Being Different Isn't So Bad Chapter 14

August couldn’t believe how hard it is to organized everything for the air show. She had order t-shirts to sell at the airshow with Trenner’s Garage printed on the back with pictures of the different airplanes they were entering into the show on the front. She couldn’t sleep, so she had gotten up and came into the office in her night shirt and panties to do some work. She still had a bunch of work piled up on her desk because of the airshow.

Butch was going to fly the F-16 fighter jet that Rebecca bought from Israel. Her father had bought two of them, but only one was operational right now. Butch’s friend was going to fly the Mig 21 fighter Jet she owned as well. Along with the two modern fighters, Rebecca was putting her other fighters from WWII on display along with several others from the Vietnam and Korea war. She had three F14 Tom Cats that were still under repair that she was putting out for the crowd to look at and take pictures of.

They had a few cargo planes that were coming in for people to explore and take pictures with. They were using the side fields for aircraft's and military vehicles. To be display. They were setting up bouncy castles for the children and several private pilots were taking people up in their planes for a reasonable fee. The airfield was going to be full with vendors, planes and carnival rides.

The airfield was hiring extra security because of how many antique planes and vehicles they were going to have on display. Each vendor and owner of the antique planes were helping with the cost. Rebecca had volunteered along with several of her employees as well. August had volunteered to act as security as well.

August makes some coffee and work on some more paper work along with the employees time cards. Rebecca had put her on salary, instead of by the hour like she started off as. The bills had been paid and parts had been ordered. August sits back in her office chair and look out the window into the night. She could see the tower lights and the landing field lights on.

She knew Rebecca and Lev were in bed sound asleep. They had turned in early since Lev had to leave tomorrow morning for three days. He should be back by the time the airshow started. His truck and the other truck they had bought and repaired will be on display for the public.
August steps outside and looks around, while she takes a sip of her coffee. She shivers as the night air hits her exposed warm body. She stands there just enjoying the peacefulness of the night. As she finishes the coffee in her coffee mug. She heads back inside and back to her bedroom after she turns off the lights and lock the office door.

Rebecca had heard movement out in the living room and had gotten up to investigate. She had observed August in the office working and then as she went outside. Rebecca knew August loved the night air and the stars. She watched as August just stood outside and watched the night sky. She knew August was safe, so she headed back to bed. She was going to miss having Lev around, but hopefully he’ll be back by the time the airshow starts.

When morning comes, Rebecca gets up with Lev and fixes him breakfast, while he gets ready. August comes walking in looking like she was still sleepy and waves good morning to everyone. She fixes herself a mug of coffee and sits down at the table and pick at a muffin she had made yesterday for breakfast.

“Still sleepy, little sister?”

Rebecca had sat down while waiting for Lev to join them.

“Just a little. I had a hard time sleeping last night.” August takes a bite of her muffin.

“I know. Is something bothering you?”

“Not really, I just don’t want to let you down.”

“You won’t. I have faith in you.” Rebecca takes a sip of her coffee as she waits for Lev to come into the kitchen.

Lev walks in and gives Rebecca a kiss and kiss August on the side of the cheek. He pours a cup of coffee for himself and grabs one of the muffins.

“Mmm, you did good on these August.”

“Thanks, it was Rebecca’s recipe.”

“Well, you did really good with it. You could sell these at the airshow.”

“Maybe next year. Betty is selling homemade bake goods this year.”

“It’s a shame your not selling bake goods.”

“Thanks, so are you going make it back in time?”

“I’ll be here August, don’t worry. Me and your sister have already talked about it.”

August watches as Rebecca walks outside with Lev. A few minutes later she comes walking back into the kitchen.

“Why don’t we go to the spa today? You deserve a treat for all your hard work.”

“Sounds good to me sis.”

Rebecca picks the phone up and makes an appointment for her and August at the spa in town. August goes and gets dress and meet Rebecca out at the truck.

“You ready to be pamper, sis?”

“Yes.” August climbs into the truck and puts her seat belt on.

Rebecca climbs in and the two of them head to be pampered and do some shopping as well. Rebecca knew August needed this day. On top of that, her little sister earned it.

Rebecca pulls into the parking lot of a place called Sunshine Ranch.

“Let’s go and be spoiled.” Rebecca heads towards the door with August following her. This was her first time here and she trusted Rebecca.

August went with a woman named Heidi. She found out that Heidi was from Sweden and had married a Marine and came to the States to live. She also found out that Heidi didn’t have a problem with her being trans and treated her like she would any female. By the time Heidi got done with her, she was pudding. She sat in a pool of mud next to her sister.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Rebecca looks over at August.

With a pure look of pleasure on her face “yes! I am so relaxed.”

The rest of their visit August enjoys and afterwards they go shopping. Rebecca buys August several new outfits. They stop at Rebecca’s favorite restaurant for lunch.

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