Smoke And Pantyhose 2.6

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When someone dies, the soul moves to the Afterlife, which is in a different world. Still, something remains here. Those who passed away, somehow still live here, through the things they did and left to us. This is what still keep them connected to our world and extends their lives among us, even if they are unseen for our eyes.

Legend Of The Legend

Summer is ending and autumn is starting. Now starts the most busy time of the year on the railway. From my railway station, starts a 9 km long industrial line, that goes to a coal quarry, which is opened only part of the year. Now, it is operational. Every morning, a few trains now travel on that line. It is a steep climbing and each train needs 3 diesel engines. These trains sometimes have a wagon for passengers, but usually people just jump on them and ride on the engines. Giving the fact that average speed is 10 km/h and the engineers usually reduce speed when people try to get aboard or jump down, it is very practical. Now, Alia - Atan works at this mine. I like to know him working closer, but I don't like that he works more time a day. His job, as a Geological expert, is to figure out where is the richest ore and how the miners can get there.

For me, it is not a busy time. It is such an easy job to work on the railway. When I hear the radio, I run to the station, because a train is coming. The only exception is when a train is coming from the nearby mine. They don't have a radio beeper. So, I just keep a rail line for them. When I hear a train coming from there, I run and see what is going on.

The rest of time, I spend on agriculture. I work in the garden. Now, people start harvesting tobacco. For this time of the year, I have a special place. It is a large metal roof, that heats in the sun. Beneath it, there is a plaque of concrete. There, I have supports with multiple shelves, made of metal grates. In addition, I take a lot of tobacco in the house. Above the rooms and under the roof, there is enough space to store many things. And because the roof heats-up, it is an ideal place for placing tobacco leaves to dry.

When it gets dried, I start making cigarettes. Some might think it is complicated, but it's not. There are many machines that do this. Some are small, for home use, some are larger and suitable for industrial use. The largest machines could fit into a room. My machine has the size of a small closet. It takes tobacco, smoothly grinds it, then adds a special substance on it, for little moisture. Then, it takes paper and filters and makes cigarettes. The machinery can adjust many of its properties. Even more, in the end, the machine assembles cigarettes into packs. I have this machine from Stromboli. For a long time it was his, but now it is mine. He gave it to me after I attacked him. Oh well, as one can see, you still need the ingredients. You need filters, cigarette paper and the tobacco. All these ingredients are for sale, anywhere around us.

There are two things that no machine does. First, you have to take each dried tobacco leaf into your hand and grind it. As you do so, you remove impurities, ribs and branches. And second, you have to do something about the filters. What actually makes a refined cigarette has its unique taste, is not the tobacco itself. It is the filter, more exactly the chemicals they add in the filter.

Children usually start smoking corn hair (I don't know the English translation for this word, it refers to the tiny filaments that extend from the corn female flower, before it starts making seeds). But what happens if you remove tobacco from a good cigarette and replace it with corn hair? If you try to smoke it, you get something like an average to bad cigarette.

One day I purchased a pack of original cigarettes. I replaced tobacco from one with my own production... and it was almost the same, even a bit smoother. Then, I put that original tobacco in a cigarette with a filter without any aroma... and it was worse then what used to be. So, this is the true. Tobacco has its nicotine, but you have to add flavor in the filter. It is not only that the cigarette paper and the pack must look like original ones (even the stamp, sometimes hologram stamps). The hardest work is that, with a syringe, you have to add flavor in each filter. Kent flavor, Pall Mall flavor, Marlboro flavor, Viceroy flavor, Virginia Slims flavor, Vogue flavor, everything. It must precisely be inserted in the center. Producing the best flavor is the most expensive part. Combined, cigarette paper, filters and 'fake' original packs cost as much as the tobacco itself, but the flavors are about 3 times more expensive. Producing them, is a job for Stromboli. He has his own men that do this, at an oil refinery, in the Land Of Nomads. We don't only produce copies of original brands, but also many of our own, which are largely sold in places around.

For me, I like to produce cigarettes with fruit flavors: banana, cherry, lemon, mint, vanilla, rose and other flowers. I directly purchase them from a food shop or a perfume shop in Jupiter. Also, many times I pulverize water with diluted sugar on tobacco. I know that I have to produce enough cigarettes for us, for my parents and for my sisters. We all smoke about 10 packs a day, that means about 3500 packs for an year. But I produce far more. In every day, I sent to Stromboli, by train, large boxes with cigarettes. People from the village sell their tobacco to me, while I sell most of it, usually in the form of packs, to Stromboli. And I am not the only one doing this.

Most people do this for money. I do this for passion and also I do this because I know that this will make many lungs happy. I am strongly convinced that smoking is a good thing that cannot harm anything. At least natural tobacco cannot do anything bad. The chemicals added in it are responsible to all you see on media. Smoking is good for your body, the chemicals will kill you. I always believed that.


Not all days are like that. Suddenly, there are cold and rainy days, when you cannot do anything. And usually, those are the days when I stop working. In those days, I spend most of time on my laptop. I take it to the railway station.

In fact, even the house I live in, is not actually mine. It belonged to an old woman. Her children never returned here for over 40 years old. She was a good friend of my parents and we took care of her. She died 3 years ago. I moved in the house about an year ago, as she agreed to give it to me, but without any paperwork done. May peace be upon her soul.

And the laptop that I have is not actually owned. It has a very long history. I both it from a neighbor, for two sacks of tobacco leaves. He had no idea what it is. He said it is some sort of high-tech big smartphone. Actually, he got it from his wife, which went for work Beyond The Sands. She got it as a gift from a man that also worked there, but was from a complete different area. When I opened the laptop, I found out that it had programs in many different languages, but it looked like almost nothing was original on it. I realized what a treasure I found. This laptop can offer me a connection to the outside world. People here have cable TV, but on the TV you only see a few televisions, which are all liars. A TV connection is around 8 $, while an internet connection is the equivalent of 25 $, in our money. My salary is around 100 $. It is expensive, but worth for every coin.

What was really surprising, is that the first owner left a word file with all passwords and accounts. Many contained the word 'Daniel', while others contained the word 'Ana'. Well, I also am Ana. So, I started to use these accounts that contained the word 'Ana'. This is how I got a Google account, which otherwise would be impossible, since I have no phone.

Then, I thought that the laptop was stolen. Nobody tried to contact me as I used the 'Ana' accounts. So, I tried to contact the 'Daniel' accounts. I placed a message, saying that I got this laptop (and described the whole story behind). I also wrote my address. After a few days, I got an answer from a 'Daniel' account. The owner was so surprised to see that his laptop is here, so far away. He really was a guy named Daniel and he lived Beyond The Sea, in the Civilized World, but in another land then the one where Alia - Atan lived. He told me that Ana was his wife and she died. He could not lock her former accounts because he loved her. Even more, he told me to keep the laptop and all her accounts, as a gift to her soul. And even today, I still use her accounts and the new ones that I've made share the same name, her name. May peace be upon her soul.


This laptop came to me with many programs installed, including a virtual world, Second Life. Immediately, I started to explore. I heard about virtual worlds, but never had a chance to see one close. I became focused on Geography and exploration, not about getting new friends and chatting. What I soon found out, is that, in this world, people try to copy the real world more then to create imaginary words. And also, people use this virtual world in a different way: for virtual sex. Until that moment, I had no idea that such a thing exists.

In Second Life, I've seen many guys lurking for sex. But, like always, those infidels have no chance to get to me. I also have seen many fake couples: a man and a woman, but both controlled by the same person behind the screen. I thought what an incredible thing this is! A virtual romance, with an imaginary character! How many lonely people found their love in here? Even with a virtual character, they are not alone.

Then, as Alia - Atan came to my life and I've seen for the first time in my life a transgender, I focused on this subject. I've seen transgender people before in Second Life, but never focused on them. This is the best place to become a transgender. You just pick an avatar with another gender.

My research found that up to 20% of places in Second Life are sex-themed. I found out that about 20% of them are designed for sexual minorities.

LGBT people had even two continents: IGBC (International Gay Beach Party) and Mar Lesbiana

BDSM people have a lot of places to hangout. In those places, you can torture yourself or someone else as much as you want, because avatars don't die.

Third gender places exist. Some are created for furry creatures (half human, half animal), but a lot are for hermaphrodites (humans or animals). Sissy and shemale communities are found easy.

There is a place in Second Life, named Velvet Crossing or the Sissy Island. It looked like a fancy place for women to hangout, but I noticed that most of those women also had a penis. At that time, I did not know what a sissy is (the word does not exist in my language). I interrogated people from there, all were very friendly. Also, I found in many places, women with a penis. I took it all as a research. It is impossible to know the real identity of the account owner, but it appeared that the vast majority were men to me. I also found a few women. The use of virtual avatars opens a huge door to transgender transformations and sexual minorities.

From all the sex-related places in Second Life, I focused on one particular place: Love Thyself Masturbation Village. It consists of a few buildings, each with various rooms. I liked the idea. Everyone can masturbate in a room, while another one can sit in the same or a nearby room. No touch, no interference. People can talk, but don't touch. From the moment I visited that place, I realized that this is something completely different then anything seen until now. I just thought about this. There, I also went into a few interviews with various people. Further research I've don on the internet shows that for many people, probably about 40% of world population, masturbation gives more pleasure then real sex. Well, it is a good way to satisfy your body's need. Another thing is that, there I found sfenists. More exactly, I found 4 women and two men.

Sometimes I wish such a place to exist also in real world. I think that repeated masturbation can take the hormones out from aggressive men and can possibly temper down sexual aggressors.

I wanted to show Alia - Atan this place, but unfortunately it vanished just two days before I decided to do so. Unfortunately, Second Life is depopulating and many places have vanished.

Also, many friends of mine, from Second Life, have vanished. One of them died. May peace be upon his soul.


So pass the autumn days. I work hard harvesting tobacco and making handmade cigarettes, while Atan goes to the mine and works for many hours. He often returns late in night. We spend only very little time together. There is not much I can do. How I wish this madness will end and we will have a few days together! I want to go back to the lake or spend together a whole day in the house... or to take a trip in the mountains.

I am sure he also suffers because of this. He has to be dressed as a man, at the mine. At home, he is a woman... but now, he is a woman only for a short time, during night.

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