A M.Y.T.H.ical Start Part 3- Finale

Mathias and Violet had a quiet week after the Greenfields left. They got Mathias in contact with the proper people to help make Violet a legitimate person in the eyes of the law. She would have to talk with the local judge, a man who happens to be a mage but one who only uses his abilities to force people to tell the truth in his courtroom.

The judge was blunt and to the point. He listened to what Violet had to say and then asked her a series of questions in response. She felt like it was him doing his best to trip her up and refuse to make her "exist" but in reality she was immune to his spell thus needed to have every angle looked at to prove her truth. It was grueling but necessary, Mathias insisted that she endure it to avoid any question of manipulation or extortion.

The judge grinned, adding a happy "she is definitely your daughter, she has the same defense against my magical manipulations and who is honest to a fault. She never tried to hide the truth, she is honest and wants to please you. There may be some who claim you are doing horrible things to her but she sees you as nothing but her father and if I may be so bold- she is just like your sister in her free spirited ways and need to please everyone."

Mathias cringed at the reference but the judge happily added "she is doing well and I suspect will be by soon to meet her niece. She has always been there for you, she just never had the chance to show it. Congratulations, I'll have her history made up. With three new magical girls to accommodate it's getting to be second nature nowadays. Just be glad that she has another year or two before she becomes a woman, then the real fun begins."

Mathias cringed at that image but smiled at the thought of one day being a grandfather and having a legacy. He still had a smile on his face as he walked out, with Violet knowing that whatever was said was good news and didn't want to spoil it by asking the wrong question. Mathias simply told her "it's finished, I just need to wait before your new life is finalized. The so-called parents of yours will never be able to find you without you giving your blessing."

She hugged him tight, crying into his shirt as her life flashed before her eyes. Vincent, her old name, was found deceased and her parents arrested for neglect and abuse. Mathias whispered a soft "he worked fast, he must have really been moved by your story. They will be in prison for a long time, and you never have to worry about your old life again- the old you is gone, the new you lives, and I won't let anyone hurt you."

The drive home saw Mathias in deep thought while Violet was lost in the sights of their rural town. She asked about the auras around many people, getting a warm "it's something that comes from your heritage. You can see different colors denoting what's wrong with the person and what kind of magical being they are. Quite a few residents are magical, you already met the Greenfields but there are several others with some having children your own age. I'd love for you to try to help Bonny, Melody's girlfriend who is now a unicorn. Then there is Rochelle Whiting, she is a guardian for her girlfriend Elisabeth who is a mage. They are good kids but are new to their lives and who need some guidance on being girls from someone who is like them but who has had the mind of a girl from the start."

She blushed, but added a soft "I'll help. Melody was fun and she told me how much she loved her girlfriend even if she may find she likes boys instead. I hope I can help Rochelle, I don't know how to help older girls but I'll try."

The two settled in for a long rest but didn't get the chance as a knock at the door caused Mathias to be on edge and rush to protect the house. He let up as he allowed the newcomer to enter along with several frightened people, three of which made Violet smile. The trio of young girls were scared but happy to see another girl, albeit one who didn't know about their true selves.

Violet let the girls to her room while Mathias talked with the people. The girls were scared about what they heard and saw, telling Violet "someone is trying to kidnap us! Mom and dad are afraid, they said we could be slaves to the people if we were found."

Violet hugged the younger girls, the trio hugged her back and shed tears of fear. Violet realized something and asked "are you magical?" They nodded, telling her in unison "we are werekittens". Violet didn't believe them but the moon shone through the window catching them causing the trio to transform in front of her eyes.

The girls rushed downstairs to where their parents were. Their parents shed tears at seeing their little girls in their kitten forms, softly mumbling "our little girls are growing up." Violet looked to Mathias who softly added "you know about my sister and her family, well werewolves aren't the only weres alive, these fine folks are werecats and the triplets have come of age to transform. You got to see their first, normally their family is there to witness it but someone is trying to harm them causing them to need to flee for safety."

Violet shed a tear and asked "why? Why would anyone want to hurt them? They are beautiful girls and too young to harm anyone!"

Abby, Betty, and Chloe rushed to hug her, crying at the sweet words from the older girl. The trio led her away so the adults could talk, giving them a big smile as Violet had eased their anxiety over their first change and how it had broken the mold with other weres. Upstairs again Violet told them they are lucky to have caring family, she grew up without them then added a somber "I know some people who'd have heart attacks if they knew you existed and were so pretty."

The girls giggled and kept their minds occupied while Mathias went outside to make a call on a special tool. Within minutes a figure slithered in the darkness close to the house, easing among the shadows as the girls watched upstairs. The figure briefly came into the light causing a gasp from Violet followed by a happy "Mr. Sapa!" from the girls.

Violet asked who he was, getting a happy "he's a naga, he protects the forests and valleys around our town" from Abby. Chloe added a happy "he is nice, he gives us treats whenever we play out back." Betty added a shy "he is big, he scares the dogs and wolves but not the annoying birds. Mom said he is the only magical being who everyone fears and respects because he is immune to spells and mind tricks."

Mathias knocked on the door and told the triplets it was time to go. Mr. Sapa was waiting outside with several of his brothers and smiled at the girls. Their parents drove off into town while Mr. Sapa went in another direction quickly, giving the girls a ride on his strong back as if they were weightless.

With that excitement out of the way Mathias settled in for a quiet weekend. Violet made a simple snack of fresh berries from the garden and joined him in cuddling in front of the warm fireplace. Violet smiled at the simple act of him kissing her forehead, telling her he was proud of her for distracting the girls from a dangerous situation.

The two did this for the next few days, until they got another unexpected visitor. Mathias answered the door during their midafternoon siesta and hugged the lady who entered followed by shaking the hand of the man behind her. They were joined by a big dog and a teenage girl who looked like she was upset while another tried to soothe her but not succeeding too well.

The dog growled at Violet who turned into a dog and growled back. The dog tried to look tough but she was bigger and stronger, making him back down when the others realized what was gong on. The two teen girls had harsh words for him and let him loose in the back, with Violet staying in her dog form until he was completely outside.

The girls looked Violet over and apologized for the big dog's actions. The smaller of the two, who introduced herself as Elisabeth, hugged her and thanked her for not harming her familiar. The larger of the two, who called herself Rochelle and whose name caused Violet's face to brighten, admitted "he's protective of us, he thinks I'm his mate and Elisabeth is his sister."

Violet led them upstairs while the adults talked, sensing this wasn't a social call. Elisabeth snickered and admitted "mom and dad are representatives of the mage's council. Your dad is a representative too, he just never votes or really gets involved. Whatever they are doing is huge, something that involves Rochelle's parents and a lot of others."

Violet meekly asked Rochelle if she was really born a boy. Rochelle blanched at the question while Elisabeth nodded silently. She then sat her down and had Rochelle show her what she could do while she herself fought for the right words.

Once she found them Elisabeth carefully explained "Rochelle was my boyfriend and accidentally was imbued with my magical powers. She became my guardian, someone who protects me and gives me additional magic should I need to battle another mage or need to heal myself. She is my caretaker, we have loved each other for years and until she changed I never told her what I really was."

Rochelle had tears in her eyes as Elisabeth said that. Elisabeth smiled and added "it's her time of the month so she gets emotional easily." Violet winced at that, hugging her tight as a show of support while adding a timid "I was born a boy too. I was changed by my father's blood. I would have had surgery to make me into a woman but dad's blood did it for me."

The girls just nodded their head, Rochelle added a warm "you turned out better than us. Your dad is a great person who everyone loves and respects. If his blood did that then something else was gong on."

Elisabeth nodded, adding a warm "the spell the witches cast wasn't strong enough. Blood from your parents undid it, it's the only thing stronger than any spell and second only to the lifeforce itself. You were meant to be a girl, your body was changed to make you hurt yourself in the future making your bloodline die off. It failed and you are going to make them pay sometime."

The girls started to look around Violet's room and smiled at how girly she had made it. Violet was all smiles as she found Elisabeth to be a great mention on the girly arts especially makeup and hair care. Rochelle rolled her eyes but Violet told her affectionately "you are beautiful, you don't have to worry about anything. Your girlfriend cares about you and any boy who tries to pick you up is going to have trouble keeping from tripping over themselves making them look bad."

Rochelle groaned as Elisabeth hugged and kissed her, proving her point. Rochelle just sat down with a tired look but Violet offered a warm "it's true, you are a woman now and you have a great girlfriend. It'll be better for you, just watch. Give girlhood a chance."

The young girl had outfoxed her. She couldn't counter what she said nor could she argue that she didn't feel comfortable now in her body. While she would miss her penis and testicles she felt she had something to give the world even if her heart belonged to Elisabeth. Elisabeth kissed her deeply for the realization, with Violet herself feeling the sense of love between the two.

The two were silent for a bit as Violet considered the love they shared. The two got a smile with Rochelle casually asking if she liked boys or girls yet. Violet turned a shade of violet as she blushed and had to fight for words, she had honestly never considered boys or girls as anything other than people and didn't think much about sex.

The two looked at one another and nodded. They understood that she simply didn't know yet. They asked how old she was and hearing her only being 12 the girls happily added "you are still developing sexually, give it some time. Maybe when you are in school you might meet a special someone who shows you the light."

The girls snickered while Violet felt relief that they weren't trying to tease her. It was what she figured girltalk to be, albeit with the addition of magic. The girls heard howling with Rochelle feeling bad that the dog was left outside while they enjoyed their talk inside.

Violet asked about the dog, getting Elisabeth to give a hearty "he's my familiar, he's what helps me focus my spells. Rochelle may be my battery but he is what gives me my strength. She can turn into a dog too, she just doesn't like that she feels like his mate whenever she is in that form."

Rochelle looked down in shame, with Violet adding a happy "he cares about you though, which is good. He wants to protect you, even if he needs to temper his libido. I just hope that he doesn't try to mate with you or it could become awkward explaining why you have puppies growing inside you."

Elisabeth lost it and was on the floor laughing as Rochelle tried to come up with a proper response. Violet got up and went downstairs to let Biggun in, then direct him upstairs to his master. He sniffed her and nodded, he could smell that the girls were on her body even if he didn't fully trust her yet.

Upstairs Biggun was at Elisabeth's feet with his head in her lap. He looked over at Rochelle who simply rubbed his ears and told him "no." He seemed to understand while Elisabeth added a snicker at his behavior, Violet understood it to mean that he thought she was in heat due to her time of the month.

Rochelle groaned and explained "he is looking for affection. He knows he won't get any sex from me but he still tries. He cares about me, but sometimes his natural instincts overrule his magical connection. Besides, he knows I love him as a friend but not as a lover."

The girls heard a knock at the door and the adults entered. Biggun moved away from them to allow the girls to hear what was going to be explained. Violet was ready for anything but there was a look of content rather than fear on their faces.

Mathias spoke for them as hex explained "we have come to an agreement. There are a lot of young magical creatures here and we think it best that you have a school to study at safely and securely. I have offered some of my land to the school and Mr. and Mrs. Whiting have offered to build it through their connections. It'll take a while so the rest of this year will have to be spent in regular school. Your records reflect the new you, the old you ceased to exist. I know this is painful, Rochelle, but your changes are irreversible. I'm sorry."

The girls hugged while Violet looked up at Mathias for answers. He knelt down and carefully added "you will start the 7th grade alongside other kids your age. I know it's going to be tough but you are just a normal girl in everyone's eyes. People know me and will assume I home schooled you, which is partly true. You need to be around other children your own age, you won't stop growing older until you are fully mature sexually which is not for another 6 years. Enjoy it, the children should be fine with you."

The other two conceded that it was better than nothing. The girls left with Mathias adding "the school will shape up over time, we need to find the right people for the job and work around all of the magical beings not just the most abundant. I think there will be at least one magic user class, a shapeshifting class, and a flight class. That's not counting things like dealing with your new genders and dealing with your new abilities for those like Rochelle, Bonnie, and Violet."

The girls were relieved, at least it sounded like fun. Violet smiled at the thought of being among others who had endured what she endured even if she was always a girl inside. Mathias smiled down, adding a declaratory "it's all thanks to you."

She looked up in shock, but Mathias confidently insisted "if you hadn't come into my life the others wouldn't have joined together. The triplets were the catalyst but the driving force for the school was you. I am normally isolated but needing to educate you safely made me see that you all need a school to teach you and I can provide that for you and others. It's my duty as a father, it's an obligation as a pillar of the community, and it's my heritage as a magical being."

Mathias had to meet with multiple people over the next week as he finalized the plans. Different magical beings showed up giving Violet a sense of just how respected and beloved Mathias was. She was always put to work meeting the kids who were alongside their parents which she had come to learn was intentional in both introducing her to them and them being put at ease over having to attend a "normal" school now.

The kids were eager to get to know Violet, with several girls taking an interest in her as a friend. The boys often took an interest in her sexually with the poor incubuses being forced to cool their libidos by their fathers who themselves had to use special amulets to quell around Violet. It somehow felt right to have the boys leering over her, with the girls starting to feel like other girls.

After the third visit from boys it finally clicked in her mind, she was falling for them. Her sexuality had finally taken root and she was seeing boys as sexual beings instead of as simply boys. She felt relief about having it happen but she knew it would occur at some point.

One boy, a young man named Flint Maple, caused her to feel tingly down below. She stared at him for a while as his sisters talked to her, giving her a rundown on her temporary school as the days were approaching that they'd start attending school in town. Flint was the same age as her and once the girls stopped talking they caught her looks and snickered to one another about her having a crush on him.

Flint was oblivious, he wanted no part of being in a girl's room. He apologized to her for invading her privacy but she just hugged and kissed his cheek for being man enough to not take advantage of the situation. When he went downstairs his sisters immediately squealed at her and teased her about her crush on their brother, causing her to deny it but her blush gave it away.

The girls talked immediately about her crush, getting her to spill the beans while they figured out if it was mutual or simply one-sided. They watched as Flint walked out back to sit with the animals gathered around the house to await their return, stealing glances up at Violet's room. Violet swooned, the sisters squeed as they finally saw it was mutual attraction and he was feeling the same towards her.

The girls set a proper date for them, insisting that they were perfect for one another as no girls would go near Flint because he was a jogah which made girls fear him as they didn't think he was trustworthy around them. Violet asked why, getting the girls to turn invisible and reappear behind her with their arms wrapped around her in a hug. Violet smiled, offering a happy "he's handsome, he's well built, and he has a big bulge."

That caused Violet to cover her mouth quickly as the girls gasped. She apologized to which the girls giggled and asked "your first crush?" She nodded, adding a defeated "I wasn't sure if I liked boys or girls until today. If how I feel about means I like boys then I like boys."

The girls left it at that as they left, dragging their brother alongside them with the animals disappearing quickly as they did. Violet noticed Flint smiled at her with his parents noticing her big smile back. Mathias shook his head and grinned, adding pat on the shoulder and quick "he's in love with you and you showing he is normal made his year. A lot of people are terrible to him because he lacks great magical power and what he does have is seen as being horrid and abusive but he can't help being who he is and doesn't abuse his power."

She nodded, unintentionally admitting "he's just so handsome." Mathias shed a tear, his little girl took a big step towards womanhood by falling for him. He vowed to give them a chance to get to know one another, the two were mutually beneficial friends with the option of becoming more if things were right.

The next night was the first full moon since the werekittens spent the evening with the duo. Mathias' ears perked as he heard wolves howling in the distance, with several visible in the rear yard. He cautioned Violet to stay inside but she smiled at the wolves, feeling a presence among them that made her at ease while the wolves came close and sniffed her, licking her face and nuzzling her.

Mathias slowly realized who they were and shook his head. They intentionally awaited for the full moon to come by to see Violet for themselves and the youngsters knew just who Violet was. He shook his head at his sister's antics, she was smartly trying to get the kids used to one another.

Violet changed into a wolf to join them for some play. The male wolves were clearly aroused but a look from the two elder wolves quelled that as they nuzzled Violet playfully. The kids ran off into the woods to hunt, with Violet catching a stray rat while the boys caught several mice. She didn't eat the rat, instead giving it to the other two to eat as she wisely ate some vegetation nearby.

The group headed back after several hours. The group stopped as the two elder wolves stared at them for a while, leaving Violet to change back into human form as they awaited something to happen. Mathias softly told her to go downstairs to recharge in her mud bath, she'd need her energy. She was reluctant to leave him with the wolves but she sensed it was an order.

Violet returned an hour later, eating some fruit while enjoying the rejuvenated feeling. She saw that the young wolves were staring at her, giving her an odd feeling but one that felt like they were seeing her true form for the first time. She saw that light was starting to creep across the sky and realized they were about to change back.

She watched in awe as the young wolves changed into kids no older than eight and 11. The two adult wolves started to change into a man and woman giving Violet the sense that something was about to happen. She saw the smile on the woman's face and gasped in awe.

The woman turned to Mathias and happily announced "she is beautiful. She looks like grandmother." Mathias countered with "she looks like you. You always had the beauty in our family."

Brother and sister embraced, each crying onto the other's shoulder. Violet was silent as she awaited the two to calm down, letting the years of resentment and isolation evaporate. The two hugged tight, with sister seeing that her niece was waiting for them to stop and tell her more, eager to hear about her life and her family.

The two finally broke their embrace as Mathias introduced his twin sister Matilda to Violet. Violet embraced her aunt, happy to have finally met the woman who she had heard so much about in the time since her change. Matilda hugged he tight, shedding tears as she felt the warmth of Violet's longing flood her body in a way that she hadn't felt in years...not since her banishment.

Matilda wiped her tears away and gathered her wits, finally introducing her husband Forest Lobo and her sons Ashley and Oakley. The boys started to get tired to which Mathias escorted them up to their rooms, offering them a quick snack before they fell asleep completely. Forest was soon following behind, letting his wife handle the reunion as he kissed Violet goodnight.

The trio spent a few minutes trying to get the nerve to speak. Finally Matilda sighed and asked about Violet, getting a quick rundown version of it. Violet added a meek "I was born a boy, daddy's blood accidentally made me a full girl."

Matilda looked at her brother and laughed. It was perfect. She held Violet tight as she explained "your daddy's blood is special as is mine. We are the only ones who can create another of our race, just as you will be able to do. I fell in love with Forest and threw off my family because I didn't want to just live to be a breeding animal just so our bloodline expanded. I know full well that Mathias felt the same, only he wasn't as forceful in his views. I love Forest with all my heart and happily embrace my wild side with him, mating with him whenever he needs to, and raise our pups as one with nature. Your daddy didn't find love but apparently he found companionship and from that he got you. You are his little miracle and the one to lead our family next."

Violet asked a meek "did you become a werewolf?" Matilda shook her head no, offering a somber "Forest tried but my blood is too strong. Our children are werewolves but our next one, my daughter, will be like you. I spoke with the pack's beta female, our chief magic user, and she believes that our daughters are the key to our being. Mathias was the oldest so he got the most of mom and dad's magic but the rest of us only got part of it and with werewolves the magic is stronger in male than female but for us the magic is stronger in females. Your sons won't be like you magically but your daughters will."

Mathias saw the shock in Violet's eyes but it was a good shock. Matilda showed her swollen belly to both, with Mathias asking if she was close to birth. Matilda nodded, adding a happy "a few weeks. I won't change next month due to the magic in her preventing it."

Mathias asked about the boys, getting a head shake and hearty "they are smart and mischievous, but they need to go to school. The pack is reluctant to allow it though, they don't trust outsiders. I was hoping you might be able to speak with them, you are the only outsider that fully trust and it's not because of me but because the animals tell them about you."

Mathias looked at Violet who eagerly awaited his answer. He nodded, confessing to her "we are starting a new school that will cater to kids like them. Violet and them will be among other shifters like werecats, guardians, and even unicorns. If I hadn't already had this in the works I would have happily started this school for all of the kids, the boys just give me more reason to support its construction."

Violet started to get sleepy which was followed by the adults doing the same. They called it a night and slept in until mid-morning with the boys being the last two to awaken. Forest was told what was going to happen with him nodding in approval, offering his thanks for helping the family.

Mathias shook his head, correcting him with "you are family. Mom and dad may not have seen it that way but you are. They are my nephews and you are going to have my niece soon. You deserve this, I want this for you. In fact, if you agree to it all of you should claim your birthright and move in here with Violet and I!"

The boys cheered and looked longingly at their father. Forest looked at Matilda who nodded. It was the best thing to happen to them, no more running around the forest or hiding out. This was family, the pack had to understand that they had a family outside the pack and with their youngest having the power of her maternal family it was best for all.

The six drove to the hidden pack compound with Mathias being granted permission to enter only after it was confirmed he was who he said he was. Mathias met with the alpha and beta of the pack and endured question after question about the school. The pack was reluctant to allow their children to attend but agreed that the Lobo family should go as it was with family on family land and the youngest would struggle among them until she was old enough to shift on her own which wasn't for at least 12 years.

The family packed their belongings and headed to their new home. Mathias hugged Forest tight for choosing his family over his pack, with Forest adding a somber "they will learn eventually. My sons are the largest among the next generation and are destined to lead them when the time comes. You are doing something noble that will bring about changes of mind eventually, they just need to see that your proposed school can really help their children first. I believe it will, you have too much going right for you to fail."

Time passed quickly for the family. Forest proved to be a strong helper for Mathias as the two worked hard to clear the land for the new school while working with the contractors suggested by the Whiting family. Melody was a frequent visitor as her parents helped with the curriculum and the finding of staff, including the intimidating Ms. Drakae who came highly recommended by the nagas and thunderbirds.

Melody reluctantly introduced her girlfriend Bonnie, who in turn blushed as she said that. The two were embraced by Violet who introduced her cousins Ashley and Oakley with both boys blushing at the two older girls being there. Melody loved teasing Oakley, he was just on the cusp of liking girls so any attention from a pretty girl made him blush and melt.

Bonnie asked Violet how she dealt with her change so easily, getting a shocked look from Oakley and Ashley but both realizing that it was no big deal. Ashley blushed and admitted that he felt that way sometime and wished he could change, getting a hug from Violet while Oakley nodded that he'd support him. Violet whispered something into his ear which caused him to hug her tight while Oakley rolled his eyes at what he was hearing.

The girls stayed out of that revelation, opting instead to talk about the school with the trio agreeing that they hoped the werekittens went there. Oakley's ears perked as he heard that, causing the girls look at him with grins. Oakley blushed and told them "I can't help it, they are pretty. They play with me when the other boys were horrible to Ashley, they said I could be their boyfriend when they got old enough."

The girls giggled, it was something they would do but they were still too young for love. He knew the truth as well, but it still felt nice to have girls say that to him. The girls stopped at that, it was clear Oakley was getting uncomfortable especially as they turned things to them kissing with Violet blushing at mentioning she hoped Flint would kiss her.

Oakley got up to go, feeling weird at hearing his cousin talk about boys. The girls followed behind him, the novelty wore off and there wasn't much else to talk about. The group stopped as they saw Ashley in tears while his parents hugged him tight.

Oakley asked what was going on, getting his mother to explain "your brother has admitted that he feels like he should have been born as a girl. It took all he had to tell us." Oakley confessed "he felt this way for years. He doesn't want to be my beta, he wants to be a girl. He saw Violet and felt right being around her. You can feel it too, he is a girl inside."

Mathias looked at Forest who nodded to him. He took out the family dagger and cut a small slice into his hand then did the same to Ashley's hand. Their blood mingled and within seconds Ashley's body was aglow as he transformed into a little girl, the spitting image of his father but with his mother's auburn hair and button nose.

Ashley saw her hand start to immediately heal up, then felt a weird hunger inside her. Violet realized what was going on and blurted out "she's like me! She has her mom's powers!" The girls looked at her oddly to which Matilda happily added "my little girl, you have been reborn as a the same being as your maternal lineage. You are as you would have been as a girl, you are truly meant to be a girl."

Ashley was led to the kitchen so she could eat, eagerly devouring a plate of sliced veggies while her brother felt odd at the sight. His father explained 'it's why your mom never hunts, your sister can no longer eat meat. She must eat plants and swim in the mud. I know this is tough but this is meant to be, your brother never existed and even though I lost a son I never had one to begin with."

Oakley understood, he hugged his sister tighter and kissed her cheek. The little girl hugged him back, then hugged her father as well. It was a touching sight, with the kids all staying silent as the family adjusted to the situation.

Melody and Bonnie eventually left, giving Ashley a hug and kiss. Oakley was given a big kiss from each on the cheek with the girls giggling at his blushes. Mrs. Greenleaf admonished them but smiled back at the still shocked boy.

Ashley's change shocked the pack but the beta female explained about Ashley being two-souled and needing to be who she needed to be. There were some complaints about her needing to be killed for breaking pack rules by abandoning them but that was shut down fast as more and more of the pack saw the family as being true to themselves and being their own pack. The fact that she was still a shifter mattered more, she was still a wolf inside even if she wasn't a werewolf anymore. She carried the blood, she could give birth to werewolves in the future so her lineage was secure.

It was tough to register the two for school but after some testing and help from the judge they were able to attend school in the 3rd and 6th grades. The two met Flint and while Oakley was intimidating to him they hit it off well. The fact that animals naturally were at ease around Flint made Oakley feel better as his animal side was always at ease while his human side felt that he was no threat to his cousin.

The kids thrived in their new environment. Ashley actually proved to be very popular with the girls to the point that she was always at one friend's house. They never said anything about never going to her home, they understood her mother being pregnant and Ashley's new little sister needing constant attention.

Violet found some friends of her own and enjoyed the long talks they had. Flint was always by he side with Flint's younger sister taking a strong liking to Oakley as the two hung out together. Flint admitted to her that he was happy his sister found a boy who wasn't interested in her abilities, Oakley was treating her like a person even if he was drooling over her which she happily encouraged.

Flint kissed her after admitting that, causing Violet to shed a tear. He thought he did wrong and apologized, only to have her grab him and kiss him deeply. It was her first kiss and it was with a boy who she felt a strong connection to the point of feeling like she was in love.

Oakley fared no better. Flint's sister kissed him deeply, giggling as he was left stunned. Her mother wasn't happy and punished her for doing that, assuring Oakley that he had done no wrong and it was punishment for her not him. She did add that he was a handsome young man who had won her heart, he didn't have to do anything more as she would be devoted to him for as long as he felt a connection to her. It just happened to be a strong sense of loyalty that was a hallmark of their species with love and sex being tied to it as well.

The school progressed and after some finagling with the town, county, and state they were able to build with the whole project funded by Mathias. It was like any other private school in the region, only it was more exclusive yet didn't charge a penny to go. The Whitings had managed to secure some of the best contractors, builders, laborers, and apprentices and with bonuses for being ahead of schedule everyone wanted to get it done fast.

By late Spring the school was finished. There were minor things like filling the interiors of the dorms and classrooms but it was deemed finished. Mathias cut the ribbon as the benefactor and most respected among the magical beings. His sister was by his side, Violet hugging Mathias while Ashley hugged her mother. The two girls got a lot of looks but word spread that they were the next generation of the "vegepires" getting knowing looks and smiles as they secured their family's legacy by giving up something so dear to most men even if their minds were always female.

Off to the side were Forest and Oakley, with Flint eagerly awaiting their loved ones to return. It was a happy time for all, especially as Oakley and Flint kissed their girlfriends deeply while Ashley groaned in mock disapproval. She hugged Flint, telling him warmly "she loves you" to which he shot back"and I love her too."

The school was opened that summer with kids filing in from the air, the water, the land, and the woods. The grounds were abuzz with excitement as the families learned more about the school and its occupants with former adversaries learning that their children would be side by side. Old feuds died away, the children were innocents and what they had against one another were their own dealings not the kids' leading to several generations old feuds all but dying out overnight with the kids just shrugging it off as they themselves never agreed with it.

Mathias was a pillar of the community and would go on to lead the board of regents for the school. He had a vested interest in the trio attending but found that he enjoyed helping the kids and even spent hours watching as the kids walk the grounds of the school and occasionally snuck out to enjoy some private time only to get caught by one of the nagas patrolling the school perimeter. It always gave him a smile when the kids were paraded back with the large naga ensuring they got back to where they belonged and received punishment for breaking the rules.

Mathias had everything he ever wanted. He had a progeny, his sister by his side, his legacy secure in both Violet and Ashley and newborn Ivy, and he had a family. For once in his life, he was happy.

Violet was even happier. She had a loving boyfriend whose aura she could see glowed bright violet every time he saw her. She had a growing family with a younger cousin who adored her and saw her as a mentor for girlhood. She had a second cousin who showed he was more man in a day in helping his brother become his sister than her former father had shown in his entire life. And she herself had a mentor in her aunt, who loved talking with her about things especially as she endured the downside of being female with her first monthly visitor.

All in all Violet had a great life. She had everything she had ever wanted and things that she never dreamed of having. Now school occupied her life. M.Y.T.H. would be the biggest challenge ever as Violet the schoolgirl got used to life among others like her. Even with the support of Melanie, Bonnie, Flint, Oakley, Ashley, Rochelle, and Elisabeth things were going to be tough and exciting for Violet.

The End

My contribution to M.Y.T.H. is completed but my characters are still ongoing as students and parents.
The whole group of Sangue/Lobo/Maple kids are free to use as long as you don't kill them off. Serious injuries are allowed but only if they recover.

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