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BACKGROUNDER – The whys and whatevers about my training bra stories
by Training Bra Boy (aka Amy Lynn)

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why I write training bra stories and some rules that I enforce around them.

Way back in the late 1960s when I first started crossdressing I was, as now, very much my own person. I wanted to wear dresses and skirts and panties like the girls did, but I so wanted to wear a training bra as they did too.

The reasons are varied. I saw the great ads in the different magazines and they all spoke of how getting a training bra was a very special event and that any girl getting a training bra was special and was embarking on a world of wonder. As to the way I felt, I felt all blah and bland. I wanted to feel special too. When I saw the girls in the ads or if I saw them in the different catalogs I felt a connection to them. In so many ways, they became my girlfriends and they comforted me and called out to me saying 'You can be just like us!"

Knowing that no one would help me, I went out and bought my own training bras and wore them all the time, at home, to bed, and to school. It was all in secret. Secret until I was found out and emotionally and physically abused at home at the hands of my parents.

I was called all sorts of names and humiliated and made to feel inferior. Somehow I knew inside that this wasn't true. I was just a normal boy who ran and played and rode his bike. Unlike other boys I never got in trouble and never fought or disobeyed my teachers or my parents. I was a straight A student. I couldn’t understand why I was being punished and hurt for just being me. And when I really did start to develop a bit, it made even less sense. I had no choice BUT to disobey my parents and still buy training bras.

The girls in the catalogs comforted me and if I cried myself to sleep at night, they'd come to me in my dreams and dry my eyes.

My experiences lead to my stories. The stories are away of making it all right after all these years. They are salve on the wounds that hurt. My characters are a composite of me as I went through those years, a blending of all my hopes and dreams and all that went with it. Even back then there was nothing sexual in it, and as such there will NEVER EVER be any sexual situations in my stories. No one will be be treated that way. The good guys will always win, and those that would hurt me will always lose. And even though my characters may suffer hurt, the will always rise above it, just as I have.

So I thank you for reading them. I just want everyone to know how personal they are to me. And that this:

Teenform Pirouette
The Training Bra Scouts

is how I see myself.
May love hug you like a good training bra! -- Amy Lynn

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