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Everything comes to an end and every end is a beginning.

The Wiseman.

The book Smoke And Pantyhose is written for a reason. I wrote it because I think it can help someone. If you are a sfenist, it will help you understand what you are and what you can do. If you are not, but you find one (and mainly if you want to get married to a sfenist), this book will help you find an alternative path. The best of all is if two sfenists find each other and form a family.

As you might have suspected, I am a sfenist. My husband is also a sfenist. It was a miracle that we found each other. Now, we live a happy life. Before my marriage, nobody understood me. Everyone was trying to force me get into a relationship... and the same happened to my husband. We have been together for 10 years and we have children. This is rare, sfenist couples are extremely rare. I only know two, three with me. But, I know at least 15 couples where one is a sfenist and one is not. Also, I know at least 20 sfenists that stay lonely. Majority are women. I know two sfenist women that are lesbians. The past trauma had a significant effect and triggered this. Until now, I never heard about a sfenist gay.

In about 40% of cases, I noticed a slight tendency of becoming a transgender. Well, not completely, not to go to massive body transformations, not even to dress as the opposed sex. What I noticed is more a desire, something hidden and difficult to understand. In case of sfenist women, like myself, I noticed a tendency to behave like a man, to take initiative. In case of men, usually they are victims of gay people. Sometimes they tend to be more polite, to have a feminine side.

What I noticed is that the desire to have sex decreases almost to zero, but hormones still exist. Usually, we, sfenists, stick to a level of sexy, not porn or look, but don't touch. Sfenist couples form much harder, but are extremely solid. I also extended with a few details about children born from sfenists, because they behave different. I know this from my children.

Why smoking and why pantyhose? The answer is that, one of the most easy way to advance in a sfenist relationship is to use what fetishes and passions you have, if you do. You must use whatever you two have common. For another couple, it can be boots and sunglasses and for another it can be cookies and car engines. Well, not only fetishes. Each one must see what passion the other one has. This is the only way I know that works well.

I am a convinced smoker. Everything I wrote about smoking is true for me. It is true that I almost killed my husband because he refused to start smoking. It also is true that he has a pantyhose fetish. From the moment we decided to be together, I have been wearing pantyhose every day and night, to make him happy, just as he has been smoking for me. These two passions of us are the base on which we slowly built our family. Because of this, Smoke And Pantyhose can be considered as a partial autobiography.

Is Nicotiana Ana really me? Well, partial. As I said, it is a partial autobiography. I also used what I know from the other two sfenist couples I know, as well as many things from my imagination. All is done with a clear purpose: to show how sfenist relations form, develop, then reach the level of a family. I mixed a lot of things, but all are inspired from reality.

Names have been changed, as I think it is better to be. The only exception is that I really am nicknamed Nicotiana (and Ana is a shorter version).

Please don't think that all sfenists are like us. My knowledge is still limited to the people I know and to the region I live in.

Why this on Big Closet Top Shelf? The main reason is a very important one. We sfenists are a sexual minority. Well, in fact a part of a far larger minority, known as asexuals. Big Closet Top Shelf is LGBT friendly. From all people I encountered and that are not sfenists, LGBT people understood me far better then anyone else.

And there is another reason. Transgender people seem to understand us very well.

The third reason is that, as I wrote, 40% of sfenists show something in their behavior that belongs to the opposite sex. Well, from here, there still is a long path to a transgender. As I shown, a tendency for cross-dressing can exist, but it will not lead to complete body transformations. This happens mostly in case of sfenist men, since they have been usually abused by gay people.

Where on Earth is the place described in the book, Land Of Mountains? I thought someone else has found where. It is the place where I live. Well, it is not described quite as it really is, but very close to reality. I wish that one day our homeland will be a multitude of small, free states. For sure there will be poverty like today, but will be more freedom. This place, with so many legends and with a long history, is home to some of the oldest and most diverse people and languages on Earth. It is said that the White Race originated here. All the other places described or mentioned, are inspired from real places, but they are not connected this way.

If you are willing to find all lands listed here, draw on a map a straight line between Serbia and beyond the Aral Sea, then look to places crossed by the line or close to the line. You will get through or very close to Land Of Mountains and also through (or close to) all places described. I only give you the real name of a single land described. Land Of Dictators is actually Transnistria (Pridnistrovie).

I placed the action in an area that is familiar to me. Placing the action in the USA, for an example, will be hard, because there is a different style of life that I am not used to. Also, it makes the lecture more interesting this way.

Sometimes the text is ambiguous. Why? The reason is that my native language is not English. It is a rare and old language, not similar to any other language still spoken today. A second reason is that I had very little time free for this. I wrote all in a hurry. Sorry. If you want to repair and correct, feel welcome, but do it on your own edition.

Are all aspects based on something real? In most cases, yes. Cigarette contraband is true, but not quite at this scale. The fact about unsafe railways is true (and sometimes even worse). The story about parents with extreme authority is also true (and made a boy become a sfenist). Everything wrote here comes from something real, including religion and the unwritten law. Well, I never did contraband on such a level and my husband is not a Geological expert.

Also, the story about my laptop is true. It was stolen and crossed a huge distance from hand to hand, until it reached me. It is also true that the woman who used this laptop before me, is now dead. Through accounts listed on a word page, I contacted her husband, who gave me full permission to use her user names. Somehow, she still lives through this. She is in fact Ana Imfinity, not me. I have been using her name ever since, as her husband asked me to, many years ago.

Original Ana Imfinity

This is the only image I have from the original person, on her old accounts. May peace be upon her soul.

Copyright status? Here is the major difference. I wrote and released the book Smoke And Pantyhose, with all its 30 chapters divided into two parts, with starting page and ending page, into the public domain. Everyone can copy, share, distribute and reproduce parts or the entire text. However, NOBODY has the right to ensure author rights, since it is in the public domain. You cannot copyright or resell this as your work, but you can multiply the text and even sell it, without author rights. It is public domain, if you know what that is. It works like pictures or videos of a mountain. You can do whatever you want with those pictures, but you have no right on the mountain.

If you want to make art from Smoke And Pantyhose, feel welcome. You can make modified versions and do whatever you want with them, but only as long as they really are modified. I would be very happy to see your versions.

Thank you for the patience you showed, waiting me to write all chapters and reading them.


Well, I don't have a camera to show myself, but I look somehow close to this image. At least, for the hair and the extreme smoking addiction.

This is close to how I look

I will not display my real name, just as everyone knows me: Nicotiana, Ana or Anaimfinity.

May you be happy.

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