Eyes Finally Opened Part 12

Amy snuggles up against her mother’s cat. She had recovered enough that they could move her from medical and up to her bedroom to finish recovering. Lady April had gotten the answers she wanted from their prisoners, after she had mauled one of them with her claws. She had gotten right in his face and the stupid bastard started mouthing off at her. She left several wide slashes on his chest. After that display of anger, the rest of the prisoners had cooperated with Cain.

Lady April had stayed in her tigress form to protect her cub. Cain had to move Amy from her bed, to a futon mattress on the floor of her room so Lady April could curl around her cub and protect it. The IV they had hooked into Amy’s arms had delivered enough nutrients to bring some of her color back. She had lost all color to her skin. She had lost so much color that you could see her muscles and all her veins underneath her skin.

Amy buries her face against her mother’s furry side and slips back into sleep.

Cain sticks his head in to check on Amy and his sister-in-law.

“How is she doing?” Cain couldn’t see Amy’s body because Lady April was covering it with her own body.

“She’s exhausted. Her skin has some color back to it, but not much. She looks like an ancient vampire with how pale she is.”

“Did Bryan ever get back to you?”

“Yes, he’s flying out here himself with Ginny. He’s bring what he has with him, so we can compare it with what was in the dogs that got changed.”

Cain walks over and kneels next to Lady Aprils cat and spots Amy’s head turned towards her mother’s body.

“Can she breathe like that?”

“She’s breathing fine. Her rate of breathing is below normal, but I guess it’s because of her healing. She’s breathing 2 to 3 times per minute.
Which I know is extremely low, but for when she is in a healing state. That’s normal for her.”

Cain lightly touches the side of Amy’s neck and could barely detect a pulse.


“What happened, April?”

“Amy just latched onto one of my teats and is trying to milk from it.”

“She must be hungry.”

Cain moves his hand to where Amy’s mouth was latched onto April’s teat and pry her off.

“Come on youngster. Let’s get an IV hooked into you so you can get some nutrients into you.”

“I have an idea. Go and have some baby bottles sent up with her favorite juice and that protein drink she normally drinks. I can bottle feed her.”

Twenty minutes later. The kitchen sends up several baby bottles of Amy’s favorite juice and the protein shake she normally drinks when training. Lady April was holding Amy like a baby as she bottled feed her. Neither Lady April or Cain could get over how fast Amy was sucking the bottles down. By the time they got to the tenth bottle, Amy had her normal color back and most of her wounds were completely healed.

“We’re going to have to remember that for now on.”

“I would say so. She sucked them down like a newly turned Wolf or Cat that ate their first kill.”

“She’s slowly coming around.”

Amy slowly opens her eyes and could tell she wasn’t on her bed, but in her mother’s arms.

“How are you feeling kitten?”

“Weak mother.”

“You’ve been asleep for the past three days. Do you have enough strength to stand up?”
Amy nods her head slowly.

Lady April lets Amy slide from her lap as she helps her stand up. Amy was a little wobbly as she stood in front of her Uncle and mother. She tries taking a step and is shaky when she moves. She could feel her balance was off. Something was different about her body. She closes her eyes and try to center herself. She opens them and tries to take another step. She wobbles again like a new born deer. She takes one more step and falls into Cain’s arms.

“Easy, Amy. You just woke-up and you’re not completely healed yet.”

“I know Uncle, but I feel different for some reason.”

Amy turns around in her Uncle’s arms and try walking back to her mother. Her steps were less wobbly, but she was still shaky. She sits back down on her mother’s lap and let her pull her tight against her body.

“We found out you had a tracker inside your body at the base of your skull where your brain stem started. It was covered with cells from your body and hidden so well, that even someone with a healing ability like your mothers would had felt it. One of the people that knew about it was the doctor that helped engineered you. He placed it there so if you ever turned or went against the HSL, they could find and kill you.”
Amy got very angry when she heard what Cain just told her. She wanted to go down and killed that doctor. She wanted to make it very slow and very painful. She knew how to draw it out to make him feel every painful sensation.

“I think you shouldn’t had told her that Cain. Amy wants to make that doctor pay I mean really pay.” Lady April could feel the anger in her daughter. It was something she had never felt from Amy before.

Cain looks at Amy’s eyes and could see how pissed she was. He had never seen that look on her face before. She normally had a sweet disposition.

“Amy calm down. Your mother has already had a very nasty talk with him along with Troy and myself. We had to pull your mother off him to keep her from killing him.”

Cain tries to calm Amy, but he hit a block on her. She had thrown up a barrier to keep people from messing with her emotions. That was a first for him and her. She hadn’t shown anything like that before. April did say she could keep Riker out of her head with a mental barrier, but Amy has never kept him or any family member out of her head before.

“Sweetie, calm down or I’m going to get upset. My cat doesn’t like it when its cub is pissed and she will want to go and kill him.”

Lady April had felt her cat responding to Amy’s emotions. Ever since their first cub died, her cat has been more protective of their current one.
Amy takes a deep breath and tries to calm down. She tries several times to center herself and use positive energy to negate her anger. After five tries, she manages to get her anger under control.

“Uncle, what were those animals that attacked me?”

“They were normal dogs that had been modify by a serum the HSL had created. Bryan has run into something like it and is bring what he had. There was a person who was accidently changed by the effects of it when she was bitten.”

“How was she changed by it?”

Lady April was curious about this and wonder if Amy will be affected by it.

“I can’t be changed mom. My genetics prevent me from being changed. I don’t know what they splice me with, but the other half of my genetics makes me immune to the virus that creates Were’s and a few other creatures. If a vampire drunk my blood, they would burst into flames.”

Lady April looks at Amy “you have fought a vampire before?”

“Yes ma’am. Me and several of my brothers and sisters were sent to a town that had a major vampire problem and wiped them all out. The serum that my brothers and sisters took made them immune from vampires. It’s in the records I gave Uncle Cain.”

Lady April looks over at her brother-in-law “you need to sit down and go through that information.”

“I have, but I guess I missed it. I’ll have to go through it again so we can use it at the gathering.”

“I can help you Uncle. I know where most of the information is.”

“Alright, when you are feeling better. Come and give your poor Uncle a hand.”

Amy just smile as she snuggles against her mother and drift off to sleep again.

Cain just smiles as he watches Amy fall asleep snuggled again his sister-in-law.

“She’s falling asleep again.”

“I know. I felt her drift off. Why don’t you go and read those reports and I’ll sit here with her for a while?”

“Okay, let me know if you need anything.”

“I will.” Lady April watches as Cain makes his way out of Amy’s bedroom.

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