Snow Angel Part 18

Dakota and Terry had left when they were told too. Terry was weaving in and out of traffic like an experience Nascar driver. She was doing at least a hundred ten miles per hour.

“Where did you learn to drive like this?”

Dakota was enjoying the ride and was amazed at how Wraith maneuver. They had turned on their lights, so traffic would get out of their way. This time they didn’t have to worry about the State Trooper pulling them over or giving them grief for their precision driving.

“I race on the weekends at the local race track. It’s how I developed the suspension, aerodynamics and handling of Wraith. I took the prototype down to the race track and had my friends try to run me off the track as I tested, change and modify how I wanted him to be.”

“And no one figured out what you were doing?” Dakota glances at Terry as she sat next to him with her helmet on.

“Nope, all they knew was that I was testing a new car design. I didn’t do weapons test on the track. I have a separate place for that type of testing. “

“Were you ever in the military?”

“Yep, I was in 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, "Iron Brigade". I was the gunner and sometimes the driver because of my slimmer build. I could had taken a job in research or as a nuclear inspector, but I liked tanks. So, I requested to join that unit.” Terry could remember making the recruiter promise she would be transferred to that unit.

“How about you? We’re you ever in the military?”

“Nope, I worked my way through college as a stunt person. My mom does special effects and my father use to be Army Special Forces. When he got out, he went into the stunt business. I pretty much grew up around the movie business. After college, I joined the police force and was immediately thrown into a special unit that was in the street drug division and did a bunch of undercover work in LA, San Bernardino, and El Centro. You know the rest about what happened to me.”

Terry looks over at Dakota. She wasn’t wearing a combat helmet like she was. She was staring straight ahead as they drove down the interstate.

“Elizabeth told me a little bit about you and how you might have a flashback while were out doing this job. She said that the only place you feel safe and comfortable is Wraith. I think me and you have a lot in common. I still have nightmares of what that motorcycle gang did to me that night.”

“We might be similar, but were different in how we experience our flashbacks. I remember everything of that day. Everything I did and what was done to me with 100% percent full sensory experience. It’s like being in a horror movie and experiencing it repeatedly. I remember everything down to the smells and heat of that day.”

“Dam, that does suck. Are you going to be able to handle what we are going up against?” Dakota hopes Terry doesn’t have an episode while they are fighting.

“Yea, I will be able to do what is necessary. Are there any building or parking garages where were going that we might be able to use Wraith’s weapon system to intercept their missile?”

“Bring up the location on the windshield.” Terry presses a few buttons on her dash and a map pops up.

Dakota had to admit that she liked the fact that he could change things on the front windshield without interfering with Terry’s driving. She enlarges the holograms and locates a parking garage they could use to put Wraith to intercept the missiles they had.

“Do you think Wraith can take it out fast enough?”

“Yep, I design his targeting systems. His missile systems were based off the Apache AGM-114D Longbow Hellfire air-to-surface missile system. The micro-missiles I designed while at MIT, have shorter range, but more power behind them. Wraiths side launchers can launch twenty at a time. So, I think he can handle it.”

“You went to MIT? What did you major in?”

“I have three PhD’s. One in Mechanical engineering, the second one is in Nuclear engineering and the last one is in Electrical & Computer engineering. I’m considered a child genius.”

“Dam, you make me look like a little child. I majored in theater.”

Terry just smirks behind her helmet.

“You know, it’s not fair that you can see my expression, but I can’t see yours.” Dakota looks over at Terry.

“The helmet has a HUD display in it. It’s like how the Apache are flown. That’s why you can use the windshield and I can keep on driving without being bothered.”

“Can you drive without the helmet?” Dakota was watching their progress and so far, they would be at their destination soon.

“Yep, but it cuts certain functions.” Terry slows down and race down the streets towards the parking garage.

She stops before heading into the garage.

“Why are we stopping? Aren’t we going up?”

“Yes, but me and you need to be over on the roof top across the street in order to stop those pricks. I can remotely drive Wraith up to the top parking level.”

“Is there anything this car can’t do?”

“Yea, it can’t cook me dinner?” Her and Terry pull their weapons out of the back of Wraith.

Terry sets Wraith’s system to automatic and remotely drive him up to the top parking lot and park him in the perfect position to use all his weapon systems.

Terry presses a button on the side of her helmet “Morgana”

Morgana and crew:
Morgana’s cellphone starts ring. She looks at her cell display and notice that it was Terry.

“What’s up Terry?”

“I need you to run shotgun with Wraith’s drone.”

“I’ve been order to go back to my hotel room and gets some sleep by Anika.”

“Come on Morgana, you’re an independent contractor and I’m handing you a job. If you need me to make it official, I’ll pay you to cover your ass.”

“No need Terry, I got you covered. I’m switching over to Wraith’s combat drone.”

“Alright, don’t launch till Dakota and I are on the roof.”

“Will do Terry.”

Terry disconnects.

Morgana establishes a satellite link up through one of the satellites to the drone.

Dakota and Terry:

“Let’s move.” Dakota takes the lead up the stairs of the building the hit team will be stationed at.

Terry follows behind Dakota up the stairs. She notices that Dakota was moving with the grace of a dancer on the stairs as they moved. When they get to the roof, Dakota peeks out to look around before the two of them come out. They spot their suspects setting up and getting ready.
Terry launches the drone from Wraith.

Morgana takes control and guides the drone across to the other building. She spots Terry and Dakota as they sneak up behind their suspects.

One of the guys spot a drone coming towards them. He takes aim and starts firing at the drone. It avoids the gun fire and fires its mini-gun at the suspects. One of his men get hit in his leg from the mini-gun. One of the other guys with the missile system fires at a plane coming towards their location.

An impressive response from Wraith’s weapon systems targets and fires at the missile, striking it.

“Freeze assholes.”

One of the guys were about to turn around to fire at Terry and Dakota, but the combat drone fires right at his feet.

“Toss your weapons and lay down on your stomach. If you try anything, that drone will kill you.”

The four guys do as Terry says. There was no way they could react without that drone taking them out.

Morgana watches as the guys lay down on the roof on their stomach. She could see Terry and Dakota behind them with their guns lower towards them. She saw the weapon systems on Wraith opened with its weapon system and took the missile out.

Morgana was already running their faces and identify two of them as ex- Mossad agents and the other two were former Marines that had been dishonorably discharged five years ago for stealing.

“Another piece of the puzzle to look at.”

Terry moves over and start cuffing them as Dakota keeps watch. She makes sure to take all their weapons and concealed weapons away from them. She smiles up at the drone hovering near her.

“Call the FBI for pick-up.”

“Already on it.”

It takes about an hour for the whole mess to be taken care of.

Morgana keeps watch with the combat drone as the hit team are arrested. They gave the FBI everything they needed to make the arrest stick and warned them about the Mossad agents.

Once everything is taken care of, Terry has Wraith meet them downstairs. Morgana had already landed the drone back in its storage space.

“That went smoothly.” Dakota was sure something was going to happen.

“True, we got lucky.” Terry was about to get in the driver seat.

“Why don’t you let me drive this time?”

“If you think you can handle Wraith. Why not.”

“You want the helmet or are you going to drive him normal?”

“I’ll drive him normal.”

Dakota sits in the driver seat and all the instruments and seat adjust itself for Dakota. She secures herself and checks to make sure Terry is secure. Terry instructs Dakota on how to start Wraith and how to shift his gears. After a few minutes, Dakota has the hang of how Wraith works and drives.

Later that evening around Eleven o’clock
Morgana gets a call from Kat and listens to her request. She receives a picture and afterwards says goodbye and goes back to sleep.

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