cat. There aren’t very many of them and among those that exist, she is considered coming from royal blood.” Stephen knew there was an area in Colorado that had a tribe of her kind that was Native American. They were supposed to be related to the Native American Lynx god himself.

“You’re not helping me cheer up, Stephen.” Ginny watches as Joe pulls the car into the restaurant parking lot.

“Alright you two, we’re here.” Joe parks his car next to Leonard’s.

Ginny climbs out after Stephen steps aside to let her out. She follows Joe and Stephen inside the restaurant. As soon as she walks through the door, the smell and the scent of the patron’s present assaulted her senses. She grabs Stephen’s hand as they head towards the area reserve for their pack. She stops and looks at all the pack members present with their loved ones. She couldn’t believe it. A lot of the men here had wives and children. She looks towards Stephen with a why didn’t you tell me look?

Stephen just smiles and escorts Ginny to her seat, which was near Bryan and Leonard. Once she is seated. Two waitresses come in and take their drinks order. Ginny orders a sweet tea for herself. When the waitresses come back with their drinks, Stephen places an order for Ginny.

“Hey, I could have ordered for myself.” Ginny punches Stephen in the arm.

Stephen just smiles. Ginny’s punch felt like a light slap against his arm.

“I know, but I thought you should try a new dish.” Stephen just picks his drink up and takes a sip of it.

Ginny just sits still and listen to the other pack members. She takes a few chips and dips them in the chili sauce and the other dip sauce that the waitresses had set the table with, while they waited for their meals to arrive. Conversions were going on all around Ginny as she concentrated to keep them out. She puts her hands to her ears to try and muffle the sounds some.

Stephen notices Ginny covering her ears. He leans over to her to whisper to her.

“Concentrate on something that makes you happy and use that to block out everyone.” He grabs her hand and holds onto it.

Ginny closes her eyes and does what Stephen suggested to her. It was slowly allowing her to block a lot of the conversations going on around her. Her mouth starts watering from the scent of all the food cooking and being brought to the table. When the waitresses start bringing the plates to the table, she couldn’t believe how big the portions were. They were huge for a restaurant serving.

“Are the portions always this big for this restaurant?” Ginny was directing her question at Leonard.

“It’s only this big for our group Ginny. The chief knows were wolves and we require a lot of food. That’s why if you ever come up here to eat by yourself or with your assigned body guards. Just tell the waitress or whoever takes your order to supersize it and the cook will know it’s for one of us.” Leonard lifts a mixture of refried beans and rice to his mouth.

Ginny looks at her plate “I hope I’ll be able to eat all this.”

“Trust me pup, you’ll pack it away like the rest of us. You’re too skinny as is.” Stephen takes a bite of his own lunch.

Ginny lifts the taco that Stephen had ordered for her and could tell it was going to be spicy hot, because she could smell the chili peppers in it.
The taco was extremely hot as she bites into it. She nearly chokes on the spicy meat.

“Water” as Ginny reaches for her ice tea to cool down her mouth. She grabs it and swallows half her glass of tea.

Stephen looks at Ginny with a Cheshire smile on his face “what’s wrong pup? Is the food too hot for you?”

“Are you trying to kill me?” Ginny punches Stephen hard ordering an extremely hot dish for her.

“Ouch! That hurt this time.” Stephen rubs the spot on his shoulder where Ginny punched him.

“You deserved it for not telling me that these tacos were made with extremely hot chili peppers.” Ginny could still feel the heat in her mouth.

“What’s wrong pup? Don’t you like habanero’s in your taco?” Joe and Charley were both looking at Ginny.

“No, but I guess I can finish them off.” Ginny takes another bite and another sip of her tea.

Bryan just smiles and orders some milk instead of tea for Ginny to drink to soothe her mouth with instead.

By the time Ginny finishes her six tacos’. Her mouth and throat was still burning, even after drinking the milk. The refried beans and cheese
covered rice was helping some. Bryan orders her a Were-wolf sized Mexican fried ice cream. By the time she finishes that off, she munches on the chips that were left and watched as the other members finish their lunch. Her belly was feeling full for the first time since she had been changed.

“I’m going to have to come over here for lunch for now on.”

“So, you liked your habanero taco’s?”

“Yes and no. The tacos themselves were good, but I could had done without the habanero’s.”

She punches Stephen in his arm as hard as she could.

“OW! That hurt.”

He rubs the spot where she hit him.

“Good, you deserved it.”

After lunch, the pack goes to the movies and shopping.

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