What About The Children 3: What about Androgynes?

With the permission of both Sarah-Goodwoman, who wrote the initial story here: https://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/fiction/69906/what-about-chil... ,
and of Laika, who then penned the reply in this little piece: https://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/fiction/69929/what-about-bob ,

I'm adding my own little twist to this rather odd pair of tales. It starts a few minutes after Laika's tale ends. I hope you enjoy it.


Esther, people could be heard to say afterward, likely could have been heard in the next county fifteen miles away.

When the second filthy vermin had the balls to sit there over her purse and pee in it just to prove that "he" was also a disgusting transperson, but from the other side of that filthy group, Esther lost what little sense she had and was soon shrieking at the top of her lungs.

The heinous racket drew the attention of two members of security, one being a fairly large, slightly paunchy older male named Phil, the second being an average height person of reasonable fitness, possibly male, possibly female, with rather long dirty blond hair named Allan.

He was actually male, but his physique and appearance often had people mistaking him for a girl. This wasn't helped by the soft skin or the generous wide-lipped mouth, or the wide set eyes over a slightly pert and pretty nose that drew men to him like moths to a flame.

Just as the two were about to enter the restaurant to deal with the issue, they were joined by Patti McKinley, one of the town's police officers.

Patti was another oddity in this small town. She was a very big girl, standing 6'3" in stocking feet, weighing in at about 210 pounds. She didn't like it that the boob fairy had passed her by, leaving her with small B cups while her sister and mother sported DD's rather proudly.

In fact, except for the small rise of her chest that showed she had breasts at all, you would think she was a man. Her body shape was more male than female, with very little narrowing at the waist, and her rugged appearance and military style crew cut only enhanced the male look.

This was also not helped by the fact that Patti's seven brothers, all older, had done much of the raising of the young girl. By the time she was seven, she could be found either helping them with the chores on the farm or engaged in rough and tumble play.

By the time Patti reached her full height and size, there wasn't a boy in town that wanted to get on her wrong side, she'd knock them silly. Patti wasn't afraid of anyone, not even her brothers, five of whom were in the military, one Air Force, one Army, one Marine and two in the Navy.

So... Esther screaming in the bathroom and two security officers and a police officer heading in to deal with things.


Patti shook her head as the three of them approached the bathroom door, Esther was still screaming at full volume.

She pushed open the door to the bathroom, looking in briefly before stepping into the room, followed by Phil and Allan.

Patti's entrance drew the attention of everyone in the open area of the room, Bob leaning against a wall, Esther slumped over the sinks, her screams finally ending, turning into ragged hiccoughs as she tried to get air into her extremely tense body, and the grandson hiding in a corner. It was obvious that there was someone in one of the two stalls, as they could be heard pulling toilet paper from the roll.

When Esther saw that weird pseudo-male police person step into the room, she did a classic fish face for a moment, then yelled at no one in particular, "How could my day get any worse? First that filthy wannabe girl gives me a hard time in here, then this freak over here goes all weird on me and pisses in my purse just to prove it's female, and now you walk in here, you... you... thing! Hmmmph!!!" Esther punctuated each bit of nastiness by pointing at the person that had offended her just by being in her presence in this sacrosanct female space.

Bob chuckled, the sound being slightly high-pitched, as he explained, "This old interfering biddy has the gall to say we are making her day hell, yet she runs around spouting garbage at people who are harming no one. All I wanted was to use that stall, she wouldn't let me!"

Ruth, the person in the far stall, spoke in a low growl, "I have a right to use the washroom that fits how I identify myself, it's the law. That bitch insinuated that my coming into this washroom was to be able to gain access to children to harm them and do perverted things to them!"

All three officers sighed, it just HAD to be Esther that was causing this ruckus, Esther was all kinds of trouble all on her lonesome. Her bigoted beliefs, spawned by over sixty years under the hands of authoritative males, then added to by her priest, made everyone else's life pure hell.

Patti shrugged, then moved closer to Esther. "You've gone too far this time, Esther, I'm going to have to arrest you. You are being charged with causing a disturbance, violation of the laws pertaining to transgender washroom use and criminal harassment."

Patti read off Esther's Miranda rights as Esther stood there stunned, she wasn't expecting to be the one being arrested, those two...!

Patti then turned a bit to face Bob, "You were quite clearly provoked here, kid, but peeing in her purse is going a bit too far, hmmm? Esther, you might want to call the boy's parents or another relative, have them come pick him up, as you won't be taking him home tonight."

It was at this point that Allan stepped past Phil, coming into clear view of Esther for the first time. Yet another shock for Esther!

Poor Esther, it was just one thing on top of another, she could clearly see the badge on the younger security guard's shirt, but that face did not belong to any boy, it couldn't! She erupted again, and without thinking, swung her arm out and up, whacking Patti's left breast.

That was it, Patti had had enough. Within seconds, Esther was on the floor, Patti's knee on her back, being charged with assaulting an officer.

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