Thundering Force: Chapter 17: “Fire And Ice.”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Seventeen: “Fire And Ice.”

By Paul Cousins.

Copyright Disclaimer: All copyrighted places, characters, items, and events, within the story, are held by their current owners. No profit is being made on this work of fiction.


It had been a few weeks since Jar Jar Binks had been defeated by Thor on Coruscant.

The gas attack on the Senate Building had been completely covered up.

The public cover story for Jar Jar, that he was the victim of an accidentally dealing with an experiment which turned him into the Coruscant Beast had been accepted by the public.

During this time, Senator Padme Amidala had written a hand letter, are rare at in this age of electronics, to Jar Jar's family over Jar Jar's death.

A hand written later was considered a sign of respect towards the recipient of the letter.

The letter did not go into detail surrounding Jar Jar's death. The Padme embellished Jar Jar's career at Junior Representative for her. Padme lied by stated how much Jar Jar's service meant to her and how they, the Binks family, should not hold Jar Jar's darker actions against him. That deep down Jar Jar was a good man.

Padme sealed the later with a red wax seal using the stamp she had of the Naboo Royal Crest seal she had for official document which were to important to be transferred electronically and they were hand delivered by sealed letters.

Padme addressed the letter to the Binks family in Otoh Gunga, on Naboo. Otoh Gunga was the largest Gungan city on Naboo and it was located underwater. Shuttle transports regularly ferried people to and from the city to the cities on the surface.

Padme used a professional courier service to take the letter to the Binks family on Naboo/.

By the time leave had ended for Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan, Padme had been informed that the Binks family had received the later.

As this went on, the Senators and staff whom had been working within the Senate Building had mostly recovered from the poison gas to the point the staff the Senators were debate sessions within the Senate Rotunda a few hours a day. Though, it would likely be months before the those working within the Senate Building would being healthy enough on a full time schedule.

Due to the situation, Chancellor Palpatine used this as an excuse to rotate much of the technicians and other staff whom had been effected by the gas,

While the Senators and their personal aides would would remain, Chancellor Palpatine stated that the Senate Building needed a healthy, full time staff.

Most of these Senate Building staff members were transferred to other locations and put on light duty until they recovered.

The Senatorial Body did not allow Palpatine to replace the Senate staff with clone troopers. So, Chancellor Palpatine made sure those people whom replaced them in the Senate Building had to pass Chancellor Palpatine's own background checks, which included checks for loyalty towards Chancellor Palpatine.

Ironically, Blue Guard, the Senate Building's main security force, only kept a skeleton crew in the Senate Building. They were one of the groups least effected by the poison gas and they were able to rotate their personnel out whom had been effected by the poison gas with other members of the Blue Guard while not having to seek outside replacements.

The only other group in the Senate Building whom were not effected by the poison gas attack were those stationed on the top levels the Senate Building. This was due to the top levels of the Senate Building have its own ventilation system. This was due to security concerns because the Supreme Chancellor's office and personnel quarters were located on the upper levels of the Senate Building.

This included Chancellor Palpatine, his personal aides, such as Lord Speaker Mas Amedda and Senior Aide Sly Moore. Along with Chancellor Palpatine's Red Guard, which were elite clone troopers Chancellor Palpatine.

Soon things returned to normal within the Senate Building of the Galactic Republic.


Meanwhile, in the northeastern Mid-Rim, in Confederacy held space, there was a planet that was mostly a large city, with a few areas of forest existing on the planet which could be scene from space.

On the daytime side of the planet, there was a skyscraper, mixed in with several other skyscrapers. Half way up the skyscraper were three level that were stacked together which Loki had control of. Loki held the lease to the three levels by using anonymous shell organizations.

This was one of Loki's many safe houses.

Present, in the middle floor, in a medium size room, Loki was sitting in a cushioned armchair behind a desk. There were cushioned armchairs in set in a row in front of the desk.

Behind Loki was the outer wall which had two small windows. There were heavy curtains covering the windows.

The room was illuminated by ceiling lights.

Loki was casually dressed that day. Among other items, she wore a green short sleeve blouse and green shorts, with brown leather belt, and brown flat sole slippers.

Loki was using the room as her office.

Another part of the level she was on she had a small gym which she occasionally used to practice her physical abilities,

For the time being, the floor above her was where her private quarters were located.

She used the level below for storage.

As Loki sat in her armchair, behind her desk, she set down the datapad she has been working with, on top of the desk, by another datapad.

Loki lamented in thought, 'While I do not care to be constantly moving. A moving target is harder to hit.'

'Still, I am expecting Asajj to arrive here any minute for our meeting. Also, another guest should be coming for this visit.'

'Given I move around so often, to continue Asajj's lessons I contact her a few days ahead of time to meet me some place. Usually she is not busy and she can come. I am not worried that someone may intercept my transmissions to her and decrypts the messages, to find out where I am and to lay a trap. I can be gone in the blink of an eye.'

'I believe I have reached a point in our lessons where Asajj is now genuinely friendly with me. She trusts me to a degree. Which is good.'

'I contacted her a few days ago for a mission. I am waiting for her to arrive. My other guest arrived early. Though, I politely instructed my other guest to wait in another part of this building, for my signal. Which I will use my powers to give. She will then show up about a minute after I give the telepathic signal.'

'While I am slowly having the Confederacy government issue requests to call me, Lady Laufeyson, I am not so formal with my student, Asajj, and my agents. While these individuals value respect, they find such formality to be an insult. So, I allow them to call me, Loki.'

'Also, I do not mind others calling me, Loki, as long as this is not by those personnel on duty, or it is a formal event.'

'Though, given the people I am meeting today, I am using my mental defense. I respect my guests. But, I do not want them to accidentally learn something that will bring trouble for all of us. Though, if that happens, I know plenty of memory altering spells to fix the issue before it becomes a problem.'

Loki sighed, as she continued her thoughts, 'Though, I always have other thoughts weighing on me. Such as what happened to Jar Jar. With him turning out to be that horror, the Coruscant Beast. I had no idea that Jar Jar had gone so far off the rails. He showed not signs of mental instability in the encrypted messages he sent to me. Which only concerns me even more, because that meant he was able to hide such mental instability for some time before I met him.'

'He has taken a lot of abuse in his life. He probably hid all that behind his smile and good nature. Which fooled even me. This is a lesson on needing to be careful about giving power to others. Even a little power.'

'If I had known he has become such a monster, I would headed back to Coruscant, strip him of his powers and turn him turn him over to Coruscant Security myself.'

'I just know Jar Jar gloated to Padme about my part in all this. Padme will eventually track me and I will hear an earful from her on this... But, that is for later.'

'I know Jar Jar did not become a monster just to because of the powers I gave him. I am sure Palpatine had a hand in this. As Sidious, that man is a master of the dark side. He would easily warp Jar Jar's mind without Jar Jar ever realizing it.'

'I know for a fact Palpatine was able to convince Jar Jar to start this war just by talking to him. No force abilities required.'

'From the intelligence reports I have read on the events surrounding that whole mess a few weeks ago, Palpatine out played everyone, including myself.'

'I cannot expose Palpatine for what he did without setting events in motion which will likely make the situation worse for everyone.'

'Given the timeline of when the Coruscant Beast showed up. Palpatine had his hooks in Jar Jar for some time. Likely close to when I first gave Jar Jar his powers. Jar Jar probably used his powers in a less than private setting and Palpatine found out. After Palpatine learned about Jar Jar's abilities he took action against Jar Jar and myself.'

'So, I do not know how much of the information Jar Jar sent to myself was disinformation by Palpatine. I am going to have to go through all the information sent by Jar Jar and I have intelligence resources look at the information. I will have to have each piece of information verified, or tossed.'

'I am glad I did not have any of the Separatists act on the information Jar Jar sent. Palpatine was likely laying a trap using Jar Jar to bait me in someway. But, that will not work.'

'Also, Palpatine used Jar Jar in other ways. He used Jar Jar as the Coruscant Beast to bring fear to the Senate District and allow Palpatine take tighten his grip on direct control of Coruscant as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.'

'In addition, my other contacts on Coruscant informed me of the poisoning of the Senate Building. Once I found out what that the gas was from Naboo and Gungans were immune to the poison, it was not hard to put the pieces together.'

'Palpatine had Jar Jar poison the Senate Building, to sicken everyone. Not to kill them, but to weaken the Senate members to the point they would be to ill for the next few months to fight new power grabs by Palpatine.'

'I already knew the ventilation system on the upper levels of the Senate Building was separate to the rest of the Senate Building. I learned this why I planned with Cad Bane that hostage mission of the Senate Building.'

'So, Palpatine and is sycophants were protected from the poison that effect the rest of those of the Senate Building.'

'One of my plans against Palpatine was was to use the ventilation system on the top levels of the Senate Building poison Palpatine. But, after this action, security will be beef up security for all of the ventilation systems for the Senate Building. So that plan is no longer an option.'

'Also, in the name of protecting the Galactic Republic, Palpatine classified the Senate poisoning to keep those in the Senate Building could not talk about it, even the Senators. The Senators not appear weaker on the public state, without them being able to tell the public why. In contrast to the weaker Senate, Palpatine will look stronger before the Republic.'

'And with Jar Jar dead, all ties of him causing this mess have been cut.'

'No matter how I look at this situation, Palpatine won this battle. I am emotionally mature enough to admit this defeat. He turned my agent against everyone. He used my agent to take more control of Coruscant. He poisoned the Senate to where they are literally too weak to do anything to politically stop him. He fed me false information. And he tricked Padme into killing her own friend, Jar Jar, to clean up his mess and would push Padme even closer to falling to darkness.'

'This is on top of the various events Padme has been tricked to do during the war. Especially, what happened on Balmorra. Both times Padme went to that planet during the war... Damn, what a mess.'

'I am not even sure if Palpatine has now switched his eyes from Anakin to Padme. Or, he plans for them fight each other to the death. With the victor becoming his apprentice. I know enough about those damn hammers that even just because Padme goes dark does not means she will lose her ability to use Mjolnir. That is a scary thought.'

'Still, the fact that Jar Jar. An untrained simpleton, could hold his own against Padme, as Thor, with only that form and the powers I gave him does offer possibilities. Perhaps I gave him more power than I intended.'

'Power does not have to be complex to be potent. Anyone with a firm grasp the basic skills and abilities of their powers can be formidable. Maybe I can salvage something useful from this mess.'

'If I were to give such powers to a person with a more focused and stable mind, whom is trained in the fighting arts, then that would be a worthy person to send against Padme. As a way to prove their abilities, and also give Padme experience in fighting someone with the skills to match such power. Padme will need to learn these lessons because clearly my hopes on the future of the Galaxy are riding on her. Which is slightly humorous, considering we are on opposing sides of this war.'

'In the meantime, I hope Padme does not get killed, nor does she fall to darkness.'

'I have much to think about on this matter for later.'

There was a knock at the door.

Loki thought, 'Ah. I can sense that is Asajj.' Loki said, “Come in.” Loki mentally reflected, 'The door to this room is unlocked. Those I invited think of locks as a suggestion. While I am more powerful than them, it is best not to annoy them.'

A few seconds later, the door was opened by someone pushing a button on the panel on the other side of the door, on the wall by the door.

After the button was pushed the door to Loki's office slid open.

Loki looked across the room to see Asajj Ventress walking into the room. Asajj came to a stop a quarter of a meter inside the room from the doorway behind her.

Asajj was wearing her usual clothing. She wore a form fitting gray bodysuit, with a long purple skirt, which hid her two curved lightsabers. Along with this, Asajj had on gray slippers.

Loki subtly used her powers, as she thought, 'Ah. My student has arrived. Now, to send the signal with my mind... Which I have done. I will wait for my other guest to arrive, while I help Asajj relax.'

Loki casually said, “Right on time. I trust your trip here was pleasant.”

Asajj stood, as she look at Loki. She answered, “Yes. It was.”

Loki requested, “Please. Sit down.”

Asajj walked further into the room, as the sensors in the wall hooked to the door behind Asajj sensed no one was nearby and it automatically slid shut.

A few seconds later, Asajj walked over and sat down in the armchair to Loki's left.

Once Asajj was conformable, she turned to look at Loki. Asajj questioned, “You contacted me about a mission that you wished to discuss in person?”

Loki answered, “Yes. But, this will be a two person mission.”

Asajj inquired, “So, this will be a mission that we will be doing together?”

Loki stated, “No. I am hoping you will accept working with someone else on this mission.”

Asajj pointed out, “I rarely work well with others.”

Loki responded, “I know. But, I hope you make an exception in this case.”

Suddenly, Asajj sensed someone whom used the force approach the door to the office.

Asajj turned around, in her seat, to her left, as she looked at door.

Loki realized, as she thought, 'Asajj must be sensing our guest. I need to defuse this situation before it becomes a problem.'

Loki calmly said, “Asajj. Please relax. This is the guest I invited.”

The person outside the office opened the door. The door slid open and the person walked into the room.

Asajj continued to silently look at the newcomer, but she did not take any action.

Loki looked between the two other individuals in the room, as she stated, “Asajj Ventress, meet Aurra Sing.”

Aurra Sing stood less than half a meter inside the room, as the door automatically closed behind her.

Aurra was dressed in her usual clothing. Pants, shirt, belt, boots. With a blaster pistol holstered on each side of her belt. Aurra's blaster pistols were different than most blaster pistols.

Loki focused on Aurra. Loki thought, 'From what I know of Aurra Sing, both of Aurra's two blaster pistols are DX-13 dual-trigger blaster pistols. One trigger behind the other. With the front trigger from rapid fire and the back trigger was single shot. With the each pistol also have the option of either set to stun or kill. Normally, Aurra keeps her blaster pistols set to stun because live bounties tended to pay better. Aurra prefers these blaster pistols due to her longer, slender fingers than most humanoids her size. Also, she was an expert at using both her blaster pistols at once.'

Aurra and Asajj looked at each other.

Asajj commented, “Sing. I have heard of you.”

Aurra said, “Likewise, Ventress.”

Loki requested, “Please, come sit down.”

As Aurra moved to sit down in a armchair by Asajj, Loki stated, “Both of you knowing each other will help the situation. Asajj, what you may not know is that while Aurra is a skilled bounty hunter, she is also experienced in other forms of mercenary work. She can play well with others. Presently, she has has been doing a few missions for me on the side. Nothing too serious. But, more as a way for us become professionally acquainted. By the way, you still haven't informed me of how the last mission you took for me went?”

By then, Aurra can come to sit in the chair to Loki's right, with Aurra presently looking at Loki.

Meanwhile, Asajj had returned to properly sitting in her chair. Though, continued to look at Aurra.

Aurra cryptically commented, “It turned out well.”

Loki said, “Then, I will be sending the balance of the last half of your usual payment to the arranged bank account.”

Aurra replied, “Thank you.”

Loki stated, “Asajj, you may not have been informed that along with being force sensitive, Aurra uses her force abilities in unorthodox ways. She is skilled with a lightsaber and hand to hand combat. Also, she is skilled with the basics of the force. But, she is also an expert in any firearm you can name. And she uses the force to enhance all of her abilities. You are likely better with lightsaber and raw force abilities. But, she can hold her own, even against multiple Jedi at once.”

Asajj continued to look at Aurra. Asaja asked, with curiosity in her tone of voice, “Intriguing. Are you dark? Or light?”

Aurra turned to Asajj. Aurra's lips curled into a smirk, as she answered, “I have never cared much for rage. Cold hatred. Yes. But, not hot anger. And I refuse to be a celibate monk taking orders from bureaucrats in robes.”

Asajj replied, with interest in her tone of voice, “Hmm... Not the answer I was expecting. But, an amusing answer as it were.”

Loki said, “Now that we have settled this we can begin our business.”

Loki used her hands to pick up the two datapads from on top of the desk.

Asajj and Aurra turned to Loki. They saw Loki was offering them each a datapad. They each took a datapad into their hands.

Asajj and Aurra each took a datapad, with all three women leaning back in their seats.

While Asajj and Aurra looked at the information on their datapads, Loki stated, “The information on the mission is stored on those datapads. I believe your abilities will compliment each other. Asajj, you like to be where the action is, using your lightsabers and the force in close quarters combat. While Aurra prefers range attacks with her firearms. Do not misunderstand. Aurra here is good in close quarters combat, but this is clearly not her style.”

Aurra looked at the information on the datapad, as she casually said, “I have never preferred to be one to desire to take the up close and personal approach.”

Asajj read the information on the datapad in her hands, as she stated, “I am willing to admit that I prefer to deal with things in a more direct manner.”

Loki commented, “This is exactly my point. You two are the best at what you do. I believe you both can be better by working together.”

Asajj turned to look at Loki. She said, “You offer a compelling case for making such an attempt.”

Aurra looked up at Loki, as she asked, “I am willing to give it a try. So, where are we going?”

Loki said, “A remote jungle planet in the on the eastern side of the Inner Rim, near Expansion Region. The system the planet is located in is outside of Confederate held space, but the Republic has shown no interest in the planet. But, that could always change. The planet is called E'venta Six. Two moons. Gravity is around standard. The planet orbits a single star.”

Aurra inquired, “What about the dangerous wildlife and plant life?”

Asajj asked, “And the weather?”

Loki stated, “There is nothing you two cannot handle. As for the weather. Where you are going on that planet is hot and humid in both the day and night, unless when it rains. Though, the rain is just water. And the storms can range from a quick mild shower to having some heavy rain, wind and lightning which can last several hours. Though, it is currently not monsoon season on that part of the planet.”

Asajj questioned, “What the mission?”

Loki answered, “You are going treasure hunting, in a ruined pyramid temple I recently learned about.”

Aurra responded, with concerned, “Pyramid?... If this is a Sith artifact hunt, you can forget it. I have been on those hunts before. They never turn out well. And the body count for those missions usually goes sky high very quickly at the most inopportune of times.”

Asajj commented, “I have no wish to deal with ancient Sith spirits.”

Loki responded, “Relax. This is not a Sith planet. At least, I do not think so. Many ancient cultures built pyramid temples. The treasure I am asking you go to after are some scrolls which are rumored to be the codex for an ancient language. I want those scrolls. Though, the temple is said to have traps in it. The plan is for Asajj to go in and Aurra to offer support from the outside, in case there is trouble.”

Aurra replied, “I can do that.”

Asajj said, “I enjoy a challenge. Though, I prefer to face battle like a warrior. Especially, when fighting a Jedi.”

Aurra turned to Asajj. Aurra commented, “You likely have never been on the receiving end of a major force battle.”

Asajj turned to Aurra. Asajj replied, “I will cede the point to you.”

Loki said, “With luck, neither of you will not be doing any fighting. And this will be an easy payday for both of you.”

Asajj and Aurra turned to look at Loki.

Aurra asked, “What is the aim of retrieving these scrolls? What do you get out of all this? You do not strike me as a collector for the sake of collecting.”

Loki answered, “Knowledge. Having another ancient language reclaimed will broaden our understanding of other ancient languages. After the scrolls have been deciphered and recorded, the scrolls will go on display, in a clear case, in a museum, for people to look at and admire.”

Aurra commented, “That sounds reasonable. Though, give our reputations I would believe sending us to retrieve these scrolls would be overkill.”

Loki said, “I believe in planning for trouble.”

Asajj commented, “It is wise to be prepared.”

Aurra agreed, “That is a good point.”

Loki stated, “If there is a battle, I do not want a bloodbath. Minimize the causalities on both sides. Getting away with the scrolls is the mission. Not a fight to inflate your egos.”

Loki focused on Aurra, as she continued, “Aurra. You will stall any trouble.”

Loki turned to Asajj, as she went onto say, “While Asajj gets the scrolls.”

Loki focused on both women, as she said, “With both of you escaping to the ship.”

Aurra replied, “I can do that.”

Asajj inquired, “Not my first choice, but I have come to appreciate such mission priorities. Though, what is the payment for this mission?”

Loki answered, “Both of you will be paid your standard fees. Half now, half upon completion of the mission. And before you ask. You are both being paid the same amounts. Aurra, I know your greed can sometimes get the better of you.”

Aurra casually said, “We all have our failings.” She continued, in a more concerned tone of voice, “Though, what if we fail this mission?”

Loki answered, “You will not get paid the second half of your payment. But, otherwise there will be no ramifications.”

Asajj inquired, “Fair enough. How large are these scrolls and how many? I can only carry so much.”

Loki answered, “From what I learned. There should be one or two scrolls. Each scroll about four centimeter in diameter and twenty centimeters wide. Though, be careful with the scrolls. After all, they are ancient. I will provide you with a select of pouches to choose from to carry the scrolls in.”

Asajj stated, “I will.”

Loki commented, “If the scrolls have turned to dust, or start to crumble when you touch them, collect what you can. There are archaeological techniques I know of that can be used to put the scrolls back together, piece by piece.” Loki thought, 'Like a very complicated jigsaw puzzle. No magic needed. Just a lot of time, work, and patience. If it reaches that point, I will hire someone to put the pieces back together.'

Asajj said, “I will do my best.”

Aurra questioned, “What if the scrolls are not there? Such as they have already been taken, of degraded over time. I do not want to waste time looking for something that is not there.”

Loki stated, “That is a good question. Search for a day, or two. If you and Asajj are unable to find the scrolls in that time, had back to the ship and contact me. I will provide you means to do so. We will all go over the information we have leaned. If it turns out that you both believe the scrolls are not there, I will pay you both the other half of the amounts for the job. And you can both leave the jungle planet.”

Aurra commented, “That is very generous of you.”

Loki said, “I value the skills both of you have. I have no interest on sending you on mission you cannot complete due to the actions of others.”

Asajj asked, “While I appreciate your faith in our abilities. How are we going to get travel to E'venta Six and reach the pyramid temple?”

Aurra commented, “That is a good point. My ship is not made for two.”

Asajj said, “Neither is mine. I doubt you plan for us to take two ships.”

Loki responded, “Correct. I will provide you will a ship to take you there. The coordinates are already set in the ship. Though, you can pilot the ship if you want. The ship is fully stocked. There is a medical droid if you need one. There are some droid mechanics on board, if there is a problem with the ship. When you reach the planet, you can decide where to land. After the mission is over, the ship will return you here. You drop off the scroll where I say. You get paid. And you leave on your own ships.”

“There is a speeder vehicle downstairs, at the street level, with a droid driver, which will take you to where ship, which I am loaning you, is located. When you board the ship do the fly check, and then fly it into orbit. From there, use the preset coordinates to head to the planet. You will be there in just under a week.”

Asajj said, “I am not sure that I can be in such close quarters with someone for a week.”

Aurra turned to Asajj. Aurra causally teased, “Do not be shy. We are all women here.”

Asajj looked over at Asajj. She replied, “That is not what I am talking about. If I kill you in a fit of rage.” She turned to Loki, as she continued, “Loki will likely be upset with me.”

Aurra continued to look towards Asajj. Aurra had an amused look on her face. Aurra commented, “Well, if you do try something. Just remember. I have probably killed more Jedi than you.”

Asajj turned to Aurra. Asajj said, “I doubt that.”

Loki stated, “Ladies.” Aurra and Asajj turned to look at Loki. Loki continued, “If you want to try to kill each other. Do so after this mission is over. If you kill each other during the mission it will ruin your reputations.”

Asajj groaned as she realized that Loki was correct.

Aurra shrugged, as she conceded, “I guess you are right.”

Loki casually said, “Besides. You have not had an outburst in months, Asajj.”

Asajj replied, “You are correct. I will make the best of the situation.”

Loki stated, “Good. I want you to maintain communication silence. But, if there is a problem, the ship is preset to an encrypted chance you can reach me. When you have the scrolls and you are off the planet, contact me on that encrypted channel.”

Asajj said, “That will not be a problem.”

Aurra replied, “This sounds fine to me.”

Loki requested, “Now please retrieve my scrolls.”

With the datapads in their hands, Asajj and Aurra got up from their seats.

Aurra allowed Asajj to walk towards the door first. With Aurra following behind Asajj.

When Asajj reached the door, she held the datapad in her right hand, as she used her left hand to press a button on the panel by the door to open the door.

The door slid open and Asajj walked out of the room, with Aurra right behind her. Both women headed for the nearby elevator, to take the elevator down to the street level. Once outside, on the street, they would find the speeder vehicle waking for them, to begin their mission for Loki.

Aurra and Asajj picked up their bags, items, and weapons, from where they had stashed the items in the building, on the street level. Once they had their items, they would take the speeder vehicle which Loki provided for them.

As the door slid closed, Loki thought, 'I read about the scrolls in an Separatist intelligence report and I figured this would be the type of mission you two to might door well as a training mission together. Though, I am not going to tell you this is a training mission. For two experienced mercenaries such as yourselves, you would find such a comment to be insulting. But, I have high hopes for the both of you.'

'Right now, they may not trust each other. I believe that will change during this mission. At least I gave them a ship that they can ride in style. With a little luck, this will help them keep from killing each other until they get to know each other. Actually, that ship is better than the ship I travel in. Though, my ship looks plain so no one bats an eye at it.'

'I added a precaution to the ship I am loaning them. I set the communication system to send a signal to me when the ship leave that planet. I hope they are not annoyed by this. I doubt that they will mind.'

Loki smiled, as she continued her thoughts, with delight, 'I sense they have both made it to the elevator that will take them to the ground level. Now, to prepare to my secret mission. A mission of relaxation and delight. But first...'

Loki pulled out a small datapad from the right side pocket of her shorts. She turned on the datapad. The datapad was linked to the local datanet. Loki sent a encrypted message through the local datanet on the planet to another datanet in the galaxy. The signal was for a bank account Loki had under an alias to depose credits to a bank account Aurra Sing gave Loki to use to pay her with. Loki was transferring the balance of the other half of Aurra's payment from the mission she recently completed. Along with this,

Loki sent to other encrypted messages to add the first half of Aurra and Asajj's payments to their bank accounts for their current mission.

Loki turned off the small datapad, and she put the datapad back into her right side shorts pocket.

Loki stood up from her armchair, walked around her desk, to her right side, and she headed out the door, to a staircase in a nearby stairwell that would lead her up a level.

Once she made it to the next level up, she went to the nearby quarters she was using to live in.

Loki intended to pack a few of her belongings into suitcase.

Once Loki her packed her belongings, she would use her powers to teleport with her luggage to her intended destination.


Days later, in another part of the galaxy, in the eastern Inner Rim, the Resolute and Negotiator were heading together through hyperspace towards their next destination.

Presently, it was the middle of the night rotation on the Resolute and Negotiator. The two ships would reach their next destination the following morning. That destination being a Republic spacestation, in orbit around Rasterous, where they would resupply and refuel.

Rasterous was located on the Trellen Trade Route. Rasterous was a heavily guarded Republic military location in the Inner Rim, due to the Kuat Drive Yards located in orbit of the planet. This was were some of the military ships were building. Everything from starfighters to Star Destroyers.

After the fight with Jar Jar, not much had happened to Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan.

Padme had spent that time afterward helped her friends in the Senate, while the Senate Building was vented of all the poisonous gas.

The day after the fight with Jar Jar, Padme had separately talked to both Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi High Council, about Jar Jar being the Coruscant Beast.

Padme talked with Palpatine in the morning, and she talked to the Jedi High Council in the afternoon.

In spite of their difference, during Padme and Palpatine's conversation dealing with Jar Jar, Palpatine had showed support and reassurances towards Padme, with Palpatine stating he supported her actions. Padme found Palpatine comments to be comforting.

Later, when the Jedi Council requested to talk to Padme about Jar Jar being the Coruscant Beast. As Obiwan had predicted, the Jedi Council showed more interested in Jar Jar being the Coruscant Beast, with Jar Jar being able to hold his own against Thor, than the poisoning of the Senate Building. When Padme was talking to the Jedi Council about the matter, the Jedi Council showed little interest in the poisoning of the Senate. Except to check to make sure those whom had been poisoned would recover.

Padme found the Jedi Council's lack of concern for the Senators and staff to be annoying, but she left the matter drop.

Due to Jar Jar's transformation into the Coruscant Beast been connected to Loki. A few days after Padme's battle with Jar Jar. And after much contemplation on the matter by Padme. Including Padme talking with Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan, over the matter. Padme had decided to formally requeste the Jedi High Council and Chancellor Palpatine to allow her to contact Loki.

Given Loki was an agent of the Separatists, Padme could not contact Loki without permission for both the Jedi Council and the Chancellor. Padme knew that for her to contact a member of the other side of the war, without permission, could likely have her court-martialed.

Though, Padme has made it clear to the Jedi Council and the Chancellor that she did not believe that Loki had turned Jar Jar into a cannibalistic murderer. While Padme did want answers about Jar Jar, in truth this was an excuse. What Padme wished to learned from Loki was how and what Loki knew of Mjolnir and other topics. Padme knew to find these answers she needed to talk to Loki.

Also, Padme stated in her request, that given Loki could teleport at will, trying to fight Loki, or capture Loki, would be counterproductive. But, she might learn some information from Loki that could be useful.

Padme's request for the mission to contact Loki had so far been denied, by Chancellor Palpatine. Given the Chancellor did not want to risk Padme being captured by Loki.

Though, the Jedi Council did support Padme's request to contact Loki. The Jedi Council believed that Padme might actually benefit from such a meeting. In that seeking answers from Loki would be potentially rewards, even though Loki was on the other side of the war.

Still, Padme was a patient person and she knew eventually the Chancellor would allow her to undertake the mission. In the meantime, she and her friends would return to active duty, and fight the war they found themselves in.

Though, Padme had found that Anakin was against her planned meeting with Loki. Anakin told Padme he feared for Padme's life. Even with Padme having the powers from Mjolnir when facing Loki, Anakin felt that Loki was to unpredictable to take any chances with.

Padme states it was her choice. Anakin eventually relented and that it was Padme's decision on the matter. Though, Anakin did still disagree with Padme, on Padme's plans to go alone to meet with Loki.

Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan had soon finished their leave on Coruscant, with them returning to the Resolute, with C3-PO and R2-D2.

Concerning the war. Earlier in the evening of the current night for Padme, Padme has been briefed in private on her next mission. The mission was to send Thor and a small group of troopers to scout out some urban ruins on a world that has been fought over and bombed by both the Republic and the Separatists, during the course of the war.

Thor would be allowed to choose which squad of troopers among the Resolute and Negotiator, whom would accompany her on the mission. During the mission, Thor being given command authority over the squad of troopers.

This was one of the few times Padme was given military command authority, and she had no interest disappointing those whom put their in her abilities.

Padme already had an idea whom she planned to bring with her on the mission.

After the Resolute and Negotiator came out of hyperspace and in orbit of Rasterous the next morning, Thor and the troopers would take a hyperspace transport to the planet they were to scout out.

The planet which Thor and the troopers would be sent to was located on the border of the Inner Rim and the Expansion Region.

The planet was no longer populated. The population had already fled to one side of the other in the war. The mission was to find selection of good locations for a communication outpost, to listen on Separatists frequencies near the front of the war.

Also, Padme knew that Obiwan, Anakin, and Ahsoka had also received missions last night. Though, she did not know the details. But, she knew they would talk to each other in the morning, before they left on their missions, while the crews of Resolute and Negotiator were busy being resupplied and refueled from a Republic spacestation.


The last thing Padme remembered was that she was in her normal form, she had placed Mjolnir on the a small table in her personal quarters in the Resolute, she had gotten ready for bed, she had gotten into her bed, and she had gone to sleep.

Now, Padme found herself walking along a ten meter wide path of a smooth, gray marble stone floor, with a wall of white light to her right side, and a wall of darkness to her left side.

The gray marble stone seemed to not be tiled and instead one smooth, solid piece of stone.

The light was not bright enough to blind her and instead the wall of light was a soft white glow.

The wall of darkness seem to ripple like a black color lake set on its side, brushed by a light wind.

Though, Padme felt no wind.

There was no ceiling, with the walls of light and dark going up as far as she could see.

When Padme looked down at herself, she saw that she was in her normal form, in the blue nightgown she had went to sleep in. Also, she was barefoot, but she found the smooths stone under her feet to be slightly warm and not slick as she walked down the path.

Padme continued walking, as she said, with concern in her tone of voice, “Hello.”

Right behind her, Padme heard a kind masculine voice say, “There is nothing to fear child. Nothing with harm you here.”

Padme suddenly stopped. She turned around to see an elderly man stand three meters from her. The elderly man had gray skin and a long white beard. He wore a grayish teal poncho, pants, and hat, with brown and gold trimming on his clothing. He also wore a gold belt around his waist.

Padme asked, “Who are you?”

The elderly man said, “I am the Father. And with me are my son and daughter.”

Padme realized, as she said, “This is a dream.”

The Father stated, “No. More. Much more. This is a communion.”

Suddenly, Padme her to her right side, from the darkness, she heard a male voice ask, in a demanding tone of voice, “Why is she here? She is not one of us. She is not a user of the force.” The darkness rippled a little more as the male voice spoke. As the male voice stopping speaking, the ripples in the darkness settled down and returned as the ripples were before.

Then, to Padme's left side, from the light, she heard a female voice calmly say, “All things are part of the force. The hammer has gifted her with abilities, including allowing her to feel through force. While she may not sense the force like us and others, she may someday learn how to use force. To channel the force.” The soft white glow became slightly bright from moment to moment, in harmony with each syllable of the words the female voice spoke.

Padme asked, “I could someday use the force?”

From the light, the female voice calmly said, “My dear, you already are.”

From the darkness, the male voice strongly stated, “With the force, she will destroy everything.”

From the light, the female voice calmly countered, “With the force, she may save everyone.”

From the darkness, the male voice pointed out, “She does not know how to even use the force. Even her friends might not be able to help her sense the force. Let alone teach her to use the force.”

From the light, the female voice said, “She already holds the heart of the chosen one. Even if she does not directly use the force. She will guide the direction of the force through him.”

From the darkness, the male voices spat out, “Never!”

Padme saw the Father look around him, as he firmly stated, “Enough!” He continued in a more normal tone of voice, “She is here because I wished her to be. She is the epicenter of the coming changes we all sense.” He looked at Padme, as he went onto say, “Whether it be a storm for growth, or a storm of destruction, is up to you.”

While confused, Padme replied, “I do not understand.”

The Father said, “Then, I will show you.”

From the light, the female voice stated, with eagerness in her tone of voice, “Yes. Show her the possible joys.”

Suddenly, Padme found her surroundings changing.

When Padme's vision returned to her, she found herself, in her normal form, wearing a flowing white gown, overseeing the Senate, in the center of the Senatorial Rotunda, with her standing in the chancellor's hoverpod.

Then, Padme noticed, standing in one of the hovering pods, set against a wall in front of her, was someone she recognized. The person was Ahsoka Tano, whom was now an adult. She was dressed in a fine red gown. Ahsoka appeared to be one of the Senators of the Galactic Republic.

Padme's vision changed to that of her in her stronger form. Padme was sparing with Anakin, only they were doing so to have fun, with the sparing ending with them kissing and moving on to much more passionate activities.

Then, Padme saw herself, in her normal form, playing with children. Anakin was there as her husband. And they were all happy as a family. Though, Padme did not know how she knew this, she just knew this.

Then, Padme saw herself in her Thor form, with her armor and weapon. She held the shaft of Mjolnir in her hands, as she hovered over an empty field of soil that stretched into the horizon.

But, Padme was not using Mjolnir to hover in the air. Padme somehow knew she was using the force to hover in the air.

Padme noticed it was a sunny day.

Padme brought storms to fields. Then, she watched as crops grew out of the soil. Soon there was a sea of fully grown crops on the rolling hills far she could see in all directions.

Suddenly, Padme found herself, as Thor, with Mjolnir, in her armor and equipment. Padme saw she was standing on top of a sand dune, on a bright dry day. She saw sand stretching into the horizon.

Then, Padme saw the two suns in the sky, and she recognized where she was. Padme realized she was on the desert planet Tatooine.

Padme held Mjolnir's shaft with both hands, right below the head of the hammer, in front of her. The head of her hammer was at chest level, with the rounded flat hammer pointing to her right, and the axe head pointing to her left.

Then, Padme hovered a few meters into the air.

While Padme looked out at the desert, she remembered what Anakin as said to her on Naboo.

Padme heard Anakin voice say the same words as before, which were, “I don't like sand.”

Then, Padme felt a level of peace and contentment that she had never felt before. Padme channeled that power and combined it with the power she felt from Mjolnir. She created a dark, cloudy storm of water and wind, but no lightning.

As the clouds cleared, to give way to light, she could feel the water in the warm air.

In the daylight, she saw that part of the landscape had turned to an ocean of water. And in other parts, including a few islands, the sand turned into, soil and from soil into lush, green forests.

Padme used Mjolnir to fly up into the sky, until she was in orbit. Instead of her seeing a scarred desert planet. The planet now had oceans, with lush green plant life covering the continents surrounded by oceans. The green planet life covered all but the highest mountains, where the tops of these mountains were covered in white, clean snow. There were lakes, rivers, seas, connecting the oceans to the green planet life encompassing the continents.

Padme felt happy and content. Padme was peace at both the sight below her, and the actions that had brought life to the once, nearly barren planet of Tatooine.

Through this happiness, Padme realized that with her powers, she could bring life to a nearly dead planet.

Then, Padme heard the male voice from the darkness request, more from sadness than anger, “Now, show her the likely sorrows.”

Suddenly, Padme found herself in walking in a large, throne room, which was dimly lit by electrical lights mounted on the side walls. Padme realized she was in her Thor form. Padme felt she were wearing her helmet and some type of armor which was different than her normal armor.

Though, Padme realized instead normally looking through the slits of her helmet, the slits of her helmet were now covered with a translucent material.

Padme could see clearly through the translucent material which covered the slits of her helmet.

Padme somehow knew the translucent material was very tough and the translucent material was a one-way mirror, with no one being able to see into the helmet.

Padme looked at her helmet and she saw that her metal helmet was painted black, instead of her metal helmet being painted dark blue.

Then, Padme heard clinging sounds as her feet hit the ground. She looked down to see that she was not in her usual armor and leather Thor uniform. Instead, she was in a full, black armored uniform, with black metal boots and black metal gauntlets over her hands.

Padme sensed that she had the strap of her Black Solace scabbard across her chest. Padme could tell from the weight of the strap and the way the strap pulled against her body the vibro-katana was sheathed in its scabbard, with the hilt being above and behind her left shoulder, as usual.

Also, Padme noticed she was carrying Mjolnir by the middle of the shaft in her right hand, as her right side. The head of the hammer was facing towards the front, with the axe blade of the head facing downward towards the floor.

The walls and ceiling, were painted black. The floor was smooth black marble, with a two meter wide black carpet flowing down center of the room, from the throne, to under Padme's feet, to behind Padme.

The throne room was very large, with a high ceiling and the side walls were several meters apart.

As Padme continued walking down the black carpet, Padme look up and she saw that she was approaching a throne.

Padme was five meters from the throne.

Padme noticed the throne was a cushioned, black leather bound, armchair, with a high back, on small, three step raised platform set against the back wall of the throne room. The black carpet ended right in front of the bottom step.

Padme saw that sitting in the chair was a man in a black cloak covering his body, and black hood over his head. Though, even with her enhanced senses, the face and body of the man remained in the shadows of the cloak and hood. It was as if the light itself was blocked by the darkness surrounding the man.

Padme came to a stop in front of the man. She stood a meter from the bottom step of the platform.

Padme used her gauntlet covered hands to reverse her grip of the hammer. She held Mjolnir with her right hand in the center of the shaft, in front of herself to her right side, where the top of the hammer was pointed downward, with the axe blade facing forward.

A moment after Padme finished reversing her grip on Mjolnir, Padme knelt down, on her right knee, as she brought the hammer down, with a cling, onto the floor. Her left foot was on the floor, and her left arm was at her left side.

Padme lowered her back and head in a forward downward motion, to where she was bowing before the man in dark cloak and hood.

Then, Padme heard herself ask, in her Thor voice, “What is thy bidding, my master?”

The voice from the hood man was grainy and dark, though there was some vaguely familiar about voice. But, Padme could not place the voice. The dark hooded man said, “Arise Lady Tonnerre. Dark Lady of the Sith.”

Padme leaned up. Then, she stood up. After she fully stood, she looked at the dark hooded man, as she used her hands to reverse her grip of Mjolnir in her right hand, with the top of the hammer point in front of her, and the axe blade pointed downward.

Suddenly, Padme's vision changed to night, in a part of an outdoor park which was well illuminated by lampposts set throughout the area.

Padme noticed she was now hovering over a crowd of anti-war protesters. But, she was using the force to hover in place. She was still in the black armor and helmet, with the sheathed Black Solace in its scabbard strapped to her back. She held Mjolnir by the shaft, in her right hand, next to her chest. The head of the hammer pointed upwards.

Padme watched herself, as she held down her hammer, pointing the top of the head of the hammer at the crowd. Then, she had lightning come from the hammer which raked across the crowd, killing the protesters.

Padme was shocked at what she had done. Though, she could not stop herself from committing the acts of violence against the people.

Padme's vision changed. It was daytime on Coruscant, the sky was clear, with her facing the southern side of the Jedi Temple, in the distance. Padme was standing on the plaza which surround the giant pyramidal ziggurat.

Padme looked around, she saw she was still in her black armor and black helmet. But, she was holding her hammer by the end of the shaft with her left hand, while holding the hilt of the unsheathed Black Solace vibro-katana in her right hand.

In her right hand, Padme felt and heard the hum as the vibration mechanism of the vibro-katana were turned on. Also, Padme noticed that she held Mjolnir in her left hand, was the head of the hammer being turned so the axe was facing forward.

Without looking, with the force, Padme could sense that behind her, to her sides, she was flanked by clone troopers in full white armor and helmet. Each clone trooper held a blaster rifle in his hands.

Padme turned to face the Jedi Temple. She raised Mjolnir into the air.

Dark clouds in the sky swiftly formed to blot out the sunlight of the day.

Suddenly, hail, rain, wind, and lightning began to rain on the Jedi Temple, but only the Jedi Temple. The only light came from the constant lighting pointed the Jedi Temple.

Tornadoes formed over and onto the top of the Jedi Temple. Soon, the storm fully engulfed the Jedi Temple.

Then, Padme saw members of the Jedi Order running out of the main southern entrance of the temple towards them, by the hundreds, with their lightsabers in hand and ignited.

While maintaining the weather attack on the temple, Padme used her hammer to fly towards the Jedi. When she reached the Jedi, she landed and fought them in close combat battle.

Meanwhile, the troopers used their blaster rifles to fire on the Jedi from a distance.

As Padme engaged the Jedi, she was able to use her firm grip of the hammer in her left hand, and her expert level of muscle control over her body, to keep from being thrown about by the force, as she moved with swiftness and speed towards the Jedi.

In addition, while the Jedi were fast, and had the force, Padme was physically faster, and she could react more quickly, especially when she was using an elegant weapon such as the Black Solace in her right main sword-hand.

Padme became a blur on the battlefield, cutting down dozens of Jedi with seconds.

As the battle continued, and the storm beat down the Jedi Temple, Padme was able to parry and counter several Jedi, one after another, with her right arm.

Also, Padme varied in her fighting style in how she fought with her weapons. In her left hand, she used the hammer's axe blade to cut through a number of Jedi. While Padme used the round flat part of the hammer to do backhanded blows which knocked several Jedi away, into the air, per swing.

In addition, Padme used lightning from the hammer, to rake across the battlefield.

Some Jedi were able to use their powers, or lightsabers, to defend against Padme's lightning, some Jedi were not quick enough to do so.

To make matters worse for the Jedi, Padme noticed that the few of the lightsaber energy blades which made it through her speed and defenses, to make contact with her armor, immediately shorted out, with the lightsaber blade collapsing, and the lightsaber no longer functioning.

Padme immediately realized that her armor was created from black cortosis-weave, which shorted out any lightsaber energy blade that made contact with the armor.

Also, Padme came to the realization that with her weapons, powers, and the black cortosis-weave armor, she was unstoppable against the Jedi.

This battle continued for several minutes until Padme suddenly stopped fighting. She lifted the storm from the temple. Then, she dispersed the tempest above her, with the clouds dispersing into a clear sky.

As daylight from the clear sky returned, Padme saw that she was surrounded by hundred of bodies. Those dead whom were closest to her included Anakin, Obiwan, Ahsoka, and many other members of the Jedi Order that she had met at their temple. Some of them were even younglings, young children from the Jedi Temple.

Padme felt disgust for herself at what she had just done.

Then, Padme looked in front of her, in the daylight at where the Jedi Temple should have been.

Instead, there was no temple. There was no rubble. There was only a flat foundation of where the Jedi Temple one stood. There were only a few holes evident in the foundation, where the lower levels of the Jedi Temple once stood.

It was as if a great hand from the sky had just reached down and removed the entirety of the Jedi Temple from the surface of Coruscant.

For the first time during this experience, Padme felt intense fear towards the power she had at her command.

Then, the vision changed, and Padme found herself standing at the front of a command bridge of a Republic Star Destroyer. She stood right in front of the middle of the main window of the bridge.

Padme looked out the main window to see the ship was facing the day side of her homeworld of Naboo, with her home city, the capital of Theed, being on the side of the planet she was facing.

Padme looked around and saw that she was still in her black armor and black helmet. Though, she held her hammer by the middle of the shaft, in her right hand at her right side, with the head pointed in front of her and the axe blade pointed downward.

The Black Solace was no longer in her hands. From the way her chest armor pulled at her, Padme realized that vibro-katana was presently sheathed in its scabbard, strapped on her back.

Padme overheard one of the bridge officers say, “It is unfortunate that their planetary government refuses to summit to Imperial rule.”

Another bridge officer replied, “That is why the Emperor is making an example out of them.”

Padme turned her attention to Naboo. She saw the green forests and plains, along with the blue oceans of her homeworld. It was a beautiful sight. She remembered the first time she went into space, and saw Naboo from this angle. The past event was a cherished memory she felt she would likely never forget.

In addition, even from this distance, with her enhanced sight Padme could clearly see in the daylight as she focused her vision on the capital city of Theed below her. Padme could see the light brown tiles and white tiles which made up streets in detail. Padme could even see the reddish-brown tiled roof and backyard of her family home in Theed. Padme could even see vehicles moving around along the streets, and people walking on the sidewalks, going about their day.

Then, Padme continued to look at the surface of Naboo, as she felt an intense rage quickly grow inside her to a level she had never felt before. While the rage burned like ice at her core, she found the rage and the power from the rage to be intoxicating.

Padme channeled her anger and combined that anger enhanced dark power of the force with the powers which Mjolnir gave her.

Suddenly, Padme watched as dark clouds formed over the complete surface of Naboo. Freezing watery rain mixed with icy hail to fall from the sky like rivers onto the lands of the planet.

What buildings and forests on the surface of Naboo which withstood the rain and hail could not withstand the sheer winds, large tornadoes, and lightning.

The storm came on so quickly that no spaceship would have had time to escape. If those on the planet had tried leave for orbit by spaceship, and should their spaceship have made it passed the rain and hail, the winds and lightning high in the atmosphere would have either destroyed the ships out right, or knocked then back to crash into either the ground and seas below.

The rain and hail created a fog on the ground level that so thick that if the flooding did not kill those those outside, the intense electrical discharge in the air near the surface was like being immersed in a pool of water that was constantly electrified by lightning, electrocuting everything and everyone caught outside.

Soon, super-strong eyeless hurricanes and typhoons formed over the continents of the planet.

All the while, lightning pounded every inch of the lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, and icecaps. The underwater cities of Naboo were quickly destroyed.

By then, all but those buildings located very deep underground were already destroyed.

While the lightning vaporized the water and ice, but not into water vapor. Instead, the lightning broke the water down further to the molecular level and into the basic atomic elements of hydrogen and oxygen.

While the water was broken down to basic elements, the clouds in the sky slowly disappeared. Though, Padme realized this was the planetary over, as she saw something was replacing the clouds.

All it took was a single spark of static electricity, created by lightning from positive and negatively charged particles in the air. The simple spark, in a sea of sparks, caused the oceans of pure oxygen and hydrogen, which were already mixed together, to act as fuel for each other.

As the clouds of moisture disappeared, a different type of storm slowly took its place. A gigantic firestorm which the winds carried across the planet in waves that set the atmosphere, the ground, and everything in-between, ablaze in a fiery sea of yellow, orange, and red hues.

The fire was so intense that is cleansed the what was left of the atmosphere of ashes and dust.

Soon after, the fires died down due to the flames removing last bits of atmosphere on the planet's surface.

With the firestorm no more, Padme saw in the daylight, the black, burnt out, ravaged husk of the planet that use to be lush, vibrant, living planet of Naboo.

Padme's enhanced vision allowed her to clearly see that her attack had left no traced of water, life, nor civilization behind on the surface of the charred dead planet.

Padme even saw where Theed use to be. Where once was a beautiful city atop the edge of a plateau, overlooking off a cliff full of waterfalls. The city had been surrounded by green foliage. There had been rivers flowing through parts of the city, and off the cliff to create spectacular waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls even landed over parts of the Theed spaceport, where there were giant aqueducts which caught the water and diverted the water to the nearby river where the rest of the water for the waterfalls came together.

Where there had once been the city of Theed, there was now a barren, charred black gentle slope, with no sign of there ever being a city, rivers, cliffs, waterfalls, spaceport, nor even a plateau. Theed and the surrounding countryside has been wiped away, with no trace that Theed had ever existed on the now dead planet.

Padme suddenly felt the anger inside her let go over her soul. As Padme realized what had happened, her rage was immediately replaced by horror at what she had done.

Padme screamed, “NOOOOOO!”

Suddenly, Padme found herself standing on the gray marble walkway, with the wall of darkness to her right, the wall of light to her left side, and the Father standing three meters directly in front of her.

Only this time, Padme realized she was in her Thor form, with her armor, helmet, and equipment. But, this time it was her normal dark blue metal and brown leather armor. Her helmet had the normal open slits on the face plate.

Padme felt the sheathed Black Solace in its scabbard pulled against her chest. Also, Padme realized she was holding Mjolnir by the middle of the shaft with her right hand, at her right side.

Padme looked at the Father, as she asked, in a concerned tone, in her Thor voice, “What are these visions? Is this like what force users have?”

The Father stated, “Yes. And more. When you lifted Mjolnir, the hammer, you gained such abilities. What you have been shown is your full potential. Potential which will allow you to be able to alter the course of planets, solar systems, even galaxies.”

Padme realized something about Mjolnir, as she inquired, “Why is thee showing thou all this? While thy would love help grow crops on farms, replenish deserts with water, and bring life to planets. Thou would think with the worthiness limitation of the hammer, that thou would not have to worry so much about being corrupted by this power. That Mjolnir would start to take away thou's power if thy began to be corrupted by this power. That the whole point of being worthy is to prevent those that are not worthy from being corrupted by the power of Mjolnir.”

The Father responded, “The force can do many things, including seducing outside powers to serve both the force and those that use the force. Being worthy is a very subjective term. While worthiness has more to do with strength of character, than physical strength, there is more to worthiness than one's personality and outlook on life. Mjolnir has to like you. And there in lies the weakness of Mjolnir, which can allow the hammer to be seduced like any other person.”

Padme held up the hammer in front of her, as she stated, “Thou always suspect Mjolnir was more than a weapon, but a person. An individual.” Padme lowered Mjolnir to her right side.

The Father stated, “In a way. Yes. Mjolnir has its own thoughts and feelings. Though, the hammer in your hand is a representation of Mjolnir. The actual hammer is not with us.”

Padme inquired, “Why not?”

The Father answered, “Because Mjolnir would like disagree with what I have shown you.”

Padme questioned, “Why?”

The Father said, “Because Mjolnir would prefer to take its time and slowly show you what you can do.”

Padme thought, 'Like when Mjolnir showed me how to make portals.'

The Father stated, “Yes. And yes. I can read you mind. In the fullness of time, Mjolnir taking its time to show you what you can do, like a teacher offering its student one lesson at a time, would have been the proper path to take. But, time is not a luxury for any of us. Mjolnir has a past. A very dark past.”

Padme admitted, “Thou is doubtful of such a claim.”

The Father responded, “That is understandable. While the Mjolnir a dark past, the hammer is still honorable. There is much more about the hammer you wield than you realize. Information which I know. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell you everything I have learned.”

Padme requested, “Then, tell thou what thee can?”

The Father said, “I will. Before you held that hammer. The previous individual whom held that hammer served a being of dark designs.”

The Father faded from Padme's view. Then, between the darkness and light, in the gray area appeared dozens of other Thors standing on front of her, with their backs turned to her. Most of them appeared to human, or at least near-human men. But, some were women. And a few were aliens. All of the Thors had different physical buildings. All of the Thors wore slightly different uniforms. Even uniform has a different color scheme.

Each Thor held different hammer in their hands. Some of the hammers were larges than the Mjolnir in Padme's right hand. Some had hammers that were small enough to be properly held in one hand. Some of the hammers had a strap on the end of the shaft. Though, some of the hammers did not, like the Mjolnir Padme held.

A few of the Thors did not have hammers and instead they held swords, maces, or axes in their hands.

Since Padme only saw their backs, she could not tell there ages. Thought, a few of them had white men. But, Padme knew that hair color was not always in indication of age.

Padme noticed that most of the Thors had capes clasped to the armor on the back of their neck. But, some of the Thors did not have capes, like Padme's armor.

The Father's voice continued, but Padme could not locate from where the father was speaking, as he said, “And the wielder was not alone.”

Then, Padme watched as the other Thors in front of her each bowed on one knee, with their weapons in hand and set to their side, like Padme saw herself do in one of her visions.

As Padme looked on, she noticed that in front of the Thors there was a man in shiny chrome armor covering him from head to toe, with a white cloak and a white hood over his head. The hood cast a shadow over the chrome faceplate the man wore over his face. The armored man in white was sitting in what looked like the gnarled part of a brown tree, shaped into a throne, as he looked down at his subjects, the Thors.

The Father went onto say, “All of them served the will of a monster whom rivals in power, will, guile, and intelligence, as the creature you face.”

Padme thought, 'Sidious.'

Suddenly, Padme saw the man in white look up at her. And with her enhanced vision, she saw in the slits of the man's mask, as the man's brown eyes focus on her.

The masked man in white armor calmly asked, in a firm tone of voice, “And whom might you be?”

Suddenly, the man in white armor and the other Thors disappeared from Padme's sight, as Padme heard Father's voice yell, with a hint of fear, and a bit of rage, “No! This is only a vision! This is not an invitation!”

From the wall of darkness, Padme heard a male voice chuckle a little.

In response, from the wall of light, Padme heard a female voice lightly groan for a few seconds.

Suddenly, Padme saw the Father appear two meters in front of her. She saw that the Father had a worried look on his face.

The Father stated, “You must go. Do not worry. That man will not trouble you. I will not let him. He will soon be too busy to even trouble himself with you. Though, before you leave you need to learn one more lesson from us. From myself.”

“That being you were told by the one in green neither Mjolnir, nor the one in green is not of your realm. What neither you, Mjolnir, nor the one in green realize is that Mjolnir and the one in green create a balance. In spite of what you have learned, Mjolnir is of the light and the one in green is of the dark.”

Padme guessed, “Loki is the one in green?”

The Father responded, “Yes. As you have realized by knowing the one in green. The dark is not evil. And from what you have seen here, the light is not good. That the dark has the capacity to do good. And as you saw of your visions, the light can be twisted to serve evil. You must always be on your guard.”

While still in her Thor form, given the importance of the situation, Padme promised, in her own normal tone of voice, “I promise I will be on my guard. I will not fail you. I will not forget what you have shown me. What you have taught me.”

The Father gave Padme a reassuring smile, as he said, “I know you will not forget this, nor give in to the evil that covets you. This is why I have faith in you, Padme Amidala Naberrie, and your friends, in saving your galaxy. Now, be the Thor that both Mjolnir and myself hope you can be.”


Padme suddenly woke up from her bed. She realized she was in her normal form, and she was wearing her blue nightgown she had went to sleep in. She remember everything from her dream. Both the good and the bad. She leaned up and she looked to her right, at the digital clock on the nightstand by her bed. She saw that it was four hundred in the morning.

Then, she turned to look out across the room, at where she had placed Mjolnir. Padme saw in the dim light of the rooms wall lights, Mjolnir resting on its side on a nearby table in her bedroom.

As Padme fully recalled what had just happened, she thought, 'What a dream... No. That was a premonition. I need to remember this and tell my friends about what I was shown, in the morning.'

Padme focused on Mjolnir, as she continued her thoughts, 'Mjolnir. While you may disagree with the Father giving me this information. Know this. What I have learned from the Father has only made me more respectful towards the power you grant me. I know you wanted to show me all this in your own time, but if the Father is correct, we may have less time than we both wish. Though, do not worry. Soon I hope to have answers when I am able to talk to Loki. Answers that should help all of us.'

For a second, it seemed as if in the dim light cast a sheen of light on Mjolnir. As if Mjolnir was responding to Padme's thoughts in a positive manner.

Padme noticed this. She smiled, as she thought, 'Thank you.'

Then, Padme laid back in bed. While she found that sleep would not return to her, she did allow her body to rest until it was time to get up.


Later that morning, Padme, Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obiwan, had already gotten up and ready to face the day. They had breakfast together in the mess hall.

All of them were dressed in their usual clothing they wore while on duty. Though, Obiwan was in his Jedi clothing and robe, while not wearing any body armor.

Padme did not tell her friends about what had happened to her during the previous night. Instead, she ask them if they could in private concerning something important to her.

Padme's friends agreed to talk in the Jedi Recreation room after they ate breakfast.

Meanwhile, the Resolute and Negotiator had come out of hyperspace, in high orbit on Rasterous.

The spacestations and ship yards in orbit of Rasterous were heavily by a small armada of Republic naval capital ships, starfighters, bombers, manned battlestations, and unmanned orbital defense satellites.

Fortunately, the military officials overseeing Rasterous were expecting the arrival of the Resolute and Negotiator, with the two Star Destroyers arriving on time.

Once the desk crews of the Resolute and Negotiator, whom were on duty, were cleared by the local Republic military officials, the two ships were pilots to one of the spacestations in orbit of Rasterous to be resupplied and refueled.

Due to this being a routine resupply, Obiwan and Anakin did now have to be present and the captains of both ships could handle the matter.

After breakfast, Padme was fully awake, though her three friends were not fully awake. Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan made it to the privacy of the Jedi Recreation room.

Padme was first inside and she flip a light switch on a panel by the entrance, near the button for the door. The switch caused the ceiling lights in the room to turn on.

Once the four friends had entered the break-room, the hallway door sensors sensed no one was near the doorway and the door automatically slid shut. While the door could easily be opened from the inside by a press of a button on a panel by the door, the hallway side reached typing in a passcode on the numerical pad on a panel, by the hallway side of the door.

Anakin went over to sit in the nearby couch by the large holo-monitor. Padme and Obiwan each sat in a chairs at the table, across from each other. Ahsoka slowly walked throughout the room try to help wake herself up.

Half a minute after doing of slow pacing, Ahsoka came to a stop between the couch Anakin was sitting in and the table Padme and Obiwan were sitting in chair at. Obiwan's back was towards Ahsoka, while Padme was facing Ahsoka.

Ahsoka looked around at her friends, as she yawned. She stated, “That briefing last night ran a few hours long.”

Padme looked at Ahsoka, while Obiwan turned around in his chair to look at Ahsoka.

Anakin turned around in the couch, to his left, to look at Ahsoka. Anakin commented, “There is not much we can do on such matters.” Anakin turned to Padme. He inquired, “So, Padme. What is it that you wanted to talk to us in private about?”

Padme thought, 'It is best that I tell them now.'

Padme looked around at her friends, as she stated, “Guys. I am not sure how to tell you this. But, I believe I had a vision last night in my sleep.”

As Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obiwan, realized the importance of Padme's comment, they quickly woke up, as they turned to look at Padme.

Obiwan straighten out in his chair, as he looked at Padme. He questioned, “What do you mean?

Anakin asked, “Are you sure it was not a dream?”

Padme responded, “I am sure it was not a dream. The experience was too vivid. I believe I was visited by others. The main person I met called himself, the Father. And I heard voices. One female. One male. The father said the voices were his daughter and son.”

Obiwan requested, with concern in his tone of voice, “Describe this person whom called himself, Father?”

Padme answered, “Male. Slender build with gray skin. He had a long white beard on his face. He wore a grayish teal poncho, pants, and hat, with brown and gold trimming on his clothing and a gold belt around his waist. Do you believe this is important?”

Obiwan responded, “Yes. When Mjolnir first dropped in on us, we knew you needed training. I researched the Jedi Archives to see if anything like this might had occurred before. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any real comparisons. But, I did run across some accounts by Jedi throughout the ages, whom were visited by beings of the force. Usually in their sleep. The beings gave these Jedi important messages about the future. These beings called themselves, the Father, the Son, and the Daughter. Your description fits the one claiming to the Father in these historical accounts.”

Padme pointed, “But, I am not a Jedi.”

Obiwan stated, “You are unique. I am sure that such beings could take noticed of you for your uniqueness, and the uniqueness of Mjolnir.”

Anakin commented, “The hammer could have helped you with this vision.” He thought, 'Like it helped me with my vision.'

Padme mentioned, “The Father stated he was the one responsible for my vision and that Mjolnir was not involved.”

Obiwan said, “It is likely the Father did not want to risk crossing an unknown power.”

Padme stated, “Actually, the Father said he knew a lot of about Mjolnir and the hammer's origins. But, he could not share much of this information.”

Obiwan commented, “It is common for such beings to withhold information.”

Padme pointed out, “The same could be said for Jedi.”

Obiwan inquired, “True. Now, what did the Father tell you?”

Padme said, “He told me a few things. But, what he showed caused me great concern.”

Ahsoka asked, “Was it good? Or bad?”

Padme replied, “A bit of both.”

Obiwan suggested, “Perhaps you should start from the beginning.”

Padme began, “After going to sleep on my bed, in my quarters, I found myself walking along a gray path, with a wall of light to my right side, and a wall of darkness to my left side. Then, I heard the Father's voice behind me say that I had nothing to fear...”

Padme told Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka was she had seen and heard in her vision.

Padme did not leave anything out. She mentioned the good, and she stated the bad.

Half an hour later, by the time Padme finished, she could tell by the expressions on her friends faces that they were surprised and interested in what she had said.

By then, Ahsoka had sat down in a chair at the table to Padme's right side and Obiwan's left side. Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin were still sitting where they had been before. Padme and Obiwan in chairs at the table, while Anakin sat in the couch.

As Anakin sat at the couch, he had turned to his left to face Padme, Obiwan, and Ahsoka.

Padme concluded her story, “Then, I woke up in my bed, with it being four in the morning.”

Obiwan stated, “Padme. From what you have told us, I believe this was a vision. That you were visited by the Father, Son, and Daughter. From what it sounds like, we may still make a Jedi of you, yet.” He voice took on a more serious tone, as he continued, “Though, I am more concerned with the darker parts of your vision.”

Ahsoka commented, “Killing crowds of people. Destroying the Jedi Temple. Killing everyone. Including us. Then, destroying your homeworld of Naboo. That is dark. Very dark.”

Padme replied, with concern in her tone of voice, “I fully agree.”

Anakin looked around at his friends, as he stated, “But, just because she had a vision does not mean it will come to pass. I have had some very dark visions. Including during my trials. They showed a dark reflection of what I could become. But, I have moved beyond such possibilities.” He focused on Padme, as he went onto say, “And I believe Padme will as well.”

Padme turned to Anakin. She gave Anakin a weak smile, as she said, “Thank you, Anakin.”

Anakin returned Padme's smile. He said, “You're welcome. I believe we should focus more on the positive parts of your vision. I love the thought that you may one day being able to turn Tatooine into a lush forest world, with vast oceans of water, like Naboo. I found that deeply touching.”

Padme smile brightened at Anakin's positive comments about her vision.

Ahsoka said, “That is a good point. And I do find it flattering that in one visions I was a Senator of the Galactic Republic.”

Obiwan turned to look at Ahsoka. Obiwan pointed out, “You would have to leave the Jedi Order to become a Senator.”

Ahsoka shrugged, as she casually replied, “Well, it is nice to have options.”

Padme stated, “Though, I am concerned that the Father stated time was not a luxury for us.”

Obiwan turned to Padme. He said, “These beings, for lack of a better word, are immortal. Their lifespans likely reach far beyond the ages of some stars. Their concept of time is far different than our concept of time. Their concept of having a short amount of time could be a century, or even millennium. I would not worry too much on a comment.”

Padme commented, “I will keep that in mind. Also, I found it interesting that the Father hinted that Loki is not evil.”

Obiwan stated, “I agree with this Father. Loki is not so much evil, as misguided. From the reports I have read about her. And from my encounters with her. Outside of battle, I know of no cases where she has intentionally gone after individuals, especially civilians, with the intent to cause them suffering. She will fight in battles, but for victory, not vindictiveness.”

Anakin questioned, “What about Jar Jar?”

Padme looked over at Anakin. She said, “I truly believe that Loki did not warp Jar Jar's mind. Something else happened. We just do not know what that is.”

Anakin conceded, “You may have a point there.”

Ahsoka turned Padme, as she inquired, “Are you still planning to confront Loki about Jar Jar?”

Padme turned to Ahsoka. She answered, “Yes. But, it is clearly going to be a while before I can do so.”

Anakin said, “I am still against you going to meet her alone.”

Padme looked over at Anakin. Padme thought, 'We have had a few arguments. But, at least you respect my decision. At least I think you do. Though, I am beginning to think you might try to stop me.'

Padme stated, “I can handle myself. You know that.”

Anakin reluctantly conceded, “That is true.”

Ahsoka requested, “Let us know what she tells you?”

Padme replied, “No promises. We will have to see what happens.” Padme thought, 'Given some of the information Loki had said to various people. She might tell me information that might be best to keep secret from anyone else. Every time I have met her, she clearly wants to tell me things, but she does not because she knows better. She might be willing to tell me those things and more if it is only myself whom she is talking too.'

Anakin inquired, “I wonder about whom the others were? Including, the man in chrome armor, chrome mask, white cloak, and white hood?”

Padme stated, “I do not know. But, that man took notice of us. He actually spoke to me before the Father pulled us away. And from the sound of it, the Father was scared of that man.”

Obiwan looked around at his friends, as he said, “I have heard of a few Jedi being able to since when they are being watched, even from a distance with use of the force, or sensors. But, for someone to be aware and powerful enough to know when someone is watching them from beyond perhaps even this reality is someone we should hope never to meet.”

Padme said, “I agree.”

Ahsoka replied, “I can go along with that.”

Anakin stated, “Someone whom can set ancient beings of the force on edge is not someone I would desire to confront.”

Obiwan looked at Padme. He stated, in a concerned tone of voice, “Though, that being said, there are other concerns as well. If what the Father said is true. That the worthiness protection part of receiving the power from Mjolnir might be flawed, then you may be more on guard to keep such power from corrupting you.”

Padme turned to Obiwan. Padme responded, “I will be more vigilant in the use of my powers.”

Obiwan kindly said, “That is all I ask you to do.”

Anakin looked over at Padme. Anakin suggested, “Speaking of things. Given they hinted that you might now be force sensitive, we might want to see if you can sense the force.”

Padme looked over towards Anakin. She calmly responded, “No. I feel I am already powerful enough, as is. I may later look into see if I can use the force.” She continued, in a softer tone of voice, “If we survive this war.” She went onto say, in a normal tone of voice, “Though, as of right now I believe I am not ready to have the power of life and death on such an unimaginable scale.”

Padme thought, 'My visions show that when I mixed the force with Mjolnir this increased in my powers to near unimaginable scales. I do not believe any single person should have so much power. Having power, even for the most noble of reasons could be corrupting. This is why I am so careful with the power I have. And my friends are careful with the power they wield.'

Obiwan said, “There is much wisdom in your comment.”

Padme turned to Obiwan. Padme calmly replied, “Thank you.”

Anakin said, “Well then. I will look forward to the day you decide you are ready.”

Padme looked over at Anakin. Padme stated, “I hope some time that day may come.” She turned to Obiwan. She asked, “I have mixed feeling on this matter. But, I have to ask. Are you planning to inform the Jedi High Council about what I told you of my vision?”

Obiwan answered, “No. I do not plan too. I see not good coming from doing so.” He thought, 'Padme. If I reported what you told me, the likely result would be paranoid by most of the Council, which would lead to harm for everyone involved, while making that darker path likely a self fulfilling prophecy.'

Padme replied, “I will defer to your judgment.”

Obiwan said, in a comforting tone of voice, “Do not dwell on these visions. These visions could just be simple warnings. If you feel you need to heed the visions, do so. Otherwise, do not worry about them.”

Padme looked over at Anakin, as she thought, 'Like Anakin's visions of his mother dying and waiting to act on those visions until it was too late to save.'

Obiwan turned to look at Anakin, as he continued, “Though, if you feel the darkness start to pull you, let us know so we can stop the situation before the matter becomes a serious problem.”

Anakin was looking at Obiwan. He realized that Obiwan was talking to him. Anakin gave Obiwan a simple nod in acknowledgment. Obiwan return the nod.

Padme and Ahsoka realized what was going on, but neither of them commented on the matter.

Padme said, “Thank you for your advice.”

Obiwan turned around to look at Padme. He responded, “You are welcome. Now let us cheer up and concentrate on something more positive.”

Padme stated, “Well, I was planning to ask about our missions. There are a few matters I need to go over with you three.”

Padme thought, 'We are not suppose to talk about missions. But, as long as we do not get detailed on where exactly we are going and what we are doing, with whom, we should be fine. Because none of us are going to talk about this with anyone outside of our group, except for our after mission reports.'

Ahsoka inquired, “Like what?”

Padme looked over at Ahsoka. She answered, “Personnel assignments for subordinates.” She thought, “While I do not usually hold a command rank. This coming mission will allow me to do so. Though, my mission allows me to pick my team, I will need Obiwan and Anakin's permission to use the personnel I have end mind, because they are their subordinates. Still, the people I have in mind have already followed my orders, even when I was not their commanding officer. So, I would be fine.'

Anakin commented, “That is good reason for us to discuss our missions with each other.”

Obiwan said, “I agree. I guess I will go first. I have negotiation duty between the delegates of two nations.”

Ahsoka turned to Obiwan. She commented, “I guess that explains why you are not wearing any bodyarmor today.”

Obiwan turned to Ahsoka. He said, “That is correct. Dressing for war is a bad position to take when seeking peace.”

Ahsoka stated, “I will have to remember that statement to later quote. It is a nice one.”

Obiwan replied, “Thank you. I appreciated the compliment. Though, I believe C3-PO might come in handy for this mission.”

Anakin agreed, “I agree. The droid has skills for diplomatic situations. I think I will take R2 with us.”

Padme asked, “Where you are heading?”

Anakin answered, “Well, Ahsoka and I are going to a temple on a jungle planet on the eastern border of the Inner Rim and Expansion Region. There is a temple there which is rumored to have some sort of treasure inside of it. R2 might be useful.”

Obiwan commented, “Just remember you training on dealing with possibly dangerous artifacts.”

Anakin said, “I will.”

Ahsoka replied, “I know better than to touch something that I believe is dangerous.”

Padme commented, “I have to head to a ruined city planet to scout out locations for a possible secret communication outpost. It is likely near the jungle planet. Relatively speaking.”

Anakin said, “I will keep that in mind. Still, recon can be boring.”

Obiwan spoke up, “But, essential.” He looked around the room towards his friends, as he asked, “So, whom is going with whom?”

Anakin requested, “I want to take Cody and his main squad. Given they are better in a jungle environment.”

Obiwan replied, “I agree.”

Padme said, “I would like to use Rex and his squad. They know how to traverse urban environments.”

Obiwan questioned, “That they do. Who will be in command?”

Padme answered, “For once, I am being given a command rank. I do not want to want to mess things up.”

Obiwan said, “I doubt you will. You and Rex seem to work well together.”

Padme replied, “Yes. That is why I am picking him as my second in command.”

Anakin complimented, “That is a good call.”

Obiwan commented, “This will be fine. Now that is settled, it is best we start preparing to get our missions underway.”

Padme, Ahsoka, Obiwan, and Anakin stood up from their seats. They headed for the door.

As they walked, Ahsoka commented, “Remember to set the holo-comms to that encrypted channel you guys setup.”

Padme smiled, as she replied, “Of course, Ahsoka.” She thought, 'We almost always do when we wish to talk in private with one another, long distance, as a group.'

Padme was first to reach the door. Padme pressed a button on the panel by the door to open the door.

The door slid open and the four friends filed out of the room and into the hallway. Anakin was last out of the room, and he flipped the light switch by the door to turn off the lights in the room.

After all them were in the hallway, they split up to being preparations for their missions.

The door sensors realized no one was near the doorway and the door slid shut.

Meanwhile, Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan went go get ready, to contact the personnel they needed for the missions, and then to depart for their missions.


Meanwhile, in other part of the galaxy, the passenger ship that Loki had provided Aurra and Asajj had long since entered hyperspace and headed for its destination. The ship had enough fuel for its destination. And the only times the ship came out of hyperspace was at hyper-route junction points to orient the ship for the next branch of the journey through hyperspace. These stops from hyperspace to normal space to hyperspace were handled by the ship's navigation system, though Aurra and Asajj were present in the cockpit to make sure nothing went wrong with at these navigational turning points.

Aurra and Asajj found that the passenger ship which Loki had loaned them was a luxurious space yacht.

Aurra and Asajj had no complains when it came to room and comfort provided by the ship itself.

Though, comfort was the least on minds of the two passengers.

Both women were trained killers. Both women knew the reputation of the other woman. Neither woman truly trusted the other woman. Their professionalism was the only thing that kept them from trying to kill each other on the first day of their journey.

This distrust began even before boarding the ship. Both agreed to stay in the cockpit, and fly the ship into space. After the took off and reached space. They used the preset coordinates to jump to hyperspace. Once that was done, all they had was time on their hands, and nothing to do with that time.

They had found to their surprise that Loki had provided two fully furnished suites in the ship. Each suite had a bedroom and washroom, with furniture and electronics.

Loki kept her promise on the ship being supplied. Not just in food, but other items.

They found one of the suites had simple clothing that fit Asajj, while the other suite had simple clothing that fit Aurra. Each of them took the suite that had clothing which fit them.

Loki had provided them with holo-monitors. Also, Loki left a large collection of entertaining holovids on data discs located on a set of shelves in the living area. A data disc could be put into a holo-monitor to watch the holovid on the data disc.

Though, both women preferred action which was personally experienced over visual-audio entertainment.

While the space yacht had areas that provided room to train in. A person could only do so much training, and soon boredom set in for the two women.

Day one of the voyage between Asajj and Aurra was mostly spent in silence.

By day two of the voyage started in silence, but the boredom started to set in for the two women, and the two women began to making sniping comments towards each other.

By day three of the voyage their sniping comments towards each other had lead to arguments which lead to fights, with both women trying to kill the other. Though, both women were so skilled in their fighting abilities they found their attempts to be futile.

They quickly realized that their ship was too enclosed and confined to be a worthy location for them to have such a battle. And they each knew force would warn the other women if someone tried to bring harm to the woman, even in their sleep.

So, they both agreed to call off the battle until they had a finished their mission.

Though, they both maintained their mental defenses against each other.

Day four began with mostly in silence, that eventually lead to more civil discussions. Both of them eventually talking about their lives and their pasts. The two women found they had a lot in common.

They both had less than pleasant childhoods. They were later abandoned by the Jedi Order. They both hated the Jedi Order. And while they used the force, they were trying their best to be independent and not let anyone else control them.

During day five. While not yet friends, they had come to an understanding, and they felt they could trust each other enough to complete their mission. Due to this, they were able to discuss possible ways they could work together to complete their mission without starting an argument.

Day six, they arrived at their destination, the jungle planet of E'venta Six.


Aurra and Asajj were sitting in the cockpit seats of the ship. Asajj sat to Aurra's left side, as they came out of hyperspace in orbit of E'venta Six.

They were dressed in the clothing they had on when they left on the ship. They had spent the last few days using the clothing Loki provided, which was fit and comfortable.

Asajj and Aurra were not sure how Loki knew their body sizes in advance of the mission, and they were not sure they wanted to know.

During that time, they had washed the clothing they came onto the ship, using clothing washer-driers on the ship, and now they were wearing said clothing.

While both women were skilled pilots, Aurra was able to convince Asajj to allow her to pilot the ship, due to Aurra having more experience with flying, landing, and dealing with problems. Though, Asajj kept a close on the controls and instruments to make sure Aurra overlook something.

After making it out of hyperspace, they found they were over the jungle planet. After which, they used the latitude and longitude coordinates to find the temple. Once they used the sensors confirm the temple was there, they plotted an entry path down to the planet that would take them to where they could land the ship near the temple.

Once the course was plotted, they made entry into the atmosphere. Once they made it to around five hundred meters above the green jungle canopy, they did a fly by around the pyramid temple.

Because it was a sunny morning, they were able to clearly see around the area, through the windows of the cockpit.

They noticed the pyramid temple was made of black stones. The pyramid temple was partly collapsed and that the temple was abandoned, with no outward signs of danger. The ruined temple was fairly large. They saw where the main entrance to the large pyramid temple. The main entrance faced the south. Some of the upper floors of the temple had collapsed inward.

Except for the collapsed part of the pyramid temple, the outer sides were flat and smooth from the tip of the top of the pyramid all the way down to the ground on all sides. Though, there was a black stone staircase on the south side of the pyramid which lead to a large entrance into the temple.

The temple was covered in vines.

There was a clear area a hundred meters in all directions around the temple. The clear area had no grass, brush and trees nearby. The area extended several meters from the temple, which the clear area ending at a thick tree line on all sides.

While Aurra piloted the ship around the temple, Asajj looked over at Aurra. Asajj stated, “That is a large building. It may take me time to search.”

Aurra continued to look out the windows in front of her, as she used her hands to steer the ship with the cockpit controls. Aurra said, “Then, it will take time. We are in no rush.”

Asajj replied, “True. Also, the building is partly collapsed at the top.”

Aurra stated, “I noticed. If you cannot find your way through the building because it is blocked, do not worry about it.

Asajj commented, “I could use my lightsabers and the force to make my way through the building.”

Aurra responded, “That is a bad idea. That structure is not stable. We do not know how the load bearings points have shifted over time in that building. Cutting and moving things may cause a collapse.” Aurra thought, 'A long time ago, I almost learned that the hard way.'

Asajj agreed, “That is a good point.”

Aurra commented, “I believe it is best we do not land by the temple.”

Asajj looked out the cockpit windows and down at the area around the temple. Asajj stated, “I noticed the last of vegetation around the temple. It might be the dark side. I have seen similar effects on dark side temples on other planets.”

Aurra stated, “I do not sense the dark side. It is likely old chemicals used by those that built the temple. The chemicals leeched into the soil and prevents plant growth. Notice that vines are covering the temple itself. That would not be the case if this was such a dark side influenced area.”

Asajj used her the force to sense the area. She did not feel any of the dark side coming from the temple and surrounding area.

Asajj responded, “I believe you are correct.”

Aurra commented, “Experience had taught me that the most likely explanation is usually the correct explanation. I have found the force is actually responsible for a small amount of the oddities I have seen in my life. Usually the force is not involved in some of the stranger.” She thought, 'And more embarrassing.' She continued, “Circumstances I have been in.”

Asajj turned to Aurra. She thought, 'I heard you were several decades older than I am. I am not sure if it is the force, or your species, as to why you appear so youthful. And I know better than to ask. Still, I may not like to admit, but you have more experience than I do. It might be worth listening to what you have to say. By doing so, I may learn a few things from you.'

Asajj replied, “I will keep that in mind.”

Aurra stated, “Still, I believe it is best we land away from the temple. While taking us down, I saw a clearing a few kilometers south of the temple.”

Asajj said, “That is a good idea. It might be best not to land here. In case there is trouble, we can escape into the jungle and back to the ship.”

Aurra agreed, “My thoughts, exactly. Also, the temple looks deserted.” She looked at her instruments for a few seconds, before looked back up out the cockpit windows. She continued, “Sensors state there is no one down there, expect for the jungle and some animals.”

Asajj stated, “I believe that is correct. Except for plants and animals, I sense no sentient life down there.”

Aurra admitted, “I am not attuned enough in the force to do a quick scan like that. I can if a location is powerful in the force, but not much else without concentrating.”

Asajj responded, “It is not hard. It just takes time and training to figure out how to do so.”

Aurra said, “That is nice to know. Also, I have a suggestion on plans once we land.”

Asajj asked, “Which is?” Asajj thought, “We talked about our mission a few times. But, we did not get too detailed on what we planned to do. We just shared some of our basic ideas on the matter. Like where to find the scrolls in the temple. We both already agreed that such items are usually at the bottom of the temple. This is why I am not worry about the top part of the temple being collapsed.'

Aurra responded, “Basically, what Loki suggested. I will set up a sniper blind in the jungle, facing the main entrance, while you head inside the temple. I have some headset comlinks we can use. I will give you one. If there is trouble, I will let you know, and I will do what I can to help you escape.”

Asajj replied, “That will be fine.”

Aurra stated, “Also, do not get lost in there. I do not want to go in after you. Especially, if you do not find you way out after nightfall.”

Asajj said, “That will not be a problem. I have navigated far worse than that temple could ever be?”

Aurra asked, “Sewers?”

Asajj groaned, “Yes.”

Aurra commented, “I have also had to travel through sewers before. It is a hazard of the business we are in. I found that navigating sewers to be almost as annoying as the smell in sewers.”

Asajj said, in a slightly tired tone of voice, “You never forget the smell.”

Aurra looked over at Asajj for a few seconds. Theirs eyes met, and they realized they were both being completely honest with each other.

Aurra turned back towards the windows in front of her. She stated, “I know what you are talking about. Half the time I have to burn my clothing and bathe for day to get the smell out.”

Asajj commented, “And even if you get the smell out, the memory of the smell is still there.”

Aurra replied, “Exactly.”

Asajj suggested, “Let us get this mission done.”

Aurra casually stated, “You took the words right out of my mouth.”

Aurra turned the ship to head for the clearly she to the south.

Less than a minute later, Aurra reach the clearing and landed the ship.

Aurra hovered over the clearing. She used the sensors on the ship to make sure the ground was stable. After having it confirmed the ground was stable, she extended the ship's landing gearing and she gently landed the ship.

The ship landing drove off all the small animals in the clearing.

After Aurra had landed the ship, Aurra began shutting down the engines. While Aurra worked the cockpit controls, she stated, “Let us go get our weapons and equipment. Once we are ready, we will meet each other at the main exit to the ship.”

Asajj watched Aurra work the controls. Asajj responded, “That will be fine. Though, which way is it to the temple?”

Aurra worked the controls, as she answered, “I pointed the front nose of the ship in the direction of the temple. I found it is a good precaution to point the ship towards the target. This makes it easy to have one's bearings. Also, I have had some situations where I was chased to my ship, and I had to use the ship's own weapons to kill my pursues. It makes it easy if I know which way my ship's guns are pointing.”

Asajj complimented, “That was intelligent thinking on your part.”

Aurra flipped a few switches at the controls, as she replied, “Thank you.”

Asajj commented, “Though, does this ship have weapons? I did not notice any controls for weapons on this ship. Nor for shields.”

Aurra continued to work the controls, as she stated, “I am not sure where weapons and shield generators are on the ship. But, the weapons and shield controls are in the middle, bottom of the console between us.”

Asajj looked to her right side, at the controls on the middle, bottom of the console between Aurra and herself. Asajj stated, “They do not look like weapons and shield controls.”

Aurra turns some knobs on the controls, as she stated, “That is because you are not use to the style of controls. This are a Corellian style of controls.”

Asajj continued to look at the weapons and shield controls. She replied, “Oh.” Asajj look over at Aurra.

Aurra's lips curled into a slight grin. She worked the controls, as she calmly stated, “Do not worry. The difference in controls threw me the first time I used a Corellian ship.”

Asajj questioned, “Okay. So, this ship is Corellian?”

Aurra worked a few switches, as she answered, “No. From the overall style of this ship, I believe this ship was made by the Kuat Drive Yards company. This is same company whom are building those large military ships for the Republic Naval. They like contract out one small things like ship controls, seats, and other items.”

Asajj was mildly amazed at the information Aurra had told her. Asajj complimented, “You are just full of interesting information.”

Aurra finished at the consoles. Aurra's smile became slightly wider and warmed. She said, “I know.” She turned to Asajj. She continued, “Engines are shut down. But, I set them for a quick power up if we need to make a swift getaway.”

Asajj replied, “Good.”

Aurra stated, “Now, let us get our items and start this mission.”

Both women got out of their chairs and they headed further into the ship to retrieve their weapons and equipment.

Ten minutes later, they had finished getting ready and they met each other at the main outer exit to the ship.

When Aurra met back up with Asajj at the main exit, Aurra gave Asajj one of her communication headsets. Aurra had already preset the headset comlinks to an encrypted frequency channel she used.

Also, Aurra informed Asajj she set to the headsets to have open microphones, in case there was trouble. Such as Asajj accidentally setting off a trap and being hurt.

Asajj agreed the Aurra reasoning on leaving the headsets to have open microphones.

The headset was placed over the left ear, with the speaker on left ear, and a microphone antenna that curved down her left side of her cheek, to stop a few centimeters from her mouth.

Aurra also wore the same type of headset. She had already tested both of them headsets during their trip to the jungle planet.

Aurra had a bio-computer installed in her body, with an antenna sticking out of top left side of her head, on the bald area of her head, in front of where she had her auburn hair pulled up and back into a ponytail.

While Aurra could use her installed bio-computer for communicating over radio, she preferred to used external communicators as an extra layer of protection. So, if someone tapped into their communications, they would not also be tapping directly into Aurra's mind.

Aurra had her two blaster pistols holstered on hip-holsters on sides of her thighs. The holsters had straps that went around her thighs and attached her belt from below her waistline.

Aurra had a deactivated standard blue blade lightsaber hilt in a holstered strapped on her belt, behind her holstered right blaster pistol. Aurra had a sniper rifle. While the rifle had an strap that could be used to carry it by her shoulder, Aurra preferred to carry her sniper rifle in her hands.

The rifle Aurra had was a long barrel, slugthrower projectile rifle. This was useful in two ways. First, the rifle did not create a flash that traveled from her location. While the rifle did make noise when it was fired, the sound was harder to located than a streak of light.

The second reason Aurra preferred to use this rifle long distance was that Jedi could not use the force and their lightsaber to deflect the shot back at her in the manner a Jedi could with a bolt from a blaster weapon.

The slugthrower rifle had a telescopic scope attached on the top of the barrel, which allowed Aurra to see further distances to scout and hit targets at a far greater distance than with open sights.

Meanwhile, Asajj had added black belt to over her skirt. Attached to the belt was a black pouch on her belt for the scrolls. The pouch was located the back of her belt. The pouch had a snap close button on the top of it.

Since Asajj was wearing a belt, she had placed her two curved two lightsabers in black holstered on the sides of her belt. Asajj found her lightsabers fit her holsters.

Asajj found the black belt, black pouch, and black lightsaber holster among the clothing in her suite on the ship.

Asajj knew Loki enough to realize that Loki gave her these items because Loki felt she would need them. And Asajj trust Loki enough to use these items.

While the two women stood near the exit, which opened down from a large ramp, Aurra used the controls by the exit to open the door to the outside.

After the ramp fully extended to the ground, both women exited the ship.

Asajj closed the ramp to the ship. Then, Asajj made her way into the jungle towards the side of the temple where the entrance was located.

Since they had their bearings one which way the temple was, and where the temple's main entrance was from the location they were at, they headed in the general direction of the temple.

As Asajj had headed into the jungle, Aurra made her way into the jungle, towards the temple, in a slightly different direction than Asajj.

While Asajj was head directly for the temple, Aurra sought to find a good location to make a sniper blind, so she could cover Asajj if the need arose.

Less than an hour later, Aurra had found a small ridge, in the bushes, that overlooked the side of the temple where the entrance was. The ridge roughly two kilometers from the temple. The ridge was located slightly south-southeast of the temple. The ridge was a raise in the ground. The north face of the ridge dropped off around eight meters along the ground below.

Due to the canopy of the jungle, the ridge was difficult to see from a distance, even from above. The vine that made up the canopy dropped down with the ridge on the north side, blocking anyone from the edge of the ridge. There were still gaps in the vines which would allow someone to look out from the ridge into the distance with a scope and binoculars.

Aurra quickly realized the ridge was a natural sniper blind facing in the direction of the temple.

Aurra set up her sniper blind among the bushes on the ridge. She was soon ready to use her sniper rifle from her hidden location.

Meanwhile, Asajj made arrived at the main entrance to the large, ruined temple. By the time Aurra had set herself up in her sniper blind, Asajj made it pass the treeline and into the clearing surrounding the pyramid temple.

Asajj soon made up to the pyramid and up some steps to the main entrance. There were no railings set on the sides of the black stone steps.

As Asajj entered the temple's main entrance she saw the entrance use to have to large doors, but the doors were no longer there.

Asajj guessed the doors were main of wood and the wood rotted over time into nothing, with only the bronze hinges left on the sides of the entrance to show there were even doors.

As Asajj entered the black stone pyramid temple from entrance, she stepped over vines growing into the temple.

When Asajj made it inside, she came to a stop. She saw she standing in a hallway that become very dark as it moved beyond the sunlight that shown into the building from outside.

Asajj used her right hand to pull the curved lightsabers from her right holster on her belt. She ignited the red blade, so she could see, as she made her way through the dark corridor of the temple.

While Asajj began to make her way through the temple, Asajj took her time as she used the light of her lightsaber to look for possible traps and other dangers in the temple. In addition, Asajj used the force as a second later of protection, to warn her of danger.

Asajj saw that the temple's interior walls, floor, and ceiling were made of the same black stone as the outside of the pyramid temple.

Asajj slowly walked, as she thought, “If this temple is made of stone, that likely means most of the building is still stable. Though, I still need to be aware of possible traps. Also, if I see torches, I may use them to light my way.'

Asajj slowly searched the level she was on. Asajj wanted a basic understanding of entry level she was on before she searched for some stairs which would lead downward into the temple. This was because Asajj and Aurra had agreed the scrolls would likely be located in a lower level.

Asajj and Aurra both knew this mission was going to take time. But, neither woman was in a rush. They both wanted to do this mission the proper way. Not, the hasty and dangerous way.


A few hours after Asajj entered the large pyramid temple on E'venta Six, events were taking place in another part of the galaxy.

Pavo Prime was a planet that was a member of the Galactic Republic. The population and planetary government of Pavo Prime sided with the Galactic Republic at the beginning of the Clone Wars.

Pavo Prime was a planet located on the eastern side of the Inner Rim near the Colonies. Pavo Prime orbited one sun, with two moons. Most of the surface of Pavo Prime had a tropical climate, with green tropic forest covering most of the land on the surface of the planet. Much of the planet was water, with for several species of fish. There were thousands of different types of beaches on Pavo Prime, which lined the islands and continents of the planet.

Pavo Prime was tourist world most well known for its gambling resorts. Though, Pavo Prime was also know for its beaches and fishing opportunities.

The population of Pavo Prime was a mix of humans, near-humans, and various alien species.

On one of the spacestations in orbit be around the planet of Pavo Prime, a Republic military shuttle had come out of hyperspace, near the spacestation. After receiving clearance from the spacestation control personnel, the shuttle had docked in at one of the outer hatches of the spacestation.

After the outer hatch ring had sealed around the right side double-doors of the shuttle, the section between the outer side of the ship doors and the inner-hatch pressurized.

The pilot of the shuttle set the engines of the shuttle on standby. This meant the engines were idling at a low setting and could be powered up more quickly than if the engines were shut down.

Once sensors on both the ship and the spacestation confirmed the pressure to be correct with no leaks, both the ship doors and the inner hatch doors slid open.

The first person to step out of the shuttle and into the hallway was the pilot of the ship.

The pilot was Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi. He had wearing his formal Jedi clothing.

This clothing included, a formal long sleeve white shirt, formal white pants, a nice black belt, polished black boots, and a nice brown robe worn over his clothing. The robe was left open, and the hood pulled back. His brown robe slightly concealed the hilt of Obiwan's deactivated blue lightsaber which was holstered on the left side of his belt.

As Obiwan step onto the passageway which lead to a main hallway of the spacestation.

The passageway had plenty of ceiling lights on to see with. The passageway was made of dull color metal floors, walls, and ceiling.

Obiwan noticed something, as he kept walking. He thought, 'Interesting. The artificial gravity is slightly less than standard. The gravity is likely set at this level to save on energy.'

While Obiwan walked further down the passageway, C3-PO followed Obiwan out of the shuttle.

A few seconds later, sensors on the doors to the shuttle and the outer hatch sensed no one was nearby. As safety measures to prevent depressurization on both the ship and spacestation, both sets of doors automatically slid shut within seconds of each other, with the ship doors shutting first.

On outer side of the ship, by the doors there was a panel. The panel was close to the doors and on the interior side of the seal of the outer hatch of the spacestation. The panel by the door had a numerical pass on it. To open the doors to the ship required a numerical passcode typed into the pad.

After walking a few meters into the passageway, C3-PO soon came to a stop. The droid asked, “Pardon me, Master Kenobi. But, do you know where you are going?”

Obiwan stopped in his tracks. Obiwan turned around, and he looked at C3-PO. He saw that he was three meters from C3-PO. Obiwan calmly answered, “Yes. I do During my mission briefing, I received instructions on the layout of this spacestation, where the meeting room is, along with the date and time of the meeting. The meeting room has the number two-two-three.”

Obiwan thought, 'Also, I have the passcode to the door. I even know where the nearby restrooms are in relation to the meeting room.'

C3-PO inquired, “I will remember that. When is the meeting?”

Obiwan replied, “In ten minutes. At ten hundred sharp, local time.” Obiwan thought, 'I checked the local schedule rotation for the spacestation when I received clearance to dock.'

C3-PO commented, “I did not realize we were running late.”

Obiwan pointed out, “We are only late if we do not make it to the room at the appointed time. Also, unless the matter is very important, I wish for you to remain silent, and listen. Do not speak unless it is important. Now, follow me.”

Obiwan turned around and continued walking down the passageway.

C3-PO remained silent, as the droid followed behind Obiwan.

They soon made it to the exit of the passageway and into one of the common hallways of the spacestation.

The passageway had a set of double-doors. The doors were closed as a precaution to prevent depressurization. Though, as Obiwan approached the sensors connected to the doors caused the doors to automatically slid open.

Obiwan entered the large hallway and he turned to his right, as he made his way in the direction he knew of where the meeting room.

The ceiling and wall lights in the large hallway provided plenty of light to see with.

The metal floor, ceiling, and walls of the large hallway had a dull chrome color.

After C3-PO walked passed the doorway, and followed Obiwan down the large hallway, the sensors to the doors realized no one was nearby, and the doors automatically slid closed.

While Obiwan and C3-PO made his way through a large hallway of the spacestation, he passed by various people.

Obiwan walked, and looked around, as he thought, 'I am not looking forward to this mission. The Jedi Council sent me here to negotiate a peaceful resolute to a trade route dispute between the passionate Zeltrons and the impersonal Hapans. To say I am concerned is an understatement. Nether species likes the other.'

'The Zeltrons are near-humans with skin tones ranging from pink to red. The Zeltrons are known to be very attractive in both genders.'

'The Zeltrons are from the planet Zeltros in the eastern Inner Rim, on the Lesser Lantillian Hyper-route. Zeltros is a member planet of the Galactic Republic. They are a very passionate people, whom also have limited empathic and telepathic abilities. Combined with their pheromones, this can make them a very... Rowdy people. Though, the used their abilities to turn their planet into a party destination for tourism. This situation has worked out for them.'

'The Zeltrons are a wealthy people with many friends in several places. It is rumored that Chancellor Palpatine even admires the Zeltron people and culture. This would not be surprising, given many members of the Galactic Senate take vacations to Zeltros.'

'The Zeltrons have a second liver, which likely allows them to live up to their reputation for partying.'

'Though, Padme once mentions she found the place a little wild for her tastes.'

'Meanwhile, the Hapans are from in the Hapes Star Cluster.'

'The Hapans are near-humans with fair skin. They have poor night-vision sight. Like the Zeltrons, the Hapans are considered to be very attractive in both genders.'

'The Hapes Star Cluster is located in the east-northeastern part of the Inner Rim, north of Zeltros. In galactic terms, they are not that far from Zeltros.'

“Much of the Hapes Star Cluster is filled with nebulous gases known as the transitory mists. The transitory mists make it hard for ships to navigate through the cluster, unless those on the ships know the hyper-routes through the cluster, which are all heavily regulated and control the be Hapan government. The cluster is composed of six-three star systems, with several habitable planets and moons ruled over by the Hapan government. The Hapan nation is known as the Hapes Cluster.'

'The government of the Hapes Cluster is known as the Hapes Consortium. The Hapes Cluster is a matriarchal society. The Hapes Consortium government is ruled by a royal family whose leader is a female monarch known as the Queen Mother. This is an honorific on par with Empress.'

'The Hapan people are descended from pirates, known as the Lorell Raiders, whom were defeated by the Republic several millennia ago.'

'At the time, due to the navigational problems of the Transitory Mists, the Republic forces did not search the Hapes Star Cluster for where the pirates were based at.'

'This was a mistake. The Lorell Raiders had created a few large, thriving colonies on some of the planets deep in the Hapes Star Cluster.'

'While the rest of the galaxy did not travel through the Hapes Star Clusters, over time, the Hapans grew in power and population from within the Hapes Star Cluster. They mapped out the star cluster and they colonized any habitable planet or moon they could find in the star cluster.'

'By the time they presented themselves to the galaxy it was too late to attempt to use military force to bring them into the Republic. To make matters worse, the Hapan royal family had amased a huge fortune from both the wealth the Lorell Raiders had collected and from the colonization of the Hapes Star Cluster.'

'The Hapan royal family used their wealth to their advantage on the galactic stage.'

'Due to the Republic forces whom defeated the Lorell Raiders all the millennia ago was left by a Jedi, the Hapans have a strong dislike and distrust for Jedi.'

'This is not the first time I have dealt with such prejudice and it will not be the last.'

'Still, given the abilities of the Zeltrons. I believe the Hapan delegate will welcome a Jedi mediating the negotiations.'

'The Hapes Cluster is not a member of the Galactic Republic. To maintain control of the Hapan population, the Hapes Consortium royal family has made sure the Hapes Cluster is very reclusive in dealing with outsiders. Still, that nation does a lot of trading within the Inner Rim and other parts of the galaxy.

'The Hapans are very wealthy, with several political connections. They may not be a part of the Republic, but they use their wealth to have a lot of allies within the Republic, including members of the Senate.'

'I believe Padme once told me that she believed about a quarter of the current reigning Senators had quietly accepted bribes, or favors from the Hapes Consortium. In addition, the Hapes Consortium royal family has their own naval fleet. While their fleet is not as powerful as the Republic Armada, nor the Separatists Navy, the Hapes Consortium fleet around equal power to the Hutt forces.'

'The Republic military could defeat them, but it would be costly war and one that is counterproductive. Especially, since we are still fighting the Separatists.'

'Right now the Hapes Consortium government has taken a neutral stance in the war, which the Jedi Council and the Republic government are pleased with.'

'The point of my mission is to make this dispute does not boil over to either side entering the war.'

'Both species could cause a lot of trouble for everyone else if this problem is not resolved very soon.'

'The Zeltrons know how to use a few well places whispers in the right ears to shift the galactic political landscape. And their natural abilities are on par with Jedi mind tricks. The Zeltrons are literally born with the abilities to persuade people.'

'The Hapans and their navy could decide to join the Separatists, in exchange for the Separatists dealing with Zeltros. This would tilt the balance of the war toward favoring the Separatists.'

'From the intelligence reports I have read, the Republic and the Separatists are about on equal military footing. Though, this is mainly because the Separatists have shifted from mostly fielding droid in large qualities to more quality built droids in fewer numbers and training soldiers from the human and alien populations of the Separatists. This is both good and bad for the Republic. Good there are not as many forces on the Separatist side. Bad that the forces the Separatists are not more skilled and equipped than before.'

'It would not help matters for the Hapans to side with the Separatists.'

'But, destroying Zeltros would upset many powerful political players within the Republic to the point that large weapons of mass destruction might be pushed for use against the Separatists. Especially, the Hapans. The surviving Zeltrons would know what psychological buttons to push with the Republic to make this happen.'

'If the Republic starts using world killer weapons, the Separatists will respond in kind. Soon there will not be a galaxy left to fight over.'

'One of the mandates of the Jedi Order is to prevent the galaxy from destroying itself. Which is why I am doing this.'

'Unfortunately, this will not be as easy as sitting down and asking both sides to play nice.'

'The Zeltrons and Hapans have a history of bad blood and it is an interesting story in of itself. This is a case of clashing cultures. At one point, the two peoples almost started a galactic war.'

'Their hostilities began centuries ago, after a few members of the Hapan royal family had a bad experience on Zeltros. When the royal family members return Hapes, the capital work of the Hapes Cluster, they convinced the Queen Mother to send the Hapan Royal Navy to Zeltros, in an attempt to annex Zeltros from the Republic.'

'But, the Zeltrons got wind of this coming attack. The Zeltrons called in favors and they asked their friends for help. When the Hapan navy arrive in the Zeltros system, they found they were facing a military fleet ten times the number of ships and firepower that the Hapans had brought with them. Then, the Hapan Navy learned there was more military ships on the way to defend Zeltros.'

'That day the Hapes Consortium Navy was forced to withdraw their forces from Zeltros without firing a shot, with the Zeltrons promising if the Hapans tried to do this again, the Zeltrons would use their influence to annex the Hapes Cluster to Zeltros.'

'This date has even been marked on the Zeltros calendar. The date became a holiday for the Zeltros, with date being used to celebrate the day they defeated the mighty Hapen Consortium, through guile, and without firing a shot.'

'I have to admit that was a pretty impressive accomplishment.'

'Though, this incident did not go unnoticed by the rest of the galaxy. Given Zeltros was a member of the Republic. After that event, the Republic Senate stepped in and the Senate ordered that any dispute between the Zeltron and Hapan governments had to go through the Republic government.'

'The Hapes Consortium agreed to these terms because they did not want a war with the Galactic Republic.'

'The reason this spacestation in orbit of Pavo Prime was selected as the meeting place for the negotiations is due to Pavo Prime being about the same distance from Zeltros and the Hapes Cluster. Also, Pavo Prime is closer to the Colonial Region than the other two nations at dispute, making this a more secure location to help prevent problems from outside forces whom would gain from Zeltros and the Hapans going to war with each other.'

'On the eastern to northeastern sides of the Inner Rim, passed the Zel System, where Zeltros is located, and the Hapes Cluster, much of the Inner Rim and Expansion Region are mostly held by the Separatist. Such as the Japrael system, along the Lesser Lantillian Hyper-route, where the planet of Onderon is located.'

'Currently, the Republic and Separatists have military holdings in these regions of the Inner Rim, but there are no actual battles happening in these areas. I doubt Loki would allow the Separatists to cause problems over these two nations, and risk creating a new front in the war that she has not planned for.'

'The situation is too volatile to attempt to try to take control of the situation. Either the Hapans and the Zeltros could go rogue against everyone. That would cause problems and random factors in this war what neither the Republic, nor the Separatists would welcome.'

'There are other reasons I doubt the Separatists, will try to disrupt these negotiations. Before the war many current members of the Separatists leadership. Including, many former Galactic Senators, whom sided with the Separatists, enjoyed vacationing on Zeltros.'

'And no one wants the Hapan Cluster to join the war on either side. The Hapan people have a history of betrayal. Especially, the Hapes Consortium royal family. Nothing would be gained in the long run, for the Republic and Separatists, by destroying these negotiations.'

'But, there are other groups that might want to cause problems. Such as the Hutts, or other criminal groups.'

'That is why this meeting is held in secret. Only key government members of Republic, Zeltros, Hapes Consortium, and Pavo Prime, are away of this meeting. The location is in secret, and to keep things low profile, the only security will be myself.'

'If something happens, it will be all on myself. So, I will make sure nothing happens.'

'While problems from outside might be a concern, my main worry are about problems from within the meeting, which will be a challenge in of itself.'

'Each nation is suppose to sent a delegate to this meeting. To discuss the matters at hand. Though, I am not really sure what the matter is. The details I was given were a bit vague. But, I can work with what I have already been told. I have done more with less before, while being about to negotiate a peaceful resolution.'

'At least I will be able to tell them apart. So there is thought. And if anything else, I doubt this meeting will be boring.'

Then, Obiwan saw he and C3-PO were approaching a door to his right which the number two-two-three in gold letters on the dull chrome color wall above the dull chrome color door.

Obiwan thought, 'Ah. There is our room.' Obiwan calm walking, as he stated to the droid behind him, “This way C3-PO.” He turned to his right towards the door with the number two-two-three above the door.

C3-PO realized saw the door with two-two-three above the door. And the droid saw that Obiwan was approaching the door in question. As such, C3-PO maintain the order Obiwan gave it to remain silent.

When Obiwan reached the door, he pressed the passcode his had on the numerical pad on a panel by the door. The computer accepted the code, the door unlocked and slid open. Obiwan walked inside. C3-PO walking behind into the room behind Obiwan.

Obiwan came to a stop a meter and a half into the room, with C3-PO stopping behind Obiwan, and to Obiwan's right side.

After both Obiwan and C3-PO were passed the doorway, the sensors to the door senses no one nearby and the door automatically slid shut and locked itself.

Though, the panel by the interior side of the door had buttons that allowed to pressed to open the door without the passcode.

Obiwan looked around the room, and towards the two delegates in the room.

The room was square and ten meters wide, three meters from the floor to the ceiling. Lights in the ceiling provided illumination for the room. The switches for the lights were on the same panel as the buttons to open the hallway door.

The floors, ceiling, and walls were a dull chrome color from the metal used to build the room.

In the middle of the side wall to Obiwan's left was a moderately large digital clock which read in red letters, '9:57'. Three minutes to ten hundred in the morning.

Further inside the room there was a large rectangular window on the far wall. The window was three meters wide by one and a half meters high. The window overlooked the day side surface of Pavo Prime. The window offered a wonderful view of oceans, islands, and continents. The oceans were mix of cyan and blue color water. The islands and continents had green forests. There were rivers on the continents running from the mountains to the coasts. The coasts of the continents and islands had various types of beaches.

On the far end of the room, by the window, was a small circular black metallic table which was three meters in diameter. There were three black painted, cushioned armchairs. The three armchairs were equally spaced around the table. There was an armchair directly in front of Obiwan, and an armchair by the two back corners of the room, in the points of a equilateral triangle pattern around the table.

There was plenty of space in the room to move around the sides of table.

Between Obiwan and the table stood two women, side by side, facing Obiwan. The two women were three meters from Obiwan.

The woman to Obiwan's left was the Hapan delegate. To Obiwan's right was the Zeltron delegate.

Both women were beautiful, slender, and youthful.

The Hapan woman had fair skin, with long brown hair curled into a bun on the back of her head. She wore a formal dress, with long sleeves, and a skirt that went down her her ankles. The dress had a low neck that stopped just above her breasts. The dress was a patterned mix of light blue and cyan colors. Also, she wore a loose, cyan color necklace around her neck and black slippers on her feet.

The Zeltron's skin was a light shade of red. She had long dark blue hair, that was left loose to drape down her back. She wore a revealing dress, with short-sleeves, a low neckline in front that went down to the cleft between her breasts, without revealing her breasts, and a skirt that went down to right below her knees. The right side of the dress was a light red which matched her skin tone. While the left side of her dress was a dark blue which matched her dark blue hair. Also, wore black knee-high boots which went up to slightly above the bottom of her skirt.

The Hapan delegate looked over at Obiwan. She flatly stated, “You are almost late.”

The Zelton looked over at the Hapan. Then, she turned to Obiwan. She calmly stated, “Actually, you are right on time, with a few minutes to spare, which is standard when dealing with Jedi.”

Obiwan thoughts, 'I will take the Zeltros statement as a compliment.'

The Hapan had a slight confused look on her face, as she asked, “Jedi?”

The Zeltron answered, “Yes. The brown robe is the given away. Also, if you look closely, you can see a metallic cylinder sightly sticking out from his robes on the left side of his belt. That is his lightsaber.”

Obiwan thought, 'The Zeltron has likely been briefed on the Jedi. Or, she has had dealings with other Jedi. Either is a possiblites. Though, it is clear the Hapan has not had any experience with the Jedi. Due to the Hapan's negative views on the Jedi, and that Hapan society being closed to most outsiders, the Hapes Consortium likely censors information on the Jedi and other outside topics from the populations of the Hapes Cluster.'

'Also, while I am not sure how the Zeltron delegate reached her position. The Hapan delegate is likely a member of the Hapes Consortium royal family from a minor branch of said royal family. It is usually the member of the branch families whom are assigned to such ambassador work by royal families.'

The Hapan looked at Obiwan. She flatly stated, “In that case, I object to this person being our negotiator.”

The Zeltron looked at Obiwan. She shrugged, as she casually said, “I have to object, as well.”

Obiwan thought, with concern, 'This is going off the rails even before we know each others names. Let's see if I can get this negotiation back on track. And I believe I know how to do so. This all depends on how much the Hapan delegate knows. I believe the Zeltron delegate is hoping to take advantage of the Hapan delegate's ignorance. Now, let us find out if that is true. Though, I have to handle this in situation in a delicate way.'

Obiwan calmly requested, “I am Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi. Before objections are discussed, can we please have introductions.”

Zeltron gave Obiwan a slightly smile, as she began, “Fair enough...”

Before the Zeltron could continue, the Hapan interrupted, “I am Ambassador Telore. I am a member of the Royal Court of the Hapes Consortium.”

Obiwan smiled inwardly, as he thought, 'That confirms my suspicions.'

Zeltron turned to Telore. She frowned for a second, before relaxing her face. She turned to Obiwan. She said, “I am Ambassador Zanna of Zeltros.”

Telore commented, “Now that introductions are over, I must protest that you are the negotiator the Republic sent to mediate these discussions. I do not want someone whom is not only male, but a Jedi who is armed to oversee these negotiations.”

Zanna stated, “Sadly. I have to agree.”

Obiwan looked at Telore, as he responded, “I am aware of the Hapan matriarchal society and the Hapans feelings towards the Jedi.” He looked at Zanna, as he continued, “And I am aware of the Zeltron inborn powers. Such as your pheromones, telepathic, and empathic abilities.”

Obiwan saw Telore turn to look over at Zanna. Telore raise her right eyebrow.

Zanna noticed this. Zanna turned to Telore. and Zanna casually shrugged in response.

Obiwan thought, 'So, Telore. You did not know about the Zeltron abilities. And Zanna, you know I caught you trying to take advantage of the situation. You did not want a Jedi here because I can defend against you abilities. And we both know this. Though, I will not make this an issue if both of you decline to do so.'

Both women turned back to look at Obiwan.

Obiwan looked at both women. He commented, “The Jedi Order is a fair and just organization whom does not give preference based solely on gender. The Jedi prefer to avoid violence outside of battle. If I did attack either of you, doing so would tarnish the honor and reputation of the Jedi.”

Obiwan turned to Zanna, as he went onto say, “Ambassador Zanna, do not try to use your abilities to influence this negotiation in any way. Should you do so...” Obiwan turned to Telore, as he continued, “I will inform Ambassador Telore, the moment I suspect you are using such tricks.”

Zanna shrugged, as she casually responded, “Given the matter is such an obvious problem, I do not need to resort to such actions. Though, I will withdraw my request for another negotiator.”

Telore stated, “I will also withdraw my protest. Your abilities might be useful in these negotiations.”

Obiwan inwardly smiled, as he thought, 'You would prefer someone who can sense if the other delegate tries any tricks. Especially, tricks you were not informed of. Now let us get this meeting started.'

Obiwan calmly said, “Now that this is settled. Let us sit down.”

The two women turned around. Telore walked around the left side of the table to sit in the chair on the back left side of the room. Zanna walked around the right side of the table to sit in the chair on the bkac right side of the room. Obiwan walked over to set in the chair which had been in front of him.

C3-PO silently walked over to stand behind Obiwan, to Obiwan's right side.

After Obiwan, Zanna, and Telore were fully seated, Obiwan looked over at the two women.

Obiwan asked, “So what exactly is the problem?” He thought, 'I was not exactly informed.'

The two women turned to look at Obiwan.

Zanna stated, “The Hapes Consortium are using their gaudy Battle-Dragon cruisers to blockade key hyper-routes in this section Inner Rim. This is hurting tourism on Zeltros. The lifeblood our economy.”

Telore said, “It is not the Hapes Consortium's fault a war is going on. Because of the war, normal hyper-routes on the eastern side of the Inner Rim are blocked off by the Separatists. And the Republic Navy has blockaded many of Hyper-routes to the west, near the Colonies.”

“Due to this, there are only a few hyper-routes left that civilians can travel from north to south in this region of the Inner Rim. The difficulty in this matter for the Hapes Consortium is that some travelers have believed they can travel through the Hapes Cluster from the north to the south, to reach Zeltros and other planets to the south of the Hapes Cluster.”

“We of the Hapes Consortium will not stand for this. We do not see any justification to travel through our space just sole they may go on vacation to a pleasure planet.”

“The Hapes Consortium is worried outsiders may use this as an opportunity to cause trouble within the Hapes Cluster. That armaments may be brought into the Hapes Cluster to supply to factions both within the Cluster and outside of the Cluster, whom would like to overthrow the Queen Mother. As such, we have to maintain these blockade, as a matter of national defense.”

Obiwan thought, 'That is a legitimate grievance on the part of the Hapes Consortium to prevent their sovereign borders. But, Zeltros is a Republic member world, with people whom have their own political connections. Also, the Republic military is partly at fault for blockading some of the hyper-routes to the west of this location.'

'I do not have the authority to remove the Republic naval blockades. Still, it is not the Zeltrons and Hapans fault they are literally caught in the middle of a war neither of their peoples are responsible for. As such, I will do my best to find a amicable agreement between these two nations.'

Zanna pointed out, “But, you are also blockading those hyper-routes outside of the Hapes Star Cluster. You Hapans are only allowed to control the hyper-routes within the Hapes Cluster. Not those hyper-routes outside the your borders.”

Obiwan thought, 'Well this does change some things.'

Obiwan turned to Telore. He questioned, “Ambassador Telore. Is this truth? Is the Hapes Navy blockading hyper-routes outside of the Hapes Cluster?”

Telore answered, in a matter of fact manner, “Yes. Those hyper-routes are located around the Hapes Cluster. And those hyper-routes can be used to enter the Hapes Cluster at very points. We of the Hapes Cluster have the right to defend our sovereign and our people. So far, we have only turned away outsiders and blockaded various hyper-routes. We of the Hapes Consortium hope we do not have to take harsher measures.”

Obiwan thought, 'It is good this situation has not lead to violence. This means that the chances of a peaceful resolution are more likely.'

Obiwan commented, “While that is true. And I admire the Hapes Consortium's restraint on this matter. Ambassador Zanna has a point. The Hapes Consortium is only allowed to control the hyper-routes within Hapes Cluster. Any political disputes outside of the Hapes Star Cluster go through the Republic government.”

Zanna looked at Obiwan. She spoke up, “Which is exactly why we are here, talking. To prevent any further hostilities from happening.” Zanna turned to look at Telore, as she insinuated, “Though, we Zeltrons are wondering if you Hapans are doing this to get in touch with your ancestor roots.”

Telore turned to Zanna. Telore asked, with her voice as cold as ice, “What are you implying?”

Zanna smirked, as she stated, “Your people are so snobbish. So prim and proper. You pretend to be so civilized. We all know your history. Your people were pirates that made your wealth thought ambushes and raiding parties from the Transitory Mists in the Hapen Star Cluster towards the surrounding regions of the Inner Rim, including the Zel System.”

Obiwan thought, 'The Zel System is where the planet Zeltros is located. It seems their history of bad blood goes further back than I realized.'

Zanna went onto say, “Your people murdered and stole your way to wealth. Then, after the men collected all the wealth, and the Republic killed off most of your men, you women betrayed the men that were left, and you took all the wealth for yourselves, while making future generations of your men second class citizens to this day.”

“You are nothing more than a people descended from thieves and traitors.”

Zanna turned Obiwan. Zanna gave Obiwan a demure smile. Though, Obiwan did not react to Zanna's smile. Zanna commented, “Personally, we Zeltron women like men. Both of our own species, and other species. If you ask nicely enough, you can convince most men to do just about anything.”

Zanna turned to Telore, as she said, “But, such subtlety is lost on you Hapan women. You Hapan women clearly have no appreciation for the adventuresome qualities that men have.”

Through the force Obiwan could tell that Telore was barely able to contain her rage at Zanna's insults towards the Hapan people.

Though, Telore did not show any of her anger on the outside. Instead, Telore calmly responded, “At least we did not earn our wealth by laying on our backs.”

Zanna's smile curled a wicked grin, as she sarcastically retorted, “From the sound of it, you could clearly use some time on your back, having such fun. I can recommend some wonderfully enjoyable resorts on Zeltros that specialize in such entertainment. That is if you first remove the blockades.”

From there, the conversation went downhill.

While Zanna and Telore tactfully insulting each other, in about as civilized a way an argument could take place, Obiwan silently listened, as he waited for the two delegates to calm down.

Obiwan thought, 'Due to the personalities of these two women. If I try to call this negotiations to order, both ambassadors will leave the discussion as a way to spite each other. I have to let this calm down on their own.'

But, a few minutes later, Zanna and Telore showed no signs of stopping their insults.

Obiwan inwardly groaned, as he realized in thought, 'This is going to be a long day.'


Around an hour later, on the jungle planet of E'venta Six, on the eastern border area of the Inner Rim and Expansion Region, it was mid-afternoon in the area of the planet where large, ruined, partly collapsed, black stone pyramid temple was located.

It has been several hours after Asajj had entered the large pyramid temple.

Fortunately, as Asajj had hoped, Asajj found the temple was made of black stone walls, floors and ceiling. Due to this, the interior of the temple was in fair shape, except for those parts of the temple that had collapsed.

Deep inside the dark hallways the partly collapsed pyramid temple made of black stones, Asajj Ventress held one of her curved lightsaber hilts in her right hand. The weapon was ignited. She was using the light from the red blade to make her way through the dark hallways of the temple.

While the temple being made from stone made for a more stable architecture, the red light shining against the black stone of the hallways and various rooms made for eerie atmosphere.

Though, Asajj was trained not to give into her fear and uncertainty. She pushed her fear and uncertainty, as she focused on her mission in finding the scrolls.

As Asajj explored the inside of the temple, she had to backtrack some due to a few of the hallways on the entry level being collapsed. To her surprised, she found the hallways to be deeply interconnected, and easy to navigate. There were no doors between the hallways and rooms. The main problem was finding the scrolls themselves.

While there were some minor traps, between Asajj skills and the force to warn her of danger, she was able to avoid the traps.

Asajj found there were no animals, nor other of creatures living in the pyramid.

The one exception being some plant vines growing into the upper levels, where the roof had collapsed, allowing in sunlight and rainwater. Except for the plants in that location, was no other plant life in the temple.

Aurra noticed this with the scope on her slugthrower rifle, and she had informed Asajj of this over their comlink.

Except for this information and a few other comments dealing with the mission, including hourly checks by Aurra make sure Asajj was still alive, Aurra and Asajj had maintained radio silence. This was due to their professionalism towards their jobs.

Though, Aurra and Asajj each had a comlink headset on. Both headsets were set to an encrypted channel, with the headsets being set to be open microphones. If there was trouble, they would be able to immediately inform the other woman of any problems.

Asajj knew the scrolls were in this deep level of the temple, below the entry level. Asajj felt her suspicions were confirmed by the manner in which the interior was laid out.

Even though Asajj did not search the upper levels of the temple, she did thoroughly search the hallways and rooms on the entry level.

The entry staircases to the upper floors were very directly partitioned, with a few stairs leading upwards. On the other hand, there was only one set of stairs leading downward. The set of staircase leading downward was just as finely made of stone as the stair leading upward.

Each of the staircase level straight from one level to another level. For the staircase going downward, when that staircase ended, there was another entrance to the staircase by the first staircase, which lead straight down to another lower level from the opposite direction, in a zigzag pattern.

The staircases curled downward in a counterclockwise fashion.

There were no railings on the sides of any of the staircases inside the temple.

The issue was that the downward staircase lead to a number of temple levels. Due to the temple being a pyramid, each level was wide that the previous level.

Asajj had already searched eight sub-levels, as she made her way deeper into the temple. So far, Asajj had nothing to show for her efforts. As Asajj had searched the temple, she found mounts on the walls to set torches. Unfortunately, she did not have any torches to set along the walls, to light her way. She had only her lightsabers to provide illumination.

Asajj found the ninth sub-level to be the deepest level because the staircase stopped at that level.

The only place where there were no mounts on the walls to hold torches were the lowest level she could find. The level was a set the interconnecting hallways, which no doors in any of the hallways.

Asajj did not find any traps on the lowest sub-level.

Asajj was about ready to believe the openness of the hallways, with the darkness, was the defense from looters. Because each hallway was clearly meant to look identical to other hallways on the level. The identical hallways were likely meant to confuse any would-be looters.

Asajj had found that to be a simple, but insightful trick to keep the hallways from confusing her.

Over the millennia, time had worn the walls. The walls had begun to chip and become damaged. This allowing Asajj to tell where she was. And so Asajj searched the area in a grid pattern.

Asajj was tempted to use her lightsaber to mark the walls of each hallway. But, she remembered Aurra's warning that any damage to the temple may destabilize the structure.

While Asajj used the imperfections of the walls to navigate the hallways of the sub-level she was on, she eventually found a small, dark, circular antechamber, with a set of two, small scrolls placed on a pedestal in the center of the circular room.

Asajj carefully checked for pressure activated panels on the floor, and other traps. She found there were no traps. After which, she made her way to the pedestal.

Asajj carefully inspected pedestal. To her surprise, there was no trap on the pedestal. Also, Asajj noticed the scrolls looked to be in fair condition.

Asajj used her left hand to reach around the back of her belt, and she unsnapped the lip to her pouch in her belt.

Asajj used her left hand to picked up the two scrolls and place the scrolls in the pouch on the back of her belt. Asajj found the scrolls were the close to size Loki described. Also, the scrolls were in good shape and they did not crumble when touched, nor picked up.

Asajj used her left hand to snap closed the pouch.

Once this was done, Asajj turned and she started making her way to the staircase she used to reach the lower floor level she was located inside of.

While walking, Asajj was mindful of not accidentally setting off one of the traps she had found, as she made her way up the levels of the pyramid temple, towards the main entrance of the pyramid temple.

As Asajj headed for the staircase, she stated, into her comlink headset, “I have the scrolls.”

Over the encrypted radio frequency, Aurra asked, “Good. Any problems?”

Asajj replied, “No.”

Aurra inquired, “Any signs this maybe a Sith temple?”

While walking, Asajj had her lightsaber go closer to the wall to her right side. She looked at some of the gold color paintings on the black walls, as she continued to walk. Asajj answered, “No. I know Sith markings. These symbols on the walls are not Sith. Actually, I believe the symbols are astrology charts.”

Aurra questioned, “Interesting. Do you think the charts could be useful?”

Asajj said, “No. But, if we had the time you might want to take a look at them.”

Aurra stated, “More's the pity. We are on the clock. I want to finish this mission and get out this planet.”

Asajj agreed, “We both do.”


Outside the pyramid temple, on a ridge roughly two kilometers south from the entrance to the temple, Aurra was in a prone position on the ground, with her slugthrower rifle at the ready. Aurra used some bushes to hide her her body and weapon, without obstructing her view of the temple and the entrance through her scope and the end of the barrel.

While in the prone position, Aurra held the butt of the rifle against her right shoulder, the underside of the forearm of the rifle with her left hand, the grip with her right hand, with her right index finger resting against the trigger guard. She looked through the scope of the rifle with her right eye.

Aurra noticed something near the temple. She looked at her scope. She could barely believe what she saw.

Aurra watched as a republic military transport begin to land right outside of the main entrance to the temple, thirty meters from the bottom steps of the temple which lead up to the main entrance. The ship was seventy meters from the treeline.

The transport came to a hovering stop and extended its landing gear. After the landing gear was fully extended, the transport hovered down to land with its right side facing the entrance to the temple.

Aurra stated, into her comlink headset, “We have trouble. You need to get out fast. We got incoming. A Republic military transport landed right outside the front entrance.”

Over the communications channel, Asajj answered, “I will try to hurry.”

Aurra inquired, into her comlink, “Do you find any other exits in your search?”

Asajj said, by comlink, “No. The main entrance is the only real way out, which means I am likely going to have to fight my way out.”

Aurra began thinking of a plan, as she commented into her comlink, “Maybe not. I am working on a plan right now. I will keep the Republic forces pinned down. When you reach the outside, ignore the Republic forces and run as fast as you came for the treeline.”

Asajj responded, over the comlink, “Thanks. I'll do that. Also, let me know what is going on and who I am facing.”

From Aurra's point of view, the transport was to the right of the main entrance, allowing her to see the main entrance. Though, the main entrance to the transport was on the opposite side from her view point.

Then, Aurra below the bottom of the ship, between the landing gear, the ramp on the right side of the transport extent towards the ground.

While Aurra could not see the right side of the door, her vantage point allowed her to see the left side and front side of the ship, only with part of the ramp by the ground.

Aurra stated, into the comlink, “I will. Presently, I am watching the ramp to the ship lower to the ground.”

A few seconds later, the ramp finished extended down to the ground.

While Aurra could not see what was happening on the right side of the transport, she knew that after the ramp fully extended, the outer double-doors would slide open, with Republic personnel exiting the ship to the ground.

Aurra was proven correct, as she watched Republic personnel come into her view, as the walk out of the transport, down the ramp, and onto the ground.


Inside the temple, Asajj had reached the staircase that would take her to the level where the main entrance was located.

Asajj was careful as she used her lightsaber in her right hand to light her right hand, she made briskly made her way towards the exit.

As Asajj made her way up, she heard Aurra state, “Okay. We have two Jedi and an eight man squad of armed clone troopers in full white armor and helmets. Their armor has yellow markings. The troopers are carrying blaster rifles.”

While Asajj made her way up the staircase, she recalled an old memory.

Asajj requested, “Describe the Jedi?”

Aurra answered, “A human man with brown hair, and a Togruta teenage girl.”

Asajj immediately recognized the descriptions of the two individuals. Asajj thought, with a mix of annoyance and worry, 'Skywalker and Tano.'

Asajj replied, under her breath, “Damn it. Why did it have to be them?”

Through the headset, Aurra overheard Asajj's comment. Aurra asked, with slight concern in her tone of voice, “What is it?”

Asajj answered, “I knows those two Jedi. That is Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his student, Padawan Ahsoka Tano.”

Aurra inquired, “The Hero Without Fear?”

Asajj replied, “Yes.”

Aurra said, in a sarcastic manner, “Great.”

Asajj stated, “If need be, I can handle them.”

Aurra reminded, “Remember the orders Loki gave us. This is about bringing the scrolls to her. Not fighting for glory. You cannot enjoy your pay if you are dead. Besides, Loki wants us to minimize causalities.”

Asajj responded, “Those are good reasons not to fight. Do you think they spotted our ship, as they landed?”

Aurra answered, “No. I believe they saw the black pyramid from space and went directly there.”

Asajj said, “You are probably correct. My experience with fighting the Republic military has taught me they usually overlook the small details.”

Aurra commented, “The same can be said for the Jedi.”

Asajj stated, “Yes. That entire group has a one track mind.”

Aurra responded, in a casual tone of voice, “The stories I could tell.”

Asajj said, “Same here. But, that is for later. First, I need to escape.”

Aurra stated, “Do what I said. Make for the treeline. I am going to do what I can to draw them away, towards the east. You head towards the southwest of the temple. After you lose any pursuers in the jungle, made you way to the ship. I will give you twenty minutes to escape the temple. Then, I am disappearing into the jungle and heading to the ship.”

Asajj said, “That is plenty of time.”

By then, Asajj had reached the entry level. She exited the staircase, as she headed for the main entrance.


Back outside on the ridge, Aurra looked through her scope, as the Republic personnel, as she thought, 'Since Loki does not want us to kill them, I will have to be craftier. Which I have no problem with. Loki is paying for the job and setting the terms. And I do want to maintain my reputation as one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy.'

'Beside, if I shoot one of them, two will stay with the injured target. Meaning, three people will stay near the temple. But, I have a better idea. Getting their attention would be better. That way I can lead most, if not all of them away from the temple, and give Asajj a better chance for a clean escape.'

'If I harm them that will increase the chance they will continue their hunt. If I only take shots near them, but miss. That will draw them away, and give Asajj time to escape. But, if I do not harm them, with them losing their quarry from the temple, they may tire of their hunt, and they may decide to give up and leave.'

'I wonder if this is why Loki wanted to keep this mission as bloodless as possible. I can see the logic in such tactics. It is not my style. But, Loki pays well enough for me to follow her orders.'

'Though, I will have to move after making the shots. They can localize the sound if I fire enough times. And the Jedi will eventually sense me by my intentions and track me that way. Fortunately, I know a few tricks to prevent force users from tracking me.'

Aurra fired to swift shots, that hit the temple, near the Republic soldiers, and Jedi, without hitting anyone.

Aurra saw the group get down and talk to each other. Then, she saw that Ahsoka, and the squad of clone troops heading towards the jungle, in her general direct.

Meanwhile, Aurra watched as Anakin pulled out his lightsaber and ignited the green blade. Anakin then made his way up the black steps to the main entrance of the temple.

Aurra thought, 'Well, at least I got most of them to come towards me.'

Aurra stated into her headset, “I was able to convince to Tano and the troopers to come after me. But, Skywalker is heading right for you.”

Over the comlink, Asajj stated, “Thanks for the warning.”

Aurra crawled further back, away from the ridge, as she set up for another shot.


Meanwhile, inside the temple, Asajj turned a corner. Suddenly, she came to a stop, only ten meters from the main entrance of the pyramid temple, as she saw someone blocking her way.

The sunlight coming in from the main entrance provided them with plenty of light to see with.

Five meters in front of her, blocking her way to the exit stood Anakin Skywalker. Anakin held the hilt of his lightsaber with both hands, in front of him. The green lightsaber blade was ignited.

Asajj held her ignited red blade lightsaber in her right hand, in a defensive stance, as she said, “Skywalker.”

Anakin replied, “Ventress.”

Asajj halfheartedly asked, “If I told you these scrolls were only a codex and an alien language, and this is strictly a treasure hunt, would you let me go?”

Anakin answered, “No.”

Asajj admitted, “I doubt you would.” She shrugged with her left shoulder, as she continued, “But, it was worthy a try.”

Asajj used her left hand to pull out her other curved lightsaber from the holster on the left side of her belt. She ignited the red blade of the light. After which, she took on an offensive stance with her two lightsabers.

In response, Anakin took an offensive two-hand stance with his lightsaber.

Anakin commented, “I noticed that you seem a little more humorous than the last time we met?”

Asajj said, “I have been spending time around Loki.” She thought, 'You and Thor may have talked about the time Loki accompanied me visit my homeworld of Dathomir, where all three of us, and a Jedi, had an interesting conversation with a Clan Mother. Either way, I am not directly telling you that Loki hired Aurra and myself.'

Anakin stated, “That explains a lot.”

Asajj commented, “She is a nice woman. You would like her.”

Anakin casually replied, “Nah. She is too manipulative.”

Asajj smirked, as she stated, “Here is a tip. All women are manipulative. Including myself.”

Asajj charged towards Anakin.

Anakin said, “I already knew that.”

Anakin rushed towards Asajj.

Soon, they met, and they clashed their lightsabers against each other in battle.


In the jungle, Aurra was slowly drawing Ahsoka and the eight clone troopers away from the temple. Though, the direction Aurra took was to the west, which would lead the Republic forces away from Loki's ship, which was in a clearing a few kilometers away to the south of the temple.

Aurra would find a good point to take a shot at the Republic forces, without them seeing her. After taking the shot, she would fall back. As Aurra did this, she made sure she was always hidden in the brush.

Aurra maintained a healthy distance from those whom were chasing her.

In addition, Aurra followed orders not kill anyone. She did not hit anyone either. She wanted to only provide a distraction for Asajj to use to escape.

Aurra was aware that soon the time limit would be reached and she would withdraw to Loki's ship.

Aurra did sincerely hope that Asajj that would be able to escape Skywalker in time.


Just inside the main entrance to the black stone pyramid temple, Asajj and Anakin were dueling with their lightsabers.

Given they were in partly collapsed ruins, outside of using the force to guide their attacks, during their conflict they did not heavily rely on the force.

Normally, Asajj would relish a chance to fight someone of Anakin's caliber. Unfortunately, Asajj was pressed for time, and she knew it.

Suddenly, Anakin saw an opening as he used his green lightsaber blade to push both of Asajj's red lightsaber blades to his left, Asajj right. Anakin used his right foot to kick Asajj in her stomach. While this was risky, Anakin had enough skill and experience to minimize the risk of having his right leg cut off by a lightsaber blade.

The kick by the sole of Anakin's right black boot hit Asajj squarely in her stomach.

Though, Asajj was skilled enough not to let the blow knock her down, as she was forced back a few feet.

Meanwhile, Anakin quickly brought his right foot back down to the floor, allowing him to swiftly retain his footing with both of his feet.

It was then that Asajj spotted an opening for her escape. That the entrance was to her right and Anakin's left. With Anakin still regaining his footing and Anakin having extended his lightsaber to his left, by pressed her lightsabers in the direction of the entrance, Anakin would not be able to quickly use his lightsaber to stop Asajj.

Asajj swiftly turned to his right, with her red lightsaber blades moving away from Anakin's green lightsaber blade. A moment later, Asajj used the force to swiftly rush for the door.

As Asajj ran, shut down her lightsabers, but she kept them in her hands.

By then, Anakin realized what had happened and he gave chase. Though, Anakin did not use the force to enhance his speed for concern he might run outside side, on to be in the cross-hairs of the sniper, whom may have been pointing their rifle at the entrance of the temple.

But, Asajj had a good head start.

Asajj did not slow down as she made it to the exit. Instead of walking down the black stone staircase, Asajj did a running jump over the staircase and onto the clearing.

To maintain her forward momentum, Asajj did a forward flip in the air.

Asajj landed on the dirt in a somersault. When the first roll reached the point of her feet hitting the ground, she immediately jumped to her feet, and she ran further in the clearing, towards her right, towards the south-southwest, away from the Republic military transport, away from the Republic forces Aurra was drawing towards the east, and towards the clearing roughly a hundred meters from her.

When Anakin reached the entrance to the temple, he did not sense any danger with the force, but he was still careful. He saw that Asajj had already veered to her right, passed the republic transport, and towards the treeline, and away from the direction Loki's ship was located.

Anakin started to quickly, through carefully make his way down the black stone steps, with the hilt of his ignited lightsaber in his right hand.

Anakin watched Asajj continued to run, as he thought, 'I am not going to catch her.'

As Anakin made it to the ground, something occurred to Anakin.

Anakin came to a stop in roughly thirty meters from the Republic military transport.

While Anakin watched Asajj continue to run towards the treeline to jungle, he thought, 'Slugthrower. It has to be a slugthrower, it did not gave off a ray of light like a blaster, and it make a lot bang sound. Only a few individuals in the line of work Asajj is in use slugthrowers. All of them are expert shots with their weapons. But, the shots from the sniper missed us... The sniper intentionally missed us.'

Anakin deactivated his lightsaber, and he holstered the weapon on the left side of his belt. After which, he used his right hand to activate the communicator on his left gauntlet.

Anakin held his left gauntlet to close to his mouth, as he requested, “Snips. Status report.” He thought, 'I ordered Ahsoka, Cody, and the troopers to enter the jungle to find the sniper, but to also get them out of the line of sight of the sniper. While I headed inside to investigate the pyramid temple.'

By then, Anakin saw Asajj enter into the treeline the jungle to his right side.

Over the communicator, Anakin heard Ahsoka's voice stated, “We are still chasing after that sniper. But, whomever it is keeps falling back, while occasionally shooting at us.”

Anakin asked, “Have any of you been hurt?”

Ahsoka replied, “No.”

Anakin ordered, “Then, pulled back to the ship.”

Ahsoka inquired, “Sure. But why?”

Anakin responded, “Because, I believe we are being played. I just faced Asajj and she ran away the first chance she had. But, that is not what concerns me is the sniper. Asajj would not work with an amateur. This means the sniper is a professional. And for someone to knowingly take shot at us Jedi and at squad of Republic troopers, and intentionally miss means they are not afraid of Jedi. Only someone whom has fought Jedi and lived would even come close to not showing any such fear towards us. There is only one such person I can recalled of that uses a slugthrower rifle which would fit this description.”

Ahsoka said, “Aurra Sing.”

Anakin stated, “Exactly. If Sing wanted want kill us, we would have already started taking causalities. As it is, she has been drawing us away from the temple to help Asajj to escape. Which means they are working together. I even believe I saw Asajj wearing a comlink headset. So, they are likely talking to each other, right now.”

Ahsoka commented, “Sing and Ventress working together. That is a scary thought.”

Anakin said, “Yes. That is. They compliment each others skills. But, neither of these two women are known for being merciful. Someone paid them to work together, and keep the body count low. There is only person that could possibly arrange for those two women to work together, and whom would want to keep the bloodshed to a minimum.”

Ahsoka replied, “Loki.”

Anakin commented, “I believe so. From the way Asajj fought she wanted to escape more than fight me. That is out of character for her character. Also, she said she had some scrolls with her. I would bet those are the same scrolls we were sent to look for. Someone leaked this treasure hunt so we would have this confrontation. I am not sure if Loki leaked the information. Or, if someone who is Loki's political rival leaked the information. Either way, none of our lives are worth some dusty scrolls. Let us all get back in the transport and leave.”

Ahsoka stated, “We are coming back, right now.”

Anakin said, “I will be waiting for you by the transport.”

Anakin used his right hand to turn off the microphone to his left gauntlet. Then, he lowered his hands to his side, while he walked over to stand closer to the ramp leading up to the main entrance of the transport.


Meanwhile, Asajj continued to run through the jungle. Though, she did stop using the force to enhance her speed. There was to much clutter on the ground to risk using the force to enhance her speed. She could trip and seriously injure herself.

As Asajj ran through the jungle, she maintained her bearings on where the Loki's ship was. She knew she had exited the clearing a little to the southwest. Asajj had turned a little towards the south, to make sure she was heading for Loki's ship.

Asajj did not need to look back to see if Anakin was following her. Asajj sensed in the force the Anakin was not following her, and instead Anakin had stated with the Republic transport.

Also, Asajj could barely sense the rest of the Republic forces, and she was not able to sense Aurra. Though, Asajj was sure this was likely due to some trick in the force Aurra knew up. She made a mental note to ask Aurra about the matter later.

Asajj said into her headset, “I have escaped the temple and Skywalker has chosen not to follow me.”

Over her headset, Asajj heard Aurra say, “Good. The Republic forces that are chasing me are now pulling back. I will meet you back at the ship.”

Before Asajj about to comment on the Republic forces not pursuing them, through the comlink Aurra stated, “Do not ask why they stopped chasing us. This business does not reward such answers. Just be happy they have decided not to chase us. It makes our jobs easir and they get to live another day.”

Asajj thought, 'That is a fair points. I guess they do not feel like hunting us through the jungle. Considering the hot, humid climate, I can understand why they have declined to take up a hunt for us. Though, it might be best if we are not in a rush to leave the planet.'

Asajj responded, “I am heading back to the ship, right now. I suggest we wait to disembark this planet until they leave on their ship.”

Aurra stated, “I agree. And if they are pulling back and not pursuing either of us, that means they are planning on leaving. This place is too far from the front and too primitive to be worth searching for us here.”

Asajj thought, 'That is a good point.' Asajj said, “I agree. See you at the ship”

Asajj slowed down. She got her bearing by sensing Anakin Skywalker. Not enough for Anakin to sense her doing so, but enough to know which directly Anakin was.

Anakin's power in the force was like a beacon and Asajj decided to use that to her advantage.

Also, Asajj sensed the Republic forces, which were still far to her east, in the jungle. Though, Asajj was careful not to sense for Ahsoka. She only sensed for the troopers. Asajj knew that sensing for two Jedi at once, even sparingly, would risk them locating her and tempt them to go after her.

From these two reference points, she triangulated her position, she learned where she was in relation to the temple pyramid and Loki's ship. From this information, Asajj knew in what direction to head to reach Loki's ship.

Asajj found she had only slightly been going in the wrong direction, a little to far to the west. Asajj turned further to the south, into the right direction of the ship. Then, Asajj began making her way to back to Loki's space yacht.


Meanwhile, in other part of the jungle, Aurra turned and she started to make her way to Loki's space yacht.

Aurra had decades of tracking experience. Aurra rightly believed she knew exactly where she was in relation to Asajj, Anakin, Ahsoka, the troopers, the pyramid temple, the Republic transport, and Loki's ship.

Aurra was sure she would have no problems making it back to Loki's space yacht.


Soon after Anakin, Ahsoka, Cody, and the other seven clone troops met back up in the clearly by the Republic military transport. Since they realized they were being played, they allowed their quarry to leave with the scrolls.

After everyone was accounted for, they boarded the Republic transport, where the met back up with R2-D2.

Once all of them were on board, they made sure the outer double-doors were closed, the ramp had been retracted, and the outer hull of the ship was sealed. After which, Anakin sat in the main pilot's seat in the cockpit.

After doing a quickly fight check, Anakin started the engines of the transport. Anakin had the transport hover in the air and retract its landing gear. Once the landing gear had fully retracted, Anakin piloted the ship into the sky.

Soon, the transport was in orbit, R2 ran the navigation information into the ship's computers, and the ship jumped to hyperspace, on a course that would take them back the orbit of the planet Rasterous, Republic held space, where the Resolute and Negotiator were located.

Anakin figured by the time they arrived, the crews of the Resolute and the Negotiator would have finished their resupply and refuel.

After they arrived, they would wait aboard the Resolute until their friends returned and they could have the Resolute and Negotiator depart for the next location they were assigned to go to.

Twenty minutes after the Republic forces left, Aurra and Asajj met back at their ship. They boarded the ship and went to the cockpit.

Aurra stopped by the living area to set her rifle down. As a safety measure, Aurra had already unloaded her rifle. Also, Aurra and Asajj removed the headsets on their head and set them on a table in the living area. After which they continued towards the cockpit.

Once in the cockpit, they sat in the same cockpit seats as before, with them setting beside each other. Aurra was to Asajj's right side.

Aurra used the ship's sensors to confirm what Asajj's force abilities had informed Asajj of. That the Republic forces had left on their transport back into space.

Aurra and Asajj worked together to do a flight check. Once everything was ready, Asajj let Aurra take the controls.

Aurra took the ship's engines off of standby. Then, she hover up and took off into the sky. As the ship flew into the sky, Aurra had the ship retract its landing gear.

While retracting the landing gear while flying would risk damaging the landing gear, Aurra's experience taught her that as long as she did not go too fast, this risk was minimal.

Aurra was proven right. After the landing gear had fully retracted, Aurra uses the ships controls and console monitor to confirm that the landing gear of the ship was still in working order and not damaged.

When the reached orbit over E'venta Six, Aurra set the controls for the navigation system to return them to the city planet they had met Loki to take this mission.

Soon, the navigation computer was set, and Aurra had the ship jump to hyperspace towards the city planet they had met Loki on for this mission they had just completed.

While it would take a little under a week to return to the city planet in question. Asajj and Aurra had plenty of supplies for the journey. And while not neither verbally commented on the matter, after working so well on their mission, both women were fairly sure that neither of them were going to try to kill the other.


In another part of the Inner Rim, closer to the core worlds, inside a meeting room, in a spacestation in orbit over the planet, Pavo Prime, Obiwan's negotiations with the Zeltros and Hapes delegates were still in process, for lack of a better word.

It had been an hour after Zanna and Telore had begin arguing.

A few minutes ago, Obiwan was finally able to get negotiations back on track.

Obiwan had been sitting in his armchair, at the small, black, round table, with the window overlooking the surface of the day side of Pavo Prime directly across the table from him. C3-PO quietly stood behind Obiwan, to Obiwan's right side.

Though, Obiwan was presently more focused on the Hapes ambassador, Telore, sat in an armchair to Obiwan's left, at the table. The Zeltros ambassador, Zanna, sat in an armchair to Obiwan's right, at the table.

Telore and Zanna had spent the better part of an hour arguing with each other.

In all honesty, Obiwan believed that the only reason the two women did not come to physical blows was that neither woman wanted to give the other woman the satisfaction of receiving a violent response, thus proving how savage the attacking woman could be.

Though, at different times during the argument each woman had gotten out of her chair, to stand a yell at the other woman. Only, for the woman whom was standing to soon sit back down in their chair and turn their face as a way to visually rebuke the other woman's comments.

Now that both women had agreed to table their argument, Obiwan was able to get negotiations moving forward again.

Obiwan stated, “I believe the key issues here are that the blockades are being put up to prevent possible threats to the Hapes Consortium. Which are justified concerns by your people. Though, the blockades are harming tourism business on Zeltros.”

Obiwan thought, 'I know I am not going to be able to convince the Hapes government to drop their blockades on the hyper-routes around their nation. I will let future Republic representatives handle that matter at a later date. But, I might be able to allow them to ease their blockades to allow for the continued tourism business to Zeltros. Though, I am not sure how I am going to do this. I am tempted to do a Jedi mind trick, but Zanna will sense my attempt the moment I try to do so and that will destroy any chance of a peaceful resolution and likely cause both sides to join the war in some way.'

Telore firmly stated, “We are not lowering our blockade. Especially during a time of war.”

Zanna said, “We need our tourism to maintain our way of life on Zeltros.”

Obiwan commented, “I can understand both of your points of view. But, is there any way you could reach a compromise on this matter? Maybe open up some of hyper-routes that only skirt the edge the Hapes Star Cluster, away from the entry points into the cluster?”

Telore said, “I do not see how. Most of the main hyper-route routes in the area go through the Hapes Consortium. This is one of the reasons we have been able to benefit from trade with outsiders. Also, even the Hapes Consortium admits we do not know all the possible hyper-routes into the cluster. The transitory mists move overtime, due to the various gravity shifts of the stars and planets in the cluster. Old routes close and new routes open all the time.”

“The only way to guarantee we have a control of our borders to block the hyper-routes around the star cluster. And even if the Consortium decided to remove the blockades. Should we remove the blockades, during this time of war, we would invite trouble to our doorstep.”

Meanwhile, C3-PO had been silently listening to the conversation and thinking on the matter. While Obiwan had ordered C3-PO to remain silent, Obiwan also created a loophole that if C3-PO believed something was important enough to comment on, C3-PO could do so. C3-PO used that loophole. C3-PO spoke up, “If I could please speak. I may have a workable solution.”

Obiwan looked to his right, behind him, at C3-PO. Also, the two women turned their attention towards the droid.

Obiwan thought, 'Why not? I have nothing.'

Obiwan said, “Go ahead.”

C3-PO stated, “Most ships that come to Zeltros are tourist and agriculture ships. Only people, food and various items come to Zeltros. These types of ships are mainly passenger ships, family ships, and small cargo ships and refrigeration ships. The amount of weapons shipments needed in quantities to threaten an organization with the military might such as the Hapes Consortium would need to be large freighters that would have to sneak pass the blockades.”

“Any peace meal attempts to smuggle such large amounts of weapons would take too long, and would likely be eventually discovered. So, denying large industrial class freighters, while allowing the other ships to pass through would be possible as a way to prevent a risk of a military build up.”

“This would allow the Zeltrons to conduct their business, while preventing any major threats from arising within the Hapes Star Cluster.”

The other three individuals in the room thought over C3-PO's suggestion.

Zanna turned to Telore. Zanna offered, “We could verify some of the larger passenger transports with background checks for the Hapes authorities. That would help make inspections at checkpoints to go more quickly.”

Telore looked over at Zanna. She said, “That could work. I believe we would not have problems with the small transports ships passing through the blockades. Once these ships and their passengers are verified as to not be threats to the Consortium.”

Zann commented, “That can possibly be done by my government. From our tourist business we have a lot of experience with verifying people, to prevent any criminals, or other dangerous individuals from landing on Zeltros. You may not like us. But, several reputable travel organizations, whom are supported by the Republic government, have for centuries stated that the Zeltros government has some of the best population verification systems in the galaxy.”

Telore stated, “That is true. I have read some of those reports. Many of those within royal family use those travel organizations to decide where to travel to and where to have the Consortium made new investments outside of the Cluster.”

Obiwan turned to look at the two women. He thought, 'I believe our job is done here.'

Obiwan asked, “So, are we in agreement?”

Telore and Zanna turned to look at Obiwan.

Telore said, “Yes.”

Zanna stated, “Yes.”

Obiwan said, “Then, this meeting is concluded. Since there is not a basic framework to begin from, I believe your governments handle the rest in a peaceful manner.” He thought, 'Before either of your change your mind.' He continued, “I will inform the senate of this arrangement. And should your governments require further assistance on the matter, you can coordinate with local Republic officials assigned to this oversee Republic matters within the Inner Rim.”

Obiwan stood up from his chair. He walked a few steps to the left of his chair. Obiwan came to a stop. Obiwan turned to his right to turned to look at C3-PO. Obiwan stated, “Come, C3-PO.”

Obiwan walked passed the droid, and towards the door, with C3-PO turning and following Obiwan.

When Obiwan reached the door, he pressed a button on the panel by the door to open the door.

The door slid open and Obiwan exited the door, into the hallway. He turned to his left, towards where his shuttle was docked, with C3-PO following behind him.

By then, Zanna and Telore were out of their seats and heading towards the door.

When Obiwan and C3-PO were about ten meters down the hallway, Obiwan stopped, and he turned around to face the droid.

C3-PO stopped two meters from Obiwan. The droid looked at Obiwan.

The people in the hallway gave Obiwan and C3-PO plenty of room, as they walked around Obiwan and C3-PO.

Obiwan said, “Good job, C3-PO.”

C3-PO happily replied, “Thank you, Master Kenobi.”

Obiwan turned around and started walking to his left, towards the where his shuttle was docked. As he walked, he said, with his back turned to the droid, “But, do not let this go to your head.”

C3-PO followed Obiwan. The droid replied, “I won't sir.”

Obiwan and C3-PO soon made it to the passageway and then to their shuttle.

Obiwan stood by the outer hatch, while C3-PO stood three meters behind Obiwan. Obiwan confirmed with the instrument readouts by the hatch that the seal was still sound between the outer side of the hatch and his shuttle.

Obiwan opened the outer double-doors of the hatch, which exposed the outer double-doors to the shuttle.

Obiwan typed in a passcode in numerical pad by the door to the shuttle.

The ship computer accepted the code and the outer double-doors slid open.

Obiwan and C3-PO walked inside the shuttle.

Then, Obiwan shut the outer doors to the shuttle. A few seconds later, the sensors connected to the spacestation hatch doors sensed not one was nearby and the spacestation hatch doors automatically slid closed.

After entering the shuttle, they headed for the cockpit.

They sat in the cockpit seats with C3-PO to Obiwan's right side.

Obiwan contacted the spacestation personnel for to detach the shuttle form the spacestation and leave the spacestation.

After a few minutes of waiting, the spacestation personnel gave Obiwan clearance to do so. During this time, Obiwan did a flight check.

Obiwan finished his flight check a minute before the spacestation personnel gave his shuttle clearance to leave.

Obiwan started the engines. Then, Obiwan had the ship detach from the spacestation hatch. After which, piloted the ship away from the spacestation, until they were far enough to jump to hyperspace, and towards Republic planet, Rasterous, where the Resolute and Negotiator were located.

Meanwhile, Telore and Zanna had made other traveling arrangements to head to their respective homeworlds. They separately contacted their governments to inform them of the agreement.

Within the week, the agreement brokered on the spacestation was approved by both the Hapes Royal Court and the Zeltros government. Both the Zeltros government and the Hapes Consortium had informed the Republic government, and the Jedi Order of Obiwan's skilled assistance in arranging the agreement.

Though, unfortunately, neither of the two delegates gave C3-PO the credit the droid deserved.


A few hours after Obiwan and C3-PO left the spacestation in orbit over Pavo Prime, it was just after sunset in an area of the once the one populated planet. Which was now a ruined city world on the border of the Inner Rim and Expansion Region.

The planet was called A'varidus Four. The planet had standard gravity, with a single moon. The planet orbited two stars. But, A'varidus Four planetary orbit was far enough away from the two stars to have a moderately cool to slightly warm climate depending on the season.

In the present location, the weather was moderate cool, with a slight breeze, on a partly cloudy evening.

Twilight had not been fully eclipsed into night, with the last few rays of the sun casting eerie shadows over the destroyed skyscrapers and hollowed out streets. The streets were black asphalt. While the partly destroyed skyscraper buildings were various colors of white, gray, and black. The buildings were of various sizes and shapes, with various window patterns set into their exteriors.

Not that this mattered to Thor. Her enhanced vision offered her excellent nightvision.

Thor walked down the middle of a wide highway street, with ruined buildings to her sides. She had on her armor, helmet, equipment, and the Black Solace sheathed in its scabbard, with the scabbard strapped to her back. Thor carried Mjolnir in her right hand, to her right side.

Thor, Captain Rex, and the other seven members of Rex's squad of clone troopers had landed on that part of planet early that day, during morning of the day's rotation.

The planet's rotation was twenty-seven hours and four minutes.

Thor, Rex, and Rex's squad had spent roughly the last twelve hours scouting for possible locations for a secret communications outpost to be set up, to be used by the Republic to listen in on nearby Separatists star systems.

Given the area had been bombarded multiple times by both the Republic and Separatists military forces, maps were useless. Because all they showed were streets and buildings, which were either partly, of fully destroyed.

The locations for the possible sights for communication outpost has been mapped out by Republic probe droids. The locations were each a few hours walking distance from each other and where Thor and her team had landed their military transport.

The transport was piloted by a team of two clone trooper pilots whom stated with the transport. Also, there was a astromech droid in the cockpit. The droid was attached to the ship's computer and the droid acted as the ship's navigation system.

While Rex and his squad knew that Thor was the leader of the mission, Thor allow Rex to help her work out the plans of the mission. Thor made Rex her second in command, and she welcomed Rex's input and experience. Rex appreciated the trust and respect Thor showed towards him and his men.

They did not have the fuel to watch take the transport from location to location, and the military transport was to small to carry speeder bikes. So to cover more ground, Thor has split off from Rex and his squad. They divided up the number of locations they would scout out. Thor and Rex had mapped out where they would search, with Rex and his team searching the locations closer to the ship in a clockwise circular pattern. Thor would invest the locations further away from the ship in a counterclockwise pattern.

There were eighteen locations in all. Rex and his squad would search the closer six locations, while Thor would search the other twelve locations.

While Thor would be traveling a further distance, her flight ability would allow her to travel over more ground, and scout out her list of sights more quickly.

Meanwhile, Rex and his team had to map their locations by walking.

Due to the planet being deserted, they did not have to worry about being discovered, and they could focus on their mission. Though, they were still careful.

Thor and Rex believed they would be finished by the time it was sundown.

Thor and Rex agreed to keep in regular communication with their comlinks and to return to this transport ship by nightfall.

Thor flew to the locations she saw that might be ideal for the communications outpost to be situated.

Though, Thor had to occasionally land to walk around the area, so she could gain a better feel if the place might be a good location for an outpost to be built on. Also, she use Mjolnir to fly and check to see if there were any structural issues with the buildings nearby. It would be bad if the outpost was built, only for a partly destroyed skyscraper to collapse right on top of the outpost.

Thor had found some of the locations were near unstable buildings and she make sure the list she was making would reflect those locations as being unwise to place an outpost near.

While Thor did not have a map on her, because the streets signs were destroyed. And the partly destroyed buildings mostly looked similar to each other. As a way to track her movements, she used a short range tracking device in one of her belt pouches. The tracked device was tied to a navigation computer on the transport she and the clone troopers came on. The device had time-stamp-coordinates button, she could push to mark the location on the computer in the ship. There was also a button to use to mark a that a location was not viable.

When she return to the transport, she could go back later and use the the counterclockwise pattern of the search, with the list and time-stamps of the locations to figure out which location was which, allowing her to compare the locations with each other.

Rex and his troopers had the same time of device and they used a similar method. The reason Rex and his squad went clockwise, while Thor went counterclockwise was a simple method to differentiate the locations of their two searches.

If they all did their jobs right, the list of their time-stamp coordinate locations would look like a circle within a smaller circle. With Thor making the larger circle, and Rex and his squad making the smaller circle.

Thor was sure she did her job right. And she was sure Rex and his team would do their job right. All of them had experience with reconnaissance work, and they knew how to scout out locations.

Presently, Thor had finished scouting her last location over half an hour ago. Due to her being finished early, she decided, for various reasons, to walk in the direction away from the military transport, as she look at the ruined city around her.

Thor figured she was roughly ten kilometers west of the Republic transport, and she was walking in a west-northwestern direction up a ruined highway. The highway was set level with the ground and made of black asphalt.

The highway was five lanes wide, with not barricade, nor median running down in the center of the road. The five lands were two lanes on each side for travel, and the center lane was a turning lane. Each lane was three meters wide, making the highway fifteen meters wide.

There were metal grates on the sides of the road to drain rain water. There were two meter wide sidewalks on both the sides of the road. The sidewalks were made of white concrete. Beyond the sidewalks were buildings on both sides of the road. Other streets and alleyways connected at various points along the highway.

The yellow and white color traffic stripes on the road had faded. Any signs of the traffic lights, poles on the sidewalks which struck up the traffic lights along the various street intersections, and various traffic sign posts had been destroyed during the various battles on the planet.

The highway road had holes made from various explosions, but the hallway was still in mostly intact. The surrounding white sidewalks and buildings were in much worse shape than the highway.

Due to the planet being evacuated, highway was empty of vehicles.

Thor found the while area gave her a slightly eerie feeling.

While Thor walked down the highway, Thor faced the twilight of the sunset in the western horizon. Due to the sunset facing the highway, the building did not obstruct Thor's view of the western horizon.

The twilight still cast hues of yellow, orange, and red on the clouds in the western horizon.

From the west, a gust of wind blew through the street, from Thor's front. Though, Thor did not mind.

Then, over the comlink device on her right ear, Thor heard Captain Rex's voice state, “General.”

Thor came to a stop. She responded, “Yes. Captain.”

Rex said, “We finished our recon. We have mapped our list of potential locations. It is almost dark. The boys and I are heading back to the transport.”

Thor inquired, “That is fine. Were there any problems?”

Rex answered, “No. This place is deserted. Everyone either left, or is long since dead.”

Thor questioned, “How were the location sights?”

Rex answered, “A few of the locations we found had hazards. But, the others look find. How about yourself?”

Thor said, “The same. Head back to the transport. Thou will join thee in a little while.”

Rex replied, “We will see you there.”

Thor used her left hand to reach across her chest, and under the right side of her helmet, to turn off the comlink on her right ear. The buttons were located on the underside of the black of her ear, between right her earlobe and her head.

Thor allowed her left hand to drop back to her side.

Thor looked towards the twilight, as she loudly stated, “Reveal yourself! Thou heard thee's movements half an hour ago!”

A few seconds later, Thor heard footsteps behind her hit asphalt of the street.

Thor turned around to see that twenty meters from her, to her right, there was a large humanoid being in blue and gray powerarmor that was similar to mandalorian armor, walk out from an alleyway between two buildings.

The person's armor covered his body from head to toe in metal. The person was on a helmet that covered their head and a faceplate which covered the person's face.

From the way the armor hugged the person's body, Thor could tell the person was far larger and muscular than a standard human. Though, the person not as large and tall as Jar Jar in his brutish form.

To go along with the person's larger size, the powerarmor the person wore was larger and bulkier than any mandalorian armor Thor had so far laid eyes on. Though, the way the armor plating pieces were attached to the powerarmor, the powerarmor looked to be very flexible. The shoulder armor was rounded and painted blue. Also, there were red painted markings on the shoulder armor.

The armored person answered, through the speakers in his helmet, in a masculine voice, in fluent galactic basic, “I was wondering why you were leading us away from the your transport, and your men.”

The man had two energy pistols. There was an energy pistol holstered on the outer side of each of his thigh armor.

Thor said, in a normal tone of voice, “If thou cannot handle thee, they would have no hope of doing so.”

The armored individual said, “Not to worry. While I hate them for being mandalorians, I have no current interest in your subordinates. I am only interested in you.”

Thor thought, 'You hate the clones mandalorians. That is such a bigoted point of view. I have plenty of reasons to hate as well, but I choose not to give into such hatred. While I am disgusted with the actions Jango Fett has taken against my friends and I, I do not hate him. I do not blame the peaceful mandalorians for the actions of the splinter group of mandalorians whom have joined the Separatist military to fight the Galactic Republic, including battling my friends and myself.'

'I never once held the clones, or even Jango's son, Boba, responsible for Jango's actions, or the actions of other mandalorians. I have even become friends with a number of clone troopers. Including, Rex and his squad. That is why I had them come with me. I trust them with my life. And I will not let you harm them just because you hate them. But, first I need to know who you are.'

Thor asked, “Who is thee?”

The armored person answered, “I am Durge. I see that Sidious has delivered on his promise for me to face you.”

Thor thought, 'So, Sidious is behind this. I am not surprised. But, I wonder why you are doing this?'

Thor asked, “Why is thee confronting thou?”

Durge stated, “To make a name for myself in defeating the Storm Bringer.”

Thor thought, 'So, Yoda was right. Though, I am slightly surprised it took this long for more fools to finally come out and play. I guess the Republic military propaganda playing up my powers have discouraged countless people from desiring to face me. Leaving only the truly reckless, or powerful, would want to confront me in battle.'

Durge continued, “I saw the datanet videos of you fighting with that hulking brute. This confirmed that you are worthy to battle myself.”

Thor sarcastically said, “You hold yourself in high esteem.”

Durge said, “Of course. But, while I have been inventive in battle, the way you destroyed that large creature was well orchestrated.”

Thor stated, “He had a name. Jar Jar.”

Durge pointed out, “He was a beast that ate people.”

Thor said, as more to remind herself than to remind Durge, “Before he was a monster, he was once a person.”

Durge guessed, “It sounds like you knew him.”

Thor admitted, “Thou did. But, clearly not as well as thy thought.”

Durge shrugged, as he said, “That's life.” Durge swiftly used his gloved hands to draw his energy pistols. Durge took aim and he fired blasters at Thor, as he had the thruster systems on his power-suit to allow him to fly around about fifty meters in the air.

While Durge was in the air, he flew around to Thor's right.

As Thor was hit by the energy shots, Thor turned to face Durge as Durge flew by her.

Durge maneuvered his thursters so he continued to face Thor as he passed by her. This allowed him to continue to shot her.

Durge stayed away from Thor and he kept close to the building, as he circle around Thor's right side.

When Durge complete passed by Thor, he moved towards the middle of the highway, to where he was had the twilight of the sunset on his back.

Thor watched as Durge pulled back to sixty meters from herself. Durge hovered in place, as he shot at Thor.

Durge was more interested in quantity over quality of his shot. Many of his shots either completely missed Thor, or grazed her, or the hammer. The distance of Durge being sixty meters from Thor increased the inaccuracy of Durge's pistol shots.

Still, Thor held up Mjolnir with her right hand, as she did her best to dodge Durge's attacks.

Though, to Thor's surprise, the shots Durge hit her with actually stung her and did not just create electrical arc off her armor and body. Still, the shots did not serious harm her.

Also, the hits created small holes in her armor and helmet.

Thor immediately started to dodge the shot, as she realized, 'He is using two disruptor weapons. One direct shot from a weapon like that can disintegrate a normal person. Though, a gazing shot to a limb will only destroy most of the limb that is hit. That weapon can actually harm me. But, not much. Just minor burn marks that I will soon heal from. Fortunately, it would take a lot more to disintegrate me.'

'Though, a single shot from such a weapon can pierce my armor, but such a shot only burns a hole in my armor which can be repaired later by dismissing and summoning my armor. For some reason the Black Solace and black scabbard are highly resistant to such weapons. I guess that is due to the Sith alchemy the material of those two items are made from. And Mjolnir seems to be not be damaged from such attacks.'

'Also, he is keeping his back to the sunset, forcing me to look towards the sunset. A simple tactic meant blind me. But, the sunset is no longer showing. And even if the sun was out, while I have enhanced senses, the power Mjolnir gives me will protect my eyes from being blinded in such a manner.'

'Now, let us end this.'

By then, Thor had over two dozen small, five millimeter hole wide holes through her armor and helmet. The holes went all the way through the armor and helmet, to show her exposed skin on her body and hair on her hair.

Also, there were red marks where the energy shots hit her exposed skin. But, Thor's healing abilities quickly caused the marks on her skin to disappear with no signs of injury.

Any stray shots that hit her loose, long blond hair only mildly singed her hair, leaving black burn marks in her hair. Though, her hair remained intact.

As the light breeze hit Thor, she could feel the marks on her skin, along the exposure of the small holes in her armor and helmet. Thor ignored these sensations, as she forced on her battle with Durge.

Thor continued to dodge Durge's disruptor shots, as she threw her hammer in her left, away from Durge.

As the hammer flew up in the air, it began to spin with the axe head being the front part of the spin.

Then, the spinning hammer began to curve in a clockwise arc that took it towards the Durge.

Durge did not have time to react as the spinning axe blade of the hammer passed by Durge's front, with the axe cleaning slicing through the armor of both his gauntlets as wrists, dropping his two armored gloved hands down to the ground. When the hands landed, the hands were still holding the disruptor pistols.

A second later, Thor summoned a powerful gust of wind from the sky straight down on top of Durge. The wind was to strong for Durge's thrusters to compensate and the wind knocked Durge down onto the ground, on his stomach.

From Thor's point of view, Durge landed a few meters behind his two severed hands.

A second later, the thrusters to Durge's armor shut down. Durge swiftly rolled onto his back and stood up. He looked over at where his two armored severed hands. Durge did not show any outward response to the amputations.

Meanwhile, Thor had mentally requested for Mjolnir to stop spinning and for the hammer return to her gloved right hand.

Mjolnir stopped spinning and flew to Thor's right hand. Thor gripped the middle of the hammer's shaft with her right hand. Thor made sure the flat circular end of the hammer was facing forward. After this was done, she held the hammer in front of her, while she took a defensive stance. Then, Thor turned her attention towards Durge.

To Thor's mild surprise, she saw Durge turn to look at her.

Thor thought, 'I hope he is not to upset at losing his hands. I am not going to rub in his loss.'

Thor stated, “Nice attempt with the disruptor weapons. Thou actually felt those shots.”

Durge shrugged with his right shoulder, as he causally said, “I studied you.”

Thor thought, 'Most people tend to be more upset at losing multiple body parts. I hope this means he has accepted the situation and he will listen to reason.'

Thor commented, “Well, it is over. Surrender now, and you will not be harmed any further.”

Durge chuckled a little.

Thor thought, with concern, 'This is not a good sign.'

After Durge stopped chuckling, he said, “Do not be so sure the battle is over.”

Durge pointed his severed wrists towards the ground at his severed hands.

Suddenly, tendrils which were a combination of violet hues of pink, purple, blue, and red came out of his wrists and went into the exposed back holes of his armored gloved hands.

Durge made sure he connected the proper arm to the proper hand. Then, he attached and retracted his armored hands back to his wrists, with each of his hand still holding a disruptor pistol.

Durge holstered his disruptor pistols on the holsters on the sides of his thigh armor. Then, Durge looked down at his hands. He flexed them to make sure they still properly worked, which his hands did. Though, the circuits to his gloved parts of his gauntlets were damaged. But, Durge could make up the loss of strength his gauntlets provided his hands with his own physical strength in his hands.

Thor had watched all this. Thor thought, with concern, and a little worry, 'Oh no. It is not just his armor that will be a challenge, but himself as well. He has regenerative abilities. I just hope his abilities do not make him as tough as Jar Jar, or I am going to be here for a while.'

Thor asked, “What is thee?”

Durge turned to Thor. He answered, “Your executioner.”

Thor replied, “Dream on.”

Thor pointed the end of Mjolnir's head at Durge chest armor. Thor sent a lighting bolt from the head of the hammer directly at the middle of Durge's chest armor.

Durge did not even flinch as the lightning hit his chest armor.

Thor guessed, “Your armor is insulated?”

Durge replied, “Of course. As I said. I studied you. My armor is even weather proofs. And it does not leak underwater. I can swim fast in this armor and my armor can handle pressures at depths most sea life cannot tolerate.”

Thor thought, 'Meaning the armor is very tough and designed to handle some of my more destructive weather abilities... This... Person has definitely prepared for this battle. Though, I wonder how well his regenerative abilities can handle a powerful, well placed hit.'

Thor said, “Aye. That thee did prepare to face thy. But even armor has weak points.”

Thor charged at Durge. She used her enhanced speed to run super-fast. Thor hoped she would end the battle with one blow.

Durge did not have time to react, as Thor hit with the flat of her hammer, which knocked Durge on the left side of his face with such force, it spin his head to his right, and pushed his head back an angle that would break the neck of most species.

Though, instead of collapsing on the ground, dead. Durge's head whipped back in place to where is original was. Even the circuits on the back of the helmet, which connected the helmet and the rest of the powerarmor were intact. These circuits automatically connected from the back of the collar armor to the back of the helmet armor when the helmet was placed over head and onto the powerarmor. The circuits would automatically detach when the helmet was removed. The wires from the helmet and collar armor were loose enough to allow the head of the wearer to move around.

In addition, the helmet shows no sides of damage. There was not even a dent in his armor.

Thor quickly jumped back to land twenty meters from Durge, on the highway. Thor landed on her feet, with her standing.

Thor faced Durge. As she stood, she took a defensive stance, while she held Mjolnir with both hands in front of her chest.

Durge commented, “Nice try. My armor is made from a rare, very strong and durable metal alloy. It cost a fortune, but it was worth every credit.”

Thor enhanced hearing allowed her to hear Durge's comment without a problem. And Durge's microphones allowed him to hear Thor's words with clarity.

Thor thought, 'Okay. His armor is as tough as he is. But, not invincible. I cannot cut through it, but not bash throw it. Still, it was worth a shot. And since cutting will not permanently injure this person, bashing may do more internal damage to this person.'

Under her helmet, Thor smirked, as she stated, “Oh. Thou is just warming up.” She thought, 'Let us see how much lightning you can handle.'

Suddenly, while there still was twilight in the far horizon, dark storm clouds formed above Thor and Durge.

The clouds stretch to the horizon. Though, Thor made sure the clouds did not block out the twilight in the horizon.

The gusts of wind through the streets picked up.

Durge looked around. Then, he turned to Thor. He realized that Thor was causing this storm. Durge asked, “So, are you going to make it rain with your weather powers?”

Thor continued to smirk, as she stated, “No. Thou shall show thee the rolling thunder, and cook thee with lightning.”

Suddenly, a row of lightning twelve meter wide struck down from the sky in ten meters in front of Thor.

A second later, another row of lightning, the same width, struck right in front of the first row of lightning, a meter further way from Thor.

The rolling wave of lightning continued towards Durge.

In response, Durge used his suits' thrusters to fly back along the ground, a few meters in the air, and away from the incoming lightning.

Thor was prepared for Durge's attempt to evade her wave of lightning.

Thor changed the direction of the wave of lightning, while she added three more waves of lightning.

There was now a wave of lightning behind Durge, to Durge's right, to Durge's left, while the original wave of lightning was approaching Durge from his front.

Though, instead of coming directly towards Durge, the waves of lightning swiftly curled into a clockwise spiral, which would soon meet up in the center, with no escape for Durge.

Durge looked around him, as he realized what was happening. He was being forced into the center of the attack, where the lightning would be more concentrated.

Though, to Thor's surprise, instead of trying to break through the one of the sides of the encroaching walls of lightning, Durge swiftly made his way to the center of the attack, where the lightning would meet up.

Durge dropped to his feet, and he knelt down, with his right knee and left foot on the asphalt of the road. After which, Durge leaded forward, while raising his arms over his head, and to his back, in a position to shielding himself as best he could from the lightning.

By then, Durge was fifty meters away down the highway, with Thor facing the twilight of the sunset on the horizon.

Thor decided to continue her electrical attack. When the lightning spiral contracted to where Durge was, Thor poured on the lightning for ten full seconds.

Thor lost sight of Durge in the brightness of her attack, as she continued the lightning attack. Though, her powers protected her eyes from being flash blinded by the lightning strikes.

When the ten seconds were up, Thor immediately ceased the lightning attack. Thor willed the wind to die down to a gentle breeze, but she maintained the cloud cover above Durge and herself.

To Thor's surprise, she did not see Durge's burnt crisp remains. Instead, Durge and his powerarmor seem to be fine, as Durge's powerarmor was completely encased with a red energy shield.

Thor looked at the energy shield, as she thought, 'So, you have energy shields that saved you from the electrical pounding. Even with insulation. Without those shields, you would have been charred completely through. I am sure you were saving the shields for a special occasion. Using such a shield system risk taxing the energy reserves of your powersuit. Though, from all this, it is clear that a lightning attack against that armor is getting me no where.'

A few seconds later, the red energy shield disappeared.

As Durge began to stand up, Thor loudly said, “Thee is full of surprises! Though, thy doubts thee could do that many more times!”

Durge turned to face Thor. His powerarmor's sensors allowed him to hear Thor's comments. Durge loudly stated, through the speakers of his helmet, “True! But, I doubt you will try the same trick twice in the same battle!”

Thor's enhanced hearing allowed her to hear Durge's worse. Thor conceded, in a strong tone of voice, “Point taken! And that was a nice try with the energy shield!”

Durge replied, in a loud voice, “They were worth a shot! And so is this!”

Suddenly, two missile pods popped up on top of Durge's shoulder armor. One on the right side and one on the left side of the top of Durge's shoulder armor. The missiles in each pod faced towards Durge's front. Each missile pod had two rows beside each other. One lower row of three missiles and one upper row of three missiles. This made a total of twelve missiles altogether.

The missiles grouped in a pod fired at once. The missile pods could be fired in unison.

Each missile would lock on the target Durge had targeted and hit the target within a hundred meters, as long as the target to not move from the location Durge targeted, or if Durge moved while the missile fired.

The small explosive missiles quickly fired and flew towards Thor.

After firing the missiles, the pods swiftly retracting back into Durge's powerarmor to reload.

Thor did not have time to dodge the attack. When the missiles hit her, they knocked her back, as smoke enveloped her.

A few seconds later, as the light breeze cleared the smoke from the area, Durge saw the explosion has pushed Thor a meter back down the road. Though, Thor was still sanding, as she leaning forward, with her feet. She held Mjolnir in both hands, in front of her. her left hand on the ground.

Thor had been able to use Mjolnir as an hovering anchor she held both both hands to keep herself from being thrown back, but the explosions were powerful enough to push even Mjolnir and herself back a meter.

While Thor stood up straight, she looked at Durge. Thor took a defensive position, as she held Mjolnir with both hands, close to her chest.

The only new noticeable damage to Thor was some mild scorch marks on her armor and helmet.

Thor kept her eyes on Durge.

The two missile pods on Durge's shoulder popped up again and fired missiles towards Thor.

As the twelve missiles flew towards Thor, Durge's missile pods retracted back into his armor to reload.

Suddenly, a very strong, very small current of wind blew from Thor towards the missiles. The current of wind curved and split in multiple directions before reaching Durge. The wind current caused the missiles go be pushes away from Thor.

The missiles hit the ground around Thor, but no close enough for the explosions to effect her.

The wind currents grew weaker, but wider around Thor to clear away the smoke near herself.

A few seconds later, as the smoke fully cleared from the area, the wind quickly slowed down to the level it had naturally been before.

Durge realized that Thor had caused the sudden wind to protect herself.

Durge stated, in a loud voice through his speakers, “I guess that my tricks will only work once with you. That would be poetic.”

Thor replied, in a strong tone of voice, “Good guess.”

Thor used Mjolnir to swiftly fly along the ground towards Durge, as she thought, 'Let's try something more direct.'

When Thor reached Durge, in the span of the half a second she used to come to a stop, less than meter from Durge, she used her hammer to swiftly hit Durge a number of times with the round flat side of the hammer's head. First, an upper cut to the bottom of Durge's faceplate. Then, a downward hit to Durge's right shoulder. Next, a blow to the left side of Durge's chest, under Durge's left arm.

The blows had the intended effect of causing Durge to be distracted.

A moment later, Thor's feet touched the ground. Thor did not stop moving, as she used Durge's dazed state to her advantage.

Thor swiftly used both her hands to reverse her grip on Mjolnir, with the bottom of the hammer's pommel, with the small chrome colored metal ring attached to the end of the pommel, facing Durge.

Then, Thor thrust the bottom of hammer into the middle of Durge's upper chest. Thor let go, as she guided the hammer to further impale Durge's chest, to where the bottom of head of the hammer, where it met the shaft of the weapon, came to a stop as it met Durge's chest plate armor. The flat circular end of the hammer's head faced the bottom of Durge's chin. The pommel of the hammer, with the small chrome ring at the end, stuck several centimeters out of Durge's back.

Though, Thor kept the momentum of the thrust, as she mentally controlled the hammer to push Durge back and down, until Durge was forced onto his back, with the bottom of the hammer's handle being embedded into the asphalt.

As Durge struggled, he found he could not move the hammer from its place in pinning him to the black asphalt of the highway.

A few seconds later, Durge stopped struggling, as he leaned up his head to look at Thor, standing in front of him.

Thor looked down at Durge. Under her helmet, Thor smirked, as she stated, in a normal tone of voice, “Nailed you.”

Through the speakers of his helmet, Durge laughed at Thor's joke. As Durge calmed down, he said, in a calm tone of voice, “Do you believe this will hold me for long?”

Thor asked, “No. So, what is it going to take to keep thee down?” She punctuated her question with a lightning bolt coming down from the cloudy sky and into the hammer, through Durge, with the electricity grounding through the shaft, into the ground.

The powers Mjolnir gave Thor protected her from the ambient energy, intense heat, brilliant light, and powerful kinetic force of the lightning striking near her.

As the lightning strike passed, instead of being dazed, Durge casually remarked, “More than this.” Then, Durge held up his gauntlets. On the upper side of the forearm of each gauntlet, a missile pod opened up. The missiles in both pods were pointed to fire over his gloved hands, and at Thor.

Two missiles fired from a pod on each gauntlet.

Thor did not have time to dodge the missile attack.

The small missile pods quickly loads to reload.

The explosive missiles hit Thor's chest and exploded. The explosions knocked Thor back to a twenty meters down the road, on her back, with the attack having slightly dazed her.

At the same time, Durge arranged his body and armor to create a whole in his chest around Mjolnir. He them landed up. Next, he stood up, the hole in his chest and armor sealed back up. There were not signs of injure to Durge and only two small seams running vertically on Durge's chest and back armor, where Mjolnir had pierced the armor and later the parts of the armor had been split open. These two seams in the armor did not effect the circuitry, hardware, and weapons that were part of Durge's powerarmor.

There was no sign of blood on the hammer.

Durge commented, “Same weapons, different trick.”

Durge took aim at Thor lying on her back, with Thor's booted feet facing him.

Durge had all his missile weapons come online, as he took aim of his weapons at dazed Thor.

Durge's two shoulder missile pods slid up on the top of his shoulders. Each shoulder pod has six small missiles per reload.

Durge's two forearm missile missile pods slid up from those parts of his two gauntlet armor. Each forearm pod held two small missiles per reload.

Also, a missile pod slid open on the outside side of both of Durge's lower leg armor. Each lower leg missile pod held four small missiles per reload. The missiles in the pods on Durge's lower leg armor were pointed towards Durge's front.

After the original load of missiles of each pod was used, said missile pod could reload two more times. Durge's powerarmor could hold a total of seventy-two small, explosive missiles.

Durge had already used twenty-four missiles from his shoulder missile pods and four missiles from his forearm missile pods.

Over the course of six seconds, Durge fired forty-four small explosive missile as Thor.

All of the missiles made impact on various parts of Thor's body, armor, and helmet.

After the six missile pods emptied their armor complete, the six missile pods retracted back into Durge's armor.

Half a minute later, as the light breeze cleared the smoke from around Thor, Durge saw that Thor's armor and helmet had more scorch marks. But, Durge could tell from Thor's exposed skin and hair that she was uninjured from the missile attack.

Durge used the speakers in his helmet, as he spoke in a normal tone of voice, “You really are as tough as people claim.”

Durge slowly walked towards Thor, as he had vibro-blades popped out of the top of both his wrist gauntlets, and then began vibrating. Each of vibro-blades were shaped like a flat, double-edged straight blade that went out from the wrist. Each blade was made from a super-strong alloy similar to what Durge's armor was made from. The edges and tip of each blade was super-sharp even without the vibration mechanism. Each blade was thirty centimeters long, three centimeters wide along the blade to its tip, and three millimeters at its thickest point. Each blade ending in a equilateral triangle tipped point.

After the two blades fully extended, Durge turned on the vibration mechanisms of the weapons, to vibrate the blades to make the blades even sharper when used.

Durge continued to slowly approached Thor. He used the speakers of his helmet, as he stated, “I doubt you will survive after I cut off your head.”

Thor had not been fully knocked out by Durge's missile attacks. Though, she had been dazed. But, she had realized she was dazed and she spent the duration of the attack ignoring the pain from the blows, as she willed herself back to her senses.

By then, Thor used the time Durge spend acting dramatically to force herself back being fully aware of her surrounding. She heard what Durge at said, as she had stood up and turned to face her enemy.

Thor thought, 'Those missiles due give a pounding. But, I have been through worse. Much worse. And losing my head will likely kill me. But, I am not going to let him do that.'

Thor sat up and she held out her right hand, as she summoned Mjolnir.

Suddenly, Mjolnir came out of the ground, and the hammer swiftly moved towards Thor head first. The top of the hammer's head hit Durge's back. The blow knocked Durge face first into the ground, on his chest, as the hammer flew back into Thor's right hand.

As Durge landed on the black asphalt, he was able to move his vibro-blades away from himself, to prevent injury from his own weapons. At this point, Durge was ten meters from Thor.

Thor gripped Mjolnir by the shaft with her right hand and then her left hand. Thor used the hammer to lift herself up off the ground and onto her feet.

As Thor gained her footing, she looked at Durge laying on hist stomach, on the ground. As silly as the scene was in front of her, she was in no mood for humor. Thor thought, with serious concern, 'Okay. I felt those missile attacks. And bypassing his armor with Mjolnir and a bolt of lightning did not work due to his toughness and regenerative abilities. So, let's go back to basics until I can come up with a better idea.'

Then, Thor noticed something. She turned to Mjolnir's shaft. She realized, as she thought, 'There is no blood on Mjolnir's shaft. There should at least be some.'

Thor turned to face Durge. Thor thought, 'What are you? And what is it going to take to keep you down?'

Thor took a defensive stance, as she held Mjolnir in front of herself.

Thor watched as Durge quickly got to his feet, without harming himself, or damaging his armor with his vibro-blades.

Thor stated, “It looks like thou is going to have to pound on thee all day.”

Durge faced Thor. Through his helmet speakers, Durge chuckled a little, as he casually said, “Oh. Do not flatter yourself. I use to pay women to do that to me.” Durge stopped chuckling. Durge took a forward facing offensive stance with both his wrist mounted vibro-blade pointed towards Thor.

Thor retorted, “Thou did not need to know that.”

Thor thought, with concern, 'That explains why he is not reacting to the pain. On top of his regenerative abilities, he is enjoying the pain. In addition, when I impaled him, that was dead center. The hammer should have severed his spinal cord, paralyzing him from the chest down, with the lightning damaging any vital internal organs he has in that area of his body. At least until his regenerated. But, that is if he had a spine and organs to begin with. He showed no signs of bleeding from the would. At this point I am not even sure he has a nervous system and internal organs like humans and most near-humans possess. I am not sure what species he is. Though, I hope not all of his species are so violent. They would be almost unstoppable. Even for me.'

Thor focused on Durge's two vibro-blades, as she continued her thoughts, 'I better wield only Mjolnir and not use the Black Solace. Those two vibro-blades look to be designed to fight in the form of quick strikes. It is better I use Mjolnir with both hands to block the strikes I will not be able to dodge, instead of taking a two weapon approach. And I better not try to mix up my attack with some punches and kicks. Those vibro-blades can take off a limb as quickly as a lightsaber blade came. Also, a vibro-blade cut does not cauterize a limb like a lightsaber blade, leading to a bleed out and a quick death.'

Thor took offensive stance, with her left side facing Durge. She used both her hands to hold Mjolnir head upwards, with the flat circular end of the hammer facing her left side. Thor turned her head to face Durge. Thor firmly stated, “So, shut up and fight.”

Durge replied, with a touch of eagerness in his tone of voice, “With pleasure.”

Both them charged at each other, towards the center of the highway. When they reached each other, they restarted this battle in a far more vicious manner.

Given weather attacks were not working, Thor instead tried to use only attacks with melee weapons.
Also, Thor maintained the cloud cover above them in she need to call down some lightning at a moment's notice.

To Thor's surprise, she found that as she fought Durge, that Durge was very fast, and he very skilled at using his vibro-blades for dueling.

While not as fast as Thor, Thor realized that Durge's speed and skills with his vibro-blades made him deathly.

Due to Durge's skill, he was able to prevent Thor from finding any serious opened that could be used by Thor to slam Durge into a nearby wall with the flat end of the hammer, or cut him in half with the axe blade of the hammer.

Thor was able to dodge many of Durge strikes. Though, those strikes she did not dodge she used Mjolnir to parried or block. But, Thor did received some cuts on her arms, legs, and chest from glancing strikes by vibro-blades. While the vibro-blades did not cut through her metal armor, and did not damage Mjolnir. The glancing blows of the vibro-blades create small grooves in the metal of Thor's armor, and the vibro-blades slashed through her leather armor, such cuts to her brown leather gloves that went up to her elbows and the sides of her brown leather bodice on her lower torso.

The cuts on Thor's skin that Durge gain her with the glancing strikes of his vibro-blade were deep enough to bleed. But, Thor dodging, along with using Mjolnir to block and parrying the attacks kept her from sustaining any serious wounds.

Still, Thor ignored the sting pains from the cuts, as she continued to fight.

Unfortunately, Thor soon realized that Durge was extremely agile. Also, Durge had enough strength to counter Thor's hammer attacks with the vibro-blades.

Thor found that Durge's vibro-blades were tough enough that the axe blade of Mjolnir could not damage them.

So, Durge was able to dodge, or parry all, but a few glancing blows of Thor's attacks. The glancing strikes by Thor did not pierce Durge's armor.

Thor realized this left her at a disadvantage.

While continuing to fight in the middle of the street, Thor thought, 'He is getting in more shots against me, than I am with him. He is able to wound me, while I cannot get a single solid hit through his armor. I see the seam where I damaged the front of his chest armor with Mjolnir. But, that is in the center of his defense, and I cannot exploit the damage to his armor. Also, he shows no signs of tiring. If this keeps up, I will lose.'

'I need to think of something. But what? The main strength which makes him dangerous is his powersuit. Without his powersuit he has no access to weapons. What a minute. Mjolnir can manipulate electricity. Can it also control energy from other sources. It is worth a try.'

'Though, I need to focus on the powersuit and not the person. I feel that if I try to use this ability to suck his lifeforce from him, I will be tainting myself in some way. The father warned me about such dangerous abilities. I feel that doing so is wrong. Even in a life and death situation. Still, I need to do this quick and fast.'

Thor continued to fight until she saw her opening. She poured on her super-speed, as she swiftly used the flat head of the hammer to make a solid blow to Durge's stomach to knock him back with enough force to send him into the air.

Durge flew back in an arc that took him twenty meters down the highway, to land on his back.

But, as Durge flew back, Thor did not stop. She was able to judge the distance to Durge's landing. Then, jump towards Durge in a slightly high arc than Durge was going.

When Durge landed on his back, as a safety measure, he outstretched his armors to his sides to prevent any chance of the vibro-blades at the ends of his wrists from harming himself, or damaging his armor.

Durge was dazed from both the blow to his stomach and the landing. Thus, Durge was unable to react as Thor landed boots first, on his stomach.

The pain from the second blow to his stomach further dazed Durge. Though, Durge's stomach armor did not give way to the force to Thor landing on Durge's stomach.

While standing on Durge's stomcah, Thor swiftly used both her hands, as she raise up Mjolnir over her head, and reversed her grip on the Mjolnir, to where the top of the hammer was pointed down. Next, Thor brought down Mjolnir head first, down onto Durge's chest, in a powerfully hard blow. When the swing was half way through, to strengthen the blow, Padme dropped her left knee, with her left knee touching Durge's stomach plate by her right foot, as the top of Mjolnir's head slammed down on Durge's chest plate.

The flat rounded end of the hammer faced Thor and the axe end faced Durge's jaw.

Thor did not stop, as she focused her mind, and she concentrated in mentally using Mjolnir ablities. When Thor used the power of Mjolnir, she always felt the power Mjolnir in the hammer into her body from all several directions at once.

Thor mentally requested Mjolnir to allow her to sense the energy around her. Immediately after Thor's mental request, to her surprise she was suddenly able to sense four sources of energy around her. She quickly recognized two of the power sources as her own lifeforce in her body, and Mjolnir's lifeforce which was unevenly divided between her body and the hammer, with the hammer having the majority of Mjolnir's power.

Also, Thor sensed two other energy sources. One felt constantly like it was static and sterile. That energy source surround other energy source that felt vibrate, though dark, and slightly malevolent.

Thor realized the static and sterile energy was the powersuit and the vibrate and dark energy was Durge's lifeforce.

Thor focused on using Mjolnir to channel the energy from the powersuit, into Mjolnir and herself, with the energy not being contained, but channeled through the hammer, into her body and into the outside air.

As Thor did this, she was careful not to affect Durge's lifeforce.

Suddenly, Thor felt the static and sterile energy flow through Mjolnir and into her, with both Mjolnir and her own body radiating that energy in moderately large electrical arcs that whipped off her body and into the air around her.

This continued for a few seconds, until Thor felt the energy being fully depleted from the powerarmor.

Just before the energy was all gone, as a safety measure for the powersuit, the vibration mechanisms of the vibro-blades automatically shut down, and the blades retracted into the top forearm part of the gauntlets. Then, Thor felt the power in the suit was gone.

Thor swiftly stood up. As Thor stood up, she lifted Mjolnir. Once she fully stood on Durge's stomach armor, she jumped back to six meters from Durge, to land on the black asphalt.

Thor reversed her grip on Mjolnir to have the head of the hammer pointed up, with the flat rounded side of the head of the hammer facing away from Thor at a diagonal angle to her left, and the axe edge facing towards her at a diagonal angle to her right.

Thor let go Mjolnir with her left hand. Thor used her right hand to hold Mjolnir in front of herself.

Thor looked at Mjolnir, in her right hand. Thor thought, 'When I use you, I am always able to feel your power, Mjolnir. But, I guess I just never bothered to ask if you could let me sense and manipulate the energy of other people and items. Still, these are skills I will look into later. Though, for right now, I think I will keep these skills to myself.'

Thor looked over at Durge, whom was not moving. Thor continued her thoughts, 'Well, I believe this battle is over. He is stuck in his suit, unable to move, and I will call Rex and his team to bring the transport to pick both of us up.'

Suddenly, Thor saw Durge's armor begin to vibrate. As Durge's armor vibrated, Thor sensed the dark energy of Durge's lifeforce suddenly grow stronger from within Durge's armor.

Then, the armor began to crack like an eggshell.

Thor realized what was going on. She gripped Mjolnir with both hands, as she took a defensive stance.

Thor thought, 'I guess I was wrong. This is not over.'

A few seconds later, the Durge burst from his powersuit, with pieces of his suit laying around him.

As Durge stood, the only thing Durge had on was his helmet and faceplate.

Without Durge wearing his armor, Thor had a good look at Durge's true form. Durge's body appeared to be mass of tendrils in the form of muscles and tendons, in a humanoid shape. Durge's tendrils were a combination of violet hues of pink, purple, blue, and red.

Thor thought, with worry, 'Oh. He is the personification of all my worst nightmare monsters combined. I knew he had tendrils on his body. But, not like this. On the bright side, he made it very clear he only wants to kill me.'

Durge used his tendril hands to reached his helmet and faceplate.

Durge used his left tendril hand to grip his face plate. Then, he used his right tendril hand to grip the helmet.

While detached worked to detach his faceplate from his helmet, he stated, with his own masculine voice, “I wanted to fight you as one professional to another professional. Because I respect and admire your power and abilities. But, you wanted to face the beast.”

Thor heard audible click, as the helmet detached from the faceplate.

Durge used his right tendril hand to take off his helmet first.

Durge dropped the helmet to his right side, as he held out his right tendril arm to his right side.

As the helmet clanked when it hit the black asphalt, Thor saw the tendrils ran up Durge's neck and came together to composed Durge's head.

A moment later, Durge used his left tendril hand to take off his face plate. He dropped his face plate to his left side, as he held out his left trendril arm to his left side.

Thor noticed that with was Durge was holding out both his arms in a threatening pose. But, as the faceplate hit the black highway, Thor got a good look at Durge's face and head.

Durge had small wires and small pieces of circuitry sticking out on parts of his head and face.

Durge had a monstrous face, with a mouth, and eyes. His had two eyes. Each eye had a red iris surrounded by a yellow sclera. The teeth in his mouth were an upper and lower row of fangs. Durge had a jawline below his mouth to allow himself to open and close his mouth, but he did not really have a jaw. It looked like he once had a nose on his face, but it appeared his nose has been removed at some point, leaving only two large nostril opening above mouth and below his eyes.

Then, Thor noticed the fury in Durge's yellow eyes, as Durge looked at Thor.

Durge yelled, “Well you got the beast!”

Thor thought, with worry and concern, 'He has cybernetic implants. And from the look on his face, he is not happy. It looks like he once has a nose on his face. But with his regenerative abilities and that he looks to be a shapeshifter, he just might have chose to form his face without a nose. I doubt any part of his body could be permanently destroyed, unless he wants to that part of his body not to grow back.'

Durge raised his his arms in the direction of Thor. Thor watched as tendrils of Durge's arms merged with Durge's chest and abdomen and grew outward from the front of Durge's torso to make a large multi-color tendril whip.

The moment after Durge formed the his large whip, Durge launched the whip at Thor like a spear.

The whip was thirty centimeters wide, and it lengthen was it expanded outward towards Thor.

Thor quickly sidestepped to her left to avoid the attack, as she charged towards Durge.

While Durge missed Thor, Durge was able to hold his large whip a meter in the air, with the whip being six meters long. The end of the whip ended in a coned point.

As Thor run parallel with the tendril whip to her right, she gave the tendril whip a two meters space, in case the weapon suddenly launched smaller tendrils from the large whip at her.

While running, Thor thought, 'Okay. It just got worse. At lot worse. Let's see if I can at least put him down before he does kill me. I need to remember that he can regenerate and reattach anything that is cut off of him. Also, those tendrils can snake out at any part of him, including that whip I am running beside. So, I need to give that whip some distance as I work to reach the main body of this person. I will focus on bashing and smashing until I have a better plan.'

When Thor reached Durge's right side, she flat of Mjolnir to hit the right side of Durge's abdomen. Thor then continued around to Durge's back.

Though, Thor soon found that Durge did not react in pain to the blow. Durge had his large torso whip swiftly break apart into smaller, thinner whips, as he quickly turned to his right, towards Thor, while he employed sweeping attacks with the smaller tendril weapons.

Durge further manipulated his body to attack Thor, by having these small whips retract into his body, as he had other tendrils come out of other parts of his body to target Thor. Durge had the tendrils quickly sweep of his body out at Thor and then swiftly retracted back into Durge's body, waves of attacks towards Thor.

Fortunately, Thor was able to use some of her super-speed and super-agility to dodge the attacks. Durge's attacks with his tendrils were far slower and more clumsy than Durge's attacks with his vibro-blades.

Rather than fight up close, Thor chose to employ hit and run attacks, with her constantly on the move around Durge's body, as she hit any openings she could find in Durge's defenses without being hit by Durge's tendrils.

Though, Thor had to be careful how fast she became, because the faster she was, the more momentum she had, making it harder to move around, back and forth. This was not a major impediment for Thor, but it was a noticeable issue for herself.

Fortunately, Thor was able to use enough super-speed and super-agility to continue to avoid Durge's tendril attacks, as she took opportunities to attack Durge with the flat circular end of the hammer.

While Thor and Durge fought each other, Thor continued to use the flat circular end of the hammer to bash Durge's body at various points, Thor thought, 'I was wrong. His powersuit is not the most dangerous thing about him. It is his natural abilities that make him dangerous. It will be a losing proposition for myself, if I try to trade blow for blow with him. Still, while he is fast. He not as fast as me. And I hope I can wear him down.'

While Thor continued to pound on Durge, Durge found that none of his tendril attacks touched Thor. That Thor was too fast and agile for his attacks. Though, Durge had a trick to help bridge the speed differences between him and Thor.

Durge stopped taking a humanoid shape, and he became a large ball shape of tendrils, with his face on a side of the ball facing Thor. This spherical allowed Durge to move around more freely and easily, letting Durge lash out with his tendrils in any direction.

Meanwhile, Thor noticed this, but she was still focused on dodging Durge's attack and trying to slowly pound Durge until he collapsed. Thor had basically been doing hit and runs attacks, with her enhanced agility and speed allowing her to jump back and forward, around Durge, to avoid the tendril attacks, as she continue to hit him with the hammer.

Due to Thor using some of her super-speed and super-agility, the speed of Thor's physical movements and attacks with Mjolnir prevented her using Mjolnir to move around. Thor could not quickly both use Mjolnir to move around and swing Mjolnir in an attack against her target.

Thor had jumped back three meters from Durge. She realized, as she thought, 'My attacks are not working.'

Just then, while Thor faced the west, a gust of wind passed by them, from the west, towards the east.

Suddenly, Thor came up with an idea, as she continued her thoughts, 'I need some breathing room to think.'

Thor jumped back several meters.

As Thor landed on her feet, twenty meters away, down the highway, towards the east, she looked towards the west, and at Durge.

Thor saw that Durge was already coming towards her. Durge used his mass of tendrils to move in a pattern of rolling and jumping a meter in to the air, only to land in a continuous roll. Though, Durge did not roll directly over his face. He alternated the sides of the ball his face was on, to allow him to see around himself, even though his face and eyes were spinning as he looked around. Durge's physiology prevented him from becoming dizzy, or disorientated from the singular spinning effect.

Thor used both her gloved hands to hold Mjolnir by the shaft of the hammer.

Thor used her super-speed to temporarily speed her her thoughts, as she mentally reflected, 'Now to come up with a different strategy. The standard plan to keeping hitting the target until the target stops is not working. He is too tough for lightning. He regenerates to fast for trying to chop him into piece. He shows no signs of becoming dizzy from all that spinning at a ball. At least he cannot fly without his armor.'

'Though, I do dare fly away and escape. This time, he was professional enough to face me in a deserted area. I doubt he will show such consideration if I run and he decides to confront myself a second time. More than likely, the next time I face him, it will be in a populated area of his choosing. So, I will make sure there is not a second time.'

'Still, I need to be careful, or I may loose track of him with this attack. But, if this works, I can take him down. Though, it will take time.'

Thor sent a power gust of wind at Durge, with the intent to knocking Durge's body into the air and away from Thor.

Durge felt the wind quickly build around himself. Durge immediately recognized this at an elemental attack by Thor. Durge quickly stopped rolling, and he swiftly fanned out his tendrils to prevent the wind from having anything tangible to drag into the air.

Durge became like a feather in the wind, which moved back and forth in the air, though did not leave its general location. The wind moved him back half a meter, but as the wind dissipated, he was able to keep from being dragged away with the breeze.

Once the gust was wind stopped, Durge swiftly pulled himself into a ball, as he dropped to the ground. After landing on the ground, Durge immediately started rolling again towards Thor. Durge continued to alternate which side of his ball shaped body he has his face on.

As Durge reached Thor, he swung a mass of his tendrils at her. But, Thor jumped back another twenty-five meters to the east before Durge's tendrils reached her.

Durge saw he missed, and he continued rolling towards Thor.

While in the air, Thor was impressed by the way Durge's countered to her attack. She thought, 'Okay. That is a nice trick. But, that gives me an idea.'

As Thor landed on her feet, one the road, she sent another power wind attack at Durge.

Durge was fifteen meters from Thor when he felt the wind attack. Durge stopped again. Durge swiftly fanned out his his tendrils. But, he quickly realized this was not a simple gust of wind. The wind folded around Durge, and formed a powerful cyclone that began to pick him up in the air and spin him around.

Durge quickly pulled his tendrils back into a tight ball, to keep himself from being pulled apart by the centrifugal force the cyclone was creating for him.

Thor held Mjolnir with both hand, as she took a defensive stance. Thor maintained his defensive stance, as she watched as her plan work.

Under her helmet, Thor smirked, as she thought, 'Got you.'

As Durge spun in the center of the cyclone, Thor had the wind of the cyclone occasion kick in a different direction, to have Durge start to rotate and spinning different ways at once.

Thor dropped her grin, as she thought, 'While spinning in one direction may not may you dizzy. But, spinning several ways at once will make anyone disorientated, including you. Messing with your equilibrium should keep you from trying to escape, while I work on the next part of my plan in your defeat.'

Thor summon the storm clouds above the area to call down lightning into the cyclone at several points, with the lightning electrocuting Durge's body at multiple locations at once.

Thor watched this, as she mentally reflected, 'While lightning towards a single point may not stop you. What if I light up your entire body at once.'

As Thor continued this attack, Thor felt Durge's lifeforce slowly fad.

Thor continued this combination wind and lightning for over a minute.

Thor felt Durge's lifeforce start to become weak. Thor immediately stopped the lightning and the cyclone.

Thor saw that as Durge fell to the ground, the tendrils of his body had taken on a more humanoid shape, with his face on the front of his head, as before.

Durge dropped to the ground face first, onto his stomach, fifteen meters from Thor.

With Thor's enhanced senses, she could tell that Durge was alive, but unconscious. Thor was still able to sense Durge's lifeforce. Durge's lifeforce was weak, but steady.

Thor thought, with relief, 'Finally. I was beginning to wonder if it would take an act of god to take you down. I wonder you defeated, not dead. I doubt Sidious would give you any useful information against him. But, the real reason I want you to live is to know I defeated you. To know that you were not worthy to face me after all. Though, until then, I know how to keep you quiet until I can hand you off to someone else to deal with.'

Thor took a close look at Durge's body, as she continued her thoughts, 'Interesting. I see that when you are unconscious you take on a humanoid shape. While you are very different from humans and near-humans, it seems your species prefers to default to a humanoid shape.'

'Now to finish to clean up this mess.'

Thor held Mjolnir with her right hand, she let go of Mjolnir with her left hand. Thor used her right hand to move to her right side.

Thor continued to look at Durge, as she used her left fingers to turn on the comlink under her helmet, on the back of her right ear. The buttons were on the lower back side of her right ear.

Thor had the clouds dissipate above in the sky above Durge and herself, to the partly cloudy setting before.

Thor kept her eyes on Durge, as she thought, 'I better have remove the clouds so my team can more easily find and reach us.'

Thor stated, “Captain Rex.”

Over the comlink, Rex replied, “What is it, sir?”

Thor inquired, “Is thee and your squad on the transport?”

Over the comlink, Rex answered, “Yes.”

Thor questioned, “Are there sedatives in the med-center of the transport?”

Over the comlink, Rex said, “Yes.”

Thor ordered, “Find all the sedatives thee can on the transport.”

Over the comlink, Rex asked, “General. What is going on?”

Thor requested, “Thou needs thee to home in on my transmission, and fly the transport to come pick thee up. Thou should be to your west by around ten kilometers. A being attacked thee. The being's name is Durge. Thou was able to subdue Durge without killing him. Durge is currently knocked out. He is under arrest. Though, we will need plenty of sedatives to keep him asleep, because stun-cuffs will not hold him.”

Over the comlink, Rex said, “The pilots have already found your location. You are nine kilometers, six hundred and fifty-six meters from us. We will be there as soon as possible. We will collect the sedatives while in route to you.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.”

Then, Thor noticed in the distance that twilight was over and the stars in the sky shown, with the a waxing half moon rising in the sky.

Thor thought, with mild amusement, 'It is finally nightfall.' Thor noticed, as she continued her thoughts, 'I can no longer sense Durge's lifeforce. I can still sense my own lifeforce and Mjolnir powers. I guess that ability is temporary. I guess that is for the best. Though, I now know I can call on Mjolnir to give me this ability if I need such power.'

Thor turn face Durge. Thor quietly stood guard fifteen meters from Durge. She was ready for a possible attack. Fortunately, she could tell that Durge was out cold.

While Thor waited, her wounds fully healed without leaving scars.


Twenty minutes after contacting Rex, Thor soon saw the landing lights of the Republic transport approaching her from the air.

A few minutes later, the republic transport ship extended its landing gear and landed twenty meters from Thor and thirty-five meters from Durge, further east, down the highway.

The transport landed with its right side facing Thor and Durge. The right side of the ship was where the ramp and main outer doors were located.

Thor watched on the right side of the ship, as she ramp to the transport lowered to the ground. Then, the outer double-doors of the transport slid opened.

Rex, whom was in full white and blue armor and helmet, disembarked down the ramp first. He did not have his weapons in hand.

The seven clone troopers disembarked down the ramp. The other troopers were in their white and blue armor and helmet. The troopers had their blaster rifles at the ready.

The squad of eight clone troopers headed towards Thor and Durge.

Thor watched as Rex's seven subordinates briskly rushed pass Thor and towards Durge. The troopers came to a stop a few meters from Durge. They had their blaster rifles trained on the giant mass of multicolored tendrils which was Durge.

Thor turned to face Rex. Thor saw that Rex was taking his time walking towards her.

Thor recognized Rex, due to Rex being the only trooper to carry to blaster pistols, instead of a blaster rifle. One of each of Rex's two blaster pistols were holsters on the sides of his thigh armor pieces.

When Rex came to stop two meters in front of Thor, he looked at her. He saw the scorch marks tears, small grooves, and small holes in Thor's helmet and armor. Beyond the armor, Rex noticed parts of Thor's hair was singed, and he saw cuts on Thor which had bled over her body. Though, he could tell that the cuts had since healed.

Rex asked, with concern in his voice, “General? Are you alright?”

Thor looked at Rex. She responded, “Yes. Did thee find the enough sedatives to sedate this person until we reach assistance?”

Thor thought, 'I cannot let Durge go. But, I am not sure if I actually have the power to permanently kill him. If I am sure has a small ship hidden somewhere nearby. But, I do not have time to search for that ship. He will wake up before I find it. And if we leave him here, he will return to his ship and escape off this planet to haunt me and my friends in the future.'

Rex answered, “I believe so, sir. One I understood what you wanted, I checked for any nearby drop off points. There is a Republic military spacestation not far from here, further into the Inner Rim, away from the front lines. The base is only a few star systems away. And as we talk, my boys are already in the process of sedating your captive.”

Thor thought, 'That is a relief to know. And that is good thinking on your part. I will mention that in my report.'

Thor stated, “Good thinking. Also, thou has some ideas on how to handle matters, if there is trouble before then.”

Rex said, “I would be glad to hear those recommendations. But, let us handle the matter at hand.”

Thor replied, “Certainly.”

Rex and Thor turned to look at Durge and the other seven troopers.

They watched as one of the troopers slung his blaster rifle over his left shoulder by the sling attached to the weapon. Then, the trooper slowly approached Durge.

When the trooper was standing next to what passed for Durge's head, with Durge's face with mouth and closed eyes facing upwards, trooper leaned down as he reached into a pouch on his belt and he pulled out a small jet injector with sedative in the vile of the device.

The clone injected the sedative into some of the large tendrils near Durge's face.

A few seconds later, Thor and the troopers saw Durge relax his body slightly more.

Rex and Thor continued to look at Durge.

Rex commented, “I have no way to know if he is out.”

Thor continued to look at Durge, as she stated, “If thee isn't, thou will knock him out again.”

Rex turned Thor. Rex shrugged, as he casually said, “That will work.”

Thor turned to Rex. Thor mentioned, “Though, with his regenerative abilities, he likely has a fast metabolism. Thou wants him injected at least once every half hour, with each injection point being a different part of his body. Also, his face and head have evidence of cybernetics, so be careful when handing him.”

Rex questioned, “I will warn my men to be wary. But, what if he overdoses on the sedatives?”

Thor replied, “Then, it is a small loss.” Thor thought, 'After attacking me without provocation, his life is not worth ours.'

Rex said, “I understand, sir.”

Thor realized something. She looked further west from where Durge and the troopers were. She look at Durge's busted armor piece, with his intact faceplate and helmet near the armor pieces.

Thor turned to Rex. She requested, “Also, to the west, down the hallway not far from here, there are some pieces of Durge's powerarmor. Please bring some of the large pieces, along with his helmet and faceplate for study.” She thought, 'Given I do not know this being, it is possible that some of the technology he used might be rare, and worth studying.'

Rex turned to the west. He saw the armor pieces, faceplate, helmet Thor was talking about down the road.

Rex turned to Thor. Rex replied, “Yes sir.” He turned to his subordinates, as he ordered, “Alright, boys. Someone go grab a few of those larger armor pieces down the road. Make sure you also pick up the faceplate and helmet. Put all the piece in a blast proof storage box, in case the armor has any explosive traps that we do not know about. And make sure you lock the box.”

Thor thought, 'Good thinking putting the armor pieces into a blast proof storage box. Just in case Durge's armor has any more surprises we do not know about. The box will also block any locator signals, as long as the box is closed.'

Rex went onto say, “The rest of you load that creature into the ship. Do not take any chances. He has cybernetics on he head and he might have hidden cybernetics and weapons in his body. When you get the creature on the ship, place him out of the way in the main compartment. I was at least three blaster rifles pointed at him at any given time. We cannot let our guard down until we offload his best to someone else, with him being their problem.”

One of the troopers turned to his comrades. He stated into the comlink of his helmet. The other troopers and Thor heard the trooper said, “I will go.”

Rex stated, “Then, do so.”

The trooper in question turned and he went to retrieved a few of the armor pieces, along with the faceplate and helmet.

Meanwhile, along with the trooper whom had injected the sedative, two other troopers slung their blaster rifles over their shoulders. Then, the three troopers began to drag Durge's body to the ramp leading up to transport entrance. As this went on, the other thee troops followed, as they held their blaster rifles at Durge, in case the beast woke up.

To the troopers surprise, as they moved Durge, the creature made of countless tendrils stayed together in one piece.

Rex turned to Thor. Rex stated, “General. Not to worry. My boys can handle this.”

Thor looked at Rex. She said, “Captain. I am sure they can. Let us head inside, to talk to the pilot, so we can start the ball on finding the exact coordinates to the nearby Republic spacestation thee mentioned earlier.”

Rex replied, “I agree.”

Thor and Rex turned around and they began heading for the ramp which take them into the Republic transport ship.

Military protocol dictated that the highest ranking officer entered a secure transport ship first.

Rex followed protocol and he walked a little slower than Thor to allow Thor to walk up the ramp first and enter the ship.

Thor noticed this. She knew this protocol and she not comment on the matter.

Thor carried Mjolnir in her right hand, at her right side, as she ended the military transport.

Several minutes later, after everyone had boarded the ship, with the hatch being sealed and the ramp retracted, the pilots on the ship directed the ship to hover upwards as the ship retracted its landing gear.

As soon as the landing gear has fully retracted, the two pilots had the ship take off into the sky.

Once their military transport made orbit over A'varidus Four, Thor and Rex gave the pilots orders to set course for a nearby Republic military spacestation in Republic held space in the eastern Inner Rim.

After the ship's astromech droid has finished the calculations and put the coordinates into the ship, the pilots properly angled the ship and then has the ship jump to hyperspace.

The military spacestation was much closer to them than the military spacestations in orbit around the planet, Rasterous.


A few hours later, the Republic military transport Thor, Rex, Rex's squad, the two pilots, the astromech droid, and Durge were aboard of was in hyperspace heading for a nearby Republic military spacestation to transferred custody of very heavily sedated Durge over to.

Thor was in a small room in the transport. She had shut the door and locked the door behind her. The reason she was inside the small room was to have some privacy.

Thor was not very worried. She knew Rex and his squad. They respected her privacy. But, she did not want them to accidentally walk in on her.

Thor has ordered Rex to only disturb her if the matter was in important, or they had reached the nearby Republic military spacestation.

Presently, Rex and his squad were currently busy guarding a heavily sedated Durge.

Due to the cybernetics on Druge's face and head, the troops took a closer look at Durge, they noticed that some of the tendrils near his face has some faint signs of housing cybernetics without the tendrils. Though, they could not be sure, because they lacked the equipment to check.

In responded, Rex made sure to have his men keep a close eye on Durge and keep the large creature sedated.

As a precaution, Rex had the pieces of Durges armor put into an armored storage box. If there were any explosive boobytraps in the armor, the storage box was designed to contain the blast. Also, the box was designed to block any tracking signals such items within the box maybe secretly broadcasting.

Rex made sure the storage box was shut and locked for the safety everyone on the ship.

The two pilots and the astromech droid were busy in the cockpit piloting the ship through hyperspace.

Thor had turned on the ceiling lights in the room.

Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand, at her right side.

Thor's wounds from her battle with Durge has long since fully healed. Thor has already go into the restroom of the transport. She used wet, clean rags to wipe herself off and clean off the blood on her body.

Thor used Mjolnir to turn back to Padme. Her armor and equipment turned into her pants, shirt, and slippers and other items she had on before she became Thor early that day. A few seconds later, Padme used Mjolnir to change back to Thor with her clothing changing to Thor's armor and equipment.

This repaired all the small holes in Thor's armor and helmet from Durge's disruptor shots, the tears from Durge's vibro-blades, and scorch marks from Durge's missile attacks. Thor's armor and equipment were as good as new.

Also, Thor noticed that when she changed to Padme, her blond hair which had been partly singed by Durge's disruptor shots has been repaired when her long hair turned to her natural brown color. When Padme changed back to Thor she found that her blond had to normal for her enhanced form.

Thor looked at her brown leather gloves and her sides of her bodice, where there has been tears. As Thor has expect, she saw her that those places had been fully repaired. This confirmed that her entire armor was completely repaired.

Thor thought, 'Good. My wounds are healed without any scarring. I already cleaned up the blood I bled in battle. And my armor is fully restored. I do not want to needlessly worry my friends. Especially since I am presently fine. Now to contact them. Knowing them, they should be finished with their missions by now. Also, they should be awake and awaiting for my call.'

With this done, Thor turned her attention to the table and the second reason she wanted to go to the small room for privacy.

There was a holo-monitor placed on a table in front of Thor.

Thor set Mjolnir to her right, on the floor, on the weapon's head, against the doorway wall, to the left of the door when facing the door from inside the room.

Thor walked over to the table with the holo-monitor.

Thor stood, as she dialed into the holo-monitor which was a coded frequency on the Galactic Republic datanet satellite relay systems. The coded signal went to an encrypted channel that Obiwan and Anakin had set up using Republic military communication relay satellites.

Only Obiwan, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Padme knew of the encrypted frequency channel. This was set up so when they were on long term missions away from each other, yhey could still contact each other when they were not busy, such as on a ship, without giving away their location.

When they were free to talk, each of the four of them set their holo-monitors to listen for the coded signal, which was not hard to put into a holo-monitor. Anakin and Obiwan had showed Padme and Ahsoka how to set in the code.

As a precaution, when one of them used a holo-monitor like this, when they left the ship, they destroyed the holo-monitor in question and discarded the pieces of the holo-monitor. They could do for the reason making sure no one would back track them with the holo-monitor.

For security sake, the transmissions were audio, to allow for a tighter data transmission.

After Thor put in the code into the holo-monitor, she thought, 'With luck, by now they have all finished with their missions and they are on their way back to the Resolute.'

A few rings later, someone answered. Thor recognized Ahsoka voice as she said, “Hello.”

Thor replied, “Hi Ahsoka.”

Ahsoka said, with slight excitement in her tone of voice, “Hey Thor.”

Thor asked, “Is Anakin with you?”

Over the line, Thor heard Anakin's answer, “Yes. It is good to hear from you.”

Thor responded, “Thou feels the same way. Are you guys someplace private, so we can chat?”

Anakin stated, “Yes. R2 is making sure the ship is running okay through hyperspace, and the clones are resting. How about yourself?”

Thor coyly said, “Thou is alone. Though, there was some complications, we are all fine.”

Anakin questioned, “Okay. Do you want tell us all about it?”

Thor stated, “Yes. This is information you need to know.” She thought, 'Considering Durge is connected to Sidious.'

The holo-monitor beeped, to let Thor know someone else had joined the channel.

Thor heard Obiwan's voice say, “Hello everyone.”

Ahsoka happily said, “Hi Master Kenobi. Anyone with you?”

Obiwan answered, “Just C3-PO. But, he is currently powered down. And my ship is on autopilot.”

Anakin questioned, “I take it everyone finished their mission.”

Obiwan replied, “Yes.”

Thor said, “Of course.”

Anakin stated, “Good. So, have we.”

Ahsoka asked, “Now what happened to everyone?”

Thor commented, “Thou's mission might take a little time in explaining. You three need to go first.”

Obiwan volunteered, “I will go first. There is not much to say. It was a negotiation mission with two individuals whom did not like each other. Though, the interesting part was when C3-PO solved the negotiation issues. With the droid's suggestions we were able to come to an agreement.”

Anakin stated, “I am glad C3-PO was useful.”

Obiwan said, “That is not all. Less than an hour ago, I was informed by my sources that the governments of the two parties I was conducting negotiations with have agreed to the terms of C3-PO's suggests. The terms still need to be finalized and the details work out. But, it looks like the agreement is going to happen.”

Thor happily commented, “That is good to hear. So Anakin, Ahsoka, what about your treasure hunt? Thou has found that a treasure hunt is almost always fun.” She thought, 'And the treasure hunts we together, Anakin, have been fun.'

Anakin replied, “Not in this case.”

Ahsoka stated, “We had some complications.”

Anakin said, “In others words we were late to the party and someone else was already on the way out of the temple with the scrolls.”

Obiwan inquired, “Do you recognize who is was?”

Anakin answered, “Yes. Asajj Ventress.”

Obiwan groaned, as he questioned, “Oh please tell me this did not turn out to be a Sith relic hunt?”

Anakin responded, “While the temple was shaped in the form of a pyramid, I did not sense any darkness in the force from the temple itself. Asajj said the scrolls were a codex to an alien language. I believe her. This was only a job for her. Also, she was being helped, by a sniper, whom used a slugthrower rifle to trick most of us into the jungle. Also, the sniper not was trying to harm us. There is only one person skilled enough to be partnered with Ventress, and whom would be crazy enough to shoot at Jedi and a squad of clone troopers. That person is the bounty hunter Aurra Sing. Everything I know about Sing shows that Sing knows better that to mess with Sith artifacts.”

Obiwan commented, with slight relief in his tone of voice, “For once I am glad Sing showed herself. So she was just luring you away from the temple so Ventress could escape?”

Anakin stated, “Yes. Both Sing and Ventress were not interested in actually killing us. Instead, they only wanted to escape.”

Thor asked, “Did they get away?”

Ahsoka answered for Anakin, “Yes.”

Anakin said, “We realize that was not about the scrolls. That was when I ordered us to leave. Someone was playing us. I refuse to put lives on the line for a setup concerning dusty old scrolls which offer no strategic value.”

Obiwan offered, “That is a good call. If there is trouble from the Council, I will back up your decision.”

Anakin happily replied, “Thank you.”

Obiwan said, “Still, I do not see how Ventress and Sing could eventually meet and decide to work together. The both have such abrasive personalities, they are just as likely to try to kill each other, as work together.”

Thor stated, “Money can make for very strange bedfellows. The stories thou could tell thee.” She thought, 'The senate is full of such situations.'

Obiwan responded, “I am sure. I believe there is a third party that likely hired them to work together. But whom?”

Ahsoka mentioned, “After talking over it, we figured it was Loki whom hired them to a find the scroll.”

Anakin said, “At first I thought the treasure hunt information may have been leaked by a rival of Loki. But, when I began to think about it, I realized how cagey Loki is. Ahsoka and I have been talking about it, and we believe that Loki was the one whom leaked the information to the Republic. The whole point was not the treasure. I believe we were used by Loki the create a situation that would bring Ventress and Sing closer as partners in battle.”

Obiwan commented, “It would not be the first time that battle brought people closer together.”

Thor pointed out, “True. Though, it is foolish to treat such dangerous people as mere puppets.”

Ahsoka said, “That goes without saying. If they ever learned of this, Loki is going to be in a whole lot of trouble. Do you think we should leak this back to Asajj and Sing?”

Obiwan responded, “No. First of all, we are their enemies. They would not believe what we say. And while this is possible, we have no proof. This is too twisted a theory to share. And knowing Loki. She likely has contingency plans if such information was leaked back to her and her associates.”

Thor said, “At the very least. When the next time thou sees Loki, thou will ask her about this matter.”

Obiwan offhandedly commented, “Knowing her, she might openly admit to doing so.”

Anakin agreed, “That is possible.”

Ahsoka said, “Also, Loki probably ordered them to avoid bloodshed. Which is why none of us were injured. Let alone killed.”

Obiwan said, “That would make sense. Loki always preferred trickery over violence. And what better way to make this test better than to have those two violent women be restrained in not being allowed to kill, unless it was absolutely necessary.”

Thor stated, “True. Loki may prefer trickery. But, the few times thy has fought her, she showed she was no stranger to violence. She probably only requested that there be no unnecessary bloodshed. That bloodshed was allowed if needed to complete their mission.”

Obiwan agreed, “My thoughts exactly.”

Anakin asked, “So, Thor. How was your mission?”

Thor stated, “More exciting than thou expected. Sidious sent someone after me.”

Obiwan asked, with concern in his tone of voice, “Given Sidious' apparent resources. That is not surprising. What happened?”

Thor said, “While scouting out the area. To cover more ground and finished the mission more quickly, thou separated from those accompanying thy. While thou accomplished thy part of the mission. Soon after, thou realized someone was following me. Thou confronted the person. The person looked to be mandalorian armor. Complete with helmet and faceplace. Though, the armor was completely enclosed around his body. Also, he was bigger. Much bigger than a standard human could be. Though, not as tall, nor large as Jar Jar in his beastly form.”

Ahsoka inquired, “Did you get a name?”

Thor stated, “Yes. He called himself, Durge. And after a intense battle, thou defeated him.”

Obiwan commented, “I read about a Durge with the Separatists. But, after the shake up, he fell out of favor with the new leadership.”

Ahsoka asked, “Why was that?”

Obiwan said, “The rumor was they refused to offer jobs that were bloody enough for his tastes. Though, he has been reported to have taken jobs by the Hutts and the Black Sun.”

Anakin commented, “Another psycho looking for jobs that allow him to kill for the sake of killing.”

Obiwan agreed, “I believe so.”

Anakin inquired, “What were his abilities?”

Thor said, “Durge wore a full suit and helmet of powerarmor that looked similar to mandalorian armor. Only the armor completely covered his body. Along with this, the armor tougher, and more well armed than other types of powersuits thou has faced in battle.”

“Durge had clearly studied thou. His armor was able to handle many of thou's elemental and direct brute force attacks. His weapons were designed to hurt thy. Even so, most of his weapons only damaged thou's armor and not thou's body. Though, while thou had some difficult in fighting him with his vibro-blades, thou suffered no serious injuries. The cuts were shallow, with thy swiftly recovering from the injuries.”

“Thou was able to defeat him after thy countered his powersuit. Once Durge was forced out his armor, thou used lightning at several points on his body at once to knock him unconscious.”

Thor thought, 'I will not mention my new abilities of requesting Mjolnir to temporally allow me to sense the energy of other people and items. Along with remaining silent on being able to manipulate and draw forth the energy of people and machines. I will this to myself until I have spoken with someone more experienced in these matters. Though, there is no rush. When I have the opportunity, I will talk to Master Yoda about this.'

'There is no need to worry my friends about me discovering new dangerous abilities which may cause them to worry about my own person well being. Especially, given that I plan to not use such abilities unless absolutely necessary.'

Obiwan commented, “We are glad to hear you were able to subdue this person.”

Thor thought, 'Though, I better mention more about Durge's abilities. Maybe Obiwan knows what species he is from. Or maybe Anakin. Both men are as well traveled as I am. And Ahsoka is no slouch either when it comes to traveling the galaxy. I am sure we can find out what he is...'

A thought occurred to Thor, as she continued to mentally reflect, 'That is if Durge is a he, at all. Though, I believe he is. Still, other aliens I have known turned out to either be hermaphrodites, or very masculine women. I find it disconcerting that hutts are hermaphrodites and single hutt does not need a mate to have children. To that end, I find it hypocritical that some hutts keep beautiful women as slaves. That whole situation disgusts me. But, that is a matter for late. Now, I need to focus on Durge.'

Thor stated, “There is more. After thou dealt with Durge's armor, thou found he had vast regenerative abilities. His regenerative abilities were almost on par with Jar Jar's abilities. Also, he could shapeshift. In that except for his face, mouth, and eyes, his body was composed of masses of tendrils. His personality was one whom sought violence. While thou was able to finally defeat him with a mass of lightning all of his body, this did not kill him.”

Ahsoka said, “The abilities of this person concern me.”

Thor agreed, “Thou is concerned, as well. Also, Durge has cybernetics exposed on his face and head. The troopers suspect some of his tendrils show signs of cybernetics. We do not have the equipment to check. And we are not going cut into a species we know nothing about. Though, if that is the case, such cybernetics were meant to allow to mentally connect with his powersuit, allowing him to mentally control his armor and increase his reaction time in using his powersuit.”

Anakin stated, “That is possible. I have heard of other people having cybernetics installs for similar reasons. Also, this would explain why you had trouble fighting against his vibro-blades.”

Thor agreed, “That would make sense.”

Obiwan inquired, with concern in his tone of voice, “How is Durge being contained?”

Thor answered, “Sedation. Rex has his troopers standing watch over Durge, with their weapons pointed out Durge. Since his body is a mass an tendrils, stun-cuffs and rope will not hold him. Save for thyself. Every soldier, including the pilots, are wearing their full armor and helmets. If there is trouble, the pilots will drop the ship out of hyperspace and we will eject Durge into deep space. Even if the ship is heavily damaged, no one will die of hard vacuum. After which, thy will use thou's abilities to return us to where the Resolute is located.”

Thor thought, 'I do not want to state over any communication line where exactly we are heading. Such as Rasterous, where the Resolute and Negotiator currently are located in orbit over.'

Anakin replied, “Good. Though, I do hope it does not come to that.”

Thor agreed, “Neither does thou.” Thor thought, 'We have been able to keep my portal abilities secret for this long and I have no intention of allowing the rest of the galaxy to learn that I have such powers. Should such abilities become public, this could have dire consequences for not only myself, but the direction in which this war will take.'

Ahsoka asked, “Do you have enough sedatives for the journey to the Resolute?”

Thor admitted, “No. Though, we will reach a Republic military spacestation within the hour or so. Once we reach there, we will drop off Durge with the Republic personnel there. We will inform them of what we have learned of Durge. They can check to see if he has any hidden cybernetics or weapons in his body. Also, we will drop off pieces of his armor we brought with us for study. Given how tough and advanced his powersuit was, the Republic might be able to learn a few things from the material and technology of his armor. Afterward, we will continue on our way to the rendezvous location where the Resolute and Negotiator are. And until then, we have plenty of sensitives for Durge.”

Ahsoka said, “Good. Though, I wonder what type of species this Durge is?”

Obiwan stated, “It sounds like Durge is a Gen'Dai.”

Thor smiled inwardly, as she thought, 'So you might know what Durge is.' Thor asked, “Who are the Gen'Dai?”

Obiwan answered, “They are a race of shapeshifters, whom are known to have incredible regenerative abilities. They can live for thousands of years. There are accounts of the Jedi crossing paths with them. From time to time. Such meetings between the Jedi and Gen'Dai were occasionally good. Though, sometimes the meetings were in battle. During these battles, Jedi whom fought the Gen'Dai were hard pressed to defeat just one such being.”

Thor commented, “That sounds like Durge.” She thought, 'I wonder.' Thor asked, “Obiwan. Are Gen'Dai male and female? Or hermaphrodites?”

Obiwan answered, “I am not sure. But, given their anatomy and regenerative abilities, I would venture they are hermaphrodites whom reproduce by asexual budding. Where some of the tendrils of the parent eventually grow and separate from the parent to become a child, or children.”

Thor commented, “That is possible.”

Ahsoka commented, “As interesting as this is. I hope that not all Gen'Dai are this violent.”

Obiwan said, “Fortunately, most Gen'Dai are peaceful and keep to themselves. But, their species is susceptible to mental illness. Aging can cause them to be erratic and violent, with them seeking out battle to prove themselves. Also, experiencing a great enough trauma can cause the same mental problems. No matter how a Gen'Dai starts their path on becoming violent, such Gen'Dai usually end up dying in battle. Given their skills and regenerative abilities, it should be no surprise to anyone that there are a few ancient accounts of some Gen'Dai serving the Sith.”

Ahsoka commented, “That is a scary thought.”

Thor stated, “Thou is sure the Sith of that time had far worse horrors under their command than the Gen'Dai.” Thor thought, 'Though, I hope Sidious does not have any horrors worse than Durge under his command.'

Obiwan said, “I agree. Though, such accounts are rare. Most Gen'Dai whom are violent are too reckless to serve anyone.”

Thor commented, “Thou would believe Durge would fall under that category.”

Anakin inquired, “So will he been sent to prison? Or, a mental health facility?”

Obiwan stated, “That depends on the Republic military. But, I wonder what you opinion of the matter is, Thor?”

Thor answered, “He openly admitted to knowingly working for Sidious. He clearly enjoyed fighting and killing. He has a history of knowingly committing violence against other people. He intentionally hunted for thyself to kill thou in battle.”

“If this was a case where he was borderline, with outbursts of violence mixed with peaceful tendencies, thou would suggest having him get medical help. But, thou has the sense that he has been this way for a very long term and that he likes being this way. To treat someone, the person in question has to want to be helped. And he clearly does not desire such aid. So, thou believes Durge should be locked up and imprisoned. And that is the opinion what thou's report shall reflect.”

Obiwan commented, “I believe that barring any further evidence, that Republic military will go along with your recommendation.”

Anakin said, “I believe that you should also take this incident as a reminder that Sidious is after you.”

Thor commented, “That monster is after all of us. Thou feels like this is all connected in the form of a large web that is closing in on all of us.”

Anakin agreed, “At this point, I believe they may be the case.”

Obiwan inquired, “With this Durge showing up, do you believe your mission was compromised?”

Thor answered, “No. Durge stated he was sent to the planet, by Sidious, to find thou. We are sure Sidious no longer has influence with the Separatists. Thou believes the Separatists do not know of our mission. That the plan for the secret outpost is still viable.”

Obiwan responded, “I agree. Though, I would suggest you included in your report that this interloper showing up should be taken into account for consideration on the viability of placing a secret outpost on that planet.”

Thor replied, “Thou agrees. And thou will do so.”

Ahsoka said, “If only we knew who Sidious is.”

Thor stated, “There is one person whom claims to know who Sidious is. That person is Loki. Perhaps if we meet again, she will tell thou the identity of Sidious.”

Obiwan asked, in a serious tone of voice, “She knows, and you did not tell us?”

Thor realized her mistake, as she thought, 'On the day Loki spoke to us on the matter of Sidious, Anakin and I agreed not to tell anyone about what Loki said to us... Well, it is too late now.'

Before Thor could speak, Anakin commented, “On a mission years ago. Thor and I were able to briefly speak with Loki, concerning the identity of Sidious. Though, Loki refused to tell whom Sidious was. And we had no proof that her claims were true.”

Obiwan questioned, “But, you do believe she knows?”

Anakin stated, “Yes. She strikes me as one not to falsely taunt the promise of such knowledge. And her excuse for not telling us was that Sidious was so powerful that if we were told whom Sidious was, we would immediately confront him, and not stand a chance of surviving the confrontation. If we were lucky.”

Obiwan responded, “That is possible. We all agree that Sidious would have to be powerful for Count Dooku to willingly serve him. And you did not tell anyone because you had no proof?”

Anakin replied, “Correct.”

Obiwan stated, “That is understandable. Thor, this is just one more reason to support your request to meet with Loki.”

Thor thought, 'Thanks Anakin.'

Thor said, “Yes. Thou agrees.”

Obiwan suggested, “Good. I believe that is all that needs to be said, right now. Get some rest. We will talk most about this on the Resolute. In a day, or two.”

Ahsoka replied, “I look forward to seeing all of you.”

Anakin said, “I agree. We will be there soon.”

Thor commented, “Thou looks forward to our reunion.” She thought, 'I believe I will get a nap, until Rex wakes me when we arrive at the Republic spacestation.'

Obiwan replied, “As do I.”

Thor reached over with her right hand and turned off the holo-monitor. She turned towards Mjolnir. She walked to the hammer which was set on top of its head, and by the door. When she reached the hammer, she used her right hand to picked up the hammer its shaft. She lifted the hammer, and she used her hands to rotate the head upright. Then, Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand, to her right side.

Thor turned towards the door. She walked to the door. When she reached the door, she used her left hand to push a button on the panel by the door to open the door.

Once the door slid open, Thor walked into the hallway, and she turned towards a room with bunk beds, to get some rest, until Rex awoke her upon their arrival at the Republic military spacestation, where she would give her report about Durge to the commanding officer of the station. During which time, she would hand over Durge, to be contacted in a security cell which would hold him, and turn over the pieces of Durge's armor they had in an armored storage box.

After which, Thor and her crew would have their transport ship refueled, and they would the head back into hyperspace towards the planet of Rasterous, where the Resolute and Negotiator were located in orbit, near the other military spacestations around the planet.


A few hours after the long range audio conversation between Thor, Obiwan, Anakin and Ahsoka, in another part of the galaxy, Loki's space yacht was in hyperspace, on the return course to the city planet where Aurra and Asajj's personal spaceships were docked.

Aurra and Asajj had already put away their items and weapons in their respective quarters.

They were both wearing the clothing they has not earlier, when they were on the jungle planet of E'venta Six.

Presently, Aurra and Asajj were sitting in chairs at the cockpit of the ship, Aurra sitting to Asajj's right side, with both of them staring out the windows, at the blue and white swirl of hyperspace.

The ship was on autopilot, with no signs of trouble.

With nothing to keep their interest, they were both bored.

Aurra looked at the swirling white and blue of hyperspace outside the front windows of the cockpit, as she offhandedly commented, “So?”

Asajj looked out at the front windows as well. She replied, “What?”

Aurra turned to Asajj. Aurra asked, “What did you do with the scrolls?”

Asajj looked over at Aurra. Asajj answered, “The scrolls are in my quarters.”

Aurra said, “That is fine. They will be safe there.”

Asajj cracked a grin in response to Aurra's compliment.

Aurra looked in front of her. She stretched her upward, as she complained, “Damn. I'm bored.” She lowered her hands back down to her sides.

Asajj looked out the front windows. She said, “I have found long trips to be tedious, as well.”

Aurra commented, “While being at each others throats for most of the last week a fun. We seem to work well enough together that doing so is not worth the effort.”

Asajj replied, “I agree.”

Aurra stated, “Though, no matter how bored we get we are not sleeping with each other. I have been there. Done that. Not matter which gender I sleep with. Take it from me, sister. Experience has taught me it never ends well mixing business with pleasure.”

Asajj burst into laughter at Aurra's comments.

A few seconds later, as Asajj began to calm down, Aurra requested. “Asajj. I have a personal question. If you do not mind.”

Asajj fully stopped laughing. Asajj had heard what Aurra had said. Asajj asked, “What is it?”

Aurra said, “As a former Jedi padawan turned freelance. I have done some research on topics dealing with various philosophies in using the force. I know the pitch about the Sith. That the whole point to being the Sith is about embracing one's passion. But, all I know of is Sith showing anger. I have never really understood this. Even with the ability to sense the emotions of others.”

“Though, to be fair. Some people have accused me of embracing the dark side. But, that is not the truth. While the Jedi seem to be cold celibate jerks. The Sith seem to be hot tempered celibate jerks. Personally. I like having a slightly hedonist lifestyle too much to go in either of those directions.”

Asajj thought over Aurra's comments. Asajj responded, “Hmm... You make some good points. The passion the Sith talk about are the internal passions that one feels. Not the external passions in carnal ways. Though, that is nice to.”

Aurra giggled a little at Asajj's comment.

Asajj let the Aurra's giggling slide. Asajj continued, “While we show mostly rage outwardly. With the dark side, not only are our powers heightened, but so are the emotional states we feel. If we feel happy, that happiness is increased. If we feel sad, that sadness is increased. And if we feel rage, that rage is increased.”

By then Aurra had stopped giggling. Though, she had fully heard Asajj's comments. Aurra commented, “So, while on the outside you appear to be an anger junkies, internally you are high as kite and having the time of your life.”

Asajj admitted, “Most of the time. Though, sometimes we are genuinely angry.”

Aurra said, “I guess for you, the dark side offers a lust for battle and a lust for life.”

Asajj conceded, “Something like that. You are still not planning on going towards the dark path?”

Aurra casually replied, “No thank you. I kind of like where I am.”

Asajj looked over toward Aurra. Asajj offered, “Your choice. As for dealing with boredom. I could show you a few lightsaber techniques. If you are have as experienced as I hear you are, I am sure you have picked up a few of the unorthodox lightsaber techniques, as well.”

Aurra turned to Asajj. Aurra responded, “True. If you are willing to share. I will do the same. Also, I am more than willing to teach you the fighting arts of using a firearms. And how to use the force to enhance your skills with firearms.”

Asajj stated, “That would be useful. I will show you some force techniques, as well. Including how to sense living beings from a distance. But, concerning your firearms. We cannot shoot much in this ship without risk of creating a breach in the hull.”

Aurra said, “Not to worry. As long as we are careful. I am sure I can find someway to set something up. I can set my blasters to where they will not cause any serious damage to the walls.”

Asajj replied, “That could work.”

Suddenly, the communications system beeped. Given the communications controls were on the dashboard in front of Aurra, Aurra checked the communication interments.

There was another beep.

Asajj asked, “Who has the number to call us?”

Aurra looked at the controls, and the small monitor readout in front of her. The readout on the small monitor connected to the communication system did not show the caller's identification number, or identity of the caller. Though, Aurra already realized who was calling. Aurra answered, “Loki. She would be the only one to have this number.”

Asajj complimented, “Good point.”

Aurra read out on the small monitor connected to the communications system. Aurra commented, “It is audio only.”

The console beeped again.

Asajj said, “Knowing her. She likely has good reasons for only using an audio call to contact us with.”

Aurra stated, “Fair enough. I will set our end to audio only, as well.”

Asajj casually said, “I see no problem in doing so. There is nothing for her to see here.”

Aurra shrugged, as she replied, “True.”

A thought occurred to Asajj. She commented, “Give how devious Loki is. It might be best not to mention that Skywalker and the others decided to give up their pursuit of us. Loki will want to know the reason, and we do not have an answer as to why.”

Aurra agreed, “That is a good point. We will keep quiet about that. We will say we lost them in the jungle, met back at the ship and escaped.”

Asajj replied, “That works for me.”

Aurra stated, “Accepting the call. Now.” Aurra pressed a button on the dashboard in front of her to answer the call.

Aurra said, “Hello.”

Over the speakers, Loki's voice happily stated, “Greetings angels.”

Asajj and Aurra were to confused by Loki's comment to reply.

A few seconds later, Loki said, “It is an old joke. Do not worry about it. And I apologize for the audio only. But, I am dealing with sensitive matters at the moment.”

Aurra thought, 'I do not care to know.' She responded, “That is fine. Because we are on a mission, I prefer audio only. Though, we were planning to contact you. Still, how did you know we completed the mission?”

Loki commented, “As a precaution, I set the communication system to send a signal to me when the ship you are on left E'venta Six. I hope that is not a problem?”

Aurra thought, 'I would likely do the same thing in your place.' Aurra answered, “It is not.” She looked over at Asajj.

Asajj noticed this. Asajj commented, “I do not mind.”

Loki asked, “Okay. So, how did the mission go?”

Asajj answered, “Very well. We have the scrolls.”

Loki inquired, “Excellent. Was anyone injured, or killed?”

Aurra said, “We did as you requested. We are able to complete this mission with no bloodshed.”

Loki requested, “Good. Tell me all about what happened during your mission?”

Asajj answered, “After we landed the ship a few kilometers in the jungle, from the temple. We did as you instructed. I headed for the temple, and Aurra sought cover in the jungle to assist myself.”

Aurra commented, “I found a nice ridge as a vantage point.”

Asajj stated, “It is good that Aurra did so. We were in communication with each other. Everything went well. I found the scrolls and was making my exit when Aurra alerted me as to what was happening outside.”

Aurra said, “A Republic military transport, with Jedi and a squad of clones landed right in front of the temple. They soon fans out in front of the main, and only known entrance to the templ”

Asajj commented, “Not just any Jedi. Skywalker.”

Loki inquired, “Was Skywalker the only Jedi there?”

Aurra stated, “No. His padawan, Tano, was there. Though, I was able to lure Ahsoka and the clones away, into the jungle, while Asajj fought Skywalker.”

Asajj said, “I found he was not that hard to get passed. After that, I escape into the jungle.”

Aurra commented, “I also lost Tano and the clones in the jungle. We eventually met back up at the ship and escape off planet.”

Loki asked, “Good. You accomplish the mission. So, did you find that you work well together?”

Asajj stated, “You were correct. We seem to work well together.”

Aurra agreed, “We found we do compliment each other in our abilities.”

Loki said, “I am glad you both were able figure out how do so. This shows you can do things more subtly, while mixing a little violence. But, that you are welling to restrain yourselves, follow the mission parameters, and not going too far.”

Aurra realized, as she commented, “This was a test.”

Loki admitted, “Yes. To a degree. Though, the Republic forces showing up is a surprise. But, you both did find the scrolls. And you followed my orders. The main point of this mission was that I wanted to see if you two could work together and follow my orders. I see that is the case. Or, am I mistaken?”

Aurra said, “No. I believe we are fine.”

Asajj stated, “We have reached an understanding.”

Loki said, “This is what I wanted to hear. I believe you two working together could accomplish greater tasks than simple retrieval missions. But, now that I know you are not going to kill each other, I can offer you more challenging missions.”

Asajj smiled, as she stated, “I like that.”

Aurra grinned, as well. She said, “So would I.”

Loki asked, “Now, what are your plans during your time it will take you to reach your destination, where you will drop off the scrolls, and pick up your ships?

Aurra mentioned, “We were talking about that. We decided to share some of our skills and techniques with each other. Asajj is going to show me some of her lightsaber and force techniques. While I give her some firearm lessons. Including, basic safety for such weapons.”

Asajj commented, “Sharing such tactics and information will be informative and useful for both of us.”

Loki stated, “I agree. This is a good idea. I have complete faith you will deliver my scrolls. I will send the balance of your payments by the the end of the day. Once the ship arrived at its destination, I have already arranged for a protocol droid to be there waiting for you to hand off the scrolls to. The droid will be black painted. At that point, I should have a team mission for you both. That you can do together. If not, I will see what I can do to find you both something separately. Either way, you can go decide what to do next in your own ships. I will contact in a few days to see how you both are doing. By then, from you both teaching each other, you will be more formidable.”

Aurra though, 'That is a nice compliment.' She said, “That will be fine.”

Asajj thought, 'You are laying it on a little thick with that compliment. Though, I am not going to complain.' She stated, “We are not going anywhere.”

Loki said, “Talk to you later.” She turned off the communication from her end.

Aurra read the readout on the monitor that Loki has disconnect the communication.

Aurra commented, “She's gone.”

Asajj and Aurra looked at each other.

Asajj said, “It looks like we are getting paid earlier than I expected.”

Aurra stated, “Loki wanted us to work for her on a long term schedule. She will keep us happy.”

Asajj commented, “From my experiences with her, she likes to reward good work.”

Aurra replied, “That's nice.” Aurra thought, 'I wonder.' Aurra questioned, “Do you believe Loki tipped off the Jedi and the Republic to arrive while we were at the temple?”

Asajj shrugged, as she casually replied, “Possibly.”

Aurra noticed Asajj's tone of voice in her responded. Aurra commented, “You do not seem upset by this.”

Asajj responded, “It is no secret that Loki likes to use people like game pieces. The same can be said for Sidious, Dooku, various Hutts, the Jedi, members of the Senate, and several other individuals I have worked with. The one difference is that Loki is not wasteful. Everything she does is calculated to not only achieves her goals, but to do so in the least violence way possible. If she wanted us dead. We would be dead. I have see first hand some of what she can do. The force would not save us from her abilities. But, she prefers people not dying under her command, unless she has no other choice.”

“Loki will not seek to kill us unless we betray her.”

Asajj continued, in a more relax tone of voice, “Besides she pays well and she has taught me a number of meditation techniques which allow me to control and channel my anger.”

Aurra inquired, “Like Jedi check meditation techniques?”

Asajj answered, “No. Jedi want to suppress rage. Loki has taught me how to control my rage and channel it in productive ways. Both in battle and in other situations. Also, she has been giving me lessons on diplomacy.”

Aurra questioned, “How is that working out for you?”

Asajj said, “The results have been mixed, but rewarding.”

Aurra replied, “Interesting.”

Aurra thought, 'So, Loki likes to play games with people's lives. But, she is not wasteful in the manner. From Asajj's response, I can guess I do not have to worry about Loki arranging my death, unless I provoke her wrath. Well, the pay is good. And I have worked with far less trusting people than Loki. This could be a very lucrative venture for all parties involved.'

Meanwhile, Asajj thought, 'Now that we have settle with Loki, I need to ask one thing from you. Aurra.'

Asajj inquired, “Aurra. I have a question for you. When I exited the temple, with the force I could sense the Republic forces, but not you. How did you do that?”

Aurra thought, 'I might as well tell you. There is no harm in doing so. Besides, you would eventually figure out this on your own. This way, I know that you know.'

Aurra answered, “Most force users rely too heavily on the force. Clearing one's mind and calmly one's emotion of intentions can offer a form of passive stealth from those using the force to track someone.”

Asajj stated, “I can see how such a technique could work.” Asajj thought, 'Such a simple trick. Yet so useful.'

Aurra commented, “Though, it will not work with a master of the force. They are too well trained in using the force to force on a specific location, object, or person.”

Asajj said, “Yes. Such force users can be difficult to lose.”

Aurra asked, “But not impossible. So, you are open to teaching me some of those lightsaber techniques?”

Asajj stated, “Yes. We have nothing better to do.”

Both women then got out of their seats, and they headed further into the ship. Aurra and Asajj went to retrieve their lightsabers. With them also finding a place on the ship large enough to practice, without any chance of damaging vital system.

They soon had their lightsabers and found a place to practice by moving some furniture in the living area of the ship.

Over the next few hours, as they practiced, they found the both learned much for each other.

Neither of them had hurt the other. With no damage to anything.

After they concluded their practice, they found they had a decent level of trust and friendship with each other.

By then, the ship reached a hyperspace junction point. After they both checked to make sure everything was alright, with the ship entering hyperspace at another angle, they both decided to call it a night, and they headed to their separate quarters to get some rest.

The rest of their journey was pleasant. When their landed landed on the planet they were heading for, and dropped off the scrolls to Loki's black painted protocol droid which was waiting for them in the landing bay the ship had parked at.

As they dropped off the scrolls, the black protocol droid put them in touch with Loki by holo-comm. Loki had a new job for them. A well paying job more fitting for women of their skill and reputation. A job they would have no problems doing together. And a job they both gladly accepted.


Across the galaxy, it has been moments after Loki had ended her audio only communication with Asajj and Aurra over their successful mission to retrieve some scrolls.

There was a tropical planet. The tropical planet orbited one sun, with the planet having two moons which orbited the planet. The planet had a stable, seasonal weather patterns.

The oceans on the planet has a salt content which was low compared to other planets. The salt content was low enough that humans and near-humans could drink the water from the ocean. Though, this was not recommended.

The planet was a neutral planet. And even with the war going on, the tourism business had been going well for the populations of the planet.

Due to the planet was not in a strategic location, with no real army, no large manufacturing assets, nor valuable mineral resources, both sides of the war had left the planet alone.

On the day side of a tropical planet, there was a moderately large privately held tropical island which was surrounded on all sides by a nice white sand beach. The island was was oval shaped. The island was two kilometers long, from north to south, and three kilometers wide west to east.

The highest natural elevation on the island was twelve meters near the center of the island.

The island was not a volcanic island. The island made from fossil reefs, which soil, dirt, and plant life were later artificially set on top of the reef island to make it habitable.

There was a small bay on the side side of the beach. The bay oval shaped. The bay was five hundred meters north to south, and three hundred meters from the western beach to the opening to the ocean on the eastern side. The bay was rings with sandy beach, both on the interior and exterior sides. The only rocks on the bay were large rocks piled on top of each other at the sides of the sea opening to the bay to help prevent beach erosion from destroying the small bay. The rest of the bay had no rocks on the sandy beaches.

The bay at its lowest point was ten meters deep.

The gap that connected the bay to the ocean was a fifty meters wide.

The island had lush, green forest of tropical plants and trees. Though, there were no real animals on the island. And the vegetation was not dangerous.

The island housed a tropical resort with first class buildings, living quarters, and other amenities. Most of the buildings, including the living quarters and landing platforms for spaceships were located on the north end of the island.

The resort island was fully staffed. But, they had only one customer at the moment. A woman.

The anonymous woman had purchased the island, along with the buildings and other items on the island. The woman arranged for the staff being well paid to keep the amenities on the island at the ready at all times, even if the owner of the island was not present.

That person used the alias, Medusa Danvers. And the staff was informed not to disturb their client, unless their client requested something from them.

It was midday on the lush, forested, tropical island. On the east side of the beach, where the sun rose in the morning.

On the east side of the beach, it was a sunny, warm day, with a slightly cool sea breeze passing over the beach and onto the island.

Except for one person, there was no one else around near the eastern bay. On the western interior of the small bay, on the beach, where the waves were the most gentle when hitting the same, there was a young, slender, fair skinned woman, with long black hair. She wore a green two piece bikini. She wore sunglasses over her eyes.

Beyond where the gentle waves of the sea water broke, on the dry white sand, the woman, whose alias was Medusa Danvers, was laying back on a high-back, cushioned reclining beach armchair. The armchair faced the gap in the bay which lead to the ocean. There was a giant umbrella protecting herself and the small table, from the sun.

To the woman's right side, within reach of her right hand, with getting up, was a small circular table, with a mixed alcoholic fruit juice drink she was occasionally sipping from, and a small holo-monitor device, that was programmed to use encrypted, hidden, data channels.

The water in the bay was cyan color. The salt content in the water of the bay was far lower than in the ocean. The water in the nearby ocean was clear, but the water of the ocean had a more bluish tint when compared to the water in the bay. The water in both the bay and the ocean was slightly warm.

The woman could see the bottom of the underwater ground in both the bay and the ocean. In the ocean beyond the beach, the ground slowly dropping off to ten meters, a hundred meters from the beach. That depth remained for about two kilometers, before the shelf dropped off deeper into the ocean.

The women knew this because she swam in the water of the bay and the nearby ocean a number of times.

Given her abilities, she did not worry about having to run out of breath while underwater. And she did enjoy swimming in the slightly warm water. Also, she was not worried about anything in the water harming her, for she was one of the most powerful women in the galaxy. She was Loki Laufeyson.

This was what Loki considered to be a truly secure secret hideout. Along with great place to relax and vacation at. This was where she had been running the Separatists government affairs from, including the war effort, for the last two weeks.

When Loki had first taken control of the Separatists, she realized she would need a place to come to relax on vacation. Loki eventually found this planet and she quietly made vacation arrangements.

No one knew she was there. She only used some of her secret credit accounts she had personally set up to purchase and maintain the island and the residence. Her holo-conference device could not be traced. With her coming and going by teleporting. So, no one would be able to track her movements to and from the planet.

With her illusion spells she kept the locals from realizing who she is.

Loki's powers allowed her to hide her presence from anyone using the force, magic, psychic powers, technological scanners, etc.

Also, she figured that if the Republic did find her on this planet, she wanted them to be envious of her. She would expect nothing less from those that did not know how to have some fun.

Loki has been using this holo-monitor by her to have her audio communication with Asajj and Aurra.

After she finished her conversation with her subordinates, she laid back in her reclining armchair. The back of the reclining chair was set at roughly a hundred and thirty degrees compared to the bottom of the armchair.

Loki laid her head against the middle of the top cushion on the back of her armchair. She closed her eyes, as she relaxed. She thought, 'I am glad that Asajj and Aurra were not annoyed with my back up plan on learning the mission was complete. I wanted to make sure the matter was taken care up as soon as possible. Though, I gave them hours before I contacted them. It is nice to learn that Asajj and Aurra are planning to spend time teaching each other a few tricks. These are positive signs they will become good friends. This mission could not have gone better.'

'When is comes to holo-comm etiquette, I have learned that that when one side is audio only, the other side is audio only.'

'I feel slightly regretful I had to set the communication to audio only on my end. But, I did not want them to see me lounging around in a bikini. I would be tempted to invite them. Though, those two women are not the type to lay back and relax.'

'Though, others would not care. Like Jango. Still, it is polite not to show them I am just relaxing and enjoying myself.'

'Since I teleported directly here, I had my personal pilots, John and Michael, take some time off elsewhere. I respect them. But, I do not want anyone to know where I went. This little slice of paradise is where I come to be alone and get away from the worries of the rest of the galaxy. I do not want anyone disturbing me, unless I desire to talk to them.'

'When I leaked the information of this mission to the Jedi and Republic, I was hoping that any conflict would help bond Asajj and Aurra more closely. And situation did just that. But, I had to make sure there was not much bloodshed. Having bloodlust could derail any possible friendship between these two women. Having the Republic team which confronted them include Anakin and Ahsoka was just icing on the cake.'

'Asajj escaping Anakin with the scrolls likely boosting her ego, putting her in a better mood. That was a technical victor for her over Anakin. Asajj's increase in her self-esteem will make her easier to get along with.'

'Though, Asajj is one factor in this. Aurra is the another. Like Asajj's past, Aurra's past has some dark points as well. And some of the groups that Aurra has met are extremely dangerous. Such as the Anzati assassins.'

'At one point, Aurra Sing was trained by Anzati assassins. The Anzati are very dangerous. They are physically stronger and faster than many humans and near-humans. They have force abilities which can be used to control people. They can be trained in Jedi and Sith force techniques.'

'What the Anzati are most known for is that they are very long lived. The way they live so long is by eating the live essence of other people. An Anzat does this by having tendrils that can from the sides of their cheeks. One tendril on each cheek, and enter the head of their victims. Usually through the nostrils, mouth, or ears. The Anzat uses their tendrils to inject chemicals into their victim's brain which turns their victim's brain into a chemical stew the Anzati call soup. When their... soup is ready, the Anzat uses their tendrils to suck up the soup and devour it.'

'This chemical brain soup extends their lifespan and gives them temporally high. The experience is very addictive to the Anzati.'

'This disgusting on several levels. Though, the Anzati do not need to feed like this to survive. They do this to extend their lifespan. They can consume food and drink like most people.'

'The problem is the Anzati are a predator species. But, most sentient space-fairing species are technically apex predator species of their homeworlds. This includes humans.'

'The Anzati like a challenge in killing people they target. Also, the Anzati are very secretive. It is hard to find them, unless they are looking for a job. Usually as assassins and mercenaries.'

'It is unfortunate I do the time and resources to devote to dealing with the Anzati assassins. I have bigger, more immediate problems to concern myself with. Such as winning this war. Unless the Anzati come after me, or they pose trouble for my agenda, I will have to leave them alone.'

Loki opened her eyes. She leaned up, as she used her right hand to reach for her glass. She took a sip from her mixed alcoholic fruit juice drink. The drink had a sweet taste, with a slight bitter aftertaste. Though, the drink went down smoothly.

After Loki swallowed her sip, she set her glass back on the table. Then, she laid back down on her reclined armchair.

Loki looked out at the bay in front of her, and the ocean beyond the bay, as she thought, 'While there is a war going on. And I realize this war will not win itself. I can stand to take a few more days to relax, before I head back to work. Just as long as I do not lounge around here forever.'

'Asajj. Aurra. You are the two most anti-social of my recruits that I have in mind to be members of a new team I plan to form. If you two can find a way to get along, everything should fall into place. And by the sound of it, that has happened.'

'I am already happy with the way this turned out. I already have that black painted protocol droid I mentioned set to pick up the scrolls, when my ship arrives with you. The protocol droid will take the scrolls where I desire.'

'But, concerning more immediate matters. I will send you both the balance of your payments in a few hours. And within the next few days, I will make some calls and see if I can find some team missions that you both can do together. Missions that I pick out. I will further solidify your friendship with various low risk missions that pay well. And you will find to be appropriate.'

'As for my scrolls. I will do exactly as I said. After all...'

Loki quietly said, as if she was quoting a line from a film she had seen, “It belongs in a museum.”

Loki smiled. She lightly giggled, as she thought, 'That joke alone was worth organizing the mission.'

Loki then began to hum to herself, “Da Dadump. Da Dadump. Da Dadump. Da Dadump. Hum hum humah. Hum hamah. Hum hum humah...” She continued humming the tune for another minute, as she relaxed in her reclining chair. A light breeze hitting her body in a comfortable manner, as she enjoyed the sounds of the gentle waves breaking on the sand in front of her.


A few day later, it was late at night where Sidious was located. Sidious was alone in his office. He sat in his chair behind his desk. He held a datapad in his hands. On the datapad were reports on various missions. Specifically, the missions by Thor, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan.

While Sidious read the reports in his hands, he thought, 'Some payments are more beneficial to the one that pays, than the one that is paid. After his mission on Balmorra, as payment, Durge wanted an opportunity to fight Thor. And I gave him the opportunity he requested. As I expected, he failed and he was defeated by Thor. But, he was able to remind Thor that she is not invincible.'

'Should Thor have failed to defeat Durge, she would have been unworthy to serve me. Now, Durge has been captured by the Republic military, with him being held in a security cell in a Republic military spacestation in the eastern Inner Rim.'

'For some time, I have desired to research the regenerative abilities of Gen'Dai. Durge is a fine example of the regenerative capabilities his species has.'

'Sith legends speak highly of the Gen'Dai. Many Sith Lords in the past felt that the Gen'Dai were one of the few servant races of the Sith whom were worthy to serve Sith Lords as their warriors.'

'I will have Durge and the pieces of his armor that were captured sent to one of my research stations in the Mid-Rim. I will have my subordinates there study Durge. We will learn more about his regenerative abilities. We may even find a way to upgrade and make him more powerful.'

'His armor might have a few alien technologies inside of it which I may not be aware of. Making the armor pieces worth looking into.'

'When it comes to Durge. Looking at what Loki did with that fool Jar Jar. Taking such a weakling and turning him into a brute strong enough to hold him own against Thor, with no training on that fool's part. I am can only imagine how useful someone would be, whom was already powerful and trained, with that person further empowered.'

'The Sith have a long history and empowering their servants. But, not enough to become a threat their masters.'

'After Durge is as powerful as I desire, I will twist him mind to serve me. Just as I did with Jar Jar.'

'But, that was only one of three interesting missions. Anakin and his student Ahsoka had a run in with Ventress and Sing. While the witch and the bounty hunter got away, Ventress and Sing were still of some use. Though, brief as it was.'

'When I heard about the leak that Ventress was going to be on that jungle planet, I had to send the boy and his student to face her. I was hoping the student or Ventress would have died during that mission. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Though, I found it mildly amusing that Ventress was aided by Sing. Whom, while in the jungle, helped Ventress escape from the boy.'

'Though, Ventress no longer serves me, she is still useful to myself, by using her to continue to prove the herself against the boy. I do not know how Loki convinced Ventress to serve her. But, Loki clearly has gained a loyal ally where once there was a rabid animal.'

'Sing is one of the few individuals that I believe could work with Ventress. I have heard of Aurra Sing. I knew she is a force user and once as padawan of the Jedi. But, that was decades ago. Since then she has become a ruthless bounty hunter with one of the highest Jedi kill counts concerning of any known living person in the galaxy.'

'Years ago, I looked into having Sing be a possible candidate for apprenticeship to replace Maul. I found she too cold to embrace the passions of the Sith. Given her life experiences, I doubt I could turn her. If she was not going to turn to the dark side after everything she has been through she was not going to turn.'

'Still, this was brilliant move on Loki's part to team them up. The leak about this mission may have been by Loki, as a way to bring Ventress and Sing closer together. If so, I commend Loki on her deviousness.'

'When is comes to those two women, there will be other opportunities. With them working together, I can arrange for Anakin to face them, with Anakin being further put to the test as a possible disciple of mine.'

'Though, of the three missions I have been reading about. Kenobi's mission was the one that I found most interesting and entertaining.'

'When I learned that the Jedi Council had assigned Kenobi to settle a dispute between the Zeltrons and the Hapan, and that both delegates were women, I had to laugh. Having a Zeltron and a Hapan in the same room. Especially, a woman from each of those species, makes for a very volatile and entertaining situation. I would have loved to have been able to listen on that meeting. It would be worth doing so for only the laughter doing so would bring me.'

'I remember when I first entered politics and my contemporaries took me with them to Zeltros.'

'It is well known that if you want to have a party done right. You hire a Zeltron party planner. And on occasion, I do so.'

'The Zeltrons really know how to party. My first time on Zeltros was so wonderful that it was one of the few times I ever seriously considered turning away from the path of the Sith, and only seek to enjoy my life.'

'The Zeltrons are a very passionate people. Especially, the women.'

'The Zeltrons are either partying or fighting. It is all a sport to them. They are one of the few non-human species on my short list for any potentially Sith apprentices.'

'I would hate for anything to happen to the Zeltrons. They bring fun to this galaxy.'

'On the other hand, the Hapans are cold, emotionally distant, and snobbish. The Hapan woman see no use for men other than for menial labor. And I have no use for them.'

'If the Hapes Consortium was not so wealthy, well connected, and well armed with their own military fleet that would put up a fight even against the Republic navy, I would have already drawn them into this war as a way to destroy them and annex their wealth and assets to the Republic coffers. My coffers.'

'After I take control of the galaxy, I will find a way to destroy the Hapans and seize their wealth. But, it will have to be done in a delicate matter, so I do not turn the Hapans into a rebellion against me.'

'Though, that is for another day, when this war is over and I have won. For right now, I have plans to plot out, and preparations to make for my next moves in this war for domination of the galaxy.'

Sidious continued reading the reports, as he plotted and schemed on how to further take over the galaxy.


“Pay a man enough and he will walk barefoot into hell.” David Xanatos, Season 1, Episode 2 of the Gargoyles animated series.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

A Hapan noblewoman, a Zeltron dancer, and a Dathomir Witch walk into the same bar at the same time.

There is a joke somewhere in there. I am just not sure where.

I would write this scene idea into this story, but I cannot figure out where to fit it and I am not sure what the joke would be.

Moving on.

These concepts in narrative on the sides of women are very ancient.

A Hapan noblewoman representing the intellectual.

The Zeltron dancer represents the lover.

The Dathomir witch represents the warrior.

Even one of these three sides could also represent one of the three faces of Eve/Woman. The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone. In contrast to the three faces of Adam, the hunter, the lord, and the prophet.

Though, traditionally the warrior is most associated with the maiden in protecting her virtue, which can mean her virginity. The lover deals with fertility is most associated with the mother. And the intellectual can be thought of from the point of view that wisdom that can come with age and thus the intellectual is most associated with the crone.

There are exceptions. And no character is solely locked into a singular representation. A good writer can have a character develop and show several personality facets and concepts.

From a narrative standing point, in this story, Padme/Thor would fit both the intellectual and the warrior, with her representing the mother face of Eve. Thought, she is yet an actual mother in this story, she has a nurturing nature that relates to the role of motherhood. Especially towards Ahsoka.

The concept of these three sides, the intellectual, lover, and warrior, date back to Greek Mythology. But, I suspect these concepts go even further back to the worship of the Earth Mother. But, known evidence on Earth Mother worship gives few details. It is suspected that societies with Earth Mother worship were matriarchal in their structure.

The reason much is not known about Earth Mother worship is that the religion predates the collapse of the Bronze Age in 1200 BC.

The collapse of the Bronze age lead a dark age between four hundred years to a thousand years.

Earth Mother worship did not survive this collapse and the subsequent dark age.

This dark age is when many scholars suspect the rise of Greek Mythology and other religions were created. These religions replaced of matriarchal Earth Mother worship with more patriarchal religions.

The reason I am mentioning this is for those of you reading the story will have a better understanding of the concept of story narrative I am putting an effort in presenting.

For those wondering. On the Star Wars Galactic Map. Zeltros and Hapan space are actually near each other in the eastern Inner Rim. The two cultures are about as polar opposite was one can find while still being technological, space traveling civilizations.

The Hapans are cold, snobbish elitists. While the Zeltrons are species of partiers.

As for why Sidious would admire the Zeltrons. The Sith are all about embracing their emotion passions. Their anger is an extension of their passions. From that point of view, it can be seen how Sidious could admire the Zeltrons.

Besides, Sidious was a bit of a hedonist, and hedonists love a good party. Especially, from a species that is dedicated to the way partying.

On the treasure hunt part of this chapter. To answer your question about the pyramid temple. No. Unlike the temples of the moon of Yavin IV, the temple in the jungle planet of E'venta Six was an alien temple that was not involved with the Sith.

This part of the chapter was a true treasure hunt. Along with having an adventure to help Asajj and Aurra bond in battle and become friends. I wrote the treasure hunt part of this chapter so I could write that joke that Loki told at the end of this chapter. I hope you recognize the line about the museum and the tune that Loki was humming. These are clues as to what the next chapter of this story will be about.

While I wrote about Asajj and Aurra, I found they have real chemistry when is comes to being friends. Their backgrounds and outlooks on life in some ways are very similar. I am mildly surprised I have not read other fanfiction stories which pair these two characters as friends.

The information on the planet of Pavo Prime is very minor. The information mentioned the planet had gambling resorts, a warm climate and several species of fish. From that information I added it orbits one sun, has two moons, has a tropical climate, oceans, beaches, a mix population of humans, near-humans and aliens, along with being a tourist planet for gambling, beaches, and fishing.

Sclera is the outer part of the eye that surrounds the iris and pupil. Humans have white sclera.

Yes. Durge is that tough. Durge is like a combination of Iron Man, Wolverine, and the Hulk as one person.

In the main Star Wars timeline, the way Durge was killed was by having him be sent to fall into a star.

In the Clone Wars OVA, it was shown that Durge took a taser shot to his faceplate and he kept on going. Also, he was exploded into several small pieces and he survived.

Also, Durge kept a lot of gadgets in his armor. He was even cybernetically connected to his armor. His armor was his second skin, but he did not feel damage to the armor in the form of pain.

As a why to explain why the Clone Wars OVA did not show Durge having cybernetics, I had it so the cybernetics would be inside some of his tendrils. Though, Durge's face was not shown OVA, but in the comics, cybernetics could be seen on Durge's face and head.

While researching Durge for this story, I realized how much fun I could have writing a fight scene between Thor and Durge.

Durge would prepare himself and his armor, with tools, defenses, and weapons he believed would help him defeat and perhaps kill Thor.

Also, I began to think about some of the various attacks Thor has done. Given Durge's abilities and preparedness, I believe lightning and other weather attacks would not work while Durge had on his armor.

Still, I could use some inventive attacks.

Various Mjolnir weapons has been used to pin a person down. I decided to take that up a notch with Padme using the bottom of Mjolnir's shaft to impale Durge's chest, to not only pin him down, but also firing a bolt of lightning through the hammer, bypassing Durge's armor, to try to directly hurt Durge's body. Though, the attack did not work, this showed how inventive Padme can be in such a fight.

Yes. From the Marvel Comics it is shown that Mjolnir can manipulate energy, including life energy. It can suck energy from a person or object. Mjolnir has been shown to even bring the recently deceased, as in dead, back to life. So, Mjolnir can also heal people.

Such abilities could easily be abused and run in line with the more dangerous and corrupting abilities that the Sith and even necromancy magic from fantasy stories use.

“Being worthy” is a very subjected term which begs the questions. How is one worthy? And being worthy to whom?

In Marvel Comics, barring one exception, none of wielders of Mjolnir support democracy, and the welfare of the people. They supported tyranny. Either in the form of a monarchy, oligarchy, or a direct dictatorship.

For example, Thor Odinson committed a number of terrible acts in the name of maintaining his father, Odin's reign, over the nine realms.

The Thors of Battleworld committed numerous acts of horror on the people of that world to maintain the rule of God Emperor Doom.

The one exception in a Thor supporting a representative government was Jane Foster, whom supported the Congress of Worlds, which she was a member of.

The Congress of Worlds for a time replaced Odin's rule of the nine realms with a more representative form of government. Jane was the member of that congress whom represented Earth.

In this way, this makes both Jane Foster and Padme Amidala Naberrie very unique. For Padme also support the Galactic Republic which is a representative form of government.

In addition, Jane believes in helping people.

In these two ways, Padme Amidala Naberrie and Jane Foster are similar.

Padme uses the Mjolnir she has to support the will of the people. She supports freedom for the people. She is willing to use Mjolnir to help the people. She uses Mjolnir to fight for the principles of the Galactic Republic. Given what she has done on Balmorra, and other locations, Padme is not doing a great job of upholding her beliefs. But, fighting for freedom for the people is the core of the reason why she was helping the Republic concerning their war with the Separatists/Confederacy.

On having Padme being visited by the Father, the Daughter, and the Son in her sleep. In the Clone Wars three episode Mortis trilogy. Named after the mystical realm where the Father, the Daughter, and the Son lived. The story ended with Obiwan, Anakin, and Ahsoka waking up on their ship. They were not sure what they experienced was real, or a dream.

So, a visitation within a dream by these three would be within the realm of possibility.

It is likely other Jedi through the ages have had similar dream visits and visions by the three Celestials. Obiwan could have come across such accounts in the Jedi Archives, he if looked into the Archives on various odd topics dealing with power beings that might be mentioned in the Jedi Archives.

Padme is unique. Due to her actions having changed the course of the timeline, the Father would likely decide to visit such a person to inform that person of the possibilities of where their path may lead. Both for good and for ill.

Star Wars likes to point out that while only a few can sense the force, the force flows through all living beings. And it is not unheard of for someone to be artificially gifted with the abilities to sense and use the force.

Given the powers Mjolnir has given Padme. Including increasing all her senses. It is likely Padme may now be force sensitive. Not that she is going to do anything about this at the moment. She has more than enough power to achieve her goals. She knows this and she admits this to herself.

Writing this vision allowed the story to show the possibilities of what a light path with the force could do with Mjolnir and what a dark path with the force could do with Mjolnir.

Also, it is pointed out how the “worthiness” clause may not protect Mjolnir from being corrupted by the person Mjolnir allows to wield itself.

I got to show how some of the other characters might take different paths. Padme even trusted her friends enough to tell them what she was shown in her visions.

Using electricity to separate the oxygen and hydrogen from water is a form of electrolysis. So, yes. I figured out how to turned a storm of water, wind, and lightning, into a firestorm.

Even I took a step back after I wrote that scene out. So I could reflect on the implications of such an ability.

Fortunately, in reality the level of electricity required to turn water into a firestorm is very hard to produce. So this is not a great concern.

Yes. 'Tonnerre' is french for 'thunder'.

“Lady Tonnerre” has a nice ring to it for a name of a villainess.

Also, throughout this story, I love showing how aspects of the force are playing with powers that rival their own. The force is playing with fire that might even burn the force itself.

Case in point. Some beings in stories are so powerful that such beings know when people are talking about them. And having visions of those beings might be more of a communication, than a one way vision of said beings.

At the point of the 2015 Secret Wars, on Battleworld, also known as Latverion, God Emperor Doom was powerful enough to sense someone looking in on him. Though, the Father has more than enough power to keep Doom from looking back to closely at the Father, Padme, and what is happening in the Star Wars branches of the multiverse, beyond the part of the multiverse which collapsed into Latverion.

And note. I did not state that the person on the throne in one of Padme's dark visions was Darth Sidious.

Food for thought.

Until next time. Have fun.

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