Tales From The Flip Side

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This is another take on the restroom issue that has become such a topic in the halls of Southern and Midwest State legislatures . This is a parallel universe scenario that explores the question of who really should NOT be sharing public bathrooms with women and children .

"Excuse me Mrs. Duggar? How do you feel knowing your son is no longer allowed to use a normal public restroom since it has been proven he is a danger to young women ? I know you lobbied very hard before the Little Rock City Council and robocalled people in the district not to vote for this ordinance claiming that freedom of religion allows men of your faith to do this to young women because their beauty or their actions caused men to sin .

The council voted in favor of the ordinance and made it clear that your son and other men just like him , were a danger to genetic women transwomen and children of both genders in restrooms and they are therefore ordered to use a toilet that is well away from the other public restrooms" .

I also understand that you were sued in Civil Court for falsely claiming that transgender people were the dangerous ones and you were ordered to pay damages that totally bankrupted you and your husband to the point that you could no longer support the rest of your 19 children and they were taken by CPS and adopted by several couples including two gay and lesbian families .

Since this new law went into effect , the state is experiencing a boom in female and transgender owned businesses and the economy is growing as well as more LGBT households are able to adopt children in need of loving homes and even keep children conceived by artificial insemination who were previously taken by the religious fundamentalists that previously infiltrated the government .

The state and Federal governments also have more revenue since your church and other religious denominations were ordered to pay taxes on the money they took in and the pastors of Mega churches were sent to prison for tax evasion and their mansions and Lear jets were sold and proceeds given to the very poor that Christ called them to take care of and they didn't .

The Supreme Court also upheld that separation of Church and State was an ironclad rule and that any legislators or Government officials who refused to abide were ordered to resign or face impeachment charges for willfully violating the civil rights of the constituents they took an oath to serve .

How does it feel to have the same thing done to you for legitimate reasons that you falsely accused innocent transgender people of? What? Now you're claiming persecution ? As the old saying goes , "What goes around comes around "!

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