Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 2

Gina was the first one awake like usual the next day. Even after eight years she still gets up early every morning. Thirty minutes later her sister and Tizzy joined her for her morning run out on the property. The wolves and Simba also joined them as they ran on the property. When the land behind and on the side of their father’s ranch became available. Both girls bought it to add to their father’s ranch.

“Do you have any idea on where we should start looking for these sex traffickers, Tizzy?”

Gina looks towards her older cousin for an answer.

“I was hoping Julia might know.” Tizzy looks towards Julia. She was a few years older than herself.

“I have an idea on who we can go to. If he doesn’t know, he’ll know someone who will.”

Julia knew a pimp that she had to deal with a few times. He never took girls that were underage and never got his women hooked on drugs or alcohol. She didn’t approve of what he was doing, but he did care about the women working for him. His business was disguised as a high-
class escort service. She knew not all the women that worked for him, were prostitutes.

“Are we taking the animals with us?”

“I have to take Sphinx with me. I might be needed sometime today.”

“It’s a good thing I brought the armor that Aunt Cheshire ordered for Simba with me home.”

“Mom ordered body armor for Simba?”

This was the first Tizzy had heard about it.

“Yep, Aunt Cheshire sent me Simba’s and Sher-Khun’s body measurements.”

“I wonder why she did that?”

“Who knows with Aunt Cheshire. She’s as mysterious as dad is at times.”

Gina speeds up to keep pace with Julia and Tizzy. She knew those two had to be in physical shape because of their job. She ran the armor
vehicle business that her father had given her. The business also included the custom personal body armor company that produce body armor for the FBI and other agencies. They also sold body armor to civilians as well.

She missed Arnold, but he had called yesterday and said he would be home next weekend. They were going to get married after he passed the bar for his Lawyer license. Her father had helped get him into the best law school. She had gotten an online MBA Master’s degree from a reputable company. Her father had told her and her sister whatever collage they wanted to attend, he would support them.

“Stop day dreaming Gina.” Julia was running backwards while watching her sister.

“Sorry, I was thinking about Arnold. He’s coming home next weekend.”

Gina speeds up again to match Tizzy’s and her sisters pace.

“Have you found anyone yet, Tizzy?”

A smile appears on her face.

“Yay, he’s a zoo keeper at the Honolulu zoo. I met him through mom. She was invited to attend a special function that the zoo was sponsoring.
I went along with her and the two of us sort of bumped into each other. I already did a background check on him. His father is an Admiral in the Navy and his mother owns several businesses. He has a younger brother and two sisters. He’s the oldest boy and second born. We had a family dinner a couple of weeks ago. Mom got a chance to meet his parents.”

“What did she think of them?”

“She liked them. They were kind of inquisitive about what mom did.”

“I bet she played up I’m only a simple Liger expert bit.”

A smile forms on Tizzy’s face from Gina’s statement. All the girls knew that Cheshire was as deadly as their father. Also, that the two of them
are partners with their own group of specialized trained operatives.

“Did Julia tell you who she is dating now?”

Gina had a playful smile on her face when she looked at her older sister.

“No, she didn’t. Who are you dating now, Julia?”

Julia just recently found out she liked woman more then she liked men. She knew she was bisexual, but most of the men she dated never did it
for her. It wasn’t until she ran into Christmas again, did she know she preferred women.

“Do you remember our friend Christmas?”

“Yay, I remember her. Didn’t she want to be a school teacher.”

“Yep, she became a middle high school teacher. She teaches English at the same school we attended. We’ve been seeing each other for a
year now. The school doesn’t mind our relationship, but we try to keep it low key. We don’t want any of her students to find out. She’s also working on her PHD so she can teach at the college level.”

“How did the two of you meet and hook-up?”

“I was called to search her car with Sphinx. Someone had called in her style of car saying they had seen her selling drugs. When I got to where
she had been pulled over, I was surprised to see her. The last I heard, she had gone to New Hampshire for college. After I did my job and asked more about why she was pulled over. I called in to get a better description. It had been a male that had a car like hers. Once I apologized to her for the mistake. She said I could make-up it up to her over drinks and dinner. We’ve been seeing each other since then. We’re talking about getting a place together and setting a wedding date.”

“That should make your father happy. One less girl to worry about in the house.”

They finally made it back to the house and Selina had breakfast already made for them. The twins were already up and eating their breakfast.

“Did you girls have a nice jog?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Tizzy fixes herself a cup of coffee and sit down at the table. She wasn’t a morning person, but Selina made the best banana nut muffins. She
grabs a few and munches on them. After breakfast, the girls head upstairs and take a shower and change into their clothes. Tizzy had her badge hanging from her neck and Julia had hers on her belt. Gina came out with her badge, which was a Private Security Contractor badge. The armor vehicle company had a private security, security force that she oversaw. Her company provided body guards to diplomats and had a few overseas jobs. Her father made her serve a year overseas as part of the private security contractors he sent.

The leader of the company she went with underestimated her and she showed him, that she could be as deadly as her father. She knew her father didn’t want her or her sister to follow in his footsteps. However, he made sure if they decided they wanted to, they would be well trained. He trained them to be as deadly as most of the other operatives he trained. The Private Security Contracting company she oversaw was named Cerberus. It was named after the three-headed dog of Hades in Greek Mythology.

She was dress in a black tailor-made suit. She had her custom made two-inch heel ankle boots on that had a steel toe. She was carrying her favorite .45 caliber Springfield XD-S. She knew Julia had her normal Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Compact and Tizzy was carrying her Sig Sauer - P250 Compact. All three women had concealed weapon permits and were deadly as hell with their weapon.

“Come on guys, let’s head out. Tizzy, you and Simba are riding with me. Dad already made room in the hummer for Simba and Cadmus.”

“Alright Gina.”

Tizzy follows Gina to Jack’s old Hummer and open the back for Simba to climb in and for Cadmus as well. Once both animals were inside, she
locks the back and walks around to the driver side and climb in.

Tizzy climbs in on the passenger side and secures herself. Gina follows behind her sister in the Montana police SUV. Sphinx was in the back.
Julia leads them over to an upper-class strip mall that had a lot of nice businesses and offices. She parks at a two-story glass building. Gina
parks next to her sister’s SUV. Tizzy gets out along with Gina.

“Gina, stand by your radio. We might have to introduce Vittorio to Simba.”

“Okay sis.”

“Come on Tizzy, let’s go talk with Vittorio.”

“I’ll follow your lead, cousin.”

Tizzy and Julia walk up to the entrance.

“He replaced the front door since my last visit.”

“Did you have something to do with it cousin?”

Tizzy looks at her cousin for an answer.

“Nope, I had nothing to do with it. A jealous husband found out his wife was an escort and came up here to confront her. He shot the door,
because the security guard on duty locked them.”

“Man, I can’t say I don’t blame him.”

Tizzy and Julia walk into the reception area and are stopped by the receptionist.

“Can I help you ladies?”

“Yes, is Mr. Vittorio in?”

“Yes, he is. Do you have an appointment?”

“No, but I know he’ll want to talk with me. Tell him Julia Bounty with Boulder police department and Tizzy Patel with Honolulu police department
would like to talk to him. Please.”

Both Tizzy and Julia shows their badges.

“One minute.”

The receptionist picks the phone up and dials her bosses number.

“Hello, Mr. Vittorio, there are two police officers here to speak with you. They said that they just want to talk with you.”

“Who are they Carol?”

“Officer Julia Bounty with the Boulder police department and Officer Tizzy Patel with Honolulu police department.”

Vittorio didn’t know why someone from Honolulu would want to talk with him.

“Go ahead and bring them to my office.”

“Okay, Mr. Vittorio.”

Carol hangs the phone up.

“If you will ladies, please follow me.”

Julia and Tizzy follow Carol back to Vittorio’s office.

As they walk in, Tizzy notices a handsome middle age Italian man sitting behind an expensive wooden desk. The guy himself looked like he could be a model or something.

“What brings you to my office today, Officer Bounty?”

“I need information Vittorio and I’m hoping you can help me.”

“Please sit.” He monitions to two chairs in front of his desk.

He was watching Tizzy. He could tell she was the officer from Honolulu, because of her dark tan and Island style of dress. She had long black hair tied back in a ponytail. Her make-up was perfect and the way she carried herself, made it seem she has had some formal training like ballet or maybe charm school.

“So, what can I do for you today Officer Bounty?”

Vittorio has heard rumors about this woman. She may look like an angel, but she wasn’t someone you wanted coming after you. She had the same type of grace about her, but he knew differently. She normally traveled with a huge wolf.

“I was wondering if you know who is in the sex trafficking business?”

Julia was trying to be all sweet with him at first and if that didn’t work, she brings the big gun in and scare his ass.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Ms. Bounty.”

“Come on Vittorio. You know that we all know what you do here.”

“I have no idea of what you are talking about.”

“Vittorio, do you know who is trafficking women and girls through Montana?”

“Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you, Ms. Bounty.”

Julia and Tizzy both could tell he knew, but wouldn’t cooperate with them.

“Well cousin, it looks like it’s plan B.”

“I wish it wasn’t.”

“What? Are you going to threaten me with your wolf now?”

“Nope, someone whole lot meaner and bigger.”

Gina had been listening in on the radio her sister had been transmitting from. She smiles when she hears those words. She opens the back door on the hummer and let Sphinx out of the SUV.

“Come on Simba, let’s go make some new friends.”

Cadmus had jumped out and was following behind Gina along with Sphinx as she opened the door for Simba and the wolves to walk inside the building.

Carol had looked up from typing a letter when she heard the front door open and couldn’t believe what she saw come walking in. There was a huge golden color tiger walking in with a young woman with light brown hair walking behind it and two big wolves following behind her.

“Excuse me, where did you send the two women that came in here?”

Carol just points in the direction Julia and Tizzy had gone.

“Thank you.” Gina heads down the corridor with Simba and the two wolves.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell us Mr. Vittorio?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”


“Tizzy it’s your turn.”

Julia stands up and away from the door.

“Well, since you won’t talk to me and my cousin Mr. Vittorio, let me introduce you to someone else.” Tizzy opens the door and Simba comes walking in followed by Gina, Sphinx and Cadmus.

Vittorio stands up from behind his desk and backs away towards the wall behind him.

All three women smile as they watch Vittorio back towards the wall. Simba comes over and stands by Tizzy.

“Now, we try to do this the nice way, but you didn’t want to cooperate with us. So, we will do this the hard way.”

Tizzy smiles at him.

Tizzy looks down at Simba and in Gaelic “Simba, taispeáin an fear do chuid fiacla deas."

Simba gives Vittorio a wide smile, showing his big pearly white teeth.

“Now, are you going to answer my question or should I have my cousin have her tiger get closer?”

“I would answer my sister’s question, sir. You have heard what our wolves are capable of. Imagne what a tiger can do to you with those big
sharp teeth?”

Gina had a serious look ón her face.

“Alright, I’ll tell you. His name is Alexander Olson.”

“Where can I find him Vittorio?”

Tizzy watches his body.

“I can’t tell you. He’ll come and kill mé.”

Gina just smirks.

“What do you think we are going tó do to you?”

“You can’t do anything. You’re police officers.”

“Wrong! My sister and cousin are police officers. I’m a Private Security Contractor that operates under government rules. I can kill you right
now and my sister and cousin won’t stop mé. So, where can we find this Alexander Olson?”

Vittorio looks at the smaller of the three women who had two wolves standing ón either side of her. He saw her badge, but couldn’t read what it

“Sphinx agus Cadmus, Fásl!”

Both wolves start growling at Vittorio.

“Okay, I’ll talk. Just get your animals to back off.”


Both wolves quiet down.

“Simba ar ais.”

Simba backs away from the desk and stands next to Sphinx.

Vittorio comes to his desk and writes the address down and hands it to Tizzy.

Tizzy hands it Julia. Julia takes it and looks at the address.

“I know where this is. It’s a trucking firm about thirty minutes away from my police station.”

“Thank you, Mr. Vittorio.”

“Let’s go sis and cuz.”

Gina leads the way out followed by the wolves. Simba follows Sphinx with Tizzy beside him. Julia brings up the rear. There were people out in the hallway as they headed towards the front door watching them. There were four security guards with their guns drawn. The wolves growled at them.

Gina looks at them “I would recommend you putting your weapons away unless you want to go to jail or become these animals lunch.”
Tizzy and Julia show there badges.

The guards look at the three women and the animals. They noticed that the wolves were watching them closely. The guards back-up and put their weapons away.

“Good boys.” Gina had slipped her gun into her hand without them knowing.

All of them head out of the building and over to the SUV and Hummer.

“Well now, we know where they are holding them.”

“Yep, and as dad always says. We need to do some recon of the place.”

“How far is the place from here, Julia?”

Tizzy was looking at her older cousin.

“About additional ten minutes. So, about forty minutes total.”

“Is there any where we can park the cars and do some recon ón foot?”

“Yay, theres an abandon warehouse just up the street from it.”

“Lets go and park there.”


Everybody loads back up in their vehilce and head over towards the warehouse.

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