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By Princess Pantyboy

Me, Kelly 8-years-old boy
Beth 12-year-old big sister
Miley 4-year-old little sister
Mom 32 yrs. old looks like she is 19 and beautiful
Dad 40 yrs. old in the military away on deployment overseas

I was transferring files from my old laptop to my knew laptop and found some stories I wrote back in 2007-2011 and never put on line. Here is another one of them. I'm calling them my missing basement tapes.
I hope you enjoy it, like always please forgive any of the spelling or grammar mistakes I didn’t catch I hope there aren’t many. I am trying
Hugs, Princess.

“Mom okay, okay I’ll do it right after this game I promise.” Man, moms are a pain in the butt, always bugging me to do this or do that. I guess I better take the garbage out before she loses the rest of her mind yelling at me to do something else.

I push pause on my Xbox and start to walk downstairs hearing my sisters talking with my mom in the kitchen. “Good your finely out of bed. I know it is the first day of summer vacation but we still have things that have to be done Kelly. One is making sure you get the garbage out to the curb before the garbage man comes.” I roll my eyes hearing the same old story over and over. I'm sure the next thing she will be saying since my dad is out on deployment overseas I am the man of the house.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me young man? Oh, I better not see you do that or you will remember this summer vacation as the summer that you weren’t allowed to go outside and play with your friends because you had to stay inside the whole summer for disrespecting your mother.”

I hear both my sisters stop talking seeing the conversation with me and our mom is heating up. “Umm no mom of course I would never roll my eyes while we are talking. I am taking the trash out before the garbage man comes okay?”

“Yes go ahead now and remember young man lying is also disrespecting to your mother and your whole family. I wish you could be more like your sister’s which means you being politer and not so aggressive.” Mom turns around and takes her coffee from the kitchen table and takes a sip.

Guessing the conversation is over and I better get outside before she wants to share more words of wisdom with me. Seems mom is always saying she wished I was more like my sisters, or wishing I would get my haircut short like all the other guys. I take the bag of garbage out of the kitchen garbage pail and I open the front door and walk over to our big garbage pails and toss the kitchen trash inside.

“Opps bummer.” I say aloud seeing some of the garbage fell out of the bag before it made it into the trash cans. I had better pick it up fast before my mom sees I didn’t listen by tying the kitchen trash bag closed before I put in the outside trash can. I bet she would blame it on my long hair, maybe something like if you had your hair cut like the other boys it wouldn’t always be in my eyes. I have to admit my hair is always in my eyes. I still would never admit that to my mom.

I pick up the nasty garbage that feel on the driveway and I hear the garbage man coming down the block. Oh, man I better hurry or I will never hear the end of it if I don't get these trash cans out to the road. I hurry and toss the rest of the trash that fell on the driveway into the trash cans and I notice my hands are all smelly and stuff without thinking I wipe them on my pajama bottoms.

I close the trash cans fast. I try to pull both trash cans at the same time but that’s to heavy so I abanded that plan and just drag the one trash can to the curb as fast as possible, and I'll have to make two trips.

I turn real fast and wipe out rubbing my knees and see I ripped holes in both my pajama bottom knees. “Damn now mom is going to freak.” I jump up ignoring the pain and run up to the trash can and I start dragging it down the driveway like before. The garbage man pulls up smiling at me.

“Well little one looks like you made it in time getting the garbage to the curb. It is good seeing family’s share in doing chores usually we only see boys taking the trash out, good to see in your family everyone shares the chores.”

What the heck is this guy talking about, I push my long hair out of my eyes again. I have long hair just past my shoulders and it is parted in the middle all one length. While I am trying to download everything this garbage man said he starts talking again. “Okay little one you have a fun day little girl bye.” The truck drives off leaving me two empty trash cans.

“What did he call me? No way he called me a little girl.” I say allowed while I pull one of the trash cans up the driveway. Opps guess I could have grabbed both trash cans since they are much lighter now that they are empty.

I start walking back down the driveway thinking about what the garbage man called me. Walking past moms mini-van I see my reflection and I notice I am twisting my long hair around my finger as I was walking. I stop staring into my reflection.

“Wow I guess I do look a lot like a little girl with my long hair and me twisting it around my finger. Man, playing with my hair also makes me look even more girlish and even more childish.

I immediately pull my hand down and push the hair out of my eyes and run to the remaining trash can. Maybe mom was right I do need to get my hair cut. I really like how all the cool rock stars all have long hair and they have tons of friends.

Oh, man I figured if I had long hair I would look cool like them and have lots of friends too. Guess that part about looking cool and having more friends hasn’t worked out yet, I don't have more friends and now the garbage man called me a little girl. I might have to re-think having long hair.

Whatever now I can get back to my Xbox and get away from these smelly trash cans. I think my dad said to leave the metal covers off after the garbage man emptied the trash so the trash cans could air out. I put both trash can lids behind the trash cans so the wind doesn’t fly away with them.

“Okay mom the garbage man came and emptied the cans and I put the emptied trash cans up by the garage where they usually go.” I say smiling feeling very proud of myself getting the trash cans out to the curb before they picked the trash up.

Mom hears me and turns towards me. “Well that is a good thing next time I want the trash cans out to the street earlier okay son?” I look at her it seems like no matter what I do is not good enough for her.

“Yes mom I will get out there earlier I guess. Why do I have to take the trash out anyway? Why can't Beth and Miley take the trash out instead since they get up real early anyway?”

Oh, know there is that look on moms face and with her hands on her hips staring down at me meaning I am soon to be yelled at and being in trouble.

“Well little Kelly taking the trash is usually part of a boy’s chores and doing the dishes like your sisters do is part of a girl's chores but if you want to switch your chores with your sisters I have no problem with that as long as your sisters are good with that.”

I look at both my sisters smiling at me for some reason. “What do you thing Miley do you want to switch chores with Kelly?” Beth says while she smiles at little Miley but she is not really little she is tall for her age and I am small for mine. Better make a mental note not to call Miley little anymore or she might notice she is taller than me.

“Sure I think it would be fun to do the boys chores and he can do the girl's chores hehehe.” Miley says but she sure sounded excited with switching chores with me. “Plus mommy I can't wait to drive the tractor when we have to cut the lawn hehehe.”

I look at the excitement in both my sisters faces. Looking up I also see mommy smiling, I wonder if this was a bad idea. “Umm okay I guess that is a deal mom, I will do the girly easy chores and the girl's will do my chores. Umm I'm going to go back up to my room and continue my game on Xbox okay mom?”

“Sure Kelly but now that you are doing the girl's chores I will need you down here to do the dishes and start the laundry.” Before I can respond mom continues to talk but turns and looks at my sisters. “Oh and girl's after you finish eating you will need to get the rakes out and start raking the leaves up and put them into the big paper bags that all the leaves go in okay?”

Both my sisters are smiling looking at me than mom. “Great so we get to go outside way early than since our boy chores are now outside right mommy?” Little Miley says and acting way to excited about raking the leaves up.

“Yes sweetie but you will need to wear some jeans because they are better when raking the yard. Especially around the tree areas that have poison ivy. When you wear your jeans, it will stop you from getting poison ivy everywhere. Plus, so none of the bugs like worms and stuff get on your legs okay girls?”

I smile hearing the bugs knowing the girls are probably afraid of worms and bugs I know I hate touching them, but girl's will probably cry when some of the bugs touches them. “Okay can we start to collect the bugs mommy too because the bugs look neat and would be cool to feed them and watch them grow in jars or something?” One of my sisters say surprising me that they like bugs.

I don't see why not girl's you can use the old baby jars that your father was going to use to orginize his nuts and bolts in the garage.”

“Mommy we are going to be doing boy chores now maybe you shouldn’t call us girl's anymore since we are doing boy jobs.”

I hear Miley and she is being way to weird. “No sweetie you are still my girl's and Kelly is still my son even though his new chores are for little girl's so you are still who you are okay sweetie?”

“I guess mommy but if we have to wear jeans outside like boys do I thought we would be referred to as boy’s mommy. I know I rather wear a pretty dress outside but I understand why we have to wear jeans like boys do mommy.” We all hear Miley saying and it scares me how that actually made sort of sense, being comfortable in the clothes you are doing chores in.

I scratch my head feeling a little confused. “Oh don't worry Kelly you don't have to wear pretty dresses like Beth and Miley do while they are doing their chores, unless you want to hehehe.” My mom giggles teasing me I hope she is teasing me. Of course, both my sisters start giggling too probably to copy mom.

“Umm okay, I mean not okay I want to wear a dress, okay I don't want to wear a dress and I umm whatever. I am going to play Xbox I will be down to do my new chores after I am done mom okay?”

Mom and the girl's giggle softly. “Yes Kelly that is okay if you don't want to wear a pretty dress now, maybe later. Sweetie maybe you should take a break and have a bowl of cereal like your sisters. So, you can grow up to be big and strong like your sisters before you start your new girly chores as you called them okay sweetie?” I look at mom first hearing her teasing me about the dresses and now she is calling me sweetie like she calls my sisters.

“Umm mom I'm really not hungry, I just want to go play on my Xbox and then I will start my new chores mommy I promise.” Did I just call her mommy like my sisters do, oh I hope not?

Mom puts her hands on her hips again which is never a good sign. “No sweetie you need to start your day with a balanced meal or at least a bowl of cereal. You’re always complaining about being the smallest boy in your class, okay you said smallest in your class guessing you mean you are also smaller than the girl's in your class too right Kelly?”

“Umm yes mommy I mean mom yes, I am the smallest in my class and that does include the girl's.” I look down hating to be reminded about being so small now they know I am also smaller than all the girl's in my class too.

Mom puts her hand under my chin so she can look me in the eyes. “Okay than so maybe you should start eating better like your sisters and maybe that will help you get your growth spurt you are waiting for okay?” I look into mommy’s eyes and I can see I am defeated.

“Okay mommy I will eat some cereal so it will help me to grow to be big and strong like my sisters.” Wow that sounded so childish but come to think of it both my sisters eat breakfast every morning and they are both taller than me so maybe that will help me with growing.

Mom turns around and opens the cabinet and grabs a cereal bowl. “Good that is settled than one bowl of cereal for my growing son.” Mom goes back to making me breakfast and Miley and Beth smile at me. Moms cell phone rings as she picks it up she smiles at the caller ID and she walks into the other room to talk on the phone in private.

“Do you take vitamin’s Kelly? We take them at every meal and we are growing way faster than you.” Miley says.

I look down knowing she is right but I don't want to admit it let alone agree with my little sister. “Umm no I am not taking any vitamin's and I don't have any so don't tease me about being smaller it’s not my fault I am so small for my age, I was born this way.”

“Well maybe it is your fault if you eat better and take vitamin's you will probably grow bigger and taller like me and Miley?” Beth says and is scary that makes big time sense.

I don't take vitamin’s and I don't ever have breakfast so maybe if I do eat and take vitamin’s I will grow more. “Yes I guess you are right maybe I should take vitamin’s I will ask mommy when she gets off the phone to buy me some.”

“Oh don't worry Kelly you can take our vitamin's I am sure they are all the same except there pink. Mommy always said they will help us to grow to be big and strong just like mommy. So, I guess they will help you grow to be big and strong like mommy too okay?” Beth says and takes the bottle of vitamin’s off the table and she opens them up.

I watch her and I guess she is right I can sure use all the help I can get in growing but I don't want my sisters to know how desperate I am to grow and be taller. “Here ya go Kelly we usually take one with each meal maybe you should take two with each meal so you can grow faster. I bet it is probably not fun being smaller than all the girl's in your class.”

“Okay I guess your right Beth.” I reach out and Beth drops three pink pills in my hand by accident instead of two, she reaches out to take the extra one. “Oh it is okay three vitamins are better than two I guess and you are right it isn’t fun being the smallest one in the class especially being smaller than all the girl's.

I put all three vitamin’s in my mouth and drink half a glass of milk to help them go down. Mom walks back into the kitchen pouring cereal in the bowl she got out. “Sorry Kelly I had to take that call that was from that man from your school when you tried out for baseball and didn’t make the team you remember him?”

“No not really mom, he was just some coach from our school can't remember what he looks like.”

Mom smiles and plays with her hair as she puts milk in my cereal bowl and puts it in front of me. Mom looks like she is deep in thought for some reason.

“Okay well he has brown hair and in a crew cut style and he has deep blue eyes and he works out all the time so he has very muscular arms and a flat stomach and is really big, I mean he is tall, I mean really big and tall.” Mommy says while smiling she plays with her hair again deep in thought.

Miley looks over at mom. “Oh I know him mommy isn’t he the big man that was driving your mini-van when you picked me up from ballet? Oh, yes he is a big man.”

“Umm yes he is a big man.” Mom licks her finger for some reason than looks at us. “Yes that is him Miley. Anyway, he asked me if we wanted to come over there for a grill out since he knows we are alone with your daddy away on deployment. What do you think girl's?”

I am eating my cereal not really paying attention except she said what do you think girl's like my opinion doesn’t matter but I ignore it. “I think it would be fun mommy he has a pool to doesn’t he mommy?” We hear Miley saying as Beth and I look at each other trying to think how Miley would know that.

“Yes mommy I would like to meet him since sounds like baby Miley knows all about him.” I see a concerned look on Beth’s face for some reason.

Ignoring them all I just thinking about the more I eat and the more vitamin’s I take I will grow faster. “Okay Beth and what do you think Kelly doesn’t this sound like fun to have a grill out at your coach’s house?”

“Umm I guess so; anything is better than chores.” I smile thinking I am getting out of chores.

Mom gives me that look. “Okay girl's then it is settled we will go over to Steve’s house, I mean coach Steve’s house for a dinner grill out. Oh, and Kelly no sweetie you still have to do you chores this morning and afternoon okay?”

“Yes mommy I guess so.” Damn I said mommy again.

“Okay girl's then let's get to it. Since you are done with your cereal sweetie you can start on the dishes and how did you rip your new pajamas Kelly?”
I notice mommy staring at the big rips in both my pajama knees. “Oh I kind of fell when I was outside trying to beat the garbage man to our house.”

“Oh okay well I guess we can turn them into shorts instead of pajama pants they will be pajama shorts okay sweetie.” Mommy says.

Wow I thought she would freak seeing I ruined my new pajamas. “Sure mom sounds good shorts would probably be better for the summer anyway.”

“Okay Beth can you get the scissor’s and cut Kelly's pants so they can be used as shorts like you did yours when you had a rip in the knees of your pajamas sweetie?”

Beth gets up taking my hand. “Sure mommy I can do that I can't wait to meet this Steve guy; I mean coach Steve.” Beth smiles at mommy. “Okay Kelly come with me, and take your shorts off so I can turn them into shorts like I did mine.”

“What you think I'm just going to take my shorts off here in the laundry room and stand only in my boxers Beth?”

I watch as Beth rolls her eyes listening to me. I bet she wouldn’t even get in trouble if mommy watched her roll her eyes since mommy let's my sisters get away with everything. Wait have I been saying mommy again instead of mom, I better watch that.

“It will be a good thing getting shorts Beth because I ruined my last pair of shorts the other day and now I have no shorts and I tried wearing jeans to skateboard and look at these here in the laundry. All four of my jeans have rips in the knees because I crashed on my skateboard. Mommy is going to be pissed seeing I have no jeans without holes in them anymore.”

“Well if you want I can turn them into shorts too if you want. I will have to cuff them over and sew them so they don't look like normal cut offs and look all scrubby.”

I smile thinking Beth could get rid of the evidence of my ruined jeans by turning them into shorts. “Yea that would be great Beth if you could do that for me, but what are cuffs?” I scratch my head.

“See look at Mileys shorts right here see I cuffed them over than ran the sewing machine over them so they look like real shorts. These shorts of Mileys used to be jeans too mommy showed me how to do it.”

I smile thinking I can get rid of all my jeans I ruined with holes in the knees from me wiping out on my skateboard. Not only will I get rid of the evidence of ruined jean I will have shorts to wear.

“Umm sis you want me to get all my ruined jeans, I mean the jeans I have holes in the knees so you can turn them into shorts?”

I just think to myself how awesome this is, one second I'm in deep trouble for ruining my clothes and having no more shorts and the next second I will have tons of shorts when sis turns my jeans into shorts.

“Well that is going to take me a while and you are the one that wanted to switch chores so you will have to help me too okay?”

Thinking to myself this sounds like a win, win situation. “Okay whatever you want sis just ask?”

“Great Kelly now I will need all the clothes you want me to turn into shorts first. Just put them here on the table okay?”

This is starting to get easy already. “No problem I will run up to my room right now be back fast.” I run up to my room and I start taking all my pants out of my closet since they all have holes in the knees. I bring them all down to the sewing room next to the laundry room. “Okay sis what do you want me to do with them?”

“Oh just put them on the table in the sewing room. Oh, then come in here I will need your help.” That sure is easy as I just put the big pile down on the table. I walk into the laundry room seeing sis.

Umm she doesn’t look happy for some reason. “Did you put all the clothes you want me to turn into shorts on the table in the sewing room?”

“Yes I did just like you said.” I see that look in her eyes that mommy has when I did something wrong.

Oh, know there goes the hands on the hips now I know for sure I did or am doing something wrong. “Oh really well mommy said for me to turn those pajamas into shorts and you are still wearing them. You know this is a lot of work for me and you need to help me.”

“Okay sis I am sorry you are right I will go in the bathroom in the sewing room and take my pajama bottoms off so you can sew them. I'm doing it right now.” I run into the other room and jump into the bathroom. I rip my pajama bottoms down to my ankles as fast as I can the last thing I want is for sis to change her mind with her making me new shorts.

I open the bathroom door. “Okay Beth I have them but I don't have any clothes to change into because I put all my clothes on the table for you to turn into shorts.”

“Well that was fast.” I feel Beth take the pants out of my hand as I close the bathroom door. “I guess you are going to ask me for some clothes now because I am sure you didn’t think ahead enough to bring clothes in there with you to change into.”

Darn she is totally right as I stand in just my boxers and pajama Spiderman tee shirt. “Yeas you are right Beth, I umm don't have any shorts or pants to wear now can you find me some please don't get mad I'm just little remember.”

“Yes you are little or very small for your age. I guess you are about little Mileys size I will be right back.” I hear sis run upstairs then back downstairs. I hear a knock on the bathroom door. “Okay try these shorts on Kelly.” I stick my hand out through the door and I feel Beth drop some clothes in my hand.

I close the door fast I don't want my big sister to see me wearing only my boxers. “Hey wait these are Mileys clothes, and there pink I can't wear them they are for a girl.”

“Just try them on and see if they fit okay then I will know what fits you and what doesn’t.”

This is not good as I look at the pink shorts I am going to try on. There is no way they will fit me; they are too large and my boxers are too long. I still slide them up my legs and over my boxers.

“Hey Beth these shorts no way will fit me. For one they are way to big they almost fall down when I put them on. Also, my boxers are too long they stick out the bottom of the shorts too I look like a clown.”

I hear Beth doing something that sounds like she is opening the closet in the sewing room and I hear a loud noise. “Okay yea I didn't think of your boxers showing, we will try something else. Open the door and try these on and hurry I have a lot of things to do plus all your chores since we changed chores.”

“Okay, I will be fast.” I open the door and see some new shorts, and a tiny pair of panties they even look like they have some type of padding or something. “Sis I can't wear these they are Mileys panties.”

I hear a loud knock on the bathroom door. “Yes you can there only panties I mean underwear and no one is going to see them anyway when you are dressed. Plus, I didn’t give you any pink shorts so hurry up before I change my mind about sewing this big pile of clothes for you little brother.” I hear the sewing machine running.

“Okay I guess you are right no one will see my panties; I mean these panties if they fit me.” I slide off my boxers while I am shaking my head I can't believe I am trying on panties and my little sister’s panties at that. I look down after I pull the little Barbie panties up my legs and I see they are snug around my waist showing no little boy bulge at all. Wow they do fit and actually feel good. I had better try these shorts on before sis wants to see if my panties fit.

I slide the tiny shorts up my legs and they fit perfectly not to tight not to loose fit okay. “Are you done yet, hurry I want to see if they fit you so I know I can fix your new shorts like I do Mileys.”

“Ok I'm done.” I open the bathroom door slowly. “Now what color are these shorts I am wearing of Mileys there not yellow right, I mean there more of a light tan right?”

I look at Beth staring at me up and down smiling.” Wow they fit you really good I didn’t think Mileys old clothes would fit you but turn around those shorts aren’t sitting right. Turn around let me see them from the back.” I turn around slowly until I have my back to Beth. “Oh there is a problem let me pull them up some.”

“Your panties are showing from the back I am sure you don't want mommy seeing your panties right little brother hehehehe.” What she can see I'm wearing panties thinking to myself. “Here I will fix that for you little brother, next time you need to pull your shorts up higher so your panties are all covered okay?”

I feel sis put her fingers inside of my shorts pulling up in the back and on the side, then the front of me. “Oh yes that is much, much better. They look much better on you; you must have pushed your little boy parts to the back because I can't see them bulging anywhere so that was smart of you little brother.”

“Um yea I did do that, I umm pushed them to the back so I don't stretch little Mileys clothes.” I lie not wanting sis to know I just slid the small shorts on and I don't want to share that my little boy parts are as small as a baby's still. Can't wait to get my growth spirt.

I feel silly wearing my little sister’s old shorts and panties. “Okay I have all your jeans and other pants that you want me to turn into shorts like I do Mileys, right?”

“Yes sis I gave them all and now you have my pajama bottoms too. Umm sis you can't tell I'm wearing my little sisters panties under these shorts right? I mean these shorts are for a girl, are they too girly or okay for me?”

Beth looks at me up and down and then she smiles. “Yes those are our little sister’s panties and shorts your wearing but they don't look too girly for you they are perfect. Now scoot off to the kitchen and do the dishes since we switched doing chores. When you are done with that go bring the laundry baskets down here from each of our rooms and hopefully I will be done turning your jeans and school pants into shorts like Mileys okay?”

“Sounds good Beth thanks so much, I really appreciate you doing this for me.” I am smiling from ear to hear when I see mommy walking into the sewing room she must have been standing in the doorway listening to us.

Mommy is looking at me up and down noticing I am wearing Mileys old shorts. “Well, well what do we have here. Why are you wearing Mileys clothes son or should I call you my daughter since you are wearing girl's clothes and your hair is long like a girl's?”

“Umm no mommy don’t be silly, I am still your son it's just all my shorts are Ummm, and it's too hot to wear jeans.”

Beth smiles and looks at mommy. “Mother he is wearing Mileys old clothes so I didn’t think she or you would mine. I am doing like I do with Mileys old clothes when she has rips in the knees I am turning his pants into shorts like I do Mileys.”

“Is that right so you want Beth to turn your pants into shorts that have rips in them like she does for little Miley? I guess I shouldn’t call her little since you are wearing her old clothes. Maybe we should save her old dresses and skirts for you too sweetie is that what you want hehehe?” mommy says teasing me.

I look at mommy and Beth both smiling and giggling. “Yes I mean yes I want Beth to turn my pants into shorts like she does for Miley and no I don't want you and sis teasing me about wearing Mileys old dresses and skirts.”

“Okay sweetie but I asked you if you wanted me to save her dresses and skirts for you and you didn’t say no, you just said we would tease you sweetie so I guess we will save them for you to wear around the house okay sweetie hehehehe?”

Beth and mommy just giggle smiling at each other than me. “Okay off now little brother and get to the dishes and start your new chores if you want me to change all these clothes for you okay? Oh, and those are the only extra shorts that fit you so if you mess them up you will have to wear one of Mileys old dresses or skirts so keep it clean little brother or you will be my little sister hehehe.”

“You heard your big sister now off with you scoot.” I feel mommy pat my bottom sending me out of the sewing room. I go in the kitchen and see how high the sink is. Mommy walks into the kitchen and sees me staring up at the sink. “Do you need some help sweetie?”

I turn around seeing mommy staring at me up and down again, in the background we hear the sewing machine sounds. “Umm yes mommy I guess I need you to turn the water on but I don't think I can reach anything in the sink either.”

“I can see that we will have to let you use the stool see it over here in the closet?” I look seeing her open the narrow closet with a bunch of cleaning stuff in it. “Now climb up on it you will have to go to the top, and you should be able to wash the dishes now, can you reach inside the sink and reach the water faucets?”

I reach out turning both the faucets on at the same time. “Of course mommy I can do it I'm not a baby ya know I'm just small for my age like everyone reminds me 1000 times a day.”

“Okay smarty pants, oh and speaking of pants or shorts in your case Mileys old shorts fit you perfectly I'm surprised your boxers were able to fit under them. Speaking of Mileys clothes you will need to put the apron on your sister uses to protect her clothes while she is doing dishes so lift your arms over your head sweetie okay?”

I lift both my arms over my head. “Mommy do I really have to wear this super girly apron I know I need to wear one to protect Miley's clothes but don't you have one that isn’t pink, and so girly like this one?”

“Oh stop your whining or I will get you a diaper if you are going to whine like a baby. Oh, and the shorts your wearing are not Miley’s anymore she outgrew them so that makes them yours now sweetie just like the rest of her old clothes.”

I am in shock about her calling these clothes mine now. “Now stand still so I can tie the back together with the strings in the back. Oh, yes that is perfect for you now. I'm going back to my chores so let me know if you need any help sweetie.” Mommy walks out of the kitchen and I start to put soap in the sink and start washing the dirty dishes.

“Oh Beth your little brother is such a sight you will have to take a look but don't let him see you okay?”

I'm doing the dishes with my back to everyone and I don't see Beth walk into the kitchen. “Oh, my god mother he is wearing my old apron and it goes past his shorts and it looks like he is wearing a short pink dress. He looks so much like a little girl now especially with his long hair.”

“Oh mother I wish I could put his hair in pigtails so he looks even more girly Hehehehe.”

“Yes that would be fun plus we have all Mileys old dresses and skirts that will fit him perfectly like the shorts do.”

“Hehehe I guess we won’t be calling him a he anymore, I would love another little sister would be like having little twin sisters mother.”

The End
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