Blood Moon Part 5

“Betty, you took the wrong plates again. What is wrong with you?”

Sandy couldn’t believe how many mistakes Betty made so far. It wasn’t like her to make so many mistakes. Normally, she was on her game and her customers. It all started with that strange woman that came in. She wonders if that woman had something to do with it.

“Sorry Sandy.” She grabs the right plates and switch them around with the customers.

She’s been feeling edgy and forgetful all-day long. It was hard for her to concentrate. Her cat has been on edge since she ran into that strange woman early this morning. It was like her cat was pacing under her skin. It wanted the sweet smelling one back. Betty concentrates and focuses on the rest of her shift.

Isa had spent most of the day with Sparrow and decided to take the offer from the waitress. She drives over to the diner to see if Betty had ended her shift.

She spotted Betty looking for her out front of the diner. She watches as Betty turns to look directly at her. She pulls up in front of Betty.

“Hey good looking. How much for the night?” Isa had a smirk on her face.

She could smell the elevated pheromones Betty was giving off. She could smell Betty’s cat near the surface. She watches as Betty’s brown eyes flash blue.

“Wow! Should I be scared?”

A low purring sound was coming from Betty as she walks over to Isa’s motorcycle and climbs behind her.

“Home” She rubs her cheek against Isa’s neck.

“Where’s that?”

“Go straight.” There was a guttural sound to her speech.

“Okay.” Isa does as Betty directs her.

They travel for a while.

“Turn left.” Betty licks the back of Isa’s neck.

Goose pimples form on her skin from Betty doing that to her. She could smell Betty’s cat getting stronger. Even her own pulse was increasing.
After a few more turns Isa arrives at a nice piece of property with a 2-story brick home. Isa heads up the long drive way and stops in front of the house.

Betty dismounts and pulls Isa along. She had a strong grip on Isa’s leather covered arm.

“Okay, okay. I’m coming.” Isa couldn’t believe how insistent Betty was being with her.

Betty takes Isa through the house. She didn’t smell her brother or his mate in the house. She starts loosening her buttons on her uniform blouse and her pants.

Isa could feel Betty’s grip tighten on her arm and she was being nearly dragged into Betty’s bedroom. She hears the door lock behind her.

Betty pulls her hard to her body and began kissing her passionately.

After ten minutes, Betty lets her gets a breath of air. During the time she was kissing Betty, Betty was undressing her. She was standing in front of Betty with her leather bodysuit halfway down her body.

Betty was kissing down Isa’s body and nibbling on her skin. She bites Isa at the base of her neck and shoulder leaving teeth marks afterwards. She moves further down Isa’s body and when she gets to Isa’s breast, her teeth lengthen some and bite into the flesh of Isa’s breast.

“Mine!” As she kisses back up Isa’s body.

Isa had felt Betty’s teeth as they broke the skin on her breast. It had hurt and felt wonderful at the same time. Now, Isa understood why Betty’s cat was at the fore front and why she was acting the way she was. Isa didn’t have long to think much about it. She saw Betty change into her hybrid form and took her.

Betty’s cat didn’t let her get any sleep all night long. Betty’s cat finally let her fall asleep around noon the following day. Betty’s cat had marked her property and the mating bond was forming between them. She was curled up next to her mate.

Old Pembroke House:
Sparrow had spoken to her husband about Isa joining the pack. She told him everything that Hokee had predicted. Plus, what she had found out about Isa herself. She talked with a few Grim Reapers that had to release the souls from the bodies of the vampires she had killed. The Grim Reapers she had talked to had informed her, that yes Isa did originally go after her father and killed him. She challenged him to a fight according to the rules. They were half way through the fight, when her father’s people started to interfere with the fight. She ended up killing her father and all the people her father had created.

As for what happened in New Orleans. That had broken the rules about going after innocence. Vampires were only allowed to drink from the willing ones and under supervision. That was to make sure they didn’t kill their donor. The council was supposed to be sending Riker and his crew to investigate Queen Melita’s activities.

Daigh looks towards his wife “do you know where she currently is?”

“If I go off what Hokee said. She’s with the waitress from the diner.”

“Do you know which waitress?”

“Yep, it’s Betty Elizabeth Abbitt. She’s one of the Were-Cat’s that joined the pack when we merged with the Silver Moon pack. Since they can’t find a pride to take them and there’s not a single powerful one among them. You allowed them to join the pack. Her brother and his mate are wolves in our pack.”

“So, now the question is. Am I going to allow her to join our pack?”

“Yep, that is the question. I do know there are only four dhampirs total and three of them are in Europe. If we allow Isa to join the pack, I think with some training, she would make an excellent enforcer or bodyguard.”

“Let’s have her come in so I can talk with her.”

“She should be with Betty right now.”

“I think I better go myself to see how she is.”


Sparrow heads towards the garage to get her car. Her and her husband had six cars. Their favorites were stored here, while their others ones were stored at another location. She grabs the keys for her dark green 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series I. She drives over to Betty’s house and as she drives up the driveway, she spots Isa’s motorcycle parked in front of the house.

Betty's House
“Well, it looks like she spent the night here.”

Sparrow parks and walks up to the front door and ring the doorbell.

Betty looks at Isa as she laid asleep on the bed. Her cat wore Isa out last night. She checks the bite marks she left in her hybrid form on both Isa’s shoulder, breast and between her legs. Her cat had marked her mate properly and she could feel their mate bond taking place inside her head right now.

Betty hears the door bell ring as she walks out of her bedroom still nude down to the front door. Her nose identifies a familiar scent on the other side of the door. She opens the door and sees Sparrow standing there.

Sparrow had heard movement inside the house and was surprised to see a naked Betty opening the door. She had blood around her mouth and fingernail and human size bite marks on her body. She could smell sex, and Isa’s scent on her body. She also smelled Betty’s cat.

“Do you mind if I come in Betty?”

“Yes, I’m sorry about that. Please excuse the way I look right now.”

“It’s alright.” Sparrow walks inside the house.

“So, I take from your appearance and the scent of Isa’s blood and scent on you that she is your mate?”

“Yes ma’am. Would you like a cup of coffee or anything?”

“Coffee would be fine. Why don’t you go and clean-up while I make the coffee.”

“Sorry, about my appearance. I take it that Isa is upstairs sound asleep?”

“Yes ma’am. My cat wore her out.”

Sparrow just laugh. She remembered Daigh’s wolf had tried the same thing with her when he performed the mating ritual on her. She ended up
wearing Daigh’s wolf out.

“I take it she’s going to be very sore?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Go clean-up and we’ll talk over coffee.”

Sparrow heads into Betty’s kitchen and starts making coffee.

Betty heads to the bathroom and cleans up. She grabs a pair of shorts and one of her t-shirts from her dresser drawer. She looks over towards the bed and Isa was still asleep. She walks over and places a kiss on her cheek. Isa mumbles something in her sleep in response to the kiss. If Betty had to guess what she said, it would have to be something along the line of no more, just let me sleep.

Sparrow was looking out the kitchen window and loved the view she had. Betty had a wide open field with nothing out there and a wooden fence running the length of the property. It looked peaceful and quiet.

Betty comes walking back into the kitchen and notices Sparrow looking out towards her backyard.

“It takes a while to cut, even with a riding lawnmower.”

“I can imagine.” Sparrow turns around to look at Betty. She had slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

She finds two mugs and pour them some coffee.

“Well, it looks like the matter of Isa becoming a member of the pack has been fixed. Daigh would never separate a mated couple.”

“I didn’t know she had petition the Alpha to join the pack.” Betty sits down at the small kitchen table and watch as Sparrow brought over the powder creamer and sugar bowl for their coffee.

“Yes, she approached me yesterday after she left the diner.”

“What does Alpha Daigh think?”

“He wants to talk to her and that is why I am here.”

“You might want to give her a day to recover. My cat wore her out last night during the mating ritual.”

“I can go and see the Alpha.”

Isa comes walking into the kitchen bow legged. The bite between her legs and the bites on the inside of her thighs hurt, but she could still move. She was healing, but slowly. She makes her way over to Betty and sits down on her lap. She had slipped on Betty’s house robe to cover her naked abused body.

A grin appears on Sparrows face. “I’ll see what I can do for you Isa. It looks like you need time to heal.”

“I don’t understand why I haven’t healed yet.”

“Because those are mating bites and marks. They will heal naturally, instead of rapidly like most injuries would.”

“Oh!” Isa was surprised by the news.

Sparrow finishes her coffee and head back home to talk with her husband.

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