Nanites -- Chap. 5-6



Chapter Five

Story by Leslie Moore, edited by Dee Sylvan, formatting by Dawn Natelle

Rodney was going out this evening. That would be a first. It had been a long time since he’d even thought of bothering to cross New York City for an evening out. But then, things were different now. So different.

Since he’d drank down three ounces of nanotechnology, his whole world had changed. He’d looked at it as an easy a way to lose weight. He thought it would be a great shortcut. But, it had done that and so much more. Besides losing over two hundred pounds, the nanites had rewritten his whole world from the DNA up. It seemed crazy but over the course of less than six weeks, he’d gone from a fat, old forty something to a genetic female who weighed one hundred and thirty pounds.

New Rodney sat at his computer and messaged his sister the name and address of the bistro where they’d meet for dinner. He wanted a chance to update what the nanotechnology was doing to him. He closed his laptop and then went back into the guest room to examine his wardrobe options.

Old Rodney was just a tiny little part of his life now. He tried to stand back from the last six weeks and imagine himself riding the back of a giant elephant. Yep, old Rodney was the little guy riding up in the saddle of a giant elephant, ten times bigger than he was. That giant elephant was his new life. Old Rodney was a tiny, tiny part of new Rodney. That’s how he was trying to picture what was left of him, the original Rodney was in his mind and that was all he could find since the nanites had finished.

Sure, Rodney was still there. At this point, it might just be memories or a trace of his thoughts every time he spoke. It certainly wasn't in his voice or his looks. You couldn’t find it in his eyes. He used to have brown eyes and they were now a vivid green. He used to be bald and fat and obnoxious. Now he had curves, breasts, a booty, and a pussy.

The new Rodney was completely the opposite of the old Rodney. Besides being changed from male to female, he felt different. First things first, he felt happy and content. He knew it wasn’t just because now he had a vagina. Up until six weeks ago, transgender was just a word that popped up in a quiz game. In his wildest dreams, he’d never seen himself as a woman.

New Rodney was slim and sleek and a lot younger. She seemed to have a lot of self-control and was pretty calm. New Rodney was still changing. She drank a lot of water and still was passing odorless sludge through her digestive system. The process was tapering off and the nanotechnology was almost done with her transition. But, new Rodney was not afraid anymore.

New Rodney was acting and thinking differently. She’d been discussing how to hide panty lines with Sarah. It was another first and he laughed to himself. Two months ago, he’d have never had this conversation. Two months ago, he would have never made arrangements to go out to dinner. He’d never left the condo. Two months ago, he was a man.

He sat on the edge of a chair and pulled off his sneakers. Then he stood up and pulled down the yoga pants and the panties he’d been wearing. Standing half naked, he reaching into the drawer and searched for a thong. When he found it and held up the tiny slip of fabric, Rodney understood now why a thong doesn’t show a panty line.

Rodney pulled it up and on. She had to adjust it several times. It was only half the underwear he’d been wearing and it exposed his flesh to the world. His butt was completely uncovered. He pulled up the yoga pants again and ran his hands all along his underwear, smoothing everything out. He couldn’t help but run his hands across his round, soft rear end again. It wasn’t that long ago he’d pay money to feel up a call girl delivered to his apartment. Now his ass was only covered by the material of the yoga pants.

He stood there looking at his butt in the mirror. In his mind, it was huge. It was all he could see, but at least there weren’t any panty lines. Now all he had to do was get used to the strip of fabric running up from his crotch and through his crack. All he wanted to do was dig it out of his asshole.

He looked through the coats he’d hung in the closet that Sarah had sent over for him. He found a jean jacket that fit fine. He stood in front of the mirror and decided that it passed inspection. The only thing missing was makeup and he wasn't going there today. It was hard enough figuring how he was going to manage his first outing as a woman.

He searched through everything Sarah had sent over and found a nicely shaped dark blue leather shoulder bag. He started to fill it with a brush, his wallet, and then he stood up and went over to his safe.

Rodney opened the safe and took out several wads of cash. He generally kept five thousand dollars in there for tips and services.

He knew that today’s solution would be cash. He knew that ‘new’ Rodney couldn’t rely on old Rodney’s credit cards. He’d called for a private car to pick him up at four thirty. The exchange reminded him that it would be a ninety-minute drive to his sister’s location and he said he understood. He paid with his credit card and said his niece would be signing the driver’s receipt. Once that was all done, he decided to bite the bullet and call his lawyer.

While he was on hold, he went online to check his accounts. His investment money was intact and in the weeks he’d been away from the accounts, he’d made a thirty thousand dollar profit from betting on corn and wheat futures. Instead of sliding that money out of country, he made arrangements to put it into his checking account. He was starting to come up with some ideas of what he’d be doing about his new life.

Old Rodney had used credit cards for everything except tips at the door. New Rodney would have to have new identification and would need cash for everything until she had her own set of credit cards tied to new bank accounts. He guessed this could take a month or more. He needed to get it all into motion.

New Rodney still had firm opinions about certain things. He decided didn’t want to live in this penthouse anymore. He didn’t want to be a recluse and hide anymore. But, he didn’t want to be the center of attention with people whispering about how he used to be Rodney Calloway and he had a sex change. He’d never liked being the center of attention and he saw this whole change as a fresh start. But, to make a clean break meant that new Rodney would not be connected to old Rodney.

He tried to think of the ways that old Rodney Calloway could just disappear. He could sell the penthouse and let the word get around that for health reasons, he was moving to Arizona. He’d get a Tucson, Arizona post office box and a Tucson phone number. He’d even pay for a Tucson internet service so he could still do business by bouncing all his internet transactions from New York to Tucson then out to the world. He’d work on that story, but it sounded plausible. In the meantime, he’d tell people that he was Jillian, old Rodney’s niece, and had moved in to New York and the penthouse to help take care of old Rodney. Yep, that was the ticket. He figured that would cover at least the next month of time.

After a long hold, his lawyer came on the line. “Hey Rodney, it’s been a long time. How are you doing?”

Rodney hesitated. He tried to talk in his deepest voice and control his lilt and inflection. “Fine. Actually excellent. I’ve made a few important changes in my life and my lifestyle and I need to get a whole new set of identity papers.”

“Okay. May I ask why?”

“Sure. But, before we go on, you’re my lawyer and have been for what, eighteen years? Remember when you were first getting started and we went out and got really drunk at Finnegan’s down in the Village? Let’s see, that was in September. You went swimming in the fountain that night. You remember I talked the police out of arresting you.”

“Yeah, I remember, too. But, if I recall, we were both in the water when they came up on their horses.”

“Yeah, but I still had the power of speech.”

“Rodney, I’d forgotten all about that one. Ah, the good old days. You’re telling me a story that I’ve never even shared with Delores. I can’t believe it’s been that long. So tell me why do you need new ID. Don’t tell me you're leaving your penthouse?”

“I am and I’m relocating. In the meantime, I’m flying out to see my mom. I need to tell her about some changes I’ve made in the past year.” Rodney took a deep breath. “Bill, I’ve had a sex change.”

“Huh? You kidding me, or are you serious?”

“Very serious. It was that or just let myself die. I was living a very unhappy life that was all a lie. Would you like to have lunch together tomorrow and you can meet the new me?”

“Of course. Now, I see why you need new documents. Let’s meet near my office and then we can get you all set up to sign some document change request forms. I’ll have the girls in my office put a packet together for you. You just sign some requests and we’ll take care of all of it. A sex change? Will I recognize you?”

“No. I don’t think so. You remember meeting my mother?”

“Sure. Like ten years ago.”

“Well, think of my mom as if she was in her early thirties.”

“Really? So how will we prove you are you?”

“How about fingerprints? You still have mine on file from when I had to be checked out for my brokers license, right?”

“Well, sure. I remember that. I’m positive we have them on file, probably digitized now.”

“All the better. We can use a digital print kit to check them. I’m sure I’m in the National Registry, too. We can stop by the police station on our way to lunch and see if they can track me down. And, by the way, I’m buying.”

“Of course you are, Rodney. But, you’re not going to be Rodney anymore are you?”

“Actually, I am. I’m going to be Jillian Catherine Rodney. You can still call me by my last name, Rodney or call me Jillian.”

“Okay. How about if we meet at my office at one tomorrow and go to the precinct around the corner before lunch?”

“Good. One o’clock at your offices.”

When Rodney got off the phone with his lawyer, he called his physician. He asked his doctors’ office to give him a call back. About an hour later, he got the call as he was riding in the town car to see his sister.

“Mr. Calloway, how can we help you?”

“Well, yes. I need a letter from one of your staff. I'd like to meet with someone in your OB-GYN department.”

“Can we inquire for the reason?”

“It's very personal.”

“Okay. Shall we say we fit you in at the end of office hours tomorrow? Would five o’clock work?”

“That would be fine. Thank you.”

With that all tied up, Rodney reached down into his shoulder bag and got out his iPad. He was reading the Wall Street Journal when the limo stopped at the curb.

“Here you are, miss. Would you like me to hang around or simply return to pick you up?”

Rodney handed the man a fifty and signed the receipt. “Give me your card and I’ll call you when I’m about ready to return. I’m thinking ninety minutes.”

“As you’d prefer.”

Rodney got out of the car and headed to the restaurant. As he went to pull the handle on the front doors, a man opened it and gestured for him to go in. Rodney looked up at the young guy in the dark suit and smiled. “Thanks.”

Rodney walked into the restaurant and spotted his sister almost immediately. He waved and started over to their table through the crowded restaurant.

Sarah stood up and hugged her sibling. “You look good.”

Rodney looked at his sister’s deep bags under her eyes. “And you look exhausted.”

They kissed and Rodney turned to the man standing there. Sarah immediately started talking. “You remember Arnold Blackstone, don’t you?”

Rodney smiled. He looked Blackstone in the eyes. “I do. The last time I saw you, Mr. Blackstone, you were handing me a present and I was giving you the account number of a bank in the tropics.”

Arnold paled and swallowed deeply. That was the day he’d given up being a moral, God-fearing person and stooped to robbing his place of work for money. He’d hated that moment in his life. The confusion left his face as he realized who he was talking to. “Uh, yes. I do remember. You’ve changed.”

Rodney grinned. “How’s your son doing?”

“Much better with the treatments. He and my wife are at the hospital now in Minnesota. He’s making real progress.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Rodney turned to his sister. “What do you think? Do I look okay?”

“You look fine. That outfit looks good on you. Did you try on anything else?”

Rodney shook his head. “No. I wasn’t quite ready for a fashion show.”

Arnold Blackstone sat there sipping his iced tea, totally dumbfounded. He knew who was sitting there across from him at the table. This was Sarah’s brother, the original investor in the company and the man who had paid him a hundred grand to have three ounces of the nanites delivered to his door. He despised this man, well, woman. He’d never done anything criminal in his life and this man had him steal to help to save his son. He’d lost a lot of sleep since then.

Arnold had a lot of pride and what he thought was dignity. And in one moment, Rodney Calloway robbed him of it. He had a hard time feeling good about himself anymore.

Sarah had told him what had happened to her brother after he swallowed the tiny robots but he never imagined that they would do such a complete job on the obese man. This was almost science fiction and not science. Their nanotechnology had turned this man into a woman, a perfect woman. It was pretty amazing. This same man who had used his sick son to encourage him to risk his job stealing was now a pretty, confident woman sitting in a restaurant across from him. He wanted a drink. He caught the eye of a waitress.

When the waitress came over, they ordered drinks and dinner. After that, Rodney did most of the talking bringing them up to date about the past six weeks. He talked about the physical changes but then started talking about the mental changes and his newly discovered lack of depression and improved mental illness. As he talked, Arnold started to think about the power of the nanotechnology they had developed. He also thought how it might net him much more money. After all, he was just an employee who had nothing to gain from Sarah’s scientific success. She was going to make a billion dollars from the development of this product and he’d get a raise. Even her crazy brother, well, sister, would become almost as rich. Now he realized that a hundred thousand dollars was nothing to either of them.

“So what do you think we should do with Rodney, Arnold?”

Arnold smiled and tried to look serious. “I’d say lets run a complete blood work bank and check for any signs of problems. And maybe a full physical that would include X-rays, MRI, and CAT scans. But, foremost, a complete DNA and chromosome test to see how deep the nanites have gone.”

“I agree. But it all has to be done in confidence. We don’t want anyone to know that subject A is Rodney.”

“I can take care of that. Rodney, could you make yourself available for four-hour exam in, say in two days?”

Rodney nodded. “Sure. Just give me a call.”

The waitress appeared and brought their orders. Sarah ordered a burger and a Merlot. Arnold had a pork chop and a scotch. Rodney ordered a side salad and a glass of Pinot.

After another round of drinks, the small talk surrounding dinner was over. As they said their goodbyes, Sarah leaned over and whispered in Rodney’s ear. “Did you get a little buzz from the wine?”

Rodney felt flushed. He nodded and grinned.

“Tomorrow, I’m betting you don’t have a hangover, none whatsoever. I’m guessing your nanites will have you waking up happy and feeling great.”

As Sarah watched her ‘sister’ get into her limo, she turned to Arnold Blackstone. “You were quiet tonight. What was on your mind?”

“Just thinking about Rodney’s transformation. It’s quite impressive. I’m wondering what we’re going to find out from his physical examination.”

Sarah nodded. “I’ll bet there’s not a trace of Rodney left in her body.”

Chapter Six

Sarah was right. When Rodney climbed out of bed in the morning, he felt refreshed. There was no sign of a hangover or any vestiges of the alcohol he’d consumed the night before. As he padded barefoot into his kitchen, he was ready to face the world. He started his coffee maker and thought about his schedule. While he waited on the coffee, he glanced at himself in the mirrored appliances. He poured a large glass of water and laughed. He used to hate looking at his obese self but now he was looking at a high school boy’s wet dream.

He was wearing a pair of comfortable cotton shorty pajamas that did nothing to hide his feminine form. The sleeveless top showed his newly developed breasts, exposing generous cleavage and some side boob. The thin cotton did nothing to camouflage his protruding nipples and large aureolas.

The little top clung to his slight frame showing off his flat stomach and tiny waist. The little cotton shorts almost outlined his modest sex: camel toe came to mind. The matching bottoms barely covered his shapely hips and rear. He involuntarily laughed at what a sight he’d become.

As he drank his second glass of water, he thought about the day ahead. He had to meet with his lawyer to get new documents. He couldn't very well use his old identification anymore. He’d decided to use the name Jillian Catherine Rodney. To prove who he used to be would take a copy of his fingerprints and a visit to a police station to verify his former identity.

He assumed the name change requests would take a couple of weeks before he’d have new ID in hand. Then he would start to switch a portion of his money to a new account in his new name. In the meantime, he would check in with the doorman and identify himself as Rodney Holloway’s niece who had come to help her ailing uncle. He’d explain that she’d be staying in the penthouse and helping her uncle move to Arizona.

After several glasses of water, Rodney knew it was time to use the toilet. He grabbed his coffee and his laptop and went into the bathroom. He opened the lid to the toilet, spun around and sat down to pass the morning sludge.

But, it was all different today. He was startled suddenly to feel a sharp pain in his groin. He felt a trickle of urine and something thicker start to pass out of his body. He checked to the bowl and was shocked to see pink urine and clumps of blood floating in the toilet water. As the pain reached a crescendo, he almost fainted.

His mind panicked as he squeezed his coffee mug. What was happening? Was it the wine he drank last night? He had two glasses. Was that causing all the pain and discomfort? His head felt fine but his abdomen felt terrible as more cramps ran through his lower body. He wondered if this was the end of his brief experience with the nanotechnology and they’d discover him dead on the bathroom floor like Elvis.

He set his coffee down carefully and waited for another attack. He started to get anxious and expected worse.

He sat there disgorging waste, more urine, and a bit more blood. He glanced down at his underpants and pajama bottoms and saw the spots of dried blood in his panties. Rodney realized what was happening. When the pain had subsided, he checked the toilet again before he flushed. There was a simple explanation. His new body, the Jill body, was having her first period.

He wiped carefully and then jumped into the shower. His legs shook, but he wanted the warm water cascading over his achy form. He wanted to wash off any traces of blood.

When he emerged, he felt better. Sarah had packed him a little kit of Always pads and he added one to his panties as he moisturized and prepared for the day. He smiled when he thought about his late afternoon visit to his doctor’s office. He’d requested an OB-GYN doctor because he figured he might need further documentation to prove he was now a woman. Well, his tiny little nanites had taken care of that. He figured that his first period would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was officially female now.

As he picked out some fresh clothes to wear, he thought about how he should look. Rodney chuckled as he decided on a blouse and a skirt. He checked his closet and chose a knee length navy blue, pleated skirt and a silky white blouse. He rummaged through his drawers and found a white bra. It was a little fancier than the sports bra that he’d gotten used to wearing.

This one had lace and support. It was more elaborate and had closures in the back. After putting it on and looking in the mirror, Rodney realized that it thrust his breasts out more. Oh well, he thought. He knew he needed to look less conservative and more feminine today. After all, he was meeting with two professionals who’d be judging him worthy of getting new ID. He didn’t want a battle.

After putting on the blouse and pulling up the skirt, he found a blue leather belt and a pair of navy shoes. They were plain and had a rounded toe and no heel. He figured that was good enough. He was tall enough at five feet seven inches and he wasn't ready to start struggling with heels.

He brushed his hair. It seemed to be a bit longer and was starting to get in his face. He parted it and brushed it to the side. In his mind, it looked okay but maybe he needed to get it styled. He wondered about that.

Old Rodney would have simply called down to the desk and a barber would appear in an hour and give him a haircut right in his bathroom. The guy would clean everything up and Rodney would give him a fifty-dollar bill. But, this was different.

He wondered if he should just walk out on the street to find the nearest salon or he should call and make an appointment. Maybe he’d call Sarah and get her advice.

* * *

Arnold Blackstone woke with a hangover. It wasn’t just the two scotches he’d had at dinner with his boss and her brother. It was the rest of the bottle he’d had at home. He lost track of how much liquor he’d consumed.

He was still hung over and pissed at the world when he arrived at work. Fortunately, no one bothered him as he wandered around the lab thinking about how he was going to steal the nanites and keep them alive at his house. As he was drinking last night, he tried to figure out who he could sell the technology to. At first he though about competitors, but Sarah’s company was so far advanced that there weren’t any successful companies that would buy what Sarah had created. And then there was the danger that the US government might step in and have him arrested. After all, they were partners in the human testing program now.

Who would buy a technology that made you twenty years younger, healthy, and changed you into a woman? Who would pay him a hundred grand a dose to be forever young and female? He smiled when he finally figured it out.

He’d read somewhere that that an old Rock Star had recently come out as transgender and surgically turned himself into a woman. Rumor was she’d spent a million dollars for this transformation. Arnold had seen pictures and the poor sot still looked like he was seventy.

He thought of the Internet moguls. Some were women. Would they be willing to pay money to be young and healthy forever?

Who would pay him a hundred grand for eternal life?

He tried to imagine the people out there who would take out a bank loan to be twenty-five again and completely female. He had to figure a lot of details out but first he had to successfully steal the nanites away from the lab.

His wife and son were two thousand miles away across the country so he figured he would begin as soon as he figured out the logistics.

He did some rough calculations. Three-ounce dosages, a gallon of nanites, and a hundred thousand dollars a dose would net him millions of dollars.

That made his head feel better.

* * *

Jillian looked at herself in the salon mirror. She watched as the technician busied herself with spraying, cutting, and combing. Thirty minutes later, they both smiled.

Her hair looked much better. It was shaped nicely around her face and held in place with a little ‘holding spray’. Jillian had no idea what holding spray was, but was assured they had it for sale at the front counter.

As she was sitting there watching the woman put the finishing touches on her hairstyle, she asked if Jillian wanted someone to do her makeup professionally. Jillian smiled inside. She wasn't wearing any makeup and personally wasn't ready to start, but since she was meeting with a doctor and a lawyer today, she figured it wouldn't hurt.

Agnes said she’d be right back and went to talk to their specialist. A minute later, she introduced Jillian to Faye who led her to a quiet part of the salon where they talked together while Jillian had her face done. After much negotiating, she was blended and powdered and painted. It was all okay. She looked pretty. The makeup emphasized her natural beauty. She was pleased.

As an afterthought, she had her nails shaped and painted, too. By the time she left the salon, she had a grocery bag full of product and her wallet was hundreds of dollars lighter.

The makeup gave her more confidence. She still had time to go back to the condo and talk to the doorman. She introduced herself as Jillian and said she was Rodney’s niece. She had come to visit Uncle Rodney and he wanted her to stay for the month to help him get over the flu. The doorman could not have been nicer and offered to get her a set of keys. She showed him Rodney’s keys and said these were fine.

She took the bag of salon products upstairs and then got ready to go to lunch. She waited again for the car service and then went downtown to her lawyer’s office.

* * *

Arnold was alone in the lab. He went down to the storage room and withdrew six one-liter stainless containers. He made sure they were double lined with insulation and had secure screw-on caps. He also got out two twenty-gallon coolers. He lined the coolers with soft gray foam.

He used a red wagon to pull his two coolers down to the nano storage room. He drained out six liters of nano-technology from their main storage tank. After he drained the nanites, he added six liters of neutral medium back so the tank appeared full again. He estimated that it would take the better part of a week for the nano population to come back up to what it had been before he tapped it.

He wasn’t worried. The tank had sat undisturbed for almost a month now. The only ones withdrawing nano-technology were the lab techs who would draw some out to test once in a while. But they were all in Atlanta with the government testing. He figured if his plan worked, he could do this again countless times right under everyone’s noses.

If this worked, he’d be a rich man. Now, the only thing he needed to do was get the technology out to his car. He pulled his red wagon straight out the doors and into the parking lot. He went over to his sedan and popped the trunk. He lifted the two coolers into his car and then returned the red wagon back to the hall where it was kept.

He drove his car around the corner and bought two bags of ice from a convenience store. He knew that the nanotechnology would be fine as long as the temperature didn’t rise up too much. Heat could kill the nanites, but they were happy all the way down to almost freezing. As he drank his cola flavored Slurpee, he drove home.

He parked his car in the garage and transferred everything down to the basement. He checked his liter bottles one at a time. They all looked good.

He was looking at almost seven million dollars if he got $100,000 for each dose. He smiled. He needed a good funnel and sixty-eight three-ounce screw top vials. He didn’t want to risk any leakage.

He’d figure it out. After all, he could buy all this stuff right online and have it all shipped to his house or the offices. His wife and son wouldn’t be home for at least two weeks. He figured he’d have the dosages all safely sold by then. After all, who wouldn’t pay for eternal youth?

* * *

Jill shook hands with her old friend. She and Don had been buddies all through college. While he went into law, Rodney had turned to real estate and then trading on the exchange. They’d both been successful and gotten rich, but times had changed.

Don Freeberry looked weary. He was only forty-five but he looked older. He didn’t look fit at all. He was a tough, gnarly forty-five. He looked like the old rooster who couldn’t crow anymore.

And Don was amazed. After they’d been to the police station and Rodney was fingerprinted, it took the computer under five minutes to shuffle up his old ID and validate that Jill and Rodney were the same person. Don kept staring with his eyes occasionally drifting down to the woman’s shapely breasts and body. She was gorgeous and there was no sign that she’d ever been his old drinking buddy.

But, here she was, relating stories about the two of them that only Rodney would have known. And whenever Don asked a question, Jill knew the right answer. It was pretty amazing but after twenty minutes, Don had to admit that the beautiful woman sitting across from him was his old friend.

“But, where did you have the surgeries done?”

“India and Thailand. Great doctors, the cream of the crop.”

“And you had organ replacement, too?”

“Yeah. A complete set of woman’s innards. Technically, I could give birth if I chose. Wild, huh?”

“I’ve read something about that, but never knew that could really take place. Why’d you have that done?”

“Those organs provide the body with a healthy balance of fresh cells. Having the transplanted organs is what helps make me appear twenty years younger.”

“I can’t argue with that. You look amazing. And you say they used old photos of your mom as their model, huh? That’s incredible. Can I ask what it cost?”

“Sure. It took half my Cayman Island account to pay for this but I figure I’ll live long enough to replenish it four times over.”

“Really? You think you’ve found eternal life?”

“If I take care of myself and pay for annual treatments, I’m going to stay young as long as I want. Of course, I’ll need more and more money to keep myself this way.”

They both laughed. Don was taken with his friend’s beauty and kept having to remind himself that he was looking at an illusion. He’d have no qualms requesting all new ID for Jillian Rodney. This was all perfectly legal.

“And you say you’re going to have a doctor examine you this afternoon? Can I get a copy of that report to add to your file?”

“Sure. And how about if I have copies of what we did today for the doctor to look at. I’d rather only you and I know about the sex change and my previous life. I want a fresh start. You’ll have two customers, Jillian and Rodney. Oh, by the way, Rodney is moving to Tucson, Arizona. I know for a fact he wants to keep your firm on board as his general counsel. You’ll get a generous check each year from Tucson.”


Jillian smiled. “And I will show my appreciation by sending you a check each year, too.”

Don waved to the waitress. He decided to order another drink to celebrate. He’d just gotten a new client and kept an old friend and customer, too. It was a good day.

After another hour of talking and catching up, Jillian signed the papers right at the table in the restaurant. Don had called his secretary and asked her to walk the change of name and gender document down to the restaurant. When they were all signed and witnessed, the three of them ordered champagne and celebrated.

Jillian had a slight buzz but knew that was all she would get. Leaving the lawyer and his secretary to finish off the bottle, she excused herself and left the restaurant. She had an appointment with a doctor uptown.

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