Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 13

“Where were you last night Rebecca?”

August was going to have some fun with her sister from what she saw last night when she came in.

“I was here, why?”

“I called and called, but no one answer the phone. It kept going to voice mail.”

August chops up some mushrooms to add to the omelette she was making for breakfast.

“I swear, I was here last night. I never heard the phone ring. It’s kind of hard to miss something like the telephone ringing with ears like these.”

Rebecca points at her ears.

August just smirks “well I called you last night to come and help us and you never answered. Could you and Lev have been doing some body
wrestling on the sofa and couldn’t hear the ringing because of how loud you were moaning in pleasure and Lev grunting?”

Rebecca turns beet red from embarrassment.

“You saw that last night?”

“Yep, I sure did. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I’ll never get the image of you and Lev going at it like rabbits on the sofa. Which, now I’ll have to stream
clean since, I like to sit and lay on the sofa.”

August takes an onion and starts cutting it up.

“Sorry about that sis. Lev and I normally get together his first night home.”

“That’s fine, but can you take it to your bedroom please? I know this your place, but I kind of do like to use sleep on the sofa or sit there and
watch television.”

“It’s not just my place August. It’s your place too. It was my father’s wish that you feel like this was home to you.”

“It is Rebecca and thank you. I enjoy being called your little sister and having your father’s last name. I hope you are taking precautions between you and Lev.”

“I am, I have a birth control implant. The pill doesn’t work on me that well. Lev stopped wearing rubbers about two months after we meet and were having sex together. I know he is committed to me and I am committed to him. Oh, how was your date?”

“It was wonderful. Butch was the perfect gentleman. He opened my car door and walked me to the door. We went to a nice restaurant and then a drive-in. He was wondering if I was free next Saturday. There’s an antique car show where the owners dressed up from the period that their cars were made and they have a dinner and dance afterwards.”

“I remember going to that with my father. It was fun. You have my permission to go. If you want, you can tell Butch he can take one of my cars.”

“Thanks Rebecca. So, is Lev staying in town for a while?”

“Yep, I got him a bunch of local deliveries. He’s also out looking at a tractor trailer a guy he knows is selling. If he can get it for a good price, I can fix whatever problems it has and resell it or keep it for him.”

“Hhhmmm, you know something. We could add a trucking firm to what you have already.”

“I’ll think about it. We need to start planning for the upcoming airshow. The airfield always puts on an airshow. I was thinking about entering some of the antique airplanes I have in storage in the show. Why don’t you talk with Butch and see if he wouldn’t mind flying the fighter jet I have? I also need you to call my friend in the Blue Angels and see if they are still planning on performing this year like they did last year here?”

“I can do that. Is the number in the office?”

“Yep, it’s on the desktop.”

“Okay. Oh, coffee is ready.”

“Thank god, I could use a cup.”

Rebecca comes around into the kitchen and fixes herself a cup of coffee. Her coffee mug had a saying printed on it that said, “Death to all who disturb me and my coffee.”

August just smiles as she starts cooking the omelette she made up for Rebecca. It was an old western style omelette. Once the Omelette was done, she makes some toast and serve it to Rebecca.

“Thanks August.”

“You’re welcome sis. So, far the books are looking good. If we continue to do as well as we have, you’ll be able to hire a few extra people.”

“I need a mechanic that can work on 18 Wheelers and automobiles. The group that are working on those antique warplanes are all volunteers. They are normally here on the weekend. How are the parts we sent to the sand blasting team doing?”

“They are done and now they are repairing what holes and rust spots the metal had. I told them to keep it as close as possible since it is going into a museum. We might have to go to the airplane graveyard to get some parts.”

“Let me know so I can contact the guy. He’ll only talk with me. I’ll make sure he knows that you can be trusted.”


“Anything else I need to be aware of?”

August thinks a few minutes while watching her sister drink her coffee.

“Yes, there is. I told George I needed to check with you before giving him the okay. He wants to know if he could use the transport truck to
move his sister’s stuff over the weekend.”

“Yes, he has my permission. I know he likes the truck, but its impractical for everyday use. He can use the trailer that goes with it as well.”

“Okay, I’ll tell him today. So, are we doing anything special today?”

“Nope, I’m going to go and work on some of the cars and get them ready for Monday morning and we might cook out on the grill. You can
invite Butch if you want to.”

“Thanks sis. I’ll see if he’s available.”

August cleans up the kitchen with Rebecca’s help. She watches as Becca heads towards the garage wearing her coverall. August heads
towards the office and sits down and call Butch.

Butch’s apartment:
Butch had fun last night with August. He hopes she enjoyed herself as well. As he was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. His cellphone starts ringing. He looks at the id and it showed it was the Trenner garage. He wonders what Rebecca wanted on a Saturday?


“Hey Butch, its August. Do you have any plans for today?”

“Nope, I was just going to watch a football game or something. Why, what’s on your mind?”

He was smiling as he thought about August.

“Well, were going to grill out later and I was hoping you might be free. Also, Becca has a job for you, if you like it.”

“What’s the job?”

“Well, you know the air show is coming up and Becca wants to enter her fighter Jet and wants to know if you would like to fly it?”

“I would love to fly her fighter jet in the air show. I’m also honor that you would think of me to fly it.”

“Well sis wants to enter a few of her old warplanes and she thought the fighter jet would be up your alley. I’ll tell her yes for you. So, would you like to come over for lunch and maybe dinner?”

“Sure, I would love it. What time will you guys have lunch?”

“Knowing Becca, around one in the afternoon. Dress causal for it. We’re going to be eating outside and lounging around in the lounge chairs.”

“I will and thank you again.”

“Bye Butch.” August had drawn out his name with a little purr in her voice.

“Bye August.” Butch was smiling ear to ear.

The line goes dead.
Trenner's Garage:
August goes out to the garage.

“Becca, Butch said he’ll be able to make it.”

“Okay, why don’t you make some potatoes salad and devil eggs. I’ll text Lev and have him pick-up the rest of the stuff for lunch and dinner.”


“Hand me my phone please.”

August spots it on Rebecca’s work cart. She picks it up and kneels next to the car Rebecca was working on.

“Here you go sis.”


Rebecca calls Lev and tells him their plan and after a few minutes hang up.

“You know, you and Lev could come out here to the garage and have sex next time.”

“We already did that.”

Rebecca slides from under the car and looks up at August with a smile on her face.

“I’m ruined for life now. I’ll never get that image out of my head.”

Rebecca just laugh as she stands up and walks around the car to turn it on. She listens as the motor purrs. She walks back towards the exhaust pipe and put her rag against it, blocking it and doesn’t hear any hissing sound.

“Turn the engine off please.”

August leans inside from the passenger side and turns the engine off.

“What were you doing?” as she looks towards her sister.

“Checking the exhaust and seeing if it was still leaking. It had several bad welds and rusted holes in the pipe.”

“Oh, so, covering the exhaust up forces the trap exhaust to find a way out. I understand now.” August was amazed at that.

The next couple of hours August makes the potato salad and some devil eggs. She prepares the meat to be grilled. She takes a shower and
puts one of her string bikinis on. She wishes she had more up top to fill it out better, but it will have to do for now. She goes outside and set everything up.

“Hey good looking. You look gorgeous.”

Butch had walked up and spotted August in a bikini setting everything up for lunch and dinner.

“Thank you. You don’t look to bad yourself.” August walks over and gives Butch a kiss.

Butch had worn a pair of shorts with a muscle shirt and tennis shoes. August had told him to dress casual. While Butch was holding August, they watch as Lev pulls up in his rig and parks.

As Lev was walking towards the garage, he spots August in the arms of a guy. His arms were full with the items Rebecca asked him to get.

August walks over towards Lev “here let me take those from you Lev.”

Lev gives the bags he was carrying to August.

“Oh Lev, this is Butch. Butch this is Lev. He’s Rebecca’s boyfriend.”

“Nice to meet you Butch.”

“You too. I’ve seen your 18 wheeler parked over here off and on.”

“Yay, Rebecca and I have been dating for a few years. So, how long have you and August been dating?”

Butch was watching August walk into the garage with a more pronounce wiggle to her walk.

“We just started dating.” He had a smile on his face.

Lev turns to see what Butch was watching and notice that August had a little more wiggle to her walk. Now he understood how serious their
relationship was. Rebecca had done the same thing to him when they first met.

“Come on, lets get the barbecue grill going.”

Lev takes Butch over to the grills and get them going. The girls come out a few minutes later with the items they were going to cook on the grill for lunch and the beer in the cooler. Lev puts the meat on the grill and start cooking it along with the vegetables they were having. When everything was ready, they sit down and enjoy lunch with music, beer and soda. Rebecca doesn’t allow herself or August to drink beer.

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