Angel Of Justice Chapter 3

The garage Red was at, wasn’t to far from Katlain’s house. She pulls up in her beat-up looking Ford Maverick. She spotted Red’s brand-new Cadillac parked where he normally parks it. She parks her Maverick and walks inside. The place was buzzing with business tonight. There were at least a dozen cars being chopped as she walks past a 1995 Honda Accord. The panels and fenders have already been pulled and the guys tearing it down were picking the inside and getting ready to pull the motor and transmission out
Katlain spot’s Red and head over towards him. Red was a tall muscular dark skinned African American. He stood at least six foot two inches tall. Katlain knew that Red had his fingers in a lot of dirty deals. He came down from New York a few years ago and took over Tony the Brick’s territory. She didn’t care, because she only stole cars every so often. Plus, he was sweet on her as well.

Red had turned around and spotted Katlain walking towards him. A smile forms on his face. She was one of his best car thieves and looked foxy for a white chick. He wouldn’t mind seeing how she was in bed. He had seen some of the swimsuit shoots she had done and could imagine what she would look like without any clothes on.

“What brings you up here tonight Kat?”

“I need information and I’m hoping you can either help me or point me in the direction of someone who can.”

“It all depends Kat. Come and walk with me to the office. We can speak in private in there.”

Red starts walking towards his office. Katlain follows behind him and into the office. She closes the door and sits down in the chair in front of his desk.

Once Red sits down in his chair, he looks over towards Katlain.

“So, what information do you need Kat?”

“Did you hear about the shooting in the park a couple of days ago?”

“Yep, it supposedly done by a militia group that has a problem with the LGBTQ community. Why are you asking about it?”

“I was there with two friends. One was murdered and my other friend was seriously injured by them. I want to know who they are?”

“Kat, I’m sorry to hear about your friends, but you need to leave this along. Besides, I don’t know who they are.”

“Come on Red, I can’t leave this alone. I need your help with this.”

Red could see that Katlain wasn’t going to back down from this.

“Kat, you need to…”

“No Red, I won’t back down. They killed an innocent person I consider to be like a sister to me. I need your help to bring these people to

Tears were leaking from Katlain’s eyes.

Red sighs. He was going to kick himself for doing this. Red looks into her eyes.

“Look, I don’t know who they are, but I do know who might know. Now, you’re going to have to be careful meeting with this guy. He’s a little
crazy, but knows a lot. He only sees people by referral. I’ll call and set-up a meeting for you. Also, dress as provocative as you can. He’s a sucker for a beautiful woman.”

“Will do and thanks, Red.”

“You’re welcome, Katlain.”

Katlain wipes the tears away and blows her nose in a handkerchief from her purse.

She gets up and shakes Red’s hand. She starts heading back to her Maverick. She stops and looks back at how busy the crew was. If she
wasn’t feeling the way she was feeling, she might consider stealing some cars tonight. She leaves the garage and just drive around the town for a while. She needed to clear her head and figure out what she wanted to do. She drives up to Burks Mountain Rd and park her car at the end of the road. She walks through the woods and down to the banks that ran along the Savannah River and stare out towards the river.
Is she prepared to do what is necessary to either take these people down or to take them out herself? She just stares out into the river looking for answers to her unspoken question. She could just gather evidence and turn that information over to detective Harrison and let him handle the problem. She picks a rock up off the ground and tosses it out into the water. She continues to stand there for a few minutes and then gets back in her car and heads back to her garage to work on her Mustang some more.

She stays at the garage all night long working on the Mustang. By the time the sun comes up, all the modifications she has planned to do or were thinking about doing were done. She sits down on a milk crate and drinks some coffee she made earlier. She stretches and yawn as she looks around the garage. She still needed to take the Mustang out for a test drive, but she was too tired to do that and she didn’t want to have an accident.

Katlain turns the lights out and head towards a room she had set-up to sleep in when she was too tired to drive home. She sets her alarm clock to wake her up in a few hours.

Katlain was woken by her cellphone ring. It was the ring tone she had picked for Red. She reaches for her phone and answer it.


“Hey Kat, did I wake you?”

“Ya, but that’s okay. What do you have for me, Red?”

“Remember that guy I said I would call for you? Well, he has agreed to meet you at The Black Orchid at eight o’clock tonight. Do you know
where it is?”

“Ya, I’ve been to it a few times. I know the owners of the club.”

“Dam! I wish I had known you were that connected. I would had asked you to get me in a couple of nights ago.”

“I don’t advertise my relationships to people.”

“Well, next time I go. I’ll drop your name.”

“Just let me know and I’ll set things up for you Red.”

Katlain knew the owners well, because they were related to her. They were her cousins and they knew what she did. They consider her to be their little sister.

“Okay, thanks. Now, for you. The guy you want to see is Phillipe Legrand. He’s been known to sell weapons and other items to militia groups. You’re going to have to be real charming to get the information from him without him asking you why.”

“Trust me, I’ll get the information out of him. Thanks Red for your help.”

“You’re welcome, but remember I might collect on this favor.”

“I won’t forget Red. Bye.”

Katlain disconnects and calls the beauty salon she goes to.

“Thank you for calling The Wild Hare Salon. How can I help you?”

“Yes, this is Katlain Brownlow I was wondering if Jenna was working today and if she had an opening?”

“Oh, hi Kat. Jenna is working today and she has nothing schedule for two o’clock. Do you want me to write you in?”

“Please do Annie.”

Kat managed to put a name to the voice. She knew Annie normally didn’t work the morning shift.

“Alright Kat. I have you schedule at two o’clock with Jenna. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Nope, I’m good. Thanks Annie.”

“You’re welcome Kat. See you at two.”

Katlain looks at what time it was and notice she only managed to get three hours of sleep in.

“I better head home and see what slinky dress I have to wear tonight.”

Kat grabs the keys to one of her Mustangs and leave in it. She heads towards her house to pick out a dress for tonight and take a bath.

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