A Pixie Is Born

Luna darts around and under tree limbs as she flies through the forest. She loved the feel of the wind as it passes over the top of her wings and the rush she got as she flew through it. She enjoyed the feel of freedom as she soared liked the birds. There were times, where she sat and watched them fly through the sky. Watching them as they learned how it felt to ride the air currents and hover in midair with their wings spread wide open catching the air under them.

Not too long ago she hadn’t always been a fairy, but a normal human boy by the name of Charles Thomas O'Reilly. He had been at an antique store just looking at things to buy. He had earned some money cutting grass and doing odds and end jobs for people in his neighborhood. He had found an old fairy necklace at the antique store and brought it. It had caught his attention and called to him. He felt drawn to it.

It was during a Hunter’s moon that things transpired that changed his life. He had gone with his parents to England to visit Stonehenge. He had always wanted to visit the place and his father happened to have business in London. So, instead of going to England by himself. He took the whole family instead and turned it into a family vacation.

They were visiting Stonehenge when the necklace started to feel extremely warm. The Hunter’s moon had risen and at the time no one had known it, but since Stonehenge was consider a magical nexus place where major ley lines crossed. They were flaring and reacting with the innate magical energies of the necklace that had laid dormant inside the necklace.

The last thing he remembered was being engulfed in blue light and the screaming coming from his mother as he disappeared. He woke days later surrounded by blades of grass near the main stone altar. He felt a slight breeze from his back as his tiny feet were lifted off the ground and he was hovering. He concentrated some more and he felt himself lifted to the top of the stone altar he had woken-up next to. He drifted over towards the top of it and stood on top of it. He could see a lot of people running around with strange instruments and such checking where they found his clothes laying on the ground not far from the altar.

He tries yelling to them, but no one paid him any mind. He felt something tickle his cheek and touched it and followed it back to his head. His hair had turned brown and it was long and straight. He also had on a short white sleeveless tube dress that came down mid-thigh. He managed to catch a glimpse of his wings and they were clear like the ones he had seen on Disney’s Tinker Bell. The other thing he noticed about himself that should had been obvious to him right away. That he wasn’t a boy any more, but a girl. She stood there admiring herself when one of the female scientist had notice a blinking of blueish light over on the stone altar.

As Luna stood on the altar admiring herself she notices one of the women turn towards with a strange device held in front of her.

Joanna was examining the energy signature of the area and when she noticed the blueish blinking light, she had turned towards it. The meter she was using was getting louder as she points it towards the blinking blueish light. Luna waves to her and stood there looking at the strange instrument. The buzzing sound it made was loud and the lights on it were solid red.

Joanna couldn’t believe what she was seeing before her. There was a little female fairy standing three inches tall with long brown hair and clear butterfly style wings standing on the altar before her. Joanna notice the small fairy had lightly tanned skin and bright blue eyes. There seemed to be a light blue glow surrounding her body.

The EMF meter Joanna was holding was buzzing like an alarm clock while she held it in front of the fairy and the red indicator lights on it were bright solid red.

“Cleo, bring your meter over here.”

Cleo turns to see what Joanna wanted and to her amazed meant standing right there in front of her on the stone altar was a female fairy with a light blueish glow surrounding her body. Cleo notice that the fairy was watching them.

Luna was curious as another woman with a strange device in her hand turned around to look at her. The first device was annoying with its
buzzing noise. The second one didn’t make any noise, but held the second woman’s attention.

Cleo and Joanna couldn’t believe it. The little fairy girl was watching them.

Luna hovers up off the altar and fly over towards them to stand on one of the meters.

Cleo and Joanna watch as the little fairy wings started to vibrate and a slight buzzing sound like a bumble bee came floating over to them.
They watched as she stood on top of the meter Cleo was holding. Her wings had stopped moving and she didn’t weight that much. Cleo and Joanna noticed that when she was hovering towards them that the glow around her body got brighter.

Luna waves to the two women.

“Can you understand us?”

Luna shakes her head yes.

“Are there any others like you around here?”

Luna shakes her head no.

“Can you speak?”


Cleo and Joanna heard a musical note when they saw the fairy say something.

“We couldn’t understand you. Can you speak again for us, please?”

“Yes, I can speak.”

Cleo and Joanna heard a bunch of musical notes coming from the fairy.

“I think she’s talking to us, but all were hearing are musical notes.”

Luna heard that and gives them a curious look.

“Are you the boy that was here and surrounded by blue energy?”

Luna nods her head yes to the question.

“Do you mind if I lift your dress?”

Luna lifts the dress for her.

Cleo and Joanna see female genital, not a male’s.

“Well, if you are the boy that disappeared, you’re not one anymore.”

The rest of the people that were looking around Stonehenge stopped when they notice Cleo and Joanna looking at a blueish figure on one of their meters. They come walking over towards the two women and the strange little girl standing on the meter.

Joanna had turned her meter off because it was annoying. She still couldn’t believe that they had a little fairy girl standing in front of them. She didn’t understand how this little girl could be the boy that had gone missing.

“Is she real?” One of the other researches that had flown over with them couldn’t believe that they were seeing an actual fairy.

“She’s real.”

Luna had heard what Cleo had said and walks over and taps Cleo’s finger.

Cleo felt the light tap on her finger. It was a soft tap, nothing hard.

“Yep, she’s real. She just tapped my finger.”

“Do you know what this means?”

“Yes, we have proof that fairies are real.”

Luna holds up one finger.

“Actually, this is the only fairy here. She used to be the boy we came to investigate.”

“No, way. You mean she was the boy that had disappeared?”

Luna nods her head up and down.


Luna shrugs her shoulders. She thinks it had something to do with her necklace and the weird energy here.

“We need to get back to the hotel and inform Mr. Blackstone about her.”

“I agree Robert.”

“We need to ask her if she is willing to go with us. She doesn’t have too, if she doesn’t want to.”

Cleo looks at the fairy to see what she thought. She knew she had been listening to their conversation.

“Will you be willing to come with us?”

Luna looks at everyone and points to the two women.

“You’ll come with just the two of us?”

Luna nods her head yes.

“Okay, why don’t you fly over to our shoulder or pocket then.”

Luna flies over to Joanna’s shoulder and holds onto a strand of her hair for support.

“I can barely feel her on my shoulder. She is so light.” Joanna only felt a slight tug on her hair as she walked towards their SUV.

Luna was holding on tight to the strands of hair she was clinching to keep from falling off Joanna’s shoulder. The glow around her body stayed
a steady light blue color. She watched as Joanna packed away her meter. When everyone got in the SUV. Luna hovered down to stand on Joanna’s lap. Cleo was sitting next to Joann.

Luna hovers over to Cleo’s lap and stands on it.

“I think she is having fun.”

Luna looks up at Cleo when she spoke.

“She can understand us?”

Luna hovers up to eye level to the guy that just spoke and nods her head yes.

Robert speaks a different language to Luna.

Luna understood what he said as if she spoke the language. She nods her head yes to what he said to her.

“She understands French. Let’s see if she understands Spanish.”

Robert speaks Spanish to her.

Luna nods her head yes. She understood what he said, even though his Spanish sounded funny to her. Luna was enjoying flying. She was
finally getting the hang of it. She lands on Cleo’s shoulder and sits down on her shoulder and watch where they were going.

Joseph kept observing what their little fairy girl did. He was the leader of this group that had been sent by Mr. Blackstone to investigate the disappearance of Charles Thomas O'Reilly. They sort of found him. The problem was he wasn’t a he any more, but a she. They also couldn’t
understand what she was saying either. She could understand them, but they couldn’t understand her.

Luna was getting bored. The ride was taking too long. They finally pulled up to the Fairlawn House in Salisbury. Luna couldn’t remember what hotel her parents had stayed at.

Cleo looks at Luna as she flies off her shoulder and hover in front of her.

“I think you should hide in my backpack, so we don’t draw attention to you.”

Cleo opens her backpack and Luna flies into it. As soon as Cleo zips it closed, Luna’s glow gets brighter so she can see inside the backpack.
She could feel them moving around as they got out of the SUV when the backpack slung over Cleo’s shoulder.

After twenty minutes, the backpack was opened and she flew out. Luna looks around and notice she was in a bedroom with Cleo and Joanna.

“It’s just us girls in here. What would you like to be called?”

Luna had to think about that for a second and when the answer came to her. She tried to figure out how to tell them. She closes her eyes and
flies trying to spell it in the air with her light.

Cleo and Joanna watched as the little fairy girl spelled her name out in the air.


Luna stops and hover and opens her eyes to see if it worked.

Hanging right where she flew was her name in blue energy.


She shakes her head yes.

“Okay Luna, let’s make you a makeshift bed for tonight.”

Luna watches as Cleo and Joanna make her a makeshift bed out of a paper cup and tissues. When they are done constructing her makeshift
bed, she walks over and give it a test run. Her wings lay flat against her back as she lays down.

“Well, it looks like it will work for her. The other question is, what does she eat?”

Luna wonders that herself. What does she need to eat to stay healthy?

“We could try different things and see.”

Joanna figures trial and error might be the best bet.

Luna yawns and goes over and lays down on her bed and fall asleep. She’ll let the two women figure it out. She was feeling tired.

When she wakes up a few hours later. Cleo and Joanna had been recording her while she slept.

Cleo notices she was awake “are you hungry, Luna?”

Luna nods her head yes.

“We went and got you a few items to see what you can and can’t eat.”

Cleo brings out a selection of foods they had gone and gotten for Luna while she slept. They even found a few clothes she could wear.

Luna gets up and points towards the foods she wanted to try first. For the next few hours, they found out she could eat most anything she
wanted, but it would have to be very small portions. Sweets and honey were the items she liked a lot next to fruits, vegetables and nuts. She really enjoyed those items. Meats were the last thing she didn’t like that much.

She could drink soda, but gave her a sugar high. Water was fine with her and sports drinks she wouldn’t touch. She preferred juices and teas.
Coffee she wouldn’t touched. She loved the water and could walk on top of it. They found out that Luna could control water and make it do whatever she wanted. She could also create small rain clouds.

By the time midnight rolled around. Luna was extremely tired and crawled back into her makeshift bed and fell straight to sleep.
The research team spends a few more days in England testing Luna and on the fourth day they fly back to Kansas.

Story Continues in Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 1

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