The Mistress chapter 3

The Mistress

By Ryan Rose

Chapter 3

The plot progresses. Kevin goes to see his step mother and learns some more about why she is doing this. She reveals something that he never expected. Then he learns something about himself.

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Kevin was starting to feel self conscious about himself standing there in his bra and panties, right there in the store. Ulyana was friends with this woman and she had made sure they would be alone so she could have her fun with him. He still felt this way standing in front of her as she rang up the total. He payed for it and Ulyana let him put his guy clothes back on. The sales woman asked Ulyana if she could meet them later and see how Kevin looked in some of the stuff and hang out with them. Ulyana agreed and they went back home.

Kevin drove back to her place deep in thought. Ulyana was afraid that she may have went too far with it all. Kevin seemed very silent and she knew that guys were silent when they were upset about something. They didn't want to talk about it, instead preferring to figure it out themselves. It was a weakness and a straight at times. He turned about midway back and said, “You set that all up, didnt you?” He asked.

“Yes,” She said rather weakly.

Then he said, “I figured, when no one else was there and she told me to take everything off and walk about the store wearing my bra and panties and nothing else, with her there mocking my femininity and asking me questions about it all. Sales women typically dont treat customers like that. I cant believe you did that to me,” he said sharply.

She withered back until she saw the look in his eyes and a small smirk.

“And you invited her to come to our place after work. I wonder what she will want me to do then. Hopefully see how I look in some of the other clothes I got.” He said to her and then added. “She seems to have a bit of a dominatrix side to her.”

“so you aren't upset? She asked him.

“Not at all,” Kevin shrugged. “I enjoyed that. You know how I am. I dont mind a dominant woman enjoying my femininity at my expense. That’s why I like you.”

He pulled the car into her driveway and they got out and went inside. Then she told him seriously, “Kevin, we need to talk seriously about this. I am concerned.”

He sat down at the table. “I figured, its about Dr. Winters isn't it?”

Ulyana nodded. “Yes, I cant believe you went along with this. You let Karen think you are seriously TG and you want all of this. I know you aren't. You lived as a girl for that short time to help free that your friend. You got him justice and you only did it as a girl because you knew those men liked underage teenage girls and they would let you close to them. They had no idea until it was too late and You didn't enjoy it one bit. You went back to living as a boy and having a boys future. How can you consider going this far?”

Kevin sat there looking at her in silence for over a full minute. Ulyana patiently waited for him to respond. “Ulyana. I understand and I do not want to do this. The thing is, we know the risks. We know who these people are and what they are doing. We know how dangerous they are and how high this goes. Someone needs to stop them. It is something that I have been preparing myself for and thats why I started taking female hormones. I know what I have to do. These people wont be as gullible as they were last year. I must fully pass in every way, or I will be dead. They wont be fooled by some fake breast inserts and hip padds. They will want a lot more from me to get their trust. I will have to go along with it until I get what I need to take it all down. None of this will be easy. I must get surgically altered to escape detection. I must go all the way.”

He gulped, as if he was having trouble with it himself. Then she asked the question that he wished she didn't ask. “What if thats not even enough?”

“Then at least I tried. It will be a good funeral. But we know what we must do now.”

She shook her head, “Kevin you cant. He wont be happy at all. That may be your funeral.” she protested desperately. He knew she was seriously alarmed. “He is no one to cross.”

Kevin insisted. “Theres no other way. We cant do this alone and either way, he must know. Contact the Petrov Family. Ivan Petrov helped secure my safety long ago. I need his familys help again.”

“That was a one time thing,” Ulyana protested.

“He will understand.” Kevin thought that he understood Petrov enough for this. And if his assessment of petrov was wrong then it would end soon enough with him being buried somewhere.

She accepted that as he started taking off all of his clothes and then looked at what he had just purchased, Ulyana watched him as he thought. Then she asked, “Kevin what are you doing?”

He selected a very sexy pair of panties and slid then up his legs. “I am going to get totally dressed and then I am going out to meet Samantha.” He said. “We are going to have a very long talk about this and I will find out exactly what she wants and if she really wants to go though with this. I suspect she does, but I will find out for sure. You call Petrov and tell him what is going on, what I am doing and that I want to personally meet him to discuss my plans.

Then Kevin went back to the closet looking at his various clothes he had just purchased. He wasnt sure how he wanted to look for Samantha. “I want to look very stunning and sexy for her. She needs to see who Ekaterina really is and what she is getting herself involved in. I think I will wear the bright red panties, this pushup bra and this clingy gown with the low neckline. I will wear these D cup inserts.”

Ulyana watched Kevin begin to dress himself. He put the panties on and hooked the bra around his chest naturlaly as any girl with years of practice doing it herself. He put on a pair of very sexy nylons and the got himself into the sheek sexy gown and pulled it up his body. She looked at the embroided lace along the chest and the low neckline that showed the straps of his bra. It was clear he was going for a very bold and sexy look. He smiled at her as he went to her makeup vanity in the corner and proceeded there.

He made his face up with the practiced skill of any professional. She was amazed at how he had not lost any of the skill he developed at that time in his life. He was going for a look as bold as the sexy dress he had on. He chose a very bright shade of red lipgloss that made him shine on his face. He applied a thin layer of lip liner that glittered. He applied a coating of liquid foundation and then pink blush to his cheek and jaw line and she watched him apply a very bold eye liner around the corners of his eyes and then a very brilliant shade of blue eye shadow. He did his eyes in a very heavy coating that made them look very sexy and almost exotic. Then he smiled at he put a pair of her heavy sapphire earings. He finished the look with red six inch pumps and walked across the floor and back to make sure he still had that. Then he posed and asked Ulyana how he looked. She approved.

“You look stunning, but what are you going to do Kevin?” She asked him.

He had not stoped speaking russian for her. But he looked and responded, “You should call me Ekaterina now. I am going to have a word with my step mother. I am going to find out what her intentions are, what exactly she wants and why she is pushing this agenda. Is she really that angry at how I treated her when she married my father and how I took my siblings. I need to find all of that out and I just want her to meet Ekaterina. And warn her what will happen. She at least deserves that.”

Ulyana agreed as Kevin walked out to meet his step mother. Then she did what she had to do, including sending Petrov a message that would make all of this irreversible. He wasnt going to be happy at all.

He got the message and briefly considering having Kevin killed and thrown in a shallow grave where no one would find that idioc boy ever again. After everything he did to keep that boy safe and get him out of the mess he found himself in. He only considered it briefly, but he knew this time was going to come. There was much more to do and many people who needed to face justice. He also knew that after what Kevin had done in his past, that no matter how clean he lived since then. No matter what he did, that past would come back. He couldn't escape it. He had to meet Kevin and make plans on how to deal with this. He liked Kevin. It was time.

Kevin drove across the city and pulled into his step mothers driveway and stoped at the gate. He saw her security blocking the closed heavy steel gate. He looked at the guard and said in a very heavy russian accent, in english, “I need to see Samantha harding right now. She requested my presence last night.”

The guard nodded, “I don't see you on the list, what is your name Ma’am?” He asked.

“My name is Ekaterina Alexeyevna.” He said to the guard.

He heard the guard talking to Samantha and telling her that some young Russian woman was wanting to see her. He didnt know who the woman was but Samantha was also unsure, but told him to let her in. Kevin was told to go ahead and the gate opened and he drove though.

There were two guards there waiting at the front door. They checked him out and escorted him into the large estate and told to wait there for Samantha. He simply sat in the drawing room waiting for his step mother.

He saw his step mother walk in as elegantly as she ever was. She walked in, saw Kevin’s face and what he was wearing. Then she burst out laughing. “Oh my God Kevin is this serious?”

Kevin nodded, “Yes, Absolutely. This was your idea.” “You asked for it.”

Samantha walked in and sat down. “Yes I did. But woah, Kevin. I didn't expect you to show up here wearing this as bold as you are presenting yourself to me like this. Not even my guards knew it was you. I hardly know its really you. How do you do this?”

“I have my ways,” He replied. “But we need to talk, seriously, Samantha. No more bullshit here. I need answers and you must tell me everything right now. How did you get those pictures of me?”

“One of my clients showed me. He is a very wealthy client that had me help him buy some property around here. His name is Egor Volkov. He payed me millions to help him acquire a large piece of property and a warehouse here. I had no idea.” She said and it almost sounded like she was sorry.

He stiffened and inhaled in alarm when she told him the name. He did his best to suppress any other reaction and she didn't see him nearly turning white when she said Volkov.

Kevin sat there silently looking at her. “Tell me about him giving you the pictures and more about your business with him.” Kevin demanded harshly.

“I had no idea,” Samantha said to him. “What it would cost me. He called and made an appointment to talk about aquring some property for setting up a business. He came in and we talked. He just said he is setting up a business and has some trucks. I helped him purchase the property, the buildings and a warehouse for it all. He payed millions, it looked like a good deal.” She said but he saw the regret in her face.

“Then I helped him get the commercial license he needed to run his business and thats when things started to look wrong to me. I helped him get the buildings to help him haul freight. And I helped him get the licenses to have trucks and hire people to run freight. But they were all wrong. His license was more for security and not hauling freight over the roads. And he didn't get a license number for each of his trucks as he should. And the trucks he had were all wrong. They weren't for hauling fright. His trucks were armored and for security. Some of them even looked equipped to take people. I started not liking it at all. Then everything started going very wrong, and he got you involved.”

“How did I get involved,” Kevin protested.

“Well, I didn't mean it like that,” Samantha said. “But we were having your legal battles over your fathers estate, his money and your siblings. It was coasting me a lot, which is why I badly needed Volkovs money. So he came in and started talking about it. I was surprised and that was most unwelcome. And he mentioned something about you and asked if I wanted to know more. I said of course, because I hated you then.”

“Then,” Kevin thought to himself. This was getting weirder and weirder.

“So he showed me those pictures of you. I was stunned to say the least. You dressed up like that, in strong mens arms. I never thought you were like that and that lowered my opinion of you. Untill I learned a bit more on my own.”

“What did you learn?” Kevin demanded.

“Not now,: Samantha said turning it all on him. “And you know the answers anyway. But I do know. But, I didn't know what that knowing about those pictures would cost me. I was expecting a few more payments for my services. And he stiffed me. Those pictures were his payment. I wanted to call it then. NO more. But that's not how those men work.”

Kevin nodded. “Of course that isn't. It never ends. So what happened then.”

“He needed me to help him with his son Nicholai. He was having legal troubles with some of his commercial properties and wanted me to help him smooth it over. That's my area, but since he stiffed me on the last job, I told him we were done.”

“Oh my god,” Kevin groaned knowing where this was going.

“I thought it was over. I didn't hear from him for about a week. But from his look that day, I knew it wasn't over. Then Allison called me in tears.”

Kevin shook his head. “Oh please.” He knew where this was going now.

“Egor was with her, and told her to call me. He had came to her the night before and spent the entire night with her. She told me that this was my fault, then he got on the phone and told me never to tell him no again, or he would pay me a visit. And he told us to never tell anyone about it, or else. Allison never got over it. But she doesn't blame me for it at all. I see her from time to time.”

Kevin had tightened his fist. He knew Allison. He didn't know this at all.

“Kevin, I know that you know how she feels. Volkov told me about you and Olov. He told me what that man did to you. I am sorry.”

Kevin stiffened and then said quietly. “Please don't talk about that. Has Egor came to you since then.”

“I have done a few more jobs for him. Then he told me to expose you. I think he has something planned. I didn't want to be a part of it, but he said he could find where Allison is hiding and finish the job. I didn't know what else to do.”

She obviously did know everything. “Samantha. I am sorry about this. You come with me to my place. I will help you. And I will get someone to protect Allison too. Come, and get everything you need for a long stay. And we will arrange something for Allison.”

She went and gathered several large cases of things and they went back to Ulyana place. “I have been staying with a nice woman named Ulyana. She taught me how to convincingly be a woman. She trained me how to take care of myself and do what I did to those men. You will need to tell Ulyana everything. After how you came at me, she doesn't like you very much.” Then he snickered. “Neighter did I. But I don't hold it against you now. Its as good as time as ever to do what is needed.”

“Kevin, I don't hold it against you as I once did. I know what you did, and what you did was a very good thing. Volkov and people like him are taking young girls. Stop them.”

“I will.” He told her as he pulled in and they got out. “You tell Ulyana everything and she will understand.” He said as they headed for the front door. “I hope she does,” Kevin added as they walked in.

“What is she doing here,” Ulyana said dangerously as she approached Samantha very threateningly.

“Ulyana, no.” Kevin said standing between them. “Samantha can explain. She isnt at fault. Please have a seat.” He said to both of them. “Samantha, explain it to her, tell her everything about you, your business, and Egor. Everything.”

He said silently as she explained everything to Ulyana. He just listened as she told her everything about his fathers death, her conflict with Kevin. How she acquired his business. How Volkov got involved. Volkov exposing Kevins private affairs to her. Then how he cheated her and raped her friend Allison all night. Then extorted her. Then how he made her threaten to publicly expose Kevins activities that set all of this in motion. Ulyana finally understood. Samantha finished by telling Ulyana what Kevin promised about keeping her safe.

“If you are going to stay here and have us protect you then we need to find and protect Allison.” Ulyana.

“I agree, and I think Petrov will have something to say about that. Have you contacted him,” Kevin asked.

“Yes,” Ulyana replied. “I got into contact with his family. He will respond when he does. But Kevin, I don't know about this.”

“Petrov is a man of honor, unlike most of the russian family's in this business. Petrov gets help from the Sicilians when he can and if we are going to have a chance to succeed in this, then we have no choice but to go on our knees before Petrov and beg. Or Volkoff and his family will have us in our grave the next day we reveal our-self. And I think that’s what he wanted when he forced my step mother to get me to come out after all of this time. Petrov will help us. He knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. He will be prepared.” Kevin said.

Ulyana was still not sure, but she accepted it. Then her phone started ringing in her pocket. She answered and he heard her talking to her friend. She hung up and looked at kevin and said, “Karen is coming, and she wants to see how you look and wants to discuss the matters with you and Dr. Winters.”

“What,” Samantha asked, confused.

“Oh, I was shopping for all of these new clothes to do this. And Ulyana set this up that I was being punished for borrowing her stuff and so I had to get my own. Karen, the sales woman enjoyed humiliating as a sissy being punished. And I didn't mind at all. Dominant women having their fun with my femininity turns me on. Well, she realized this was a bit more serious than she thought and offered to connect me with a very talented surgeon that does this type of thing. Dr. Winters gave Karens friend some implants that can actually pass as the real thing so I took her offer. She is coming to discuss it all further.”

“So you are actually going though with it,” Samantha said sounding disappointed. “I never really expected all of this. I knew what was expected when he blackmailed me into pushing you out. But I expected you to vanish or something. You know he must have some sort of trap being planned for you.”

“I know,” Kevin said. “But it all has to be done. And I want to be prepared for it. Volkov may know about me, but others don't. He may or may not inform them, but I doubt he will.”

Kevin heard Karen pull into their driveway and she came to the front door. Ulyana opened the door and let her in to see Kevin standing there in his sleek black dress and his six inch heels. She almost didnt recognize him. “Well hello Kevin. How do you like to be addressed when you are in female mode.”

“Ekaterina,” Kevin said in a thick Russian accent. “That is who I am.”

then they sat down and Karen then said, “Now lets get serious. I offered to hook you up with a surgeon that can help you if this is serious. Getting breast implants and hormones will be just the start. But its a serious and irreversible step. I want to know if this is serious and I want to know more about you.”

“I have been on female hormones for over two years, as you saw when you had me show you my bare chest. I am serious about transitioning. I thought you knew that this was no joke.”

“Tell me how you feel in those clothes,” Karen asked seriously, looking into his eyes.

“It feels like a very natural look, except for being very sexy. I enjoy this.” Kevin said. “But these heels are uncomfortable. I wanted you to see them.”

“Heels like that do hurt.” Karen admitted. “We used to have to wear heels like that on the floor. I am glad the store changed that policy. When did you start desiring to be like a girl?” Karen asked him seriously.

“About as far back as I remember.” He said. “I saw other girls in class when I was very young and I wished I could be like they were. I associated more with the girls when I could. We got along so much better than I did with the boys. They picked on me for that but it didn't bother me. I was able to deal with it when the boys tried to get physical. As they got stronger, I also got stronger and had to learn a few things to protect myself. But I never stopped associating with the girls.”

Karen asked, “How did you associate with the girls in school?” Not entirely understanding.

“I didn't like dealing with the boys,” Kevin said. “They always talked about sports, or things I didn't care about. Girls always talked about things that were a lot more meaningful to me. They would talk about things they liked. They would talk about friends, and what they enjoyed doing, or different hobby's. Things I could really learn from when I got involved in talking with them and occasionally, we did talk about boys that they liked. So when they gathered to discuss things, I went to the girls and talked with them. It was weird at first until they got to know me. As we got older, and there were different girls like in middle school, the girls were more defensive at first. They wondered if I was trying to flirt with them. Then things got normal and I spoke to them as one of them.”

Karen accepted Kevin after learning a bit more about him. “I think it is okay. I will recommend you to Dr. Winters procedure. I dont see a problem with you feminizing yourself like this. Here is her contacts and she will be in touch.”

Then she walked out and left. They sat there for a few more minutes and then Samantha stood up. “Kevin, your father really loved me and I helped him with a lot. I know you didn't know this. I am sorry that it all went bad between us. He told me to keep something until I thought it was time.”

“What,” Kevin said in total confusion.

She took a few things from her case she brought with her. “I dont know what this is. But your father told me you would know. Its some sort of heirloom. I don't understand what it is. And here is a case of things. I am lost.” She handed him the small box with pictures and hand written letters and other items.

Then he picked up some weird ball and gazed at it. He didn't understand what it was. It was some very expensive jewed ball on some type of stand. It had pictures around the ball. “What is this thing,” He said as he turned it around. There was some old russian inscription on the base. And there was a latch to open it up.

Then it all came to him. He nearly dropped it. He read the inscription on the base. “Samantha, there is simply no way this is from my family. You’re lying.” He said flatly.

The inscription read, “Nicholas the second Aleksandrovich.”

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