Tracy -2

Tracy - 2



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The following Saturday morning was a beautiful day and Tracy's and my parents were off playing golf. I went over to Tracy's house in the morning to clean her bras and panties. As I walked up the stairs to her room I prayed that she'd want me to lick her vagina again. It would be nice to relive that brief moment I had had the week before. Unfortunately, I figured that Tracy probably would have forgotten that I had done that for her, or else she would no longer have a need for me to do it again.

When I entered Tracy's room she was sitting at her desk working on homework. Without greeting me or turning to look at me she said, "I need you to go to the market to buy me some nail polish remover. Any brand will do. When you come back you can do my underwear."

She held out a five dollar bill for me to take. "Sure, fine Tracy," I said trying not to sound too bummed out. I had hoped that by now Tracy would allow our relationship to grow a little bit to the point where she said hello to me. On the other hand, I had to admit that she was very beautiful to look at. To some degree it was a thrill to just be in her room, and even to see the back of her head while she worked. And of course I was the only one she trusted with her underwear. I went downstairs and headed to the store.


At the drug store next to the supermarket I bought a bottle of nail polish remover. While I was walking the five blocks back to Tracy's house, I ran into Abby who was walking the same direction. She was carrying the same garment bag that I had seen her take a couple of weeks earlier with the dress and crinoline that she had borrowed from Tracy. We said hello to each other and I said, "heading to Tracy's?"

"Yes," Abby said, "and you?"

"Yeah, she sent me to the store to get her some nail polish remover."

Abby didn't say anything and then I said, "you're returning Tracy's dress and crinoline?"

She nodded her head and I said, "how was the wedding?"

"I had a blast," Abby said.

"It seemed like such a nice dress," I said, "I mean you looked, ... I mean it fit you really well."

Abby smiled at me. Her eyes looked like she was amused.

"It's nice that Tracy and you have the same size, isn't it?" I said.

"It's helpful Greg, for sure," Abby said.

"I mean even her, you know, her, ..." I said not finishing the thought. I realized that it was probably a bit weird for me to talk about bras with Abby.

"Her bra?" Abby said.

"Yeah," I said, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have mentioned that."

"It's not such a big deal Greg," Abby said, "you can talk about bras if you want to. In fact, I think its great that you've gotten so involved with girl things, like bras and dresses, even washing Tracy's panties. And today its nail polish remover. All the things that makes girls girls if you know what I mean."

I blushed uncomfortably and said by way of justification, "they're all things that Tracy told me to do for her."

"Exactly Greg. Usually its guys telling girls what to do and the girls never get to tell the guy anything. In your case it's the girl who tells you what to do, and I think that's great."

It wasn't clear to me if Abby was praising the fact that I did Tracy's bidding, or suggesting that there was something wrong with me.

"To be honest I'm sometimes a bit surprised by the things that Tracy asks me to do, but I do like being helpful to her. I think she's really nice," I said.

"It sounds like you really look up to her," Abby said.

"I do," I said. It seemed to me there was no harm in ingratiating myself with Abby, so that she would put a kind word in for me with Tracy.

"I guess people are leaders or followers and Tracy is a natural born leader. So there is no shame in following her lead," Abby said. "I guess it takes more than being a boy to be a boy, if you know what I mean."

I think I did know what she meant, and I had no answer for the thought.

We reached Tracy's house and I knocked on the door. Tracy yelled for me to come up and Abby and I went up together to her room. I handed Tracy the package with the nail polish remover and some change. She said, "you can get busy with my laundry."

Once again I gathered up Tracy's panties and bras and took them downstairs to wash them. I washed the clothing and hung it out to dry on the clothes line. When I was done, Tracy and Abby were just coming down the stairs.

"I'm taking you for a walk to the park," Tracy said getting the leash from its hanger.

"I'm sorry Tracy," I said, "but my dad told me that one of the neighbors saw me on the leash last time we did that and he said I probably shouldn't do it again."

I had prepared this little speech ahead of time thinking that it could come in handy and I was glad that I had done so. I also was terribly worried that Tracy would take it the wrong way and get mad.

Without missing a beat, Tracy said, "you have to be on a leash in the park, that's a rule. But between here and the park you can be off leash, but only if you obey me when I tell you what to do."

"Sure Tracy," I said, "I guess I can do that if I can go to the park with you and Abby."

Tracy looked at me intently and I looked away.

"You guess you can do that?" Tracy said. "Look at me Greg." Her tone seemed a bit more firm than usual.

I forced myself to look at her and she continued, "if we wanted to put a label on our relationship, Greg, we'd have to say that you're my bitch."

"Your bitch?" I said.

"Honestly, Greg?" Tracy said.

"Yeah, I guess that's true," I said, not wanting to challenge Tracy.

"The thing is Greg, you're my bitch not only because I want you to be my bitch, but also because you want to be my bitch, isn't that true?" Tracy said.

I felt my breathe rushing out of my lower chest and I couldn't say anything. What could I possibly say? Deny what I supposed was obvious?

"Isn't that true?" Tracy repeated.

I said, "yes, Tracy."

"So now that we're clear about that, Greg, all you have to worry about is making sure that you do what I tell you to do and that you do it as soon as I tell you do it, got it?" Tracy said.

"Sure, Tracy," I said.

"Good. So right now I need you to obey my commands so you won't be running into traffic and getting hurt on the way to the park," Tracy continued. "So, do you guess you can do that, or are you sure you will be doing that?"

"I'm sure I'll be obeying your instructions," I said.

"Good, Greg," Tracy said and turning to Abby she said, "we'll take him outside and train him so we can take him on our walk," and she headed outside followed by Abby and then me.


Outside in the backyard near the laundry that was drying, Tracy said to me, "sit!"

At first I didn't understand what she meant, but I could tell by her gaze that she seemed to be expecting me to do something. Figuring that she wanted me to sit I sat down on the grass in front of her.

"When you sit you kneel down, Greg," Tracy said.

I got up onto my knees next to her and looked up at her. I was puzzled by what it was that she was attempting to do.

"Up!" Tracy said raising her hand in front of me.

I guessed she wanted me to get back on my feet so I did.

"Sit," Tracy said and I got back down on my knees. She picked up a ball that was lying in the grass and tossed it about 20 feet away. "Fetch!" she said. I looked at Tracy and I looked at the ball. She seemed to be telling me to fetch the ball. It dawned on me what she meant by me being her bitch and making sure I obeyed her commands. I was a bitch, literally, and she was training me. I got up and ran to the ball and picked it up and brought it back to her. She threw it away again, said "fetch" and I ran and got it again. "Sit!" she said. I went back onto my knees. Then Tracy said, "down!" She pointed toward the ground and I looked at her wondering exactly what she meant. "C'mon, bitch," Tracy said, "get down girl, get down, down!"

I figured she wanted me to lie down so I stretched myself out on the ground lying on my stomach and looking up at her.

I saw a slight smile cross Tracy's face and then she said, "roll over," and I rolled over in the grass. "Show your belly," she said and I rolled onto my back so my stomach was exposed. Surprising me, Tracy rubbed my stomach a little. Then Tracy walked twenty feet away from me and said, "come!"

I got up and ran to where she was. She then said "stay!" and she walked back to where she had been before. I stood looking at her without moving.

"Come," Tracy said and I ran back to stand next to her.

"Sit," she said and I went back down to a kneeling position.

"Paw," Tracy said.

I hesitated for a second and then held up my right hand as if it were a paw.

Tracy gave my hand a quick shake and turned to Abby and said, "What do you think Abby? I think my bitch is pretty well trained, don't you?"

"Yeah, but let me see if she obeys me too," Abby said.

Tracy handed the ball to Abby and she tossed it fifty feet away. "Fetch!" she said and I jumped up and chased the ball and brought it back to her panting and a bit out of breath.

"Sit," Abby said and I went down into a kneeling position again.

"Good Greg," Abby said, "I think he's an obedient bitch."

"You understand that Greg, don't you?" Tracy said. "Any girl who gives you an order, you obey, right?"

"Yes, Tracy," I said.

"OK Greg we'll take you to the park but you must obey our commands," Tracy said.

I looked up at Tracy and Abby from where I was kneeling. "Come," Tracy said and I got up and followed her as she and Abby proceeded to walk toward the park. At every intersection with stop signs, Tracy said, "stay" and I stood still next to them. When we came to a big intersection with a traffic light Tracy said "sit" and I fell onto my knees until the pedestrian walk sign became green and then Tracy said "come" and I got up and followed her across the street.

When we got to the park entrance, Tracy said, "sit" and I got down. She then tied the collar around my neck and said, "come" and she and Abby led me through the park toward her friends.


Several of Tracy's and Abby's girl friends from school were congregated in their favorite nook within the park. I recognized the girls from our previous visit. As we came up to the girls one of them said, "Tracy's brought her dog with her again," and the girls laughed.

"Jody, Laurie, Alicia and Julie," Tracy said, "let me introduce you to my bitch, Greg."

"Your bitch?" Jody exclaimed.

"Yes. Watch this," Tracy said.

Tracy looked at me and said, "sit," and I got down on my knees. "Paw," Tracy said and I held up my hand. The girls laughed at my response to Tracy's commands. "Greg, this is Jody," Tracy said. Jody, who had long red hair and some freckles shook my hand and laughed. "And this is Laurie," Tracy said. She also shook my hand. She was petite and blonde with sharp, pretty features. The next girl to shake my paw was Alicia, who was voluptuous with light auburn hair, and she was followed by blonde Julie, the only one of the girls wearing a skirt.

"So you've trained Greg?" Jody said.

"Yes," Tracy said. "First I made him understand that he's my bitch and then Abby and I spent a little time training him."

Tracy took my raised hand and said, "good bitch."

"Thank you, Tracy," I said.

Tracy scratched the top of my head as one would do to a good dog. It felt like it was a genuinely affectionate gesture and I assumed it was a reward for responding to her commands the way she wanted me to. Tracy pulled her hand away and the memory of her touch lingered on my head and in my mind.

"Does he do any tricks?" Laurie said.

"Yes, Tracy taught him several tricks," Abby said.

Tracy undid my collar and said "down!" and I lay down at her feet.

"Oh, so cool," Laurie said.

"Rollover," Tracy said and I rolled over on the ground causing the girls to laugh.

"Throw the ball and he'll chase it," Abby said taking the ball that I had fetched before out of her pocket and handing it to Alicia.

She threw the ball a short distance away and said "fetch!" and I got up and retrieved the ball and brought it back to her.

The girls then joined in the game after Abby coached them on the commands that I knew. They especially liked having me chase the ball and they seemed to get a kick out of having me go "down" and "roll over."

Eventually they grew tired of the novelty and Tracy commanded me to sit and then she tied the collar back on my neck. She had me walk to a bench where she tied the leash like she had done the previous time we had been there. As I sat on the bench I wondered when Tracy might stroke me on the head again or on my belly.

It occurred to me that if I was Tracy's bitch it meant that she was making a commitment to continue to see me, at least until such time as she maybe no longer "owned" me. It meant that for the first time maybe I did really have an actual relationship with her. I was pretty sure that I was the only contender to be her bitch. No other guy would be trying to take that away from me.

I was on the bench for quite awhile. I spent a lot of the time looking at the different girls. These were definitely the coolest girls in the tenth grade that was for sure. This was the elite clique that probably all the other girls wished they were part of. One of these girls would be prom queen probably and date the quarterback on the football team.

Among all the girls Tracy stood out. She had charisma. An indefinable grace and sexiness in the way she moved that stood out from the other girls, despite the fact that they were also beautiful and had nice figures. They were an amazing group of girls though. It would be a privilege to date any one of them, though of course, Tracy would always be the one I most desired. The more I stared at her, the more my heart palpitated at the memory of having seen her breasts and having seen her put on her bra. And then I thought about her vagina again. I played back in slow motion every part of last weekend when I had moved in slowly to lick her. The next time I did that, if I ever did, I'd make sure to pay attention to every detail so I'd never forget.

I got shaken out of my reverie by the girls walking over toward me and making some jokes about Tracy's bitch. At least that was what I think they were talking about. Tracy untied the leash from the bench and then I followed Abby and her as they walked home. At the exit of the park Tracy took off my leash and I was relieved that none of the neighbors would be reporting to my mom or dad that I had been held by a leash.


When we got back to Tracy's room, Abby stepped out into the hallway to take a call on her phone and Tracy went into the bathroom calling for me to "come," and I eagerly got up and joined her in the bathroom. I had been so hoping that she'd give me another chance to lick on her vagina. Tracy said sit and I got down in front of her as she lowered her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet and peed. While she peed, Tracy curled her fingers through the hair on the top of my head like she had done in the park.

I smiled at her grateful for the attention. I waited as Tracy peed. It must have been almost a minute until finally her stream slowed down. "Abby," Tracy called out, "come here you'll want to watch this."

"In a sec," Abby called out and then in a few moments Abby entered the bathroom and Tracy said, "OK Greg, you can lick me now."

I leaned forward and licked Tracy's vagina. "You see Greg licks me off when I'm done peeing," Tracy said.

"Cool," Abby said.

With my face still near her vagina Tracy put her hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my face in so that my lips and nose were touching her vagina. "You're my bitch, aren't you?" Tracy said looking down at me.

I felt the pressure of her hand pushing my face into her vagina and I sensed that Tracy was purposefully letting me know that I'd not be able to go anywhere until she released me. I nodded my head and said a muffled "yes."

After a few moments, Tracy let go of my head and stood up. She said to Abby, "go ahead and try him out."

"Sure," Abby said. "I've got to go bad."

Abby pulled down her pants and panties and she sat on the toilet. A second later I could hear her peeing. While she peed she looked at me and I looked at her. Tracy stood in the doorway observing. I felt a bit overwhelmed by the chance to lick a second vagina. I was still processing my second visit to Tracy's vagina and now a whole new experience lay in front of me. I could see that Abby's thighs and belly were as nicely shaped as Tracy's were, but they were different.

I heard Abby's pee slowing down to a trickle and then stopped. Tracy said, "lick Abby."

I waited until Abby had spread her legs apart and had moved her hips forward at a tilt and then I got down and licked her vagina. I must have licked her six times until Abby said, "that's probably clean enough!"

Abby said to Tracy, "that's really neat."

Tracy said, "any time you have to go and Greg is here, feel free to use him."

"I will, for sure," Tracy said.

The truth was that I liked Abby's vagina almost as much as Tracy's and I had to admit that I'd love the chance to lick it again.

I realized that I had to pee and I wasn't sure if Tracy would allow me to, so I said, "can I pee too?"

"Yes, but sit down," Tracy said.

"OK, sure," I said, "thanks."

The two girls left me alone in the bathroom and I peed sitting down. Then I flushed the toilet and joined them in Tracy's bedroom. I sensed that it was time for me to go, and a moment later Tracy said, "run along home, Greg."

"Bye Tracy," I said as I started to leave, then I stopped and turned back toward her. "One thing Tracy, I just wanted to know. Will I be your bitch next week?" I said.

"Of course, Greg. You're always going to be my bitch," she said.

As I left I said, "bye Abby," and she said, "bye Greg."


Back in my house I lay down on my bed. I found myself quaking a bit from all that had happened this day. I could now call myself Tracy's bitch, which on the surface could be construed as being something I should be ashamed of, but in reality it meant that I had cemented my relationship with Tracy. I was her bitch, nobody else was. I had a definite relationship with her now as against the uncertainty I had been living with up to this point. Maybe one day I could be more than her bitch. Get promoted, I laughed at the thought. Anyway, there seemed to be a lot of benefits in being Tracy's bitch. I got my head scratched and even my belly a little and she held my hand. But even better, I seemed to have become essential for licking her vagina as well as Abby's. And of course I was often present while the girls undressed or dressed.

I closed my eyes and decided that I ought to allow myself the pleasure of recalling all the special moments I had had with Tracy and Abby this day. First and foremost I thought again about licking their vaginas and I found myself reveling in the memory of how it felt to slide my tongue across the beautiful pink, soft surfaces. All the interesting flavors of their girl juices and perhaps their pee were a delightful side benefit. And the way Tracy had held my face in front of her vagina made my heart beat faster. Yes, this had been quite a lovely day when looked at from that perspective.


On the whole my parents were thrilled by the fact that I seemed to be seeing a lot of Tracy while they were playing golf with her parents. My dad pumped me for information about what we did together and whether or not I saw a friendship blossoming. I told him that we walked to the park together with her friend Abby and that I had met a lot of her girl friends. That seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

At the dinner table one night my mom related to my dad that Tracy's mom had jokingly told her about Tracy's amazing transformation from a messy teenager to a neatnik. "Her clothing is so nicely put away now and the most amazing this is how she insists on hand washing her delicates. She's never seen Tracy's underwear so clean. Now Tracy's mom is going to pay her ten dollars a week to wash her underwear also."

I felt myself blushing. It was weird to hear my parents talk about Tracy's and her mom's underwear. At the same time it made me wonder what they would do if they found out that I was the one who washed Tracy's panties and bras each week and I was the one who straightened up her clothing. My father turned to look at me. "Maybe Greg has been a good influence on her. He's always been fastidious with his clothes, hasn't he?"

"That's true," my mom said.

"I don't think so dad," I said. "When would Tracy and I ever talk about that?"

"We're just joking Greg," my dad said.

"From everything we hear, Tracy is one of the most popular girls in school. It must make you very popular too," my mom said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you're her friend," my mom said.

"I'm not sure it works like that mom," I said, "though its true that I've met a lot of her girl friends and they're very nice."

"Next thing you know Greg, they'll invite you to some parties and then you'll be part of the in crowd," my dad said.

If I was at a party there probably would be guys there and then what would happen? Being Tracy's bitch would not exactly make the guys like me. If they knew that I was her bitch they would make fun of me and even hurt me, though I suppose Tracy wouldn't let that happen. She'd probably tell the tough kids to leave me alone and they'd definitely not want her to get mad at them. The truth was that I liked having Tracy all to myself and it was depressing to think that she might interact with real boys at a party.


When it was Saturday morning I once again went over to Tracy's house. To my surprise, when I climbed up the stairs and entered Tracy's bedroom I saw that she and Abby were lying in bed wearing their nightgowns. Tracy had on a light blue sleeveless nightgown and Abby's was white with some kind of ruffly gathering around her breasts. I had the impression that Abby had slept over. I greeted Tracy saying "hi" and then followed that by saying "hi Abby."

"Since you're here, Greg, I need you in the bathroom," Tracy said.

Tracy got out of bed and went to the bathroom and I followed her. She lifted up her nightgown exposing her naked vagina and sat on the toilet and began peeing. Without her saying anything I got down on my knees in front of her and waited until it was time for me to lick her. I became transfixed watching the pee leave her vagina. It was a nice long moment that I had to stare at her vagina and try to grasp the reality of her peeing. It was nice to observe the many beautiful ways that Tracy comported herself. I watched as she tucked her arms underneath her breasts as she peed. It was an endearing motion. I don't know what came over me, but when I licked her this time I felt a great affection for Tracy and her vagina. Perhaps absentmindedly, Tracy let me lick her a half-dozen times, before she stirred and stood up. "After Abby pees, you can do the laundry," Tracy said.

I waited in the bathroom while Tracy sent Abby in to pee and perhaps because of the familiarity of the process, I found myself feeling comfortable listening to the sound of Abby's pee and waiting for my chance to lick her. While I licked her vagina I felt her put her hand on my head the way that Tracy had done the week before and it was a nice feeling. Perhaps it was the result of these small signs of affection, but I felt very much at peace being Tracy's bitch if this is what it meant.

When Abby was done I gathered up Tracy's clothes from her hamper and when I reentered her bedroom she said "I almost forget, you've made my panties so clean that my mom wants to pay me ten dollars to hand wash her panties and bras. So you should do her lingerie also and I'll give you the money. You can find her underwear in the hamper in her bathroom."

"OK, Tracy," I said. Of course this was not a surprise and I felt happy that Tracy was honest about the money. I liked Tracy's mom and I was more than happy to do her lingerie also if it made her happy.

I had never seen Tracy's mom's bedroom before but it was not hard to find the master bedroom and its bathroom and the hamper in it. Her mom's underwear was somewhat different than Tracy's. Her mom's panties seemed to be more of the full coverage type and her bras I saw were 36D so she was somewhat bigger than Tracy. There was also a couple of fancy lace underthings that I guessed were girdles. Not knowing if I should wash them or not I took them to show Tracy. She said, "they're panty girdles Greg, so you wash them. You also might find in her laundry other kinds of girdles and maybe an all in one. They get washed also."

I went back to retrieve the rest of Tracy's mom's laundry and then went downstairs to wash them. I did Tracy's laundry first, then her mom's and kept them in separate baskets. It took me over an hour to wash and rinse the clothing and then hang it on the line to dry. After finishing with the laundry I went back up to Tracy's room where I saw that Tracy and Abby were still in their nightgowns.

When she saw me Tracy said, "Greg, get me a bra and panty." She then stood up and pulled her nightie up over her head exposing her beautiful breasts and shaved vaginal slit positioned within a slight mound between her legs. She handed the nightie to me and said, "fold the nightie up and put it away in the dresser." I put away the nightie and then went to her dresser and fetched out a matching blue bra and blue panty and held them up for her to see.

"Are these OK?" I asked Tracy.

"They'll do," Tracy said. I handed her the panty and she stepped into it and pulled it up to her waist. Then I gave her the bra and she put it on. "Fetch me my blouse," Tracy said pointing to where it lay on her desk, "and my shorts."

I retrieved them both and handed them to Tracy one at a time. She had been sexy when she was naked and now she was as sexy even though she was dressed. Her top was tight and form fitting and her breasts seemed to rise like two beautiful symmetric peaks from her chest. I couldn't help but notice the satisfying way her butt filled out her shorts and the pretty shape of her legs. It didn't seem to matter what Tracy did, she always looked beautiful to me.

After Tracy was dressed, Abby got out of bed and took off her nightie and I gazed upon her naked body. It was beautiful despite being different than Tracy's. I couldn't help but realize that there were many subtle and exciting ways that a girl's body could curve sexily around her breasts, her vagina, her legs, her back, everywhere. As with Tracy, Abby stepped into her panties and put on her bra and then put on her shorts and top.

The two girls looked at me and I felt uncomfortable thinking that at any second Tracy would send me home. I could see that Tracy was about to say something, and I blurted out, "oh, I hope you don't send me home!"

Ignoring my plea, Tracy said, "come," and I stood in front of her. "Down," she said and I got on the floor at her feet. Tracy looked down at me and said, "would you like to wear a bra and panties like Abby and I do?"

It was just about the last thing I would have imagined Tracy saying to me and my mind went into overdrive trying to figure out what I should say and what motivated her to say this. After a long pause, the best I could think of saying was, "I don't know." I looked imploringly at Tracy hoping that she would answer the question for me, or explain herself.

Finally Tracy said, "since you're my bitch I imagine that you'd like to wear a bra and panties so you could be more like me. Isn't that true?"

While I knew I was Tracy's bitch, I hadn't connected that with being like her. However, Tracy seemed to be saying that bitches wanted to be like their owners. So I guessed that Tracy expected that I ought to want to be wearing girl's underwear. Afraid to contradict her I heard myself saying, "yeah, I guess so."

"So you guess so, or do you know so?" Tracy said.

Not wanting to get her angry, I said, "yes, it's true."

"OK, Greg, so Abby and I will measure you for a bra and then we'll send you off to buy yourself a bra and panty."

"OK," I said having a hard time comprehending my situation.

"So take off you shirt, Greg," Tracy said.

Tracy went to a desk drawer and took out a tape measure and came back to me and waited while I took off my shirt. Tracy then measured around my chest with the tape measure. "36" she said to Abby.

"That looks right," Abby said, "and what about his panty size?"

"Definitely a medium," Tracy said.

"Right, most likely," Abby said.

Tracy turned to me and said, "do you know where the lingerie shop is downtown?"

"I think so. It's near the bike shop?" I said.

"Yes, that's the one," Tracy said. "Go now to the lingerie shop and buy yourself a size medium panty and 36 AA training bra. They should be pink and matching if possible."

"Go by myself?" I said with evident panic in my voice. "Tracy!"

Tracy said, "repeat back to what it is you're to buy."

"But Tracy," I said, "how can I ..."

She cut me off saying, "tell me what it is you're going to buy.

"A pink panty size medium and a pink training bra, size 36AA," I said, "but Tracy, I'm really afraid, I mean I don't see how..."

Tracy said, "yes a pink training bra and a pink panty. You take the prettiest bra and prettiest panty they have, hopefully that means with some lace."

"How can I go in the store and ask for that?" I blurted out. I was traumatized and rapidly approaching a point of panic. I sensed that I was perhaps going to cry. "I can't do that. It's way too scary for me!" My voice was filled with dread.

Tracy said, "are you going to cry?"

A few tears started to roll down my cheeks and I said, "No!" but it was clear that I had started to cry.

"He's crying, Tracy" Abby said. "You made him cry."

Tracy stared at me and I did the best I could to hide my tears but Abby was right, my cheeks were wet and glistening.

Through my tears I said, "can you go with me?"

Tracy and Abby looked at each other for a few moments and then they looked back at me.

"It's OK with me if we go with him," Abby said, "I like that shop."

"OK, Greg," Tracy said, "Abby and I will go with you. But first you need a tissue to blow your nose."

"Thank you, thank you," I said feeling enormous relief. I wouldn't have to say anything at the lingerie shop, Tracy and Abby would do all the talking.

I took a Kleenex and dried my eyes and in a few minutes we set off for the lingerie shop.


As we walked the half mile to downtown, I felt embarrassed about the fact I had cried. After I had stopped blowing my nose I said to Tracy, "I guess I didn't know that being your bitch meant that I should wear girls underwear."

Tracy glanced at me and then looked away.

"I mean I'm a guy, aren't I?" I said.

"Yeah, you're a guy who a girl has made her bitch. It hardly seems inappropriate to dress you as a girl. Isn't that true?"

"With a bra and panty?" I said.

"That's what girls wear. I'll start you with a bra and panty. Then I'll put you in a nice dress, so you look like my girl bitch."

"A dress, too?" I said.

"It'll be a very pretty dress," Abby said.

"I had no idea," I said.

"And now you do," Tracy said.

We walked along in silence. Being Tracy's bitch had seemed like it was a predictable relationship between us, but obviously I had been wrong. Now I didn't know where Tracy was going to take me. Of course, nothing that had happened thus far in our relationship had I expected to happen. But wearing a bra and panty seemed like an escalation and I didn't know what consequences there might be for myself.

I asked Tracy, "will I have to wear a dress to school?"

Tracy and Abby laughed. "Only if you want to Greg."

"What about the bra and panty, would I have to wear them to school?"

"I think that's a great idea," Tracy said and Abby laughed.

"No, Greg," Abby said, "you don't have to wear a bra and panty to school."

"At least any time soon," Tracy said and the girls laughed again.

We walked on in silence until we were in front of the shop. I became extremely nervous and I said, "you'll do the talking won't you?"

"Yes, Greg," Abby said.

"Thanks!" I said.

We entered the shop, which was small. A middle aged woman was tending to an elderly lady and she told us she'll be right with us. As we waited, I followed behind Tracy and Abby as they looked through the collection of bras and other ladies garments. Every direction I looked I saw lingerie. There was no way to avoid it unless I closed my eyes. Overwhelmed by this outpouring of femininity I felt relieved to be escorted by Tracy and Abby who offered me shelter from having to explain why I was there. My instincts had been right: there had been no way that I could have gone here by myself to buy a bra.

The elderly customer bought something that looked like a girdle and the proprietress turned her attention to us. "You look familiar," the woman said to Abby.

"I'm Abby, Ms. Webster. I bought my first bra here a couple of years ago," Abby said.

"Well, time has been kind to you," Ms. Webster joked. "Do you need a fitting?"

"Actually we're here for our friend Greg," Abby said. "He wants to get his first bra and a panty."

Crimson wouldn't begin to describe my color. I had thought that Tracy and Abby would just buy a bra and panty under some pretext and we would go. Now I felt like a 1000 watt spotlight was on me.

Ms. Webster turned to look at me, "so young man, what kind of bra would you like?"

I couldn't breathe and after a long pause, Tracy said, "he would like a trainer bra. I think 36AA would be good and a panty. They should both be pink and the prettiest you have."

"Young man, if you could take off your shirt I'll double check the measurements. You do look like a 36 and certainly an AA cup will be fine. Of course, if you bought some breast forms you could be like your friends. At least a 36C if not 36D with your frame."

"For right now Greg wants a trainer bra. He's just starting out and we'll see how it goes," Abby said.

Abby started to help me lift up my shirt and I then took it off. It was weird to stand in the middle of the shop with my bare torso. Ms. Webster put a tape measure around me and called out, "yes, 36." She went to the back room and came back a minute latter holding three pink bras. "These are all 36AA and pink. Which do you like best Greg?"

I looked at the three bras. One was light pink with small red roses running through it. Another was a bolder pink with lace and a third one was sort of a wine color with lace. "I don't know," I said looking at Tracy.

"Do you prefer lace or the small roses?" Ms. Webster asked me.

"What do you think Tracy? Abby?" I said. Under the stare of Ms. Webster I just wanted to run away. Finally Tracy said, "do they all have matching panties?"

"Just the lace ones," Ms. Webster said.

"So that settles it. Greg will prefer the pink lace bra with the matching panty. Is that right, Greg?" Tracy said.

I nodded my head.

"Good," Ms. Webster said, and then to me she said "do you know how to put on a bra?"

I shook my head.

"Shall I help him, or would you be more comfortable if one of your friends helped you," Ms. Webster said.

"I'll help him" Abby said.

"Good and I'll get the panty," Ms. Webster said. Once again she disappeared into a back room.

"Here Greg," Abby said, "holding up the bra. Just put your hands through the straps and I'll clip it in back."

I somewhat cheerlessly did as Abby said and I felt her hand on my back and then I was wearing the bra. "You look so adorable, Greg. Isn't it nice to be wearing your first bra?"

"I guess so," I said unconvincingly.

Ms. Webster came back to the room, and said, "it's darling Greg. You look feminine. It's nice that you have a small chest and somewhat narrow shoulders. And no real muscle definition to speak of."

Ms. Webster led me to a mirror and said, "how's that?"

I looked at myself wearing the bra and couldn't identify my emotions. The bra itself was undoubtedly pretty. The way it looked against my chest reminded me of the teenage girls modeling bras and panties I had seen in clothing catalogs. I sensed Tracy and Abby waiting for my reaction so I said, "I guess it looks good and feels good."

"Excellent. Now for the panty. May I suggest that you wear a gaff," Ms. Webster said.

"A gaff?" I said.

Ms. Webster handed me something that looked like a white panty. "It's a gaff," Ms. Webster said. "You wear that to force your penis between your legs, so then the front of your panty will look the same way it does for girls."

I winced at the word "penis" and wished the ground would open up and swallow me. I looked at Tracy to see if this was something I was supposed to do and she said, "oh definitely a gaff. Greg doesn't want an unsightly bump there, do you Greg?"

"No," I said.

"Good," Ms. Webster said. She pointed to a curtain, and said, "you can change in there."

I went into the small changing room and took off my pants and underpants. At that moment Tracy and Abby entered the room and I attempted to hide my penis, but Tracy said, "don't Greg."

I moved my hand away and I saw the two girls looking at my penis and then Abby said, "so that's what they look like?"

"One wonders what all the fuss is about," Tracy said. "In Greg's case it doesn't seem like much, but it'll still be good to hide it away."

"Should I put on the gaff?" I asked Tracy.

"Yes, Greg," Tracy said, "we don't want to be reminded that you have one of those."

I stepped into the gaff and pulled it up to my waist. It wasn't immediately obvious how the gaff worked but after trying different things I figured out how to get my penis held between my legs and out of the way. Then I put on the panty. "Come show Ms. Webster," Tracy said and we left the changing room. I stood in front of a large mirror and gazed at myself and the reflection of Tracy, Abby and Ms. Webster. It was true what Ms. Webster had said, there was no bump and the fancy pink panties looked no different on me than they would on a girl.

"You look adorable, Greg" Ms. Webster said. "You have a natural femininity that shows through."

"She's right, Greg," Abby said. "No rough edges on you."

At that moment the shop door opened and two ladies walked in. I was not looking in their direction, but it crossed my mind to get back to the changing room as fast as possible. Before I could do so, one of the women said, "Greg? Is that you Greg?"

I looked at the woman and saw that it was Ms. Ritzell, my homeroom teacher throughout junior high school. I started to inch toward the changing room but she came up to me and I stopped in front of her, and said "Hi, Ms. Ritzell." I tried in vain to use my hands to hide the bra.

Ms. Ritzell looked at me with a small smile and said, "Greg, I had no idea."

I don't know why it came to my mind, but I said, "this is just my first bra and panty, Ms. Ritzell."

"You're first bra?" Ms. Ritzell said, "and such a pretty one, with matching panties."

The woman with Ms. Ritzell said, "first bra. That's always such a special time for a girl ... and for a boy too, I imagine. Congratulations."

"Thank you," I said despite my embarrassment.

I looked at Tracy and Abby and saw that they found the whole scene to be terribly amusing.

Ms. Ritzell said, "and you're starting with a training bra. How sweet."

"I know," said Ms. Webster, "I told Greg that he could certainly wear a 36C with nice breast forms, if he wanted that look."

"Maybe eventually," Tracy said. "For now Greg just needs to start with a trainer and get in the habit of wearing bras."

"Yes, it does take a week or two to get used to wearing a bra," Ms. Ritzell said.

There was a pause in the conversation as Ms. Ritzell continued to look at me. "So tell me Greg, have you always been transgendered?"

Before I could think through what I should say, I said, "no, Ms. Ritzell, I haven't been and I'm not really."

Ms. Ritzell as well as her friend seemed puzzled and Ms. Ritzell said, "then may I ask why the bra and panties Greg?"

I realized that I shouldn't have said what I had said. I didn't know what to say and I said finally, "its just something that I'm doing for Tracy. She wants me to wear a bra and panty."

I looked at Tracy out of the corner of my eye to see what her reaction would be. She seemed to enjoy my answer and said, "he's right. I thought it would be nice to have him learn about wearing bras and panties. Eventually I intend to put him in a pretty dress."

Ms. Ritzell looked surprised and then laughed and said, "oh my goodness, now I see. I guess some boys are like that. How interesting. Well at the least I think Greg won't look half bad in a dress. He's got a good physique for dresses."

"That's true," Tracy said.

After a few more minutes of chit chat among the ladies and girls, as if I wasn't present, I was relieved to hear Tracy say, "this has been fun but Abby and I have to get Greg back. We're hoping to show him off to some of our friends."

Ms. Webster said, "I'm glad you dropped by. When you decide to enhance Greg's bust, I would be happy to fit him with a new bra."

"Did you hear that Greg?" Tracy said. "The next time I send you to buy a bra you don't have to be so afraid, Ms. Webster will take care of you. OK?"

"Yes, Tracy," I said.

"Were you afraid to buy a bra on your own?" Ms. Webster said. "Poor Greg, the girls world can be very intimidating."

"He started to cry," Abby said, "so Tracy and I accompanied him here."

"That was kind of you," Ms. Ritzell said.

"My youngest daughter cried the whole time I was having her fit for her first bra," Ms. Ritzell's friend said, "and then it was a struggle to get her to wear it every day to school."

"I'm sure that Greg is pleased to have his first bra and he's going to love wearing it. Aren't you Greg?" Tracy said.

"Yes, Tracy," I said. Tracy raised one eyebrow as if she was expecting me to say more so I continued, "it's a nice bra. And the panty too."

"Greg has the potential to be very pretty," Ms. Ritzell said.

"That's one of my goals," Tracy said. To Ms. Webster she said, "how much does Greg owe you?"

I had some money in my wallet and paid for the bra and panty. Then Ms. Ritzell and her friend started to tell Ms. Webster that they were looking for new girdles, and I said to Tracy, "should I change back?"

"No, Greg," Tracy said. "You need practice wearing your bra." So I put my shirt and shorts back on and we walked home. Even though my shirt hid my bra, I felt naked and exposed. Luckily, the trip back to Tracy's place was uneventful and we didn't run into anyone that I knew.


When we were safely back in Tracy's room she said, "some of the girls are coming over and I want you to be available in case we need you. But first Abby and I want to get a good look at you, so take off your shirt and pants."

I did as Tracy said and when I was wearing only my underwear, she said to Abby, "it's better than I thought. It's great that there's no awful bump in the front. We'll be able to make him very pretty."

"That's for sure," Abby said.

"Anyway," Tracy said turning to me, "now you can take care of Abby and me in the bathroom."

Tracy peed and then Abby and for both of them I eagerly licked their vaginas. Despite feeling almost naked crouching on the tile floor in my bra and panty, the reward of getting to gaze at their vaginas and to put my lips on them seemed like a perfect reward for all my hardship. When we were done in the bathroom, Tracy had me "sit" and then "get down" onto the floor at her feet while she and Abby chatted while awaiting their friends.

As I lay on the carpeted floor I wondered why Tracy hadn't told me to get dressed again. When the girls came they'd see me in my underwear. I wanted to interrupt Tracy's conversation to see if I could put on my pants and shirt but there didn't seem to be any good opportunity. Finally I got up to a sitting position and said, "Tracy?"

Tracy glanced at me and said, "down," which I swiftly did. "Tracy?" I said now from my lying down position.

Tracy got up, walked into the bathroom and said, "come."

I was surprised that she had to pee again so soon, but I quickly got up and went into the bathroom after her. When I entered I saw Tracy standing next to the bathroom mat. She pointed to the mat and said "sit," and I knelt down on the mat. Then she said, "get down" and I laid down on the soft mat. Tracy said, "stay" and she left the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Lying on the floor in the darkened room I could faintly hear Tracy say something to Abby and then the muffled sounds of their renewed conversation. By putting me in the bathroom, it was clear that Tracy was making a pointed statement about me interrupting her conversation with Abby. I didn't have permission to do so, and if I did, she'd take away my chance to sit at her feet. While I was happy that Tracy didn't send me home because of my behavior, I was still just dressed in my underwear and her friends would be arriving soon. It was clear that Tracy intended to show her girl friends what I looked like wearing a bra and panties. I wondered if she was proud of the way I looked or just wanted to prove to her friends that she could make a boy wear a bra and panties. I supposed that I could just take off the bra if I wanted to, but the thought of doing that unnerved me. It would cause some reaction from Tracy that I knew I couldn't deal with.

The truth was that I missed being at Tracy's feet. In the future, I'd definitely not interrupt her conversations. I wondered why I had not been careful earlier. Perhaps the problem was that up until now I had sort of been seeing myself as being Tracy's pretend bitch. But the reality was that I was her bitch, not a pretend one, a real one. This wasn't a game we were playing.

A short while later, the bathroom door opened and Tracy entered. She said to me, "have you learned your lesson Greg?"

I said, "yes, Tracy. I'm sorry I interrupted you and I'm sorry that I got up when I shouldn't have."

"Now that you've seen the consequence, I'm sure you'll never disobey me again," Tracy said.

"I won't Tracy," I said.

"The girls will be here soon and you can come out and wait for them with Abby and me," Tracy said.

I followed Tracy back into her bedroom, where she had me get down on the floor again at her feet. In a short while I could hear the sounds of Tracy's friends coming up the stairs. Jody, Laurie, Alicia and Julie, the four girls Tracy had introduced me to the week before, entered the bedroom. As soon as they saw me lying on the floor I heard them exclaim excitedly, "Greg's wearing a bra and panty?" "What's going on Tracy?" "Oh, my God, Tracy, what's up with Greg?" I covered my face with my hands as if that hid me from them.

"Abby and I took him downtown and had him fitted for a bra and panty. He's being shy," Tracy said. "Greg, take your hands away from your face."

I lowered my hands and gazed up at the girls.

"Get up, Greg," Tracy said and I stood up.

"Why is he wearing a trainer bra and panty?" Alicia said.

"So Greg can get used to feeling pretty," Tracy said. "First a bra, which he'll wear until he doesn't give it a second thought, just like we all do. Then I'll put him in pretty dresses, and then probably stockings and a garter belt or maybe a girdle. He'll be a very pretty little bitch by the time I'm done with him. Won't you Greg?"

"Yes, Tracy," I said. "I'll have to wear a girdle?"

"Probably you will," Tracy said.

"Like your mom wears?" I said.

"Exactly," Tracy said.

This conversation caused the girls to titter with laughter and Jody said, "I've never seen a boy in a bra before."

"Yeah, it's kind of weird, but he does have a girl's chest, I mean like a girl who is just about ready for her first bra," Julie said.

"What's really interesting," Alicia said, "is that it looks like Greg doesn't even have a dick."

"You're right," Jody said. "What happened to his dick, Tracy?"

The girls laughed at the odd ball pun and Abby said, "Ms. Webster at the bra shop gave Greg a gaff to wear. It forces his dick back between his legs so he looks like a girl in the front."

"Incredible," Julie said. "Does that mean he doesn't have a big one?"

The girls laughed at the remark and Abby said, "Tracy and I saw his dick and to be fair to Greg, while it was small, that was probably because he was so scared. Am I right Greg?"

I nodded my head. The conversation was so mortifying I wanted it to end. I turned to Tracy with my eyes pleading for her to intervene. She said, "you're all missing the point. It doesn't matter if Greg does or doesn't have a dick. For all practical purposes he doesn't have one. He's my bitch, after all. No guy with a real dick would let me make him my bitch. Is that right Greg?"

"Yes, Tracy," I said somewhat hoarsely as if I was trying to control my emotions.

Evidently my wavering voice gave away my feelings since Abby said, "I think that's enough since we don't want Greg crying again."

"Crying again?" Jody said.

"Earlier he was afraid to go bra shopping so he began to cry and then Tracy and I decided we had better go with him," Abby said.

"Like any mom would take their daughter," Laurie said.

I sniffled and looked around for a Kleenex. Tracy took one out of a box and handed it to me and I blew my nose. "Enough of this Greg," Tracy said. "There's a pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator downstairs and some cut lemons. Go downstairs and pour six glasses of iced tea each with a lemon and bring them back up here," Tracy said.

Tracy's request had the effect of distracting me from crying so I felt better immediately and anxious to do as she asked. "Sure, Tracy," I said, "but should I get dressed first?"

"Yes, I'll find you something," Tracy said. She disappeared into her closet and came out holding the pink crinoline that I had seen when Abby was looking for one to wear with Tracy's dress. "Put this on Greg."

The girls laughed and once again I was caught by surprise. I took the crinoline from Tracy and felt embarrassed holding it in front of the girls. It was very pink and it must have had eight layers of filmy tulle. I said, "I don't know how to put it on."

The girls laughed again and Abby said, "Greg, just step into it and pull it up to your waist. The same way you saw me do it."

"Oh sure," I said and slowly stepped into the crinoline, one leg at a time. I pulled it up to my waist and stood in front of the six girls with my little pink trainer bra and the pink crinoline that flowed stiffly outwards in a circle around my waist. Overcome by emotion I felt tears rushing from my eyes and I ran to the bathroom and held on to the sink while sobbing uncontrollably. Despite my hysteria, in the back of my mind I hoped that Tracy would not be mad at me.

A minute later I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was Abby. I looked up and saw myself in the sink mirror, all pink and feminine with my crinoline bunched up around me and Abby smiling and gently rubbing my back. "I'm sorry Abby," I said. "Is Tracy mad at me?"

"It's all right Greg," Abby said. "You're just surprised at how pretty Tracy has made you. It's a big transformation for one day. I'm sure you'll grow to love being so pretty."

I didn't know if that was the truth or not, but Abby's gentleness had the effect of calming my emotions until I felt better. I blew my nose a few times and sprinkled some water on my eyes to wash away the tears. When I was ready to leave the bathroom, Tracy came in smiling and said, "you look very pretty Greg."

"Thank you," I said.

"Sit," Tracy said and I got down on my knees in front of her.

She affectionately scratched the top of my head with her fingers and said, "you're becoming a very pretty bitch, Greg. I'm pleased."

I looked up at Tracy and smiled.

"Do you think you're ready to fetch the iced tea now?" Tracy said.

I nodded my head.

"Good, Greg," Tracy said.

I left the bathroom to go downstairs. As soon as I appeared Julie said, "Oh my God, you're so cute, Greg. You look adorable."

"Like a Disney princess," Alicia said.

"You're very pretty Greg. Isn't it exciting to be wearing a puffy crinoline like that?" Jody said.

"Yes," I said.

"You're like a very pretty girl, Greg," Alicia said. "I can see that you love being pretty and feminine. It makes you very special."

"Thank you," I said even though I wasn't so sure that I liked being a girl. Blushing now, I went downstairs to get the iced tea.


After I had come back with the tea and served it to the girls without mishap, I relaxed and felt better. Tracy had me lie at her feet while the girls talked and I felt happy that she still hadn't sent me home.

The conversation among the girls was about many different subjects with sometimes the girls engaged in one conversation amongst them all, but usually breaking up into two or three separate conversations. It was hard to follow much of what was being said, but one theme that kept emerging was about the different boys in their classes. Who had a crush on who. What parties they might go to with the boys being there. To my dismay I had the impression that Tracy was the most popular girl in the tenth grade. It seemed like every cool boy wanted to ask her out, but as far as I could tell Tracy wasn't leaning toward any one of them.

At one point Alicia half whispered to Tracy, "I have to change my tampon. Where should I go?"

"The bathroom is right there," Tracy said pointing to the door. "Let Greg help you. He can pull out the old one and get you a new one. He's also good at cleaning you up after you pee."

"Cleaning me?" Alicia said.

"He'll lick you," Tracy said.

"Lick me? Your kidding," Alicia said.

"No, Alicia," Abby said. "Tracy's trained Greg to lick our vaginas after we pee. He's very good at it."

"Cool," Alicia said, "I'd love to try him out."

"Greg, go with Alicia" Tracy said.

I got up and walked toward the bathroom. My crinoline bounced a bit as I walked and I felt for sure that this was how girls must feel when they walk around barefoot and mostly naked. It was clear that Tracy's goal of feminizing me seemed to be working. I felt delicate and powerless and resigned to passively accepting what Tracy told me to do. At least I was glad that I would get to lick yet another vagina. Alicia was voluptuous with a larger bosom than even Tracy and she had very sexy hips. She was wearing a short tan skirt and a sleeveless white top.

"So how do we do this?" Alicia said.

"You pee and then tell me when you're ready for me to lick you."

"I know that, but I need to change my tampon," Alicia said.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said. "Well, I'll take out your old tampon and get you a new one. I don't know how to put them in, though."

Alicia laughed and said, "sure, if you take it out and get me a new one I'll put it in after I pee."

Alicia hiked up her skirt to her waist and pulled down her panties. I saw that unlike Tracy and Abby she had a bush of pubic hair. It was a bit paler auburn color than the hair on her head. I also saw that Alicia had a pad in her panties and I said, "what is that for?"

"In case the tampon leaks, I like to use a pad also," Alicia said.

"Oh," I said, "I haven't seen one of them before." I looked for and found the little string dangling from Alicia's vagina. I tugged on the string with a steady pressure until it started to slowly move. And then continued pulling until the tampon came out and dangled in front of me. It was heavily covered in blood and I put it in tissue paper and put it into the garbage pail.

While Alicia sat on the toilet and peed, I fetched her a new tampon. I waited on my knees in front of her while she continued to pee. I tried to be careful about keeping the crinoline off the floor by bunching it up around me. When Alicia was done, she said, "what should I do?"

"I guess you can lean back a bit and then I can reach my tongue in there," I said.

"Even better I'll slide up to the front of the seat and I'll spread my legs wide, then you should have a clear shot," Alicia said.

She inched up toward me a bit on the seat and then leaned back with her legs wide apart and I moved my face in toward her vagina. Being hairy made it a new experience and kind of exotic. I noticed that there was some traces of blood on the opening of her vagina. When my tongue touched the soft, hot surface of her vagina I could also feel her pubic hair gently tickling my lips and nose. Alicia's vagina felt a bit different than Tracy's and Abby's. It was hard to pin point the ways in which the vaginas differed, perhaps it had to do with the fact Alicia had a more prominent part to the top front of her vagina that got hard almost immediately when my lips and tongue touched it. As I licked up and down and over her vagina I was pretty sure that I was tasting some blood and I felt glad for the opportunity to be so intimate with Alicia. Probably no one else had ever licked her vagina before, or at least licked it when she was having her period. After a short while I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing my face slightly tighter against her vagina. I felt happy that I must be doing a good job.

A few minutes later after methodically licking Alicia's vagina, I heard her say, "very good, Greg, that's probably enough. I should put my new tampon in."

She eased my head away from her vagina and I watched as she expertly inserted the new tampon in her vagina. When she was done she stood up and pulled her panties back up. I accompanied her back into Tracy's bedroom where she said, "Tracy, that was something else," and then laughed.

"What went on in there?" Laurie said.

"You'll have to find out yourself," Alicia said and she sat down, "though I will say that Greg did a great job taking out my tampon and licking me."

Laurie got up and said, "I've got to see what this is all about. Come Greg," she said and I followed her into the bathroom.

When we were alone she said, "you really like doing this, Greg?"

"Sure Laurie," I said.

"It's not just because Tracy makes you do it?" Laurie said.

"No, I like doing it," I said.

"And what about wearing a bra and panty?" Laurie said. "Do you like that?"

"Tracy wants me to be pretty, and I'm OK with that," I said.

"How many boys would go along with that?" Laurie said.

"I don't know Laurie. I'm Tracy's bitch and that means I need to do what she wants me to do. Tracy has made it pretty clear to me that its important that I be pretty."

"And why were you crying before?" Laurie said.

"It's just that I've never worn a crinoline before. And with the bra and panties, I felt so feminine that I got a little bit scared, though I'm feeling better now," I said.

"Why does it scare you to feel feminine?" Laurie said.

"I guess because maybe I might not remember how to be a boy again," I said.

Laurie laughed and said, "being a boy probably means not being Tracy's bitch."

I didn't know why I hadn't seen that. If what Laurie said was true, then it didn't matter too much if I was feminine. I already wasn't much of a boy.

"I hope I'm not being too personal," Laurie said, "but do you ever want to be anything more to Tracy than her bitch?"

"I hope I can one day be her boy friend, but don't tell her that," I said. "Do you think I ever could?"

"I don't know Greg. Tracy will probably always see you as being her bitch. It's hard enough for her to see you as a boy, let alone be her boy friend," Laurie said.

Laurie had given me a good dose of reality and I could see there wasn't anything more to discuss. Though Laurie was as well developed as the other girls, she was thinner and had long, straight, blonde hair that she frequently pulled off her face. She turned her attention back to why we're in the bathroom and said, "so I just pee and you'll lick my vagina?"

"Yes, Laurie," I said.

She lowered her shorts and I saw that she was wearing a cute, pink thong, that she pulled down and then sat on the toilet. I heard her pee start and I got on my knees and waited. When she was done she got herself in an angle so I could lick her. When I started running my tongue and lips over her vagina she said, "you really don't mind doing that?"

I mumbled, "no, Laurie. It's good, I like really like it."

"The pee doesn't have a weird taste?"

"I don't know," I said, "I just want to make you happy."

"You're very sweet," Laurie said.

When I had licked a few times, I pulled away and Laurie got up and pulled back up her thong and shorts. "Thanks Greg, that was really interesting," Laurie said. "You did a good job and I appreciate it."

"Thanks," I said.

Back in Tracy's bedroom, the girls paused in their conversation when Laurie and I entered the bedroom. She sat down and said, "it's pretty amazing. Greg is very good at licking vaginas, that's for sure."

"Exactly," Alicia said. "I think it makes him very happy to do that."

"You've done an amazing job in training Greg," Laurie said.

"Yes, Greg is very well trained," Tracy said.

I was standing awkwardly in the middle of the girls wondering if I should lie down at Tracy's feet or not. Finally, Tracy said, "Greg, get down," and I got down on the floor and lay on the carpet near her. As I lay there I rejoiced in the fact that this was the first day that Tracy didn't just tell me to go home. She seemed to like me there next to her and so I relaxed and felt happy. Wearing a bra, panties and the crinoline wasn't so bad actually, especially if being pretty like this made Tracy happy. Even though I hadn't been wearing the bra very long now, it was starting to feel natural, like it was part of my normal attire. That is how girls feel, no doubt. They might even feel weird not wearing a bra. I wondered if I'd ever get to that point.

I gazed at my bra and imagined that I was a girl and this truly was my first bra. I would definitely feel very grown up, now that I had to wear a bra. Though I had no breasts to speak of, I could see that the training bra was a statement of expectation that soon enough breasts would take root on my chest and grow. I looked at my panty and saw no trace of my penis. I imagined what it must feel like to not have a penis. A void between my legs. But on the other hand I'd have a vagina and then I'd be like Tracy and her friends. Thinking of vaginas brought back a flood of memories of the many things that had happened this day. Four girls I had licked. Each of them had a pretty vagina that I had gotten to know. I felt a slight stirring in my gaff, but it was no match for the fabric that held it tightly. I could certainly forget about being a boy as long as I was with Tracy, that was for sure.

End of Tracy-2

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