The Legends

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The Legends Of Abidet

By Ana Imfinity


Eighty years from now, in a divided world, a ghostly undead girl appears. She has incredible powers and a vast knowledge. Nobody knows who she is, except for a few that are worth to know the truth. During the story, you will find many body transformations and many rare sexual minorities. During each chapter, the action is seen through someone else's eyes, but in all chapters, at some point, the ghostly girl appears. Nobody knows who she is or what she is... or even her name. Some consider her to be a goddess, while others, an alien. She is the biggest mystery of all... and a convinced smoker.

Each story is partially independent from the others.

The world is also completely different from ours. It is divided in over 2000 small states. In some places, people live in harmony, while in others, are starving. There is a huge diversity of languages, cultures and ideologies. Still, some chapters are themed to a single person.

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