Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 12

Sparrow starts coming around a few hours later. Her whole body still hurt from the spell that had been cast at her that repelled her from the chamber she had been in. She felt something furry next to her and peeked and discovered it was her son in his wolf form. She scratches between his ears and moved very slowly. Her whole body was protesting as she moved. She slides off the bed and uses the wall to steady herself. Her body didn’t want to cooperate with her.

Seamus felt his mother move and scratch him between his ears. He watches her as she slides off the bed and up next to the wall. He could tell she was having a hard time moving. He jumps off the bed and waits for his mother to move towards the door. He could tell by the look on her face, she was having a hard time moving.

Slowly, but surely Sparrow manages to get her body motived enough to move. She uses some of her own magic to relax her body and calm her aching muscles. By the time she makes it down the hallway and downstairs, she felt a little better. She still hurt, but she wasn’t hurting like
she was when she woke-up.

Seamus had stayed in his wolf form and followed his mother downstairs. He could tell where his father was and knew there was a big ass cat somewhere in the house. He follows his mother down into what must be the den of Titanis’s house. He spots his father, Shayla, Titanis and her sister Theia. He looks around for the cat that had been causing his nose to twitch.

“What are you looking for youngster?” Leonidas had spotted the wolf child and decided to have some fun with him.

Leonidas knew he was the son of Daigh and Sparrow. He also knew the youth had traits of his mother, like his older sister.

Seamus was surprised when he heard Leonidas mental voice come from behind him. Leonidas just smirks as he walks by Seamus.

“Kid, you have a lot to learned about cats.” He walks pass Seamus and over towards Shayla.

When Sparrow walks into the den, she heads over to her husband and sits on his lap.

Daigh wraps his arm around her waist.

“How are you feeling?” He could tell just from her body movements she was having problems.

“Aching all over. I got slammed by a very powerful spell.”

“I think I might have something to help you with that Sparrow.”

Shayla gets up and walks into the kitchen for a few minutes and comes back with a tea cup.

She hands the tea to Sparrow “here drink this tea. It should make you feel better. It’s from Titanis’s cousin.”

“Thank you.” Sparrow accepts the tea and could smell the herbs in it.

Some of them she knew, but the others she didn’t. She takes a sip of the tea and notices it had been sweetened by honey, instead of sugar.

She takes a second sip of her tea and could feel the healing properties of the tea healing her sore muscles and returning them back to how they normally felt.

Theia had been watching Sparrow as she drunk the tea. She hadn’t had that blend of tea, but she’s had some that made her feel better after her practices with Titanis and Shayla. She notices Sparrow wasn’t carrying her sword with her. She knew she left Sparrow sword with her.

“Sparrow, where did your sword go? I know I put it with you.” She had a curious look on her face.

“It goes back where I store it until I summon it, along with my death cloak.” She takes another sip of her tea.

“Ah, so it’s like how mine and my sisters armor work?”

“Yep, this way I don’t have to explain to people why I carry a big scimitar.”

“I’ve never seen one like it before. Was it custom made for you or did you find it?” Theia had seen how crafted the scimitar was.

“It was given to me by a genie. I honored my agreement to him and he bestowed the scimitar to me. He also honored my wish by giving me the ability to kill my demon master.”

“Wow, I would love to hear the story, if you don’t mind.” Theia couldn’t believe that genies were real.

“Maybe one day, Theia.” Sparrow smiles as she finishes her tea.

Titanis was keeping quiet. She leans forward and looks towards Sparrow.

“I take it, that you appear here wasn’t by accident, was it?”

“Yes and no. I wanted to speak to you about helping me with this assignment I was given, but not like how it happened. I know lately, you and your sister have been killing a lot of zombies that had been summoned from their graves. I know who is doing this and I could use your help against him. He has protection against creatures who are connected to death. You and your sister aren’t connected to death in any form or way. So, if you could break his protection I can come in and take his soul and send it on its way.”

“As much as I wouldn’t want you too dear, but couldn’t you take Seamus or Hokee with you to help?”

“First, I would never take our children into a battle or on any assignment with me. Second, the same spell that protects him from me, would also
protect him from Seamus and Hokee. They have a piece of death inside of them because of me. Even with Seamus in his wolf form, the spell would stop Seamus. If he wasn’t my son and had a piece of death inside him. He might be able to beat this guy. It would take all of the pack to take this guy down dear.”

“You could take Isa with you. She’s wouldn’t be affected.” Daigh figured that Isa wouldn’t be affected because she was undead and living at the same time.

“I would, but she’s untrained. I haven’t had a chance to train her and she is still new to the pack and newly mated.”

“You could send her to me Sparrow. I could train her along with my wife’s help.” Titanis wouldn’t mind taking on another trainee.

“Trust me Sparrow, my sister and Shayla would turn her into a warrior that mom would be proud of.” Theia knew her sister and Shayla could do it.

“Maybe after all of this, I’ll send her here to be trained. You’ll have to let her mate stay here as well. They are newly mated and they need to be close to each other for a while.”

“Her mate can come along and Shayla and Theia can train her as well. Trust me, my wife is one hell of a trainer.” Titanis looks lovingly at her wife.

“After you help me with this task. I’ll send them to you two.” Sparrow figures that the training along would be worth it. Titanis was over thousand years old and Shayla was part fey and a blade master.

“Deal, I think we can help you with this task. After all, I love a good fight. Plus, my little sister can use the experience.” Titanis looks over towards Theia.

“Sure, why not. It will be better than Titanis working me to the bone again.” Theia didn’t mind. These types of things gave her experience.

“I hope you don’t mind fighting in a sandy place. Because ladies, we will be fighting in a lost city under Hierakonpolis. Only a few people know of the entrance and trust me, it’s a place you don’t want to get trapped in.”

“That’s a strange place for someone to who worship Anubis. Isn’t that city dedicated to Horus?”

“It is, but there’s another part that has been buried for centuries that an archeologist stumbled on by accident and found a buried temple dedicated to Anubis.”

“Oh joy, let me guess. He found some magical artifact that had been concealed in the temple and decided to start playing with it and it consumed him.”

“Yep, that’s what happened.” Sparrow could see how pissed off Titanis was.

“When are the Gods going to learn to pick-up all the magical artifacts and lock them away?”

“That would be too smart for them. They figure sooner or later they will gather worshippers again.” Daigh wasn’t stupid and knew how he would think if he was a god.

“Yea, but they cause problems. Haven’t they learned that certain humans love having power? It’s like dangling a drug in front of an addict.” Titanis wonders where the heads of these gods were.

“Remember sis, not everyone is like mom.” Theia knew her mother would never do something like what her sister was saying.

Titanis looks over towards her sister and wanted to say their mother was guilty sometimes of doing it, but she could see how that would be a bad idea.

“Alright, when do you want to get going?”

“I’m going with you on this one.” Shayla didn’t want to be left behind.

“Alright, but make sure Leonidas is with you at all times.” Titanis knew better then to argue with her wife.

“I will.” Shayla knew he was sitting next to her.

“I’m going with you sweetie.” Daigh figures if Shayla was going, he would go as well to protect her.


She looks down at Seamus “sweetie, you need to go home and inform Gerald that we have gone on a mission and will be back soon.”
Seamus whimpers, because he wanted to go with his parents.

“I wish you could come sweetie, but the magic there will affect you. I’ll be protected by your father and Titanis. You won’t have the same
protection if you went. So, head home and deliver the message please. I’ll bring you and Hokee something back. I promise.”

Sparrow opens a portal to their living room and watches as Seamus walks through. She closes it afterwards.

“Are you sure, me and your husband will be enough to protect you?” Titanis wasn’t sure.

“To be honest, no. However, you’re a demi-goddess and so is your sister as well. Daigh is a powerful Alpha and has a natural immunity to magic. Since he is my mate, I inherit some of that immunity. The closer he is to me, the better it is.”

“I didn’t know he has immunity to magic.” Titanis was shocked.

“It’s a very rare gift. Since my husband’s parents come from the old country. It popped up in him when we mated.”

“Ah. Well, let me get Shayla dressed in her armor.” Titanis pulls her wife up and smile.

She touches her wife’s necklace and silver form fitting mail scale armor forms around Shayla. An ancient Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto appear next.

“Oh, wow. You never said you had Samurai weapons Shayla.” Theia was amazed as they appeared.

“It was left to me by my master. He passed along his weapons to me and made my cane sword as well. I normally, don’t like using his weapons, but in this case, I think I should.” Shayla flexes to make sure the scale mail armor didn’t restrict her movement. On the front of her chest she wore hers and Titanis family crest.

Theia looks over towards Daigh “aren’t you going to carry a weapon or something?”

“Darling, I am a weapon.” He changes into his hybrid form.

This was the first time Theia has ever seen a Were-Wolf change and transform into a half-man/half-wolf before.

“Remind me not to piss you off.” She couldn’t believe how tall and powerful he was. He could give her Uncle Hercules a challenge in arm wrestling.

She summons her armor and weapon at the same time Titanis summon her armor and weapons.

She looks over towards Leonidas “where’s your armor?”

“Already on, it’s invisible. I like to surprise people.” He was smiling.

“Alright, into hell people.” Sparrow opens a portal and her and her husband go first. Than Theia with her sword drawn followed by Titanis and
Shayla with Leonidas bring up the rear.

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