Very Special Secrets

Very Special Secrets
By Training Bra Boy (aka Amy Lynn)

It began as an itch, a kind of tingly sensation in his chest. Twelve year old Davey Murdoch wasn't quite sure what it was all about and initially let it pass. But today as Davey dried off with a towel after taking a shower he noticed what looks like two big goosebumps on his chest.

Davey grabbed a mirror off the vanity of the bathroom sink and quickly dashed to his bedroom almost tripping over the belt of his bathrobe. His slammed his door as he tossed the mirror on his bed and threw his bathrobe in the corner. Davey sat on the edge of his bed and looked down. He had what appeared to him something like two pencil erasers on his chest surrounded by two pinkish-brown ovals. He touched them and they felt like squishy grapes. When he touched them he noticed that hey felt quite tender. Confusion and fear clouded his mind and he stared into space. "What was happening to me?" he pondered.

Davey's trance was broken by a pounding on his door.

"Hey you little puke! Ya deaf! Your little girly friend is on the phone for you"

It was Davey's older brother Jack.

Davey quickly pulled on his bathrobe and tied it tight just as Jack burst into his room.

"Don't keep your girly friend waiting. Maybe she wants you to come over and play Barbie dolls with her"

"Shut up Jack" Davey yelled as he ran down the hallway to the phone.

"Hey Davey, its Dianne!"

"Ah, oh hi Dianne," Davey replied with a bit of unease in his voice.

Dianne, detecting his troubled tone, inquired, "You okay. I thought you might want to come over and listen to records. I just got a bunch of new 45s from Munson's"

Dianne liked Davey, a lot. There was just something about him that was different from the other boys. She could sit and talk with him and not feel stupid. Davey was always nice to her and always enjoyed her company. They could sit for hours and just listen to records or watch TV. Bottom line, if boys where made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, Davey for sure wasn't concocted from that recipe.

"Oh, ah, yeah, I'm, okay. I'd like that. I'll be over in a bit." Davey answered.

"I got the new issues of 16 and Tiger Beat!" Dianne added.
Davey liked 16 and Tiger Beat because he could read about all the singers and groups he liked. Unfortunately his mum would never let him buy them, because she said that they were "Girly magazines, dammit" and no son of hers would ever read them.

A bit of calm began to return to his voice and Davey responded, "Super. I'll see you in a few minutes, Bye!"

Davey returned to his bedroom and began to get dressed. He pulled on an undershirt and once again felt that little zing go through him. It was then that he noticed that his nipples proudly poking like little nubs through the stretchy material. An emotion of uncertainty filled his mind.

After he finished dressing he hopped on his bike and headed down the street. The cool crisp autumn air felt good on his face, but the chill only seemed to make his little bumps more sensitive against his undershirt.

Dianne greeted him and gave him a hug. As she did, he pulled away and a confused look came over her face. Davey took note of this and quickly said, "Let's go listen to records."

As they sat in Dianne's room, Davey absentmindedly thumbed through a copy of Tiger Beat as the Archies sang Sugar Sugar.

Dianne once again noticed his preoccupation, and Dianne gathered up all the courage inside of her to finally speak up.

"Is everything okay, Davey. You seem troubled. Did your brother, Jack, hurt you or something?" she asked.

Davey's eyes clouded over and a frown painted his face. "Ah, no, I'm okay", he answered.

"No you're not!" Dianne replied.

She then smiled at him and said, "C'mon you can tell me."

A tear rolled down Davey's cheek. "Well, its just, it's just," Davey began stuttering, "if I show you something do you promise you won't tell a soul or laugh?"

Dianne smiled sweetly at him. "Now Davey, you know me, I'm your best friend. You can tell me anything, any secret, and it is safe with me."

"Well, okay" Davey answered as he unbutton his shirt and then pulled off his undershirt. "I don't know what's happening to me. Maybe I got some sort of disease."

Dianne's eyes grew large and she smiled. "Wow! The same thing is happening to me, too! Here, look!"

She undid her blouse and pulled off her undershirt and then turned to face him.

"See," she said, "Its happening to me, too!"

Now Davey's eyes grew large. Sure enough, Dianne was budding just like he was.

"What's going on?" he asked. "Are we sick or something?"

Diane paused, and then replied, "I don't think so. I feel okay."

"Maybe we've been drinking too much chocolate milk and its like pimples" Davey proposed.

"Nah I don't think so. I haven't had any for a few days. I just noticed mine today," Dianne pointed out.

"Same here," Davey responded.

"Gee then I don't know. Mine get all itchy and tingly. Do yours?" Dianne asked.

"Yeah. Its strange," Davey acknowledged before continuing, "And when I rode my bike the cool wind made them feel really strange."

Dianne scrunched up her face. "Maybe we should ask our mum's what going on."

"Oh I could never do that. She never pays any attention to me. And my brother Jack would just beat on me if he found out," Davey observed.

Dianne rubbed her chin. "Well," she began as she stretched the word out. "Hows about I ask my mum what going on with me, and I bet it will be the same for you. Then I will tell you."

Davey got a scared look on his face. "You won't tell her about me!" he exclaimed.

"No silly! Of course not!" Dianne quickly replied. She gave him a big hug and said "Your secret is safe with me."

The pair quickly put their tops on again and the rest of the afternoon passed without incident.

It wasn't until a few days later that Dianne called Davey again.
"Can you come over?" she asked.

"Yeah. I'm just goofing off" Dave answered. "Oh, and, by the way, they are still there, are yours?"

"So are mine," Dianne replied, "but I know what's going on and it s really cool."

Davey's face lit up and he felt a jolt of excitement. "I'll be over in a flash."

Hopping on his bike he quickly pedaled down the street to Dianne's house. She was sitting on the front stoop waiting for him.

'C'mon hurry," Dianne ordered, "This is really exciting."

Davey noticed a glow about her fueled by happiness and they both flew up the stairs to her room almost tripping over the steps.

Pointing to her desk chair, Dianne told Davey to have a seat. She then dug in a bag sitting on the floor next to her bed and pulled a small booklet out of it, which she then handed to Davey.

Davey looked at the booklet and read the title, "Very Special Secrets". The cover showed a picture of young girl being hugged by her mum. The image was so filled with tenderness and love that a sadness came over Davey, for he had never felt that from his own mum.

Page 1

Dianne sensed this and smiled at him. "Its okay" she said. "Turn to page 17."

Davey did that and Dianne explained. "Mum said that my breasts are developing and I needed to start wearing a training bra."

Davey quickly interrupted, "You didn't tell her about me did you!"

"No, of course not!" Dianne replied. "Go on, read page 17."

Page 17

Davey began reading and then shook his head in sadness. "This is all about girls." he sighed.

Dianne spoke up, "Just hold on. I want to show you something."

She then began unbuttoning her blouse. Next thing Davey knew she was standing before him wearing a Teenform Pretty Please training bra.

"What do you think?" Dianne asked.

Davey felt tears welling up in his eyes and he answer, "Its nice, I suppose. But its all about girls."

For the first time ever he felt like Dianne and him no longer had the close bond that that the shared. Dianne sensed this and smiled.

"Its okay," she smiled. "I have a surprise for you."

Dianne rustled in the bag from Munson's and handed Davey a gift wrapped package.

"Go ahead. Open it." she said as she grinned from ear to ear.

Davey tore at the wrapping paper. To his surprise it was a box that said "Teenform Pretty Please – Lovely lace Gro-Cups expand as you develop"

Teenform Pretty Please Package

Davey beg to stammer, "Wha-wha-wha..."

"Its a training bra, Davey! And its yours" Dianne gleefully explained.

"But, but, but…" Davey continued stammering.

"You sound like an old motor boat! But why, I bet you want to know?" Dianne chuckled.

"Ah, yeah" Davey answered still unable to say much more.

"Well, its because you are developing just like me! My mum says its called budding, and its perfectly natural. And while I didn't tell her about you, I asked her if it happened to boys too. She said that it sometimes did in special circumstances," Dianne pointed out.

Davey regained his exposure. "So you got one for me too?" he asked.

"Yep!" Dianne smiled. "I went back to Munson's store after my mum bought one for me. I figured that you you should have one too, and that you were about the same size as me."

"Hmm – What does 32 AAA means?" Davey asked

"That's our bra size, Davey," Dianne replied, "We both wear a triple-A cup size. C'mon, put it on. Take off your shirt and I'll help you. I can't wait to see you wearing a training bra just like me!"

Davey did as she asked and sat on the edge of the bed. Dianne opened the box and unfolded Davey's training bra and then handed the box back to him. She then helped to put on his new training bra.

"Hold out your arms," she instructed as she slipped it up to his chest and then fastened it in the back.

"Turn around and let me see," Dianne said. "You know as I was buying it I imagined that it was picture of you on the box wearing a training bra instead of the girl."

"You did?" Davey replied.

She smiled at him pleased with herself. "Oh Davey, you look so special wearing a training bra."

Davey smiled back and then looked at the reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of Dianne's door. As he did he felt a warn glow of contentment fill him.

"What do you think, Davey," Dianne asked, "Do you like it?"

"I do!" Davey answered with a happiness in his voice he'd not felt in days. "It makes my 'bumps' feel good."

Dianne took his hand and they both stood looking the their reflection on the mirror, both Davey and Dianne wearing matching Teenform Pretty Please training bras.

Dianne looked at him and kissed him on the cheek as she said, "Davey you are pretty special and deserve to feel special like I do, so this will be our own 'Very Special Secret'."

Teenform Pretty Please

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