Thundering Force: Chapter 18: “Higher Truths.”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Eighteen: “Higher Truths.”

By Paul Cousins.

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It had been just over a month since Thor had defeated Durge. While war continued to rage across the galaxy, there were important events taking place on Coruscant, in the Jedi Temple.

It was morning on Coruscant, on a warm, slightly cloudy day in Jedi Temple District and surrounding Districts, such as the Senate District.

Presently, the clouds did not block the sunlight that shown down on the Jedi Temple.

The sunlight provided plenty of illumination through the curved set of windows that wrapped around the Jedi High Council chamber, at the top of the High Council Tower of the Jedi Temple.

The High Council Tower was the southwest corner tower of the Jedi Temple.

Inside the chamber, in seats set around the curved walls of the room, sat the Jedi Council Members. The members sat in their cushioned armchairs which faced the center of the room.

Most of the chairs projected holograms. Each hologram was of a council member that was shown sitting in the seat which was assigned to said council member.

The council members whom were not physically present were either helping the war effort, or on a mission for the Jedi Council.

Among the council members whom were present was Grandmaster Yoda and Jedi Master Mace Windu. Both of whom sat in their seats, which were near each other.

Though, there was one seat that was vacant.

This day had been a long time in coming. And everyone present was looking forward to this day.

In the center of the room stood Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi. Obiwan was wearing his formal Jedi clothing and robes. His lightsaber holstered on the left side of his belt.

Obiwan calmly stood in place, as he faced Mace Windu and Yoda.

All the council members looked on at Obiwan, as Mace stated, “You know why we have brought you hear, Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi?”

Obiwan firmly answered, “Yes, Master Windu. I will not fail you.”

Mace smiled. Mace happily said, “Then, take your seat among us as an equal. You have earned your place among us.”

Yoda stated, “Welcome, Master Kenobi, to the Jedi High Council.”

Obiwan walk over to the lone empty seat amount the circle of council members.

As soon as Obiwan sat down, Yoda pressed a button on the right armrest of his chair.

To doors to the council chamber slid open to reveal Anakin, Ahsoka, and Padme, all in their usual clothing.

Padme in her normal form, she wore a dark blue sleeveless gown, with matching dark blue slippers. Padme left Mjolnir, along with her thigh holster and small blaster pistol at her apartment. Padme had parked her speeder vehicle on the visitors parking area on the west side of the plaza of the Jedi Temple.

Anakin and Ahsoka had their lightsabers holstered to their belts.

The three good friends of Obiwan look into the chamber and they saw Obiwan sitting in his chair among the council.

Though, none of the three wished to disturb the meeting. So, they just smiled and nodded towards their friend.

Obiwan turned and looked at them. He returned their smiles, with a smile of his own, while he nodded once towards them as an acknowledgment of their presence.

Padme, Ahsoka, and Anakin saw Obiwan's smile and nod. Then, they turned and the walked to the nearby elevator, as they left their friend to attend his first council meeting.

Inside the chamber meeting, Yoda used his control panel on his right armrest to close the chamber doors.

As the doors slid closed, Yoda looked around the council, as he stated, “Now that pleasantries have been concluded. We have much to discuss.”

And so Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi's first time meeting as a member of the Jedi High Council began.


Outside the High Council chamber, Padme, Anakin, and Ahsoka, made it to the elevator lift. As a precaution, the elevators that went up to the High Council Tower stayed on the council chamber floor, unless the elevator was summoned to a lower level by pressing a button at the entrance of the specific elevator at that level.

As they turned to face the doors to the elevator, Anakin stood to the back right of the small room, Padme was to Anakin's right side. Ahsoka was in the middle, in front of Anakin and Padme.

The elevator doors slid closed, and they safely rode down the tower to the floor level on the Jedi Temple, where the main entranced to the Jedi Temple were located.

While they rode the elevator, Anakin commented, “You know. Now that Master Kenobi is on the Jedi Council, he is not going to be with us on missions as often as before.”

Ahsoka said, “We will make do.”

Padme said, “I wouldn't be so sure. I have been able to balance my time with you and the Senate. I am sure that Obiwan can do the same between us and the Jedi Council.”

Anakin said, “I open so, Padme. Though, now that I think about ti, Master Kenobi might even end up coming to you on advice, concerning it is obvious that holding a council seat is more political that most council members would like to admit.”

Padme giggled a little. As she stopped giggling, she said, “Wouldn't that be a change.” Her mood dimmed, as she soberly thought, 'Though, I have other business to take care of. That neither of you can accompany me on.'

Ahsoka turned around to look at Anakin. Ahsoka inquired, “Master. While you command the Resolute. The Negotiator is under Obiwan's command. Will Obiwan no longer command the Negotiator?”

Anakin stated, “That is possible. Though, even if he decides to retain his command of the Negotiator, he will assign someone to oversee the day to day duties of the ship, the crew, and 212th Attack Battalion. While the captain of the ship oversees the ship and crew, he does not command the 212th Attack Battalion. Someone will have to be assigned as a commander overseeing all of them.”

Ahsoka asked, “If that is the case, what will happen to Cody and the others on the Negotiator? I doubt they will be traveling with us and the crew of the Resolute.”

Anakin turned to Ahsoka. Anakin answered, “You are likely correct. While the ship and crew will likely remain intact, they will be reassigned, and we will likely not be traveling with them.”

Padme commented, “We will miss their aid. Though, I am sure that Obiwan will help to make sure the new commander will take care of them.”

Anakin stated, “That I am sure of.”

Padme commented, “At with his council appointment, Obiwan is now a Jedi High General.”

Anakin stated, “Yes. This can only help us.”

Padme looked over at Anakin, as she thought, with a bit of sadness, 'It is unfortunate that I finally go permission to go after Loki. But, given how you feel. I cannot tell you. I cannot even say goodbye. Because if I did, you would likely figure out what is going on and you would try to come with me. And I have to do this alone. Because Loki will likely only be willing to answer my questions if no one else, besides the two of us is present.'

Through the force, Anakin and Ahsoka both noticed Padme's sadness. Though, both of them respected Padme's privacy. So they did not ask the reason why Padme felt slightly sad.

Soon, the elevator came to a stop at the ground floor, and the door opened.

Ahsoka was the first person to walk out of the elevator. Then, Padme walked out. And finally Anakin finally walked out of the elevator.

As the elevator doors closed, Padme turned and she headed for the exit to the temple that would take her to the guest parking lot on the western plaza, where her speeder vehicle was parked.

While Anakin and Ahsoka headed in a different direction, as they headed to the Jedi Archives, where Anakin help Ahsoka on her academic lessons.


Meanwhile, as Obiwan began his role as member of the Jedi High Council, across Coruscant, in the Senate building, close to the top floor, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine was standing by the large window behind his desk, with him staring at the cityscape in the morning light.

Palpatine was dressed in a formal dark ash color suit and pants, with black socks and comfortable black dress shoes on his feet. Over his formal suit he he wore his dark red Chancellor's robe. Palpatine left his robe open in the front to show his formal suit underneath.

Chancellor Palpatine was alone in his office, except for two Red Guards, in full red regalia red robes and red dome helmet.

The two Red Guards stood on each side of the alcove that lead to the interior hallway. The Red Guards faced the outside windows in the offer. Each guard had held a stunstaff in their right hand, which rested against their right shoulder.

Palpatine continued to look out the windows, at the busy morning traffic coming and going across the cityscape.

Palpatine mentally reflected, 'I hope I do not regret allowing Padme to go on this mission. Loki is cagey. Almost as cagey as myself. If I am not careful, I could lose Padme to her. I am sure Loki is that skilled. Though, I doubt Loki will try to kill Padme, unless she is forced to do so. Fortunately, Padme seems to have no inclination in testing Loki's resolve.'

'From the information I have managed to gather, neither of these two women have show any desire to kill the other. Their battles are more like playing to them than serious combat.'

'But, Loki could try to convince Padme to join her. Though, with Padme's friends, and her believe in the Republic, I highly doubt she would take up any such offer from Loki.'

'Still, Padme has been insistent on receiving permission. So, I finally decided to give her my permission to do so. And since the Jedi Council was the first to support this meeting, they cannot blame me if things go wrong.'

'I get the sense that Anakin does not wish for Padme to go on this mission either. This shows that he is still protective of Padme. Though, Padme does want to accomplish this mission alone. And I can understand her reasons for desiring to do this by herself.'

'Though, I believe Anakin's concern is not as warranted he believes the matter should be.'

'At least, Padme is not doing this behind our backs. I will give her credit on going about this matter the proper way. After some thought, I believe she might learn a few useful things from Loki. So, I finally gave my permission.'

'Besides, this could be used as a stepping stone to meet with Loki. Though, I doubt it. Every subtle way I have tried to get Loki to directly communicate with myself has failed. She clearly knows more about what is going on than she is pretends to, which only makes her a worthy challenge as the usurper of the Separatists.'

'To that end, I doubt I will find out where and when they are meeting until the meeting has concluded. But, there will be other opportunities to deal with Loki.'

'I doubt Padme will give a detailed report. But, any information she gives in her report will likely proof useful in the future.'

'Anyway, I do sincerely wish Padme luck. If anything, it will be an interesting meeting.'

Suddenly, there was a ring from his desk that could only be from his droid secretary. His droid secretary was stationed at a desk, down the interior hallway, outside his office.

Palpatine thought, with a sense of humor, 'Ah. Duty calls.'

Palpatine turned around and he walked over to stand behind his desk, with the cushion armchair he usually sat in being to his right. The armchair slightly pulled out and ready for Palpatine to sit in.

Palpatine leaned over and he used his right hand to press a button his desk which accepted the audio only call.

Palpatine stated, “Yes.”

Over the intercom, the droid secretary said, “Your appointment, at ten hundred, is here.”

Palpatine replied, “Send them in.” Then, he pressed a button to end the call.

Palpatine walked over and sat down in his armchair.

While Palpatine got comfortable in his chair, he situated his chair to be in its proper place behind the desk. As Palpatine did this, he thought, 'Another group of Senators asking for favors in exchange for their votes. Sycophants. All of them... Well, except for Padme and her group... It is sad, though, slightly humorous, that the one group of Senators whom I have the most respect for are those that are opposing my policies.'

Palpatine's lips curled into a slight grin, as he thought, 'Though, someday I will not need any them at all.'

Palpatine looked across the room from where he was sitting, and over at the double-doors on the other end of the alcove of the room.

Palpatine pressed a button on his desk which allowed the hallway doors to slide open.

Palpatine watched as a group eight Senators walked into the room.

The Senators were men and women of various species. All of whom were in proper formal clothing for their gender, species, and station.

The eight Senators walked up the interior set of steps to the platform where Palpatine, his chair, his desk, and four armchairs for guests in front of his desk were located.

The four armchairs in front of the desk were in a slight half-circle curved row in front of the desk, with the interior of the curve facing the desk.

The eight Senators came to a stop on the platform, behind the four guest chairs.

The eight Senators and Palpatine looked at each other.

Palpatine continued to sit in his chair as he politely greeted the eight Senators.

After formal introductions were made, a few other senators sat down in the chairs across the desk from Palpatine, while other senators stood behind the four chairs, or beside the four chairs.

All eight Senators faced Palpatine, as they begin their meeting with the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

Thus, Palpatine began another glorious day in his further rise to power.


Half an hour later, in another part of the Senate District, Padme had parked her speeder in the parking level of her apartment building. After which, she stood a turbo lift elevator to her home at at the top of the building.

Plenty of sunlight came into through the various windows of her home that she did not need to turn on the lights of her home to see with.

Padme had left Mjolnir in a small table, in a corner of her living room, to the far right when facing the room from the balcony entrance. The hammer set on the top of its head.

As Padme walked through the living room, she walked passed Mjolnir and towards the balcony doorway, which she had left open, in case she had to summon Mjolnir in an emergency.

Right before Padme passed by the doorway, she used her left hand to press a button on a panel by the doorway.

The button commanded the translucent door to the balcony to slide down from the ceiling, close, and automatically lock. Once the door locked, the interior panel could be used to open the door by pressing a button, but to open the door from the outside balcony required the person to type in the passcode on the numerical pad on the exterior panel by the door.

While the door closed, Padme headed to the hallway on the other side of her living room. She her left, as she made her way to her bedroom.

When Padme reached the entrance to her bedroom, she had left the doors to her bedroom open.

Given Padme was the only one to live in the apartment, she had set the doors to remain slid open. She only closed her interior doors when she was expecting company.

Padme passed through the entryway into her room. She turned to her right towards the interior wall on the far side of her bedroom.

Padme walked further inside her bedroom. She passed by her bed to her right.

She came to a stop on the wall on the far side of the room. The wall was opposite to the exterior walls which had large windows looking out into the city. Blue curtains hung in front of the interior side of the windows to offer privacy. Though, the blue curtains were thin enough to allow plenty of sunlight to pass through the windows to see with.

Where Padme stood in front of the far interior was the closed doors to her large closet. Padme pressed a button on a nearby panel on the wall for the doors to slide open.

After the doors to her closet were open, she walked inside her large closet.

Padme pulled out a suitcase. She set the suitcase on her bed, and she opened the suitcase. She set the suitcase to face the right side of the bed, towards the closet.

Padme turned back and she headed into her closet. Padme began picking some clothing to travel with. Given the mission was not a formal one. She only picked two sets of formal dresses, with a pair of matching slippers for each formal dress. Just in case. Then, she began also packing other more casual dresses, clothes, shoes, and other items of clothing.

Padme was packing for an possible extended trip.

After a few minutes of packing so, she had picked up a casual yellow sundress and took it to her bed. She came to a stop by bed, as she faced the suitcase on the bed.

Padme held the dress in her hands, as she looked towards a person standing in the hallway, just outside the entrance to her bedroom, looking at her.

The person was Anakin Skywalker. The Jedi Knight had a calm expression on his face.

Padme leaned down and she set the sundress by the right side of the suitcase on the bed. She leaned up and she turned to look at Anakin.

For a few seconds, the two lovers silently looked at each other across the room.

Padme broke the silence. Padme said, in a disappointed tone of voice, “I should not be surprised you followed me home.”

Anakin walked into the bedroom, as he stated, “In the elevator, I sensed sadness from you. I believe I know why. After I gave Ahsoka her assignments for the morning, I headed over here in a speeder. I gave you a few minutes head start, so you would not spot me.” He came to roughly thirty centimeters from the left end of the bed. Anakin stood roughly two meters from Padme.

Padme realized, as she admitted, “I let my mental defensive slip.”

Anakin commented, “That happens to the best of us.”

Padme agreed, “True.”

Anakin stated, “I can guess since you are packing, and you did not say goodbye to Ahsoka and myself, nor did you tell where you are going, that you finally got permission from the Chancellor to go find and meet with Loki. You would have already told me if you were going somewhere else. So this has to be about meeting her.”

Padme responded, “Yes. While the Jedi Council was fine with my pursuit of Loki. Yesterday, I finally gained permission from Chancellor Palpatine to find Loki and talk with her. I am already working out how to contact her. So, where is Ahsoka?”

Anakin answered, “Studying in the Jedi Archives.”

Padme said, “Well, you can tell her where I am going when you return to the Temple.”

Anakin replied, “If you go.”

Padme commented, “We have had this discussion before.” Padme thought, 'Well, more like an argument than a discussion.'

Anakin stated, “I do not want you to go alone to face Loki. She is dangerous.”

Padme said, “Yes. But, I have faced her before.”

Anakin replied, “But, never alone.”

Padme pointed out, “There is a first time for everything.”

Anakin replied, “This is not funny.”

Padme said, “I was not trying to be funny.”

Anakin mentioned, “Okay. I give. I know I am not going to win this discussion. Though, do not forget. Loki has talk Jedi out of their lightsabers before.”

Padme commented, “Well, she is not going to talk me into handing over Mjolnir.”

Anakin replied, “I know.”

Padme stated, “And I never did here the story on that.” She thought, 'Though, I may ask Loki about the matter.'

Anakin admitted, “Neither did I. Obiwan only mentioned that something happened to some Jedi dealing with Loki. But, he would not give me the details.”

Padme said, “That is likely for the best. So an embarrassing indecent would hurt the war effect.” She thought, 'I have a feeling Loki never made such an incident public knowledge was because she did not want to get on the Jedi Order's bad idea. I do not blame her.'

Anakin asked, “I agree. So, what ship are you taking?”

Padme answered, “My space yacht. My ship is docked at a ship bay on the west side of Westport.”

Anakin inquired, “Good choice. Is the ship ready to go?”

Padme said, “Yes. I always made sure the ship fueled. I had the restocked a week ago. The ship even had its six month maintenance check three weeks ago. Everything is fine with the ship. I always do so, in case I need to leave on short notice.”

Anakin responded, “I always admired your preparedness. So, how are you going to find Loki?”

Padme's lips curled into a smirk, as she stated, “I have a line on how to find her.”

Anakin questioned, “I am going to like your plan? Aren't I?”

Padme's smile widened, as she said, “Yes.”

Padme told Anakin her plan. Anakin admitted was funny and inventive.

Then, Anakin helped Padme pack for her trip.

When they were done packing, Padme closed the closest doors in her bedroom.

Anakin helped carry Padme's suitcase and another bag, while Padme her thigh holster, and her small blaster pistol from a hiding place in her bedroom. After Padme put her thigh holsters on her right thigh, she holstered her small blaster pistol on the outer side of her right thigh, under her dark blue gown.

Once Padme finished, Padme heading for the living room on their way out. Anakin followed Padme.

When they reached the living room, Padme walked over and picked up Mjolnir. Then, Padme carried Mjolnir in her right hand, as the two lovers head for the doors to the elevator.

They can to a stop by the elevator doors. Padme pressed a button on a panel by the doors to summon the elevator.

Once the elevator arrived, Padme and Anakin stepped into the elevator, and they took the elevator down to the parking level of the building.

When the made it to the parking level, they put the luggage into the Anakin's speeder vehicle. That way Padme's speeder vehicle could stay in the parking level, where it was safety than at a parking garage at the Westport spaceport.

Anakin's speeder was a four seat speeder with an open top.

After which, Anakin got into the driver's seat and Padme sat in the passenger seat. Padme set Mjolnir between on the floor of the speeder, on its head, her legs. The shaft of the hammer stuck upwards, and Padme gripped the end of the shaft with her right hand. Both Anakin and Padme buckled themselves into the speeder.

Anakin drove them to Westport Spaceport.

An hour later, they made it to Westport Spaceport. Anakin parked on the west side of Westport, near an entrance close to where Padme's space yacht was located.

Anakin carried the luggage, while Padme carried Mjolnir into Westport.

They passed by security at the entrance they used to walk into Westport. Due to Anakin being a Jedi and Padme being a Senator, the security guards station at that entrance let them pass without a problem.

Ten minutes later, they made it to open hangar where Padme's chrome H-type Nubian yacht was parked. The ship had already been resupplied, per Padme's orders a week ago. Both for fuel for the ship, along with food, drinks, and other supplies for Padme.

Anakin helped Padme load her luggage onto Padme's ship. They said their goodbyes, which ended with a deep kiss. After which, Anakin exited the ship.

Anakin back away from the ship. Anakin can to a stop by the interior entrance to the hangar.

Anakin turned to face the ship. He watched the doors to the ship close and the ramp raise to be fully closed.

Anakin patiently waited for Padme to get her ship ready to take off.

A minute after the outer doors and ramp closed, Anakin saw through the cockpit windows, as Padme made it to the cockpit and she sat down in the left seat in front of the cockpit controls.

Few minute later, Padme finished a basic preflight check and she had clearance to leave from Westport control tower.

Anakin watched as Padme's chrome spaceship hover into the are, retracted is landing gear, turned in place to where the front of the ship faced the outside of the hangar.

A second later, Padme gently flew her ship out of the hangar and into the sky.

Once the ship clear the hangar, Padme sped up, as the ship headed into space.

Less than half a minute later, Padme's chrome space yacht was out of Anakin's sight.

When Padme was out of sight, Anakin turned and he headed back the way he came to where he parked his speeder. After Anakin returned to his speeder, he got into his speeder and he headed back to the Jedi Temple to meet with Ahsoka, so he could continue Ahsoka's lessons.

Meanwhile, when Padme ship reached orbit, she set her ship's navigation computer to where she planned to search for her lead first. That place being the planet of Ord Mantell in the northern Mid-Rim.

It would her time to reach the planet. And more time to search for leads. But, Padme knew her superiors had given her all the time she needed.


A week later, the planet, Ord Mantell, in northern Mid-Rim was presently a neutral area of space away from the fighting between the Republic and the Separatists.

On the part of the planet where the small coastal city of Jud'Dan was located it was nighttime, a few hours after sunset.

In the city of Jud'Dan, there was a bar frequented by bounty hunters. The bar was called the Red Insignia. Inside the bar, Jango Fett was in his civilian clothing, as he sat on a bar stool, at the brown wooden bar counter.

Boba Fett was asleep on Jango's ship, which was located on the tarmac of a nearby spaceport.

After Boba fell asleep, Jango had slipped out of the ship in his civilian clothing, which was a blue long sleeve button up shirt, brown pants, black belt, and black boots.

A few days ago, Jango and his son had completed a month long hunt for a bounty. They had turned to bounty, alive, to the authorities in a nearby star system.

Jango wanted have a quiet drink to celebrate. Jango felt his son was still a few years to young to tell with him to have drink at a bar. But, Jango felt that day would soon come his son would be ready many such experiences.

Jango kept a small comlink in his right pants pocket. Also, he has his two blaster pistols holstered the sides of his belt.

The Red Insignia bar was a one story building.

The outside of the Red Insignia bar was a light brown stone. The entrance has two doors that open inward and locked together with knobs. The doors were usually lead open during business hours. Above the entrance there was a red neon sign that said in galactic basic, 'Red Insignia'.

The bar was rectangular. The entrance was to the wall on the other side of the bar counter was twenty meters and the two other sides of the room were thirty meters wide. The ceiling was three meters high.

There were three restrooms, the doors were lined in a row to the left of the bar counter, when facing from the entrance. The restroom on the left was for human men and near-human men. The restroom in the middle was for human women and near-human women. The restroom on the right was for aliens whose biology was very different than humans and near-humans.

There was a door to the right side of the bar which lead to the back rooms and secondary exit of the building.

The interior walls of the bar were covered in large dark brown panels. The ceiling was a painted black. Half a dozen fans attached to lights were set in grid pattern, two rows of three. The fans were hung close to the ceiling. The floor of the bar was covered in durable, interlocking strips of brown wood panels.

By that time at night, the bar was half full and those present were fairly quiet. Most of those whom came to the Red Insignia were coming off of work and they were looking for a quiet place to drink and think. They were not looking for excitement. Jango was no exception to this.

There were some people at various tables quietly having drinks, as they played card games and gambling their credits between each other.

Someone had set the jukebox in the far left corner, near the entrances to the restrooms, to play some soft music which increased the peaceful ambiance of the bar.

The bar stools beside the seat Jango was sitting in were empty.

Due to the way the bar counter was placed, to face the bar counter meant Jango's back had to face the main entrance to the bar. But, given no one recognized him, along with the reputation those whom frequented the bar had for not tolerating trouble, he was not worried.

Jango held a half full glass of liquor in his left hand over the bar counter.

Jango was slowly sipping his drink, as he enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Jango was nowhere near drunk. He was mostly sober. Jango was not trying to become drunk. He was trying to relax after a day of work.

While Jango was likely the most skilled and feared bounty hunter in the known galaxy, Jango still savored the quiet moments between battles. For hunts usually involved quiet tracking, and a quick capture or death of the target.

In this sense, Jango had developed a level of patience that a Jedi would envy.

Jango was looking at the bottles on the shelves on the wall, across the meter and a half gap between the other side of the bar counter and the wall.

Jango saw the green skin, female Rodian bartender, on the other side of the counter, walk passed him, from his left to his right. The Rodian was dressed in a yellow long sleeve shirt, yellow pants, brown belt, and brown boots.

The female Rodian worked for the owner, whom had taken the rest of the night off to get some rest. The owner knew his competent staff and the bounty hunters whom frequented his bar would keep any trouble at his place of business.

Suddenly, Jango heard someone get into the stool to his direct right. Then, he heard a clunk sound, as something metallic hit the floor made of sturdy brown wooden paneling to his right side. A second later, he heard another clunk, as something metallic was set on the wooden counter by him to his right side.

Then, directly to Jango's right side, Jango recognized a female voice say, in galactic basic, “Bartender. A shot of Corellian whiskey.”

Jango turned to his right side to see who it was, and his worst fears were confirmed.

Jango thought, 'I broke one of the oldest rules in the book. Never turn you back on the main entrance. Lesson learned. Now, I hope I survive this lesson.'

Sitting in the stool right next to him was Thor. Jango saw that Thor was was looking at him. Thor was wearing her armor, with her sheathed sword strapped to her back.

Also, Jango noticed there was less than eighty centimeters between their faces.

Jango risked a quick glance to the floor, and he saw that Thor has set Mjolnir on its head on the floor, on the other side of her stool from where he was.

When Jango looked up, he saw that Thor had taken offer her helmet and Thor had set down her helmet onto the counter in front of herself.

Jango looked at Thor's face. Even with the long blond hair, instead of long brown hair, Jango recognized Padme's face. Only Thor's face looked better than he has ever seen Padme's face appear.

Jango reflected in thought, 'No wonder she never takes off her helmet in battle. Her face does not change that much. She only looks better... In this form. Though, I am likely the only person here who recognizes her. Because I have seen photos of her without her makeup. Most people would not believe a Galactic Senator would walk into this bar. But, having Thor walk in is almost as unbelieveable. Still, either way, everyone here knows to keep quiet on such matters. We all have reputations to maintain. And no one else in this bar would want to make an enemy out of Thor, the Storm Bringer.'

To add to the situation. Thor smiled a so seemly innocent sweet smile towards Jango, which only heightened Jango's fear of her.

Jango mentally lamented in concern, 'Her smile can only mean trouble for myself.'

It was then that Jango realized that the shock of Thor having sneaking up on him so easily and being so close to her, caused him to loosen his grip on the glass in his left hand.

The glass slid downwards, out of his hand. The glass landed on its side, on the counter. While the glass did not break, some of the liquor spilled out of the glass and onto the top of the counter. Not that Jango cared about his spilling his glass at the moment.

Thor noticed this. In response, Thor giggled a little.

There was uneasy silence between to two adults for the next few seconds. During this silence, Thor maintained her grin.

Meanwhile, Jango noticed from the corners of his eyes that the everyone in the bar noticed Thor, but they continuing to do what they were doing, as they pretended not to notice her.

Jango thought, 'Everyone is hoping Thor will go away. They know they cannot take her in a fight. And they do not want to ruin one of their favorite watering holes in the attempt. As long as there is not trouble, I will likely still be allowed to come here. Though, I am more worry about what she might do to me, than if I come to this bar again.'

A few seconds later, the Rodian bartender came by to stand in front of Thor, from across the counter. With her right hand, she set a shot glass by the left side of Thor's helmet. Then, she poured a little of the Corellian whiskey, from the bottle, into the glass.

Jango recognized the label on the bottom. Jango thought, 'That whiskey is a high proof. Though, if what I have heard about Thor's abilities is true, Thor could likely drink entire bottle without any sides of being drunk.'

The Rodian bartender set the bottle on the shelf on the wall across from Jango and Thor.

Next, with both her hands she picked up a wet rag from a sink under the interior side of counter. She used her hands to ring out the water from the rage. She used the wet rag to wiped down the counter where Jango's liquor has split onto the counter.

The bartender looked over at Jango and Thor. The bartender said, in Rodian, in galactic basic, “If you two are going to fight. Take it outside.”

Jango thought, 'At least the bartender has the courage to say what everyone else is thinking.'

Though, Jango and Thor both understood the bartender, neither Jango, or Thor verbally responded. Instead, Jango and Thor continuing to look at each other.

Jango expression took on a false sense of calm which was not fooling anyone.

Meanwhile, while Thor continued to smile.

The bartender decided it was best not to push the matter. She held the rag in her right hand, as she used her left hand to pick up the glass that Jango had dropped. She turned to her left and she walked away from the two adults.

While continuing to look at Jango, Thor used her right hand to pick up the shot glass, and she drank the Corellian whiskey in one gulp, without showing any signs of discomfort. After which, she set the glass back down on the counter.

Thor maintained her smile, as she casually asked, “Hello Jango. How is your son, Boba?”

Jango replied, “Doing well.”

Thor stated, “Good. Thou appreciates keeping thee's word to thy. Thou would like thee to contact someone for thyself.”

Jango said, “Sure.” He thought, 'It is not like I have much choice in matter.'

Thor said, “Let us pay for our drinks and head to thee's ship. Be nice and everything will be fine.”

Jango stated, “I will hold you to your word.”

Thor commented, “Thou would expect nothing less from you.”

Both Jango and Thor stood up from their stools. They paid the bartender for their drinks. Thor had some Republic credits ingots in one of the pouches on her belt. Jango paid with some Separatist ingots he had. The female Rodian bartender accept both currencies for their bills.

Once the bar tabs were taking care of, Thor put back on her helmet, and she picked up Mjolnir. Then, she escorted Jango to his ship.

When the reached the outside of Jango's ship, the Slave I, Thor gave Jango instructions on contacting Loki and how Jango could contact Thor's space yacht.

Once Thor was finished giving instructions to Jango, she let Jango go.

Thor knew Jango would do as she requested, because she knew Jango wanted to stay on her good side. The fact that Jango had kept his word to her proved that.

Thor flew to where she had parked her space yacht on the other side of the spaceport. Once she reached her ship, she entered her ship from a door at the top of the ship. She closed the door behind her, and she made her way to the cockpit. She left Mjolnir in the living area of her ship, as she walked towards the cockpit.

Meanwhile, Jango used a passcode into a hidden numerical pad on his ship to open the doors to his ship. After which, he walked up the ramp to his ship to the open doors. Once he was inside his ship, he closed the outer doors and he retracted the ramp to the ship.

Jango did not disturb his son Boba, as he made his way to the cockpit of his ship.

A few minutes later, after both Jango and Thor did preflight checks on their respective spaces. Both of Jango and Thor did not find anything wrong with their ships.

A few minutes later, both Jango and Thor got clearance from the control tower personnel of the spaceport to head into space.

Half an hour later, Thor's chrome space yacht and Jango's Slave I ship reached orbit.

Thor and Jango headed in different directions, as they set their next destinations into their navigation computers and jumped their ships to hyperspace.

Jango headed for a planet in the Outer Rim where a safe house he head was located. The planet was two days away by hyperspace from Ord Mantell. As Jango and his son traveled in hyperspace, Jango began to try to get in touch with Loki, using the contacts Loki had given him. Jango knew that it would likely take a few days for him to contact Loki and tell Loki the message Thor had given to him to give to Loki. But, Jango was sure he would be able to get in touch with Loki within that time frame.

Though, Jango was not looking forward to contacting Thor.

Thor had made a request to Jango for him to be the go between for Thor and Loki. Thor felt that Loki would likely not directly connect Thor for security reasons. And while Jango remained silent when Thor told him this, he did agree with Thor. So, Jango was forced into the role of convincing Loki to set up a time and meeting place.

But, given Jango did not want to upset either of the two powerful women, he would to his best to mediate the situation to the point they will take talk each other and leave him and his son alone on whatever matters the two women wished to discuss.

Meanwhile, Thor headed to a nearby beach resort planet to land her ship at. Where she could wait for Loki's call. Thor has been to the resort planet as Padme. The resort planet had plenty of places near the spaceport to eat and enjoy herself. She would head exit her ship as Padme and set her personal, small comlink to her ship's communication system, to alert her when someone contacted her ship.

Thor knew that Anakin, her friends, nor her superiors would contact her while she was on mission. She had already set her communication to go to answering machine if one of the holo-numbers from her family called her ship. And Padme did check her answering machine every few days. This meant Jango or Loki would be the next part to call her by hyperspace communication relay system.


The next few days could not come fast enough for Thor. Padme made it to the resort planet and landed at the main spaceport. Padme was tempted to remain in Thor form, because it would have allowed her to have more stamina and remain sharp. In case Loki decided to try to teleport directly to Padme's ship. Which Thor hated to admit, was a possibility.

But, Padme felt that doing so would be an act of paranoid which if Loki learned about she would use against Padme during their meeting.

Fortunately, during this time, Loki did not teleport into Padme's ship for a surprised visit.

Also, Padme wanted to communication with Jango as Thor to continue to intimidate the legendary bounty hunter. Though, Padme did not push her luck with Jango. Because she was sure the man could arrange a decent trap for her, if she was overbearing.

During this time, Jango had contacted Padme a few times. Padme made sure to make it back to her ship, where she used Mjolnir to become Thor before she took Jango's holo-call.

Thor's requests for a meeting time and place were simple. A the planet had to have a tolerable climate, breathable atmosphere, no hostile animals, nor vegetation. The planet being not directly involved with the war and within reasonable distance between Republic and Separatist space. Also, the planet needed to be only lightly populated.

Eventually, Jango was able to help convince Loki and Thor to agree to meet on a forest planet in the northern Expansion Region. The seasonal weather on most of the planet ranged from moderately warm to slightly cool, with seasonal rains.

The planet had a twenty-five standard out daily rotation, with a three hundred and ninety day solar rotation around a single star. The planet had one moon which orbited the planet every twenty-six days.

Given the powers that Thor and Loki possess, any possible weather problems would not be an issue.

The planet was lightly populated. The main resource on the planet was a special type of wood on the planet that made for creating very fine upscale furniture.

The longitude and latitude of the area of the planet where they were planning to meet was several kilometers away from the local population and from where the locals were cutting down trees, and replanting new trees to grow and be harvested a few decades later.

The location was a small clearing in a forest.

The meeting date was set to happen in four days. The exact time was in the evening, at twenty hundred local time, at sunset.


Four days after Thor and Loki agreed to a meeting time and place. A week after Thor met Jango in the Red Insignia on the planet Ord Mantell. Padme had piloted the ship out of hyperspace over the planet.

Given this was a secret meeting, and over lightly populated planet, Padme did not contact the location officials of the planet for clearance to land. Instead, she set the longitude and latitude of the meeting location into the navigation computer, and when the computer plotted out an entry course, she piloted her ship towards the atmosphere.

When Padme reached reached the location on the planet she and Loki had agreed on, she saw that the location was a lush green forest, with a kilometer wide, slightly oval clearing in the forest.

Also, Padme saw the location was away from the inhabitants of the planet.

Padme sat in the left cockpit seat. She was wearing a red cloth short sleeve shirt, blue cloth pants, and red slippers which matched the color of her shirt.

Though the cockpit windows, Padme saw that it was sunset, of the one sun that the planet orbited.

As Padme's ship approached the clearing, she guided her ship to one of the eastern treeline of the clearing. Padme was flying close to the ground, but her ship was high enough for her ship to touch the trees.

When Padme brought her space yacht to hovering stop fifty meters from the eastern tree line. The front of the ship was pointed north. Padme extended the landing gear and she gently landed the ship.

Padme looked at the readout, which she set to local time. It was only nineteen hundred and forty minutes. Padme realized she was twenty minutes early.

After Padme had landed her space yacht, she powered down the engines.

Once the landing procedures were done, Padme got up from the left cockpit armchair she had been sitting in. The chairs in the cockpit were all cushioned.

Padme went to the living area of the ship to retrieved Mjolnir.

Once Padme had Mjolnir in her right hand, she turned into Thor, with her armor, weapon, and equipment. The sheathed Black Solace strapped across her back. She carried Mjolnir by its shaft, in her right hand, to her right side.

Thor had her comlink earpiece on her right ear, under helmet. Though, she has the device's microphone turned off, her enhanced hearing allowed her to still hear static from the electricity of having the earpiece turned on.

After Thor was ready, she head for the main exit of the ship.

When Thor reached the exit, used the controls on a panel on the interior side of a wall by the exterior doors to lower the ramp on the other side of the outer doors to the ground.

After the ramp reached the ground and Thor pressed a button the interior panel to have the outer doors slide open. Once the doors were open, Thor walked through the entryway and she made her way down the ramp to the ground.

A few seconds later, the sensors to the doors detected no one by the doors, and the doors slid closed behind Thor. Though, Thor has not set the doors to automatically lock. Thor felt there would be no need too do so. Only Loki should be arriving to meet her. Anyone else would not be a threat to her.

The ramp leading into the ship remained lowered.

When Thor made it fully outside, she noticed that it was slightly warn, with a light breeze.

Thor slowly made her way west, closer to the middle of the clearing. As Thor walked, she held Mjolnir in her right hand, at her right side.

As a precaution, Thor focused her mental defenses to shield her thoughts and emotions.

Thor's pointed of view allowed her to see the sunset in the western horizon. Thor saw the sunset colors, of the one sun in the star system, cast its red, orange and yellow hues against the clouds, in the partly cloud sky.

While Thor walked, she looked around her. She saw the green grass around her, with a few green bushes in the clearing. Also, the treeline had several trees with green leafs, along with brown bark on the trees. The treeline also had several green bushes under the trees.

The trees were between twenty and fifty meters high, with brown trunks that were around half a meter to a meter wide. The branches of the trees had green leafs and the branches spread out from the trunk its the widest point between fifteen to thirty meters in diameter. The widest point being four meters from the ground, where the branches of most of the older trees starting growing. The diameter of the tree branches shorted along the way to the top. At the top of each tree, the leafy branches ended in a point.

There were no animals in sight.

When Thor was close to eighty meters away from the ship, Thor heard Loki's voice right behind her, to her right. Loki stated, “I will give you credit. Using Jango to contact me was likely the easiest way to achieve this meeting.”

Thor immediately came to a stop. She turned around to her right to see Loki standing only four meters from her. Though, Loki was not directly standing between Thor and Thor's ship.

Loki was wearing casual green and brown clothing. A green button up short sleeve shirt, with green pants. She had a green jacket over her shirt, with the jacket being open. She had a brown leather belt around her waist, and brown boots. The green clothing all matched. Also, the brown clothing and boots all matched. Loki appeared to have no weapons on her person.

Thor noticed that Loki's stance was casual and relaxed.

In response, Thor remained in a relaxed stance, with Mjolnir at her right side, as she thought, 'While she surprised me, given her body language, she is not looking for a fight. And it has take two weeks to find Jango to contact you and arrange this meeting. So, I will let the matter go. Though, you really knows how to sneak up on people. Or, did you teleport here? Not that it matters. You are likely not standing directly between me and my ship, because you does not want to provoke a fight myself. Seeking up on me was more than enough to unnerve me. Likely as a way to break the tension. Standing between my ship and myself is unwarranted. To reply to your comment.'

Thor commented, “Yes. Jango owes thou.”

Loki casually responded “That is an understatement. And thank you for letting him go. He has his uses.”

Thor replied, “Thee is welcome.”

Loki asked, “So, why did you want to set up this meeting? I doubt this is a trap. You know better. I doubt you came just to fight me. You know I can likely take you in a fight. So, why did you call me to meet with you?”

Thor thought, 'Actually, I might be able to defeat you in a fight. Though, I have no desire to find out.'

Thor answered, “Thou does not wish to fight thee, just yet. Instead, thou seeks answers.”

Loki said, “Answers are always a dangerous subject.”

Thor retorted, “It is a dangerous life.”

Loki let out a small laugh. She complimented, “Good come back. What do you wish to know?”

Thor stated, “How does thee know what thee knows?”

Loki chuckled a little. As she stopped chuckling, she said, “That is the most dangerous answer of all. And I might as well tell someone one. This is too juicy a bit of information to keep to myself. Still...”

Loki waved her left hand. She lowered her left hand back to her side.

Thor immediately noticed that the very slight static that was in her comlink earpiece from being left on, even with the communication channel closed, had suddenly gone silent.

Loki said, “We do need privacy for our little discussion. Your recording and communication devices on your person and on your ship will begin to work soon after I leave. This conversation is between us. And this information will go no further than you. Unless you want to repeat what I have said. Given the important of the information, I doubt you will. Either way, there will be no records of this conversation. At least, not by us.”

Thor thought, 'I will consider this a favor by you. I do not want this conversation recorded anymore than you do.'

Thor said, “Thou agrees that privacy is the best policy for this meeting.”

Loki offered, “I am glad you see reason. By the way, I could cast a spell that would let you talk normally while in your current form.”

Thor replied, “Thou will have to decline.”

Thor thought, 'Though, I am getting to the point I can speak normally in this form, as long as I make myself aware of what exactly I say. Still, given my reputation at Thor. Most people I meet will allow a simply misunderstanding to slide.'

Loki shrugged, as she said, “That is your choice.”

Thor thought, 'I wonder...' Thor asked, “Thou wonders how thee arrived here?”

Loki answered, “I teleported here. It was the easiest, quickest, and safest way to get here, while still being able maintain the privacy needed for this get together.”

Thor replied, “Thou agrees.”

Loki replied, “Good. I knew this conversation was coming. It is nice that it is just the two of us. I do not believe you friends could handle what I have to say.” Loki thought, 'And I hope you can.'

Thor inquired, “That being?”

Loki answered, “Metaphysics. The nature of the reality and the multiverse.”

Thor responded, “Thou knows little of the sciences concerning such topics.”

Loki commented, “I am not surprised. Given the number of wars and dark ages your galaxy has been through, I am surprised that much of this galaxy still has space travel.”

Thor relented, “Sad. But true.”

Loki commented, “Though, before we get into this subject. There are a few other matters we need to first discuss. I read a report on how you defeated Durge. Do not ask. I have good connections and sources. And from what I read, you did a good job. Honestly, until he showed up to face you, I had forgotten about him.”

Thor responded, “Well, he gave memorable battle.” She thought, 'You likely heard that from someone in the spacestation we dropped Durge off to, or sometime afterward. I doubt you know the details of my missions, so the possibility of secret Republic listening post on A'varidus Four is possible.'

Loki inquired, “Let me guess. His regenerative abilities gave you trouble.”

Thor stated, “He would not stay down, until thou completely exposed his body to lighting, at once, and fried him. And even then, the attack only knocked him unconscious.”

Loki said, “I have heard of people like that. After defeating him, how did you contain him for transport?”

Thor commented, “Lots and lots of sedatives. Until we could reached a location where we could lock him up in a holding facility.”

Loki replied, “I guess that would work.”

Thor thought, 'Now to confirm another point.' She stated, “Our intelligence states that you likely staged a coup as some point, and you are now either partly or complete control of the Separatists.”

Loki calmly responded, “I neither confirm, nor deny this. Though, you did notice all your Confederacy death marks were removed some time ago. At least the death marks against your civilian identity?”

Thor answered, “Yes.”

Loki cracked a grin, as she replied, “You're welcome.”

Thor said, “Thank you.” Then, something occurred to Thor. Thor inquired, “Though, should thou be concerned about Dooku, Nute Gunray, and the rest of the original Separatist Council members? We have not seen any of them since the shift in power of the Confederacy.”

Loki grin became slightly wide, as she coyly stated, “Let me just say should not lose any sleep over troubling you ever again.” Loki thought, 'It is best not to mention that Dooku is still alive. As for the others, I will let you guess the obvious.'

Thor thought, 'Meaning you killed them. While I am grateful for you removing such threats towards my civilian life, as a Senator. I am not going to let you completely off the hook.' Thor commented, “While thou is grateful. Thee clearly loves power.”

Loki dropped her grin. She sarcastically said, with a hint of anger in her tone of voice, “You are going to lecture me about loving power, while holding that hammer in your right hand.” Loki looked down at Mjolnir being held in Thor's right hand, at her right side. Then, Loki looked up to meet Thor's gaze.

Loki enhanced vision allowed her to see Thor's eyes beyond the slits of Thor's helmet.

Thor realized how hypocritical her previous statement was. Thou groaned, as she stated, “Okay. Thou will conceded the point to thee.”

Loki said, “Thank you.” Loki thought, 'At least you are willing to admit my point on this matter.'

Thor commented, “Still, there is much the Separatists have done in this war.”

Loki responded, “Dooku and his Council did cause a lot of grief. And not just towards you. When the power shifted within the Confederacy, there was a lot of clean up to do. There is still some corruption. But, the organization is better than it was.” Loki continued, in a more forceful, though in an even tone of voice, “And do not be so judgmental. Do not talk about dirtying one's hands. I was the one that made sure the Confederacy those refugees that fled to our borders from Balmorra and other worlds invaded into the Republic were given shelter and well taken care of.”

Thor questioned, “So, you are the one that is having the Separatists give those reports about the worlds controlled by the Republic military?”

Loki stated, “There is nothing wrong with using the truth as a weapon. And I know all about your actions, and the actions of your friends, concerning what happened on Balmorra. Both the invasion and your return to that planet. Though, all my sources on the matter state that you were suckered into killing those children. Also, I feel you gave that plantary governor too quick a death. But, that is a discussion for another time.”

“Even though you and your friends have dirtied your hands on that world and other worlds, I am not going to judge any of you on these matters. We have both dirtied our hands with the blood of so many other people that we can never hope to wash ourselves fully clean again.”

Thor said, in a sober tone of voice, “Perhaps. Thee's understanding is greatly appreciated.”

Loke replied, “You're welcome.”

Thor inquired, “So. Back to thou's original request. How do you know all this?”

Loki cracked a grin, as she went onto say, “I guess I may as well tell you. You are the most likely to listen. Given your personality, when you do not use that hammer. And that you are one of the ones most affected by what I know. And what I know could happen.”

Thor put two and two together. She questioned, “You once claimed that you are from the future. But, I sense there is more to your knowledge about us.”

Loki complimented, “Good guess. You are right in more ways than one. There is more. Much more.”

Thor requested, “Please explain.”

Loki said, “First. As you can guess, I am not from around here.” Loki look up at the sky, as she reminisced, “You know, the strangest thing I miss most. Next to my family and friends. Is the music. I miss the age of music I left. Don't get me wrong. You have some good music here. You music selection of a whole galaxy, so you are bound to have some good music pieces here and there. Though, what you have here just does not really compare the great works I have listened to. Such as Foreigner, Journey, Starship.” Loki turned to look at Thor.

Thor casually joked, “It sounds like thee wishes to go on a trip.”

Loki giggled as she warmly smiled. As Loki stopped giggling she maintained her warm smile. Loki happily admitted, “I walked into that one. I know most of the time, when I make such comments about where I am from that you do not know what I am talking about. But, I am fine with that.”

Thor asked, in a more firmer tone of voice, “What is thee leading up to?”

Loki replied, “I am getting to that.”

Loki took a deep breath. Then, she slowly let out her breath.

Loki looked at Thor. Loki stated, “When I was younger. The place where I lived for a time was a planet which was made up of pieces of many different worlds in a patchwork fashion. Many different cultures. Many types of music and entertainment. From different times, places, and realities. Each piece was known as a domain. This world was created and ruled by a man in white armor, with a white cloak and a mask over his face. His title was God Emperor Doom. I do not know if that is his actual name, or a title. Either way, Doom is far more powerful and cunning than even Sidious is. And Doom had an army of Thors at his command to enforce his will on everyone whom lived on that planet.”

Thor remembered her vision from so long ago. She thought, 'If the Thors are from that work and served a person the father called someone with dark designs. Could Doom have been the one the father feared in my vision?'

Thor mentioned, “Once, a great while ago, thou had a vision of such a man, whom had command of several Thors. It is possible the person I saw in this vision was this... Doom?”

Loki stated, “This is very possible. I am not surprised. Given all the other abilities you have, it is likely the hammer showed you its past. That is where the hammer you hold is from. The planet was called Latverion. But, the planet's nickname is Battleworld.”

Thor thought, 'Actually, while Mjolnir has shown me some visions. It was not the hammer that showed me these visions. But, we will discuss this matter later in our conversation. Right now, I need to know how you know what you know, Loki.'

Thor requested, “This is a matter for a later time. Please continue with thee's story.”

Loki said, “Moving on. Unfortunately, it was forbidden for a person from one of the domain to visit another domain on Latverion. Most of the barriers between the domains were either high walls of stone, or large bodies of water. Not all of the domains were safe to visit. And the punishment for being caught was either death by Thor. Or, being sent to be a soldier on The Wall, as a part of the organization of Shield. Shield was set up to defend against monstrous creatures whom existed in domains that were too dangerous to the rest of the world. They manned the walls that bordered those domains with the rest of Latverion. Those sent to be soldiers of Shield were sentenced to continue to defend the domains until one of those creatures killed the condemned, or they did worse to the soldiers.”

“These monsters ranged from killer robots that make the standard B2 super battle droids look like protocol droids. To large killer bugs which attack in swarms of thousands, whom are far more dangerous and vicious than the Killik could ever be. To rotting, undead zombies, whom craved flesh. Especially, human flesh. Yes. Undead. As in a person whom still moves, thinks, and talking, but whom is a walking rotting corpse. One bite from a zombie will eventually turn the victim into a zombie.”

Thor commented, “I can see why one would not want to be caught traveling between domains.”

Loki agreed, “Of course.”

Thor guessed, “But, thee still decided to travel between the domains.”

Loki admitted, “Yes. To be honest, at that point in time I did not have a handle on my teleporting abilities that I do now. The barriers between the domains were not just large walls. There was a mystical component that made direct teleport from one domain to another domain harmful to the teleporting travelers. Especially if they attempted time travel. But, creating portals sidestep this impediment as long as it is place to place, and not through time.”

“I am not sure about traveling to other realities. I do not try to do that back then.”

Thor thought, 'That is likely for the best.'

Loki went onto say, “Still, since teleportation was not an option, I used portals to come and go. Though, I used these portal discreetly. I learned much during my time secretly traveling from domain to domain, while returning to my home domain before anyone noticed. Fortunately, I was not discovered.”

Thor questioned, “But, thee was not discreet enough?”

Loki responded, “One of my portals must have destabilized something along the mystical faults where the domains are bound together. Creating portals created a random portal under a nearby body of water. I had not way of knowing the portal even occurred. To make matters worse, something large came through. While the creature was destroyed, the events caused a cascade chain of events which lead to my downfall. My loved ones and I suffered much for what happened.”

Thor commented, “Curiosity can be a dangerous trait to have.”

Loki said, “Very true. There is a saying. Curiosity killed the cat. There is another line that goes to the saying. But satisfaction brought it back. Also, it is said that a cat has nine lives. Cats are four legged animals with claws, fangs, and tails. They like to climb on things. Some of the smaller breeds are kept as pets. Though, even the cats that are kept have pets have an air independence about them.”

Thor guessed, “So, you decided to take your chances.”

Loki admitted, “Yes.”

Thor asked, “How does this relate to what you know? Was one of the domains you visited from this galaxy?”

Loki responded, “A logical guess. But, no. I know this is going to be hard to believe. On a few of the domains I found some entertainment which peaked my interest. Franchises that I like. These became my guilty pleasures. My dirty little hobbies. Eventually, I visited some domains which were mirror images of each other. Not exact. But, similar. Each of these domains were known by the same name, New York City. When I visited those domains, I found a few entertainment franchises which I enjoyed. One such franchise in particular caught my eye.”

“The franchise had it all. Fantasy. Science fiction. Magic. Psychic abilities. You name it. It had all. That franchise was known as Star Wars. And as insane as it sounds, that franchise was all about your reality. That your reality is fiction to other realities.”

Thor firmly stated, “I do not believe you.”

Loki calmly said, “Do not get bent out of shape over this. With the nickname of Battleworld, I am fairly sure that I am a work of fiction. As is everyone and everything I know...”

Thor thought, 'You have a point there.'

Loki became slightly introspective, as she went onto say, “And for some reason, I find that thought to be more comforting, than depressing.”

Loki focused back towards Thor, as she went onto say, “Actually. Present company excluded. Give how many Thor's become what is considered large hams. Those with Boisterous, foolhardy personalities. They have to be works of fiction. There is no other explanation that comes close to being sane.”

“Anyway, these franchises were identical from separate domains. The script, the stories, the plots. All of it was the same. Of all the differences in the various domains, I found it intriguing that the one common note among the domains were the domains had the same fictional stories. Given there are differences in everything else, there should be differences in their works of fiction. But, there is not. Except that one domain has some stories that the other domains do not and visa versa. Though, the same fictional stories that do exist are identical to the same stories that exist in the other domains.”

“This leads me to I believe that such franchises are known across the multiverse in several realities. Save for the realities that said fiction is actually the reality of.”

Thor requested, with slight anxiety in her tone of voice, “Please, explain further.”

Loki stated, “The Star Wars franchise spans across various formats. From films, also known as movies, shown on two dimensional screens with audio, books. To picture books with dialogue bubbles called comicbooks. To various episodic series on two dimensional screens in either live action or animated called TV series. There were various guides in the form of books and booklets. The musical soundtracks from this franchise can be very entertaining to listen to by itself.”

“I loved watching an animated series about the Clone Wars. Yes. This war. Only, that one was very different. Because you did not get the hammer. And there were a few versions of the events in that series. Which one of those versions is real one depends on who you ask. Though, given the multiverse exists, they could all be real in their respective realities.”

“Also, there were a few versions of the original trilogy of movies in the same domains. But, except for a few minor plot points, the plots in the different versions are the same.”

“Besides Star Wars. There were other franchises I found enjoyment in learning about. Star Trek. Which is where I got that Vulcan password from. A Star Wars sister franchise known as Indiana Jones, which is about archaeology. The Indiana Jones franchise is more exciting than it sounds. But, those are other matters. Or, in our case, other realities.”

“Though, back to the main topic. The most important point of the Star Wars franchise were the films. The plots for the movies span decades. The prequel trilogy dealt you, Anakin, and Obiwan, with Ahsoka appearing during the Clone Wars.”

Loki thought, 'I will leave out what happened to Ahsoka near the end of the series. Given how the timeline has changed, I doubt those events will take place in this timeline.'

Thor asked, with her voice mix of concern and stress, “Can thee prove this?”

Loki calmly answered, “Yes. My actions prove this. Having this information is how I took over the Separatists...” Loki realized what she said. She continued, “Okay. I admit that. But, moving on. This is how I knew what to expect from everyone. Save for you and the hammer. Because, the timeline diverged from the movies when that hammer fell and you picked it up.”

“I do not mean to sound like a creepy stalker of a fan. Which some of the fans could be. And it is the women that are worse than the men on this matter. That being said, I know a lot about you, Padme. And I know a lot about your friends. That is why I respect and admire you and your friends so much. You are good people. Not perfect. But, good people. I would like to make sure you stay that way. And to prevent any of you from being twisted into evil mockeries of yourselves.”

Thor thought, 'I am not sure what to believe. But, I might as well push forward.'

Thor inquired, “Thank you. Thee has made your point. When exactly did the timeline diverge in relation to this... Star Wars franchise?”

Loki stated, “While I was not there, I heard that the hammer fell in the Geonosis Arena, during that battle you and your friends had there. Due to Jango being alive, I can guess exactly when it happened.”

Thor questioned, “Jango is not suppose to be alive?”

Loki responded, “Yes. He would not have lived if the timeline had stayed the same. Jango was suppose to die in the Geonosis arena battle. I am happy he did survived. He is a good father to Boba. And he is a wonderful subordinate to have. That means the events diverged at the end of the second film. Which was titled, Attack of the Clones. I know. Not very original. But, the title works. The fact these changes happened at this point in time is very good. It is the third film when things really go to hell for you and your friends. By then, it would likely be too late to stop the coming darkness and madness from coming about.”

“But, that does not mean bad things did not happen during the second film. I know about the sand people massacre on Tatooine. Given what they did to Shmi, Anakin's mother, I completely understand why he did what he did. I have every intention to keep quiet on the matter.”

Thor replied, “Your discretion is appreciated.” She thought, 'Loki does know what happened. Anakin told me in confidence. And from what I understand he told Obiwan. I never told anyone about what happened. And I am sure Obiwan did not. This makes her wild claims more credible.'

Loki commented, “Thank you. But, that is not all that was could have happened. After the arena battle, Anakin was suppose to lose his right hand to Dooku in a hangar bay on Geonosis. I am glad that did not happen.”

Thor thought back to the battle in the hangar bay on Geonosis, years ago. Thor mentally reflected, 'If Yoda had not pulled Anakin back when he did, Anakin might have lost his arm, if not his life.'

Thor agreed, “So, is thy.”

Loki inquired, “By the way, when did Anakin start using a green bladed lightsaber? And why? Do not misunderstand me. I like green. From my choice of clothing colors you can tell that green is obviously my favorite color. But, why is Anakin using that color of a lightsaber, instead of his usual blue color lightsaber?”

Thor explained, “Anakin used that color for his training lightsaber, when he and Obiwan were training thyself. Anakin came to like that color. So, he built himself a new lightsaber with a green crystal.”

Loki casually replied, “This answers that question.”

Thor commented, “It sounds as if things have taken a better path than what would have otherwise have happened.”

Loki stated, “That is the understatement of the millennium. And that is why we are having this conversation. We are still in danger of slipping back to a dark time. Though, I am trying to prevent that.”

Thor said, “From what thee has done. And what thee has said. Thou believes thee.”

Loki responded, “Thank you. By the way, the kick I used do knock you out of the bank when we first met. I learned it from watching Anakin did the same move.”

Thor commented, “Interesting. Anakin did not use that move with me during our training. Though, thou have seen Anakin use that move in battle against his opponents.”

Loki said, “Yes. He clearly has a soft spot for you.”

Thor replied, “This is true.”

Loki mentioned, “By the way. I knew about the gorog from a video game about an alternate timeline of this reality.”

Thor commented, “Thou believes thee mentioned that. But not from where.”

Loki said, “Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.” Loki giggled a little.

Thor flatly stated, “I find none of this funny.”

Loki stopped giggling. Loki gave Thor a bittersweet smile, as Loki responded, “It is a tagline of another franchise called GJ Joe. That franchise, Transformers, and Jem, were fun. I never appreciated firearms, giant transforming robots, and holographic trickery set to songs, until I viewed those three franchises. With the three series being sister franchises to each other.”

Loki noticed that through the slits of Thor's helmet that Thor had a mask of calmness. Loki maintained her smile, as she cocked her to the left. Loki look at Thor. Loki said, “Still, come on. In situations like this, you are either going to laugh, or cry. I prefer to laugh.” Loki straightened her head, as she continued to look at Thor.

Thor remained stoic, as she calmly responded, “Point taken. Do you know any specific events keyed to dates within this reality.”

Loki sighed. Loki said, “I know you were going to ask this. Unfortunately, the franchise did not show the exact dates of events within your reality. Such, as the exact day, month, and year each event happened. Dating by the franchise was done by events within the films, with no exact dating shown within your reality, except for vague dates dealing large events. Such as the Ruusan Reformation happening roughly a thousand years ago. But, we do not have the exact date on that event.”

“Instead, the key event that fans use as a major dating point was at the end of the fourth movie. Which was called, the Battle of Yavin IV. It is a jungle moon in the northeastern Outer Rim. It is located outside of Confederacy space. But, do not go there. The temples there were built by an offshoot the Sith whom were since killed off. It is a long story that would take too much time to explain.”

Thor commented, “Thou will not head there.” Thor thought, 'Given all the problems in my life. Including, this current conversation. I have no desire to visit any Sith Ruins.'

Loki stated, “Good. Though, given the changes to the timeline, I doubt that battle will ever take place.”

Thor questioned, “How is thee so sure?”

Loki soberly stated, “A lot of bad events would have to happen to you and your friends to lead to those outcomes coming into play. Events which we are both working towards making sure never happen. Such as not allowing this war to go out of control. Also, other events have to happen, such as you having children.”

Thor thought, 'Children... Like in my visions. Though, I agree that it is best that we do not let events go out of control. Though, I need answers.'

Thor asked, “Point taken. Does thy want to be informed of these possible events?” Thor mentally lamented, 'I am not sure I want to know.'

Loki sadly answered, “No. But, I am going to have to tell you anyway. You are not going to like what I have to say. But, the warning are warranted.”

Thor said, “Then, let us begin.” Thor thought, 'So we can get this over with.'

Loki stated, “Certainly. At first. When I was brought to this realm, I thought I was dead. Then, I realized I am not this imaginative. Close. But, not this imaginative. This was when I realized the truth of what was going on. I did some digging and I found out different events had taken place than I expected. But, the same basic symmetry I knew still existed. A symmetry I could exploit for my own gain. And for the gain of the galaxy. Though, to be honest I am just a fangirl having a good time, while helping those I care able. I have come to care about a lot of people. Including you and your friends.”

Thor questioned, “Are you sure that the information you have is fully accurate?”

Loki said, “Everything I know of, which has already happened, that I could look into, checked out to be accurate.”

Thor requested, “What is this great warning you wish inform thou of? You mentioned I will have children. If this has something to do with my children, are they Anakin's children as well?

Loki soberly answered, “Yes. Twins. A girl and a boy. But, do not have any visions of being together as a happy family...”

Thor thought, 'Actually, I did have such visions. But, I want to hear what you have to say.'

Loki went onto say, in the same sober tone of voice, “Your counterpart died in childbirth. And your children were listed as dead. Well actually, the records listed you only had one child, whom died with you before you gave birth to your child. No other children were mentions. Not even by you. It seems your counterpart never bothered to have a medical check up while pregnant. This is probably due to her fear of a scandal if her pregnancy became public. This is supported by the fact she wore a lot of heavy robes and dresses which she used to hide her pregnancy.”

Thor flatly stated, “That will be remedied this time around.” She thought, with concern, 'Should I become pregnant, I will make sure to have regular medical check up. I will not die in childbirth.'

Loki said, “Good. Though, it would be best if you do not have children. At least until after Sidious is dealt with and this war is over. We cannot risk losing you at this stage of the game.”

Thor thought, 'I will admit you have a point there.' Thor commented, “Thou will take what thee has said under advisement.'

Loki responded, “Thank you. Now, to continue. In the original timeline. Or at least the timeline I know of. At the start of the Clone Wars, Anakin has lost his mother. Then, he lost his arm from Dooku in a hangar bay on Geonosis. He replaced that lost limb with a cybernetic forearm and hand.”

“In addition, you never attained the hammer. Thus, you were still under threat. This drove you both to get married. A secret marriage. As you can likely guess, eventually your counterpart became pregnant. Your counterpart did not tell him until she was pregnant until she was few months from giving birth.”

“After Anakin's counterpart learned of his wife's pregnancy, he began to have visions of your counterpart's death. After how Anakin's mother died in his arms in such a horrible way due to him not acting sooner on his visions. Once he learned you were pregnant. Very pregnant. And you were in danger of dying. This drove him to become obsessed with protecting you and the children growing within you. Though, he thought your counterpart was only having one child. He really respects your privacy, because he did not use the force to find out for sure.”

Thor commented, “Yes. Anakin respects thou's privacy. Please continue.”

Loki said, “Anakin visions of you being in danger slowly made him more paranoid for your safety. Sidious was able to use his paranoia to turn him to the dark side of the force. Sidious convinced Anakin to become his new Sith apprentice. Sidious twisted Anakin's personality through Anakin's desires to protect you to convince him to give into his darker impulses and emotions. Anakin did all this in the name of protecting you.”

“Then, Sidious baited the Jedi. And after the Jedi took the bait, Sidious used the Republic clone troopers to kill most of the Jedi. Anakin lead an army of clones into the Jedi Temple. Killing almost everyone inside that monolithic complex. They killed everyone they found in the Jedi Temple. Men, women, children, none were spared.”

Loki thought, 'I would love to give you the details. But, if I told you exactly how Sidious baited the Jedi, you would quickly figure out that Sidious is Palpatine. And you are not yet ready to face Palpatine.'

'To add to this problem, in some of the Star Wars script notes I read, the notes stated that Palpatine was intended to be revealed to be Anakin's father. Fortunately, this theory did not officially make it to the films. Still, if you and Anakin found this out, this revelation may doom the galaxy in some many ways. But, if you are able to kill Palpatine and you later learned this to be true. You would probably figure out I withheld this information from you, with you and Anakin coming after me in some sort of twisted sense of revenge. Though, to save the galaxy, I am willing to face this risk.'

Thor mentally lamented, 'This is worse than I thought. I have no proof, so I cannot warn anyone. And if I ask for more details, I might not get any answers at all. But, at least I know the basics of how Sidious plans to destroy the Jedi. With the clone troopers. Due to how loyal the clone troopers are to the Republic, and their Jedi officers, I am not sure how Sidious plans to pull this off. But, I am sure Sidious has some trick to accomplish this task which only he and Loki here knows about.'

Loki went onto say, “Among the few survivors were Obiwan and Yoda. Due to these events, Obiwan and Anakin became mortal enemies.”

Thor thought, with concern, 'They are presently good friends. Practically, father and son.'

Loki said, “With the Jedi deposed, Sidious set a trap for the Separatist Council, where he sent Anakin to where the Separatist Council to kill them. Once the Separatist Council members were dead, Anakin use the codes Sidious had given him to shut down the battle droids across the galaxy, ending the Clone Wars. That is not going to happen this time.”

Loki thought, 'Because I already kill those Separatist Council members and replaced them with honorable people.'

Loki went onto say, “But, Sidious also turned the Republic into a Empire and he declared himself a emperor. Even with the changes in the timeline, he could still have his empire and be an emperor.”

Thor thought, “Sadly, this is a possibility.'

Loki stated, “To add injury to insult. Before your counterpart's death. Obiwan unknowingly used your counterpart as bait to find Anakin. When Anakin found out, he was enraged and he choked your counterpart with this force, but your counterpart survived. This is what started the battle between Anakin and Obiwan.”

“The battle between Anakin and Obiwan left Obiwan the victor, with Obiwan crippling Anakin and burning Anakin alive. Anakin's limbs were cut off and his lungs were heavily scarred. This forced him to have more of his body replaced more cybernetic part. Also, his damaged lungs forced him to use a respirator to survive. After the battle was over, Obiwan took you away.”

“Sidious found Anakin. Sidious rebuilt Anakin into a cybernetics monster, with Anakin trapped inside a black suit, helmet, and mask. Then on Anakin was known as Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.”

“To insure Anakin would not turn on Sidious, Sidious tricked Anakin, by informing him that he had killed your counterpart, with your counterpart's unborn child. He was not informed that you had died in childbirth. This lie turned his rage inward against himself, which prevented that rage from being turned towards Sidious, and thus allowing Sidious to better control Darth Vader.”

Thor thought, with disgust, 'In all my years as a politician and soldier, that is the most twisted form of manipulation I have ever heard of. And I can see how such a form of manipulation can be successful in controlling someone by turning the person's hate against oneself.'

Loki went onto say, “Because Darth Vader's own self-hatred would not allow him to feel worthy of taking over and ruling the galaxy.”

“But, Darth Vader did take out his self-hatred on nearly everyone he met in some of the most brutal and cruel ways imaginable. Though, from all accounts, he never raped anyone. He likely did everything else, but that. In a way, Darth Vader was like the Frankenstein monster.”

Thor inquired, “Who is that?”

Loki said, “There is story from the humans of my home realm. My home reality. A scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein created life from human body parts he stole from graves. The monster was not evil to begin with. But, he made horrible mistakes and he was treat horribly. This lead him to become evil. Eventually, he sought revenge against his creator. The two hunted after each other until the monster killed his creator. Then, the monster eventually died alone. Though, I have heard rumors that versions... Counterparts of the Frankenstein monster existed on various domains in Latverion.”

Thor asked, “What was the lesson of such a horrific tale?”

Loki answered, “That arrogance can lead to one's downfall.”

Thor commented, “That is a lesson sorely forgotten at the worst of times.”

Loki stated, “History would agree with you. And one of the reasons I believe Latverion was fiction is that in some domains there are stories that are real in other domains. It is quite insane to think about.”

Thor questioned, “As interesting as that topic is. Thou needs to know. What of my counterpart's death? How did she die? Why did she die?”

Loki responded, “Concerning your counterpart's death. And Obiwan took your counterpart away, your counterpart was mentally and physical exhausted. Your counterpart went into premature labor. Your counterpart's death was caused by your counterpart not receiving adequate medical care. I hold Obiwan and Yoda responsible for your counterpart's death. Your counterpart would have survived if she had been given a caesarian section. This is also known as a c section. Where your counterpart would have been cut open below her waist, with babies being pulled out, and you sewn back up. Where I come from this is a safe operation which is done all the time.”

“But, Obiwan and Yoda did not want that to happen. They did not want you to survive. They wanted you to die, so they could use your children as weapons against their father, Anakin. To this end they forced your counterpart to naturally give birth to the twins when her body was not ready to do so, and this caused her to die soon after giving birth to both her children.”

Loki continued, with her tone of voice showing disgust, “The old fools learned nothing. They made Anakin into a weapon, and that is what he became. It was just that Sidious was able to manipulate Anakin better than Jedi. And the fools decide to make the same mistakes again in turning your counterpart's children into weapons.”

Thor thought, 'From your tone of voice, I can tell you do care about us. I do not know how much. Still, there is one point you have not answered.'

Thor stated, “Thou does not see how someone that did not personally know Anakin convince him to become such a monster.”

Thor mentally reflected, 'When is comes to dealing with strangers, Anakin is not the most trust of individuals.'

Loki realized she was able to give away who Sidious was. Loki chose her words carefully, as she calmly said, “Sidious has been able to start a war. And before I arrived, he was controlling both sides from the shadows. A person of his skills can easily manipulate a person to become a horrible monster.”

Thor thought, 'That is a good point.'

Thor commented, “Thou sees what you are saying. Of what of the children. Did they fall to darkness as well?”

Loki responded, “That is the most interesting part. When your children came of age, Obiwan and Yoda's plans went sideways on everyone. In a good way. Darth Vader found out the truth before he died. And he was upset when he found out Sidious had lied to him.”

“Though, Sidious was too powerful for Darth Vader to directly confront. Still, when the time came, Darth Vader saved your children in an act of self-sacrifice that killed Sidious. At least for a while.”

“Not that it really matters. By then, you, your family and friends, whom are alive now, were already long since dead.”

Loki mentally lamented, 'Well not really. There were survivors. But, they were far and few between. And mentioning them would give you false hope which would detract from the seriousness of what I am saying. Now for the worse news.'

Loki went onto say, “But that is not the worst part...”

Suddenly, Loki appeared less meter in front of Thor.

Thor did not react. Instead, Thor noticed that Loki was holding her right index finger upwards, a few centimeters from the middle part of the slit in front of Thor's helmet. The rest of Loki's right hand was closed. Loki's open left hand was at her left side.

The top of Loki's right index finger was a small green flame. As if Loki's finger was the tip of a lit candle. Though, the green flame did not damage Loki's finger.

Thor could not take her eyes off of the green flame.

Loki continued, “By the time your counterpart died and Anakin fell to the dark side of the force, your counterpart was a shell of her former self. She had experienced so much pain and loss that her spirit broke. She had lost that spark. That fire which I admire so much about you...”

Loki closed her right right index finger into the rest of her fist. By doing so, the green flame extinguished itself.

Loki lowered her right fire down to her right side. Once her hand was at her right side, she opened her right hand to relax her right fingers.

Loki had no problems seeing Thor's eyes and face through the open slits of Thor's helmet.

Loki and Thor saw the eyes of the other as they looked at each others face.

Loki had a expression of concern, as she said, with seriousness in her tone of voice, “Do not let that fire in you be extinguished. Do not let that fire die.”

Thor firmly stated, “Thou will not let that happen.”

Loki replied, in sincerity, “I know you won't.”

In the blink of an eye, Thor saw Loki teleport back to where she had been standing, four meters in front of Thor.

While Thor did her best to show no emotions on the outside, Thor thought, with sorrow, 'This is worse than I feared. Yoda's warnings were correct. Sidious does have an eye on Anakin. And I was warned in my visions of a similar fate. To make matters worse, my children will be all but orphaned. Though, I need to know?'

Thor asked, “How evil was this Darth Vader?” Thor thought, 'I will not say, will be. Because I am going to make sure this never happens in this timeline.'

Loki carefully answered, “Of all the franchises of fiction I have seen. When is comes to fan lists I have looked at, concerning evil villains. Darth Vader almost always is within the top ten of those lists. Even Sidious is not considered that notorious. Yes. Anakin went from hero of the republic to villain of the empire. I find that to be poetic.”

Thor mentally lamented, 'In a twisted, sick way, it is poetic.'

Loki carefully asked, “So how are you handling what I have told you?”

Thor stated, “Thee was correct. Thy does not like what thee has had to say.”

Loki said, on a comforting tone of voice, “I do not tell you this to be cruel. But, to be helpful in the hopes of saving you and your friends. You are all caught in a nightmare. And I am trying to get you all out.”

Thor questioned, “While thou is not ungrateful, what is your true motive?”

Loki stated, “Like I said. I admire you and your friends. I want to prevent a tragedy on a scale few would even dare to dream of. When your husband turns to the dark side, and you die. All hope in this galaxy died for a generation, with the galaxy going into another dark age. One of the worst dark ages I know of in this reality's history. It was twenty years before any hope of a better future arose. When you children came of age, with the help of their friends, whom they met during their journey.”

Thor questioned, “And what of the friends of thy counterpart's children? What would they be like?”

Loki answered, “Scoundrels with good hearts. It seems you children inherited your taste in friends and potential lovers.” Loki thought, 'I am not going to give details about people whom are no more than young children right now. I do not want to put them in danger.'

Thor said, “That does not bring thy comfort. Though, at least thou knows if things do not play out, there is always hope.” Thor thought, 'I will do my best. But even I have no illusions of my chances against Sidious. At least I know even if I fail, there is hope.'

Loki cautioned, in a strong tone of voice, “Do not think like that. Seize the day.”

Thor mused, as she admitted, “You are right. But, can we prevent these events from taking place?”

Loki responded, in a calm tone of voice, “We already have. We have been given the chance to save an entire generation of people, across a galaxy. Dooku and the Confederacy were planned by Sidious as a stalking horse for Sidious to use for his conquest of the galaxy. Some of the final parts of Sidious' plans were to use your Anakin's insecurities about you to entrapment him into the darkness. Now that you picked of the hammer, and I control the Confederacy, we have already changed the future for the better. We have thrown monkey wrenches into Sidious' plans. But, even with these impediments, Sidious may yet win in the end and take power over this entire galaxy.”

Thor inquired, “Thee is not going to ask thy to join thee?”

Loki answered, “No. You are exactly where you need to be. Between you, the hammer in your hand, and the Jedi. With your actions both in this war, and in the Senate. Sidious cannot so easily pull the strings within the Republic, as he otherwise did in the original timeline. And Sidious does not control both sides of the war. Our actions are forcing him to play a long game.”

Thor said, “That will give us time.”

Loki held up her open hands in front of herself in a begging positions, as she said, “Exactly. Precious time that we need. This war has already lasted longer than in the other timeline, and Sidious is not closer to reaching his goals.” Loki held her position, as she pleaded, with desperation in her tone of voice, “So will you heed my warnings?”

Thor responded, “Thou is not sure if thy fulling believes you. But, thou will not be ruled by her fears. Though, being forewarned is being forearmed.” Thor firmly thought, 'I will not be controlled by my fears of the future. I will conquer the future.'

Loki dropped her hands to her sides. Loki look up at the sky, as she shrugged both her shoulders. Loki said, in a sober tone of voice, “Well, at least I tried.” Then, Loki turned her attention back towards Thor.

Loki continued to look at Thor, as she firmly thought, 'But, I am not going to give up.'

Loki stated, “In the original timeline, the romance between Anakin and yourself is such a sad tale. You both have been servants and slaves to society for so long. You. Concerning the Naboo public service laws. And Anakin. First as a slave, then a member of the Jedi. I do not know if being a member of the Jedi Order is a step up or down from being a slave. Both roles act in the service of others without a choice. At least a slave is allowed to express their emotions, even if these emotions are expressed in secret. When you both made the first real choice in your lives, by starting a relationship together, eventually everyone and everything around you both would use your relationship against you. And in the end, those around you used your relationship to destroy you both.”

Thor soberly inquired, with her voice slightly cracking, “Whom would write... Such a twisted story?” Thor thought, 'I feel slightly sick to my stomach from learning all this. And I would cry, but I already know that it will not help the situation. Still, I want to know.'

Loki could tell from Thor's tone of voice she was on the verge of tears.

Thor questioned, with more force in her voice, “Who? And why?”

Loki chose her words careful, as she answered, “As for whom. Such names would be meaningless to you. From what I can gather, they are, or were, from a backwater world.” Loki thought, 'Or will be, since this story is set in the past. Grammatical tenses are always difficult to use when walking about events dealing with time travel.'

Loki went onto say, “As for why. Greed. To make money from entertainment. I know that sounds shallow, but for them, they were just creating a entertaining story, no different than those people whom make the holovids which you and the rest of the galaxy occasionally enjoy viewing and listening to.”

Thor thought, with concern and slight worry as she realized what this all meant, 'Now that is a scary point of view to have. Am I just as horrible as them for enjoying holovids and novels of tragic stories? Where in some other realities those stories happened to real people. I do not want to think about this matter from that point of view. But, from now on, I will at least try to respect the characters and their situations in the stories I read, watch, and listen to.'

Loki commented, “And the reasons your personal story in the other timeline is so tragic is that like I said. It is a prequel. Those that created the stories felt that the best way to fit the prequels with the original stories was to kill off most of the main cast, except for those whom survived to the original stories. With those people being killed off to add character development for the main cast of the original stories. I find the writers killing off the cast in for such reasons to be a lack of imagination and wasteful on their parts.”

Thor turned her head to her right, away from Loki and Thor's ship. Thor could not help but state, in a sober tone of voice, “This is not right.” Thor turned to look at Loki. Thor continued, in the same sober tone of voice, “This is not fair.”

Loki chose her words carefully, as she calmly stated, in a supportive tone of voice, “You are correct. This is not fair. But, nothing in life is fair. Though, that is why I am telling you all this.”

“I am trying my best to help you prevent that fate. But, there are so many powerful players involved, with their machinations so far advanced in this game, that when I got here, their plans were already coming to fruition. All I have done so far is stall what may be the inevitable.”

“Unfortunately, I realize that it is possible, with the changes both I and you with the hammer have rout for the possibility that events may play out even worse than what I know could happen.”

Thor looked down. Thor realized, as she thought, 'We are beginning to talk in circles. That will get us no where. But what about my visions.' Thor continued to look at the grass beneath her, as she commented, “Like the visions thou from other beings.”

Loki focused on Thor, as she thought, 'Visions ... You have had vision from other beings and not Mjolnir?'

Loki inquired, “You had visions that Mjolnir did not give you?”

Thor turned back to look at Loki.

Thor answered, “No. While Mjolnir has shared some visions with thy. The visions thou mentioned earlier concerning Doom were not from Mjolnir.”

Loki thought, with mild exuberance, 'Oh, this may change everything.' Loki requested, with interest in her tone of voice, “Please, tell me what these visions entail and whom gave you these visions. This could change everything.”

Thor stated, “Some time ago, thou was visited in my sleep by a group. One called himself the Father. The other two were the Daughter and the Son. When the visions were over, thou woke back in thy bed, and thy was fine.”

Loki eyes wide, as she gave an expression of surprise. Loki thought, with concern, 'The Ones visited you in your sleep. The trio of Celestials. Oh this is important.' Then, Loki realized she was acting surprised. Loki continued her thoughts, 'But, first I need to calm down.' She forced herself to calm down, as she mentally reflected, 'Now to confirm that it was The Ones.'

Loki requested, “Please describe those whom visited you in your sleep.”

Thor said, “Thou only saw the Father. He was an old man. He was skinny, with gray skin, and along white beard. He wore a grayish teal poncho, pants, and hat, with brown and gold trimming on his clothing. Along with a gold belt around his waist. Do you know of them?”

Loki replied, “Yes. That trio are known as the Ones. They are members of a race known as the Celestials.” Loki thought, 'With the change in the timeline, they will likely survive the war. Still, if the they have an interest in you, that likely means the Father is getting old and is looking for a replaced. But, I doubt in this timeline he will directly contact Anakin. Because if he does, he may risk having to content with you and Mjolnir. While all three may prevail in such a battle, it would be to great a risk for them.'

Thor commented, “While the Jedi mention the three as Father, Daughter, and Son. Thou only vaguely recalls the term, Celestials. But, thou cannot place the name.”

Loki thought, 'If I theorize correctly...' Loki explained, “You likely heard the name in passing from one legend, or another. The Celestials are an old species. Very, very old. Practically ancient. They understand the force in ways the Jedi and Sith could only envy. Actually, thirty six thousand years ago, they were the ones whom brought together the first order of modern force users. The Je'daii, whom eventually split into the Jedi and Sith we have today.”

Thor questioned, “The Jedi and Sith were once part of the same group?”

Loki answered, “Yes. That is why the Jedi and Sith hate each other with such a passion. They are two sides of the same religion. Neither side will acknowledge this fact. There has actually been multiple breaks where some Jedi forced their own version of the Sith. And some Sith actually joined the Jedi Order. I know that is hard to believe. But, during those times the Jedi Order was not so ridged in its views and philosophies.”

Thor commented, “It certainly does. That explains a lot.”

Loki mentioned, “And not all the Sith are as evil as Sidious.” Loki thought, 'While he did betray. We both knew that was coming. Though, after I defeated him, Dooku turned out to be very reasonable in my requests. Also, there are other Sith in this galaxy. Such as the Lost Tribe of the Sith. Due to traveling around the galaxy, you might accidentally run into a group of Sith whom have hidden themselves from the galaxy. I do not want you to cause problems by believing that all Sith are as evil as Sidious.'

'Truth be told, most Sith before Darth Bane and his Rule of Two were ambitious, but not evil. The whole Rule of Two all but required Sith to be evil to maintain the sole, apprentice and master dynamic, with no other Sith being allowed to exist.'

'Though, Sith under the Rule of Two have bend that rule by allowed force disciples whom they train in secret under the excuse of the teacher intends on killing and replacing the apprentice or the master, depending one teaching the disciple is the apprentice or the master. Even Palpatine has bent this rule a few was.'

'Also, there were exceptions concerning line of Sith of the Rule of Two whom were decent people. Such as Darth Vectivus. As Sith go, he was a ruthless businessman. But, otherwise he was decent guy whom was loved by his family and friends. I could wish to be so lucky.'

'If you run into this hidden groups of Sith you might actually be able to make peace with them and not allow the Jedi to destroy them simply for being force users whom do not follow the Jedi Order.'

Thor stated, “Thou will agree that there are exceptions for every rule.” Thor thought, 'There likely are, or at least were at least were some Sith whom were decent people. But, that does not make Sidious any less event.”

Loki responded, “Exactly. Though, if the Father, Daughter, and Son, exist. Then likely Abeloth exists in this reality, as well.”

Thor inquired, “Whom is that?”

Loki stated, “A very dangerous being, and a very old being, whom has a very tragic past. Abeloth was once like a mortal woman. Through some unknown means she ended up on a jungle planet where the Ones lived at that time. They met and got along well. They eventually trusted her enough to take her to a realm known as Mortis which was part of a place known as Beyond Shadows.”

Thor commented, “That is where the Jedi believe they will travel through when after they die.”

Thor thought, 'Anakin one time mentioned that the Beyond Shadows was a place the Jedi believe when they die they will pass through to their final destination.'

Loki responded, “Yes. It is a place where the dead souls can exist. Also, force sensitives can astral travel there. As in their souls can travel there while they are still alive. But, it is possible to physically go there, but you would need to bring something to drink and eat, so you do not dehydrate, or starve to death. But, it seems one can breath the air there.”

Thor commented, “Some things are likely not meant to make sense.” Thor thought, 'I have enough strange things happen in my. I do not need to focus on such minor details, as long as those details are to the benefit of my friends and myself.'

Loki stated, “You are perhaps correct. Back to the story. Overtime, Abeloth became like a segregate mother to the trio's family dynamic. Though, unlike them, she grew older, whole the Ones remained their same ages. This caused her to seek out immortality and power enough to be with the trio, whom she had grown to love as a segregate family. It do not take her long to find immortality and power she sought. The means to achieve these goals were possessed by the Ones.”

Loki thought, 'I am not going to say how Abeloth gains such power. Such power is to easy to access once it is found. Drink from the Font of Power and swim in the Pool of Knowledge. While I am sure you would not seek such powers. You might accidentally reveal this information to those whom would foolishly seek out such power.'

Loki went onto say, “But, the power corrupted her, the trio rejected her, and they imprisoned her. The combination of this power and their betrayal drove her to madness They imprisoned her on the jungle planet where they met here. There she spent spans of tens of thousands of years old alone, on a jungle planet. This likely did not do much for her sanity and general disposition.”

Thor questioned, “Being alone for that long could drive anyone insane. How dangerous is she?”

Loki stated, “Abeloth is insane. Her main motive is to create as much chaos in the galaxy as possible. Some Killik hives refer to her as the bringer of chaos. As such, she cannot normally be reasoned with. Abeloth is very powerful in the force. She could give Sidious a run for his money in her skills in use of the force. She can directly influence and control multiple people at once from across the galaxy. Though, she likes to directly possess and consume powerful women as her host bodies. Such as us.”

“The section of space known as the Maw. With the cluster of black holes. That section of space was made what it is today by the Daughter and Son. They sacrificed entire sectors of space as a way to keep Abeloth imprisoned. That should give you an idea of how dangerous the Ones consider Abeloth to be.”

“Still, Abeloth has escaped her prison a few times. The Daughter and the Son had to track her down, with the help of Killik hives whom serve them, to bring her back to her prison.”

“Along with the being designed and build to move stars and planets across the galaxy. Centerpoint Station of the Corellian System and the Sinkhole Station of the Maw were designed by the Ones and built by the Killiks, to as positive and negative anchors in the force to help keep Abeloth imprisoned. Centerpoint Station being the positive anchor. And the Sinkhole being the negative anchor.”

“If either of those two spacestations are destroyed, that will likely few Abeloth from her prison. If that happens, be on your guard. Due how you and your powers are public knowledge, Abeloth will likely come looking for you to use as a host. I will be doing the same, while seeking to contact the Ones in the hopes them helping me track down Abeloth, and either find a way to contain her, or permanently kill her.”

Thor stated, “Thou will keep all that in mind. And thou on thy guard.”

Thor thought, 'Though, I am not sure mentioning this in my report would be a good idea, or not. While I do not know about the Sinkhole, I do know about Centerpoint Station. It is used as a large city in space. Hundreds of thousands of people live in that spacestation. The spacestation is so large that parts of the station are used for farming in what is known as the Hollowtown, which surrounds the Glowpoint, a starlight reactor for Centerpoint Station.'

'If this became known, the Republic government may try to use Centerpoint Station as a weapon in this war. The Republic military would displace hundreds of thousands of people, so they could use Centerpoint Station as a weapons. With what Loki knows,she might be forced to destroy Centerpoint Station, and in doing so, Abeloth will be freed. I think it is best to keep information this to myself.'

Loki inquired, “Thank you for heeding my warning. If Abeloth does escape and come for you. Run and find me. The only thing I know of that might be able to kill Abeloth is the Dagger of Mortis. The Son's dagger. As in the Son of the Ones. That dagger has the power to kill Celestials. But, the dagger has to be used to directly pierce what passes for Abeloth own body. And even then, retrieving the dagger and facing the Ones might prove more dangerous than confronting Abeloth.”

“As you can guess, Beyond Shadows and Mortis are locations outside of this plane of reality. But, getting there would be the simple part. Those three working together are likely far more powerful than either you, or I. And they will not easily give up such a weapon to outsiders.”

Thor groaned, as she questioned, “It is never easy? Is it?”

Loki responded, “No. It is not. So, what did that trio show you in your visions?”

Thor replied, “Many things. Both good and bad.”

Loki guessed, “They showed you possible futures?”

Thor answered, “Yes. Two possibilities. One of family and friends, with happiness and success for all of us. With me gaining the power to bring life to planets. The other path was of darkness, death, and the power to destroy planets.”

Loki commented, “That sounds like something that Ones would show a person. Tell me of more these visions.”

Thor thought, 'I will not get into details on the personal parts of my vision. But, Loki likely can offer insight into the larger aspects of my visions.'

Thor stated, “Among the large parts of thou's visions, thou was able to bring water to crops to get them to grow. Thou turned Tatooine into a lush forest planet with oceans. But, the dark path had much death. Thou killed thy's friends and destroyed the Jedi Temple. Thy even served a dark master. But, the worst of all, thy witnessed thyself in first person, on a ship, in orbit of Naboo, as thou destroyed all life on thou's homeworld.”

Loki inquired, with deep concern in her tone of voice, “While seeing yourself destroy your homeworld is likely haunting. I am more concerned with what you meant by a dark master.”

Thor stated, “Thou walked down a dark throne room. Thou was wearing black armor and helmet, which fully covered thy body. Thou held Mjolnir like thy does now. And thou carried thy vibro-katana, the Black Solace, like thou does now. Thou soon reached a throne set up on a few steps above thy. The person on the thrown was shrouded in darkness. Thou could only tell he wore a black cloak over his body, and hood over his head. But, his face remained unseen in the darkness.”

“When thou came to a stop to the bottom step of three steps to the throne, in front of the person in covered in darkness, thou knelt down before him, with Mjolnir set to thou's right side.”

“Thou could tell the person was a the man was by his voice. Though, when he spoke, he said. Arise Lady Tonnerre. Dark Lady of the Sith. Thou stood up, and the vision changed to thy hovering over some protesters, whom thou killed with lightning.”

Loki asked, “Were you shown anything else?”

Thor answered, “Thou was shown whom I believe was Emperor Doom and his Thors. That was part of these visions. The Father said he did this as a way to warn thou that the worthiness clause is not foolproof.”

Loki complimented, “That was a wise warning.”

Thor commented, “Thou agrees. Also, the Father stated he believed you were not evil. That you could help prevent this darker path.”

Loki smiled, as she commented, “Well now. That is good news. It is nice and flattering to find out that I have friends I do not know about.” Loki thought, 'This revelation can only help me. Especially, if Abeloth should ever become a problem. And Padme, I have every intention of preventing you from going down this dark path. Still, I need to keep this conversation serious.'

Loki dropped her smile, as she said in a more serious tone of voice, “But, that does not change the dangers that the father warned you of.”

Thor inquired, “What do these visions mean?”

Loki stated, “I am willing to guess that the dark figure in the shadows of that throne was likely Sidious. Though, I am not sure. Visions can mean different things and different possibilities. Though, what I believe these visions mean is that even with the possibility of a wonderful future there is still a chance you could go down a far darker path. That if you go after Sidious now. Before you are ready. You will either be killed, or turned into a monster. You may end up replacing Anakin in his fate of becoming Darth Vader, with you becoming a far more dangerous and destructive beast than he ever could be.”

Thor soberly replied, “Thou sees your point. Thee is right.”

Loki warned, “I do not mean to upset. But, you already have Vader's job as, Enforcer of the Republic.”

Loki saw Thor flinch under her helmet. Loki soberly thought, 'You wanted to know what is going on. Then, you are going to learn.'

Thor admitted, “Thou did not realize that.”

Loki stated, “I realize that is the case. In the other timeline, Vader was an enforcer for the Empire the Republic ended up becoming. Though, to and be fair. Barring a few incidents, like what has happened on Balmorra, you are a lot more merciful than Vader ever was. I have been paying attention to your exploits as an enforcer. Even before I came here.”

“Such as your mission to Cloud City so long ago. If Vader handled your mission to Cloud City, he would have taken a full battalion of troopers with him. After he was betrayed, he would have murdered the governor and countless civilians. And before he left, he would have left a garrison of troops on Cloud City to created and maintain a military police state there. On the other hand, you were able to accomplish your mission without an army, and with minimum use of force. I admire that about you. You are merciful, though pragmatic.”

Thor quietly commented, “That still does not make this news any better hear.”

Loki stated, “True. If Sidious ever truly sinks his claws into you and bends you to his will, you would literally end up taking Anakin's place as Sidious' servant. The visions you were given point that out as a warning. Instead of having a Dark Lord. The Galaxy would have to contend with a Dark Lady whom would be far more dangerous and destructive than Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, could ever hope to be.”

Loki thought, with concern, 'It is worth repeating this warning, because I want to make sure what I say sinks in. And if you ever reached such a dark state mind, with all my resources, I am not sure I could stop you. Also, while I am not sure the dark figure was Sidious. For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to him as Sidious to help convince you to not yet go after Sidious.'

Thor was quiet for a few seconds.

Loki remained silent to allow Thor to think over what she had told Thor.

After almost a minute of silence, Thor said, “While thou admits thy's next question was who is Sidious. Thou understands why thee will not tell thy. Thou can wait, rather than risk becoming a monster.”

Loki thought, 'Good. You are taking this seriously.' Loki complimented, “Good. Showing such pragmatism is why I respect and admire you.”

Thor commented, in a halfhearted manner, “And here thou thought it was thy's sense of humor.”

Loki thought, 'Humor like this shows she wants to move on from the subject. And given I have made my point. Which she understands. I would be more than happy to move on.' Loki smiled. She happily replied, “That too. And again. In your vision, what was the name Sidious gave you? I want to make sure that I correctly heard the name.”

Thor answered, “The name was, Lady Tonnerre.”

Loki stated, “Well now. That is interesting. Tonnerre means, thunder, in a language called French.”

Thor inquired, “Thou will keep that in mind. Though, how would Sidious know such a foreign language.”

Loki stated, “I doubt Sidious would know such a language. He likely would use the force to help guide him in giving you a name. And given I believe the force knew of myself, and brought me here, I am sure the force knows the French language, as well. Among other languages.” Loki thought, 'This likely means that the force realizes it is a work of figure. Now that is a crazy thought. Though, an interesting thought for another time.'

Thor replied, “Thou guesses that makes sense.” She thought, 'Given Mjolnir lets me understand any spoken language I have come across. Though, Mjolnir has not helped much on the written side of languages.'

Loki stated, “That is not the interesting part. You use galactic basic to speak with myself. Well, I am not speaking galactic basic. I am speaking English. Which is almost identical to galactic basic. In addition, Aurebesh is same alphabet as English. Both the letters and numbers. Only the symbols are different. But, the spellings are the same, though using different symbols and numbers. This is too much to be a consequence.”

Thor thought, 'That is nice to know. But, if I mention this in any report, it will lead to more questions. On how I know for sure. And how two different culture could have the same language and writing. Though, I wonder...'

Thor asked, “Is this inscription on Mjolnir in english?”

Thor used her right hand to lift the hammer, with the side of the head of Mjolnir with the inscription on the hammer facing in front towards Loki, with the side in facing Loki. The inscription was on the side where the axe end was to Loki's left and the circular flat end was to Loki's right.

Loki looked at the inscription on the head of Mjolnir. Loki answered, “Yes. Though, the inscription is upside down.”

Thor replied, “Oh.” Thor used both her hands to reversed her grip to where she was holding the head of the hammer facing the ground, with the inscription side of Mjolnir still facing Loki. Thor held the hammer by the middle of the shaft with both hands.

Loki looked at Thor. Loki stated, “It is okay.” Loki looked down at the inscription. She read out loud, “The words state. Whomever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Loki looked back up at Thor's face, under the helmet Thor wore.

Thor looked at Loki's face, as she thought, 'So, C3-PO was close in its translation.'

Thor reversed the grip of the hammer. She let go the hammer with her left hand. She held the hammer by the middle of the shaft with her right hand. She lowered the hammer to her right side, with the flat end of the head of the hammer pointed downward and the axe end of the head pointed upward.

After which, Thor looked at Loki. Thor said, “Interesting. This does offer validity towards your claims.”

Loki cautioned, “True. And while I wish for you to heed my warning, do not think too much on the concepts from which my warnings came. Such paths likely lead to madness.”

Thor agreed, “That is very likely.” Thor thought, 'Questioning one's existence is always a risk to one's sanity.'

Loki cracked a grin, as she said, “Still, back to the name of your dark counterpart in your vision. Darth Tonnerre. It has a certain ring to it.”

Thor firmly said, “Do not joke about such matters.”

Loki dropped her grin. Loki hastily replied, “Okay. Okay.”

Under her helmet, Thor cracked a grin.

Loki noticed Thor's grin through the slits of the front of Thor's helmet, but she did not respond.

Thor kept her grin, as she commented, “Besides. In the vision thou was called Lady Tonnerre. Not, Darth Tonnerre.”

Loki lamented, “Oh well. While evil beyond words, Sidious always did have a sense of class in his actions.”

Thor dropped her grin.

Loki noticed Thor drop her grin, but she did not comment on the matter.

Thor dryly said, “Thou will take thee's word on that.”

Loki mentioned, “By the way, Thors were considered Gods and Goddesses of Thunder. I guess with Mjolnir, the hammer you wield, that in your current form you are a Goddess of Thunder.”

Thor stated, “While that does explain the name Sidious would have given me. Thou is no goddess. Nor, does thou ever wish to be considered one.”

Loki complimented, “Good. That response means you are still grounded and sane.”

Thor happily replied, “Thank you.”

Loki stated, “On the bright side, you did have visions of a better future. So, there is hope.”

Thor said, “Thou knows. That is what keeps thy going.”

Loki agreed, “I feel the same way.” Loki continued in a slightly causal tone of voice, “And while I am tempted to tell you what Dark Helmet did to those whom were insubordinate to him in the film, Spaceballs. Due to him being a parody of Darth Vader. Whose job you currently have. Truthfully, I am not cruel enough to give force users here such ideas.” Loki thought, 'I still do wish to have sex with other people on occasion. Sharing such knowledge might effect any future love life I may have.'

Thor replied, in a confused tone of voice, “Huh?”

Loki shrugged, as she said, “Do not worry about it.”

Thor inquired, “Fine. Though, the Father did say Mjolnir and thou did not have the luxury of time.” Thor thought, 'Obiwan said not to worry about this. But, it will not harm Loki to ask on this matter.”

Loki stated, “The Father is likely referring to this war. While this war had dragged on longer than in the other timeline, this war will not last forever. As long as this war continues, there is a chance Sidious can still win. And until Sidious is defeated and destroyed, this will war continue. This means eventually the final battle with Sidious, to decide this war, will happen. In this battle, with the stakes so high, you will likely be the one to fight him.”

Thor thought, 'This explains that. Loki, I can guess why you feel I will be the one to face Sidious. Which is very likely.'

Thor commented, “Because it is too risky to have Anakin face Sidious. And thee refuse to face Sidious.”

Loki could tell that Thor comment was intended as a statement of fact and not a question.

Loki responded, “I cannot risk Sidious learning what I know. You are the only one left with the skills, fortitude, and power to face him, while having any hope of defeating him.”

Thor pointed out, “A small army of Jedi might be able to defeat Sidious.”

Loki commented, “That is my plan B. Though, I am not sure the Jedi can handle Sidious without your help.”

Thor said, “Thou understands and thy will consider what you have said.” Thor remembered something else, as she asked, “There is another matter thou would like to ask about. The Yuuzhan Vong?”

Loki recalled that conversation she had with Obiwan, years ago, in the dome city of Sundari, on the planet Mandalore.

Loki questioned, “I see you read Obiwan's report? I thought that would only stay within the Jedi Order?”

Thor responded, “It did. Though, Obiwan shared the report with me. Thou recalls in Obiwan's report that the Yuuzhan Vong may not show up for decades How do they fit in all this... Insanity?”

Loki sighed. She said, “Insanity... That is as good word for this situation... And fine. I will tell you. The Yuuzhan Vong were part of a book series set a few decades after movie six. After Anakin and Sidious finally died. Though, in that timeline, Anakin as Vader killed Sidious to save your son. In the end, he turned back to the light.”

Padme thought, 'This is sad, though comforting to learn.'

Loki went onto say, “Still, on the matter of the Yuuzhan Vong. I guess those that created such stories for the Star Wars franchise needed an enemy worse than the Sith. And they were able to create such an enemy. In the unaltered timeline, your children and grandchildren would have had to face the Yuuzhan Vong. And that war was far more horrific than this war has been. But, they and the rest of the galaxy pulled together, and defeated the Yuuzhan Vong. Though, they barely accomplished their victory. There were casualties.”

Thor replied, “There always casualties in war.”

Loki stated, “True. But, not at this scale. The death toll was beyond any other war I know of. The casualties of the Yuuzhan Vong War numbered in the hundreds of trillions. It was as if the Yuuzhan Vong and their slave class of lizard like humanoid soldiers known as the Chazrach set the galaxy on fire.”

Thor thought, 'I need to know.' Thor questioned, “What do the Yuuzhan Vong look like? What are their weapons? What do the Charzrach look like? What weapons do the Charzrach use?”

Loki responded, “Always the statugist. I admire that about you. The Yuuzhan Vong are humanoid with grayish violet or yellowish skin colors with scars covering their faces and bodies. They wear black or chrome metallic armored suits which are organic.”

“The Yuuzhan Vong use organic weapons. These organic weapons are comparable, or even superior to the technological weapons the Confederacy and Republic use. Their weapons range from handheld weapons, to vehicles, to spaceships, to cruisers, to world-killer class ships.”

“For example. The Yuuzhan Vong use weapons known as amphistaffs. These weapons are actually snake like animals that can depending on the situation can act like staffs, whips and fire venom like a range weapon, or attack on its own. The amphistaffs are so tough that a strike from a lightsaber blade will not damage one of these animals.”

“The Chazrach have green scales for skin. What the Chazrach wear in battle and they weapons they use vary depending on the Chazrach.”

“Though, it does not matter what they look like. And there weapons would not be so dangerious if the Yuuzhan Vong were not such fanatics. The Yuuzhan Vong are merciless in battle and outside of battle. The torturous actions and the painful sensations they inflicted on themselves and other people, especially those whom they enslave, are a religion to them. Those they did not kill are twisted into perverse mockeries of themselves.”

“Such as in the other timeline, the Yuuzhan Vong turned peaceful Rodians they captured into mindless crablike war beasts called the Vagh Rodiek. A Vagh Rodiek walks on four crablike legs, has razor sharp quills from their head down their back, and an long bone like scythes at the end of each of their two arms.”

“The Yuuzhan Vong made Sidious and Darth Vader look like saints in comparison.”

Thor asked, “From what thou understands, thee claimed the force could not be used to sense them?”

Loki commented, “That is true. But, it is possible to use the force to sense their telepathic communications. But, that is difficult to do so. The Yuuzhan Vong are immune, or at least highly resistant to most force attacks. Indirect attacks such throwing things with telekinesis and force lightning seem to have the most effect on them. Their weapons can repeatedly parried a lightsaber blade, and their armor can take a glancing blow of a lightsaber strike, or a blaster bolt without being pierced.”

“To make matters worse, for all their sadism and brutality, the Yuuzhan Vong are very intelligence and they have no fear for their enemies.”

“The leadership of the Yuuzhan Vong are skilled tacticians. They do not blindly send their forces into a battle for the sake of glory. They seek victories in battle. They want to win the war, pacify and convert the native populations into slaves and move on to their next war.”

“Due to the number of people killed, you would be correct to guess there were casualties in your own family. Causalities which lead to other members of your family falling to the dark side.”

Thor inquired, “Grief can twist even the most righteous of souls. Should thou be worried of the Yuuzhan Vong showing up?”

Loki answered, “No. If they do show up, there is not much you can do about it. Except fight them. They are far outsiders. Coming in from outside the galaxy. While a few are here in secret, they will wait to show themselves until after their armies arrive.”

“But, if they show up. Then, this war is over. I have enough dirt to blackmail the Senate and Palpatine into helping the Confederacy in fighting the Yuuzhan Vong. And if that happens. I am going to coordinate everything with the Jedi Order and you. You the ace in the hole. Besides myself, you are the only wild card we have right now which I believe the Yuuzhan Vong cannot handle.”

Thor offered, “If such a situation arose. Thou would work with thee.”

Loki responded, “I realize this. That thought comforts me.”

Thor replied, “Thou can see how such cooperation could sooth one's nerves.”

Loki thought, 'I might as well mention a theory I learned about.'

Loki commented, “There is a theory that one of the reasons Sidious wanted to takeover the galaxy was to united the galaxy and prepare the galaxy to fight the Yuuzhan Vong.”

Loki lamented in thought, 'I will leave out mention of the Death Star and other super weapons that Sidious is working on. I want you to stay focused on Sidious and not potential weapons which are over a decade from being finished. Should you defeat Sidious, I will tell you sometime afterward. But, not for right now. If Sidious defeats you and created his Empire. Through you, he will not be able to confirm that I know of such weapons. And this allows me the option of later going after these weapons when they near completions. At which point, depending on the situation, I will either steal the weapons for my own use, or destroy the weapons.'

Thor conceded, “That is possible, but unlikely.”

Loki stated, “It is not something you can just ask him. So, it is a moot point.”

Thor agreed, “Yes. It is.”

Then, Thor remembered something, as she questioned, “By the way. Ventress and Sing? Why did thee leak the treasure hunt information to the Republic?”

Loki thought, 'Well, someone had to eventually figure out what I was doing.'

Loki shrugged, as she admitted, in a casual tone of voice, “It was a team building exercise to help create trust between them. The operation went off without a hitch. No one was even seriously injured.”

Thor thought, 'So, it was you. Obiwan was right. And you are willing admit it.' Thor pointed out, “Even so. If they find out, they will probably kill thee.”

Loki commented, “I believe we have reached a level of mutual respect that we will keep each others secrets.” Loki thought, 'Or, this entire conversation is a failure, which I doubt is the case.'

Thor agreed, “Thou believes so.” She thought, 'Though, I will tell my friends. If they ever ask me. They can keep a secret. But, I will not tell them unless that do ask me, as a sign of respect towards you, Loki.'

Loki thought, with mild relief, 'Good. So you confirm you will keep my secrets in your confidence. And for this, I am grateful.'

Loki replied, “Thank you.”

Thor asked, “Though, the Jedi Order has a phrase about thee. That thee can talk Jedi out of their lightsabers. Thou do not know the backstory to the incident. What happened to cause the Jedi to come up with such a phrase?”

Loki did her best not to giggle, but she could not hide her smile. Loki stated, “That is an incident best left in the past.”

Thor questioned, “That embarrassing?”

Loki maintained her smile, as she answered, “Yes. Horribly embarrassing for the Jedi that were involved.”

Thor said, “Thou will take your word on the matter.”

Thor thought, with sorrow, 'Now, to a much harder question to ask.'

Thor inquired, “Good. Still, onto the matter of future children. Thou needs to know. Does thee have any children of her own?”

Loki dropped her smile. Loki looked to her right away from Thor and Thor's ship. Loki said, in soft tone of voice, “I had two adopted daughters. They were both teenagers when things went to hell. We lived on a small city island called Arcadia. The island was a little overpopulated. But, the city was nice to live there in. Good people lived there. People whom cared about each other. You would have liked it there.”

Thor could tell this was a sensitive subject. Also, she understood that Loki said, had. And not, have. Though, Thor could not help but asked, “So, thee has raised children. How could you ask thee to not have children of my own?”

Loki turned her head and looked Thor, passed the slits in Thor's helmet, and into Thor's eyes, as she said, in a sober tone of voice, “Because when you lose them, it is like having your heart torn out of your chest.” Loki genuinely shed a single tear which ran from her right eye and down the right side of her cheek, as she continued, in a much quieter tone of voice, “Especially, when you know that you are the cause of losing them...”

Thor thought, 'This likely deals with what you were talking earlier in you were not as careful as you thought using portals to travel between domains on Latverion. Though, this is clearly a sensitive subject and I will not ask any further on the matter. I will give you time to compose yourself, as you did for me.'

Thor let there to be silence between the two of them, as she allowed Loki time to compose herself.

A few seconds later, Loki used the back of her right hand to wipe away the tear on her right cheek, as she forced herself to calm down.

Loki lowered her right hand back to her right side.

When Loki was ready, Loki looked at Thor, as she said in a more normal tone of voice, “Though, as I stated, your timeline... This timeline has drastically changed from the one I know of. Even before I was brought here. You are clearly a lot more physically fit and healthier than your counterpart ever was in the other timeline. I hope I am wrong on this matter. So, perhaps you have nothing to worry about. Save the scandal between you and Anakin being in a relationship. This war. And of course Sidious.”

Thor asked, “Point taken. Still, whose side are you on?” Thor thought, 'I am beginning to wonder if you even are on anyone's side.'

Loki stated, “My side. But, that does not mean I cannot be loyal to the friends I make.”

Thor thought, 'That answers that. Though, while you are on your own side, that does not change the help you have given to those on both side of this war. Including my friends and myself.'

Thor said, “Your sense of loyalty is not in dispute.”

Loki replied, in a grateful tone of voice, “Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt.”

Thor commented, “Thee is welcome. Still, this does not excuse what you did to Jar Jar.” Thor thought, 'There is still the matter of Jar Jar to deal with. We are make such progress, I hope we do not fight about the matter.'

Loki responded, in annoyed manner, “Hey. I did not know he was committing those murders. I only wanted him to spy on you. Not go crazy and kill people. Let alone eat people. I only gave him a little bit of power. Just enough for him to turn into that brutish form, increasing, his strength, speed, sense, and healing abilities. Along with making him physically tougher and bigger. And before you ask. It was not the transformation itself. He should have been able to change back and forth at will, with the transformation being swift and painless. It is not my fault this little bit of power went to his head.”

Loki thought, 'I will leave out that I suspect that Palpatine had a hand in Jar Jar's downfall.'

Loki continued, in a firm tone of voice, “Though, for the record. As a character. Nearly the complete fanbase hates Jar Jar's guts. In the main timeline, he was never called for his foolishness. There was a reason his people exiled him. It is not my fault you put him into a position of power. Real power. Power which effected the lives of countless people across the galaxy. Not just being able to do some heavy lifting like I did. Whether he knew it or not, he literally helped start this galactic war.”

Thor thought, 'What you are saying is true. I admit I made mistakes. Fortunately, it looks like we are not going to fight over this matter.'

Thor conceded, “Thee has a point there. Right after thou returned to Coruscant from Geonosis, thou had a long talk with Jar Jar on his actions within the Senate. And thou stripped him of his authority. Thy only kept him around to perform minor errands. To keep him busy, and to keep him out of trouble.”

Loki said, “Good. He needed to be called on his actions in the Senate. Actually, the whole plot on your life to get you away from the Senate was because you were the leader of the opposition to the war effort. Convincing your foolish proxy, Jar Jar, to be the one to summit the bill to start the war was just icing on the cake.”

Thor admitted, “Thou has come to realize this.”

Thor used a bit of her super-speed, as she thought, 'Though, I believe it was Palpatine whom convince Jar Jar to place that bill before the Senate for a vote. Though, I am not sure. There are a few people whom could have convinced Jar Jar to submit the emergency powers act. That is not taking into account Jar Jar is a weak-willed individual. A simple force mind trick could be used to convince him to submit that bill on the floor of the Senate.'

'I have no proof that it was Palpatine whom convinced Jar Jar do support that bill. And I never asked Jar Jar whom convinced him to do so because while he is a weak-willed individual, the one trait I admired about him is that he is stubborn when it come to divulging the secret of those he considers to be his friends. If I had asked Jar Jar to tell me, doing so would have likely backfired one me. In response, he might have left Coruscant and returned to Naboo. Jar Jar knew too many secrets about my other friends and myself to risk him leaving due to a falling-out between us.'

'But, since I killed him, this is a moot point.'

'Still, it is rumored that Palpatine is somehow connected to Sidious. Obiwan once mentioned that some on the Jedi High Council suspect that Palpatine is a puppet of Sidious, with Palpatine doing Sidious' bidding in running this war on the Republic side. But, no one is sure how Palpatine is connected to Sidious. And since you will not tell me who Sidious is, there is no point in commenting on this matter.'

Loki said, “At least you are learning something besides how to use that hammer.”

Thor realized something, as she inquired, “Thou noticed you spoke of Latverion in the past tense?”

Loki stated, “I was wondered if you would pick that up. Yes. Before I came here, the world of Latverion began to turn into white light. My mystical senses informed me that planet was breaking apart. The world went white and I found myself on an open alcove half way up a skyscraper on Coruscant, looking out at the cityscape. That is why I a first I thought I was dead. I am glad I not. Though, it is likely Latverion no longer exists. At least the Latverion I lived on.”

Thor commented, “Thee has thou's condolences.”

Loki kindly responded, “Thank you. There is a chance that my family and friends survived as well. Maybe in other times, places, realities.” Loki thought, 'Something to look into later.'

Thor said, “Thou hopes thee is correct.”

Loki said, “I appreciate you sympathies. Now, there is another subject we need to cover.”

Thor questioned, “Which is?”

Loki stated, “I need to see how much you have learned since we last met. If you cannot handle me, you do not have a chance in hell against Sidious.”

Thor thought, 'I really do not want to fight you. But, I guess you have a point. Though...' Thor asked, “Is Sidious really that powerful?”

Loki replied, “Yes. This is the reason I refuse to face him on my own.”

Loki used her right hand to pull out a lightsaber she had hidden in her open green jacket.

Loki held the emitter away from her body to her right side, as she used her right hand to ignited the blade.

Thor saw the lightsaber had a green blade. It was the blade of a Jedi.

Loki moved to lightsaber to hold the weapon on front of her, in a defensive position, with the energy blade pointed upwards. Though, Loki kept the green energy blade a little to her right side, so the energy blade would not block her view of Thor.

Loki stated, “Let us see how much better you have become since we last fought.”

As Thor looked at the green blade of lightsaber in Loki's right hand, the lightsaber reminded Thor of Anakin's green bladed lightsaber.

Thor looked over at Loki's face. Under her helmet, Thor's face took a mask of concern. Thor asked, with annoyance in her tone of voice, “Where did you thee retrieve that weapon?” Thor thought, with annoyance, 'I hope you did not loot the body of a dead Jedi for that lightsaber. Or, I am going to kick your ass.'

Loki noticed Thor tone of voice and her facial expression through the slits of Thor's helmet.

Loki thought, 'You probably believe I stole this weapon from a dead Jedi. I did not. Dooku may have. But, then again he could have built this lightsaber. Some force users build lightsabers as a hobby. I have heard of worse hobbies to have. Now to calm you done down before you do something foolish.'

Loki casually said, “Oh relax. I found this in Dooku's collection. I had it hidden on my person the first time I met you and Annie together.”

Loki saw Thor visibly facial expression and body relax. Loki thought, 'Good. You believe me. And I am telling the truth. At least from my point of view.'

Thor thought, 'Good. I was hoping something like that would be the case. Due to the situation we are in. I am not going to fault you for retrieve a lightsaber from someone's collection. Especially, someone whom has tried to kill both my friends and myself. As long as you did not loot the body for such a weapon. I could care less. Though, there is one matter I need to mention, before you get yourself into to much trouble with Anakin.'

Thor commented, “Anakin does not like being called by that nickname.” Thor thought, 'Though, from time to time, I have teased him by calling him that nickname in private.'

Loki's lips curled into wicked smirk. She stated, “I know. But, even I will admit it unwise to call him that to his face. I am saving that for if he is ever sent after me. If he is, I will arrange for the Confederacy nation to officially refer to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker as Annie.”

Thor could not help giggle at that thought. As she forced herself to calm down, she said, in a halfhearted tone of voice, “You're mean.”

Loki maintained her smirk, as she replied, “I know.” Loki looked at the green glowing blade of her lightsaber. She relaxed her lips. She looked back towards Thor. Loki commented, “Anyway, I did not use this weapon then because it was to confined a space to do so while fighting two people. Especially, considering I did not want to hurt either of you. Still, you should know. Where I come from. Every kid wanted a lightsaber as a gift. Even if they are over a thousand years old.”

Thor commented, “That must be a strange world thee comes from.”

Loki responded, “To say the least. Now, I could use my bastard sword, Cassius, but Sidious uses a single blade lightsaber like this. As such, you need to learn to face such a weapon.”

Thor mentioned, “Thou has trained quite a bit in sparring matches with my friends, while they were lightsabers. Also, thou fought Dooku and defeated him.”

Loki stated, “Yes. And all of these are quite impressive feats. The experience you have learned from accomplishing such tasks has served you well. But, I know techniques they do not. And visa versa. Also, should you battle Sidious, I have an idea of the skills and abilities he will display.”

Thor thought, 'You have a good point there.' Thou commented, “Thou will concede the point.”

Loki said, “But, before we start, there are a few things I want to make sure you realize. As I am sure you already know, Mjolnir is a mystically enchanted weapon. The hammer has a will and personality of its own. What you may not realize is that should you ever become in tune with Mjolnir and master the power of the hammer, you may be able to work in concert with the hammer. Like a Jedi can use the force, you can use the power of Mjolnir to guide your movements and your powers. As an added benefit, should you master Mjolnir, you will likely be able to speak normally while being a Thor.”

Thor replied, “This is interesting to know.” She thought, 'I will look into this matter, later.'

Loki responded, “Yes. It is.”

Thor questioned, “How can thou achieve this level of mastery?”

Loki answered, “Time and experience. If you live long enough, I am sure you will achieve you will master using Mjolnir.”

Thor thought, 'That is nice to know.' Thor replied, “Thank you. Thou will keep this in mind.”

Loki stated, “You're welcome. I have seen many videos of your battles. It is clear you have mastered your elemental abilities. And you melee fighting abilities are on par with a high level Jedi Knight. Maybe a Jedi Master. But, videos can only show one so much. I want to see how good you are with Mjolnir in person.”

“Now, to start with, should you face Sidious in battle, it is best for you to do so in an open area. This is because Sidious prefers to move in close and strike quickly. Having as much room as possible to move around in is paramount to any chance of achieving victory against Sidious.”

“When you battle him, Sidious will not relent until he is sure you are dead. Sidious will use his lightsaber in every way possible to both defend himself and kill you as quickly as possible. Along with this, Sidious will wield his force abilities and lightsaber abilities to make himself next to unstoppable. Though, Sidious likely knows how dangerous are. He will first use his force abilities to attempt to swiftly crush you. Should that fail, then he will attempt to kill you with a mixture of his force abilities and his lightsaber.”

Thor thought, 'You are likely correct. Fortunately, I am tough enough to take such attacks and keep on fighting. Still...'

Thor commented, “Then, thou will make the first move.”

Loki cautioned, “I would disagree. His force abilities will likely protect him from your elemental abilities. Therefore, the only way to make the first move is to rush him. You do not have the precognitive abilities of a Jedi. You super-speed bridges the gap. But, due to this advantage on his part he can sense the best counter. And you will not be able to stop him from using such a counter, which will likely be deadly to you.”

“You can only dodge what your senses warn you of. That means you will have to fight defensively. With your super-speed, you can likely dodge his force attacks. Then, you can draw him to you. That way you see the attacks coming. This will allow you to better handle the battle. I do not intend to mimic Sidious' force abilities. Your Jedi friends have likely trained in fighting a force user. Your victory over Dooku proves this and that you know how to successfully hold your own against a lightsaber expert. Instead, I want to give you an idea of his lightsaber and fighting techniques.”

Thor thought, 'Those are all good points.'

Thor inquired, “Thou will keep all this in mind. Though, what does thee want from thou in this coming battle.”

Loki gripped the hilt of her green bladed lights, with both her hands. She took an offensive stance, with the lightsaber pointed in front of her chest, slightly at a diagonal angle towards Thor. Loki held this position, as she stated, “What I want from you is to see you make that hammer sing.”

Thor held up Mjolnir. She gripped the shaft of the hammer with both hands, in front of her body, towards Loki, as she took a defensive stance. Thor said, “Fine. Let us duel.”

In less than a second, Loki bridged the four meter gap between her and Thor.

When Loki reached Thor, she found Thor was ready for her, with them clashing their weapons towards each other.

They solely used their melee weapons to traded blows as each of them felt out the others defenses. Though, neither opponent was trying to kill each other.

Thor quickly realized that Loki was as skilled with a sword as she suspected. Though, Thor also found that she was able to hold her own.

Thor tried to press her attack, only to find that Loki was able to use her own strength, speed, and skills, to not give an inch to Thor.

Loki found that Thor was like fighting a mountain. Both in toughness and strength. Loki saw that Thor's fighting style and form were excellent. To Loki's eyes, Thor showed no discernible openings in her defenses, and her offensive abilities show calculated strikes that would have work against a lesser skilled opponent, whom had less battle experience.

As they fought, Loki thought, 'Padme. I am impressed. Dooku did not show this much skill in my battle with him. You show the training and experience that I expect from someone trained by the Jedi Order and whom had being fighting a war for the last several years. Though, I am not going to compliment you this highly and risk this little duel stopping before it has actually started. I need to personally teach you as much as possible in battle Sidious. And this might be my only chance to do so.'

While they traded strikes, parries, and counters, Loki stated, “You have good form. Your styles are very solid. But, this is just a warm up. You will need to do more than mere techniques to defeat Sidious. Be creative. Start showing me what you can do.”

Under her helmet, Thor smirked, as she replied, “As thee wishes.”

Loki noticed the smirk, but she did not verbally comment on Thor's smile.

Thor jumped back to land ten meters away.

Loki did not follow.

Thor let go of the hammer with her left hand.

As Thor began to pull back Mjolnir, in her right hand, Loki stated, “Stop.”

Thor stopped reaching back with her right hand.

Loki explained, “When facing Sidious. Never throw the hammer. I read reports on you. I know that hammer is the only thing protecting you from someone using the force to throw you about. And do not kid yourself. In a fight with the stakes as high as facing Sidious, the moment the opportunity presents itself, Sidious will literally send you into orbit, only to then force you to crash back down to the ground like an asteroid. Even if you retain the form you have now, the blow will knock you out, and Sidious will finish you off with his lightsaber.”

Thor lowered her right hand to hold Mjolnir close to her chest. Thor conceded, “Thee has a point.”

Thor gripped Mjolnir with both hands, as she began to charge at Loki.

Loki saw this. Though, she did not rush towards Thor. Instead, Loki took a defensive stance, as she held her lightsaber with both her hands.

As Thor approached Loki, Loki calmly maintained her defensive stance. Loki stated, “Sidious will be more aggressive than you are displaying right now. You cannot match his aggression. Instead, fight defensively, until you see an opening. And there will be openings.”

By then, Thor reached Loki and they resumed their fight.

As they traded blows and block, Loki continued without missing a beat, “While Sidious will not relent, Sidious is almost as arrogant as he is powerful. He will eventually start gloating and insulting you. During this time, look for an opening. Sidious is not invincible. As he allows his arrogance to remain unchecked, he will slip up and allow gaps to form in his defenses. That is when you must strike.”

Thor thought, 'You want some originality. Well, here is some.'

Thor let got of Mjolnir with her right hand. Thor continued to use Mjolnir in her left hand to parry Loki's attacks, while she used her right hand to reach across her chest to unsheathe the Black Solace.

Loki realized what Thor was doing. Loki immediately to advantage of the situation. In the blink of an eye, Loki swiftly parried Mjolnir to her right, away from Thor, towards Thor's left side. As Loki stepped further, she let go of her lightsaber hilt with her right hand. She used her right hand to grip and push the interior side of Thor's left forearm away from Thor. Though, Loki's grip was not painful to Thor. At the same time, Loki came to a stop, with her using her left hand to hold her green lightsaber blade less than five centimeters from the front slits of Thor's helmet.

Thor immediately stopped moving as she realized she had lost.

Loki held her position, as she looked at Thor helmet. Loki explained, like a teacher giving a lesson to her student, “You just made several mistakes at once. In a duel, one should never do complex movements which do not directly involved in the battle. Such as reaching across your chest.”

Thor bitterly agreed, “Thee is correct.”

Loki stated, “It was even more foolish that you let go of your weapon with your right hand, which is your sword arm. This is apparent to anyone that studies your fights. Do not get me wrong. You are skilled with your left hand. But, you favor your right.”

“As I have been saying. In a fight with Sidious, you have to fight defensively, while being creative. Trying to use two weapons at once is an offensive style will have you quickly killed by Sidious.”

“Mjolnir is enchanted to the point it can protect itself from force attacks. But, your sword is not enchanted in such a manner. No matter how tough your blade is, Sidious can use the force to shatter the blade, or use the force to turn your blade against you.”

“Always, keep your two hands on Mjolnir at all times. And keep the hammer close as you fight. Do not overextend your reach. As you saw. I demonstrated how Sidious could easily get passed your defenses. Also, holding your weapon with one hand increases the chances of Sidious disarming you. All Sidious has to physically separate you from Mjolnir for only a moment and it is all over. Sidious will immediately exploit any of these mistakes with deadly consequences towards yourself.”

Loki slightly tightened the grip she had of her right hand on Thor's left forearm. The slightly tightened grip was not painful to Thor, but it was noticeable. Loki continued, “Instead of gripping you left arm, Sidious would have just cut off your left arm to separate you from Mjolnir. And even if you survived that attack, you may not realize this, but your regenerative abilities has limited. You might be able to reattach you arm if you escape. But, the regenerate abilities Mjolnir gives you will not normally regrow limbs. Though, there are exceptions.”

Thor admitted, “Thou did not know this.” Thor thought, 'I know that Mjolnir can be used to sense and manipulate energy. Including the lifeforce of other people. Though, this abilities have to be consciously requested by the wielder. It is likely that one can consciously request Mjolnir to increase one's healing abilities. Still, the only way to test this is to be seriously injured. And I have no interesting in seriously harming myself. But, it is nice to have options.'

Loki mentioned, “Now you do. Also, there is a loophole when is came to moving Mjolnir. If the wielder's hand is touch Mjolnir, someone else can move the hammer. Even if Sidious kills you. If one of your hands is still gripping Mjolnir, he may be able to move Mjolnir. This will allow him to take both you corpse and Mjolnir to a secure location where he can study both your dead body and Mjolnir. Sidious might even be able to do this by having your body touch Mjolnir after you die. Given enough time, I am sure Sidious would be able to unlock the power of Mjolnir and figure out how Mjolnir gives you this wonderfully powerful form you wear. Such discoveries would allow Sidious to become a demigod.”

Loki mentally lamented, 'Though, to be honest Palpatine is likely close to being a demigod right now. But, I do not want to discourage you. Still, with the power of Mjolnir, you are around demigod level as well. That being said, Palpatine likely can have his souls jump bodies if he has to. I need to warn you about that ability and some of the other more scary abilities he has.'

Thor commented, “That is a scary thought.” Thor thought, 'If I do face Sidious and he defeats me, I will make sure I do not leave a body behind. That will prevent him from doing this and prevent him from moving Mjolnir.'

Loki responded, “Yes. It is. In addition, trying to go for you sword in the middle of a fight is foolish. Besides, using the sword would be suicide. Mjolnir offers several different forms of protection at once. Thus the hammer is a better choice.”

Thor swallowed her pride, as she thought, 'You are only pointing out these mistakes to help me.' Thor said, “Thou understands. And thy vibro-katana is known as the Black Solace.”

Loki complimented, “A fitting name for such a black blade. Though, keep in mind Sidious might try to use that weapon against you, even when you are holding that weapon in your hands. So keep that weapon in its scabbard during the battle. I will not suggest discarding the weapon before you battle Sidious, because if things go sideways that weapon might prove useful. It is nice to have options.”

Thou commented, “Thou will keep this in mind.”

Loki responded, “Please do so. Also, keep in mind that Mjolnir is not indestructible. While traveling through Latverion, I heard a rumor that an enchanted sword known as Excalibur was able to cut through the shaft of a Mjolnir hammer like yours into two pieces. I do not believe a lightsaber by itself can damage Mjolnir. But, a force enhanced lightsaber, or an force enchanted blade might be able to damage Mjolnir. Such as a Sith blade.”

“Fortunately, such weapons are very rare. Those that possess such weapons prefer to put the Sith swords on a mantle than use them for combat. Even Sith Lords prefer to use a lightsaber over a Sith blade. And do not worry. I have no intention of telling anyone about this weakness Mjolnir may have.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.” She thought, 'It is wise to know one's weaknesses.'

Loki commented, “Also, do not toss the hammer into a star, black hole, or even drop the hammer onto a planet from orbit. It is not worth the risk. And do not throw your hammer at a foe you believe is stronger than yourself. Such a foe might be able to catch the hammer and crush it with their hands.”

Thor requested, “Thou will keep this in mind. Now, could thee please remove your blade away from thou's face and let go of thou's arm.”

Loki replied, “Sure.”

Loki let go of Thor's left forearm with her right hand. Loki slowly back up, as she moved her lightsaber blade away from Thor's face.

As Loki moved her lightsaber blade away from Thor's throat. Loki calmly back away from Thor.

Meanwhile, Thor lower Mjolnir to her left side, as she lower her right hand to her right side.

Soon, Loki came to a stop two meters in front of Thor.

Thor and Loki looked at each other.

Loki offered, “If Mjolnir is damaged. Come to me with the pieces of the hammer. I may be able to use my magics to repair the hammer. But, no promises.”

Thor said, “Thou appreciates the offer.”

Loki gripped her lightsaber hilt with her right hand. Loki took on a two-handed offensive style with her body and weapon. Loki looked at Thor, as she stated, “Okay. Let us take this back from the top.”

Thor replied, in a slightly confused manner, “What?”

Loki smiled inwardly, as she thought, 'You am not going to let you so easily walk away from this duel.'

Loki maintained her offensive stance, as she responded, “I asked for originality. It was my mistake for not clarifying on what type of originality I desired. You want to able to face Sidious and defeat him. Then, I need to show you how. So, back from the top. I want you to take a two-handed defensive approach, as I am spar with you. Say when you are ready.”

Under her helmet, Thor smiled, as she thought, 'I am learning so much from you. And since neither of us are clearly trying to kill the other, we can learn much from each other while having this duel.'

Thor faced Loki. Thor brought Mjolnir back around to her front. Thor gripped the shaft of the hammer with both her hands.

Through the slits of Thor's helmet, Loki noticed Thor's smile.

Thor did as Loki suggested. Thor took a defensive stance with her body and Mjolnir.

Loki noticed this. Loki returned Thor's smile. Loki stated, “Nice form. Now, I want you to fight defensive for the most part. But, do not be afraid to go on the offensive is the situation calls for doing so. Let me know when you are ready.”

A few seconds later, Thor maintained her smile, as she said, “Ready.”

Loki kept her smile, as she replied, “Good. Now let us begin.”

Loki charged at Thor.

Thor remained in place as Loki approached her.

When Loki reached Thor, they restarted their duel. Loki clashed her green lightsaber blade against the head of Mjolnir. But, unlike before Loki was being the aggressor, while Thor was mostly focusing on defense. Though, when the opportunity presented itself, Thor tried to go through Loki's defenses only to find that Loki was able to counter Thor's strikes.

While they continued to spar, Loki commented, “Good. You are maintaining a solid defense. You are also trying to pierce my defenses. This is good. This is what I want. Though, when it comes to the pace of this battle, I was expecting more from someone trained by both Obiwan and Anakin.”

Loki struck out with her lightsaber.

Thor blocked the blow with Mjolnir, as she replied, “Actually, thou usually fights faster than this.”

Loki pulled back her weapon, as she demanded, “Then, let us see this speed.”

Thor went on the offensive. She used her super-speed to increase her attacks. Though, she quickly found that Loki was able to match her speed and strength blow for blow, with neither opponent gaining any advantage in the battle.

As they continued to spar, Thor thought, 'She can keep up with myself. She is fast, strong, and skilled. She may not be as physically swift and strong at my peak abilities. But, we are not at that point yet. I am sure even if I was going all out, she could bridge the gap with her skills. I am glad this is not a serious fight, or I would be in real trouble. Now, let's try a verbal jab.'

Thor attacked with Mjolnir, as she asked, “Is thee tired, yet?”

Loki blocked the blow, as she complimented, “A classic insult. And no. Neither of us will tire at this rate for at least another few hours.”

Thor pulled back her weapon from Loki, as she replied, “Thou agrees.” Thor thought, 'Let us try something else.'

Thor jumped back, to land five meters from Loki. Thor landed on her feet, as she maintained her battle stance.

Loki did not follow Thor, though she held her fighting stance towards Thor.

Thor kept her eyes on Loki, as she watched the sky behind Loki.

Thor began to use her elemental powers, with the color hues of the sunset showing the clouds began to grow and turn dark.

Then, to Thor's surprise, the cloud cover over the clearing suddenly when poof into small puffs of smoke which quickly dissipated in the wind.

Thor focused on Loki. She asked, “How?”

Loki looked at Thor. Loki shrugged. Loki casually replied, “I am a goddess of fire, after all.”

Thor commented, “Thou is surprised thee does not use your abilities often.”

Loki stated, “I am not a pyromaniac. I do not like people being injured with fire.”

Thor said, “Thou appreciates that thee is not a sadist.”

Loki responded, “No problem. Also, do not try to fly and use your powers from a distance. The further you are from Sidious, the more he can throw at you. Including, using the air itself, in the form of wind, to push you down, back to the ground. Should you both simultaneously try to use strong gusts of wind at each other, this will create powerful tornadoes. When it comes to tornadoes, if you are in the air you will be pushed about from all angles. Thus, you will be at a disadvantage. While Sidious will be on the ground, and he will have the advantage of having stable footing.”

Thor replied, “Thou will duly note this.”

Loki stated, “Good. Now, let us continue this.”

Both women charged at each other, with them soon resuming their duel.

As they continued to spar each other with their weapons, Loki noticed something. Loki stated, “I know what you are thinking. You are just trying to ignore all distractions and power on through. Sure you are half listening to me. But, you need to do more.”

Thor blocked Loki's lightsaber with the head of Mjolnir. Then, she struck with the circular flat end of the hammer towards Loki, as she said, “Well, thee talks too much. It is distracting.”

Loki sidestepped the blow. Loki did not strike, as she responded, “Quite the contrary. You need to figure out how not to be distracted in such a manner. Sidious will try to attack you in every way possible. You need to keep your mental and physical defends up. Also, he will try to use his voice and his words to mess with your head. Such as insults and force mind tricks.”

At the mention of mental defenses, Thor focused her mental defensive further, as she pulled back her weapon.

Loki noticed Thor's mental defenses with her abilities.

Both women can to a stop. Though, both of them held their weapons in defensive positions.

As they looked at each other, Loki went onto say, “You have good, solid mental defenses. In addition, you already know when to throw an insult. This is good. When Sidious realizes he cannot use the force to invade your mind, nor cast illusions, or use mind tricks against you, he will start to gloat and insult you. He will do this to try to anger you, or sadness you, to cause you to have a moment of weakness, allowing him an opening to strike.”

“When Sidious starts talking. And he will. Turn his words against him. Make him upset. Use his tactics against him. The will help create the chance of more openings in his defenses. But, be careful not the creation of any opening in your own defenses by responding to Sidious.”

Loki struck out at the Thor with her lightsaber.

Thor defended the attack, as she stated, “Those are wise words. Also, the green light of your blade brings out the emerald irises of your eyes.”

Loki pulled back her the energy blade, as she said, “Thank you. And I agree. Though, that is the opposite of what I was talking about.” Loki was mindful of her battle with Thor, as she thought, 'My lightsaber blade really does being out my eyes.'

Thor struck out Loki with the flat of the hammer's head. Under her helmet, Thor smirked. She commented, “But, thee was expecting the opposite.”

Loki parried the the flat end of Mjolnir's hammer with her lightsaber blade. Loki let out a laugh. Loki said, “Point taken.”

Loki parried the blow with the green blade of her lightsaber. She said, “Now, let us see how long you can keep this up.”

Thor dropped her smile, as she concentrated on the sparring match.

They both focused on matching each other, blow for blow, power for power, in speed, strength, and skills.

The battle continued for several minutes, as the sun continued to set in the horizon.

When sunset turned into twilight, with the sun already over the horizon, though still offering some light to the clearing Thor and Loki was in. Loki jumped back five meters.

Thor was already rushing towards Loki.

A moment after Loki landed on her feet, she held her weapon up in a defensive position. Loki strongly stated, “Enough.”

Thor immediately stop two meters from Loki. Thor stood a few steps back, as she let go of Mjolnir with her left hand, and lowered the hammer to her right side. Thor came to a stop three meters from Loki.

Meanwhile, Loki deactivated her lightsaber, and she put the lightsaber hilt back into her jacket where she had kept her weapons.

Loki smiled towards Thor. Loki complimented, “Not bad. Once you understood what I was asking for, you maintained your defenses, while continuing to press your attack. Even your mental defenses are up. You have reached a point where I believe you can probably hold you own against Sidious. At least for a little while.”

Thor inquired, “If thee feels that way, why not help us unmask Sidious and defeat him? I understand why do you not want to face Sidious alone. But, together we could defeat him.”

Loki answered, “The risks are too great. If we lose, he might learn what I know. Then, his hunger will grow from desiring a galaxy to desiring a multiverse. While there are some people in the multiverse that no longer care for me, I still care about them.”

Thor understood the subtext of Loki's words. Thor soberly thought, 'Whatever happened before you came to this reality, you clearly you had a falling-out with your loved ones. But, I am not going to pry into such matters. Doing so would be rude. Especially, for someone whom has been so helpful towards my friends and myself.'

Thor said, “Thou can appreciate this.”

Loki replied, “I know.”

Thor thought, 'Besides his powers, I need to know what other resources Sidious can field against my friends and myself.' Thor questioned, “Besides Dooku. Does Sidious have any other force users under his service?”

Loki thought, 'I might as well give you the basics. But, I need to be careful not to tip you off that Sidious is Palpatine.'

Loki answered, “Sidious keeps a few dark side adepts. Though, these force users are mostly untrained. And he uses them as a assistants, not as assassins. They would not be a danger to you. He only has one apprentice at a time. And as far as I can tell. After Dooku disappeared, Sidious has yet to pick a new apprentice.”

Thor thought, 'From what I learned from Dooku and my visions, Sidious is likely trying to decide if he wants Anakin or myself as his apprentice. But, I will not let him have any of us.'

Loki mentioned, “Still, Sidious can turn someone to the dark side of the force. He can easily brainwash the weak willed. And even a Jedi Master can be broken over time.”

Thor thought, 'If Sidious captures one of us, he might be able to break that person. But, that would take time and I have resources that I can call on to hope rescue that person before Sidious breaks my friend. And I have a feeling Loki, that you would do everything in your power to find me, if I disappeared.'

Thor commented, “That is... Disconcerting.”

Loki agreed, “True.”

Thor stated, “If thou is ever captured or disappears, thou will arrange for Anakin to contact you.”

Loki thought, 'Good. You are planning ahead, in case the worst happens.'

Loki responded, “That will be fine. If you are captured by the Confederacy, I will make sure you are treated well. I cannot promise you identity will be kept secret. And you will be consider a powerful bargaining chip. But, you will be treated well.”

Thor conceded, “Thy guess that is fair. If we of the Republic captured you, we would treat you the same way.”

Loki said, “I hope you would.” She thought, 'Though, with Palpatine in charge, I doubt that would be the case. Also...” Loki continued, “Also, if someone else has captured you. Such as Sidious. I will help Anakin find you as quickly as possible. With luck, we will find you before he can turn you.”

Thor commented, “Thou hopes this situation does not come about.”

Loki stated, “So do I. Now this leads me to my next lessons for you. There two other forms of attack that Sidious may try, if you are able to make him disparate enough to do so. Though, I am not sure how to teach you to defend against these attacks. But, I can still tell you about these attacks. The first attack is he can use the force drain the life of someone, or the energy from machines. The other attack is he can infuse you with the force and make you one of his dark side servants.”

Thor inquired, “It is possible to give someone the force? Thou has heard rumors of this, but the Jedi consider this taboo.” Thor thought, 'I have heard this in passing a few times by Obama and Anakin mention this in passing, but they said it was taboo.'

Loki responded, “Yes. And most Jedi and Sith consider taboo to do so. Sidious feels differently on this matter. I can empower people in a similar way with my magics. And I will stand by the quality of my skills that it was not the abilities I gave Jar Jar which ultimately drove him insane.”

Thor replied, “We will table the discussion on this matter for later.”

Loki stated, “Thank you. Anyway, a powerful force user, or even a object powerful in the force can be used to infuse someone with the force. Light side, or dark side. It does not matter.”

“Done properly, infusing a person with the force will make the person be able to use the force without harm to the person. If the process is improperly done the infusion can drive the person insane, physically cripple the person, and even eventually kill that person.”

“As you can guess, if Sidious needs a dark side servant that badly, he would not care about the long term effects of doing so.”

Thor inquired, “What does thee mean by infusing someone of the force? What does that exactly entail?

Loki said, “Sidious' force infusion is where he literally infusing a small part of his soul, along with the dark side of the force he uses into another person.”

Thor thought, 'That is a scary thought. To be invaded in such a way would be worse than physical rape.'

Loki went onto say, “This can be done to an unwilling victim. And even if it is done unwillingly, if the person is weak willed, the person will become Sidious' thrall. Though, a strong willed person could break free of Sidious' influence. Though, they would still have to content with the dark side of the force in their body, but such power can be purified.”

Thor thought, 'So, there are treatments if something like this happens. But, I would prefer to know how to defend against such attacks. Though, first I need to know how dangerous such individuals can be. In case Sidious sends such dark servants after my friends, my family, or myself.'

Thor questioned, “It is good there are options if the worst happened to a person against their will. How powerful would these... Artificial force users be?”

Loki answered, “That is the term we use, as well. To answer your question. It depends. For Sidious, the level of power he gives his artificial force users is usually around the power of a mid level Jedi Knight. But, they lack the skills to fully utilize their abilities. With this power, Sidious only infuses them with enough knowledge in the force and lightsaber combat to be equal to a mid level padawan. Sidious does not want to give them enough power and knowledge to allow them any ideas of turning on him.”

“Such artificial force users would not stand a chance against you as Thor. Most of your Jedi friends would make short work of one or two such individuals at once. Though, if such artificial force users attacked as a group, this group would present a challenge to your Jedi friends.”

“By Sidious infusing a person with the force, each of these individuals forms a force bond with Sidious. Each dark servant become Sidious' eyes and ears. Sidious can psychically communicate with the each of his dark servants from across the galaxy. At any given time, Sidious will know where each of his dark servants are. What a dark servant learns Sidious will learn through that person. And Sidious can take direct control of one of his servants like a puppet. All this makes Sidious' servants very dangerous. Though, his dark servants nowhere near as dangerous as Sidious.”

Thor thought, 'With such an ability, in theory, Sidious could turn almost anyone into a spy and assassin, except for a perhaps a master of the force.'

Thor commented, “Thou sees the danger in such abilities.”

Loki stated, “The problem is the only way to teach you how to defend against such abilities would require myself to cross lines which I refuse to do so.”

Thor thought, 'I have to tell her.' Thor stated, “Thy has good news. When thou fought Durge, thy found Mjolnir let thou sense energy of thyself, other people and technology.”

Loki said, “That is good news.” Loki thought, 'I can work with this.' Loki requested, “Please explain?”

Thor commented, “When thou fought Durge, thou was able to request the ability of Mjolnir to sense the energy sources around thyself. Once though could sense and identify these energy sources, thou found thyself able to manipulate and draw the power from Durge's armor. But, thou was careful not to draw energy from Durge.”

Loki thought, 'It is obvious you realized the dangers of such abilities and you took precautions. It is nice be able to talk to someone that thinks before acting. And I believe from this you can explain how to defend yourself from such esoteric attacks.'

Loki stated, “Good. Draining energy is a slippery slope. And this changes things. I believe you can defend yourself if you know what to look for. If Sidious tries to drain the life from you, doing so will feel like something is pulled from outside of you.”

“If Sidious tried to infuse you with the force, it will feel like something is being pressed against you, with the intent to get into your body.”

“To defend against these attacks, imagine creating a barrier with the power of Mjolnir inside your body, pushing outward. This should counter such attacks.”

Thor replied, “Thy believe thou should be able to do so.” Thor thought, 'At least I now have a working idea for a defense against such attacks.'

Loki commented, “If you are able to kill Sidious. Be careful, this force infusion ability is similar to a force user possessing another person. The only difference is transferring a small part of oneself instead of their entire soul. Sidious has the ability to transfer his soul into other people. If he dies in battle, keep your guard up, he may tried to possess your body. If he tries, you will be able to sense him the same way as if he tried to infuse you with the force. You can block him from entering you with the same abilities.”

“This is likely similar to how Abeloth influences people and possesses the people. Though, I am not sure. But, I believe this defense will work against her, as well.”

Thor recalled, as she thought, 'This is nice to know. Now, I remember you mentioning to Anakin and I that in the other timeline Sidious did not stay dead. So how do we stop him?'

Thor inquired, “Thou will keep this mind. Though, if death will not keep him dead, how can he be permanently stopped?”

Loki answered, “By exposing him to the populations of the galaxy. Doing so will leave him all but powerless. Sith Lords such as himself require secrecy to be truly dangerous. Once everyone knows who and what Sidious truly is, Sidious will have little power outside of brutal tactics with the force.”

“Contrary to what the Jedi and Sith believe. The force is not all powerful. Most of the power the Jedi and Sith hold concerning the force are due to both their organizations being able to keep the rest of the galaxy ignorant of how the force works. The only point both the Jedi and Sith agree on is to keep the rest of the galaxy ignorant about the force. But, once a person has a basic understanding of how the mechanics of the force works, one can learn to counter most force abilities one way, or another.”

Thor commented, “That makes a lot of sense.”

Loki stated, “Remember. Ignorance is the tool of tyrants.” Loki thought, 'I may have my secrets. But, do not believe people should be ignorant of facts and general information.'

Thor replied, “Thou will.”

Thor thought, 'I guess no solutions in dealing with Sith Lords have to be through violence. And as a politician, I know how to use such tactics to their fullest.'

Loki mentioned, “I know. Also, I believe you can use Mjolnir to create an electrical energy shield around yourself and the hammer. Like an deflector shield on a starship. But, I am not sure how you can do that.” Loki thought, 'I can do something similar, but the way I do so is likely different than the way Mjolnir will let you do so.'

Thor thought, 'This is interesting. I could make an energy shield around me similar to the one Durge used against my lightning attacks... If I knew how to do so. I will later figure how to do so.'

Thor questioned, “Thou will keep that in mind. Though, why did thee not mention these two abilities when you talked to Anakin and thy on Gavryn?”

Loki answered, “As Anakin is right now, he is a decent guy. But, I do not want to tempt him with forbidden power.”

Thor stated, “After what thee have informed thou of, those are wise words by thee. Thy realizes thee really is not thy's enemy. This was a sparring lesson. Not a battle.”

Loki responded, “As the Father told you in your visions. I am not your enemy. You and I are not so different. We are both destined to fail, yet we never give up trying to reach our goals.”

Thor said, “That is called being human.”

Loki corrected, “No. That is called being a person.”

Thor replied, “Thank you.”

Loki smiled, as she said, “You are welcome. Though, there is one more lesson. Fighting Sidious in battle may not be your greatest difficulty in facing Sidious. The Jedi in the other timeline did not understand this, and their oversight on this matter lead to their destruction. Always remember. The law that cannot be broke can surely be bent.”

Loki thought, 'I did enjoy that Gargoyles series. And this is the prefect quote for the information I am trying to impart.'

Thor stated, “Thou does not understand.”

Loki maintained her smile, as she responded, “You will understand when the time is right. I am sure when that time comes you will understand what I am saying. Until next time. Have fun.”

Then, Loki disappear in the blink of an eye. As she used her powers to teleport away.

A few seconds later, Thor noticed the static return on her communication device on her right ear.

Thor thought, 'Loki sure does know how to make an exit.'

By then, the last of the twilight had disappeared, leaving night to cast its shadow on the area.

Thor looked up the stars and the single moon rising in the sky. Thor sighed. Thor mentally reflected, 'Loki. You have given me a lot of think about. And I realize I cannot state much about what you told me in my report without sounding like a lunatic. And worst. The only person that would likely give such a report the most credence would be Sidious, whom I am sure has access to any of the reports I make.'

'Though, Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan, would likely believe me. But, then what. This kind of information could ruin our relationship with each other. Especially, my relationship with Anakin. I do not want that to happen.'

'So, I will will remain silent on what I have been told. And I will stay vigilant, to make sure Anakin, nor any of my friends turn to the dark side of the force. Nor, will I allow myself to turn to the dark side.'

'As for if I have children or not. I am not sure. The Father gave me a possible vision of a happy family, with children and Anakin as their father. So, I will not dismiss having children just because of the possibility I may die in childbirth. That is a risk all mothers must make when bearing their young. A risk I will not run from.'

'Loki mentioned that my counterpart's body was not ready to give birth when she did and that was what likely lead to her death from giving birth to twins. That, along with her trust being betrayed, and she was denied medical care.'

'I am not sure about Yoda. No one is sure what the little green elf is thinking. But, I have spent years with Obiwan. I believe I have a far better friendship with my Obiwan than my counterpart ever did with her Obiwan. I know my Obiwan will not betray. So, I will not worry about him.'

'Though, Loki was right to warn me. I believe if I did become pregnant. As long as I am careful. That I seek medical aid in the form of regular medical checkups. And I make sure I am doing alright. I will be fine.'

Thor looked down to her right side, and at Mjolnir, as she continued her thoughts, 'Though, I may not use you while I am pregnant. No offense. But, I have no idea what effect you might have on any children I have as they grow within my body.'

Thor looked back up at the sky, as she mentally lamented, 'Now, back to the matter at hand. I am going to have to write a report, due to the effort I went to arrange this meeting, and the people I had to get permission from. I will have to make some sort of report, and give that report to those whom gave me permission to be here to justify them letting me take this mission.'

'Fortunately, I know what I am going to put into my report. Nothing definitively learned. Because, everything Loki said is based on her word. Which I believe. Though, given the claims she made to me, I highly doubt anyone else would.'

'I will add a few things. Minor details that go in line with what I have written in other reports. Also, I will mention that Loki hinted that during the power shift within the Confederacy, Dooku, Nute Gunray, and the other original members of the Separatist Council were kill. That will provide enough details to satisfy those whom will read my report.'

'Though, the more outlandish claims dealing with possible future events, and that this reality is a work of fiction, will remain between Loki and I. I do not wish people to question my sanity.'

'I believe I will also keep quite on the Yuuzhan Vong. Years ago, Sidious may have learned of Obiwan's report. If that report did not leave the Jedi Council. That is debatable. Either way, I do not want Sidious to learn any more of those creatures. He might be tempted to try to seek out any of them that are already in the galaxy. And that can only mean trouble for everyone involved... Unless, he was already preparing for the Yuuzhan Vong this entire time. Loki commented was a possibility. But, I do not give much weight to that possibility.'

'Though, I recall that in Obiwan's report, Loki mentioned that the Sith might trying to make a deal with the Yuuzhan Vong.'

'Due to Sidious starting this war and under Loki took control of the Confederacy, he was influencing both sides of the war. It is possible Sidious would make overtures to the Yuuzhan Vong, while secretly preparing to destroy them. That would fit Sidious' tactics.'

'Between what I know and what Loki has told me. Sidious plans to kill all the major leaders on both sides and take control. But, with Loki in charge of the Confederacy, he is denied from doing so.'

'Still, I have the answers I sought from Loki. Along with a few warnings, and lessons on what to expect, should I ever face Sidious. Though, from everything Loki has said, I believe I would rather come at Sidious with a Jedi Cruiser. Not one on one. But, if I do end up facing Sidious, I doubt I will have that option.'

'Now, to return to the war, and the adventure my life has become.'

Thor turned to look at her space yacht. Then, she began walking back to her ship. She held Mjolnir by the shaft in her right hand at her right side.

Thor could have used flown back to her spaceship. But, it was a pleasant night with a cool breeze, with nice surroundings, and she wanted to enjoy the moment a little longer.

Twenty minutes later, Thor walked up the open ramp to her ship. She pushed a button on the panel by the exterior doors at the top of the ramp to open the outer doors.

After the doors were open, Thor walked inside her ship.

Once inside her ship, Thor used the interior control panel by the outer doors to shut the outer doors and raised the ramp.

Then, Thor turned from the sealed outer doors and she made her way to the cockpit.

As Thor walked down a hallway in the ship, she turned back to Padme, in her normal form, in some casual clothing, of a red short sleeve shirt, blue pants, and red slippers.

When Padme made it to the cockpit, she sat in the left cockpit armchair. She set Mjolnir beside her on the floor, to her right side, between the two front cockpit chairs. Mjolnir was set on top of its head, with the shaft of Mjolnir sitting upwards by the right armrest of the chair Padme was sitting in. This was so that if Padme needed to change to Thor, she could grip Mjolnir and do so at a moments notice.

As few seconds later, after Padme got comfortable in her cushioned armchair, she began to do a preflight check and prep her ship to take off. She turned on the engines, and once all the instruments check out, she hovered the ship into the air. After she cleared the treetops, she retracted the landing gear. After which, she flew her ship towards space.

Once the space yacht reached space, in orbit over the planet, Padme used one of the ships on board astromech droids to calculate the coordinates to Coruscant. When the calculations were ready, Padme had her ship jump to hyperspace, with the ship heading back to Coruscant.

Then, Padme set the communications to the audio only, encrypted, secret channel that Anakin and Obiwan had made for her, Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obiwan to use.

As Padme waiting for the other end of the communication line to connect, she mentally reflected, 'If my time is correct, it should be late evening for Anakin. And he should be in his quarters, wherever that is, and he will be able to pick up my call. I doubt Ahsoka and Obiwan will interrupt our conversation. I will keep what Loki said to me, about this reality being fiction to myself. Along with what I learned about the future. But, I will tell Anakin a few things.'

Padme heard the communication line began to ring.

A few seconds later, the other end picked up.

Padme recognized Anakin's voice, as Anakin asked, “How did things go?”

Padme thought, 'As I suspected. You were likely waiting by your holo-comm for me to call. With you setting your holo-comm to monitor our secret communication channel. And while this is an encrypted channel, we both know to keep our comments vague on important matters, such as this mission.'

Padme stated, “Fine. I talked with her. And things went well.”

Anakin inquired, “Do you learn anything?”

Padme answered, “A few things. Like she did give our friend his size changing abilities. But, she did not twist his mind.” Padme thought, 'Anakin will keep this secret.'

Anakin questioned, “Do you believe her?”

Padme replied, “Yes.”

Anakin asked, “Was there anything else you learned from her?”

Padme stated, “A few rumors. But, nothing I wish to discuss until I have further evidence.”

Anakin said, “I understand. I am still on Coruscant. I convinced the council to allow my student and I to stay on the planet. To be ready, just in case you went missing and you needed rescuing.”

Padme commented, “I appreciate that. Also, do not ever go after her.”

Anakin asked, “Why?”

Padme cautioned, “She will make any such attempts to go after her very embarrassing for yourself.” Padme thought, 'I thought teasing you by calling you, Annie, was bad. Loki figured a way to take it to a whole new level.'

Anakin said, “I will take your comment under advisement.”

Padme requested, “Also, I know she is on the other side of this war. But, if I am ever captured, or I disappear with telling you, contact her. She will help you find me.”

Anakin replied, “I will.”

Padme responded, “Thank you. I will see you in a few days.”

Anakin stated, “I look for to that.”

Padme replied, “So do I.”

Padme turned off the communication channel. Next, Padme set the autopilot on the dashboard controls in front of her.

Once Padme was sure everything was alright, she got up from her chair. She picked up Mjolnir with her right hand. Then, she headed for the kitchen area of her ship to get something to eat.


Meanwhile, across the galaxy, Loki has instantly teleported into one of her many safe houses. The current safe house Loki had willed herself to teleport to was on a rural farming world. It was daytime on the side of the planet Loki was on. Sunlight came through the edges of the curtains covering the windows to provide Loki with plenty of illumination to see with.

Loki was presently standing near the middle of the living room of her safe house.

Loki quickly got her bearings. A few seconds later, she turned and walked over to a computer which sat of a large shelf by a wall. The computer was connected to some speakers on the same shelf, set to the sides of the computer.

When Loki reached the computer, she turned it on, and she set it to start to play some specific music she had preset, at a reasonable, comfortable volume.

The music was sort of like human late 1970's to early 1980's joyful rock and roll musical song played by alien music instruments, as a woman's voice sang in an alien language.

Loki was not sure what the woman was saying. Even her allspeak abilities, which all her to understand almost any spoke language, had limits. Her allspeak abilities allowed Loki to understand the basics of the words being spoken, but not the full context of what was being said.

Loki had realized that many of the alien songs she had collected in this galaxy, one had to be familiar with the culture of where the specific song originated to truly understand and appreciate the song.

Though, whatever the woman was singing, the woman showed much passion in her voice, while staying in tune with the music.

Also, Loki found the melody and beat of the music to be entertaining.

Loki thought, 'The woman has some singing skills. And while this is not rock and roll music, it is close enough.'

Loki looked around room, at the furniture and furnishing in the room, as she allowed her thoughts to wonder, while she listened to the music.

Loki mentally reflected, 'Padme. Thank you for letting me know that Jedi Order actually remember that little incident of where I talked some Jedi out of their lightsabers. I am flattered the Jedi created such a phrase about me.'

'Concerning what happened. Before then, I did not realize the Jedi could be so gullible. The only reason I did not make that incident public knowledge would be that what happened was so embarrassing to the Jedi Order that for everyone to learn what happened, on principle alone the Jedi Order would have to hunt me down and kill me.'

Loki giggle a little, as she smiled.

A few seconds later, Loki still giggling, and her smile dimmed.

As Loki mused, she remembered something she forgot to mention in her conversation with Thor. She thought, 'While we talked about dangerous people, I forgot to mention Darth Krayt to Padme. I need to quietly check on the status of Jedi A'Sharad Hett. He might be a Jedi Knight, or he might have already been promoted to Jedi Master. I am not sure. Though, as long as the Jedi Order is not destroyed, I doubt he will ever become Darth Krayt. Whom was almost as dangerous as Sidious and Darth Vader combined.'

'When Hett became a Sith Lord, he named himself after the krayt dragons. A fitting name for him. He was both powerful and dangerous.'

'But, besides his own personal abilities, what made Darth Krayt dangerous was that he was open to allowing more than just one Sith apprentice. Darth Krayt lead an army of Sith, called the One Sith. They were named after the one rule they followed. That rule being total obedience to Darth Krayt. His subordinates were not just thoughtless fools. He made sure they were trained to be savvy, fight well, and be skilled at problem solving.'

'Still, if there is no Darth Krayt, there is not One Sith. The One Sith was created when Darth Krayt has a vision of the One Sith while bein tortured by the Yuuzhan Vong.'

'For Hett to become Darth Krayt, the Jedi Order would have to be destroyed. He would have to escape and survive the Jedi purge. He would have to be driven from his adopted people the Sand People of Tatooine where he had hidden himself. Obiwan was the one whom drove Hett from the Sand People in the original timeline. Obiwan has a real knack for helping to create Sith Lords. Then, Hett would have to be captured and tortured by the Yuuzhan Vong, only for him to later escape the Yuuzhan Vong.'

'That is a lot of ifs. And with the changes in the timelines, I believe this is too many ifs for Hett to become Darth Krayt.'

'Even so, I seem to recall Aurra killed Hett's father, Sharad Hett, in battle. And Hett has a vendetta against Aurra over the matter. I will check into the matter. If that is the case, if it becomes a problem, I will not let this issue get one of my agents killed. And I will not let this cause the death of Hett, which would make me an direct enemy of the Jedi Order. Where right now, the Jedi Order consider me a target of opportunity.'

'Though, this vendetta by Hett could turned Hett to the dark side. Something I wish to avoid. When I have time, I will research the events surrounding the death of Hett's father. I will not let this issue become a problem for anyone involved.'

'I do not think telling Padme about Hett will change things one way or another. I will give Jedi Hett the benefit of the doubt. And outside of battles within this war. I will leave him alone. Though, I will still keep an eye on him. Besides, I have more immediate concerns to deal with.'

Loki began to casually walk in meandering, circular path through room, as she lamented in thought, 'Ah, Padme. I hope what I told you does not haunt you. Sure, finding out your whole reality is a work of fiction in other realities can be a bit difficult to handle. But, whom am I to talk? My origins and my home are far more outlandish than your origins and home. That is saying something. Though, questioning what is real and what is not from this metaphysical point of view could lead to insanity. Not that anyone would notice if I went crazy.'

'I hate myself for having to tell you not to have children. I like Luke and Leia. Good kids. And Han, Chewy, and Lando, are great guys to have around. I need to look up Han, Chewbacca, and Lando sometime. Make sure they are doing okay. Chewy is already an adult, so he should be living somewhere on his homeworld of Kashyyyk. As for the other two. Right now they are young children, and I have no idea where they are. But, this is for later.'

'I was tempted to tell you, Padme, that your counterpart named her children Leia and Luke. But, if you do have children. Against my warnings. I want to see what names you pick out for your children. Because, I am curious to find out how such minor details might change in this altered timeline.'

'And while I desired to tell you that Bail was there at the birth of your counterpart's children, I know it was for the best not to do so.'

'Bail got dragged into that incident and he was along for the ride. He could not have changed anything. Nor could have had saved your counterpart. Also, he raised Leia to be a strong, honorable woman.'

'Right now, Bail is the only real friend you have in the Galactic Senate. If I had mentioned Bail, this could have driven a wedge between the two of you at the worst possible time. I need Bail where he is at, by your side in the Senate. Because any political hopes of bringing down Palpatine rests with you and Bail working together.'

'Though, from our little sparring session and what I have learned from other sources, you and your friends are still not ready to face Palpatine. I am disappointed in that. I would hope that at this point in time you would be close to ready. But, that is clearly not the case. Unless I am severely underestimating your abilities. I hope I am.'

'While I have plans to deal with Palpatine that do not involve you. Your involvement would dramatically lessen the number of causalities likely required in taking out Palpatine and saving the population of this galaxy from a dark age in this timeline. At least until the Yuuzhan Vong arrive. But, I will deal with them when they arrive. Though, that should be some time from now.'

'Still, I can help with preparing you, Padme. Along with preparing your friends. I need you all to become better and become more focused. And I know just how to do it. It will take a while to set up. I will have to call in a few markers from favors people owe me. But, if I play this right, no one will see this coming. Not you, Padme. Not Anakin. Not the Jedi Order. And especially not Palpatine.'

Loki began to plot and plan her next moves in not only fighting the Clone Wars, but ending the Clone Wars once and for all.


A week later, it was a sunny morning in the Senate District on Coruscant. It has been few days after Padme returned to Coruscant, where she reunited with her friends, Anakin and Ahsoka, while Obiwan was busy in his new job as one of the High Council members of the Jedi Order.

High up in the Senate Building, inside the Chancellor's office, Sheev Palpatine sat in his armchair, at his desk.

Palpatine was dress in his a black suit and black dress shoes. Over his clothing he wore his dark red Chancellor's robe. He left his robe open to show his formal clothing underneath his robe.

The only other people in the room were two members of the Red Guard, whom were located across the room from Palpatine. The Red Guard members were in full uniform, with the only things visible on each of them being their red robe and their red dome helmet. Each Red Guard member stood at attention, against the wall, facing Palpatine, with a stun-staff held in their right hand, and leaning against the front of their right shoulder.

As his desk, Palpatine held a datapad in his right hand. Palpatine was looking over a datapad which had a Padme's report on her meeting with Loki.

While Palpatine read Padme's report, Palpatine mentally reflected, 'While I was hesitant at first to allow this meeting, it seems this little gathering went well. From what I have read in this report and from my conversation with Padme yesterday by holo-comm, the meeting with Loki has even has put Padme in a better frame of mind. This was good for someone with as much power as she had at her disposal.'

'From other reports I have read, it seems the Jedi High Council already has a few ideas for some missions to assign Padme. And it looks like she will continue to be a member of the crew of the Resolute, with her working with Anakin and his student Ahsoka.'

'They make a good team. And I will only break that team up when I am ready.'

'Though, with Kenobi taking his new role as High Council member of the Jedi Order, He will be too busy to command the Negotiator. I will have to find someone to assign to as the commander to over see the Negotiator, the ship's captain, the ship's crew, and the 212th Attack Battalion, for when Kenobi is busy with his job as High Council member.'

'Still, the crew of the Negotiator has shown an exemplary record, as it has aided the crew of the Resolute. I do admire competence in one's work. While it is unfortunate that the crews of the two ships will no longer be working together, the only reasons the crews of the two ships work so well together was that the commanders of the two crews, Obiwan and Anakin, were teacher and student.'

'To attempt this with anyone else would be foolish.'

'I am tempted to assign General Thor as the new commander of the Negotiator. But, this would cause problems with my long term plans for her. I prefer for her to be where she is currently assigned.'

'I am tempted to assign Admiral Tarkin. But, he has already reached the rank of Admiral and he is overseeing a campaign in the northeastern Mid-Rim against the Separatists. His campaign is doing well. But, he has hit the limit of how far he can go to Separatist held space until the Republic forces nearby catch up with his fleet.'

'If he pushes his fleet any further, he knows he risks being cut off and surrounded by the Separatist. It is frustrating, but if the other Republic fleet cannot catch up and take over the sectors near the sectors Tarkin has captured, Tarkin campaign will stale, and he may end up having to defend his sectors, instead of capturing more sectors.'

'That is not his fault. And I will not penalize him for such incompetent by those outside of his command.'

'Fleet Admiral Wullf Yularen is an option. He is worked with Padme, Anakin, Ahsoka, as the captain of the Resolute. He has good relations with the officers and cew of the Negotiator. Kenobi would likely vouch for him. Unfortunately, Yularen is stations near Coruscant. And he is to good at his current job to transfer him somewhere else.'

'In a few days, I will find a commander to assign to the Negotiator and 212th Attack Battalion whom is loyal to me, but the Kenobi and Jedi High Council would be fine having to serve under such a position.'

'On other matters, I have found reading this report by Padme to be more informative than I am sure Padme wished her report to be.'

'It is nice to have answers to a few questions I had on various matters.'

'While Padme stated that Loki only hinted on the matter, I believe it is safe to say that Loki killed the members of the Separatist Council. Though, after much thought, I doubt Dooku is dead. Anyone whom read reports on Loki and Dooku would realize that both of them had a mutual respect for each other.'

'I doubt Loki killed Dooku. With Loki's persuasive nature, and Dooku's respect for him, Loki likely convinced Dooku to turned over to the control of the Confederacy to her and go into early retirement.'

'What is it the Jedi now say about Loki... Ah yes... Loki can talk a Jedi out of their lightsaber. The Jedi have been very quiet about how the phrase came about. But, I can guess how that happened.'

'Anyway, with skills such as this, Loki likely pointed out to Dooku that the long term plan was for him was not to survive the war. Given Loki's devious nature, clearly figured out how much of the situation was connected. From there, such a realization is not hard to recognize.'

'As for where Dooku is right now? He is likely hiding and enjoying his retirement as far away from this war as he can without leaving civilization.'

'Dooku is likely somewhere in the southern Outer Rim. That is about as far from the war as one can go and not be in the Unknown Regions, or on the galactic rim.'

'If that is the case, Dooku will be traveling. But, I have an idea where he will eventually be as some point. But, that is a loose end for later. As for the rest of the Separatist Council. That is an small lose in the grand scheme of events.'

'I can tell Padme held some things back in her report. But, reading between the lines shows that Padme and Loki talked about various topics. I have no doubt they talk about politics and the war. Along with topics dealing with the origins of Loki and Mjolnir.'

'I highly doubt Loki shared any potentially damaging information she has on me with Padme. I know this from Padme's demeanor when I spoke with her yesterday. She would not be so relaxed if she knew what Loki knows. Besides, I would hate to have to kill Padme at this point in the game. And the only quiet way I would be able to do so would be in her sleep. And even then, with Mjolnir in her home, such an attempt is risky.'

'The last assassination attempt on her life sent her on a journey that lead her to the mysterious hammer. I would hate to accidentally send her on another journey which would lead her to became even more powerful than she is now.'

'For right now, I will work under the assumption that Loki did not give Padme any information about myself. Someday I will find out what was discussed during that meeting. Though, this will be after I have won this war, and I have conquered all my enemies.'

Soon Palpatine finished reading Padme's report. After which, he put away the datapad. Then, Palpatine continued about his usual duties as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.


“The Grid... A digital frontier... I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer... What did they look like?... Ships? Motorcycles?... Were the circuits like freeways?... I kept dreaming a world I thought I'd never see... And then... One day... I got in...” Kevin Flynn, Tron Legacy Film 2010.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

In Star Wars Episode One and Two, the Padme character had a fire to her spirit. She was very dedicated in her beliefs and she fought for those beliefs. By the beginning of Episode Three, Padme spirit had been broken.

One can see how Loki would admire the fire that Padme had in Episode One and Two and how Loki would not want Padme's fire to go out.

One of the few good concepts I will say about Star Wars Episode One, which was not done well, but was there, was each of the main four good guys represented one of the four elements in their personality traits. Qui-Gon Jinn represented Earth in the firmness of his believes, Obiwan represented Water in his beliefs being swayed between Qui-Gon Jinn's teachings and the Jedi Order's teachings. Anakin represented Air for his flightiness. And Padme represented Fire in her boldness, unflinching dedication and courage towards her beliefs.

While Qui-Gon, Obiwan, and Anakin did a lot of fighting. Padme was the driving force through the movie in saving her world, Naboo, from the Trade Federation.

In this story, I try my best to show this fire in Padme's spirit in her actions, both in politics and in battle.

I firmly believe that killing off the cast of the prequel whom were not part of the cast of the original film trilogy was shortsighted and shows a lack of imagination on the part of the writers. There are easy reasons that can be used to explain why certain characters did not show up in the original films without killing off the characters. And killing off these characters harms the sidestories and sequel stories. This shows in Episode Seven The Force Awakens.

While The Force Awakes is a good movie, the actions in the plots of the previous movies and sidestories drastically limited the older characters whom could be used and it eats important film time to introduce almost whole new cast of characters.

In Secret Wars 2015, Captain Britain and The Mighty Defenders issue 2, Excalibur was able to cut a Mjolnir's shaft into two pieces.

This is a rare action to happen, and it is possible that Loki may have heard a rumor of the event in her unauthorized travels through Latverion.

When I first started this story, I realized that I would have to figure out who would be Padme/Thor's shadow archetype to balance the story.

I eventually realized that some version of Loki would have to be used.

I eventually settled on the Arcadia version of Loki Laufeyson. I chose this Loki for a few reasons.

First, this Loki prefers to be female. Though, like all Lokis. This Loki can turn male. And this Loki can shapeshift into other forms. With the one drawback for all Lokis is that they can only turn into an aspect related to themselves. This including changing genders. But, not changing being Loki. Still, this Loki prefers to remain female.

Second, this Loki was a loving, caring mother to her children. Loki was raising two adopted teenage daughters. And by all accounts, Loki loved her daughters, and she treated her daughters well.

This is a great counterpoint to Padme, with Padme having died in childbirth in the main timeline.

Though, with Padme, and her body doubles, and cloning being so widely used. You never know. But, that is a discussion for another time.

Second, in the A Force story, Loki crewed up, big time. And her actions cost her greatly.

Loki realizes this. And in her own way, this Loki is trying to make up for her actions by living up to being a better person than she has been.

Though, to be fair, Loki had just been deposed of her leadership, and had her heart broken by one of her daughters, right before she snapped, and blasted the wall, which allowed the zombie horde to attack Arcadia.

In this case, Loki snapped. I consider this act by Loki to be a case of temporary insanity.

But, I believe this Loki is very sane. And she is not evil. A trickster with secrets, yes. But, not evil, nor insane.

I wanted to show how, if given the chance, this Loki would make up for her actions.

Yes. This Loki loves power. But, she can also love and care about other people.

Now, a shadow archetype is usual the rival to the main character. But, not always.

Sometimes the shadow archetype can aid the main characters. As in this story. With Loki being a stealth mentor to Padme/Thor, while also aiding Padme/Thor and steering Padme/Thor and her friends towards dealing with Sidious.

To move along the plot, I realized that Loki had to know about the Star Wars series.

This is not that far a reach.

Several Lokis know they are fictional characters.

Actually, the 616 reality Loki whom directly informed the 616 Deadpool that they existed in a comicbook reality.

Yes. It was a Loki that fully awakened Deadpool to his fourth wall awareness. I cannot think of a more fitting person than Loki to do that for Deadpool.

From this epiphany, I realized the ultimate expression of a trickster is knowing that everything is a joke and keeping that joke to themselves.

I believe this truth is what usually drives various Jokers of the DC comic series insane. They realize life is a joke because it is fiction. That explains why so many versions of the Joker lean on the forth wall.

The Comedian from the Watchmen franchise also seemed to partly get the joke that reality is a joke. At some level, the Comedian likely realized that his world was a work of fiction and that the fiction in question was a sick joke on all of them.

Anyway, in the A Force Secret Wars comic series, Loki was caught traveling between domains. We do not know how long

Since various modern Earth cities existed on the planet, Battleworld/Latverion, as domains. Then, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Indiana Jones, franchises likely existed at least in a few of those domains. Along with modern music and other forms of entertainment and franchises. As long as those franchises are not the franchises that the domain in question are fiction of.

From a metaphysical standpoint, among several different fiction series. It seems that almost every modern and future reality where humans are part of the culture, has seen the Star Wars movies. Except the realities that belong to the Star Wars branch of the multiverse.

In various fiction series. Including, Marvel Comics, both Star Wars and Star Trek are the
'go to franchises' to reference and joke about.

I pointed out in previous stories I worked on. And I enjoy repeating this. That except for the Star Wars realities for the Star Wars franchise, and the Star Trek realities for the Star Trek franchise. Almost all other modern Earth realities have been shown that a majority of those populations have seen those two franchises.

With most people being fans of Star Wars and Star Trek. And there is good reason for most of these people being fans. Both of those franchises were ground breaking. Star Trek was a positive sci-fi series that showed good possibilities. While Star Wars showed how to much fantasy with sci-fi and make it work.

And sense Indiana Jones is a sister franchise to Star Wars. I just threw that in this stories to make a joke the previous treasure hunt part of Chapter Seventeen: “Fire And Ice.”

Also, the quote, “The law that cannot be broke, can surely be bent.” Is from the Gargoyles animated series. Loki has seen this series. A trickster like Loki would admire the trickery shown by the characters in the Gargoyles series. Especially, the tricks shown by David Xanatos.

So, Loki is knowingly quoting the Archmage, from the Avalon Episode Trilogy of the Gargoyles series.

It is a good quote and fit the lesson Loki was teaching Padme.

The only person I can think of whom outright stated he did not like Star Wars was the original Spider-man. And I guess that is because some of the events in Star Wars Episode Four, A New Hope, hit too close to home for him.

Now, in this story. Loki is not evil. Loki is not insane. She is crazy as a fox. But, she is sane. Though, she is also an expert trickster, and I wanted to show how Loki could be tricky, manipulative, and mischievous, without her actions being counterproductive, nor truly evil.

This is the reason I had Loki laugh when she first arrived in this story, in Chapter Six: “Emerald Dawn”. This was not a laugh of insanity. But, a laugh of joy and relief that she has been given a second chance. A chance she would not waste.

Once Loki realized where, when, and what reality she was in. Loki quickly put the pieces together of who and what was different. And she starting work on fixing things. Which included taking over the Separatists/Confederacy.

Behind the scenes, Loki has pulled the Confederacy leadership strings to actually make life better for the populations of the Confederacy. This is a way to show this Loki cares about those she leads, and that this Loki is not evil.

Also, Loki has done some questionable things during this Clone Wars. And she knows that Padme/Thor, along with many people on both sides of the war, having done questionable things.

Loki makes it a point for Padme/Thor to acknowledge this. And the fact of the matter is that Loki is not going to be a hypocrite on this matter. Loki is not going to be judgmental on the actions people take during this war. Save for those individuals whom started this Clone Wars. With this being a fair and just point of view to have.

As for Loki using past tense to talk about the Star Wars franchise, including the Star Wars films. The Star Wars films is past tense to her in a few ways. First of all her watching the movies was in the past for her. And the films are set in a fictional reality in the past, with the openly line being. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

On a side note. Mjolnir might also know about the Star Wars series, as well. But then, when is comes to Mjolnir, even I am not sure if this hammer knows.

Though, the one matter I do realize about Mjolnir is everyone thinks Loki is the trickster of the Marvel Thor franchise. Nope. Mjolnir is the true trickster of the Marvel Thor franchise. Mjolnir is a sentient being. Mjolnir picks which person can use its power. How much power. When to use that power. Where that power can be used. And for how long that power can be used at a given length of time.

Mjolnir also effects the physical looks, clothing, speech, and mannerisms of its wielders. That is pure trickster level fun.

And a trickster of any shade of color or form is still a trickster.

In the 616 reality, Mjolnir went so far as to finally refuse to accept requests by Odin. And Odin thought his requests are orders. Mjolnir was only playing along with Odin.

For Mjolnir, the whole “worthiness” clause it uses to choose its wielders is just an excuse by Mjolnir to mess around with its would-be wielders.

Mjolnir enjoys itself as it plays with the people around it. For Mjolnir is the trickster of its own story, while Loki plays the straight-man, straight-woman, or both.

Almost any Loki involved with Mjolnir would likely go temporally catatonic at realizing he or she had been outplayed at his or her own game by what is best known as an inanimate, oversized, mystic paperweight, whom is only moved when it wants to be moved.

On a related matter, Mjolnir does not liars. If Loki was a little more honest, at least with Loki himself or herself, Mjolnir would likely let Loki use its power.

Now, imagine what type of mischievousness those two tricksters could get into by working together.

Chew on that thought.

Until next time. Have fun.

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