Mother-in-Law from Hell

I climbed out of my car, removing my tie and popping open the top button of my shirt with a sigh of relief. It was Friday afternoon and I was done with work for the week.

“The weekend is here,” I said, already feeling lighter, as though the weight and burdens of my job had been lifted from my shoulders, at least for the next couple days. I was looking forward to sitting back and relaxing, catching one of the new movies that had just come out, and spending time with my gorgeous wife Marla. “Maybe some nice quality time, with a bottle of wine…”

I was in a good mood as I went to the front door of my house, though I paused at the doorway, catching the strong smell of sulfur. My good mood faded and I scowled, recognizing that scent and knowing what it meant. Then, after taking a deep breath while I braced myself, I continued going inside.

As soon as I stepped into the living room, I saw the summoning circle that was positioned in the middle of the floor. It was hard to miss since the circle was made of flickering flames that remained in place, without spreading to the carpet. Of course, the circle was nothing compared to the figure that stood within.

Standing the middle of the flaming circle was a woman, though certainly not like any woman on Earth. For one thing, she had the kind of figure that most strippers and porn stars could only envy. She was tall, a little taller than me, and I was six foot one. Her skin was all crimson, though she had a long mane of raven black hair that cascaded down her back like some kind of cloak, ending at about her knees. A pair of large horns sprouted from her forehead and curved up and back, probably being about a foot long in total. A long red devil tail grew from her back side and swished back and forth, as though intentionally trying to draw attention to itself. Then, she stared at me with a pair of glowing red eyes.

“BOW DOWN BEFORE ME, WRETCHED MORTAL!” she commanded, pointing one of her clawed fingers at me.

“Hello, Maevis,” I greeted the demoness politely. “I didn’t know you were coming to visit.”

Maevis Inferni, Breaker of a Thousand Souls, Dark Baroness of Hell, was a very dangerous being, and as her name clearly suggested, not one that should be crossed lightly. However, she also happened to Marla’s mother, which made her, my mother-in-law.

“David,” Marla called out from the other side of the room. “Mom just arrived.”

“I see that,” I responded wryly.

I gave Marla an appreciative look, wondering how I’d been lucky enough to end up with a woman like her. She was tall, well-built, and gorgeous, with long brown hair that ended in the middle of her back. Marla took after her mortal father more than she did her mother, so you’d never know she was half demon, unless you happened to see her when she got a little…naughty. During those times, her horns and tail tended to appear, though I was the only man who was lucky enough to see them. Well, there was also the one week a month where her demon side got a little closer to the surface than normal, but we didn’t talk about that.

“You’re home early,” Marla said, coming over and giving me a kiss.

“Traffic wasn’t bad today,” I responded, glancing to Maevis.

Maevis calmly stepped out of the summoning circle, acting as though the flames weren’t even there. “Are you still here…David?” she asked with a sneer, emphasizing my name as though it was some kind of profanity. However, this time she had used my name, which was better than ‘wretched mortal’ or ‘spineless worm’, which another of her favorite ways to address me.

“I do live here,” I reminded her in an even tone.

Maevis glared at me, with her glowing red eyes suddenly burning more brightly. “No mortal speaks to me like that…”

“Oh no,” Mara exclaimed. “Mom…”

“I CURSE THEE,” Maevis announced with a sneer of contempt, pointing her finger at me again.

Suddenly, my entire body itched and burned, and not merely along my skin. It seeped through into my muscles and bones, spreading along my nerves until I could feel in every cell of my body. I gasped at the overwhelming sensations and dropped to the floor, though I could already tell that this was only the beginning.

“Damn,” I gasped as I felt my very flesh began to shift and move in strange ways.

“Precisely,” Maevis said with an evil laugh.

My body was changing, and I could feel it happening. It was almost as though I was made of clay, and some invisible hands were remolding me into a different shape. I gasped at the sensations, too overwhelmed by what was happening to be as terrified as I probably should have been.

I could feel my bones shifting around inside of me, not only moving positions, but also altering in size and shape. Strangely though, while it felt extremely strange and uncomfortable, it didn’t actually hurt. My butt began to swell while my waist seemed to pull in. But then, I felt a growing pressure in my chest, right before two mounds began to form. I grabbed hold of these soft and fleshy lumps, feeling it as they continued to grow in my hands.

“What the…?” I started, gasping in surprise.

By this point, my body had changed enough that my clothes no longer fit me at all. They were growing painfully tight in some places, and ridiculously loose in others. Then, as my shirt strained to the breaking point, the fabric suddenly became more fragile, so that it tore and crumbled away, leaving me completely naked.

I stared down at myself in stunned disbelief, getting a better look at my body and how it was changing. I had two round and firm spheres on my chest, a slender waist, and a bubble butt, with long sexy legs. My entire body was very feminine looking, and the tickle from my hair growing down my back, emphasized this. And then, as if to rub salt into the sound, I felt a pulling at my groin, and a moment later, I knew that I was entirely female.

When my body finished changing, I saw that I was now a woman of nearly cartoonish proportions, with breasts the size of basketballs. They were much larger than the generous ones Marla possessed, though still smaller than Maevis’. My nails were now long and perfectly manicured, and when I reached for my hair, I saw that it was now strawberry blonde, rather than the light brown I normally possessed.

As soon as I thought it was done, I felt a tickling sensation along my skin, though it didn’t go any deeper than that. However, a second later, I suddenly found myself dressed again, though certainly not in the clothes I’d been wearing before, or like anything that I’d ever worn in the past.

I had on a black and red corset and bustier thing, which showed off a great deal of my generous cleavage. Further down, I had a black leather mini-skirt, nylons, and a pair of black stiletto heels, which made it a little awkward to stand up. And as I looked myself over, I noticed that my nails were now painted red, I had a choker around my neck, and I was wearing a few pieces of jewelry too. All in all, I probably looked like quite the sex bomb slut.

“Mom,” Marla protested. “How could you?”

“Quite easily, my dear,” Maevis responded with an evil smirk. “If you’d let me teach you magic, you’d know how to do this too...”

I just stared at Maevis, mentally balancing my desire to scream at her and demand that she change me back, with the knowledge that she could do MUCH worse to me if she wanted. After several long seconds, I decided to bite my tongue and play along in the hopes that Marla could talk her into breaking this curse before she left.

Marla glared at her mother for a moment, then let out an exasperated sigh. “So,” she asked, abruptly changing the topic. “Would you care for some tea?”

Maevis smiled at that. “I’d love a cup.”

A couple minutes later, the three of us were sitting down in the living room with tea and a small plate full of cookies. It was strange, watching Maevis sitting there with her legs crossed and sipping from her cup of tea, with her little finger sticking out.

“So, how is your father doing?” Maevis asked Marla. “I haven’t seen him since your wedding.”

“Oh, you know dad,” Marla responded in a pleasant tone. “He’s given up demon summoning and spends most of his free time golfing now. He says it’s better for his health.”

“That’s too bad,” Maevis said with a look of amusement. “I was rather hoping he might summon me again someday…”

Marla chuckled at that. “I’ll tell him you said that.”

My wife and mother-in-law continued to chat away for the next fifteen minutes, while I sipped my tea, nibbled my cookies, and tried really hard not to feel myself up. But then, Maevis turned her attention back to me, where she stared at me with her glowing red eyes for several seconds, smirking as she did so.

“And what about you, DeeDee?” Maevis asked me, acting as though this was all normal. “How is work going for you?”

“Oh, about the same as usual,” answered, still a bit startled by the sexy voice that came from my mouth. “As middle-management, I get the mind-numbing drudgery of filling out reports, the frustration of keeping my people on task when they’re looking for any shortcut they can, and the…pleasure of dealing with my superiors when they want to use me as a scapegoat.”

Maevis nodded sympathetically. “I understand that all far too well. Or getting summoned by any nitwit mortal who knows how to read ancient Mesopotamian. I swear, it’s every ten years, like clockwork. I can’t even sneeze without being summoned. If I ever find the soul who put that summoning spell out as a chain letter…”

“But if it wasn’t for that summoning spell, I wouldn’t be here,” Marla reminded her mother with a smile.

“There is that,” Maevis agreed, giving Marla an almost surprisingly gentle smile.

Once we were out of tea, Marla broke open a bottle of wine, and we drank that while continuing to talk. When Maevis was relaxed and no longer in a ‘cower mortal worm’ kind of mood, she could actually be quite pleasant, at least when Marla was around. I made a point of never being near her without my wife present.

Eventually, Maevis announced, “I’m afraid I have to be going.” She stood up and gave Marla a hug. “You take care of yourself.”

“You too, Mom,” Marla responded with a smile. “And make sure you come and visit again soon.”

“Oh, I plan on it,” Maevis said, before giving me an evil smile. “I was thinking of coming to stay for a week or two…”

I choked at that, which Maevis seemed to find amusing. Before I could say anything, she returned to the summoning circle and vanished, along with the circle itself.

Marla turned to look at me, then groaned. “Oh no, Mom forgot to break her curse…”

“Forgot,” I said in an even tone and a raised eyebrow. “I’m sure.”

With that, I looked down at myself again and let out a sigh. In spite of the fact that I still looked like some kind of oversexed bimbo, I wasn’t really too concerned. After all, this wasn’t the first time Maevis had cursed me, and I knew from past experience, that her curse would wear off in just a day or two, so that by the time I had to go back to work on Monday, I’d be back to normal. Maevis might not be fond of me, but she wouldn’t risk her daughter’s anger by doing anything permanent.

“At least this time, I’m still human,” I said in an exasperated tone.

“I know you don’t really believe me whenever I tell you this,” Marla said, sounding rather pleased, “but my mom really does like you.”

Then, I noticed the way that Marla was staring at me, with a VERY appreciative look, and I could see that she was feeling a little ‘naughty’. A pair of small horns appeared on her forehead, only a couple inches long, and not nearly as impressive as what her mother possessed. A tail began to swish back and forth behind her.

“Um, honey,” I started, wondering if I should be concerned by this interest.

“Come on DeeDee,” Marla said with an eager grin, grabbing my hand and pulling me in the direction of the bedroom. “Let’s go try out your new body while we can.”

I hesitated for only a moment before grinning and going along with my wife. After all, I might have the mother-in-law from Hell, but I had no doubt that I was still a very lucky man.


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