Parting of the Ways Part 3.5- Jaimie's Truth

This is a continuation of Part 3 as it was originally supposed to be the 2nd half but the coma grew to be larger than anticipated making Part 3 over 12,000 words. Jaimie's surgery method doesn't exist as a real method as far as I know. I wanted to keep the characters used to a minimum but the simple boredom and need to talk with those affected overrode the need to keep the character usage down.


Jaimie was back in her own body. She was awake. She was alive.
The dream she had was so realistic. It felt like it was real but she knew it wasn't real. It was all in her mind, a vivid recreation of the people she had known or had seen pictures of in the past. They were images of her subconscious manifesting as people but were really the voices of her living family trying to encourage her to wake up from her anesthesia induced slumber.

Jaimie took a bit of time to fully come out of her coma but once she was she was just glad to see her four brothers and two sisters again. Rick being there caused her heart to flutter, especially as he had tear stains down his face from crying over her. John and Valerie didn't say anything yet, only hugging her while trying to calm their own selves down enough to form words.

Ella, JD, Logan, and Cat were led out by John who himself needed to leave or he'd break down further. He had barely gotten any sleep since the news that Jaimie wasn't awakening as she should have been. Once they noticed a problem the hospital transferred her to a larger hospital as the one she was at wasn't equipped for her needed care necessitating a hasty bit of maneuvering by John to arrange the transfer while Valerie oversaw Jaimie's care.

The truth was simply that they needed to get Jaimie away from themselves before the family demanded answers. The hospital hierarchy was not about to cross the Finns especially as they were some of their best clients and who had a strong backing from the medical and legal fields. They weren't going to cover up for anyone, they just wanted Jaimie to be safe and receive proper care and that meant elsewhere.

Outside the room, John called his in-laws to have them tell the other family members that Jaimie was out of her coma and doing better. He then drove off with the four, meeting up with the others while Michael and Miles stayed back to ensure Valerie didn't overdo things and await Rick's mother Olivia and father Richard's arrival so Valerie herself could go out and relax. She may have been Jaimie's mother but she was better off away keeping John and the kids occupied while Richard and Olivia ensured Jaimie herself relaxed and improved further.

Jaimie tried to recall what happened, the dream faded and the only thing she remembered was she was in a hazy place but couldn't remember much more. She didn't try to vocalize it, she just left it alone. She saw her brothers trying hard not to talk and felt relieved that they were normal, it was how they reacted before and knowing them they wanted to get away as soon as possible before they had to admit that they were scared for her.

The attending doctor came in and examined Jaimie. He looked over her charts and was going to say something but thought best to await Richard and Olivia as well as Jaimie's aunt, Sarah Jones. He knew they were all medical professionals and would ensure that Jaimie was not going to overdo things especially given her history of trying to comfort others when she herself needed to stay put.

Sarah and Richard arrived with Olivia following behind a couple of minutes later. She firmly told Valerie "keep him occupied for the rest of the trip. It's out of his hands now, you know as well as I do that there's nothing he can do to speed up her healing so make him do things. Try to enjoy yourself too. It's your trip as much as his."

The doctor gave her an odd look to which Sarah inform him "Jaimie's father is notorious for having anxiety attacks whenever the children are in the hospital and he can't do anything to help them. It's just a precaution, the kids know to keep his mind occupied but he still requires Valerie's focus overnight." The doctor understood, with him telling them that it'd be best to limit his interaction with Jaimie.

Valerie let them talk with Jaimie. She didn't have to say a word, she just needed the facts. The doctor was straightforward, explaining to Jaimie "you had an improper dosage of anesthesia given to you due to your anesthesiologist rushing through preparations. He had been out late the night before and was still hungover and should have never been allowed inside the hospital but he talked the nurse into allowing him into operating room. When you didn't awaken as expected the doctor tried to cover up his mistake but was caught by other nurses. He again tried to change your records to reflect it to be your surgeon's error but your records were already flagged by the hospital. He has been fired and will face disciplinary charges for his recklessness and may face criminal charges for falsifying medical records as well as working under the influence as alcohol was still prevalent on his breath hours later."

Jaimie seemed to understand what was going on. She asked if she was going to have any issues to which the doctor somberly admitted "you will have to be closely monitored in the future if/when you should need surgery. Your particular surgery was trickier than the ones we normally utilized as you had less skin around your penis and scrotum to work with due to the atrophy of your penis and scrotum. Due to your age and skinny weight it was tricky and should have been monitored closely but as you were told, it wasn't done right. Thankfully you didn't suffer brain damage or internal issues due to an unforeseen reaction, but we will keep you here for two weeks to ensure that you aren't having negative issues despite appearing to be fully recovered."

Olivia somberly told Jaimie "I'm staying with you until you go east. You need my help. Miguel has said you are free to stay at his house for as long as you need, I don't think you should come home until at least a month from now. You need to rest and recover, at home, you would never allow yourself that luxury."

The decision was final, Jaimie was staying put until Olivia gave her the all clear. Rick kissed her hand to show his support with Jaimie not saying a word. Olivia had put her foot down and once she was acting as a nurse there was nothing anyone could do to change her mind.

Sarah, Richard, and Olivia left with Valerie to give Jaimie some privacy for her next visit. Jaimie was visited by Alison Eliza with Alison hugging her tight. Alison was quick to tell her "I'm not trying to be your psychiatrist, I'm here as your aunt. It might be a good idea to talk with Deborah or Katie about this, maybe even Kennedy. As much as you try to act like you are fine you will have depression and feel like you made a mistake or that Rick is making a mistake by loving you. Let them talk you through this, only they can help you as only someone who has been through it can understand what you feel."

She hit Jaimie right where it hurt- her logic. She knew the feelings of doubt and about her maybe having made a mistake were creeping in. Jaimie did start to feel bad about the whole thing, she felt like maybe having your heart's desire come true wasn't all it was cracked up to be especially as she had already had to suffer a horrible reaction to the anesthesia.

Alison saw her twitching and thinking. It was working. She told Jaimie she'd tell the trio to expect a call, nobody would know about what they talked about and nobody would dare say anything if they did find out about it. They cared too much about her to not hold their tongues and let her sort herself out with the trio helping her through the rough patches.

Rick stayed with Jaimie, holding her hand as she drifted off to sleep again. She was trying hard not to think about her life being complete but it was tough. She felt like it was all a sham, she was never truly going to be a woman no matter what he had in her pants as no matter how much she changed her body she could never carry a child and never give Rick his own offspring.

She shed a tear and fell asleep. Rick texted Deborah to ask her to come by the next day since Jaimie wasn't going to ask her to come by thanks to her stubbornness and refusal to allow Deborah to miss out on time with her husband or her mother-in-law. Deborah expected this and texted that it was going to be a long talk so he might want to take some time off, he knew it meant that they were going to have the usual motherhood/adoption/biological kids talk with Jaimie being told that it didn't matter which no matter how many times he had told her it didn't she still felt otherwise.

That night Jaimie's dreams were filled with images of babies and of her holding a newborn child in a hospital nursery while the baby's real parents watched close by. Rick looked upset that he couldn't give her his child with Jaimie apologizing profusely to him for failing as a woman. He stormed off leaving her to cry to herself as the babies cried at the noise causing Jaimie to be chased by angry parents and nurses.

Jaimie was startled awake the next morning. Rick was back, this time with Valerie and Deborah. Deborah gave Rick the hint to leave with Rick kissing Jaimie and telling her that she was doing fine.

Valerie made herself scarce as Deborah told Jaimie firmly "he's not going to leave you just because he can't father a child with you. You should know better than that, he would be insulting his own sister if he did that. He loves you with all his heart, when you were in your coma he was inconsolable and had to be taken to the hotel by his aunt. You know how much Patrick loves me, he tells me repeatedly that he loves me no matter what. Rick is the same way, only he is more in love with you than any of the others. He loves you unconditionally and doesn't care one bit that you won't carry his child. He just wants you to be his wife and together you will be the strongest couple in our family."

Jaimie expected all of this and tried to find a counterpoint. She crying and mumbling "he deserves better. I'm not a real woman, I'm just a fake who mutilated herself. He deserves a real woman, one who can give him everything he needs. He deserves to have an offspring, not a fake who only gives him pleasure."

Deborah started laughing. It was exactly what she expected Jaimie to say as it was the exact same thing she herself had told her mother and Patrick. It was the usual postoperative depression that many women suffered from, but with Jaimie, it was even more false than hers had been.

Deborah looked her right in the eyes and countered with "he doesn't want a girl just because she can have his child, he wants you. He has only ever had eyes on you. He had crushes before but he is madly in love with you. You are the only image in his head from the moment he wakes up to the second he falls asleep. He loves you no matter what. He can have a child another way, there are egg donations and surrogate pregnancies. There is adoption and frankly, he believes that's the best thing for all as you two get to give love to a child who needs love more than he needs to shoot sperm. He loves you and he will always love you no matter what you may think."

She dared Jaimie to counter her words. Jaimie did what she always did when she lost an argument and turned over to look away. Deborah had a smile on her face, it was Jaimie's usual look of trying to fight for a comeback but not finding one. It was Jaimie's lost argument face and was tempered by the fact that she was visibly crying and fighting back admitting Deborah was right.

Valerie re-entered with Rick who hugged Jaimie again and told her firmly "I love you no matter what and I don't care about being a father. You are insulting your cousins, your brothers and sister, and yourself. I would happily give a child a home than going with some girl who doesn't love me the way you love me. You will be the best mother and it'll happen some day. You are already mothering every one of the kids so don't you dare say you aren't a mother because you act like one every day."

Rick sat with Jaimie for several hours until Rick was kicked out by Olivia. Olivia hugged her tight and once Rick was gone told her firmly "I don't know how many times we have to tell you that we don't care about biological grandchildren. We just want you six kids happy. You make Rick happy like nobody else ever has and I swear it's true love between the two of you, not just puppy love that grew to real love over time. You belong together. Reproduction doesn't matter, love does. Am I any less of a woman because I can't have more children? No. And neither are you."

She realized Jaimie was on the verge of tuning her out and knew that she had to do something drastic. She sighed and admitted to her "I'll share a deeply held secret that nobody else knows: Richard was adopted. He isn't his father's 'real' son. His father couldn't have children due to disease so he adopted a 12-year-old orphan who was found on his family's land. He loved Richard like his own flesh and blood and despite their obvious difference in looks, nobody cared one bit about it. So the Samuels name is what really matters, not DNA. You and your children will carry the Samuels name, even if Rick never 'fathers' a child you will have children. You will make a fine mother, it won't happen for a few years but you will be a fine mother. I am proud to one day call you my daughter."

The two sat in silence as Jaimie ate her dinner of soup. Being out for three days was tough on her physically, but thankfully she was able to start eating again. It was expected by Jaimie but it was still tough on her emotionally as she knew she was going to be slowly weened into regular food.

Olivia revealed the bad news, the next day she would see the results of the surgery. Jaimie was scared, she hated blood and bruises and she knew from talking with Al and Reyna that she would see both. She couldn't fully see her vagina due to the packing but it was still a big leap for her just seeing the results even if she couldn't see all of it.

The next day was just as Jaimie expected. Rick was kicked out of the room with him happily leaving but telling Jaimie it looked worse than it really was. He didn't explain what he meant but Olivia whispered "he watched videos about the surgery and the aftercare. He wanted to know what was going on and how to help you. He knows you won't want him to see you down there but the man loves you too much to not help you out."

Jaimie stared at the bandages and saw the bulge left by the packing. The nurse helped remove the bandages so Jaimie got to see herself down there for the first time, shedding a tear as she saw the bruised and swollen orifice that was now her vagina. The stitches were holding tight and there was a little blood but less than she thought there would be, it looked worse than she envisioned with Olivia telling her warmly "you look better than the girls did. Granted you didn't have car debris, shotgun pellets, and additional lacerations to your legs to deal with but still, your surgeon did a fabulous job."

This bit of unintentional disclosure caused the nurse to give a concerned look. Jaimie firmly explained "my cousin Nichole, her daughter Al, and my future cousin Reyna were all severely hurt resulting in their needing gender reassignment surgery. Reyna was 13, Al was 11, and Nichole was eight when they were forced to undergo surgeries due to their injuries."

The nurse looked at Olivia who carefully explained "two were from assaults, one was from a car accident. They are underage but it was medically necessary. There was no other choice, it was done under strict supervision from social services. It's not something they are proud of but it was done with the best interests of the three children in mind."

Jaimie felt bad that someone thought so badly about them regarding something that wasn't much of a choice. Jaimie sadly added "Reyna was kidnapped and shot with a shotgun by two deranged men who tried to kill her because they were humiliated and fired from their jobs for fraud and embezzlement. Nichole saved my life from three people who wanted to hurt me because they were part of an abusive family. Al never wanted to be a girl but the car accident caused her to be mutilated beyond repair. The hospital hated doing the surgeries but it was what was best for all three."

The nurse noted Jaimie's sad expression and left it alone, telling her warmly "you thankfully have help beyond a live-in nurse and oversight by three doctors. It's a shame that they were forced to undergo the pain and trauma so young but hopefully they have recovered. They had you to help, so you should have a lot of help yourself if you let them help you."

Jaimie smiled at that with Olivia adding "my daughter Al is now boy crazy, she took to being a girl a lot better than anyone should have to." Jaimie casually added "the other two were transgender, Al never was but had to endure being a girl even if she never wanted to become one. She's doing much better and we all can't believe how amazing she has become in just a year and a half."

The nurse left thinking that they were an odd family but a good one. The fact that there was such trauma at such a young age was scary but knowing they had support helped ease the thought. Jaimie was an intriguing patient and opening minds of others without knowing it.

Jaimie was soon visited by Katie Eliza who insisted on bringing her daughter Trinity with her. Jaimie specifically told her parents not to let Trinity, Mia Flynn, and Kylie Pena visit her as it wasn't right to her that they come given they were so far away from their own surgeries. Trinity's bright face immediately caused Jaimie's anger to subside as she realized Trinity wasn't jealous and was doing her usual life brightening routine that always managed to make Jaimie happy no matter how bad she felt.

Katie sat down next to Jaimie and told her firmly "drop the wallowing in self-pity act that you are trying hard to cover up that Alison, Rick, and Olivia discussed with you about yesterday. I know it when I see it. I lived it, as did Kennedy and Deborah. It isn't like you and it's just harming your recovery. Your body may be mending but you need to let your mind mend as well. You need to see that you are a strong, smart, feminine woman who has the heart of an amazing young man who also happens to be the most handsome man in the city. Don't you dare tell him I said that, I'll deny it and ensure that Cat and JD put itching powder in your panties for the next year."

Trinity snickered at hearing that. Jaimie felt a little better as she saw Katie trying her hardest to be her aunt and not her friend. Katie was always honest with her, she was the one adult who could understand her better than any other person and whom Jaimie could turn to due to her not being directly related to her as Deborah and Kennedy were.

Katie herself knew what Jaimie was going through, she had the worst case of depression after surgery out of all of the family. She had it worse than Jaimie had, when Katie underwent her surgery she only had her mother and father with her while Jaimie had dozens of people ready, willing, and able to help out. Jaimie needed her there and needed her thoughts even if she herself couldn't ask for her help.

Trinity left the room with Rick in tow, making him take her down to the lobby to wait for the two to finish. Olivia made herself scarce, knowing what was going to happen next. Katie gave her a nod of thanks before looking Jaimie in the eyes and hugging her tight.

Once Katie calmed down, she confessed "I was worse off than you when I had mine. I was so depressed that I was suicidal. In fact, Dr. Bell had a nurse come by every 15 minutes to ensure I didn't do something to myself overnight. She never told dad about that, but she made me talk with her every day after she got off work even if only for a few minutes. Please don't do something to yourself, you have too much to live for. You have Olivia to talk with. You have Deborah. You have your cousins. You have your friends. Don't let this get the better of you, we love you too much to let you do something horrible. We love you. I may have Tyler and Willow as a niece and nephew but you are my favorite niece among all of the kids. You are the girl I wished I could have been and you are the woman I hoped to become. I may be a lawyer and teacher but you have had nothing but love and support since you transitioned and it makes me feel amazing to know that you are my greatest legacy in life and the reason for my having a wife and three amazing children. Please, don't hurt yourself. I couldn't live with the pain. Please, don't."

Katie gave her another tear filled hug, trying desperately to calm herself while Jaimie was left to think about what Katie told her. Olivia crept inside to which Jaimie apologized for ignoring her when she was trying to be a good nurse to her. Olivia countered with a firm "you have a lot going on in your mind beyond just the surgery. You could have died. You honestly could have passed away in your sleep thanks to that lazy bum. You are the strongest among your generation of the family yet you are laying here physically the weakest. You need space and time to think, I am here for you when you need me. Just don't try to overdo things, I love you but I won't let you go overboard trying to do things. You are still hurt and need to rest and recover."

Jaimie fell asleep, napping with a smile on her face as Olivia texted Katie and Deborah that she was starting to come around mentally. The two texted back that it's early but she just needed a face to face to snap her out of it. Katie added that Trinity was upset that Jaimie wouldn't talk with her even if she knew that Jaimie didn't want her to feel bad about not having her surgery for another 11 years.

Olivia shook her head at the pushing away of the girls. She was their idol, they needed to see her and by pushing them away they were concerned they had done something wrong. Jaimie meant well, but they themselves needed to tell her they were proud of her and happy that she had fulfilled her dreams and become whole and that they would gladly wait until they were old enough for their surgery.

Jaimie's mind was a storm of activity as she kept replaying what Deborah, Olivia, Katie, and Rick had been telling her. Everything pointed to them truly loving her and wanting her to stop thinking the worst about herself. The fact that Richard was adopted loomed large in her mind as it blew away her argument for Rick leaving her for a real woman, his legacy was his name and that lived on no matter what thanks to Rick's brother Thomas.

He wasn't blood to Rick but he was no less his son than Rick was. She knew they loved Thomas equally as Rick and Al, even if his children were not biologically Richard's grandchildren they were still his grandchildren nonetheless. It was tough to admit but even Jaimie couldn't fight anymore.

She loved Rick. She wanted his children. She would be a mother, their name would live on even if their DNA wasn't the same. They would all be named "Samuels" and would be the family's legacy.

In the morning Jaimie made a reluctant phone call to her aunt Kennedy to ask her to talk with her as she needed her advice. Kennedy expected this and told her that she was bringing Mia and Kylie with her. She needed to see them, the two were upset that Jaimie was avoiding them and feared that she was going to do something horrible to herself if they didn't see her.

Hearing just how much her depression and attempts to stay away were harming her loved ones was making Jaimie feel even worse than before. Instead of depression she now felt guilt. She tried to rationalize her behavior but she knew the girls better than any of her cousins and she knew that Kylie cared about her as a big sister and Mia was feeling that she was not good enough to be Jaimie's cousin let alone a member of the family because Jaimie was pushing her away.

Kennedy took the silence to be a good sign. Jaimie needed to know just how she was affecting others and that the kids were more than just kids, they were younger versions of Jaimie. She felt great pride in Jaimie being forced to accept this guilt, Kylie knew just what to do and Mia was able to draw out maturity in you that you never realized you had just by asking innocent questions.

The two arrived just as Jaimie was having her breakfast. The nurse gave them an odd look but Olivia informed her that this was a family therapy session between like people. The nurse cocked her head then slowly realized that the trio was like Jaimie and it was all for her sake.

Olivia gave them their privacy with Kennedy shutting the door behind her. Kennedy was firm in announcing "they are upset that you pushed them away. They know what almost happened and they know why it happened. They aren't going to be scared off because of an error, they aren't going to be upset that you have had something happen that they won't have happen for seven years. They just want to make sure you are alright because they are family. They care about you, we all do."

Jaimie shed a tear which was followed by the others doing the same. She tried hard to find the right words but couldn't. Kylie was eager to hear her speak with Mia trying to not look upset over her being pushed away nor eager to know the truth directly from Jaimie.

Kennedy boldly told her "it'll hurt down there for a while. I was stuck in the hotel next to my hospital in Thailand for a week after my discharge so I had nobody but the occasional nurse making the rounds of us patients to talk with. You at least have a nice hospital with Rick and Olivia helping you get used to your new body."

The girls snickered at that, with Kennedy groaning and telling them "they aren't doing what you think they are doing, she barely has the energy to sit upright let alone do other things. Plus it'll be a few weeks before she is healed enough to even think about doing that. You know about dilating, she will have to do that and it's not fun and it'll be a while before she does it for pleasure."

Kylie asked if she still hurt, getting a somber "it hurts but not as much as it should have. I was in the coma during the worst of the pain, I guess that's the only benefit of the doctor's mistake. Now it's a dull throb with pressure, almost like I am constipated or have to go to pee badly."

Kennedy nodded at hearing that. She knew others who had the same procedure as Jaimie who felt the same way. Kennedy sighed and added "it's a different surgery than you two may likely have. Because of her losing her testicles six years ago and her penis atrophying she needed additional skin to make up the vagina, they had to take some from her inner thigh area to compensate. Thankfully it'll blend in with the scar on her upper leg and will be covered by shorts or leggings so only Rick will see it."

That part set the girls off giggling while Jaimie blushed. She had to admit that she was right, only Rick will ever see that area on her. That doesn't count the doctors or Olivia when she helps change Jaimie's bandages once she is released and her scar was already known to her friends so they didn't think much of it and anyone who did notice it would believe it was only from the assault on her three years before.

Mia reluctantly asked "are you happy now? You are all girl and nobody will ever mistake you for a boy again. You won't have people angry at you for being different since nobody can say you are different now. You are all girl."

This caused Jaimie to get upset and look Mia straight in the eyes. She firmly told her "you are not now nor have you ever been a boy. You were a girl who wasn't allowed to be her true self. Nobody can say you are a boy, no boy would wear your beautiful skirt and blouse nor wear your training bra. No boy would show off their budding breasts like you are doing."

Mia looked down and blushed. Jaimie told her authoritatively "you are going to need a bra shortly. I know Great Uncle Jorge's family are on the large side, if you were male you'd have boobs no matter what. Seriously, you are growing fast and it won't be long before you are bigger than your sister."

Turning to Kylie she added "the boys are going to start trying to be your best friend. Don't let them get too close. Some may actually like you, but most will only want to see your new boobs. You and Nichole don't know if you like boys or girls yet but that doesn't mean boys won't try to date you just so they can feel your boobs. They are tween boys, it's what they do most of the time around girls."

Kylie was in tears at hearing that. She looked at Kennedy and who told her "I know you like girls, I saw the way you stare at your friends and it was the same way your cousins stare at one another. It's alright with me if you date them in the future but you have a long ways to go. You are a sweet, understanding, caring girl which will win over the hearts of one of your classmates if not a young lady at college. Before you ask, you dad and I just want you to be happy and if you like girls then we will support you no matter what."

Jaimie added "Nichole is leaning towards boys. She doesn't know that I know but I saw her looking at pictures on her laptop last week. It wasn't normal pictures, I think Aunt Gabby needs to tell her a few things about internet security soon because I don't like where she was looking at."

Kennedy gasped at hearing that. Kylie nodded, adding "we were looking at men and women on the computer. We were tired of the kids making fun of us for not liking one or the other. They were saying that we should just date each other but we don't like each other that way."

Kennedy hugged her tight with Mia smiling at Jaimie for unintentionally forcing the issue between mother and daughter. Jaimie felt a lot better than she had in a while, Mia added "there are no girls in our class that will date us. They all like guys, not girls. The girls who do like girls don't want anything to do with 'former boys' as they call us. They aren't nice people anyway."

This was getting more interesting for Jaimie. Kennedy thought it best to end their little meeting and continue the talk about their sexuality elsewhere, hugging and kissing Jaimie goodbye as they exited. She told her firmly to call her if she was feeling bad, she knew what she was dealing with and didn't want her closing herself off from the world again.

Jaimie tried to call Reyna Toro but she was in an important meeting which Jaimie realized was her visit to "Jaimie's Place" that she herself had been unable to go to. She did the same with Deborah but she only got her voicemail and a text from her aunt Lilly that they had something important happening that they didn't want Jaimie to be concerned about. Jaimie finally Skyped her cousin Nichole for advice and thankfully got through to her.

Nichole grabbed her brother Ethan and forced Jaimie to talk to them for the next two hours while they rested before dinner. Ethan blushed at seeing Jaimie in her pajama top and without a bra but knew she needed to be comfortable. Nichole giggled at his being so timid around girls especially his cousin.

Jaimie figured it was time to get her to tell the truth and added "he's not the one who is looking at guys online. By the way, Aunt Kennedy is making you and Kylie talk with Aunt Gabby about the dangers of those kinds of websites. Aunt Karen is not going to be happy but she will understand why you did what you did. Those girls are jerks and jealous that you are turning out so beautifully and will be the best looking 6th grader in your school. Well after Mia that is, sorry to you, Kylie, Nancy, and Margaret but she is simply beautiful."

Ethan gave her an odd look to which Jaimie explained "the kids in her class were teasing Kylie and your sister about not liking boys or girls yet. I finally got Kylie to admit she likes girls and I caught Nichole looking at guys on the computer last week. It's perfectly natural, you will start doing that very soon. I know Logan already gets flustered over seeing beautiful girls as he nearly fainted when he saw me in my prom dress and the dress I wore to dad's reunion. It's no different than you are around Francesca and Courtney, by the way."

The two went silent as the discussion sank in. Nichole found her voice and asked that Jaimie ensure she wasn't punished too badly for looking at the pictures. Ethan tried to say something but Jaimie countered him and ensured his cooperation under threat of Cat and Ella ensuring he didn't say anything, Cat would ensure that he was punished while Ella would make him so uncomfortable that he would not be able to stop blushing for a week.

After the duo had to sign-off to go to dinner Jaimie fell asleep and awoke to her father, mother, brothers, and sisters around her. Jaimie realized that it was the last day of their trip, they were leaving the next day so they were spending time with her. Rick and Olivia left them alone with Olivia telling Ella and Cat not to fuss over Jaimie earning her reluctant agreements from the duo with Rick adding the same to JD and Logan who didn't respond.

Ella and Cat fussed over Jaimie's blanket and sheets, trying to ensure she was comfortable until they couldn't hold back anymore and hugged her tight. Logan and JD did the same, with Logan having tears in his eyes. It was touching to Jaimie, they were trying their hardest not to say the wrong thing to her which was straining to the boys especially Logan.

John was silent while Miles and Michael told her about what she had missed during the week, knowing that she would want to know as Rick hadn't told her a thing about the trip since she had awoken. She smiled at the antics of the kids especially Logan who got John to open up and relax. It was just what her dad needed and it was why Jaimie was relieved that Logan and her dad were so close, they complimented one another and were the counter each other in a way nobody else understood.

She was jealous that the group spent a full day shopping and seeing sites along Rodeo Drive then along the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame with John trying not to have a smile at some of the actors and actresses and musicians who were honored. Valerie grinned as she added "you will visit it after you are released, it's good exercise and it's a must-see. Plus it's nice retail therapy for you, just don't overdo it."

The talk eased Jaimie's fears that they were going to worry about her all week. John hugged her tight and confessed "we had a lot to do but we were thinking about you and hated you not being there. It just isn't the same without you especially knowing you were struggling to come back to us."

Michael added "he is upset that he missed the baseball game that Uncle Miguel got everyone tickets for. You wouldn't have liked it because you don't like crowds. Just be glad you didn't go, it was just as you expected only this time someone else got in trouble and put in their place because of their actions."

Jaimie was shocked but Miles countered "don't think too much about it, Uncle Miguel simply got a lot of people in trouble who deserved it. He heard some things that were intentionally kept from him and others didn't like it. You would have reacted badly, but he acted brilliantly. I think he was trying to be like you with how he made them look terrible."

The family left, hugging Jaimie tight and telling her to keep in contact but to also enjoy herself. Olivia re-entered and ensured Jaimie settled in for the night. She saw the change in Jaimie and was glad that she was finally on the mend mentally but it was going to be a long four weeks in California for her.

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